Succubi's Touch

by DrHypnoD

Tags: #cw:noncon #corruption #f/f #fantasy #nun #succubus #masturbation

Elizabeth’s faith is put to the test when she leads a succubus back to her nunnery. When all it takes is a single touch to turn the devoted nuns into quivering sluts, can she resist? Does she even want to?

All characters are at least 18 years old. The content featured is purely fictional and is absolutely never ok in real life. This story includes the corruption of religious symbols and themes. If that offends you in any way, I would suggest reading something else.

The tavern door opened with a creak. All of the patrons had stopped their conversations and we're now looking at me. I had been traveling across the land, searching far and wide. As a Holy Knight it was my duty to make monsters understand the power that's inside….my blade. I took my helmet off, letting my long blonde hair flow free as I sat at the bar. 

"Taking shelter from the rain, Madam Knight?" The bartender said as he poured me a glass of ale.

      "Hidings not my style. I came here for information. Some years ago a powerful demon attacked a nunnery. Soon after the demon started kidnapping women, and I've followed it's trail to this area."

"You speak of the succubus on Sunset hill." Said a mysterious hooded figure. They were sitting alone at a round table in the corner of the bar. I grabbed my mug and made my way over to them.

"What do you know of this demon?" I said as I sat down.

"That is a long story not for the faint of heart, filled with horror and hubris. Are you sure you want to hear it?"

"Yes, please tell me everything." I said.

"Very well then. It all began on a dark night, with a naive nun named Elizabeth…."

       I shivered slightly as a gust of wind blew right through my stockings. Sister Willow had sent me into town hours ago and would no doubt be furious about my late return. As I walked down the path to the nunnery, I heard what sounded like someone crying. Sister Willow always said our greatest gift was the ability to help others. I'd be doing a disservice to ignore someone's cry for help. I followed the sound to the edge of the forest to find a young woman with her head in her hands. She wore a hooded cloak that concealed her almost completely.

      "What's a lovely woman like you doing, crying alone in the forest?" I asked. She picked her head up and looked at me without saying a word. Now that I could see her face, it was clear to me that she needed my help. Her long black hair was disheveled, and her dress was in tatters. 

"No need to be frightened. I'm sister Elizabeth from the nunnery on Sunset hill. Please, tell me how I can help." 

"It's just...I'm lost. I've been running all day and I'm ever so tired. You see, my husband, he frequents our local tavern and always comes back so terribly drunk. And whenever he gets drunk he attacks me. But this time when he left for the tavern, I..I ran. I'm so sorry, I don't know why I'm telling you all this. You must have much more important things to take care of than listen to silly old me." She said, wiping tears from her eyes.

      "Oh you poor thing! Fear not, for God has noticed your plight and led me to you. Here, why don't you come back with me. My sister's will take good care of you." 

"R-really? You truly mean that?"

"Of course! Now come, it's already dark. We best get back to the nunnery before it starts to rain."

"Oh thank you! Your kindness will not be forgotten Elizabeth. How could I ever repay you?"

"Well, how about you tell me your name?"

"Cynthia. M-my name is Cynthia." She said as she put on a smile.


      It was well after dark by the time we arrived at the nunnery. I pushed open the metal doors and entered as my blue uniform was being battered by the wind. I had only taken only a few steps in before realising that Cynthia had stopped just outside the entrance.

"What's wrong, Cynthia?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just...I fear I won't fit in. What if the others don't treat me with the same kindness you have?" She said, her body sinking into itself with shyness.

"Don't be silly, all are welcome here!"


"Yes, even you."

      Cynthia followed me inside, taking slow, careful steps as she entered. As her worn shoes met the stone floor, they created a faint white outline that glowed for a moment before fizzling out with a hiss. 

How odd, she activated the protection glyphs. But she can't be a demon, they didn't affect her. I thought to myself.

I led Cynthia down the hall towards the chapel where some of my sister's were praying.

"Sister's, I have returned with a guest. This is Cynthia, and it was God's will that led me to her. Cynthia, please say hello to Sister Clarissa, Sister Olivia, and Sister Juliet." The three bowed as I introduced them.

