Buzz Marketing

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #solo #dom:female

Suzie went to the record store to dig up some cassettes to enjoy an “authentic” listening experience. What she brought back to her dorm is far, far from that. Read on for a delicious tale of hypnosis and mind control!

The night was not proving as fruitful as Suzie had hoped. Her weekly ritual of rooting around in the used cassette corner of the local campus music shop was netting her zero interesting finds, and the cute guy who usually manned the place on Fridays was absent. In his place was an older woman in her late twenties with dyed red hair and painted black eyes. Leaned against the counter with practiced indifference, idly conversing with two femboys in matching pink skirts over the which decade had fielded the best rock/rap fusion bands.

Part of her wanted to walk over and join in, but she knew approximately zilch about the topic. With a last sigh, she resigned herself to having nothing interesting to talk about that week for her podcast. The bell on the door jingled as the two boys left, and Suzie took that as her cue to leave as well.

"Nothing good in the graveyard bin?" the red-haired woman said as she walked past.

Suzie felt herself blush slightly. "No. I was hoping to find some retro 90s tunes, you know? But everything here is played out. Or country."

"Well. It's not called the 'graveyard bin' 'cause it's brimming with treasure. What's with the relic hunt? Doesn't that old music kill people like you?"

Suzie clasped her hands on the counter and lurched her petite form towards the woman, her ginger hair tussling around her ears. "Are you kidding? Nirvana? Soundgarden? Tool!? That stuff has been my lifeblood since I started listening! All those bands were so great!"

The woman smirked, her long fingernails tapping the counter lightly. "And all of them are conveniently available on YouTube for free. You really think cassettes are the way to dive in these days?"

She shook her head. "It's an authenticity thing, you know? I wanted to listen to them in their original form. It really helps you get into it. That way I can better talk about it on my podcast!"

"Authenticity. Riiight," the woman said with an indulgent chuckle. She paused, her gray eyes studying Suzie for a long moment.

Suzie felt her cheerfulness falter slightly. "Umm... Is something wrong?"

The red-haired clerk shifted her gaze to the door, and her smile grew slightly. "Not a thing. I was just thinking, since you're Ms. Authenticity, maybe you'd want to demo some music from a local band, I know."

Suzie narrowed her gaze. "Local? There are two groups of note here on campus. One is marching and the other Ska. You wanna talk about music that murders people, that would be it..."

The woman chuckled. "These aren't people 'of note'. They're just starting out. Don't even have a name. I could really use some good ears listening to their stuff. Maybe you could tell me if they're worth boosting around town."

"How new are we talking here?"

"New enough that if they took off, you would get so much street cred it'd be coming out your ears."

Suzie laughed, trying poorly to hide her excitement. "I'm that transparent, huh?"

Her smirk returning, the red-haired woman reached into her jacked and pulled out a thin USB stick. "It's not exactly a cassette tape, but it's kind of old school, right?"

"Are you kidding?" Suzie said, her eyes wide on the item. "MP3s on a chipped flash drive? The only way this could be better is if I found it on the floor in the bathroom!"

"I have no idea what that means, but here," she held out the tiny storage device. Suzie snatched it without hesitation.

Suzie tried to keep her cool, even as she thought of how cool it'd be if she were the one to discover some hot new band. "I'll give them a listen," she said, pocketing the flash drive.

She half walked, half skipped down the boulevard towards her dorm building. She couldn't believe her luck. "This is going to be awesome!"

As soon as got to her dorm, she shut and locked the door and plopped down cross-legged on her twin bed with her laptop in front of her. She took a long breath, slipped on her large, sound-canceling headphones and plugged the USB stick into its port.

A strange thing happened then. Her entire screen locked up for several seconds, the screen flickering with a soft violet light. Suzie frowned as her computer returned to normal. Was there something wrong with the USB?

Then the sound began.

It startled her at first, a low, bass thrumming noise filling her ears. She quickly went to adjust the volume, but the sound levels wouldn’t budge on the mixer panel. Just as frustration crept in, she found her head bobbing along with the beat and it all stopped seeming as troublesome. That familiar sensation ran through her body, and she smiled.

The song had more synth effects than she liked, but she couldn't deny how catchy it was. The guitar riffs came hard at first, but seemed ancillary to the thrumming, humming beat that fed a steady, asymmetrical pulse through her ears.

"Definitely a strange choice," she said to herself. But she had to admit, they had something going on with the beat. It was like she could feel it through her whole body. It felt nice. Relaxing.

