by DownriverBlue

Tags: #cw:noncon #dollification #dom:female #furry #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #bodypainting #f/f #latex #sex_doll #unwilling_hypnotist

A pair of friends find a bizarre arcane sex manual in the classics section of the local library. Mara wants to try out the beautiful bodyart designs within. Anne is a bit put off by the lewd captions, but she’s just being silly, right? After all, there’s no such thing as magic…

Mara stole a kiss as she helped Anne turn over on the bed to lie on her back. Their lips lingered together just a little and Mara savored the comforting feeling of her girlfriend's tender skin, the tickle of her soft white cheek-fur against Mara's nose. Then Mara gently eased the nude bunnygirl back onto the pile of down pillows they had stacked against the headboard, careful not to smudge the beautiful scrollwork pattern of glossy black body paint she had just finished applying to Anne's back. The tattered old library book guiding her art was propped on the bedside table to the left, open to the two-page spread she had found within diagramming the intricate full-body ink design and the recipe for the "mystical" bodypaint necessary to create it.

The girls had borrowed the so-called "spellbook" on a whim, thinking it might be fun to flex their Medieval Studies majors and try and decipher the Syriac recipes and incantations within. As it turned out, most of the contents were almost illegible scrawl, but the diagrams revealed the scandalous true nature of the book: it was clearly some sort of sex manual, with charts and diagrams of various sex positions, lingerie patterns and even instructions for bondage. Anne had been a bit put off at first, but Mara couldn't stop herself from pouring over the tome cover to cover in the following week, even managing to decipher some of the recipes like the special ink she was now using. So when Anne came home from the fur salon that day in a bitter mood because the stylist had given her a criminally short fur-cut over her entire body, leaving only her long blonde hair unscathed and reducing all of her lovely white fur to a mere peach fuzz, Mara knew just the thing to cheer her up!

Mara convinced her girlfriend to make the best out of the situation and try out a bodypaint design she had found in the book, under a heading that said something about "inflamed passions." Anne was hesitant at first, but as soon as the brush touched her skin, she seemed to really take to it, purring and moaning as Mara traced the long loops and curls over her shoulder blades and down the small of her back. For Mara's part, she found recreating the pattern in the book to be unusually easy. She was no artist, but for some reason, once she got started her eyes effortlessly traced along the lines on the page and her hands mirrored their motion perfectly, as if guided by marionette strings. Within minutes, she had completed the first panel of the design, a spread across Anne's entire back which reminded Mara of billowing feathered wings, crossed horizontally by three thick, ornate bars. There was nothing particularly erotic in their stylistic shape (unlike some of the other panels of the design), but for some reason, Mara felt a thrill when she saw it coming together. Now that it was done, Anne had to flip over so that Mara could access the rest of her for the more interesting panels of the design.

"How does it feel?" Mara whispered, her voice a low purr of constrained excitement.

Anne sighed softly, eyes closed, as she sunk back into the soft mound of pillows. "Mmmm... s'weird..." she muttered. "Relaxed... I can still feel all the brushstrokes... Not like a tingling, but... like... I don't know..." Her brow furrowed as she tried to find the words.

Mara dipped the ink brush into the ceramic mortar full of glossy black ink, breathing in the subtle herbal aroma rising from it. "Is it a bad feeling? Should I stop?"

Anne's beautiful blue dewdrop eyes fluttered open and she fixed her gaze up at Mara. "No. Please, no, please keep going." She leaned back and gazed at the ceiling. "Please never stop..." The bunnygirl spread her arms and arched her back, waving her petite breasts at Mara in a languid invitation.

At that sight a thrill played across Mara's chest and she could feel her nipples rising, standing pink against the fashionably shaggy orange and black fur covering her ponderous tiger breasts. She had never seen her girlfriend so turned on. Her tail twitched back and forth behind her, betraying her own feline arousal.

Mara scooped up a dollop of the thick black ink with the brush and began tracing the next panel of the body art design against her bunnygirl's flesh. Her eyes hugged the page as she traced long lazy strokes of the ink down both of Anne's thighs, coiling around her knees and dripping luxuriantly toward her feet before tracing thick, solid inky cuffs around her ankles. Anne's feet curled and she moaned again. "More... Oh, please more..."