      "My, you're all so lovely! I'm very grateful to be in the presence of such beauty. It's such a shame you must hide under those uniforms." Cynthia said. My sister's and I giggled.

"Oh, you're too kind! But we mustn't fuss over such silly things like one's appearance, for we are all beautiful in God's eyes." Said Clarissa.

"Yes'' added Juliet. "Not to mention one of our first lesson's."

"Showing skin is a sin, and a sure way to let the devil in." We said in unison. 

"But it was god who gave you these perfect bodies. Would it not be a sin to deny the world of such a sight?" Cynthia said. The room grew silent. We all knew it was wrong, yet none of us could refute what she said.

      "Olivia" Cynthia continued. "You have such nice brown hair, it complements your pale skin so well."

"Oh, um thank you." Said Olivia shyly.

"Clarissa, even though you hide them, I can tell your legs are perfect. If only you would show them off more, I just know that you would command the attention of any man." Clarissa blushed in embarrassment.

"And you, Juliet." Cynthia stepped towards her. "Your hair, the color of autumn leaves. Your skin, soft and fair with a perfect completion to boot.

And your breasts…." Juliet stumbled backwards as Cynthia suddenly reached out for her bosom.

      "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." Cynthia said, grabbing Juliet's hands for forgiveness. Within the blink of an eye, a wave of dark energy transferred from Cynthia's hands to Juliet's. It rippled throughout her body before gathering in her eyes with a purple glow.

"Oh, that's..all...right…." Juliet said.

"What a relief! I was afraid you were hurt." Cynthia said, finally letting go of Juliet's hands.

"Well it's already late, we'll show Cynthia to the guest quarters. You should go see Sister Willow, Elizabeth. She was none too happy when you didn't return earlier." Clarissa said.

"Yes, no doubt I'm in for another one of her lectures." I said.

      The three nuns escorted Cynthia down the hall, all but silent save for the clicking of their shoes on the stone floor. Olivia and Clarissa were too embarrassed to speak, and Juliet's head was too fuzzy to talk.

"I truly am sorry for what happened back there. I shouldn't have-ugh!" Cynthia said before falling forwards. "Oh dear me, today just isn't my day."

"Not to worry, everyone trips from time to time." Olivia said, extending a hand.

"Thank you dear, your kindness means so much." Cynthia said, taking Olivia's hand. Once again a wave of dark energy pulsed through Olivia's body as her eyes glowed a deep purple.

"Just…." Olivia responded.

      I dreaded every step as I climbed the stairs to sister Willow's room. I knew what she would say. She would say that I was irresponsible, and that I had dawdled too long. She would most likely make me clean the chapel to have me learn 'patience'. But I didn't care, I had found someone in need and helped them, and that's all that matters.

"Sister Willow?" I said meekly as I entered her room.

"Elizabeth. You're late...again. How many times must I teach you the importance of focus?" Sister Willow said.

      "I know, I know. But it's different this time! You see, as I was on my way back, I ran into this woman in dire need of help. She had been running all day and was lost, so I brought her back here for the night."

"You what?! Elizabeth, I…!" She sighed as she saw my head hung in shame. I knew she would be mad, but I didn't expect her to be mad at me trying to help someone. Try as I might I could never please her. 

"Elizabeth, your heart is in the right place, but you need to understand that we can't just invite strangers in here. You don't know as much about this world as I do, you don't know the dangers that are out there."

      "Dangers? But Sister Willow, Cynthia is just a girl like you and me!"

"That may be so, but we don't know her past. She could be cursed, or tainted by a demon. You need to check for these things, or you can potentially endanger everyone here. And with you having such poor control on your magic abilities…."

"I'm sorry Sister Willow, I...I just wanted to help." I said. A single tear had started to slowly make a path down my cheek.

"Do you know why I always choose you to go into town, Elizabeth?"


      "I always thought that if you went out into the world, something might happen to you that would awaken your powers. You have great potential, Elizabeth. Once you can master your magic abilities, you could really start to make this old world a better place."

" really mean that?" I said, wiping my tears away. 

