by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #demon #dom:female #f/m

A young librarian, fresh from escaping the clutches of a demonic force, is changing into something else. With dark power welling up from within, she must confront the growing hole growing inside her, a hole that she realizes can only be filled with all-consuming, corrupting lust.

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It was an early Wednesday morning, inside her sizeable office at the Boulder Public Library, that Sarah Joy realized the dark desires rising in her could no longer be ignored. She was sitting at her desk, her hands shaking as she tried in vain to push away the aching hunger inside her; a hunger different than anything she'd experienced before in her life.

It had been only days since the demon had touched Sarah's soul. Since the man she loved had given himself up to save her. She wondered faintly if the demon had known that when she left, part of her power had stayed behind; germinating in her soul like a seed of dark lust, now sprouting and growing—permeating her soul like a creeping vine.

She clenched her hands. For everything, her mind felt warm. Calm. The fear and pain and loss draining from her. When she realized the change was something out of her control, she was finally able to let go. Sarah had spent her life learning to make the best of things. Why should she stop now?

She stared at her hands, her long, smooth fingers flexing and unflexing, when a knock came at her door. It was Harry, one of the young Library Assistants hired last year. She didn't know how she knew, other than she could somehow feel him through the door.

"Come in," she said, looking up from her hands.

He came into her office wearing his normal attire; navy slacks with white button up shirt shirt underneath. His curly brown hair came down past his ears. He was trim and slender—reminding Sarah of a prep kid straight out of college. And as usual he was twirling a pencil in his fingers. "Morning, Ms. Joy. I, uh, came to get the list of new books to be shelved?"

Sarah could feel the young man's nervousness. Could feel him desperately trying to keep his eyes from dropping to her ample cleavage. Before... everything, she had worked hard to constrain her appearance, to maintain a conservative look for the sake of propriety. But that morning, staring at her own naked form in the mirror; her creamy skin. Her hourglass figure. Her flowing blonde hair. Blue eyes that literally glowed unless she willed them not to. And, of course, her perfectly round, perfectly luscious, perky, hypnotic tits.

Seeing all this; seeing how her body had subtly changed over just these few days, she just couldn't bring herself to hide it anymore.

Sarah smiled at harry, letting the silence linger just a few seconds, enjoying the—for lack of a better word—taste of his mind as he struggled to keep his desires in check. She could feel a pleasant tension inside her. Yearning. Hungry. Like something expanding beneath her skin, except it wasn't her skin. It was... something else.

"Of course, Harry. I have them drawn up right here." With one finger she slid the paper across the desk towards him.

His gaze moved to follow the paper, but even as he moved to take it, his eyes were captured by those luscious orbs of hers, two undone blouse buttons making them impossible to avoid.

Sarah could feel his lust rising, an untapped well seeping with the dark energy she craved. She let out a soft gasp as she felt something push out from her. Glancing down, she saw a single dark shadow—invisible, she knew, to anyone without the special mind and sight to see—slide like an undulating snake over to Harry.

It was a sight that left her in both rapture in despair. The feeling was transcendent. The dark tendril was power and will and soul made manifest.

And it meant that she was right. She was beyond saving. She was becoming the very thing her love had given himself to save her from.

Sarah's eyes fluttered slightly, then a slow smile spread on her full, wet lips. "Is everything all right, Harry? You seem... distracted."

With a mortified gasp, Harry shook himself free of his trance. "Oh, my god, Ms. Joy. I'm so sorry! I don't... I don't.... I aah..."

Her shadow crept up his leg, sliding gently along his crotch before pushing gently into him. Not his physical form, though. Something much deeper. Much more fundamental.

"You want them, don't you, Harry?" she said softly, drawing her blouse open to tease another inch of her supple flesh. "You want these."

With a feeling of utter rapture, Sarah Joy, librarian and newly transformed succubus, took her first taste of undistilled lust. Felt herself fill with the rich sweet darkness; felt it rise inside her like a blooming flower. She felt herself shudder as her mind reached for the man in front of her, more tendrils erupting from her aura to grip his thoughts. His body.

Her smile widened as the assistant's cock erupted to full length, bulging out the front of his slacks. "Oh, god," he moaned. "Oh, fuck. What's... what's happening..."

Her eyes locked on his throbbing organ, straining for freedom against the fabric confining it. "Something wonderful, Harry," she said, feeling her breathing deepen as her shadows licked and sucked on his mind and soul, simultaneously feeding on, and further amplifying the man's desire to supernatural levels.

"Say it, Harry," she said, softly. "Say the naughty thing in your mind."

His head shook, trying not to speak, only to succumb to her onslaught of desire. His mouth opened and like a dam breaking, words tumbled from his lips. "I can't stop thinking about how much I want to suck those big tits of yours. They're so fucking perfect, Ms. Joy. I can't... I can't stand it!"

Sarah's laugh was low and smoky as she rose from her desk. "Very good harry. It's important to be honest."

She walked around and stood before him, her tendrils holding him in place, even if he didn't know it. She traced a finger up his neck to his chin, "I think good, honest little boys should be rewarded, don't you?"