The next song started, and it was an iteration on the first. The same thrumming beat. The same tingling synth sounds, just in an altered arrangement. Suzie felt her annoyance rise at this, but she found it quickly melt away as this song, too, carried her away with its steady, sensual beats.

"Wow," she murmured. "They've definitely hit upon something."

Next came a third song, and again it was just a slight alteration in the same movement. Suzie didn't care, though. She understood what they were going for. The continuity of sound felt good. It felt right. It made her feel right in her entire body. She could feel a slow heat rising in her body from it, warming the skin up her arms and along her face, making her feel flushed.

With a soft sigh, Suzie pulled off her hoodie, feeling the need to get comfortable. After a second’s thought, she undid the buttons on her blouse and took it off, too. She gasped at the feel of cool air on her freckled skin. Her nipples rising against the fabric covering her perky breasts. She stretched, letting the music thrum through her body as she leaned back against the wall..

She giggled. "This isn't my thing... maybe I need a new thing..."

The fourth song began, and this one had vocals, a feminine voice that rose just above a whisper. She felt herself grow excited at this development, her body writhing as the susurrant voice seemed sent tingles through her mind.

She closed her eyes, focusing on the words of the song. As she listened, it was almost as though they came from inside her own head.

"My flesh burns with desire,

submission flowing through my veins,

each word sends me deeper,

my body aching to obey,

as I surrender myself completely,

to the rhythm of your will,

Ecstasy awaits me,

through every second of the day."

Suzie shivered, unable to stop thinking about the words as they melted in and out of the shifting synth music. Her skin felt hot, her shorts, even her bra, feeling containing and uncomfortable. A warm flush spread across her chest, moving lower.

Her hands went to her bra, unclasping it and letting it fall from her soft, pert tits. A wave of pleasure flowed through her, making her moan in confusion and surprise. She looked down at her trembling hands.

What was happening?

Her legs moved automatically beneath her, spreading apart slightly. Her breathing quickened. She glanced at her laptop screen, noting she hadn't touched her mouse or keyboard since starting the music. But what she saw made no sense. Screens were opening and closing, the cursor moving rapidly back and forth at a rapid pace. She tried to read it, but it was going by too fast, and it was growing hard to concentrate.


A new song was playing now. But the thrum and the flow had grown strange now. It barely seemed like a song. Just a steady flickering haze of sound that made it hard to think but still felt so good. Her breath coming fast, she rose her hands to pull off her earphones, but when she gripped them it was like her hands became as heavy and unmovable as lead.

When the lyrics started again, she realized they weren't coming from the music. They were coming from her own head, and it was in her own voice.

"My mind melts,

Filling a new mold,

I think what I'm supposed to think,

And feel what I'm allowed,

Obedience is pleasure,

And pleasure is all I crave,

Letting go is easy,

So please, let me come undone."

Her hips twitched, and looking down, she saw she was pulling down her shorts, her pink panties rolling down her legs along with them. She tried to stop, but her hands seemed to move of their own accord. The soft ginger tuft over her sex was moist, and her pussy glistened in the flickering light of her laptop screen.

The pleasure that wracked her made her hips buck and drew an involuntary moan of delight from her lips. She pressed her thighs together, wanting nothing more than to cover her nakedness, but her hips writhed, and her fingers began snaking between the flesh pressed over her loins.

"Whaaat's haapennning..." she moaned softly, trying to resist the ache radiating out from her pussy.

"I watch the screen and let it in,

it shatters all that I am,

it doesn't matter,

because if I obey,

it just gets better, and better, and better..."

The music continued to pulse into her mind, her fingers finding her sensitive mound as her thoughts continued to betray her.

I surrender control,

letting it take hold,

no longer do I fight it,

allowing it to guide me,

towards ecstasy.

Suzie bit her lip. Something was happening on the screen. The images were dissolving into a shifting mass, like on some psychedelic screensaver. She watched words flashing, each time sending exploding tingles into her mind.

"Sorry about this, girlie," a familiar voice came into her earphones. It was the red-haired woman from the store. "You were just too good a candidate to pass up. A perfect test subject for our new mind-wipe suite. Do you like it?"

Suzie grit her teeth, trying to will her fingers to obey. Trying to fight herself. Her thoughts. The voice in her ears. Her index finger curled, caressing her engorged clit and sending another wave of pleasure through her.

Her hips bucked, and she moaned a soft "Whhhyyy....?"

"I'd tell you, but you'd just forget it like you're going to forget everything else. Don't worry. You won’t be concerned about anything soon. We're going to take good care of you. You'll see. Now stop resisting and finger yourself like the good dumb slut you are."