"I suppose the only way to know is to keep trying." She said with a grin.

"Thank you Sister, I promise I will try my hardest. Oh, what of Cynthia? I imagine she's already settled in by now."

"Well seeing as it's already late, we shall deal with that matter in the morning. Now go get some rest, dear. Or at the very least let me have some." She chuckled. 

"Good night Sister Willow."

"Good night Elizabeth."

      It was just after midnight when Cynthia arose from her bed. The storm outside ravaged the land as she snuck her way up to head Sister Willow's room; a dark omen of things to come. The old wooden door creaked open, allowing just a sliver of light to shine over the slumbering elder nun.

      "I've waited ever so long for this moment, my dearest Willow." Whispered Cynthia. She ever so gently slid her hand across the old woman's cheek. "Though I would love nothing more than to watch you suffer as I destroy everything you have built, you're far too much trouble to me alive." Cynthia carefully picked up the rosary from the old woman's chest, mumbling a dark incantation as she turned the cross upside-down. Lightning struck a nearby tree, setting it ablaze just as the inverse cross struck head sister Willow's heart. Howling wind covered up the silent screams as the nun's pure soul was forcefully dragged into the underworld.

"See you in hell, Willow dear." Cynthia said. "I'll be sure to tell you how I corrupted all your little brats when I visit. After all..." her lips curled into a devilish smile. "I am their Goddess." 


      Juliet and Olivia were waiting in the chapel. Neither girl knew why they were there, only that it had made their heads stop throbbing. But that changed when Cynthia arrived.

"Ahh, I see you two are already heeding my commands. Are you ready for your next task?"

"Yes…Goddess…" said both girls in a monotone voice. 

      "Good, good. Now, you are to go round up all your so-called sisters and bring them to me. With every girl you bring me, you will become more and more aroused. And this arousal with never quit, never dim. But you won't orgasm until you bring me every girl that resides here. Now go!"

"Yes Goddess." The two girls said. Juliet headed down the east wing whilst Olivia went to the west.         

      "You can come out now, they're gone. No need to hide yourself from me any longer." Cynthia said. Her presence no longer a secret, Clarissa stepped out of the shadows with her hand firmly grasped around her rosary.

"I knew there was something off about you. I don't know what kind of demon you are, but by the power of the Lord you will return to whence you came!" Clarissa held out her hand, and a glowing white circle formed beneath Cynthia.

      "Oh please. Do you really think your pathetic little parlour tricks are powerful enough to stop me?" Cynthia chuckled, stepping out of the magic circle. Clarissa gasped.

"Time to have a little fun. Grab her, my slaves!" On Cynthia's command, Juliet and Olivia appeared from behind, grabbing hold of Clarissa. 

"But how did? I...I saw them..?"

"Merely an illusion, my dear. Now I suppose since you know of my true nature, it's only right for you to witness my true power before I break you." Cynthia held her arms above her head, and her body erupted in purple flames. As the flames burned out, they left Cynthia with a very striking new outfit. She was now barely clothed, and the small bit that she had only served to accentuate her features. A small purple bra clung around her chest, curving just enough to cover her nipples. Likewise, a small purple thong concealed her crotch; while black leggings stretched from knees to her new black boots. Finally, black wings and a tail had grown out of her skin, giving her a very dominant look.

      "You're a...a…" Clarissa stammered.

"Yes dear, I'm a succubus. And a powerful one too. Here, let me demonstrate." Cynthia walked up to Clarissa, grabbing her rosary. Clenching her fist tightly around it, cracks began to appear before the whole thing was crushed into dust. Clarissa was in shock. The Holy Cross was supposed to hurt demons! And yet she destroyed it like it was made of sticks. Seeing the horror on her face, Cynthia stepped forward to make her next move.

"You've got some fight in you, Clarissa. Not much, but just enough for me to enjoy your torment." Cynthia said as she brought her finger to Clarissa's forehead. The stubborn nun struggled with all her might, but her friends held her firmly in place.

      "Don't worry, I'll leave your mind intact ...for now. Your body will just be ever so sensitive to touch, and soon you'll be begging to sin. Juliet, Olivia, I want you to hold her there and fondle her breasts for a while. I have much work to do, converting all your so-called sister's to my new religion."

