2021 Microstory Collection

by Duth Olec

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #lamia #plant #pov:bottom #spider #transformation #claustrophilia #coiling #dom:female #f/f #f/m #f/nb #fantasy #jewelry #microfiction #mimic #multiple_partners #naga #snake #sub:male #sub:nb #urban_fantasy #vore #worship

A hypnotic cursed love goddess with hypnotic eyes, collars, and goggles, a self-proclaimed queen who deflects assistance, a spider monster mom, a mimic with a curvy lady center, a pumpkin liliraune with sticky, hypnotic pulp, and a scaly transforming necklace.

When I started writing microstories they were intended to be a quick idea I could crank out in an hour or so. Over time they grew increasingly complex, until they became more a term for stories I wrote that did no editing on. Due to that these are a bit more rough than the other stuff I write!
These stories are a selection from 2021.
Love at Monstercon is I believe the first story to feature my cursed faux love goddess, Jb. CW non-consensual hypnosis, hypnotic magic collar, hypnotic worship, mind enslavement
Please is about being hypnotized to plead for more hypnosis. CW non-consensual hypnosis, hypno-visor, mind enslavement
No Help from the Help is about being caught in a hypnotic situation and rescue being a mere door away but snatched away. Features the self-proclaimed queen Anne. CW non-consensual hypnosis, confined space (closet), failure to get someone's attention for rescue
Inn Love is another Jb story (she had just been introduced at the end of 2020) about being pulled away from safety into hypnotic control. CW non-consensual hypnosis, hypnotic worship, mind enslavement
Hot Spider Tea features my spider monster mother, Maestra, and a tea party! CW hypnotic drugged tea, spider, webbing, cocooned with partner
Amor Clausa, or closed love, is about a mimic-human hybrid tricking an adventurer into her chest, no pun intended. CW non-consensual hypnosis via crystal, claustrophilia (enclosed space: treasure chest, with another person)
Pumpkin Pet introduced the Halloween season with a pumpkin liliraune. CW sticky syrupy liliraune, hypnotic scent, hypnotic fruit pulp and syrup, vine bondage, drawn into a pumpkin (I want to say swallowed by a pumpkin but that implies vore which I don't think this counts as? Actually no you know what this is definitely soft vore)
Smoochy Snakey Jewelry was a hypnovember story combining five prompts: Ring, Kiss, Transform, Comfy, and Grip. CW non-consensual transformation, mind alteration, and hypnosis, as well as mention of consensual sex and implied nudity

Love at MonsterCon

MonsterCon! Every year monsters and hybrid beings gather to catch up, talk shop, and show off the latest advances in… well, mostly making humans their adorable playthings.

From panels on lamia coiling techniques, spider web production, and dragons competing for best treasure…

Everywhere monster girls, monster boys, monster enbies, and just plain monstrosities showed off what they could do.

It was all a bit overwhelming for the fluffy kitty. The smol bean cat boy had never seen so many varied beings in one place before.

He had been warned about going, with all the dangerous creatures who might set their sights on a cute cat boy. There were strict rules in place against such a thing, though. No hypnosis outside of stage shows or demonstrations, no kidnapping (except for sleepy goats)…

Anyone who was discovered to have broken the rules would be kicked out and banned, at least. There were enforcers for more egregious offenders…

So the cat lad had nothing to worry about. He perused the vendors, selling watches, ropes, milk, pillows…

“You look a little bare, cutie.”

The cat boy froze in place and blushed. Was that directed at him? He glanced around and blushed further upon seeing a gorgeous lamia watch him with a cocked smile from behind a vendor table.

Her deep rose eyes struck him like sunlight.

Her soft pink lips almost seemed to kiss him from afar. Her pink and red top was tight, almost seemed fit to burst around her breasts–he looked away lest he stared and found himself staring at the round pods around her shoulders, the heart insignias almost seeming to glow.

The cat boy looked the lamia in the eyes with a blank look and pointed to himself. The lamia nodded and flicked a hand in her fingerless glove to come closer.

As he approached the table he noticed her huge, heart-patterned tail around the stand. His heart jumped.

He’d never been near a lamia, let alone one so big. She was so thick he could use her as a sleeping bag. He reminded himself that lamias don’t eat people. At least… they weren’t supposed to…?

“Your neck looks so cold, little one.” She pointed to him with her tail’s end.

He imagined her tail wrapping around his neck and squeezing until he realized she must have been referring to the collars on the table. Red and pink with hearts adorning them, hearts like the design of the stand she sold them at. She liked hearts. The cat boy could feel his.

It took him a couple tries to find his voice.

“I’ve never worn a collar before.”

“Ah, a wild boy?” She lifted a pink collar. “Wouldn’t you like to feel the comfort of restraint?”

The cat boy swallowed. Everything about the lamia seemed designed to strike him like lightning.

He looked at all the heart pendants hanging from her own black collar. When he looked into her eyes her own pupils even appeared to be hearts.

“It–I’ve always wondered what it would be like.” He smiled–a little more than he intended. The lamia smiled, too.

“You couldn’t choose a better collar to be your first, made with tender, caring love.” She shook his hand. “My name’s Jb.”

