by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #corruption #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #mindbreak #demon

When Aaron took a job as a Psych lecturer, his goal was to instill order and discipline on his students. But when a dark influence begins to seep into his department, driving the students and staff to deviant acts with one another, Aaron finds a new Order being forced upon him!

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It was a crisp Wednesday morning as Aaron Kent, a young, freshly hired Psychology Instructor, stood at the head of his auditorium classroom, looking over the collection of semi-attentive students gathered for his Developmental Psychology course.

Aaron took a breath, mentally running through the lecture’s conclusion before speaking. "Before we end today, we'll just take a quick look at the next subject we'll be covering." He turned to the wide whiteboard behind him, writing in large blocky letters ‘Learning and Memory.’

He double checked his spelling before nodding and returning his attention to the class. Some thirty odd pairs of eyes stared back at him. For not the first time that semester, Aaron felt out of his element. The students in his care were all barely a decade his junior, but for someone like him—a man who had spent his entire educational career, from kindergarten to graduate school, in private religious schools—they might as well have been a different species.

His hand rose and adjusted his tie, allowing him the precious spare seconds he needed to collect himself.

"Learning and memory," he began. "Simple subjects on their own. I'm sure any of you could give me an accurate definition. How they relate to one another, however, that's where things get interesting."

Aaron paused, looking around the room, noting those who seemed most engaged with the topic.

"What do we know about how our memories are formed?" He asked the class. "I'd say we're pretty familiar with this concept, right? We remember events through the creation of neural connections between brain cells, neural connections that are strengthened through repetition..."

For a moment, Aaron faltered. His eyes drew up several rows to the far right side of the classroom. There he saw two young students, both girls, their faces inappropriately close to one another. One, a dark-skinned, curly-haired student named Maia Perkins, was cupping the cheek of the other, a freckled redhead whose name he thought was Rosie Doyle. He was just close enough to see the smoky look in her eyes.

And easily close enough to see Maia slip two fingers into the other girl's mouth. The freckled girl's eyes slid closed as she suckled the two digits, her chest rising and falling in obvious excitement.

Aaron stood in shock at the sight of the two young women acting so lasciviously. Had they no respect for an institution of learning? No respect for each other?

But even as he thought this, Maia slowly removed her fingers, with Rosie licking them as they withdrew. Aaron’s lips curved into a deep frown. He wouldn’t have his classroom disordered like this! He opened his mouth to call out the two naughty girls, but the words failed to come out.

They failed to come out, because he caught sight of the curly-haired Maia carefully slipping her free hand underneath the other’s skirt, Rosie’s quivering thighs opening just enough to let her caressing fingers in. Letting them find purchase inside the redhead’s panties.

With force, he cleared his throat. And when he looked again, readying himself to enact corrective discipline on the lewd young trollops, he again found his voice faltering. Faltering, because he saw the two girls were sitting firm and proper, their eyes on their notebooks, with no impropriety in sight.

Had he imagined it? Regardless of if he did, the image would not leave his mind. Those panties. Pink. Silk. Damp with arousal, sliding aside to expose wet, swollen lips ready to be touched. Kissed. Penetrated.

Oh, my. Isn't that interesting...

A shiver went up Aaron Kent's spine as he felt his manhood rising despite himself. He took a step back, his hand rising to cover his mouth, aghast at the filthy imagery running through his own head.

Aaron felt the tension in the air, only then realizing he had been standing in silence for over a minute. He coughed loudly, his train of thought momentarily lost over what he had seen—what he had imagined? The two girls smirked at one another amid the silence; Maia slowly raising her free hand to lick the fingers.

The sight brought a strange pain to Aaron’s temples.

Rubbing the side of his forehead, Aaron felt the lecture return to him enough to continue. "What I'm talking about here is our short-term memory..." His voice stuttered, quavered, before finally returning to its natural rhythm. "...and long-term memories."

The lesson continued for the next several minutes with no more interruptions, though this might have been because Aaron spent the rest of the lecture with his face in his notes or facing the mostly blank whiteboard. When he dismissed class, he was almost grateful to see the two girls already gone when he looked up.

Off to one of the empty classrooms, to give each other the attention they need...

Another shiver ran through Aaron. Was that a voice he heard? He was sure he heard it, but it almost seemed it came from inside his head…

He took a deep breath. Surely it was just the murmuring students filing out. Aaron's hands trembled. His mind almost ached to imagine the two girls together, while knowing he had an utmost duty to ignore it.

It was like he could see them. Slipping into the darkened room, giggling to one another as they shed their clothes. Their bodies moving and writhing as they kissed, Rosie's perky breasts and Maia's plump ones pressing together as they moved. Their tongues dancing as their hips ground together. So easy to picture. So real to imagine...

