Academic Discipline

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #multiple_partners #corruption #mindbreak

Cute little Cindy thought she could escape the mental reconditioning camp she and dozens of other young, hot colligates have found themselves trapped in. But she’s been caught, and now her councilor must teach her and her friends an intimate lesson in submission and obedience!



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Mr. Carlos stood out in the open square and looked at his three delinquent prospects. Two girls, Cindy and Vera, and a boy, Erik. Vera had one hand on her forearm, looking down and away from him with fear in her eyes. Erik stared straight ahead, looking like a recruit out of a war movie. Cindy, the shortest of the three, just looked bored.

"So who wants to tell me what happened?" Mr. Carlos said, crossing his arms and looking down at the three. Around them, other prospects passed, some on their way to training sessions. Others had stopped to watch. Most of the looky-loos were his, but he spotted a few belonging to other councilors.

It was fine, either way. For what Mr. Carlos had in mind, he could make use of them all.

The boy, Erik, spoke up in a clear, confident tone. "Mr. Carlos. We'd gone to retrieve some training material left at the Learning Center. We didn't want to risk not having it for the Morning Session. It took longer than we thought, and it kept us out past curfew."

Mr. Carlos cocked his head. Next to him, Vera was rubbing her arm and trying not to make eye contact. "You all collectively left your training materials?"

"Yes, sir."

"And so all decided, collectively, to go get it."

"Yes, sir."

"As, what? A search party?"

On Erik's other side, Cindy, the cute little tomboy, snickered slightly. Mr. Carlos liked Cindy.

"We were just planning to get the materials and then head back to our rooms," Vera said quietly with fear in her voice, trying not to look directly at the counselor or the assembled prospects.

Mr. Carlos looked at Vera, then took a long breath, taking in the sharp pine scent of the Colorado mountains. The clean air was one of the better benefits of his job. It made up for the years he had to spend away from civilization.

Not that he was complaining, of course. Mr. Carlos loved his work.

He was about to speak when Erik took a step, putting himself between Mr. Carlos and the girl. "It was my idea, sir. I asked them to go. I'm the one responsible."

Mr. Carlos felt a smile edge the corner of his lips. "Erik. Buddy. You've been here with us for three months now. We both know you couldn't plan your way out of a wet paper bag."

He pointed at the muscular, blonde young man before he could speak. "That's not a slight, now. Everyone has their place. You know the Somnus motto..."

"A Track Towards Excellence for Everyone," the three prospects said in unison, along with several who were standing around.

Mr. Carlos's smile widened. "That's right! And you, my friend, are heading for Aeries Track, and you're not heading there because of your organizational skills."

He caught Cindy rolling her eyes out of the corner of his eye, but ignored it. He instead focused on Erik, whose face was now going red. "Look, Erik. The truth is, it's not important who planned it. You all broke curfew, and you were all recorded wondering around the easterly parameter, which is not only a long way from the Learning Center, it's also where one might think to go if, for instance, they were trying to lose themselves in the forest."

Lose themselves, he mused. Not escape. Never escape. No one runs away. They get lost.

"No!" Vera said, tears welling in her eyes. "We weren't trying to run! We just got turned around."

Mr. Carlos nodded. "Yeah. I can understand that. Happens to the best of us." He leaned forward. "And that's what I'm hear for, little miss. To help the prospects better avoid these unfortunate mishaps." His smile spread wide. "And how do we do that? With some good old-fashioned discipline. Why don't we all take a little walk to the Exhibitionist Square?"

Vera shook her head, trembling. "Oh, n-no, Mr. Carlos! Please, anything but that! I c-couldn't! I'm not ready!"

"I know, Vera," Mr. Carlos said. "But that's what I'm here for. To help you all along your path." He paused to modulate his voice just right, then he said the magic words. "Cherished Obedience."

Erik and Vera gasped slightly, and around Mr. Carlos heard several of his students do the same. Their eyes fluttered, and he saw their posture straighten as their conditioning took hold. Their 'Behavioral Activator' phrase was for special cases, and Mr. Carlos figured three students planning to escape probably fit under that.

In seconds, their eyes had grown distant. They were fully in his control. Erik stood stock still, like a robot awaiting his commands. Vera, however, was affecting somewhat differently. Her hands ran slowly down the silky material of her uniform, and Mr. Carlos could see the nipples on her plump, nubile tits hard against the fabric.