“Uh–” What did she say? “Jyib?”

“Jb. It’s an Egyptian word for mind, body, and love–for I am a love goddess, come to bring my love to mortals here!”

The cat boy gave a laugh–she had a persona of a goddess to sell her collars. He thought that was a neat idea.

And, he couldn’t help but think, looking into her eyes as if he had hearts in his own eyes, a sexy persona.

She grabbed the pink collar with the end of her tail.

“Let me help you try it on?”

The cat boy nodded, leaning forward as Jb leaned closer. She slipped the collar around his neck; he shivered at the soft touch of her scaly tail and shivered further at the collar.

It was tight. It was snug. It fit just right.

He felt like he’d been uncovered until now. He felt like he was destined to have the collar. He felt like he’d always had the collar, in spirit.

“How does your first collar feel?” Jb asked.

“Perfect,” he said.

“Perfect,” she said.

“Perfect,” he repeated.

She picked up a tether from the table.

“Let’s give it a proper test, shall we?” She attached one end of the tether to the collar; he inhaled sharply, breaths shallow. He shivered.

She pulled on the tether.

The cat boy’s thoughts were all pulled towards Jb as she yanked him to her.

She’d pulled him right up to her eyes, red and pink and so, so alluring. Her soft lips curled into a smile; his trembling mouth grinned.

“H-h-hhhow much?” he asked. Jb placed a finger to his lips.

“First, let me tell you about some special features the collar has.”

As the cat boy looked into Jb’s red, pink eyes, thoughts of hearts and her beauty and love and the collar swirled in his head. For a brief moment he pondered if she was hypnotizing him–but that was impossible. It was against the rules there. Someone would notice.

No, clearly this was the effect of being so close to such a lovely lamia. She truly had the looks and style to pull off the goddess persona.

“If you’d like, I could show you some of these special features in private. If you would follow me?”

The cat boy couldn’t tell if he nodded of his own accord, because Jb nodded, or because she moved the tether. He said, “Yes,” before he realized he was speaking.

“Excellent,” she spoke, drawing the word out. Her voice tingled his ears. He stood leaning forward like a loyal pet.

Jb placed the other three collars from the table on her arms, two up to her shoulders and one on her wrist. She looked into the cat boy’s eyes, a few hearts rippling out from her eyes into his.

“Come along, now, and stay perfectly silent, please.”

“Yes, mhmm,” the cat boy mumbled.

Jb pulled on the tether and led the cat boy away from the table. A few bursts of hearts through her eyes kept his focus on her as she pulled him into a dark, private room.

Was he even still at the con? He didn’t know; he wasn’t even fully in the old dimension anymore.

He was falling into Jb’s dimension now as hearts spilled forth from her eyes into his, filling his mind and spirit with love. He grew limp, sinking to the floor, but Jb’s tail slunk around him and held him up.

“Now, now, it’s not time to bow to your goddess yet.”

Jb slithered her tail around the cat boy’s arms and pinned them down, sliding around his legs to explore, petting his fuzzy tail. She stroked his chin with her fingers and tilted his head up, rising above him as her tailed leaned him back.

He stared above him into her eyes.

Every heart from her eyes to his drained another thought. He didn’t need to think. Thoughts weren’t needed in Jb’s dimension. He just needed to obey his love goddess and follow her every word. He smiled at her growing touch, her controlling touch, her growing control.

He smiled as she slithered over him, her scales rubbing along, fondling him. She gripped his chin as she broke eye contact and pulled him to her lips for a powerful kiss. The halt of her hypnotic eyes didn’t slow down his drop, as the kiss left him growing dizzier.

The collar seemed to tighten snug against him, a part of him, a part of his mind. He thought through the collar now. As Jb ended the kiss he grinned at the honor his love goddess gave him. She released his chin and her tail’s end slithered under it, keeping his head tilted up.

“Are you a good boy for your love goddess?” Jb asked, gazing into his eyes with more hypnotic rippling hearts.

“I am a good boy for my love goddess,” the cat boy spoke, his eyes drooping from the pressure draining and pulling on his mind.

“And you love, and obey, and worship your love goddess, don’t you?” Jb said, giving his head a pat.

“I looove…” The cat boy’s ears perked up. “I obeeeey…” His eyes popped open. “I wooorrrsshhiiip my love goddessss…”

He floated through her dimension, his thoughts dropping like weights out of him and into the collar. Jb leaned closer, holding his cheeks with a soft touch, and giving him a deep, mind-melting kiss until he knew only obedience and servitude to his love goddess.

His love goddess drew her lips to his ear.

“Love,” she said.

“Love,” he repeated.





“Good pet.

“I’m a good pet…”


You are about to enter a dimension. A dimension of pure love and beauty. Hearts swirl around you, filling your sight, dulling your senses. The hearts are everything; you float freely in this never ending world of lovely hearts spinning through your sight into your mind.

And then it ends. The dimension vanishes and you’re back in the dull normal world. Your thoughts feel scrambled, twisted around the hearts you’d seen, but they already seem to be fading.

“Wha…?” You look at the lamia next to you, her heart motif echoing what you saw.