"Excuse me?"

Aaron gasped, the voice wresting his attention from the fantasy entrancing him. He blinked, finding himself staring at another student, one that could have easily come from the religious schools he had once attended. Her dark hair was up in a bun, and she wore a white sweater jacket over a thick gray blouse, and her skirt came down below her knees. She had a concerned look on her face.

"Yes, aaah," His still distracted mind groped for her name. "Kaley Winters, isn't it? What can I do for you, Ms. Winters?"

She nodded to him. "Mr. Kent, sir. You saw the girls in the corner. The ones... cavorting with one another?"

With one hand, Aaron gripped tightly to the edge of the table. It was as if their very mention threatened to draw him back into the vivid fantasies running through his head. Fantasies, or… whatever they were.

He forced himself to concentrate, and nodded slowly, saying, "Yes, I did, Kaley. It was incredibly inappropriate behavior for the classroom. I can promise if it happens again, I'll put a stop to it immediately."

The reserved young student said nothing at first. She nervously looked behind towards the door, as if to make sure they were alone. Finally, she leaned forward and whispered. "But sir... What about the others?"

Aaron's brow furrowed. "Others?"

Kaley gave another nod. "It wasn't like this last year. Everyone's acting so weird. Even the teachers." She paused, and for a moment seemed to draw into herself. "Especially that teacher..."

"Which teacher?" asked Aaron, his curiosity growing than anything. Could the faculty actually be encouraging these deviants?

The girl hesitated, her hand rising to her lips as if she couldn't quite bring herself to speak. Then she stuttered out. "Miss Grace, sir. Cassandra Grace. She... she's been doing weird things in her Behavioral Psychology course. That's where..." her voice grew quiet. "That's where those two girls started acting so inappropriately. I had to... I had to pull out of it."

Aaron Kent felt the nervousness take root in his chest. He had known Boulder was a liberal college town when he took the job, but he'd never dreamed it could spawn faculty who openly encouraged such behaviors!

What had he gotten himself into?

He leveled a stern gaze at her. "Kaley. This is very important. What sorts of things was she having you all do, Kaley?"

Kaley looked at him, her lip trembling slightly. Before she could speak, however, her eyes grew distant—almost glassy, he thought—and then she shook her head. "I'm s-sorry, Mr. Kent. I need to go." And before Aaron could stop her, the young student stepped away from him, rushing toward the door with her long skirt swishing around her knees.

Aaron watched her go, deep sense of confusion settling on him. Out the door, he could see other students walking past, going to other classes. With a shaking hand, he reached up and straightened his tie.

What about the others...

The words echoed in his mind as an uncanny feeling fell over him. The feeling that he had missed something important. Something very important, but that he couldn't for the life of him recall.


Something was wrong.

That strange feeling in Aaron's head grew stronger and stronger in the following days. The two lecherous girls put on no more displays—or at least no more that he could catch—instead only smiling innocently at him whenever he caught their eye.

But often when he would glance their way during a quiz or in the middle of a lecture, he would feel an increasingly familiar ache rising around his temples. An ache that would linger until he turned his attention away again. He tried to catch Kaley after class, to get more information out of her, but since their talk, she was always one of the first people out of his classroom when the period ended.

Those strange headaches grew increasingly common as the days wore on. He would find it coming upon him often as he walked the hallways, when he would look upon pairs of passing students or groups talking in the open lounge at the front of the building.

Worst of all, these headaches often came with other things. Strange flashes of imagery that came when a student—or even another instructor—met his eyes. It was as if his mind were being invaded by these deviant fantasies. Images of the students, of the teachers even, engaging in horridly lewd acts to one another.

One such intrusion fell upon him one day after class as he stood next to the vending machine, whatever snack he had meant to purchase forgotten. His gaze had become locked upon a brown-haired girl and two athletic looking boys talking outside the restrooms.

As the girl knelt down to tie her shoe, the invasive fantasies began. Like a flickering, teasing peepshow, he saw the girl not tying her shoe, but unzipping the two boys’ pants and giggling as she drew out their turgid phalluses. He saw one boy take a handful of the girl's hair, forcing her mouth down on his manhood. The girl moaned; the lewd sounds as he copulated with her mouth growing louder and wetter by the second.

She wants it... She needs it...

The images swirled together in Aaron’s head—the lustful stares between the trio. The girl had the other boy’s shaft in her hand, steadily stroking it as her eyes drifted over to meet Aaron’s gaze. He shuddered, but couldn’t look away; the sounds of pleasure built and built, rising to a crescendo that erupted in a flash of white, hot, sticky...