Mr. Carlos sighed. Vera was indeed as weak-minded as he had feared. Between the ambient subliminals, micro-dosed aphrodisiacs, and more overt conditioning, all the Somnus prospects stayed in a near constant state of arousal. For the strongest and most willful, it was a means of behavioral control and reinforcement. For the rest, it weeded out those unfit for more complex service.

Mr. Carlos smiled as Vera began to openly touch herself in front of everyone. He could have stopped her, of course, but he let her play out for the others' amusement—and so they would better understand what Somnus expected from them.

The girl whimpered her pleasure as her hand move steadily between her legs. Mr. Carlos finally walked over to her and pulled her hand up and away from her crotch. "That's enough, Vera. You'll need to save some for later."

"Yes, Sir," she mewled.

"All right," Mr. Carlos said with a nod to the group of students. "Let's reconvene at the square. I want all my prospects, and, what the hell, anyone else who feels like helping our troubled trio out here, to be there in five minutes."

Erik walked alongside Vera as they made their way through campus without question. Mr. Carlos followed along behind them, with his third troublemaker, Cindy, beside him. Cindy was a sophomore; her trigger phrase differed from her freshmen conspirators, and he didn't feel the need to use it.


"So, why did you do it?" Mr. Carlos said conversationally as they walked.

Cindy gave him a sidelong look. "I thought you said that didn't matter."

"Their lies didn't matter. I want to know why you did it, and why you roped the newbies in joining you."

The short girl said nothing for a while, then shrugged. "Maybe I wanted to see how easy it would be."

"Try again."

Cindy said nothing, then sighed. "Fine. I wanted to see what you and the rest of the counselors would do."

"Naah," Mr. Carlos said. "Closer, but you're still lying. Third time's a charm?"

Cindy groaned. "Fine. I was bored, ok? And I wanted to try the techniques you taught me. Satisfied?"

Mr. Carlos nodded sagely. "Marginally more so. You didn't get put on Hypnos Track to play games. You know that, right?"

"Yeah?" She snorted. "Then what is it you do all day?"

"Very serious work that I take extreme pleasure in. But I do it without biting the hand that feeds me. Is this really how you want to start your journey towards genuine power, Cindy? By abusing what we taught you?"

She sighed. "C'mon, Dan. We don't need to do this. This wasn’t that big a deal. You know I wasn't actually going to escape. I'm not that stupid."

Mr. Carlos glanced ahead, past two rows of low buildings flanked by several copses of trees. There was a large open area with a central dais hosting a series of poles, pillories, restraints, and harnesses. That was Exhibitionist Square.

"No, Cindy," Mr. Carlos said as they came upon the dais with the rest of the prospects. "You not being stupid makes it even more important." He stopped, turning to face her fully. "The question is, are you going to comply, or do we use your trigger as well?"

She walked past him, arms still crossed. "Like I said, I'm not stupid."

Mr. Carlos chuckled as he turned to the group. There were nine prospects, including the three to be disciplined, all clad in their thin, gray uniforms. Cindy, Erik, and Vera stood near the pillories, awaiting his command.

He moved to stand over Vera, who could barely contain herself. The young woman's lips trembled through heavy breath, trying to hold back a flood of lust that threatened to overwhelm her conditioned mind. Her body shook from her desire, and Mr. Carlos couldn't help but smile at her.

"It's hard, isn't it, Vera? Hard when everything inside and out is telling you to do the thing you want, to become the thing you want, but still having to fight it."

"I... I..." she stuttered as her face flushed red with arousal; then she looked away, ashamed. "I don't know... what you're talking about," she panted, still not looking at him.

"Ok, Vera," Mr. Carlos said. "Then we'll let you go first so we can jog your memory." He gestured to one of his female prospects, urging them forward. "See to her, please. Clothes off, face down. Let’s see if we can help her remember."

The prospect, a freckled girl with red hair, went to Vera and obediently began to remove her clothes, drawing up her shirt and allowing her tits to pop out jiggling in the open air. The red head giggled as she beheld the view, watching them still as she hooked the girl's shorts and slid them down her legs.

Vera didn't resist, but her cheeks were bright pink with the shame of being exposed to the group. Her body trembled as the girl put her into the silvery pillory, the pads and harnesses locking in to support her in her restraints. The red head, as much in the thrall of her trigger as Vera was, was visibly aroused as she caressed and teased Vera's naked and restrained body.

The red head looked up at Mr. Carlos and in a breathy voice said: "Please Sir, may I?"