You thought she had been offering you use of some sort of virtual reality goggles, but you now know what she said was true, it brought you, much too briefly, to her dimension, a dimension of pure love.

Jb grins. “What did you think?”

Something in your head warns you to stop…

“I want more,” you speak before thinking further. The hearts still bubble in your head. Nothing ever felt as good as that. Nothing else ever would.

“All right, but you need to do something for me, first.” Jb holds your chin and directs you to look into her eyes.

“Anything. Please.”

“Precisely,” Jb says, her eyes rippling with hearts, red, pink, just like her dimension of love. You lean closer, feeling a return to her dimension. “Please, look into my eyes, and plea for my gift, if you please.”

“Yes,” you say, eyes transfixed, “please.”

“Please, bring me back to your dimension,” you say, the words pulled from you by her gaze.

“Before I do,” Jb says, lifting a pulsating red heart pendulum, “I’ll need to hypnotize you first.”

You nod as she nods, following her eyes, and she sways the heart pendulum back and forth.

“Please,” she says, “go to sleep. Please plea to me, my love-fueled lover.”

Your eyes droop, thoughts slippery as you loll along with the pendulum, following both the heart and her eyes.

“Y-Yes, p-please,” you mutter, “please put me to sleep. Plllease, hhyyypnotizzze meee…”

“Now, follow me, sweetie,” Jb says. She slithers back from you. Wobbly like an off-center puppet, you slowly stand and try to follow. One step and you start to fall, but Jb’s tail slides around you and holds you up.

“It’ll be much easier to take you to my dimension wrapped up.”

Your head feels heavy, but you manage to speak, “Pleeeease wraaap me up… love…”

“Of courssse,” Jb says, her tail slithering around your body. She wraps around your hips, holding you up steady, and as she holds your torso in her coils she squeezes your legs together.

You couldn’t stand on your own now if you wanted to, but that’s okay. Jb will hold you up. As her tail grows thicker around your legs she pulls you closer in her scaly, red and pink heart-patterned cocoon.

“Please, let me staaare… into your eyyyes… wond’f’l…”

You smile as Jb leans closer, her hypnotic eyes like a portal into her dimension. Her tail snakes around your shoulders, rubbing along your neck and caressing your cheek.

“Once you’re in my dimension,” Jb says, “you won’t need to do anything but obey. You’ll be all mine.”

The squeezing of her tail around your shoulders and neck pushes your grin up and eyes open. It’s harder to speak now, but you feel the need to obey.

“Ppplllleease… mmmakke me… yoursss… my mistresssss…”

“Of course, my silly slave,” Jb says. She gives you a smooch.

“You’ll get the honor of belonging to an absolute love goddess,” she says.

“Please,” you mumble, “please… please… please, let me worship you… my love goddess…”

“Of course I will… since you’ve asked so nicely…”

No Help from the Help

You open the hotel closet and enter the spacious area, looking at the extra towels and blankets. Ever since you got to your hotel room you had the feeling someone was watching you. The closet seems empty, though. Maybe you’re just paranoid.

You spin around as the closet shuts, trapping you in darkness, and someone slides up and holds you in their arms with nowhere for you to back up to. They’re short but have a tight grip, tighter as a scaly tail hugs around your legs as well. The person shushes you.

“It’s best if you stay quiet,” she says. “We do not want people to learn of our little tryst; it can look poorly on royalty. You came up here to see me, after all?”

As your eyes adjust you see she’s a lamia in an elegant violet kimono, her hair coifed and curled in a complex style.

You begin to answer in the negative–you don’t know who she is–but your attention is arrested by her eyes, swirling with deep, sparkling azure and violet rings. You’re fascinated by the enchanting colors, but you remember you don’t know who she is.

“Sorry,” you slowly say, trying to realign your thoughts, “who are–”

She leans close and kisses you on the lips. You reflexively pull back but are backed against the wall, her rising tail around your legs leaving you unable to move.

When she ends the kiss the world is spinning.

Her eyes flow with magical color, pulling you to her. What were you doing…?

“There are many more kisses available,” she says, caressing a hand around your cheek. “Your royal queen Anne treats her lovers well.”

“Queen Anne?” you mutter. What queen? Something sounds wrong.

Anne grins, nodding her head. You follow; it feels nice to nod, to say yes to your queen. Your thoughts feel like they’re floating away in bubbles until a knock pops the bubbles and taps you awake, a little.

“Er, excuse me?” a muffled voice speaks outside. “Sorry, it’s the maid.”

“Is everything okay in there?” she asks.

You realize not everything is okay–this lamia seems to be doing something to you. You can’t move your legs and her tail is coiling higher, pinning your arms down.

You might need help.

“Umgh,” you say, still following Anne’s swaying stare.

You mutter, “C-Can you hel–” Anne leans close and kisses you again, melting away your train of thought as she slides her arms behind you and slips her hands under your shirt to rub your back, her tail sneaking under your shirt from below to slither scales over you.

When she releases the world spins even more, flashing violet and azure and growing dark and murky. You can’t remember what you were saying. Anne half-turns to the door, still keeping her eyes on you.

