Infinite Intimate Inventory

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #cw:protagonist_death #exhibitionism #fantasy #latex #microfiction #solo #transformation

You’re given a special key that leads you to a world of infinite sex toys… Just be glad it’s not Ikea, that would be a very different story.

This story is part of a growing collection, which will grow in scope as new parts come out.

It was fairly innoculous; an old and dusty metal key that twisted and wound about itself like tree roots before ending in a large bit that wouldn't fit into any lock that you knew of, not off the top of your head anyways. The instructions that you'd been given were simple; tap the key against the door, and it would bring you someplace special. You were warned to be careful, however. The first door you saw when you were alone was the one you tapped, and you entered into what felt like a new world. 
Black tile flooring seperated two massive grey brick walls, all of which was lit with buzzing purple flourescent lights hanging so far above your head that their shape was almost lost in their glow. It was a sex shop, but not like any other you'd ever seen. For one, there wasn't a single price tag in sight, and although you looked all around you were unable to spot any counter, and there was no cashier to work the counter anyways. It seemed as though you were left to your own devices.
You looked around. You couldn't see the back of the building no matter how far you walked, and the shelves were stocked from top to bottom with toys and tools, some of which didn't even look possible for a human to use.
One of the main things that drew your attention, however, was the occasional mannequin that stood in the middle of the long walkways and between the isles. They were of varying shapes and sizes, and almost every single one of them had a toy in their hands, and a latex catsuit on their person. They were shiny, colorful, and seeing yourself in their reflection was somewhat arousing. 
Eventually, you managed to reach an isle that held nothing but latex catsuits that vanished into the black void ahead of you. There were so many that you could try them on for days and days without exhausting even a fraction of the supply. But you tried anyways. You slipped into one outfit after another, and found that each one you wore altered your body to fit its shape. Some had breasts that reached your stomach, others were weighed down at the front with a cock bigger than any you'd ever seen. Some even had wings, tails, and every transformation your body experienced made you further and further numb to the passage of time. When you'd slipped into an outfit that gave you an extra set of limbs to massage yourself with, you hadn't realized that you'd been there for hours. When you were wearing a suit with a long fluffy tail that acted on its own to wrap itself around you like a blanket, you hadn't realized that you weren't even hungry.  Even when you'd been there for days, you were too blissed out from the pleasure of all of the changes to realize it. 
Time had lost all meaning, so telling you how many weeks had passed would be pointless, but eventually you found a rather unique suit. It was pure white, slightly thicker than the rest, and everywhere it touched made that specific part of your body buzz as though it were having an orgasm. You were too excited to think about it before stuffing yourself into it, and that's when it started.
Every inch of your body beneath your neck was buzzing, a constant buildup to a full body orgasm that never came, that instead left you writhing and almost unable to stand. You stepped around trying to maintain balance, but eventually you were forced to your knees by the sheer pleasure of the latex on your skin. Then, it began to grow.
You felt it begin to slide up your neck, bringing with it the sensation that cleared your mind of any intelligent thought. It grew like moss over stone, slowly making its way up past your chin, over your mouth, over your nose, to the top of your head. Had you been at all in control, you might've panicked as your airways were covered by the latex, but while it stopped you from breathing, it also made it to where you didn't need to breathe in the first place. 
There you were, forced to your knees and rubbing your hands all over your pale rubber body, amplifying the pleasure wherever you touched, and eventually you just started to masturbate, a feeling that amplified almost to the point of numbness, but just far enough that it was earthshattering. 
The pleasure never stopped, never growing any weaker or stronger, but the suit wasn't done with you. It began to move you around, rising to your feet and moving you forward to the front of the latex catsuit isle. You were far too broken to even notice, and even if you had noticed, you wouldn't have been able to resist. It was stronger than you in every way. You weren't in control anymore. 
You continued to pleasure yourself as it walked to to its destination; at this point you were too broken to do anything else. Once it had taken you where it had wanted you to go, it froze. You could still move your arms, but your legs were stuck to the ground. The feeling moved further up your legs, and even with your incoherent thoughts you began to realize that you couldn't move your legs, or your hips. Your hands were slowing down as well, and before you knew it, they couldn't move at all.
You managed to cry out just once before the effect stretched from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Completely imobile, all you could do was listen as the latex began to speak to you.
At first, you managed to block it out: the pleasure was still there, but you were able to fight back, but the more you listened, the more you started to see reason. It told you that you were perfect, it told you looked gorgeous on display as you were now. You were unable to fight it for long, and eventually you found yourself agreeing with it, even repeating the phrases to yourself, locking them inside your head as your thoughts themselves began to freeze in place as your body had. When the last of your thoughts were frozen, the only idea that remained to think about was how pretty you looked out on display.
After a while, the latex seperated itself from your smooth, white plastic skin. It seemed a bit larger than before as it tore itself off of you, but then it split, most of it forming back into the latex suit that then stuck itself to the wall with the others, replacing all of the suits you'd taken down, while the smaller bit formed itself into a small pink vibrator before rolling off to hide itself among the rest of the toys.
You were left standing with one hand between your legs while a forced smile was traced on your lips.
You may not be able to think anymore, but don't worry; you're in the company of hundreds of other mannequins who used to be just like you. Plus, your essence has now been turned into a toy that might just bring another friend to stand perfectly still with, one that might even freeze close enough for you to see and admire for a few decades.
I think you'll enjoy your time here, don't you?

Again, this is an early work. Be nice with your comments but feel free to leave feedback!


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