"Yes Goddess!" The two girls giggled happily as they ripped off their old friend's clothes, eager to watch her squirm as they played with her large, round breasts.


      I was in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers, playing my favorite harp while some blue jays sang along. Everything about this magical place was so peaceful. The sky was clear, and the temperature was just right with a small breeze keeping me cool. 

"What a most wonderful day!" I said. I held my finger out, and one of the small birds landed on it. "Wouldn't you agree, little blue jay?" 

"Awful! Horrible!" The bird replied. I blinked, not expecting a response. 

"Did you...just talk?" I asked. The bird cocked its head to the side before flying away.

      "Awful! Horrible! Must wake up!" It repeated as it flew off into the sky.

"How odd…" I said. Ignoring the strange, talking bird, I went back to playing my harp. But as I started to play, all of the harp strings broke with a thawp. I stood up, perplexed. A strong gust of wind hit me and I gasped as I watched the entire field of flowers begin to wilt and crumble away. 

"I don't understand! Why is this happening?" I yelled to no one. 

"Now how many times am I going to have to remind you to stay focused, Elizabeth?" A voice said.

      "S-sister Willow? Is that you?" I asked.

"Of course it's me, dear. Now listen closely, I haven't much time. I have reason to believe that the woman you brought here is a very powerful demon. Before you ask how I know, it's because she killed me and used a forbidden spell to banish my soul to hell."

" can't!" I fell to my knees, tears rushing down my cheeks.

"No time to mourn, I'm afraid. She plans to use her powers to corrupt the chapel and everyone in it, and she's already gotten to most of your Sisters. Their only chance is for you to wake up and rally whoever she hasn't corrupted yet."

"Wake up? What do you mean wake up?"

"Oh come on now, was the talking bird not enough? For goodness sake Elizabeth, you're dreaming!"

"But if I'm dreaming then how are…" Suddenly the ground shook, interrupting me.

      "I'm sorry Elizabeth but we're out of time. I'm using the last of my strength to connect with you, and I just can't hold out any longer. You must wake now. Save your Sisters, save the Abbey. And have faith, Elizabeth. Not in God, but in yourself. yourself..." Sister Willow's voice faded, leaving me alone. Every part of me wanted to curl up and cry like I always did, but this time I couldn't. Too many people were in danger because of me, and I wasn't about to let them down.

      My eyes shot open. I threw my sheets off and got dressed in a hurry. Despite being fast asleep mere minutes ago, my body was flowing with energy. Good thing too, there was a lot at stake and I couldn't afford to waste time being tired. I reached for the doorknob, ready to do whatever it took to save my home. But as I grasped my hand around the metal knob, I froze. What exactly was my plan here? From what Sister Willow told me, Cynthia was a really powerful demon and had put some spell over the other girls! I couldn't face her alone, and there was no way for me to tell who was already corrupted. 

      I closed my eyes and thought back to my earlier interactions with her. She was acting pretty normal when I first ran into her, as well as on the way to the Abbey. But once we actually got to the Abbey… my eyes shot open. Of course! She couldn't come inside until I invited her, and that's when the floor lit up! It was because I had broken the protection ward! Okay, so I know that she's weak glyphs and seals, but what about my sister's? How will I know who I can trust? Let's see… she kept complimenting our body's, and even tried to touch Juliet. I let out a gasp. I knew how she did it, and I knew how to beat her. 

      Cynthia entered yet another room full of sleeping nuns. She silently floated up to one, and placed her finger on the girl's forehead. The girl shuddered as darkness coursed through her body. She finally woke with a moan, her now purple eyes opening to see her new goddess.

"Thank you for making me see the light, Goddess. Please, tell me. How may I serve you?" 

"First, take off those wretched clothes. Then you may entertain me by licking your friend's cunt before I convert her." Cynthia ordered.

      "Yes Goddess!" The nun said gleefully as she tore off her nightgown. She walked over to the other bed, being careful not to wake the sleeping nun as she slid off her undergarments. The sleeping nun tossed and turned while her friend gave her slow licks on her crotch. Soon, the naked nun increased her speed, waking her friend with a powerful orgasm. 