"Good afternoon, Mr. Kent," a smooth voice spoke beside him.

Aaron jerked, the coins slipping from his fingers. His temples throbbing, he turned to find himself face to face with his fellow instructor, and the woman he bore deep suspicions over, Cassandra Grace.

A shadow of a smile played on her ruby red lips, her eyes sweeping briefly across the coin-strewn floor. "Are you alright?" she asked gently.

Aaron cleared his throat. "Yes, Ms. Grace. Thank you. A moment's indecision is all."

"Hmmm," she said, standing tall and lithe and lovely before him. Her eyes were like green pools, her elegant face framed by thick raven curls that fell to her shoulders. "I imagine we could all be a bit more decisive." Her head tilted slightly. "Was there something more pressing on your mind, perhaps?"

He shook his head, his tongue feeling strangely thick in his mouth. Did she always look that... that stunning? That commanding? That...

Deserving of worship...

Aaron shuddered. No. It was in his head. She'd always been like that. Always that... perfect.

"Just a distraction," he said, his voice slightly hoarse. "A minor one. I am fine."

"Mmmm," she said, the soft hum from her lips seeming to vibrate his body. "That's good, then." A long, painted fingernail rested on her lips. "Tell me, Mr. Kent. What was it you said when we first met when you first arrived? What led you to become a teacher?"

"I..." He swallowed hard. Why had she asked him this? "I've always wanted to be a guide for young, unformed minds," he finally stuttered out. His hand snaked up to touch his forehead.

"Ahh, yes," she mused. "That makes sense." She stepped beside him, and he almost jumped as her finger stroked down his cheek. Her touch felt strange. Almost electric. "I must admit, I had different desires when I began, but as time has gone on, I believe I've grown to see the appeal. I think you'll do quite well, Mr. Kent."

"Quite w-well at what?" he said, shaking. But when he turned to look at her, she was gone. The students were gone. Looking up at the digital clock on the wall, the next period's classes had already started.

Aaron looked around, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. His heart was racing. The memory of Cassandra Grace clung to his mind, her vanilla-spice perfume lingered in his nostrils. As he made to move away, he let out a small gasp. Looking down, he saw the bulge straining the fabric of his pants, his erection harder than he'd ever remembered it being.


"I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, Mr. Kent," said Ms. Avery, one of the department's associate chairs. He had caught her in the department building’s open atrium and study area, but standing there under her incredulous gaze, he felt suddenly out of sorts.

Aaron squeezed the bridge of his nose. He had to sound reasonable. He had to remain calm. More than anything, he had to appear sane.

"What I mean to ask, ma'am," he said slowly, "Is if there have been any reports of behavioral issues. With the teachers, or the staff?"

The scarlet haired woman's eyes seemed almost dreamy. "You mean like bullying? Vandalism? Or something more... deviant?"

Several students walked by towards the exit. Near the atrium's corner entrance, a group of students gathered to study around a long table. They sat with their books open, chatting amongst themselves. One student, a girl with short blonde hair, was sitting atop the table with her legs crossed.

Aaron's eyes watered as he looked at them, that odd ache in his temples rising until he looked away. They had clothes on. He knew they had clothes on. They had to. "More deviant, I'm afraid. Inappropriate behavior engaged in by the students." He hesitated, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Out in the open."

"Hmmm," the slender woman rested a finger on her lips. "There have been no complaints. Have you seen any of this behavior yourself, Mr. Kent?"

"Well, no... I mean, yes! Once in my class. Two young women behaving most inappropriately." He snorted nervously and glanced around before adding. "I've felt uncomfortable since then..."

Ms. Avery arched her brow. "Just once?"

"Just once, yes," he said, suddenly feeling very silly.

"I see." The woman sighed lightly. "I understand you come from a more conservative background than most, Mr. Kent. But please remember to be tolerant here at the university; we do allow for certain freedoms of expression."

Freedom to sin A soft voice in Aaron's head whispered, making his face grow warm. To be dirty, deviant sinners...

The ache rose in his head, clouding his thoughts. Don't you want to help them sin, Aaron?

"I... understand," he said, trying to ignore the voice. That sweet voice that seemed to come more and more, taunting him with its vile suggestions.

"Now if you'll excuse me," the associate chair said, nodding past him. He turned to see two students pulling up behind him. "There are others who need my help right now."

"Y-yes," Aaron said, the low silky laughter in his mind making him shudder. As he left, he forced himself not to look back, even when he heard a belt being unbuckled. A zipper being pulled down…

He hurried away from the atrium towards the row of auditorium classrooms. "This is insane," he mumbled to himself. "I'm going insane..." As he walked, his mind drifted to his days studying at university. The daily mass. Kneeling before the altar to pray, Confessing his sins each day to the priest... It had been so easy back then. So simple.