“Thank you, everything is fine,” Anne says to the maid. “Please do not enter.”

Anne leans closer to you and whispers, “That was a little too close, dear.” She holds your chin in her hand. “You don’t wish to let anyone catch you allowing yourself to be hypnotized by me, do you? The spell may not stick were such a thing to transpire.”


Your world is spinning, spinning around Anne. You’d fall over were she not so helpfully keeping you stable, her tail sliding around your chest, heavily rooting you in place with the thick coils below.

Queen… your beautiful queen Anne… so lovely, so gentle…

A desire to obey your queen wells up in you… Scattered slightly again by another knock.

“Sorry, I just want to make sure everything’s okay,” the maid says.

Your remaining conscious mind feels the hypnotic walls closing in. There’s only one way out.

“W– Miss, he–”

Anne kisses you again, sending a shock of bliss through you as your eyes droop, the world melting away until there is only your queen, Anne. You give a lazy smile and she pulls away.

“Certainly,” she says to the maid. “Everything is perfect here. You may go.”

She returns her attention to you. “That was a close one.” She taps you on the nose. “You’re very naughty, trying to escape your queen. If you’re going to be naughty, you need to stay with your queen so I can direct it.”

“Yes, my queen,” you speak, like words from a fog.

Anne slides the end of her tail around your neck and rubs and squeezes your body, scritching her hand through your hair.

“Good pet. Your queen is pleased.”

No longer with a concept of time, you could never say how long she kissed and snuggled you in that closet…

Inn Love

“I don’t see why we have to go all the way out there,” I say.

“The training you can get there is invaluable,” my mentor says. “You can only go so far training at home.”

I slump against the bed at the inn and cross my arms.

“My training is fine. I’d rather stay home.”

My old mentor sighs in their bed across from mine. I swear I can hear their bones creaking as they settle into the bed.

“I know you think that, but trust me, your outlook will change soon enough.” They yawn and pull the covers over them.

“Just try to get some sleep,” they say. “You’ll learn soon enough just how little training you have so far.”

I grumble in the bed. Uprooting me from home, my friends… and the girl I was so close to asking out. All for some training in the middle of nowhere…

As I hear my mentor start to snore I ruminate on my options. I could just quit and go back home. All in all though my training isn’t so bad. It just seems like a particularly lonely life.

I turn as the door to our room clicks and slowly opens a crack. A pink gloved arm emerges.

I stare at the arm, a heart printed on the back of the hand and a heart-printed collar on the wrist. I recognize the arm; it belonged to an absolutely gorgeous lamia I’d seen near the back of the front sitting room.

My thoughts race as the hand beckons me to the door.

My mentor told me not to trust lamiais. They said they were tricky and controlling.

I slowly slide out of bed and stand, glancing at my dozing mentor. That’s probably all hearsay, superstitious beliefs from a time long past. I’m sure there’s no harm in seeing this beautiful lamia

As I quietly head for the door her arm retreats back out. I slowly open the door wider and slip out without waking my mentor, shutting the door behind me.

I see her down the dark hall, her tail trailing from our door. The big, round pods on her shoulders give a small glow.

I stare at her fit body, her tight clothes, her thick tail. Her heart motif, the heart pattern on her tail, screams intentions at me. She looks back with a smirk, her hot pink eyes practically glowing. With a flick of her finger she beckons me to follow.

Should I?

I can feel desire sparking between us, but is that really what she’s after? Can I trust her? Can I trust myself? What am I after?

She grins and extends her tongue out to beckon me, longer than her beckoning finger.

I swallow and follow. No harm in… in anything, right?

She slithers to a closet which she enters, and with one last wordless flick of a finger invites me inside. I enter, and with her long tail filling the small closet she shuts the door and clasps me in her arms, planting a deep, long kiss on my lips. The closet spins around me.

The sudden rush of passion and emotion scrambled and muffled my thoughts, although I can feel as the lamia’s tail strokes around me in circles. Where her scales touch my skin shivers. Now I’m glad I came out here–I never would have experienced this back… somewhere else.

I realize I’m lolling in the lamia’s grasp after she ended the kiss. Wait, when did my shirt come off? Her tail has several coils around me, each a hug inviting me to let my body and mind go limp.

I’m having trouble thinking. The memory of how I got here is… spotty.

Did I come here myself? Or did she force me here? I think… I’m sure I wanted to come… how did my shirt…?

I speak to ask where my shirt went but she puts a finger to my lips, and for the first time I hear her speak.

“You made a wonderful choice to follow me.”

Her voice sounds angelic, tickling my mind like feathers. Her eyes glow. I see hearts. I see love. Yes, I made the perfect choice to follow.

When I blink she has her tail coiled over my chest, binding my arms, thick around my thighs, snugly wrapping my legs. Where are my pants?

I’m about to ask her to stop so I can gather my thoughts when she plants another kiss on my lips. I try to pull away for a moment before I go limp in her embrace, her tongue snaking into my mouth and practically wrapping around it like her tail around me. My eyes flutter.

“… pet for your mistress, absorbed in utterly divine love.”

When I snap away from the lovely fog in my head Jb is whispering into my ear, her breath tickling my head.