Mara stole a glance away from the book and looked closer at the ink line she was laying down as she twisted and wound the brush back up Anne's legs toward her hips. It was shiny and thick, almost like latex paint, and stood in smooth relief against Anne's snow white fur. Everywhere she brushed it, it formed into perfect strokes of natural elegance and precise intricacy, drying instantly. The dim warm light of the bedside lamp gave it an almost golden luster. Mara paused and pressed her finger into one of the inky spirals on the inside of Anne's thigh, feeling the ink's warm glazed smoothness. Anne inhaled deeply at the touch.

Dipping the brush in the ink again, Mara finished the legs panel of the design and transitioned into the torso panel, curling three broad rays of black ink up both sides of her bunnygirl's waist and inward toward her cleavage. Anne gasped and moaned a high-pitched needy mewl at the feeling which momentarily startled Mara out of her ink-work reverie. "Are you OK? Do you want me to stop?"

Anne squirmed into the pillows, gripping the sheets with her toes and jerking her hands as if she didn't know where to put them. "NOOoooo... Please, please don't stop... More, more..." Mara smelled the musk of Anne's moistening privates and couldn't restrain herself from licking her lips.

"I'll give you as much as you want, bunny," she purred, resuming her ink work.

Maybe this ink really was magic, after all...


Seconds ago...

Anne bit her lower lip and gripped the sheets with her toes as her girlfriend completed the dominance runes around her ankles and then swept that cruel, beautiful brush up in thick, teasing tendrils around the edges of her waist and together toward her cleavage, burning its eldritch commands deep into her ribcage. Her heart pounded in her chest and her pussy burned with longing. She squeaked, unable to articulate words for how badly she needed Mara to draw faster, to pour the ink over every inch of her, to bathe her in its arresting embrace. But instead, Mara stopped, pulling back. "Are you OK? Do you want me to stop?"

Mara didn't realize that the "clipped wings" sigil she had painted on Anne's back disabled Anne from any form of willing resistance, so Anne only moaned "NOOoooo... Please, please don't stop..." Her mind was held captive by the needy sensations of her body and she could only beg "More, more..."

Mercifully, Mara resumed her subjugation of Anne's frail mortal form, whispering some romantic reassurances that Anne could no longer hear. Mara spun more and more runes around the edges of those six belly-hugging strokes, infecting the vital humours under Anne's skin with aphrodisiacs and mutagens, then began to spiral the inky lacework inward toward Anne's navel. Anne's belly quivered under the brush's touch.

The soft, almost tickling, almost licking sensation of the brush tip stroking against her pink skin lingered in every inch of ink on her body as if frozen in time, perpetually stroking up her back and down her legs and now in long sensuous loops around her belly. Every stroke was a new symbol making permanent, irreversible changes to the bunnygirl's body and mind. Her entire body flushed bright pink under her short white fur.

Anne parted her legs to give Mara better access for the design panel she instinctively knew came next. Mara obligingly drew a draining rune over Anne's navel then channeled it down her quaking belly toward her pussy, diverting every drop of Anne's vital essence to pour down into her sexual core and cementing sex and pleasure as her purpose for living. Mara traced delicate, needle-like strokes around Anne's labia, framing her pussy with transformative runes. In response, her pussy puffed up and blossomed into a desperate needy hole inviting her master in.

"More, Master... more..." Anne's moans were now too quiet for Mara to hear. She squirmed against the soft cotton pillows. Mara gently slid her off-hand under Anne's ass and lifted her hips up to get better access for the pattern over her buttocks. Anne obligingly arched her back and stood up to allow Mara to trace an intricate blackleaf scroll over both cheeks and crowning the cleft. Her wrist just barely brushed against Anne's pussy, tormenting her with a tease that just amplified the empty longing to be stuffed and filled and pumped which was now replicating itself in her virgin asshole.

