Sex Mages and their Prey

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #dom:female #fantasy #femdom #futanari #microfiction #pov:bottom

You find a man cursed by a group of sex mages, but they’ve left a clue as to their location. You decide to deal with them once and for all.

This was definitely the work of sex mages, maybe even that sex cult you’d been hunting down for what felt like weeks at this point. You mixed the two liquids in your vials together to create a sort of make-shift antidote to the poison cast upon your patient’s mind, and all the while he sat in the center of the old wooden hut, furiously masturbating himself while seeming only half-present, if even that. The man had come to you begging for release, as it turned out he’d been caught by one of the mages you were looking for. Two curses had been laid upon him, one that kept his arousal from ever going down, and one that made him unable to climax. By the time he got to you, it must’ve been about a week’s worth of endurance, the poor soul.

The man was incapable of drinking your antidote at this point, and so you were forced to drip it down his throat, easing it down and massaging his neck to make it somewhat easier. There was a minute in which nothing changed, the demeanor of the broken man was still shattered in either bliss or torture, and the words that flew from their lips were barely even audible, much less understandable. However, without much warning at all, the man finally finished, spraying a thick line of cum through the air, making a mark on your floor that almost a full meter long. Days of built up pleasure really had done a number on him. You couldn’t even ask him to clean up his mess; the moment he’d finally cum, his body slumped to the side, falling off of the stool on which he was perched and slipping into a deep post-orgasm sleep. You supposed he did deserve a bit of rest.

Still, even with this man cured, or at least mostly cured, your thoughts still lingered on the cult that had done this to the poor man. It was one you’d been hunting for quite some time, several months now in fact, but every time you’d almost caught them, they slipped through your grasp. This time, however, they made a mistake. Cults don’t often target people who are far beyond their borders, and this man had the distinct scent of the rainforest radiating from his person. If they had indeed stuck close to their territory, they’d accidentally revealed to you their home. Armed with a general sense of their supposed location, it was now time to make a move.

The roof of the rainforest provided you with a perfect shadow to hide beneath, and the constant movements of the flora and fauna muffled any noise you could create, short of yelling or screaming. Visibility was low, but even so you made your way through the maze of trees without difficulty, and all the while you became more and more certain that the cult made its home here.

You hadn’t found anything concrete that would point to the presence of the cult, but rather a feeling in the back of your mind. Like a compass, it guided you forward, further and further into the heart of the forest, deeper than you’d been able to go anytime prior. You made decent progress, and before long, you heard it; music.

It was the sound of tens of voices all crying out in a swinging rhythm and scattered notes. You would readily admit that it did sound like a lovely song, but you didn’t think much more than that.

The forest eventually opened up into a clearing, as if the trees themselves had shifted the ground to make space for the group of what looked to be women from afar. It was lit with a bright bonfire whose embers didn’t dare to touch any of the green around them, as if surrounded by a sort of invisible barrier. There were wooden structures on the trees, tree houses with ropes and bridges that leapt from house to house, creating a community of homes that spiraled upwards as they ascended the trees at the edge of the clearing. How a bunch of sex-mages had built this, you weren’t certain.

On the subject of the mages themselves, they were all gathered around the dancing flames, and they shout and sang as one, moving about in a wide circle around the flame. All of them were, of course, naked, with the flickering shadows doing nothing to hide their bare features. They were built of various shapes and sizes and colors, and all of them had a rod between their legs, one that hung down in clear view, outlined by the blaze at the center of the clearing.

You’d seen people like this before, sex mages were often blessed by their god with various boons and alterations to their form, but never had you seen so many in one place. Nonetheless, you had a job to do, and you knew just how to do it.

Most cults were formed around a single matriarch, one who bore a more... enhanced blessing from their god. You could see their matriarch clearly; she was a large woman, not only in width but in height as well, and her features looked to be twice as big as the second largest assets the women had. Her skin was dark, her hair was a thick forest of heavy jet black strands, and and there were two piercings on her lower lips; little silver rings that glowed in the light of the flame. She was standing still, her eyes weren’t even close to laying on you. This was a prime opportunity.

You readied your shortbow and nocked a needlepoint arrow, pulling back the string and mentally calculating how the wind might affect your shot. You pulled the string tighter, closed one eye, and centered your aim so the arrow would go straight through the woman’s neck. You were ready to fire, but you didn’t.

Your eyes were locked on her, your fingers ready to release a devastating shot, but you couldn’t get yourself to move. Your chest began to tighten as your breathing became labored. Slowly, you felt the weight of the bowstring lessen as you replaced your bow and arrow to their place on you back. Above all, you were confused. You had the perfect shot, but you hadn’t taken it before your body had put its weapons away as if on autopilot. You had the shot, you wanted to take the shot, didn’t you? Although your weapon was no longer ready, your eyes still lingered on the imposing image of the matriarch, unable to tear themselves away. You wanted to take the shot, didn’t you? The question rang in your mind again, but this time, you didn’t have an answer.

That’s about when you heard something behind you, a small giggle that came from a small framed woman. You couldn’t turn your head to face her, but she approached you from behind. You could only see her out of the corners of your vision, as your body still refused to look anywhere else but at the outline of the matriarch. The girl then spoke to you.