Wait, Jb? How did I know her… name…? She’s coiled me all up, enveloping me in her lovely scales.

But that’s what I wanted, right? That’s why I followed her. I want her lovely tail all over me, squeezing me as she caresses my face with her gloves hands, the lovely hearts on her fingers snatching away my attention as she whispers lovely words of adoration and passion…

Lovely words of devotion and desire and obedience and servitude and–

Something doesn’t seem quite right, but every time I begin to worry she squeezes me and those thoughts evaporate. I wanted to follow her. I want to serve her. That’s why I came out here, right?

Vague memories of training or traveling somewhere seem to bubble up, but my head is so fuzzy. All I want to do is listen to my perfect mistress, let her lovely voice wash away my worries, and stare at her lovely figure as I imagine how good it feels to serve her, give in to her.

A special word passes through her lips: worship.


Love goddess…

Yes, of course… Yes, someone so perfect must be divine. I could experience divine love. Jb was granting a mere mortal like me a glorious opportunity.

“I just need one thing from you,” she says.

“I just need you to worship me.”

“Yes.” I smile. There is no other answer. She is a goddess. I must worship her.

“To serve me.”

“Yes. I will serve and worship you.”

“To give me control.”

“Yes! I will give up control to you.”

“Let me have my way with you.”

“Yes! I will let you have your way with me!”

She slips something around my neck and senses twist and swirl. I feel a numbness over my senses quickly overshadowed by a new intensity. Swirling colors cloud around me, red and pink and blue and yellow.

Pink and red hearts pulsate around me as Jb’s tight, thick tail feels like it’s absorbing me. I hear Jb’s voice call to me, clearer than my own scant remaining thoughts. Her warm scent becomes intoxicating, and I grin widely at realizing she’s taken me to her dimension of love.

All I can taste here are her lips, a desire to taste them again propelling my tongue out. Jb laughs.

“Welcome to your new life, my worshiping love slave.”

I mumble, “New life… Love slave…” as my thoughts drain into collar around my neck, and my love goddess thinks for me.

Hot Spider Tea

You feel a bit like an idiot now. Here’s an idea, a romantic weekend of camping privately in the forest with your partner, and you fail to check the weather. Now you’re stuck out in the pouring rain with only a leaky tent for shelter.

At least until it seems to stop? You can still hear it out there, but it seems to stop raining in your immediate area. You glance at your partner and peek out the tent. Some sort of tarp is hanging over the branches below, blocking the rain. You both wonder where that came from.

You and your partner emerge from the tent to take a closer look. The tarp looks like a spider web with the holes filled in.

“Oh dear, stuck out in the rain? Simply dreadful weather, isn’t it?”

You turn and see four long, bent legs propelling a towering lady with a bulbous abdomen

In one of her four arms she holds a green floral umbrella over her.

You yelp, “Huge spider!” and run three steps before slipping on the wet ground and falling. Your partner sighs and helps you up.

The black and brown spider lady laughs. “Sorry, I suppose it is a bit of a shock.”

“My name is Maestra,” she says. She looks at you with two big red eyes, ten smaller eyes surrounding them. Her braided orange hair and blue summer dress put you at ease, you admit, but the orange shawl over her big abdomen does not.

Your partner introduces yourselves.

“A gloomy weekend to go camping, I’m afraid,” Maestra says, looking from your tent to the dark clouds. “My home isn’t far from here, if you would like to stay there until the rain stops.”

“Oh, thank you!” your partner says. They try to wipe some of the mud off you with the rain.

“Wait, I dunno,” you say. You whisper to your partner that she’s a giant spider. Your partner says just because someone’s a spider doesn’t mean she’s bad. You argue that just because your partner is into spiders doesn’t mean she’s good.

Your partner says that’s besides the point, and if you want to stay out in the rain all weekend you can. You know you aren’t going to convince them, so you follow this spider to her nest.

Her nest ends up being a huge mansion so you give your partners props for trusting Maestra.

“Now then,” Maestra says, once you’re inside the sprawling but dark foyer, and she replaces her wet abdomen shawl with a dry pink one, “let me start the fire, and then get you some tea to warm you up. Then I can show you to a room to change out of those wet clothes.”

As she starts the fire you glance around the foyer, although you avoid the portraits on the walls. A few look human, but the rest look like monsters.

Stairs lead to higher floors, and all the furniture looks antique, although that could be the effect of all the spider webs.

“All right, warm up by the fire,” Maestra says, “and I’ll be back with some hot cider tea.”

You and your partner settle by the fire. You hold your partner close and admit this is nice, but you’re still creeped out.

“Don’t worry,” your partner says, “I’m here.” They hug you.

Soon Maestra returns with the hot tea. You thank her and take a sip, but it tastes off. It’s a little too sweet, but with a bite to it.

“Did you say this is cider tea?” your partner asks.

“Oh, no,” Maestra says, “it’s hot spider tea.”

You swallow. “Hot spider tea?”

“Don’t worry about it, just enjoy it,” Maestera says. “I just add a little of my own venom for a little extra kick.”