Putting Anne's hips back down, Mara moved back up to where she had left off just under Anne's breasts. Mara's eyes traced the loops and spirals on the page like a drowming man swirling down a whirlpool, lapsing into a trance-like state. Her brush danced and teased over the bunnygirl's small perky bosoms, encasing them in a cage of flourishes and curls which radiated needy warmth deep into her soft, malleable tissue. Anne's pert mounds swelled and throbbed, her nipples pointed hard and electric, and the ink seemed to lift and separate them as if the nude bunnygirl was wearing an underwire. Anne's squirming became more vigorous. Behind her, the soft cotton pillows began to feel more silky and slick as the flesh of her back began to soften and change.

Anne longed desperately to grasp, fondle and kneed her heaving breasts, but the punishing runes forced her to keep her hands spread out to the sides. She shook back and forth, trying to entice Mara to take them for her own, to suckle them or pinch them or squeeze... but the tiger was becoming more and more entranced in the work, not even tearing her eyes away from the book anymore as she continued the long languid brushstrokes across Anne's shoulders and down her upper arms. Out of sight beneath her, Anne's puckered anus began to bloom into a gaping, plush fuck tunnel dedicated to milking cum from the cocks of countless users.

"More, please, take everything Master..." the bunnygirl sighed. Mara dutifully traced the runes and sigils down both arms, looping thick cuffs of ink around her wrists like around her ankles. Anne continued to squirm, trying unthinkingly to grind her sensitive ass into the silken fabric beneath her, but her motions were becoming stiffer and more subdued. Her legs slid into a parted, knees-bent position and her arms remained spread out to the sides, defenselessly welcoming the world to her soft, rosy-warm torso with its pillowy breasts and velvety tight pussy under puffed nether-lips. Her skin, blushing deep red all over and practically buzzing with longing around her hyper-sensitized erogenous areas, began to take on a glossy luster not unlike the lattice of thick black ink coating so much of it.

Mara began the final stage of the ink's application, no longer looking at the book at all but instead staring intently at the very tip of the brush as it guided itself along loops and spirals from Anne's shoulders up onto her face. The inky pattern painted itself over both cheeks and across the bridge of her nose, but did not trespass above the cheekbones where Anne's heavy lidded eyes gazed longingly at her unwitting subjugator's adoring face. Anne tried to call out to her, but her mouth was too busy forming into a soft round "O", plush and eager and eternally suckling for the cocks she longed for her Masters to put inside her. Losing all mobility in her lips she could only let out a high pitched series of "ah ah ah." Mara, dazed, bit her lip at the siren call of her bunnygirl's need. The ink spread snakelike up across Anne's temples, framing her glazed eyes like an inverted domino mask, and  swept down her long soft rabbit ears, where it whisper cruel seductions directly into her crumbling mind.

Finally, finally, Mara swept the ink brush in one long, heavy loop around Anne's neck, closing up the latex black collar directly below her chin and stamping the final rune of ownership into an oval inky medallion. At the exact moment the last flourish sealed onto the medallion, Anne's body eased like a lover's sigh into its proper form as a seamless, blemishless, lustrous latex lovedoll. Her little quivers and shudders came completely to rest, her flesh coalesced all at once into slick glossy rubber of deepest golden black and purest snow white, her eyes dulled into limpid blue silicone gems. Her body was a perfect masterpiece of sensuous, hypnotic scrollwork. Faintly across a million miles of mindless ecstasy, the bunnydoll could hear her erstwhile girlfriend snap out of the trance, her voice sliding fluidly from confused curiosity to shock, panic, then desperation. She could feel the tiger's pendulous breasts drape across her own soft, yielding rubber shoulders as Mara reached for the spellbook, flipping frantically through the pages, looking for a reversal spell or some explanation for what had happened. Bunnydoll was dimly aware of the tigergirl's clamorous emotion, but within herself she felt only complete serenity and contentment. Her purpose now and forever was to be a lovedoll in the fae harem pits, by the grace of the tome's magic. Bunnydoll sank willingly, gratefully into an orgasmic stupor, feeling the arcane furnace within her burning away her broken little mortal mind, converting it directly into the dense odorless pheromones of the harem pits which inflamed men's passions and erased the minds of new woman slaves, slowly but inexorably reducing their brains to a thick purple goop of sexual need and obedience, just as it should be... 

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