He heard voices in the distance, the sounds low and thick and strange. A soft moan made him stop in his tracks. His mouth set in a firm line.

"Found you," he said to himself, and dashed towards the voices.

Around a corner, and in a small nook shielded from casual view, he found not the sinful acts he was expecting, but merely three girls talking. It was a strange murmur that his scattered mind seemed barely able to process.

Awww, poor boy, the voice chuckled. Were you expecting something else? Something you could... join in on?

"No!" he said, louder than he meant to. The girls gave him a curious glance, then went back to their conversation.

His heart pounding, he stormed away, shaking his head in a vain attempt to shed himself of the voice.

You're sooo close, Aaron... You're almost there. Almost riiight there.

He rubbed at his temples as he hurried through the building towards the exit doors. He needed air.

When he stopped, however, he wasn't near the exit, but further into the building. One of the auditorium doors was ajar, sounds of class rising from within.

Do you really want to know, Aaron? Do you really want to see?

Despite his reservation. Despite every cell in his body crying against it, Aaron crept toward the door. He knew which one it was. He knew what he would find. Stepping into the room, moving down the little L-shaped corridor, he could peek around and into the auditorium. It felt warm in the room. Steamy, almost.

There were some twenty students in the small auditorium, all staring raptly at the teacher. Cassandra stood at the head of the class with a young woman sitting cross-legged atop the desk next to her.

Her hips swayed as she moved about the stage. Even from the back of the class, Aaron could see the deep, luscious curves of her figure. Her red blouse and black blazer emphasized her beautiful breasts, breasts barely contained by the fabric holding them. Her pencil skirt clung to her tight ass like paint, highlighting every curve and crease.

"We've discussed before on the reactions we have from one another," she said smoothly, her confident voice carrying throughout the lecture hall, "and how those actions can affect our bodies. Today's lesson will continue in that vein." She smiled pleasantly at them. "Who would like to help demonstrate?"

Several hands went up, and she pointed to one. "You, Bobby. You'll do quite fine."

A young, slightly lanky young man walked down the steps to stand in front of the dark-haired instructor. "Now Bobby. We'll not worry about the reaction I provoke in you," she said, her smile widening as her eyes drifted down the young man's body. "I want you to stand in front of my aid Alicia, here."

She directed him to the girl on the desk, her tan skin and blonde hair seeming almost painfully innocent to Aaron's eyes. This only made him gasp more sharply when she, without a word of warning, pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her flat stomach and pert, perky breasts.

He heard the students stifle noises of excitement, though for Bobby's part he could only stare, slack-jawed.

"Now, I want you to look upon the feminine form, Bobby," Cassandra said, her voice seeming so strange. So familiar. "Isn't it lovely?" She ran her hand along his jawline. "It brings such joy, don't you agree?"

Bobby nodded, wide-eyed, as if hypnotized by Cassandra’s voice and Alicia’s devilishly sexy body. "Y-yes..."

"And what reaction are you noticing, Alicia?" she said coyly.

The lightly tanned girl, a playful grin on her face, stuck her tongue out slightly. "I definitely see a reaction..."

And then she scooted forward on the desk, her perky tits bouncing, and ran her hand along the young man's throbbing bulge. "See it right here..."

Bobby groaned involuntarily as she stroked his cock through the fabric of his slacks, caressing him lovingly with one finger and poking at his nipple playfully.

The students watched as the boy bucked against the girl's touch. Aaron felt his heart hammering in his chest. It was true. Kaley had been right, and his suspicions had been correct.

Deviance. Corruption. Sin. Everywhere.

Alicia grinned wickedly at her professor as Bobby squirmed under her touch. He looked like a deer caught in headlights; staring down at her bare breasts, his face bright red as he grew harder and stiffer beneath her expert fingers.

"See how our bodies react, class? See how involuntary our core desires our?" She circled behind the young man, trailing a finger along his shoulders. "See how easy it is when we stop trying to control them?"

She leaned in and whispered something into Bobby's ear. Whatever it was, it caused his eyes to go wide, his entire body to shudder, and, finally, for him to move forward into Alicia's awaiting embrace.

Their lips met and his hands rose to cup her supple breasts. Alicia parted her legs, her knees rising onto the hard wood of the desk...

Aaron knew he had seen enough. Knew he had his certainty. But he felt paralyzed with shock. Shock, and something else.