You stare at the tea. The knowledge that her venom is in the tea sits in your head, yet somehow it doesn’t connect to the concern part of your brain.

It’s… surprisingly good for something with venom in it. That doesn’t seem right.

“Please, dears, drink up,” Maestra says. “It’ll warm you up from the rain.”

You don’t really want to drink more venom tea, but by the time you actually think that you’re drinking more.

Your vision becomes spotty. When you try to think about why, your thoughts become spotty. You look at your partner, who seems to sway where they sit. The room seems to sway, too–or is that you?

Maestra grins. “Delicious, isn’t it?”

You hear yourself and your partner say, “Yes.”

“Now, let’s get you out of those wet clothes and into something dry and silky,” Maestra says.

“Yes,” you and your partner say. The spots in your vision are getting bigger, but it’s harder to think about that because the spots in your thoughts are getting bigger.

Those spots are filled whenever Maestra speaks, tells you to step forward, move your arm; they’re filled with her words, which you follow with more ease than you follow your own thin thoughts.

You feel dryer as your wet clothes are pulled off, and you feel warmth soon after.

Your body is pressed against your partner’s, their dreaming gaze sometimes meeting your own and sometimes staring into space. Sometimes you look at Maestra, smiling and humming as her arms and long pedipalps work around you. Soft silk sticks around you and your partner.

You and your partner nuzzle in the binding silk spinning around you. It’s so nice to cuddle with them.

“Aww, aren’t you two adorable?” comes Maestra’s voice from the mists. Her sharp hands gently caress your faces, squeezing you both into smiles.

You feel an upward motion and a downward pull as the silk tightens. Maestra pulls the silk cocoon up to a wide spider web.

“It’s so nice to have some long-term guests again,” she says. “Perhaps even more than guests.” She pulls you closer. “Give your Maestra a little kiss.”

She kisses your partner, kisses you, then pushes you together so you kiss your partner.

A pleasing warm tingle spreads through you. A romantic weekend with a lovely spider and your partner…

Maestra pushes the hanging cocoon and lets you and your partner swing back and forth.

You shut your eyes, drifting as the swinging spills out the last of your thoughts

Your mind is relaxingly empty now, open for Maestra’s words to fill.

“We’ll be a nice little polycule, won’t we?” she says.


A romantic weekend with your lovely partners…

Amor Clausa

Victorious laughter echoed in in the cave as arrows flew at the slimy, misshapen monsters. The bold adventurer Laki danced through the caverns as their arrows danced, laying waste to the monsters that advanced to attack them. Deeper into the cavern they jumped.

One monster snuck up behind them but with a deft twist Laki cut the monster down with a hidden dagger.

One arrow landed in the ribs of an undead skeleton. The skeleton pulled it out and looked at it, only for the arrow to flash and explode, scattering its bones.

Laki wore the light armor of archer, able to take a hit but built under the assumption it wouldn’t happen again. They kept trouble at arrow’s length, and avoided the tight tunnels as they dove down the cave in search of treasure.

They stopped at an open cave end and grinned.

A dazzling amethyst chest sat on some raised stone. Precious ore? Shining gems? While a fine reward, Laki hoped they would find an item to increase their arching prowess, the true reward of an adventurer.

They approached the chest. It shuddered and they stopped.

Laki aimed an arrow at the chest. Had a creature crawled inside? Or was this more than a mere chest?

They approached closer until the chest lid popped open, and Laki nearly dropped their bow at what emerged.

A beautiful, curvy lady stretched her arms, standing from in the chest.

Laki gazed from the lady’s dark hair, swept up and fastened with amethysts, down her petite body–Laki gasped upon recognizing the mythical archer’s tunic she wore, rumored to be an old magical garment to acutely increase an archer’s agility. If they could get them…

Laki realized how improper it would sound to hear they thought of taking a lady’s clothes, but they would find something to trade with.

Their gaze lifted to the lady’s eyes, which opened to deep purple irises. She smiled, lips an orchid color.

“Welcome, adventurer,” she said.

“You’ve come a long way to reach my little cave,” the lady said.

Laki cleared their throat and lowered their bow. “Thank you, I take pride in these spelunking expeditions.”

The lady lifted a purple crystal on a string from within the chest.

“As a reward, let me offer you this.”

“A rare crystal, with the power to easily tame any beast.”

“Thank you, a most gracious offer,” Laki said, “but if I may ask, do you happen to have another of that tunic I may have?”

The lady smirked. She dangled the crystal in front of her, back and forth.

“You want my clothes?” she asked. “Certainly.” She beckoned them closer with a finger. “But you will have to come and take them off me.”

Laki blushed. “N-Not like that! I mean–” They looked at the swinging crystal. It was easier to look at than the lady, flustered as they were.

“I just meant I would like an outfit like yours,” Lakie said.

“I might have something in here,” the lady said. “Why don’t you come and help me look?”

Laki stepped closer, watching the crystal swing back and forth. It really was a beautiful crystal. Perhaps they should accept it.

Laki wiggled their fingers. Where did their bow go? Did they drop it? Well, they wouldn’t need it. They approached the chest, staring at the crystal, and the lady lifted it up so Laki followed to her eyes. She smirked.

