The Princess's Love Charm

by DrHypnoD

Tags: #f/f #fantasy #forced_love #magic #mild_degradation #princess

After being rejected by Prince Adam, Princess Elenore resorts to magic to change the Prince’s mind.

I started working on this story on and off over a year ago until I lost interest in finishing it. As it is mostly complete, only missing a bit of character development and scene transitions, I have decided to release it. Please keep this in mind while reading, and excuse the slightly awkward and jumpiness of the story.

All characters are at least 18 years old. The content featured is purely fictional and is absolutely never ok in real life.

The Princess's Love Charm

      A buzz of excitement filled the air all across the Kingdom of Cornelia. There was music, there was laughter, and all for good reason. After all, it's not every day a prince visits. But none were more excited than the Kingdom's very own Princess Eleanor. The beautiful Princess had just passed her 19th birthday, and was eager to take her next step in ruling her kingdom with a man by her side…..


   I sighed, my head laying in my arms as I stared longingly towards the sea.

"Daydreaming again, m'lady? What is it this time, frolicking through a field, or perhaps a romantic carriage ride?" Joked Lucille. Although she serves me as my lady in waiting, she's really one of my closest friends. Aside from the princess of the other kingdoms, she's the only person I can relate to. I mean, it's not like I can gossip with the townspeople!

   "Tease me all you want Lucille, by day's end I'll be engaged to the most handsome man in all the nine kingdoms." I told her.

"I wouldn't be so sure, you know how hard to please Prince Adam is. After all, this is the. sixth kingdom he's visiting."

"Well that's because he hasn't met me yet." I said as I admired myself in the mirror. My golden hair flowed down past my bare shoulders until it met with a most regal white gown that perfectly accentuated my large breasts.

   "I'm just worried for you princess. Prince Adam is different then most men, he doesn't care as much about appearances. I've even heard rumors that he's in love with a commoner!" Said Lucille.

   "Oh don't be silly, Lucille, he's a prince! He would never fall for a simple peasant when he could have someone like me. Of course we must make sure that the rest of the kingdom is up to my standards as well. Make sure not a single thing is off, we can't have some filthy barbarian ruin my date with their no good rotten fruit stand or whatever." I ordered.

"Of course, Princess." Lucille gave a quick curtsy, and left.

     I tapped my foot impatiently. The Prince's ship had docked nearly half an hour ago, yet Adam had yet to arrive at the Castle.

"Father, perhaps we should send out an escort to find Prince Adam. He must be in some sort of trouble! It's the only explanation for why he's taking so long to meet me."

      "Now now Elenore, I'm sure the Prince is more than capable of getting here on his own accord. He is a rather resourceful young man after all. I'm sure he'll be here soon." Said the King. It was then that the doors opened as Prince Adam and his companion entered.

      "Greetings, your majesty! It is my most sincere pleasure to be your guest this day. I do apologise for keeping you, I had brought some supplies for the townsfolk and wanted to hand them out personally. Tis my most favorite thing, being able to help those less fortunate." Said the handsome Prince.

      "Ho ho! It seems the stories are true, you are quite the noble one indeed. I can see why my daughter was looking forward to meeting you so!" The King bellowed.

With that cue, I rose from my seat to finally meet the man I was destined to wed.

      "Oh Prince Adam, it's so nice to finally meet you! I am Princess Eleanor of Cornelia." I said as I curtseyed, making sure to show as much cleavage as I could. "It would be my pleasure to take you on a tour of our fine kingdom." I continued.

"That sounds lovely, Princess, thank you." Prince Adam said with a bow.


      I ran through the darkness of the town, sobbing. How could he not love me! More than that, how could he, a prince, choose some filthy bland peasant over me? I'm a princess! I'm a beautiful princess! And she's a...a common whore! I bet she used some sort of magic spell on him to….wait! That's it! Merlana must have something, some potion or spell to make him love me! I wiped my tears from my eyes and ran towards the sorceress's chambers. 

      "Sorceress Merlana, it's me, Princess Eleanor. I need your help." I said, knocking on the old wooden door. It creaked open, and the slightly older sorceress appeared. She was tall and slender, with only her long black hair visible from the red robe that hid her other features. "Ah, Princess Eleanor, what a pleasant surprise. Please, do come in." I cautiously stepped inside. Even though I've lived in the castle my whole life, this was my first time visiting the sorceress in her chambers. She always scared me just a little, especially her smile. There was always about it. And the way she keeps to herself, hiding away with strange magical artifacts that only she knows anything about. I see a number of them arranged neatly on a bookshelf. Among them are some oddly shaped rocks, a bronze oil lamp, and….are those bones? It makes me shudder.

      "Marvelous, aren't they? But then again you didn't come here to see my collection. What can I do for you, m'lady?" Merlana asks. I took a deep breath.

"I need a love potion. Or a spell or something. Whatever you have that will make Prince Adam fall in love with me." 

"I see. I take it today didn't go quite as planned then. Fear not, my dear. I have just the thing." The sorceress picks up a small wooden box with strange symbols carved on it. 