"Margret, what are you doing?! What's happened to you?" 

"I happened, dear. Don't worry, you'll soon learn to love that feeling." Cynthia said, touching the horrified nun.

"N-no! Stop! Stay...back…ohhh." Her resistance quickly dying as the dark energy corrupted her body while her friend continued her assault.

"You see? Now doesn't that feel good darling?"

"Ohhhh yessss, very much! Thank you Goddess." The nun replied.

      Cynthia smiled, having corrupted two more nuns. But it was all too easy. Willow was dead, and all the others fell so easily. All she needed to do was enter a room and tap the sleeping nuns on the forehead. Easy, simple...and boring. There was no challenge, no resistance, nothing. They all claim to be devoted to God, but all it took was a simple touch and they would instead worship her. What Cynthia needed was someone who old Willow had personally mentored. Someone pure and strong willed who would actually put up a fight. Someone like…

      "Elizabeth…" Cynthia whispered. How deliciously perfect that would be. Cynthia thought. She would be witness to all she had caused by letting Cynthia into such a sacred place. She would watch as her friends fell by her own hand. That would make it all the sweeter when Cynthia finally broke her.

      Cynthia returned to the chapel where Olivia and Juliet were still groping Clarissa. She was panting heavily as her friends teased her body. The once stubborn nun now conflicted between her will to God and her need to cum.

"Had enough yet Clarissa? Are you ready to join me and forsake your pathetic God, or do you want to continue this useless charade?" Cynthia asked, running a hand down Clarissa's body.

"I...I…c-can't-! Oh Lord help me!" Clarissa cried.

"Can't what? Can't cum? Why dear Clarissa, all you had to do was ask!" Cynthia grinned, and plunged her tail deep into Clarissa's pussy. Clarissa yelped, but her screams quickly turned from horror to pleasure as Cynthia's tail rubbed against her clit.

"Oh God please forgive me! I had no idea it could feel this good!" Clarissa cried. Unable to hold out any longer, she let out a piercing moan as she came. Finally, her energy spent, she collapsed onto the floor. Cynthia laughed as she withdrew her tail, slick with Clarissa's cum. She brought it up to her mouth and licked.

      "Ahh, there's nothing better than a virgin's first juice. And now that you've fallen, it's only a matter of time before the remaining nuns give in. Then you can all worship me! Doesn't that sound just wonderful girls?"

"Oh yes Goddess, I can't imagine anything better." Juliet said.

"Mmhmm" Olivia added. Now that they had finished off Clarissa, Juliet had started kissing Olivia's body.

"And you Clarissa? What do you think of that?" Cynthia asked.

"I.. huff, huff...think that's wonderful Goddess. Just, huff, wonderful."

"Aww, are you out of breath? You poor girls just don't have any stamina. Well I guess we'll just need to train your bodies for it. Clarissa dear, go sit by the alter and masturbate. You will not cum, and you will not move from that spot. You're just going to keep rubbing yourself until I tell you to stop." Cynthia ordered.

"Yesssss Goddessss." Clarissa replied. She dragged her tired body to the altar and began lazily rubbing her slick crotch.

      Cynthia was admiring her work. The once sacred chapel now full of moans and reeking of sex. Clarissa was rubbing herself silly, and Juliet and Olivia were taking turns passionately kissing each other's breasts. A few of the other nuns had joined them as well, chosen by Cynthia because of their perfect bodies. Suddenly, the door swung open. A small group of nuns had entered, led by none other than Elizabeth. 

"Elizabeth darling, what an unexpected surprise!" Cynthia said.

      "Save it, I already know everything. We're giving you one chance to undo all this and leave." Elizabeth said, a look of newfound determination in her eyes.

"Now why would I go and do that? Besides, it was you who brought me here. I really must thank you for that, I never would have been able to pull this off if it wasn't without you." 

"It's true that I unknowingly allowed all of this to take place, but it is because I did that I must see to it that you be sealed away. Now sister's, let us join hands so that this demon may never again step foot outside this room!" The remaining nuns formed a line in front of the western door. Joining hands, they started chanting a prayer. 

