Sticky Situation

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #bondage #corruption #growth #microfiction #scifi #solo #latex #mindbreak

A lab experiment goes a bit wrong, and then VERY right.

Imagine a bad sci-fi movie, and then mix a bit of kink in with it. 
Listen to the scientists, y'all.

You never had much faith in the lab administrators. They weren't scientists, and they always put marketability before practicality. Thus, when they suggested that you help to create living sentient latex, again, LIVING SENTIENT LATEX, your initial response was a no, coupled with multiple explitives and profanities. You don't remember how they got you to work on the project. You didn't remember much of anything anymore.
In summary, the organism was a single supercell whose membrain had been altered to resemble the look and feel of latex. It would perform mitosis once every couple of hours, and it seemed as though it could devour mass to add to itself. There were limits, of course it couldn't eat through the glass alloy box meant to contain it, but those limits were few and far between.
You were a couple of hours into the process of observation when things began to go downhill.  Somehow, it had managed to use its own weight to fling its containment box into the air, and it shattered upon contact with the floor. Within seconds, it was throwing itself forward towards you, reaching where you stood on the far side of the room before you'd even gotten the chance to scream. 
It split into a few different pieces, two of which wrapped themselves around your ankles and knees while the third slung itself onto your mouth, sealing your lips together with a shocking level of strength. Your hands flew to your mouth in an attempt to tear it off, but it caught your fingers as they slipped into the material and held onto them tight. You couldn't scream for help, you couldn't walk, and you couldn't use your hands. You tried to pull away, but this thing was stronger than you were, and it refused to let you go.
You began to feel it on your skin. It wasn't just going through your clothes, it was eating them, adding to its mass with each fiber it consumed as it spread itself further onto your legs. 
In a panic, you tried to remove the material by scraping it against a nearby counter, but the organism did not approve of this behavior. The piece that covered your mouth spread, twisting its ends into tiny wires that you felt invading your ear. There was a moment of discomfort, but then that vanished as you felt the living wires in your head. They moved themselves into the folds of your brain, taking root like a weed. Your mind was screaming, begging for it to let you go, but then you felt every ounce of strength leave you. 
Your body remained standing, and it released your hands, but as you ordered your body to fight back you arms flopped down to your sides, motionless. Your legs also ceased their movement, standing with perfect stillness as the latex began to perform its work. Your thoughts were still there, still screaming, still trying to force your body to move, but you weren't in control anymore. 
The wires began to poke and prod. Your arms shuddered, your eyelids fluttered, a sense of hunger and fatigue came and fled in seconds, but then you felt something else in the dark of your mind. You were starting to get horny. It was small, but you quickly felt it becoming stronger and stronger, slowly corrupting your thoughts of resistance. The screams were becoming less pained and frightened, twisting and morphing into moans and shouts of desire and need. The thoughts of escape were becoming quiet, and instead you started to beg for it to release you so that you could satisfy the rapidly growing urges that were consuming your waking thoughts.
The latex was spreading; you felt it move down to your feet, eating away at your shoes and covering your feet with a rather thick layer of shiny rubber, it was crawling up between your legs to attach itself to you in such a way that shot a burst of pleasure up through your torso. A small piece flung itself up to your fingers, taking over them as well as the latex on your face was expanding, stretching, slowly moving up your face and over your eyes until you entire head was a dome of rubber, featurless and expressionless.
You were incapable of fighting back as the rubber covered the rest of you as well, and now it was sliding against your skin. You weren't sure if it was just binding itself to your skin, or becoming your skin.
Then, it began to shift and move all over, and your body would've thrashed around due to the sensations running through you if you had any control over your body; but you didn't, so instead you were left to scream and shout in your mind as your face remained still, not even twitching. It was surfing over your skin, changing and altering it. You felt it most on your face, it was tickling your lips, pulling and prodding at them. When it finally began to slide away, you were given just a small fragment of control over your body again. You looked down at the glass on the floor. Your lips were now puffy, inflated to an almost cartoonish degree while matching the new shade of your eyes, which themselves matched the color of the latex. There was a small stream of drool escaping through your mouth, an opening that was now almost impossible to close. 
The changes were happening all over your body; your hips were growing wider, and your assets were growing as well, to a ridiculous size. You should've been horrified, but the wires still in your mind were flooding your thoughts with horny arousal, causing you to be incapable of thinking anything else. You were getting wetter by the second, create a small puddle of your fluids on the ground beneath you.
You weren't certain of how much time had passed at that point. The only thing you knew was that you were horny as well, and the moment you had a bit more control over yourself, you started to toy with your new body, sinking to the floor as you rubbing your hands across yourself in an almost mindless state. You were horny, that was the only thing that you knew without having to think. Your name was still there, although it was foggy. You home address, your phone number, your personal information, all of that was full of holes, if not completely gone, and in the following minutes you were only able to remember bits and pieces of your name. You knew it had three parts, and each of them started with something called a letter? Or was it a number? Another shot of pleasure ran through you, and you forgot what you had been thinking about. Soon after that, you forgot that you'd even cared to think about it. There was pleasure all across your body, and that was all that there was, that was all that mattered. 
The latex was now free of your face, but that was the only piece of you that was visible, as the rest of your body was completely covered; not that you cared all that much, it was such a pretty color. It made you laugh as you rubber yourself further, one finger now rubbing the new erogenous zone that was your lips.
You felt the pressure begin to build in your system. Your lower body began to shake and shudder as pleasure a thousand times more intense than any you'd ever felt before began to spread like wildfire. You moaned, you shouted, you screamed as your body experienced an orgasm that wiped your mind clean of anything and everything from more than an hour ago. You were left on the floor, laughing and giggling as a new fluid escaped you. It was the same color as you were, and you saw it inching across the ground towards you. Seeing this, you reached out and grabbed it. It was the exact same organism that covered your body, and it crawled over your arm with a sense of familiarity.
You watched it until it went through mitosis, doubling its mass as it continued to crawl around. 
For the first time, a new thought crossed your mind, one that you were fairly certain you made yourself. The way you felt, it was incredible; you had never felt this amazing before. You almost felt sad, that nobody else got to feel this good, but that could easily change. 
You stood, taking the new latex to a small vent in the wall, holding it so that it could enter. Then, after a moment, you felt that your own mass was ready to undergo mitosis. You held out your arm as the mass began to grow and shift, until you had created a second mass, that also slipped into the vent systems. You had to share this with everyone you could, but that was a problem for tomorrow. For now, you sought out a dark corner of the room that you could hide in. Sitting down, you continued to play with yourself, creating more than just a few new masses over the course of the evening. Tomorrow was going to be even more fun than today; you would make sure of that.


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