Roxi's New Toy

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #cw:protagonist_death #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:male #transformation #urban_fantasy

You’re out for a walk one night when you come across a beautiful woman who makes your mind go a bit fuzzy…

In the span of about an hour, I'd been turned from a normal person, into an inanimate toy.
There isn't much about the situation that I could remember now. I remember that I was out for a walk at the time it happened, and everything past that point was foggy at best. 
There had been a woman sitting on her front porch, legs crossed and hands wrapped around a cup. I cast a glance over to her as I walked past her house, but then I remember her getting up, walking towards me. At first I thought that she was just walking down the driveway, but I was wrong. She called out to me, a simple 'hey' that caught my attention and dragged by eyes to her. She was, in a word, beautiful; golden hair wrapped around a fair skinned face dotted with dark freckles. At first, the feature that stood out the most were her lips, painted dark as night, but I was quickly drawn away from her lips, instead looking at her eyes. Now, I couldn't look away.
She moved her mouth, speaking words that I couldn't hear with my ears, but that I absorbed all the same. We both stood there for a time, and while her eyes seemed to examine me from top to bottom, my own eyes were glued to hers, mesmerized by those pale silver gems, unable to look away. Once she'd finished her examination, she looked to me and smiled with radience that made me feel as though my legs would buckle beneath me.
Her mouth opened again, a single word spilling from her lips: "Follow". I walked after her, body swaying with each step as my gaze was anchored to her. I could've looked away, if I had really wanted to, but I didn't want to look away. 
She lead me into her house, although my concentration was so absolute that I almost didn't register the sound of the door closing behind me. The click of the lock, it was a small, sharp sound, like the snapping of a twig in the dark of night. I blinked, and for a moment the world around me came into focus, but this woman, this goddess, stepped in quickly to fix that. She pulled my face towards hers with a single swift motion, hand bound around my chin as she twisted me around. The moment I caught sight of her eyes, the moment she'd allowed me to gaze into them, the world fell away again. Once more, I was in the blissful pressence of the goddess that stood before me. 
Everything past that point was both sharp and dull, memories that I could easily recall that seemed to dominate every thought in my addled mind, but they were like pictures with not much between them; snapshots of bliss and peace pieced together by a fog of pleasure. I know that she brought me to her bedroom when she'd put me under her spell again, and I'd followed her there like a puppy whose owner was holding a treat. She reached out to me, and I felt her warm, smooth hands slip around mine, and they felt like a warm campfire after hours spent in the snow. I was so focused on the feeling of her skin against mine that I hadn't even noticed the change in scenery until she let go. I could look around and see the room around me, but the details, the colors, they were faded and worn compared to her radiance.
She said something again, and although I couldn't hear her words, I sunk down to my knees, my eyes remaining locked onto her, tracing the curves of her body, her breasts, her hips, her arms, every square inch of skin was another piece of this woman to become lost in as my mind attempted to piece together what was going on. It was almost annoying, the way the thoughts in the back of my mind tried to ask where I was, or what I was doing. I didn't care, but the thoughts were only becoming more intense until I heard my goddess speak again.
"Open wide for mommy." She cooed with the soft singing tone of a songbird. I opened my mouth.  "Good toy." She said. I had been a good toy, hadn't I? I had been good for mommy, and the thought made my body shudder, and the thoughts at the back of my head were finally silenced. 
Mommy softly grabbed the back of my head, sliding her cock into my mouth. I took every inch the best I could, bobbing my head up and down across her shaft. Even when her hand had left my head, I continued to use my mouth to please her. Her fingers ran through my hair, a silent praise for my dedication to her. I'd already been losing track of time, each minute feeling both like an hour and a second as the same time as my mouth was used to please her.
Soon, her cock slipped out of my mouth, leaving a trail of juices leaking from my now empty mouth. As she slid back, I almost lunged forward; watching her cock leave made my chest feel empty, I needed it, I needed her, to please her, and every second that was spent without my body being used by her only made the pressure in my chest heavier and heavier. Then, she reached down, and once again she cupped my chin with her hand. Her lips pressed against mine, and although it was just a moments worth of kiss, I felt my body go rigid as it shivered, my muscles and bones locking up as the pleasure locked my mind into statis. A few moments ago, I thought that her cock inside my throat would be the greatest pleasure imaginable, but as a smile crept to my face, even that thought began to slip away, replaced with one thing, and one thing only; desire.
I watched mommy as she removed the rest of her clothes, and I became even further captivated with her and her radiant beauty. 
Most of the rest of the evening was a blur. I know that she had layed down, and that my body had been moving on its own, my tongue tracing every inch of her divine form, my hands massagine her silky skin, my throughts devoted to her pleasure. It was like a dream, except no dream could make my heart race like this, or affect my body the way this goddess did. I was so focused on her that I wasn't even aware when I started to drool, or when her cum started to cover various areas of my body. I was bathing in ambrosia, her cum seeping its way into my skin as my mouth moved back down to her cock. My mind was empty, save for a few thoughts that would never leave me again; "serve mommy, serve goddess, worship her, please her, obey her". My thoughts were no longer my own, and if I could feel anything other than pure devotion to this goddess, it would be happiness. 
When goddess had been sufficiantly pleased, she took my hand once again, and lead me into another room. She left me in the center for some time, looking around the room with her hand on her chin, contemplating something. Eventually, she took me again and sat me down.  She rubbed my head, pet my hair, and I looked up at her as though the sight of her was oxygen for my lungs. Mommy was all I could see. 
She smiled at me.
"Don't worry," I heard her say, "I'll turn you back in about a week, but I'm sure you won't mind being a toy~"
Toy. The word overtook my head. Toy, yes, I don't mind being a toy, especially not for a goddess. I would get the opportunity to please her every time I was out. I wouldn't mind being a toy, I would get to give her pleasure, she would use me to her hearts content until her body was satisfied. It sounded wonderful, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it, and the more I liked it, the more I needed it. Yes, I wanted to be a toy, I wanted this from the beginning. I wanted to be a toy for mommy. I want to be a toy for mommy. I want to be a toy for mommy. I want to be a toy for mommy. I am a toy for mommy, I am mommy's toy, mommy's toy, mommy's toy, toy, toy, toy...

Roxi watched as the human shape bent and twisted, sinking down into the ground until it had taken the form of a dildo worthy to enter her. She watched it with a smile, and picked it up when it was done shifting according to her desire. It had always been a mystery to her, what her toys thought, or if they could think at all, but she knew that all of her toys felt nothing, if not pleasure.
Her hand moved to her mouth, and the dildo was slipped in, and out. She felt the shape in her throat, and in the back of her mind she already knew that this toy was one she would keep for a while. Maybe, one day, she could turn it back into the person it once was, maybe even have a conversation with them, but she was fairly certain that any conversation the person would be capable of having would be nothing but worshiping her. Still, it was a fun idea. 
Dildo in hand, Roxi moved to her bed. There was still plenty of fun to be had tonight.

This was one of the first stories that I wrote. It's not great, but I wanted to post it here anyways so that I could get feedback.
Just be nice when providing feedback.


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