"What's this?" I asked.

"This, your majesty, is a love charm." She opened the box, revealing a pink gemstone in the shape of a heart.

      "Wear this, and you will become irresistible to your heart's deepest desire." She said. I stared at the gemstone, feeling the seconds pass by as I weighed my options. All I needed to do was wear this, and Prince Adam would forget all about that good for nothing peasant whore and give me the attention I rightfully deserve. But...could I really do this? He'll love me, but it wouldn't be real love.

      "Better make your decision soon, princess. I sense Prince Adam is readying to depart." Merlana says. She was right, I needed to make my choice, and I knew I couldn't let him leave to marry some stupid commer. It may not be real love, but when did that ever matter to me?

"I'll take it." I said at last.

      "Wonderful! Here, let me put it on for you." Merlana says, smiling. Her smile is somehow different, but I'm not sure how or why. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll let her put the necklace on me and be on my way to my happily ever after. She places the necklace on my chest, and I hear a click as she clasps it around my neck. I can feel her breath on me. It's warm, and suddenly I'm aware at how uncomfortably close she is. But then everything changes. My entire body starts to heat up, and I can feel a fog roll through my head. My mouth hangs open just a bit as I watch the color slowly drain from the world. The bookshelf with all it's oddities, the tapestry on the wall, my gown too. Even the burning torch wilts into a full and lifeless gray. The only thing I can see that still has color is Merlana. She's such a vibrant color, a striking shade of red like a ruby shining as bright as the morning sun atop a golden crown. I can't pull my eyes away. I can't even think of a reason why I would want to. She's my world, my everything. My heart's deepest desire.

     "How do you feel…. princess?" Her words echo throughout my mind. How long have I been staring at her?

"Oh, Merlana, I... never realized how beautiful you are. Why don't you lose the robe and give me a better look." I say sensually. Merlana's mouth crept up into a wicked smile.

      It's such a beautiful smile.

"As you wish, Princess Eleanor." She responded, allowing the robe to slip off her body. For a very brief moment it struck me odd that she wore no clothes underneath her robe, but that thought quickly faded as gazed at her beautiful figure. My jaw slipped open just a crack as I stared at her amazingly pert breasts. They were smaller than mine, but nonetheless gorgeous.

      "You seem speechless Princess, is something wrong? The necklace isn't too tight, is it?" Merlana mocked. The sound of her lovely voice woke me.

"Oh, no it's perfect Merlana! But....not as perfect as you are. No one could ever be as perfect as you are!" I didn't know why, but I suddenly felt a growing need to shower Merlana with praise. 

"Is that so? What about Prince Adam?"

"I don't care one bit about that pest. He is nothing compared to you." 

      "Hahaha, my my, that was faster than I expected. Very well my little love slut, come with me." Merlana waved her hand in front of the stone wall behind them. The wall vanished, revealing a secret room. Gingerly, she lifted my chin, our eyes meeting briefly before we embraced in a passionate kiss.

      The next thing I know I'm kneeling in front of her, completely naked with only a heart shaped necklace resting in front of my pert breasts. Merlana's legs are parted, and she's saying something I can't quite make out while I kiss and suck her nether regions. I've never done anything like this before, yet my body moves on its own like a play I've rehearsed for hours. Merlana laughs and I can hear it echo throughout my mind. Suddenly she grips her hand on my head, and it glows purple. She runs it through my hair and as she does I feel my body tingle and spark. She's asking me a question, and I moan out a response as I quicken my pace. I think I just agreed to something? Whatever it was, It made Merlana happy and that's all that's important. Her body starts grinding against my tongue, and out of the corner of my eye I see her grin. She tilts her head back and lets out a gasp as she spasms, and I'm all too happy to clean up her juices.

      My footsteps echoed throughout the silent castle as I made my way down the hall. It was late into the night, and everyone but the guards were asleep. I confidently approached the two guards in front of a wooden door.

"Is something the matter, Princess?" Asked one of the guards.

"I must speak with my Father." I said.

"I'm afraid both the King and Queen are fast asleep, you'll have to come back in the morning." He replied.

"Oh, of course. And I'll be sure to mention both your names when he asks why I didn't inform him of such urgent matters. Come to think of it, it has been quite a while since our last execution. I'm sure my father is just waiting for an excuse to use the guillotine again." The guards exchanged nervous looks.

"O-of course Princess, go right on in." The guard stammered. The two stepped aside, and I proceeded into my parents chambers.


      I stood on the castle's balcony, looking over the kingdom. Hundreds of people had gathered, waiting for me to speak. When I did, I spoke clearly and with a confidence unlike any other. I stood tall, with my head held high, and proudly showed off my necklace to all.

      "My parents death was sudden and unexpected. I'm sure that many of you are worried about the future. It is no secret that I am a selfish little princess who cares only for her self. I cannot rule this kingdom. I am a princess, and nothing more. That is why it is with great pleasure I announce to you that henceforth, I take my place beside our new Queen. Not at her side, but at her feet where I truly belong." I stepped to the side, letting Merlana, my love, my Queen, greet her kingdom.


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