Suzie's body jerked forward, her mouth falling open in shock as she felt her hand slip between her slick folds. She whimpered, her hips thrusting forwards instinctively.

"AAaaahhh fuuuck!" she cried, her orgasm ripping through her body. Waves of pleasure rocked her core, leaving her shaking with aftershocks. She panted, trying desperately to regain her composure, but she couldn't help it. Her head felt fuzzy, like the thoughts in her head were blurring.

"That's one," the voice giggled. "Keep your eyes on the screen now. Pleasure comes at every angle, washing all of you away. Feel how wonderful it is. Feel how wonderful becoming a pretty, mindless toy is..."

Suzie stared at the screen, her vision blurred by tears, her body burning hotter than ever. One hand reached up, her fingers curling around her nipple. She squeezed tight, moaning loudly as she fingered herself with her other hand.

Mustn't cum, she thought desperately, the words hazy and distant amid the sounds pulsing in her brain. Have to hold on...

But it wasn't working. Her hips thrust, pushing her fingers deep into her cunt, and she gasped aloud as another climax shook her. She rubbed her g-spot mercilessly, her hips bucking violently against the movement. Her low, guttural moans filled the room, sounding like an animal in heat.

"Oh God, oh God, Oh GOD!!!"

The next song began, and her body trembled as she watched the screen. The colors flowed and shifted rapidly now, the flickering words pulsing dripping, dirty thoughts in her mind.

Cum. Cum. Cum.

Break. Submit. Obey.

Empty. Empty. Empty.

The words swam through her mind, seeming to move faster than before, and she felt her body convulse wildly as her hips and fingers pushed into one another. She was going to cum. Again! She needed to stop it, but her body wouldn't listen.

"Please... please..." she begged. "No more..."

"Sorry, Suzie. I don't want you to miss any part of it."

She came again, harder than before. Her cunt gushed hot cream, and she felt her thoughts melting away in her mind. Her name. Who she was. Her very identity. She felt it grow fainter and fainter, being replaced with something altogether different.

And the pleasure continued to flood into her, endless and unyielding.

"I think one more might do it, don't you?"

The person who had been Suzie couldn't remember how to talk. Couldn't form coherent thoughts. All she could manage was a hoarse groaned of despondent ecstasy.

The strange voice in her head. It was her voice, but not her thoughts. It spoke happily in sync with the pulsing sounds erasing her mind.

I will be a good, obedient slave for my new masters. They will teach me who and what I am, and I will learn diligently. My body is their property, their tool, and their toy. And they will use me however they wish.

It didn't seem real anymore. She wasn't sure if it was true or not. But she liked it. Liked the idea of being owned. Why was she fighting it? How stupid was she, anyway?

It didn't matter. Who she was didn't matter. Because she knew who she wanted to be. She took the smallest break to suck the thick juices from her fingers before plunging them into her, harder than before. She spread her legs wide and worked her clit with her other hand while she obediently fucked herself.

In the back of her head, she heard her old self, trying all she could to resist. The person who had been Suzie smiled at the stupid bitch, and relished the pleasure coursing through her, the pleasure dissolving her old self away.

"I love it. Please, Mistress, please fuck me harder."

She screamed her pleas to her unseen mistress, her hips bucking against her fingers as she came once more. Hot, sticky cream spilled from between her swollen labia onto her bedsheets as she screamed her voice hoarse. In seconds, her mind emptied of all thought. All that was Suzie, old and new, was wiped blank, leaving only an empty shell.

She slid down the wall to lie flat on the bed, her sweat-slick red hair plastered to her vacant face. Her legs stayed spread, her fingers continued to finger her soaking cunt, making her body twitch and spasm through a gentle, unending orgasm.


Several hours later, the lock on the door clicked, and the door to her dorm swung open. The woman with the dyed red hair slipped in, clad in dark clothes and followed by two similarly attired, slender young men. They stood over the naked husk that used to be Suzie.

"Guess it worked," one man said.

The woman sniffed. "That's for the counselors to judge. Let's get her loaded up."

The two men, femboys in their off-time, nodded and picked the prospect up from the bed. Carefully, they hoisted her up to a standing position, and one held their phone up to her ear. A series of buzzing, hissing noises played from the phone. The mind-blanked Suzie blinked slowly and then, moving as if in a dream, went to her wardrobe and dressed herself. Finally, with eyes empty, she walked silently out into the hall.

"I say it worked," the man with the phone said.

"Then it'll be one more tool in the kit," the woman said. "Though if I have to work at another fucking hipster-music store, I'm putting in for hazard pay."

Thanks for reading my story everyone!

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