Mr. Carlos nodded, and the girl ran to her pack and grabbed one of her assigned training devices, a dark blue, double-sided dildo. She knelt behind Vera and slid down her shorts. She slowly lubing the phallus, luxuriating in its curved, ribbed length. Carefully, she inserted the dildo into herself, sighing with pleasure as she turned on the vibrating end, and then with studious attention, slid the lubricated end into Vera’s slick cunt.

The group watched intently as the busty prospect moaned and writhed as the dildo glided inside her. The discomfort in her voice quickly melted away to pleasure; soon she began moving her hips in time with the red-head thrusts, each time the slick rod moving deeper insider her. In no time, everyone could see that Vera was getting off, not just from pleasure, but from the humiliation of having it done in front of her peers.

Mr. Carlos moved around the captive girl to see the look of pure bliss on her face. "Excellent Job, Vera. I think your mind is getting just where it needs to be."

He turned to Erik, pointing at him with a wink. "Your turn, buddy."

Erik hesitated, but any resistance that might have been in him was useless against the conditioning the Somnus tech team had burned into his mind. Finally, he stepped to the pillory next to Vera and stripped himself.

"That's the spirit!" The counselor stepped forward and clapped the young man on the back. "We'll get this little indiscretion cleared up and you'll be back on the road to Aeries Track before you know it!"

Erik nodded as Mr. Carlos lowered him down into the stocks, face up. He locked the supports in place so as not to strain the young man, then turned back to the onlooking group of young men and women. "Now I want everyone to take note," he said to them, and pointed to the restrained man's crotch, where his hardening cock rose like an erecting flag pole. "That? That is dedication."

He lightly flicked the man's erection, causing him to twitch in his restraints and sending his lengthy manhood teetering this way and that, all to the sound of Vera's intensifying moans and the wet sex being penetrated. "So who want's to help our friend Erik, here?"

Another girl approached from the group, a dark-skinned beauty with full lips and ponytail of braids. The counselor looked her up and down. "You're not one of mine," he said.

"No, sir."

He gave a slow, approving nod. Unlike the rest of his prospects, this one hadn't had her trigger flipped to ensure she would be horny and obedient. She was there of her own volition. "All right, go ahead. And I'll send Ms. Fox a commendation on your behalf."

The woman grinned, licking her lips as she moved towards Erik. She stripped herself with slow, languid movements before lowering herself to straddle him as he lay still and compliant upon the pillory's base plate. With her smile intent, she slid her hand sliding down his chest to grip his cock, which somehow seemed to grow even stiffer under her touch.

"Good girl," Mr. Carlos said encouragingly, taking a step back to give her room and make sure everyone could see. The dark-skinned girl bit her lip as she raised her hips and brought Erik's girthy manhood under her. With practiced ease, she guided it inside herself and began fucking with long, smooth strokes that elicited a gasp from both Erik. Before long, the two's heavy breath and low moans joined the other couple in a lovely, erotic chorus.

With a sharp cry of pleasure, Vera came along with the red head fucking her. Their writhing grew to a fevered pitch before the redhead pulled away from her, panting and glistening and looking wholly satisfied. "Excellent work, Mandy," Mr. Carlos said. "Now step back and make room for the next person. No need to be greedy!"

As another prospect stepped up to take the redhead's place between Vera's legs, Mr. Carlos turned to Cindy. "Having fun yet?"

Cindy still stood at attention, but kept her eyes averted away from the scene. "I think the only one having fun here is you."

"I think your two friends might disagree with you."

She glared at him. "You've not given them much choice."

The counselor laughed. "That's an interesting observation. Care to tell me which subliminal method you used to convince the drag the two of them into this entire ordeal to begin with?"

Cindy said nothing, and for several minutes, the only sound was the orgiastic symphony next to them.

Finally, Mr. Carlos said as he watched to other two's punishment, "Do you know why prospects on Hypnos Track get more leeway? Why you have a distinct set of obedience triggers?" He cast a sidelong glance at her. "Why I've not already consigned you to drone training for trying to escape?"

Cindy visibly shivered at the words 'drone training.' "Why?" she said, trying to keep the fear from her voice.

"Because if you're going to become a Counselor, or a Recruiter, or a Reconditioner, then we need you to hold on to your mind." He gestured to the other prospects. "Erik and Vera? Where they're going, lateral thinking and complex cognition are not things going to be needed of them. But with you, Cindy," He poked the petite girl in the forehead, making her frown. "We need this sharp."

He was facing her fully now, looking into her brown eyes with his. His voice grew low and steady. "But do not misunderstand me. Somnus's charitability only goes so far. The second you become a liability is the second you get sent to have your mind wiped and left an empty fuck puppet for the next politician we have to bribe. Do you understand me?"

