Doll Delivery

Chapter 2

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #clockwork_doll #dollification #dom:female #microfiction #urban_fantasy

With the key in your back, every memory that you’d had before entering the house had up and vanished like leaves in the wind. Now the branches of your mind were barren of thought and will, decorated only with the thoughts and images that your new mistress had planted there herself. You didn’t need any of your own, not when she was there to provide you with everything you needed in order to properly serve her, and as you put the last of mistress’ dishes away, you proceeded to report to her that another task was done, and that you were ready for another.

You’d been there for hours now, although the passage of time wasn’t even something you were willing to acknowledge; it just took up space that could be occupied by orders and lists of tasks and ways to please your mistress. You thought it best that you were unable to keep thoughts of any other subject in your mind for any length of time. The only thoughts or ideas you needed were those planted by your mistress.

She was waiting for you in the attic, readjusting your case. You’d already spent some time behind the glass, propped up in a proper pose to keep you from slouching over while you weren’t wound up, although it was difficult to fully recall what happened in the time you weren’t active. She looked to you as you entered the room, and she flashed you that same wide smile that shone her three missing teeth. It was a smile that filled you with joy; why else would she smile at you, other than to show you that you’d been good?

“The dishes are done, mistress.” You said, with either a bow or a curtsey.

“Good doll.” She said, and she walked over to you to plant a small kiss on your cheek, wrapping her arms around your shoulders before separating herself from your still form. “How much time is left on your clock?”

“8 minutes, 23 seconds remaining.” You gladly answered, although the thought of not answering wasn’t one that even existed to you.

“And you’ve done all the chores I’ve asked you to do?”

“The laundry is washed, dried, and folded, the dining room and kitchen have been fully dusted and reordered, and the dishes have been put away.” Each task you listed brought with it a small sense of satisfaction, having completed each one to the best of your ability in order to please your mistress.

“Good doll.” She replied, before moving to a seat at the end of the room, just beneath a circular window that lit the attic. “Come here, doll.” She said, and you obeyed.

She directed you to kneel before her as she removed her pants, lifted her legs, and spread them, laying them over the armrests. The lips of her pussy were now bathing in fresh air and sunlight, the tiny drops across her folds glowing and glistening. You still knelt, not having been told to do anything else, but your mouth began to water, and your eyes were trained on the treasure that sat before you, waiting to be enjoyed as soon as mistress said the word; but she never did. Instead, she looked at you as you knelt in position, the way your arms and legs shivered making it crystal clear what you wanted, but you didn’t dare act without express permission.

“Do you like what you see?” Mistress asked.

“Yes mistress.” You said, although you couldn’t tear your eyes away in order to meet hers.

“Do you want it?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Then why don’t you take it?”

“I haven’t yet received permission, mistress.”

“And what if I don’t give you permission?” This was a question you didn’t exactly have an answer to, but you knew that you wouldn’t move if you hadn’t been told to, and so your desire sat so close to you that you could taste the scent in the air, as if the universe itself were trying to tease and tempt you. Still, you wouldn’t move, no matter how much you shivered with desire, or how much her scent fogged your mind. It was impossible to think of anything else, and so your eyes remained locked as each minute became more torturous. Then, she spoke.

“Go on, be a good dolly and eat me out.” She’d finally provided you with an order, one that would be impossible to disobey even if you could think for yourself. You leaned in, moving yourself forward to be in a better position to taste her, to please her, but you hadn’t even tapped your tongue against her folds before you started- to feel as- though your bo-dy was mo-ving through hon--ey, and- your- thoughts- qui-ckly- foll-owed

Your body leaned forward, and your nose entered her before you’d even gotten to taste her. The desire to please her, to accept her gift, was still there, but your body wouldn’t move, and for some reason the memory of what you’d been doing just a moment ago was fuzzy, as though it had been put on pause in the peripherals of your mind. The memory lingered, and you knew that time was passing all the while, but each second that passed was a second that was forgotten.

Some time later, (maybe it was a minute or maybe it was an hour, you couldn’t tell) you felt your mistress’ hands on your back. She wound her fingers around the old twisting key in your back, and after a few twists, you felt your memories and body resume, as if your entire being had been put on pause, too.