You're just in time for the lesson... the voice said. His eyes locked on the two students, unable to tear away from the scene as Alicia slid her hand down the young man's undone pants, drawing out his erection and gently stroking it.

"Now, class," that same voice said. "It's time for us all to experiment. I want everyone to turn to your neighbor. That's right. Groups are just fine..."

Aaron's vision was growing blurry. His mind thick. To his horror, he watched the students do just as Cassandra said, gathering with one another. In pairs and groups, their hands and mouths began exploring each other openly in front of all, deviant smirks plastered upon their faces.

His own cock ached painfully in his slacks. The strange pressure on his mind grew more intense. He watched Bobby kneel down in front of Alicia. The naughty young girl wasn't wearing panties, and her creamy slit glistened enticingly in the classroom light. Her breasts quivered as Bobby took her hips, moving between her welcoming thighs.

Aaron could barely stand to watch. His breathing was ragged; his chest tight. Despite that, he couldn't look away.

Is this what you were looking for, Aaron? Cassandra said, somehow, inside his mind. She was staring at him, a dark smile on her blood-red lips; green eyes seeming to glow somehow...

Alicia moaned as Bobby pushed his cock into her, her voice thick with pleasure. Several others soon joined it, a deviant chorus of lust that grew steadily in intensity. He saw Maia and Rosie, the girls from his class. They had just stripped one another naked, joining another girl and a boy already fucking openly on the floor. Their bodies writhed together in the shadows beneath the stage. Another pair had their mouths pressed against each other's pussies, moaning and squealing uncontrollably while they licked and fingered each other's snatches savagely.

Do you still want to fight, Aaron? Still want to deny yourself?

He didn't answer, too lost within himself to speak. His heart hammered so loudly in his chest he thought he might faint.

“This is wrong. Evil,” he said, even as his mind drifted to thoughts of being down there among them. Of doing more than watching...

And you want it all the more because of it, Cassandra's voice whispered in his mind. Or am I wrong?

The images flooded Aaron's mind again, only this time he felt more empowered, knowing it was true. More real. His erection was like steel now, throbbing painfully. He felt himself moving forward. Stepping into the class. "You did all this. You're... you're a temptress. A demon."

Her grin widened slightly as she stalked towards him. It's interesting; this is the one time a background like yours leaves you in a better place to understand than anyone else.

The sounds of lewd sex filled Aaron's ears as he stood there, almost shaking with a need he had always pushed down. Always kept at bay with prayers and confessions and airs of righteousness. But under those green eyes, he felt all his pretensions stripped away by something from outside himself.

"It makes it almost... fitting that you are what you are," she said, reaching up to caress his neck, her very touch sending waves of dark bliss through him.

"What... what do you mean? What am I?"

He could see her breasts heaving with every breath, their movements utterly hypnotic. He could feel her pleasure at his attention. Could feel her dark lust pulsing through him like some kind of radiation.

"Oooh, Aaron," she cooed. "Something I learned quickly after my... becoming. Most people? They have minds like..." she took a long, sensuous breath, letting it out to the sound of a student climaxing nearby. "Like soft clay. So easy to touch. So easy to shape."

Her fingers tightened around his collar. "A few are harder, though. Harder to influence. Harder to control." Her eyes seemed to flare their bright emerald hue. "Harder to break."

He tried to reach up and take her wrist, but he felt weak. His eyes drifted down to see a student pinned to the floor, two girls sitting astride him. One was riding his cock, the other covering his face. The obscene looks of pleasure on both their faces burned into his mind.

"Don't get me wrong... I've not found one who hasn't." She pulled him closer, making him stumble forward. "Broken, I mean. They all break. But regardless, those like you... those with an inkling of... something special."

Aaron felt his lips drawing close to hers. Could feel her breath hot on his neck. "You have a purpose. A use."


"I have a problem, Aaron," she said, the soft croon in her voice making his loins pulse. I know things have gotten a bit... out of hand. All these horny young people made for such delicious energy. But now that my power is growing, it’s been harder to keep things... discrete. A few people here and there seeing through the locks I place on their minds is fine... But with my hunger continuing to grow...

Aron shuddered as he felt the woman—the demon—run her tongue up the side of his ear. Felt the skin where she licked grow hot, a heat that seeped into his flesh. Into his brain.

All the delicious fucking, the energy it creates... I need it, Aaron. I die without it...

As her voice echoed in his mind, he watched her reach out and rustle the short, dark hair of another student. His glazed eyes stared into the distance, seemingly oblivious to the fact he was fucking the mouth of a slender bodied girl at his feet. Fucking her mouth while another student slammed his cock into her cunt from behind. His steady strokes into her mouth left dripping strands of saliva dribbling down her chin.

