One's Proper Place

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #bondage #D/s #microfiction #mind_control #petplay #pov:bottom #nb/nb #resistance

Despite your initial resistance, you can’t help but realize your proper place in the end.

Your legs were trembling, limbs shaking as you tried to remain on your feet, resisting the silky words that ran between your ears, but you knew you wouldn't be able to last very long. You pushed against the force of gravity as your legs felt as though they were slowly turning to liquid, but despite desperatly trying to tear yourself away from the feeling, the pendulum before you eyes was captivating, alluring, each swing back and forth taking more and more of your thoughts as your eyes were forced to follow it and your head swayed with each smooth motion. Your lips parted, a plea escaping them. You asked with a voice that couldn't grow above a whisper, for them to stop. You remembered that not a minute ago you were boasting about your resistance to the effect they had on you, and now you weren't certain how much longer your mind would remain your own. The person who held the pendulum smiled at you, a look not of malice, but of gentle amusment, like a parent watching over their child. Their eyes were full of color and grace, two bright lights set behind the swinging trinket that captivated you so completely. They spoke a single word, and your legs gave way. Your body was sent to the floor, your knees resting against the carpet. Resistance flared up within your chest, but in the back of your mind you already knew what would happen next. It was inevitable, like a strand of wheat standing against the weight of a hurricain. Each spoken word was a torrent of rain that washed more and more of yourself away as they continued to speak, and all the while your eyes were still trained on the object of your attention, a dog and her treat.
You shook your head slightly, trying to erase the image that had conjured itself in your head. You were a person, not a pet, not a dog, not a... not a... you were a person, a person! Your name was... well, that wasn't important. You just had to focus on the fact that you were a person, not a pet, a person, not a pet, person, not pet, person, not pet, not a pet, not a pet, pet, pet, pet-
You tried to erase the image in your mind again, but it kept returning like the tide to drag more of your waking thoughts into the deep abyss that was your subconscious. It was an abyss that continued to grow deeper and deeper, and the intrusive images of collars and leashes were relentless. You tried to focus on something, anything besides the images, until your attention was so captured with the pendulum that the words of the person before you weren't even being registered. Your mind was safe, safe from the thoughts and the influence. While you were focused, you were safe. You had control. You were chosing to get lost in the back and forth motion before your eyes.
You became mentally occupied, so much so that the back of your mind was becoming more and more hazy, although you couldn't bring yourself to care. You weren't interested in the thoughts past the haze began to grow, you didn't concern yourself as they began to take form and rise to the top of your head. You didn't even notice as the haze stuffed your mind with cotton fuzz, pushing out every last train of thought until all you were left with were thoughts you didn't care enough to remove yourself. 
Having lost your ability to fight back, the thoughts began to properly manifest, thoughts of dog collars and pet beds, cages, leashes, collars. The thoughts were arousing, enticing, and why shouldn't they be? They were in your mind, your own thoughts, floating about in the fog of trance while taking up all of the space that you were certain was once full of something else. You tried to think, but suddenly one of the images in your head became bright, the thought of having a collar bound around your neck, and it brough with it a sense of serenity that forced your body to relax, that forced a sense of peace through the rare cracks between your thoughts. This happened again with the image of a leash, then again as thought about how wonderful it would feel to walk on fours, and then again and again as more of the images lit up like stars; laying in a comfortable pet bed near your owners feet, being a good little pet, eating from a shiny plastic dog bowl and delivering small puppy kisses to the faces of your loved ones in the form of quick and sweet licks. There was something in the back of your mind, though, something that didn't feel quite right. It felt as though you were trying to fight back against the peace, as if you were attempting to break free of the comfort. In one swift decision, you brushed the resistance away, and your body sunk into the pleasure of acceptance.
A few more minutes passed while you were lost in a happy haze of mindlessness, but at the end of it all your thoughts were completely rearranged as the sound of a snap shattered the fog. You looked up at your owner with a bright smile, wagging your invisible tail and straining your kneeling body to be closer to them. You heard them speak, a few words that didn't make much sense, but that you were able to just barely understand. They were asking you if you enjoyed being a pet. You responded with a bark, as good doggies do, and you were a very good puppy, a good pet. You loved being a good pet; it made you feel so lovely, so carefree and blissful, and you had your owner to thank for melting your stress away. What better a way to thank them than with small puppy kisses all over their face? You did just that when they sat down, running a hand down your head and back. Then, they pulled out a leash, and your mind and body alike went crazy with the desire to be in the outside world with your owner. As they slipped a collar around your neck, you couldn't help but shake with glee, having been put in your proper place.


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