Assorted Microfics

Pink and Teal

by DoubleGrinch

Tags: #f/nb #microfiction #pov:bottom

Pink. Fluffy and plump, like clouds made out of cotton candy. She feels as if she is floating. Touching the ground seems like a distant, forgotten necessity. She could just fly for a while.

Teal. Or maybe it's more like a pool? Pools are floaty too. Floaty, floaty. She could spend hours just lazily drifting, thoughts drifting down, down, down the drain...

Pink. This time it is sweet, bubbly. Still kinda like candy, only more...liquid? Ideas meld together. The potent cocktail overwhelms her senses. She feels dizzy, almost drunk. Are they moving? Where are they going...?

Teal. Refreshing. Like a cool shower on a hot day. She doesn't need to open her eyes. She continues drifting easily, like a–

Pink. Then teal. Faster now. Colors blending together, two powerful forces overlapping and overlaying into each other. Like a duo. Strong, teal currents and pink, powerful lust. Their alliance is too convincing to resist.

She washes away into the pink and teal, for a little while.

I had this idea to write like a wholly aesthetic, atmospheric piece, with no dialogue, to challenge myself. Then it turned into an extended buildup to a Hades reference. You can't win 'em all :P


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