“Yes, I think I have an outfit in here,” she said.

“But we’ll need to trade,” she said. “Your attire for mine?”

“I mean… I suppose that’s…” The crystal seemed to glow in Laki’s mind. Their vision couldn’t focus; the light blotted their vision, blotted their thoughts out. They grew lighter, shedding their armor piece by piece.

With Laki’s armor off, the lady ran a hand over their face.

“Now, step this way.” She held Laki’s hand and coaxed them closer to the chest. Laki’s vision was becoming too blurry to see properly–this lady didn’t seem to have any legs in the chest, her hips grafted to the chest.

The lady flipped the crystal and caught it in her hand, leaving Laki to stare into her violet eyes.

Laki had one thought confused at what they were doing before the lady clasped her arms around them, kissed them on the lips, and pulled them down off their feet and into the chest.

Laki’s legs dangled out for a moment before sliding in, and the chest shut tight.

They were trapped in darkness, leaving the afterglow of the crystal burning in their vision. The chest walls were soft velvet, like caught in a tight blanket, but they didn’t quite fit inside.

Laki couldn’t move their arms or legs had they had enough presence of mind to do so, their legs bent against the chest wall.

The lady laying on them, arms squeezing tight as she ran her hands over Laki, didn’t help the cramped condition.

Or rather, it did help…

In the confined space there was little room to move. The Mimic lady could move in her chest with ease, although with Laki inside their bodies always touched, rubbing close together, softly squishing Laki into the cushioned chest walls and bottom.

Even as the crystal’s influence waned, Laki’s inability to move, combined with the Mimic lady’s massaging caresses and shower of kisses, dropped them into the chest’s control, any thought of leaving pushed aside. It was fine to stay a while with this lovely lady…

Maybe the Mimic lady would let Laki go sometime. After all, Mimics eat items, not people.

But for now, Laki let her binding fondles hold them down, their world for the moment one of darkness, sans two violet eyes, and one of tight, confined massaging bodies…

Pumpkin Pet

That’s the biggest pumpkin you’ve ever seen! You were out searching for a pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern when you found one so big you could sit inside it.

You could sit inside, wait for kids to come by, and then pop out and scare them!

But how to get this pumpkin home?

You jump back as the top of the pumpkin pops up and a sweet, spicy smell bowls you over. A shapely lady emerges laughing, dripping in sticky pumpkin pulp. She leans forward atop the pumpkin shell and looks you over.

“Hello, darling,” she says. “What can I do you for?”

You’re thrown off by the overwhelming smell, and as you stare at her you’re thrown off by her question. You mutter and collect your thoughts.

“Sorry, I was just–” Is saying you were looking for a pumpkin to carve such a good idea? “I was looking for a pumpkin to take home.”

“And you were startled–even fascinated–by my size, I imagine?” She laughs. You look over the large pumpkin then back at her.

“Are you an alraune?” you ask. She grins.

“I just might be, sugar. And I’d be happy to go home with you, but–” She looks around then beckons you closer.

She leans forward as if to impart a secret; you walk closer, her sweet scent pulling you closer.

“Well,” she says, “I’m not exactly in a position to go anywhere easily with my size, you know?”

She slides a hand from your cheek to your chin, coating your face with pumpkin syrup.

“But if you like”–as her heavy scent drops you into a haze she slips a couple pumpkin-tasting fingers into your mouth, spinning you into a daze–“I could take you home instead, my darling.”

Home sounds nice. Pumpkin home. Her arms reach around you.

Wait, no! That’s not what you want! You snap out of it and step away. You fall back, your legs held down by something wrapped around them, and then someone pushes you back up.

“Careful, sweetie.” Another orange girl, thinner, stands you up with an arm around your shoulders.

This girl’s hips end at a big yellow flower at the end of a thick vine wrapped around your body, trailing away to the pumpkin fruit.

“Oh yeah, strictly speaking, sugar,” says the big lady, “I’m not an alraune.”

“I’m more of a liliraune,” the smaller woman says.

“Meet my flower side,” the large plant girl says. You try to lean away, but with her vine and arms wrapped around you the smaller girl easily kisses you on the cheek before kissing your lips. Her scent and taste practically wipe out your sight, your vision completely out of focus

“How about a taste, cutie?” says the smaller girl. The big lady scoops out some pulp from the gourd and hands it to the smaller one, who opens your mouth and slides the pulp in.

It goes straight to your mind, shocking you into sweet, melting pleasure. You hang limp in the vine.

A dark fog fills your sight and your mind floats in the pumpkin void, leaning against the pumpkin girl. You feel as if you’re in the wrong place, but as the vine lifts you into the pumpkin gourd and sinks you under the big pumpkin lady into the pulp you feel right at home.

You came out there to take a pumpkin home… no, you came out there to take yourself home to a pumpkin… Your mind soaks in the pumpkin syrup, the pulp fed to you by the pumpkin woman as you disappear into her embrace under the pulp, a pet of the pumpkin patch.

Smoochy Snakey Jewelry

“Is that an emerald or a sapphire?” I asked. I stared at the green-blue ring behind the glass case, the gem glittering.