      "Dearest Lord Almighty, protect this room from those who seek to bring harm to thy name…" 

As they began chanting, the corners of the floor glowed with a white light.

"How cute, you think your precious little God can save you. Well let's see you pray after I turn all of you into my quivering little sluts!" In an instant Cynthia flew over and tapped the first nun on her forehead. Her eyes went wide and she fell over, her entire body shaking with endless pleasure as she came. 

      The remaining nuns gasped in horror as they watched their sister fall. Before they could react, Cynthia had already taken the next in line; leaving yet another nun laying limp with a vacant smile in a growing puddle of cum. 

      "Have faith, Sister's! We can still beat her if we just keep praying!" Elizabeth shouted. But the remaining nuns had already scattered. Two more tried to flee, but were grabbed by their corrupted sister's. They struggled, helplessly held in place as all of their worries melted into pleasure with Cynthia's soft touch. The last remaining nun tried to sneak up on her, but Cynthia grabbed her, wrapping her tail around the nuns body. 

"Uh uh uh! You're going to be punished for that one." Cynthia said, wagging a finger. Her tail ignited into purple fire, the poor nun screaming as her clothes were burned to cinders.

      "You had such confidence just a moment ago. What happened to it?" Cynthia mocked. She coiled her tail into the nun's thighs, laughing as the naked girl bucked and squirmed against her. Finally, the nun threw her head backwards, screaming as her cum exploded onto the floor. Satisfied, Cynthia dropped the girl with a thud, her tail dripping with the nun's cum.

"Hm, must have been burned away with her clothes." Cynthia remarked.

      I couldn't believe how quickly this had all gone wrong. Irene and I were the only ones left, trapped in a corner of the chapel as Cynthia floated towards us menacingly.

"Quick, we need to put up a barrier!" I said. I whispered a prayer as Irene traced symbols onto the floor. We finished just in the nick of time, as Cynthia thuded against the barrier.

      "Oh please! Your puny little defense is no match for my immense power. First I'll break your barrier, and then I'll break you!" Cynthia yelled. She pounded on the invisible wall, dark energy exploding from her fists.

"Elizabeth, i-i'm scared. I don't want to go to hell!"

      "Calm down Irene! We must stay strong, God will not abandon us! The moment we give up hope is the moment we truly lose."

"But Elizabeth, what can we do?! She's too strong, we'll never be able to beat her by ourselves!" Irene cried. 

"Maybe we can! I have an idea. But for this to work I need you to give me all the power you have." I said. 

"A spell? But Elizabeth, you haven't got control over your magic!" Irene said. 

"That's exactly what I'm counting on!" I told her.

      Irene nodded hesitantly and put her hand on my shoulder. I could feel my magic energy increase from Irene's power.

One hand firmly grasped around her rosary, I closed my eyes as I prepared to let loose. The rosary started to glow, while cracks had formed in the barrier from Cynthia's attacks. Time seemed to slow as the barrier finally shattered against Cynthia's assault. Just as she began to charge forward, my eyes snapped opened with a fire.

"Heavens Searing Light!" I shouted, expelling all the energy I had as light exploded outward.

"AAAHHRRGGG!" Cynthia screamed in pain as she was engulfed in a ball of light. 

      As the light died, we saw Cynthia's body lying on the floor.

" did it. You actually did it!" Irene said, hugging me.

"No Irene, we...huff, huff...did it." I said, panting.

"Hehehehe...Ahahahaha!" Cynthia laughed maniacally. "Did you FOOLS think that I could be defeated by such simple means?" She said in a demonic voice, slowly rising into the air. She rushed at us at such an extreme speed. Before I knew what had happened I was thrown across the room.

      "Elizabeth!" Irene yelled. 

"Hahahahah!" Cynthia cackled. She grabbed Irene's head, filling it with a flood of darkness.

"No! Please stop, take me instead!" I cried.

"Elizabeth,…" Irene pleaded. I ran to them as fast as I could, but it was already too late.