Cindy nodded, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Great!" Mr. Carlos said, his voice cheerful again and gesturing to the pillory next to Erik. "Because you're up."

Cindy said nothing, walking over to the pillory and stripping herself naked. Mr. Carlos sat there, admiring his work. Sometimes a little fear could work better than any trigger phrase.

Cindy pulled her dark hair back into a tight ponytail, accentuated her fair, smooth skin. And he got to see every inch as she laid back, positioning herself face up in the pillory. She spread her legs wide like an obedient slut waiting to be fucked; a position that left several triggered prospects flush with lustful excitement.

Protocol dictated things be first-come, first-serve, but he had other ideas. As he locked Cindy in place, he called over one of his first-years. When Cindy saw who it was, she sighed. "Oh, great."

"I've seen you eyeing Cindy for a while now. Isn't that right, Timmy?"

The prospect, a thin kid with short hair and a strong jawline, nodded slightly, his eyes locked on Cindy's spread legs. "Yes, sir."

"Then no need to be shy! Openness is the key to excellence, after all!"

From her place in the stock, Cindy narrowed her eyes at her councilor. "Are you actually wanting to kill me, Dan?"

"Oh, don't be dramatic," Mr. Carlos said, smiling inwardly as Timmy slid down his shorts to reveal the largest penis among his prospects. It was an intimidating sight, even hanging as it was, half-erect between his legs. As it stiffened in the cool breeze, it rose and extended like a flowering mushroom.

"You have to be kidding me," Cindy said, her head falling back.

Mr. Carlos called over another prospect, one of his girls. "Hey," he said to Cindy as he directed the girl next to her. "Sometimes to help, you have to hurt." He directed the girl to caress and stroke Cindy's sides, her breasts, her sex, making the slender girl grit her teeth as she quivered in her restraints.

Mr. Carlos knelt down next to Cindy's ear. "But don't worry, this won't hurt like that. Zeta. Gamma. Seven."

Cindy's entire body tensed as her trigger flipped. "Fuuuck," she moaned, her voice trailing off to a whimper as the other girl's lips moved to her perky tits and began sucking on them.

Mr. Carlos smiled widely. "See? I can be nice. Here. Let's make this more fun for you. Enhance."

"Aaaah, not... not like that!" Cindy moaned, the pleasure flooding her voice as Mr. Carlos's command upped her body's sensitivity several times over.

Above them, Timmy was stroking his monster cock, looking pleadingly at his counselor. He rose his index finger. "One moment," he mouthed.

Cindy was writhing from the other girl's tongue on her nipple. "Gaah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna—"

"Ah ah," her counselor tutted. "Restrain."

The sounds caught in Cindy's throat as this new command throttled her pleasure at the very edge of orgasm. "Whyyy..."

"To help you understand your place, that's why. I'm here to help you, Cindy. Remember that." He glanced at the girl eagerly sucking on Cindy's tit. "Mandy, if you could help Timmy, please?"

The girl nodded, and moved on her knees to Timmy, taking his girthy member and running her tongue up and down its length. The slender young man shuddered under her touch, his eyes fluttering to the pleasure. "Oooh, thank you, sir..."

"You're welcome, Timmy, but it's for Cindy's sake, not yours." Mr. Carlos glanced down between her legs at her glistening pussy. "Though she's doing her part as well."

"Fuck you," she panted, her body shivering from just from the breeze running over her naked flesh.

Mr. Carlos laughed loudly at this display of defiance from his willful prospect. "It's all good, Cindy. This is a special day for you—you get to fulfill Timmy's dream over here."

"He's ready, sir," Mandy said, giving a last, tiny kiss to the young man's slicked down cock.

Cindy's eyes went wide, her hands balling up into tight fists. Her breathing quickened as her fellow prospect gently led Timmy's massive length down till it rested against Cindy's thin, smooth slit.

"I'm sorry, Cindy," Timmy mouthed; but she could not hear him. His words were drowned out by the surrounding moans. Under the influence of the trigger, the other prospects had begun stripping and groping one another, the public punishment devolving into a full-blown orgy.

Mr. Carlos beheld this development with a satisfied smile. "Good day," he said to himself, then gave a single nod to Timmy. The slender young man pulled his head back like a cobra striking; his slim body coiling and tensing as his shaft pushed forward into Cindy's tight pussy.