Aaron's knees buckled beneath him as Cassandra pressed closer against him. "I could take it myself," she murmured into his ear. "Take that special energy. But my body... it's changed, Aaron. Sex with me is more... dangerous than it used to be. I don't want to hurt anyone..."

The whisper quiet sound of fabric cutting rose to Aaron's ears, and he looked down to see Cassandra slicing open his pants from the front with the razor-sharp edge of her fingernail. His cock flopped free into the air, thick and swollen.

"But I could... use you, Aaron. Use you to help get the energy I need." Her fingers teased up and down the length of his cock, the uncanny pleasure just from her touch maddening on his shaft. "I could have you collect the energy for me. Collect it with..." her hand closed around his manhood "...this."

He moaned involuntarily at the feeling of her soft hand rubbing over him, squeezing gently but insistently until he felt his whole body tighten with all-encompassing pleasure at the sensation. She watched him intently, devouring him with her bright green gaze, stroking him slowly. Torturously. He thought he would cum. Knew he would, but the pleasure only kept rising. Rising past every peak he had ever felt.

"Oh god," he moaned. "No, please... It's too much!"

"Oh, don't worry, Aaron," she giggled. "It won't be. Not when I'm done with you."

The sounds of men and women climaxing filled his ears. Peaks of ecstasy rising, then falling back down into steady moans and cries as the sex continued. All for Cassandra's need. For her hunger. For her pleasure.

As his body wracked with the obscene pleasure filling him, he jerked as two hands settled on his shoulders. "Has he... come around, Mistress?" said a playful female voice.

"Not quite... but I think we're coming to an understanding," Cassandra said with a throaty laugh.

The hands moved, and around him came Alicia, the girl who had been with the succubus at the front of the class. The one who had kicked off the class-wide orgy. Her tan, naked body was lithe. Athletic. A runner's body, with lean hips, flat stomach, and perky breasts—perfectly round little nipples hardening to points against his chest as she stood before him. "I see... Maybe I could help… negotiate?" she said, still grinning.

Cassandra chuckled darkly as the girl lowered to her knees. Alicia leaned close to sniff his cock before letting the demon slide it into her mouth.

"Alicia's special to me," she said as the girl sucked eagerly on his shaft, slick gulping noises rising as she took him entirely into her throat. "My first pet. I'm afraid you would be a little more... utilitarian, in that regard. But I promise; you won't mind."

He felt Alicia’s blissful moans vibrating on his manhood, pulling his mind further and further down. Into the maddening pleasure. Into the darkness.

Into the sin.

"I know what you need, Aaron," Cassandra said, her hand sliding around his head, holding him gently but firmly. "You need someone to pray to. Someone to worship."

Her voice was like poison in his ear. Sweet, succulent poison flooding his mind. "Someone to confess your naughty sins to...." she chuckled. "And to reward you for them."

He felt something wrapping around his mind. Pushing on it. The resistance he put up was so weak. So puny. He felt her push into his mind, his very soul almost effortlessly.

"Be mine, Aaron," she whispered, and as she did, he felt his hands taking hold of Alicia's head, his hips thrusting forcefully forward into her mouth, his whole body moving to the demon's will, fucking the young student's mouth.

"My tool. My harvester. My perfect, obedient, slut-servant..."

Somehow, he could feel her slender tail snaking over him, caressing his balls with its soft tip before sliding up to coil around his waist. He saw nothing when he looked down, but he felt it. Felt her tail running along his skin just like he felt her will burrowing into his mind.

He heard himself mumbling, his hoarse, broken voice reciting the Lord's Prayer. The words that gave him the strength he needed on so many lonely nights as dirty thoughts and ideas threatened to creep into his mind. Threatened to soil his soul.

"Our Father, Who art in h-heaven, hallowed be T-thy name; Thy k-kingdom...Thy kingdom..."

"Come?" Cassandra purred, and from that word, he almost did. He felt his cock spasm in the young girl's mouth, dribbling droplets of precum onto her lolling tongue.

She took his chin in her fingers, drawing his gaze into her deep emerald pools. He felt himself sinking into them. Sinking into her. Surrendering himself to her. The wet heat of her pet's mouth on his cock, the slow melting of his soul under her gaze; that was his world.

"Let's try a new prayer," she whispered. "What am I?"

"A goddess," he gasped, unable to stop himself. "My goddess..."

"And what are you?"

"A servant," he moaned, any control he had lost to the slow, torturous movement of Alicia's lips along his shaft. "A tool... An extension of your will. An instrument to serve and worship and shape the world in your name..."

"Good boy," she purred, drawing close, teasing his lips with hers. "That's a much better prayer. Let's seal it with a kiss then..."