Cynthia had removed her hands and Irene's head sunk as she stood there, motionless. I grabbed Irene, shaking her body as I tried to bring her back.

"C'mon Irene! You're strong, you can fight this!" I cried.

      "Irene darling, can you hear me? It's your Goddess. Your dear friend Elizabeth is so stressed. Why don't you go help her relax?"

"Yes…. Goddess." Irene said. Her head shot up, a twisted smile on her face. Irene slammed me against the wall, lifting my skirt. I protested to def ears as she slid off my underwear and jammed two fingers into my most sensitive area. 

"No! Not-not there! Irene please, s-stop! Ah..ah...AHHHHH!" I screamed and pleaded, but she wouldn't stop. She dug her fingers deeper and deeper, the pleasure so intense that I started secreting a sticky liquid. Was this...was this what an orgasm felt like? As much as I hated it, as much as I knew it was wrong, it felt really, REALLY good. 

Too good, in fact. When Irene pulled her fingers away, I grabbed her arm. 

"Please... don't stop." I begged.

      "What's this? The noble nun is begging to cum? And to think, I haven't even used my power on you." Cynthia said. "What changed, dear?"

"God has abandoned me. There's nothing I can do to stop you. And this...this pleasure, it feels far better than I had ever imagined. I can't resist it any longer. I can't resist you any longer. Please, take me. Make me yours, I surrender." 

      "Well then, if that's how you feel, just wait until I get started with you." Cynthia approached me, her hips swaying. She carefully put her finger to my forehead, and I felt something inside me change. An intense fire like nothing I had ever felt before started to boil. My skin became so sensitive, I knew that just the slightest touch would cause me to orgasm. I waited for Cynthia to do something, anything, to me. But she just stood there, smiling at me. By now my body was burning, I couldn't wait any longer. I shot my hand into my thighs, screaming as I came. I don't know how long I stayed like that, I don't know how many times I came. All I knew was that I loved it.

      "Well? How do you feel?" Cynthia asked me once I had finally removed my fingers. 

"Wonderful, just wonderful. If God exists, he should be damned for forbidding such ecstasy." I replied. 

"Really? When I first met you, you would have never said such a thing. Tell me, is that how you truly feel?"

"Yes. I see now it is you who is the real Goddess. Please, tell me how I may best spread your word." I said, kneeling before her. Cynthia smiled wickedly.

      "Let me tell you something Elizabeth. When I touched you earlier, I didn't use my powers. It was just a simple touch, nothing more. All that pleasure you felt? That was you, dear." I gasped at this revelation. "You see from the moment I first saw you I knew that you were special. You were devoted, yes, but you were also young and malleable. All I had to do was show you that there was how weak your puny god is, and then I would be able to reshape you in my image."  

"But..but Goddess, what are you saying!?" I asked.

      "I'm saying that I want to make you my apprentice. You have the potential for great power, and now that you have revoked your old god and acknowledged me as your new one, you are finally ready. Now, stand before me. Let me mark you as my own for all eternity." Cynthia said. I obeyed, standing as she placed a finger on my crotch. She drew her mark on me, a purple flame painfully burning it in. My body tingled as it was flooded with dark energy, my blood boiling with new power.

"It is done. You are now and forever, mine." Cynthia said. A wicked smile grew on my face.

"Thank you Goddess, thank you." I said.

      Back at the tavern, the wind howled. The raging storm had continued through the night, most of the patrons opting to drink themselves to sleep rather than brave the fierce weather. 

"That ends the tale of the nunnery on Sunset hill. I hope you learned something from it." Said the hooded woman.

"I think I did. But first tell me, who are you? How do you know so much of what happened?" I asked. 

      "Well by now you should know me quite well." She said. She lifted up her hood, revealing beautiful blonde hair...and purple eyes. I quickly drew my sword, preparing to strike. But she was already gone. With so much dark energy she should have left a trail. I pointed my glowing sword to where she was sitting. The trail had spun me around, and suddenly I was face to face with her. I swung my sword. Or at least I thought I did. I was frozen, I couldn't move. That's when I realized she had her finger on my forehead. And everything went black.


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