Harry gulped audibly at the soft purr in her voice. He tried to turn away, but with one finger she easily kept his face still, inclining his gaze till her tits filled them. "So you want to suck these, Harry?"

Sarah could feel him try to resist. Feel his thoughts trying to find purchase in a mind being flooded with lust and demonic influence. It was only then she understood how easily the demon had taken her. The young man's will was flimsy. He had already wanted her body, and somehow that meant she could sink through his defenses like they were warm butter.

Sliding into the core of the brown haired man's, she wound her tendrils around the man's inhibitions. His restraint. His morals. She poured her darkness into those parts of him. Infecting them with her will. Corrupting them. Transforming them.

"Yes!" he moaned. "Please! I... I need them! I need... I need to worship them!"

With a pleased grin, Sarah undid several more buttons, revealing a black satin bra that the barely contained the womanly treasures inside; two perky globes—like full ripe peaches. In the early morning light coming through her office windows, they glowed like twin suns behind the dark fabric of her bra.

The shadows of her power couldn't reach into the material—yet—but still she knew he felt feathery phantom sensations as her dark tendrils stroked him under his pants. His eyes rolled back and he groaned in desperate need.

There was so much lust. So much sexual energy. And Sarah could taste it so clearly. But it was only a sampling, she knew. She shuddered as she undid the rest of her blouse and let it fall to the ground. Then, with a soft sigh, she undid the clasp of her bra, letting it fall away, too.

Harry shook with unfettered, animal need as he looked upon her perfect treasures. Heavy and inviting, her glorious breasts were topped by a pair of swollen nipples covered in hard bumps from desire and anticipation.

"Suck my tits, Harry." She spoke softly, drawing out each word like a long drawn breath. "Suck them."

Unable to resist anymore, he reached up and cupped those heavenly orbs with trembling hands—and plunged his head between their soft mounds, letting himself be consumed by those perfect melons of flesh.

"Love them, Harry," she whispered in his ear. "Love them. Worship them."

His tongue licked across one peach-tipped breast; sucking on the engorged nipple that stood proud at the top before moving down the other side, tonguing the hardened tip again like an ice cream cone dripping with melting chocolate.

She reached down and took his hardness as he did so, stroking it through his slacks. She felt it pulse beneath her touch—it's own heartbeat thumping just for her—and with her other hand she pulled up the pencil skirt she wore to run her fingers along the black lace of her panties, the fabric already soaking wet from her arousal.

The succubus couldn't help herself; she slid her hand down the back of his pants and sank her nails into his backside. Her fingernails were sharp as razors against the young man's pale skin, and he moaned with a voice hoarse with pain and lust and delirium; gasping for air in between kisses and sucks on her luscious orbs.

This is what she did to me, she mused, feeling inside the man's soul as his entire being melted down into the sexual energy she craved, ready to supped upon. She broke my mind and made me a slave. But now I'm this. I'm her... but not. She was a spirit. I have a body. A perfect, luscious body to play and fuck with. This is... this is something altogether new...

With a long breath—like inhaling pure lust—Sarah took Harry and both hands and lowered him to the ground. He felt almost weightless in her hands, and it was only then she realized the strength that infused her, strength that had not been there moments ago... not been there till her first feeding...

He looked up at her with surprise and no small amount of fear at how easily she moved him. The look on his face drew a warm laugh from her lips.

"Don't worry, Harry. I will never, ever hurt you," she said, moving to straddle him, grinding ever so gently against his manhood. "It's not pain I want. It's love. I ache for it, Harry. I ache for it desperately."

He nodded; afraid to move—afraid to breathe. Afraid, and more aroused than was humanly possible due to the succubus's power. She could feel his every thought, infused with her lust. Her will. "I love you, Ms. Joy. I l-love you, Mistress..."

"Mmmmm," she murmured, tasting the lust drenched emotion. She leaned over him, letting her luscious mounds caress his face as she whispered in his ear. "I lost my true love. And now I'm this. I can't bring him back. But if I can't, I'll take that love I felt, that love I need to share, and fill the world with it. Fill everyone in the world with it..."

"Y-yes, Mistress! We will love you. Will worship you. All of us."

The words made Sarah shake with pleasure. "Oooh, good boy. Such a good, good boy," she cooed. "I... I need to feed, Harry. My lovely Harry. I need you to give me your love. I... I won't take too much, I promise. And soon we'll have more. More lovers. More love. And you'll give it all to me."

Her hand drifted down between his legs—feeling the heat from his flesh—and his penis throbbed like it wanted to burst free of its bonds; wanting her touch so badly he couldn't think. "Of course, Mistress. All for you..."

With a dark chuckle, she tore her panties away with what felt like the lightest of tugs. She was more careful with Harry—he still had work, after all—and pulled his zipper, and then his slacks down with smooth, gentle movements. His cock sprang forth like an eager dog released from leash; pre-cum smeared and dribbling down its tip.

She let out a low moan at seeing how ready he was. He looked up at her, eyes wide in shock at the size of his painfully engorged erection.

