No Escape

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/nb #fantasy #microfiction #pov:bottom #brainwash #memory_play #petplay #sub:nb

You managed to escape the clutches of The Mistress, but how long can you evade her in her realm?

You'd been trying to escape for days. The details about what had happened before you woke up a few days ago were fuzzy at best, nonexistant at worst, but you knew that you had to get out of here. To call this place a mansion would be doing it a disservice; this building was more akin to a city, with winding hallways moving left and right, up and down, rooms with doors in the ceiling and the floors that would teleport halfway across the homestead if you took your eyes off of them. The space here was nigh impossible to traverse. That must've been why The Mistress, no, the bitch who'd captured you didn't bind you to a single room. The only thing that remained constant was the golden weave that marked your path out of here. It was a single strip of golden string that was unbroken, winding through the unstable space and somehow keeping it stable enough to follow. 
You shivered as you ran. The Mis- that bitch, had taken your clothes before you'd woken up, and the air was cold enough to turn your nipples solid and force goosebumps from your skin. The thick leather collar around your neck was the only protection you had against the cold. 
The rooms continued to twist around, altering the shape of the house as you ran through, but the golden weave was still there. You followed it, getting closer and closer to the end until you finally found it, and your heart turned to ice.
There was a figure standing at the end of the golden weave, a tall shadowy figure dressed in a flowing purple dress who held the end of the golden line between two sharp fingers. You'd only seen her once before, but she was instantly recognizable as The Mistress, the one who'd brought you here.
You turned to run, but the golden weave came to life and wrapped itself around you, an unbreakable binding that ensnared you around your ankles, your waist, and your shoulders. You shot her a few venomous words before the line ran into your mouth, winding up into a ball gag that silenced you almost instantly. The woman laughed with a cold sound that echoed through the room, and with a soft tug on golden weave she began to drag you forward. Your body writhed about in an attempt to escape, but at this point it was already over, even if you didn't want to accept it.
You were only able to see the golden glow that was her eyes when you were right beneath her towering form and wide brimmed purple hat, and although resisting, you were helpless when you placed a finger beneath your chin to drag it up to her. Her face drew closer, a forked tongue flicked out from between her fanged jaws, the pale talons in her mouth standing out against her starless night-sky skin. Your heart was racing, you were thrashing your head left and right, but all of that faded with two simple words.
"I win." She hissed. Her eyes flashed, and all of your movement ceased for a moment. She was right; she'd won. You didn't know what she'd won, but you knew that she was telling the truth. She'd won, you'd lost. "Did you enjoy our little game of hide and seek, pet?" She asked, the words slithering through your ears and into your brain. Your heart was still racing, but now all fear was absent, replaced with a dying excitement now that the game was over. She had won, you had lost. 
She gazed at you and smiled, a look that made you feel as though you were melting. The Mistress was looking at you, smiling at you. She tugged at the golden rope binding you, and it unwraveled into nothingness, freeing you. For a split second, your thoughts were your own again, and your body made a move to try and run. Instead of that, however, you fell to the floor, landing on your hands and knees and crawling forward towards The Mistress, rubbing your side up against her dress as a small purr escaped you. All the while, you felt her gaze on you, her beautiful eyes and radiant smile, your heart leaped as she softly laughed at you, reaching down to you and dragging the palm of her hand down from your neck to your rear, which you wagged about with glee. 
Your ability to think was beginning to slip from you, but you didn't mind all that much. Even if you could only hold one thought at a time, why would you need to hold any thought besides that which your mistress gave you? Your thoughts gently flew away before you could answer the question, and seconds later you forgot what the question even was. You looked to the mistress, love in your eyes as you sat on the floor and stared up at her with a smile. She was the most beautiful thing in a beautiful house, you loved your mistress. She was kind, gracious, fun, beautiful, she was everything that you needed.
Her dress was lifted from the ground, and a long winding tail snaked its way from beneath it. The appendage wrapped itself around you, the scales nice and cool to the touch, just how The Mistress liked it, and thus, just how you liked it as well.
Even as she began to move, slithering out of the room and into the endless hallways, your eyes remained on her. She was gorgeous, and ever glance she cast back at you, wrapped in her winding tail like prey, made your head flip in your chest.
Now, you began to remember, and you knew what was going to happen next. Mistress would bring you back to your cage to give you back your leash, and then she would make some delectable food for you, and you would eat every ounce of whatever mistress was kind enough to feed you. You remembered in disgust the times when you actually tried to reject the food she'd prepared for you. That had been before she'd cured you, and now you would gladly gobble down anything she would cast to the floor for you to have. It would be rude to reject such an incredible gift. 
Drawing closer to the room that held your cage, your thoughts became even more obsessive of your mistress. The hallways were beginning to fade away, the rooms and the doorways that led to them might as well have not even been there. You only saw your wonderful mistress, your powerful goddess, the woman who had given you a perfect life as her loyal pet, a title you wore with pride.
Even as you felt your collar being secured again around your neck, you only saw her mesmerizing eyes. She attached the collar, but you only felt the smoothness of her perfect hands on your skin. Then, she called you a good pet, and your body convulsed with a powerful orgasm. Good pet, you were a good pet, her good pet, you loved being a good pet, you loved being her good pet, such a good pet, a very good pet, good pet, good pet, good pet, good pet, good pet, good pet-

When mistress took away your leash for another game of hide and seek, you felt your heart drop, but that changed when she lifted your face to look into hers. She explained that you would only be sad for a moment, because when she caught you, you would get to break for her all over again. The mere thought of falling for her again filled you with excitement. She then told you that one day, she might tire of playing the same game for months on end, but even after losing count of how many times she'd caught you, you were still a great source of entertainment for her. You beamed at her with pride, and then she forced your eyes to look deep into hers, and you felt the world fall away.
The last thought you had before everything faded, was that you couldn't wait to be caught by your mistress again.


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