Her crimson lips met his. Her silky tongue slid into his mouth. And then everything that Aaron was fell away.

With an unholy explosion of ecstasy Aaron climaxed, filling Alicia's eager mouth with his seed. Her hand closed around his base, milking his spasming cock as he pumped gout after gout down her throat. She moaned as it overflowed, running down and dribbling from her chin.

All the while, Cassandra's tongue pressed against his own, coating his mouth with her own saliva that burned and tingled his flesh with a pleasure so deep it was alien; a literal demonic lust drug seeping into his body.

He writhed in her grip, his orgasm stretching on longer and longer. Each spasm—each spurt—breaking him further and further down.

Her voice in his head was a leash, snapping onto his very soul with no need for a collar. That's right. Cum it all away. Cum every bit of filthy resistance away.

Yes, Mistress, he replied as he gave up the last of himself. The last of who he was, leaking out his cock and onto the freckled face of his Mistress's most cherished pet, the pet who controlled him as much as her demon owner did now.

As he stood there, an empty shell waiting to be filled by his Mistress. Waiting to be reprogrammed. Waiting to be told what he was now. His entire existence was bliss. He could feel the delicious sexual energies rising from the classroom orgy. Every cry, every moan, all of it mixed into a beautiful, salacious symphony. Even having just climaxed, he could feel this still stiff cock ache to join in. To gather a succulent bounty of lust for his Mistress.

Cassandra withdrew from the kiss, her tongue giving a final, flitting caress of his lip. "So good.... So obedient...." she murmured her pleasured approval as her hands caressed his slack shoulders.

She leaned forward, whispering into his ear. "We're going to have so much fun..."

"Yes Mistress," he said obediently.


Aaron Kent stood before his class of smiling, obedient students. Ever since his new collaboration arrangement with Cassandra, she had spent many prolonged evenings instructing him on how to enact her intensively effective teaching methods upon the student body.

And, he was proud to say, with her help he had returned structure and order back to not just his class, but possibly even the entire department.

At the front of the auditorium, three female students watched him intently. One bit her lip absently, and all bore eyes glazed over with desire, eager for the lecture period of his class to end. Aaron could see their nipples pressing through the fabric of their tops. Could see their bodies quiver in anticipation.

If he focused, Aaron could see the dark tendrils of his Mistress's power, flowing shadows that sank down from the ceiling to touch and caress the minds of his class. Making each one hunger for sex. For submission. Aching for a master.

Aaron strode casually among them, letting himself feel their lust. Feeling it coursing up inside him, mingling together in his twitching loins.

But he had a lecture to finish first, of course.

He spoke as he ambled back to the front of the auditorium. "So. Last week we finished out section on ' Learning and Memory,' which I'm pleased to say everyone did wonderfully on."

He turned to face the class, his cock hard and throbbing. He could feel the class’s attention on it. Their hunger for it. "But now it's time for our next section. 'Training and Conditioning.'"

Since his collaboration had begun with Cassandra, her need to reach out across the entire building had diminished. His lovely Mistress kept a hold on the minds within her domain, of course, but no longer were the open acts of unruly sexual behavior needed to sate her divine hunger.

No, Aaron served her lust now. For his Mistress. His Goddess. He collected the energy she needed. Tightly and effectively and discreetly. All to keep her safe. With the doors locked, and all outside minds directed away, Aaron set to his work with equal parts dedication and joy.

At the front of class, the boy and girl selected for that day's class were bound and blindfolded to their respective chairs. They both writhed with desire; the boy's cock nice and hard, the girl's cunt engorged and glistening.

Aaron stood behind them, and as the harvesting period of class began, he called forth sections of the class—groups of boys and girls, in twos and threes—and then let each of them have their way with the selected students.

He strolled back and forth as the two students were fucked, over and over again, in any way the class desired. The gags restrained the selected student's moans, but the lewd sounds of pleasure from their classmates more than made up for it. One group—all girls—took turns riding the male student's cock, their stimulated bodies cumming again and again on his engorged phallus.

Two of the boys pulled the girl down to the ground. They held her up, still bound, and proceeded to fuck her together in both her cunt and her ass, emptying load after load into her lower holes.

One pair of particularly cute, petite girls made a minor transgression; they pulled off the boy's gag as they stroked and teased his slick, throbbing member. Aaron allowed it, though, for they did it only in the service of freeing the young man's mouth to lick one of their pussies while the other bucked up and down on his shaft with her own dripping cunt.

This went on, each person in class taking their turn, their brainwashed minds relishing in the act. And they should, Aaron reckoned, for the next time it could very well be any of their turns in the chairs.

