by DollJoints

Tags: #cw:noncon #furry #solo #sub:female

If a pair of headphones play brainwashing noise but the only one to hear it is a deeply entranced dragoness, do they make a sound?

She doesn’t see the visor even though it’s right in front of her face. It’s not that the soft pink light isn’t reaching her eyes, though they are half-closed and not focused on anything in particular. It’s that ‘see’ implies a certain consciousness behind the seer, and right now the dragoness isn’t anywhere near conscious. For the same reason, she’s not really hearing the oscillating tones and white noise that her headphones are playing in her ears, although there’s only a few inches between them and her eardrums.

And it’s not really true to say that she’s stroking her cock. Her hand is moving up and down, up and down, up (her eyes roll up in her head a bit from pleasure) and down (her mind sinks down further into foggy oblivion), but it’s not her conscious decision. The hypnotic program is playing her like a puppet, telling her how fast to stroke, how much pressure to use. It’s even controlling when her dick throbs in her hand.

“You like showing off your scales.”

“i like showing off my scales.”

She doesn’t hear the voice. She’s essentially just talking in her sleep, even if the words she’s repeating are synthetic and whispered into her receptive mind.

“You like having a hard cock.”

“i like having a hard cock.”

She throbs in her grip, a reward for repeating the brainwashing. She shifts around a little in the plush chair (because no matter what Hollywood shows you with its rickety metal prisons, comfort is key to successfully warping someone’s mind like this), spreads her legs, sighs, sinks further into the chair and further into oblivion.

“You like shaking your ass when you walk.”

“i like shaking my ass when i walk.”

Her words are slow and slurred, and her jaw hangs open when she’s not saying these phrases that just happen to pop into her empty head for no reason.

“You like being placed into a deep trance.”

“i like being placed into a deep trance.”

“You will wear this visor again.”

“i will wear this visor again.”

“You will cum now.”

“i will c… ohhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Her climax hits her and it’s mind-blowing in every sense of the word. She paints her tits white with the remnants of her ability to think, her eyes finally drift closed, and she passes out into a dreamless sleep.


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