“Silly,” she giggled, “do you really think that we didn’t know you were coming? Why do you think we left that scent on the man we sent your way?” You didn’t have an answer for this. In fact, you don’t think you could’ve come up with an answer, as the question was something you’d heard, but not fully absorbed. You saw her reach down to raise the lengthy dick that hung between her legs. It was drooling a small stream of glistening fluids, and she swiped a small dollop from the tip before holding it beneath your nose. “Since you seem to be so great at smelling things, how about you smell this?” Again, the request was heard, but not absorbed, but even so you took in a long breath through your nose. Then, the world became hazy.

You were standing, but more than that, you were walking. Your hand was outstretched, wrapped by the hand of the woman who’d found you, wrapped by the hand of the woman who was walking with you in obedient tow.

All the while, your eyes were still locked onto her. As the woman was guiding you, you didn’t need to use your eyes to see where you were going, but you managed to hear the sounds of growing laughter as you stepped into the clearing. You didn’t pay it much mind; although uncertain why, you didn’t care about anything you couldn’t currently see, and all you could see was her. Your heart began to race as the woman locked eyes with you for the first time; but was it truly the first time?

Memories began to pour into your mind. No, this hadn’t been the first time that the matriarch had held you in this position, your chin cupped in her powerful hands to force a maintained eye contact. In fact, this same scent had unfolded so many times, that you’d lost count of how many times you’d been graced by your matriarch’s presence.

“Well now, and here I was, thinking that you would be late.” She spoke in a voice that was deep, full, the audible equivalent of being wrapped in blankets so heavy that getting up felt impossible, and her deep violet eyes ensured that your own wouldn’t dare stray from her gaze.

“No, matriarch.” You said, beginning to remember. Yes, you’d been here before, in her presence, in her arms, with her voice filling your mind. She’d told you that she would send bait your way, that you would come to the rainforest to be with your matriarch again. You, a seasoned hunter, had taken the bait like an animal, and now the former predator was held in the hypnotic hands of their prey, although now you assumed that you were taking on the role of prey. This hunt, you remembered now that it had been going on for some time, for months, even, and now the cycle continued. You knew what to do next.

Keeping your eyes on those of your matriarch, you sunk to your knees and opened your mouth, just as you’d been trained to do. The woman standing above you smiled at you, an expression that filled your heart with a joy that you couldn’t stand the thought of forgetting. Then, she looked to your sisters, and with a whistle, she called them over.

“Come, daughters, show this ‘hunter’ out hospitality.” Your heart leapt in your chest. As everything was returning to you, you began to recall the bliss of your sisters’ hospitality, and thus began at least an hour’s worth of fun at your expense. Your training returned to you, your throat relaxed to take in as much of your sisters’ length as you could, and you opened every hole to them as a show of gratitude. There was nothing on or in your body that was off limits for them, and so their hands surveyed every inch of your skin, their tongues thrust their way into your mouth, and of course you invited them between your legs as well.

Not even a few minutes had passed before the title ‘hunter’ began to sound odd to you. It was vaguely familiar, as if it were important, but with each thrust into your body, more and more of that familiarity slipped away, replaced by the bliss of servitude. You might’ve been a hunter once, you don’t quite remember, but not anymore; this was where you belonged, with your sisters, with your matriarch, where your body could be of use and your mind could be molded into another loyal sister. Yes, this was where you wanted to be, where you needed to be, and the matriarch saw you quickly embracing your true nature. She approached you once again, and once again she held your chin in her iron grip.

“Are you enjoying yourself, hunter?” She asked. You managed to tell her that you didn’t think you were a hunter anymore, that you were a sister, and that you were loving every second of your treatment. A wide smile stretched across the matriarch’s face. “I can see that, but I want to make sure that you still remember the game we play.” You nodded with vigor, visually begging her to tell you about the game in full detail, and she obliged. “You’ve done so very well to come here, and I want to reward that. When you leave the forest tonight, what will happen?” You blurted out a response before she’d even finished her final word, telling her that you would return to thinking you were a hunter until she sent prey to bait you into returning to the forest.

“And what happens when you enter the forest?” You explained how those memories would resurface, how they would overtake the dull mindset of a hunter and replace it with such lovely thoughts and desires instead.

“Good prey.” She purred. A chill went down your spine. “Now, I do love this game we play, but it’s getting quite dull with just the two of us playing, isn’t it?” She leaned in close and whispered into your ear. “Next time, bring us a new plaything, won’t you, dear?” Again, you nodded furiously, and the thought of bringing a new sister under your matriarch only made you more eager to be baited into this same lovely trap again. “Good prey.” She said again, and then raised herself to address your sisters. “Girls, take this hunter to the edge of the forest, it’s time for a new round to begin.” She leaned back down, and opened her hand to reveal a small pile of purple dust. She inhaled, and released a soft breath that forced the purple dust into your nose and mouth. Just as you’d been trained to, you took a deep breath in, and the world went black.

You couldn’t remember what had happened last night, but you knew that your head was in a great deal of pain. Once again, the cult had slipped through your fingers. A thought occurred to you as you stood from the forest floor, that maybe you weren’t cut out to be a hunter. You weren’t certain why that thought made your chest feel tight. In any case, you begrudgingly started your walk back to your hut. Next time, you thought to yourself, you would need to bring some backup. There was a girl you knew, not the best fighter, but she was as beautiful as they come. Perhaps this would be a good training mission for her. You made a mental note to bring her along next time.


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