And at the end of it all, Aaron would take them both. Milking each of them for the sexual energy the class had filled them with. The sexual energy his Mistress required.

Aaron watched all this with pride, but knew he would have to leave them to their own devices for a short while. Today differed from normal. Today, he had a task for himself while the students fucked and sucked each other full of the energy he would soon reap. Sighing, he turned back to his desk. Waiting for him there, leaned over and tied down to the desk—intricate ropework forming intricate designs up her naked body—was Kaley Winters. Kaley, the girl who had inadvertently set him on this path to this wondrous new life.

"How are we doing, Kaley?" he asked gently as he traced his fingers over her naked, rope laced body.

The girl was whimpering softly, lost in a lustful haze. Her hips squirmed back and forth in her binds; the buzzing of the vibrator in her cunt hummed out an insistent beat. Aaron could smell the arousal dripping down her thighs.

"Kaley..." he repeated, pushing the vibrator in deeper.

"Aaah!" she cried as she came back to reality, shivering beneath the forceful thrusts of the vibrating dildo into her sex. "Oh god! Please, Mr. Kent," she pleaded with a pained voice. "It's too much! p-lease... please let me cum... I'm sorry! I'm sorry for not participating!"

"Oh, I know you are, Kaley," he said in a soft tone. "I know you are. And I can understand your problem."

He leaned down to her ear, and as he did, his fingers slid between her cheeks to caress the puckered cherry of her anus. "You're just like I was," he whispered. "Just a little too resistant to our Mistress's power."

She squirmed as he ran his fingers in a circle around her dark petal. "But we can fix that, Kaley. Fix that right now."

He pushed a single finger into her ass, making Kaley moan and quiver, struggling against her bonds. "Once you give in completely," he said, his voice dropping. "Then, and only then, you may cum."

She writhed on the desk and nodded vigorously. "Yes! Anything!"

Aaron smiled. With his free hand, he pushed the tip of the vibrator further into the depths of her womb. She cried out desperately, her voice rising above the other sounds of lustful passion filling the room.

"You give yourself up to the Mistress's power? Say it. Say it now." His eyes locked with hers, staking a claim over her mind for his dark goddess.

"I give myself to your Mistress," she gasped. "I surrender everything. My body. My soul. Please! Just let me cuuuuumm..."

"That's a good little slavegirl," Aaron said softly as he slid his pants down and withdrew his thick, throbbing manhood from within. He kept the pressure on the vibrator with one hand while he squeezed a dose of lubricant to his shaft. Kaley panted as he stroked himself slowly before finally leaning in close to her ear once more.

"I know how bad you want this," he murmured soothingly. "Want it so bad it will break you." He teased her asshole as he spoke. "It feels good to break, Kaley. I know from experience. My Mistress broke me, and now I get to break you."

She whimpered pitifully at the implication, writhing back and forth atop his desk. Her fingers dug into its surface; nails biting into the wood. Her eyes went wide as Aaron twisted the vibrator to a higher setting and placed the slick head of his cock at the threshold of her rear entrance.

He rubbed his tip against her sensitive bud, eliciting another shuddery moan from deep within her chest. "This is where my Mistress lives," he whispered in her ear, pushing his hips forward, his shaft sliding slowly, but inexorably, into her dark channel. "And where your Mistress lives."

He pressed harder, stoking her need. "And when your mistress decides she wants something..." His voice dropped low. "'re going to make sure she gets it."

"Yes.... yes!" the young girl moaned as her teacher's cock buried deep into her ass. She strained wildly on the desk, a tremor running through her body as Aaron held steady within her depths, using the vibrator like a stiletto to stab deeper into her pussy.

"I serve her!" she cried as he fucked her ass and stimulated her pussy. "I serve her forever!"

Aaron grunted with satisfaction, feeling her mind cracking. Feeling her defenses disintegrate. He began pushing harder. Faster, his hips colliding with her cheeks each time they struck home with his hard, thick shaft.

She gasped with pleasure and fear as his full length sank further than ever before. In that single moment, she gave in completely. Aaron felt it, felt her break. Felt it, and immediately opened the floodgates of pleasure into her mind, making her cum with wave after wave of soulwracking ecstasy. Her cries echoed out over the other students fucking themselves senseless below.

"Aaaaaaaah! Oh fuckkkk yeeeeeeeesssss!"

Aaron felt the shadows of his Mistress flowing into her. Into her mind. Into her soul. Another servant for his goddess. Another harvester to gather the dark nectar she required.

Perfect. Obedient. Ordered. Just the life he had always wanted.

Just like the life his Mistress had given him.


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