Your mouth dove between her legs, taking in her scent and taste. It was addictive, so much so that you only separated yourself from her to breathe, and even that was made short to spend more time in the heaven she’d offered you, and as the sound of her moans and pleasured breaths rose above the noise you were making between her legs, the sensations in your mind were magnified, made all the better by knowing that your mistress was being pleased.

It felt as though you’d been paused again, except you were still able to move and hold your mistress’ thoughts. It was only your sense of time that was stalled as you indulged yourself further.

The sunlight streaming in had turned from white to gold by the time you’d stopped, and you’d only done so at the whim of your mistress, after her body shook and her voice cried out in climax. The both of you were left without breath, and as you obediently sat still, still gazing at her slick folds with desire and anticipation, but soon enough your mistress rose to her feet and slipped back into her pants and panties.

“Doll, come.” She said, and you rose to follow her. She led you back to your case, the wooden box with the glass windowed door that you’d stayed in while you were inactive. She stopped, turned to you, and placed a hand on your chin. Being taller than you, she was able to tilt your head upwards to look at her. “Did you enjoy yourself, doll?” She asked, pulling you closer and running her hand through your hair. You answered honestly.

“Yes mistress, so much mistress.” Still under the effect of the aphrodisiac that was her scent, your answer came out as a gasping breath.

“Good doll.” She replied. “You’ve been a good doll for me today, cleaning my house and tending to me. Have you enjoyed being my doll today?”

“Yes mistress, I loved it, mistress.”

“I’m very glad to hear that.” She reached to your back and tapped against your key. With a few swift movements, she removed it, and all at once your world began to come back to you. It was a huge influx of information, your job, your name, your life, everything. It was like an assault on your mind alleviated only by the powerful arms around you, wrapped tightly to bind you to the chest of the woman who held you.

Although it had felt longer, your mind returned to you in the span of an instant, and the events of the day came back to you in full force. You’d come to deliver a package to the house, but all through the day you’d been doing laundry and dishes and cleaning as though it were your full time job, yet somehow, there was an absence of the anger you thought you’d feel. The woman still held you in her arms, running her hand along your head for a few moments before separating herself from you.

“There you go.” She said. “How do you feel?” Your words came out stammered and confused. In response, she simply hugged you again. “I told you I’d been hearing your wishes.” She hummed. “Was that all you desired?” Even if you’d wanted to, you didn’t feel as though it was possible to lie to this woman. You nodded slowly, sinking into her embrace. She softly laughed as she held you with almost crushing force. “Then how would you like to make this a weekly thing? Your job is stressful, I’ve sensed your stress for a long time. It would be good of you to unwind.”

There were so many questions floating around in your head, such as who this woman was and how she knew anything about your fantasies or desires, but rather than voice any of them, you nodded, unable to find the proper words to express yourself with. Then, she let you go, holding you at arms length with her hands gripped on your shoulders.

“Then you’ll come by tomorrow at noon so we can discuss your duties, understand?” You said the first words that came to mind.

“Yes mistress.” You replied, but then immediately stumbled into saying ‘ma’am’ instead, but the woman grabbed your chin and raised it sharply, forcing you to look into her eyes again.

“Doll will use proper titles when addressing me, understand?” This time, the words poured from your mouth.

“Yes mistress!” She held your chin, and gaze, for a moment before cracking into a slim smile.

“Good doll.” She said, before slowly releasing you from her grip. “Leave your uniform here so I can have it washed before you come by. I have your clothes folded in my bathroom. You can see yourself out while I tidy up the space a bit.” You thanked her before nervously turning to do as she’d asked, but she stopped with her voice.

“Ah ah, I said leave your uniform here.” She ordered, then clarified. “I want to get one last look at my doll before next time. Go on, out of that.” Although hesitant, you did as you were asked. You didn’t think you could have disobeyed, either, and so you slipped out of your uniform and left the attic.

Just as your mistress had said, your clothes were neatly folded in her bathroom, and after getting dressed, you stole one last look up the stairs that led to the attic. You could hear your mistress walking around up there. When you opened the door to leave, the last thought you had was to clear your schedule for noon tomorrow, and the rest of the day after that. Your heart had already sped up again just thinking about it, and even having just closed the door to return to your car, you couldn’t wait to see your mistress again.


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