“The jewel doesn’t have a name in human tongue,” the shopkeep said. “In fact, if I tried to speak its name a portal of snakes would flood the room.”


“I mean, it’s an emerald.”

I stared at the shopkeep. She was short, but her pointy hat was tall enough to poke me in the eye if I wasn’t careful. Between the big witch hat and all the adornments on the walls she was definitely trying to give off the vibe of a witch.

Good to go all-in on a theme, but it seemed a bit much, and with her silken outfit she probably thought she could enchant anyone who visited.

I turned my attention back to the ring. Honestly, every time it glittered it seemed to enchant me, as if winking at me to say buy it

Tia loved green and blue; she would love the gift; I should buy her the ring; I must buy the ring–

“Ow!” A sharp pain hit my head and I looked up; the shopkeep held a stick above me. “What was that?”

“Far be it from me to tell you not to buy something,” the shopkeep said.

“But let me warn you. This ring has magical transmogrification abilities for those who wear it.” I stared at her.

“You just want to make it seem special so you can raise the price,” I said. The shopkeep shook her head.

“If you insist on buying it, I must warn you not to wear it for longer than six hours at a time.”

I laughed; she really held on to that bit. Still, if it got her to sell me the ring, I agreed and left with the perfect gift for Tia.

Tia absolutely loved the ring, she gushed about the colors, she put it on immediately and kept looking at it all night. I told her about the shopkeep’s warning, but she brushed it off more than I did. Still, she didn’t wear the ring that long that night.

Less than six hours later we gave each other another very nice gift in bed, no clothing needed.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, she did end up wearing the ring during sex—I didn’t know, and I don’t think she knew, and she wore it as we fell asleep, and six hours passed.

Tia told me about her dream later, more real than any she’d ever had—a snake slithered around her hand, its scales the prettiest blues and greens she’d ever seen. Before she could react it wrapped around her arm, seeming to grow, slithering down her body.

Then the snake’s eyes shifted, blue and green rings emerging that stole her attention away. Every ring through the serpent’s eyes buzzed into her mind, her sight falling to nothing but the colors. She could still feel the serpent slither around her body, coiling around her legs.

She could do nothing about is as the snake’s eyes locked her stiff and its grip tightened.

She felt a new sensation, strange, but pleasurable, like a soft rub over her legs with the strongest stretch of her muscles she’d ever felt. Her muscles seemed to be growing, lengthening.

She couldn’t feel her legs anymore, but rather a long, curling mass of thick muscle, stretching as if it would never end. Her body felt like putty, her mind following suit lost in the pulsating colors.

A new feeling emerged, she said, which explained her actions in the morning.

She felt the need to wrap her tail around someone and smooch them to pieces.

I woke up in a soft embrace, our blankets cozier than I remembered. They were thick and squishy, even squeezy, and much heavier. I started to doze off again from how comfy they felt.

Wrapped around my legs, softly squeezing my shoulders, the blankets’ weight sank over my body, massaging and supporting my back. I could feel Tia’s arms around me, she snuggled close, and I knew there was no reason to get out of bed yet.

My comfy reverie jolted away as the blankets squeezed, tightening a grip around me I didn’t realize they had. I opened my eyes to see Tia watching me nose-to-nose, a smile on her face.

“Oh!” That was much closer than usual. “Good morning–” The blankets tightened again.

Tia shifted; was she caught in them and trying to get out, pulling them around me? She didn’t appear to be.

“Good morning, Cyane,” Tia said, snuggling closer. “Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “What?”

She pulled her hand in front of me, the ring I’d bought her on her finger. “Oh, right, the, uh.” Six hours passed through my head. I looked at her eyes. “Did you put contacts in? Your eyes are green—and kind of blue, too.” Tia giggled.

“That’s not all that’s turned green-blue.”

I felt the corner of the blanket slide over my head—was it moving on its own, I wondered? Then I saw—it wasn’t the blanket, it was a snake tail. I was wrapped up by a snake.

“Is there a snake in the bed?” I shouted. I tried to move but the snake’s grip was firm. Tia only giggled.

“There is,” she said, “and she wants you to calm down right now.” I glanced at her as I tried to flail and found myself staring, my vision hooked to her eyes. Rings of blue and green emerged, stilling my panic. My thoughts felt muffled as I stared, her eyes filling my mind.

“There we go,” she said, the tail’s grip shifting tighter. Never so tight as to be uncomfortable, between the full-body hug and her dazzling eyes the feeling of comfort once more spread over me. “We’re going to spend the day in bed, okay?”

She pulled my head closer with her tail and kissed me on the lips, a deep, strong kiss beyond her normal passionate advances. I felt a surge of pleasure shudder through my body, her grip holding me still.

When my partner released the kiss all my thoughts orbited her, a dazed open smile to match my dazed drooping eyes.

She kissed my forehead, and my mind seemed to seal itself to her with her kiss. She kissed my cheeks and my smile grew, my body warming up and her grip tightening.

Another deep smooch, her tongue twirling around mine, and I was putty in her coils, my mind twirling around her as she twirled her tail around me and showered me with kisses for the rest of the morning…


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