"Nice and special, just for me, hmm?" she giggled.

The succubus reached forward, grabbing hold of the swollen shaft, sliding its slick surface between her breasts as it throbbed and grew even bigger. He moaned, his cock so dark and engorged it looked like it might burst.

"Mmmmm," she said, sliding her tits up and down his manhood. "This just won't do. We need somewhere to put this naughty thing, don't we?" She smiled wickedly—a look that would've scared him if he weren't already under her thrall.

Harry's answer came not from the lips but from within: A shuddering groan from deep inside his soul. Everything that he was had been repurposed to sustain the succubus's hunger. To make himself a perfect feeding vessel.

"Maybe here," she said, shifting till her dripping entrance was over his tip. "Is this where this goes, Harry?"

"Yes," the young man's voice was small. "Yes, please." Love. Dark, corrupt, demonic love was all that was left inside him. That, and complete submission.

Sarah sank down on his shaft slowly, teasingly. Stopping, rising, letting her juices drip down his shaft and seep into his skin. Then—in one fell swoop; like a cobra—she slammed down onto it. Filling herself with the thick cock buried within her tight channel.

He gasped as she fed off him, her more tendrils of shadow erupting from her aura to plunge into his body, slurping and draining his lust as she fucked him ferociously. There wasn't any gentle give or take anymore. There was only dark lust and animalistic need. Desperation to fill the hole inside her by anything and anyone.

It was pure rapture. A bottomless hunger that would never be fully sated, but that brought a supernatural ecstasy beyond imagining. She felt it rippling through her. Inside her. Deep into the darkest reaches where no human soul actually existed. She felt it warping her. Twisting the parts of her that had still been human.

She felt her body changing. Spectral horns rose from her head. A long, nimble tail springing out of her spine. Wings, wings made of her shadowy aura, writhed and contorted behind her back.

I am lust made flesh. Desire made material. I shall spread my dark love to one and all, and they shall love me forever in return...

Sarah felt her orgasm rising, burning bright as an exploding sun. She felt down to Harry, and realized with some concern that she had almost drained him dry. Her tendrils had, unbeknownst to her, lapped him all the way down to his mental core, a place that—if taken from—would not return.

Pulling her shadows from him, she leaned down and kissed him. "Such a good, good boy," she murmured. "Thanks to you, I know who I am. What I am. And you will be the first of my beloved."

"M-m-m," was all he could manage as her nails ran lightly down his chest, their edges cutting the fabric like it were soap foam.

"Oops," she giggled, still slowly riding him, feeling their climaxes approach. "No matter. We'll deal with the others. Now I just want you to cum for me. Feel my love. Let yourself go! You can't help yourself now; this is your true nature. The darkest part of you; the most base; the most depraved. Come!" She moved faster; bouncing on him—her pace increasing by each passing moment.

His voice rose into a cry. Desperate and harsh and pained, it was more than he'd ever imagined himself capable of: "Mistress! Mistress, oh, God!"

She felt him erupt into her, filling her dark womb with his hot seed in spurt and spurt. She cried in triumph. In ecstasy. In victory. She rode through wave after wave of pleasure as Harry's climax went on for long minutes as she continued to milk the last drop of cum out of his body until finally she reached forward to clutch his face like a lover.

Kissing him deeply; their tongues dueling against each other's own. Moaning together for a moment before she pulled away just far enough to look into his eyes. He moaned when he saw what—and who—was there. He saw her horns. Saw her flicking tail. Her wings of darkness. Her eyes glowing like azure gems.

She saw the fear in his eyes. The realization that ran soul deep. She caressed his face, wiping the tears that ran from his eyes.

Smiling at him, deep and lovely and dark as night, Sarah rose her fingers and licked the salty wetness from them. "Now it is time for you to rest; to heal; to dream of us. Dream of the world we will make. One of deepest, eternal love. Love for me."

Shuddering, he felt his cock spasm in its slowly softening state, a last bit of submission to his new demonic Mistress. His eyes rolled up, and he passed from consciousness.

Sarah rose from him, murmuring her pleasure as she stretched, relishing the feeling of Harry's seed dripping from her cunt. From her desk, the phone rang, and with slow, languid movements she went to answer it.

"Um, Ms. Joy?" came the voice of Kelly Vain, another of the library assistants. "Is everything alright there? There were people saying they heard strange noises from your office..."

Sarah sank into her chair, still naked save for her hiked up pencil skirt. She reclined, resting her feet upon the desk. "Everything is fine, dear. There was a... heated discussion between me and Harry. But we had to call it off when suffered a personal health issue."

There was a moment of silence from the phone. "Um, 'personal health issue'? Is Harry alight? Does someone need to go check on him?"

"I'll be taking care of him personally, Kelly. Have no fear."

Kelly's voice grew more apprehensive. "I'm not sure I understand, Ms. Joy."

"I see," Sarah said, casually feeling inside herself, feeling the hunger there. Even recently sated, it was still there, yearning. It felt so, so good. The succubus smiled. "Well, Kelly, why don't you come on up, and we can discuss this in person. It might be easier to explain that way..."



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