Her entire body strained against her bonds. Between his giant member and the pleasure enhancing trigger set off in her brain, her mind exploded with ecstasy. She groaned as her cunt stretched to its absolute limit, leaving her feeling so full. So perfect. Her hips rose involuntarily; her cute, perky breasts bouncing as she gasped at the overwhelming sensations that shot through her system—sensations far greater than any she had ever experienced before.

Inch by inch, he filled her until finally he bottomed out against her cervix with plenty of his length left to spare. She whimpered as her skyrocketing pleasure crashed against the barrier in her brain that kept her from cumming.

"Ghhnnnn," she grunted, need and dread and hunger raging for purchase inside her as Timmy began slowly increase his speed as her cunt somehow accustomed to him. But when she felt Mandy's fingers slide to her slit, the extra sensation made her feel like she was going to die from the sheer pleasure of it all. Die or go insane.

"Pleeeeaaaseee," she moaned, her voice almost lost in the cacophony of sex around them. "Oh god, Mr. Carlos, please, I can't take it! I need to cum!"

Mandy giggled at Cindy's distress; and with a wicked smile, she leaned down between their bodies and spread her warm tongue across Cindy's clit, using her hand to stroke the part of Timmy's shaft not accommodated inside Cindy's already too-full channel.

He lied, Cindy thought with ice cold calm as she felt her mind cracking. He's going to have my mind fucked away. I'll be no better than a drone... and it'll feel sooo gooood....

Tears streaked down Cindy's face. She needed to cum. Needed it more than she thought she could need anything before in her life. And when she looked up into her counselor's smiling face, she only wanted to cum harder knowing the sheer control he had over her. That he could leave her like this with the utterance of two single words.

If I learn my lesson, he'll let me cum, came a small voice in the back of her head. A tiny beacon of understanding in her rapidly melting mind.

"Please, sir," she whispered through gritted teeth, "please—I need it..."

He reached down and lightly stroked her short, dark hair. "I know you do, Cindy. But remember what I said?"

Cindy felt Mandy's fingers push into her ass, adding one more source of brain shattering pleasure to her torture. Her entire body seemed to dissolve, leaving only her erogenous zones intact. Her tits. Her cunt. Her clit. Her ass. All she needed was for Mr. Carlos to slide his cock into her mouth. Then she would be perfect. Then she would be complete.

"It's for my own good," she whimpered, her body jerking forward with each of Timmy's thrusts.

"Good girl," he said, caressing her sweat slick face. "I'm so proud of you."

Mandy giggled as she pushed three fingers inside Cindy's tight hole; the sensation pushing the young woman up to the edge again and again—each time making Cindy want it even more than before.

I belong to him, the words came to her mind, small and cool and certain in her mind. Every time Timmy's massive cock struck her cervix, the words repeated, louder and more clear. I belong to him. I belong to him. I belong to him.

"I belong to you," she moaned to her counselor as the pleasure took control of her entire body. The sensations were too much; they crushed her like a wrecking ball made of ecstasy, battering her mind with its pounding rhythm until her consciousness began fading into oblivion. "I belong to you! I belong to you!"

"There we go!" Mr. Carlos said, tapping her nose. "That's what I was looking for! And you're going to be a nice, obedient girl while we train you to break others, aren't you? No more escapes? No more working your own commands into your peers?"

Cindy's mind raged at the thought. She couldn't fathom doing any of those things. How stupid had she been to even consider those things before? "I promise!" Cindy screamed. "I'll be good! I'll be perfect! I'll be yours!"

Mr. Carlos smiled warmly. "That's all I needed. See? I told you this was for your own good. Release."

With that final, holy word, the dam broke inside Cindy's mind. With a guttural cry, Cindy's body tensed as orgasmic bliss washed over her from every angle of her brain; pleasure lancing through her nerves like lightning. Her eyes rolled back, and she arched backward, her lips hanging open in a silent scream of pure ecstasy.

In the recesses of Cindy's mind, where her climax had washed all thought away, she felt her devotion spark and burn for her counselor. She would learn from him. Serve him. Take in everything he had to give her.

She could see her future self; a perfect, obedient agent for Somnus. She would break the minds of others, seek out fitting candidates to become prospects. She would wipe their minds take them away from their paltry lives, and send them to be trained, just like they’d done to her.

She was so grateful to her counselor. For giving her clarity. Drive. Purpose. She thought of getting to be like him. Of helping new prospects just like he had helped her.

As her body came again and again, her voice crying in complete submission, inside she huddled around this singular burning image of who she was, and who she would be. It was like a cocoon encasing her, preparing her to become the mind-breaking agent her Masters needed.

So good. So perfect.


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