An Investigation Cut Short

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #dom:female #microfiction #mind_control #sub:female #sub:male #urban_fantasy #hypnotic_eyes #resistance

Two police officers descend into an odd and unrealistic basement, looking for a kidnapper. In the end, however, they discover something more; purpose.

The two detectives made their way down the stone staircase that led into the wooden cage that was the unfinished basement. The missing persons investigation had led them to this unfinished house, and after having searched the area above the ground, they turned their attention to what lay beneath. 

There were two of them, a male and a female, both outfitted in standard police attire, weapons drawn and lowered. They knew nothing about who had been kidnapping all of these people, but whoever they were, there was a high likelyhood that they were armed. There was never any sign of resistance at the sites of the kidnapping, as if they'd walked out on their own. The count was up to 15 people by now, 15 people kidnapped off of the street by the sick bastard behind it all.

The basement was dark, and two flashlight beams could only do so much to illuminate the room they entered. From the main basement, there were two pathways, one to the left, one to the right. The man went left, the woman went right.

The man's attention was kept infront of him at all times, constantly scanning the half-finished rooms for any sign of movement, but he wasn't able to pick anything up. The rooms just kept going, deeper and deeper into the ground in the same direction, a long corridor that had been ripped apart and messily put back together.
His focus was ahead of him at all times, so of course when something snuck up behind him, he didn't realize it until it was too late.

"Hey." Said a smooth voice from behind. He turned around, only to recieve a wound up punch straight to the front of his face. Pain ripped through him as he stumbled backwards, growling in pain as the woman who'd hit him snatched his gun out of his hands, and delivered one more powerful punch to his stomach to knock him to the floor. He didn't have any time to recover before the woman sat on his lap, facing him, and wrapping her arms and legs behind him to keep his arms from moving.

She was dark skinned, with darker freckles dotting her face. Her green eyes were glowing, and the long tongue she flicked from her mouth was forked like that of a snake. She hissed, grinning ear to ear at her prey, who could barely muster a word.

"Who-" He tried, but the woman laid a finger against his lips. As his eyes adjusted, he saw that the busty woman was wearing no clothes at all.

She tilted his head upwards, grabbing it with a force that he couldn't fight back against, and she stared into his eyes. Then, her own eyes began to change.
Even when he closed his eyes, he could still see the glow of hers piercing through the dark or his eyelids. They colors began to flash in her eyes, starting outside and moving in towards her pupil.

"Shhhh." She hissed, keeping her long and sharp nailed hands on his face. He couldn't look away; her grip on him was stronger than it should've been. He was still weak from the beating he'd taken but this woman had remarkable strength that she used to keep his head in place, and his sight diving straight into her shifting eyes. At first, the process was a slow one, but it began to pick up over time. The glow in her eyes became more intense as she brought her face closer to that of her prey, eventually pressing her face against his, their eyes less than an inch apart.
The man was trying to fight back, his arms were moving, struggling, fighting to escape, but as time went on those movements became less and less. His eyes lost their focus, sliding half shut as his mouth hung open. Even his legs, which had been struggling before, now remained perfectly still. 

The woman's arms and legs fell from around his body, and she freed him from her grasp, but he remained still, trapped in her gaze, sitting against the wall as though he were still caged. The woman smiled; another soul captured, another person's free will to devour. Still, she decided that she would have a bit of fun first.

"Ssssstrip." She hissed, her smile only growing wider. It took a moment for the command to register, but he did as he was told, rising from the ground and removing all of his clothing before sitting right back where he was. She moved around him, looking at him and watching his stillness as though expecting him to move on his own again. However, as she knelt down and started to stroke his growing length, his expression and the vacancy in his eyes told her that he wouldn't be 'waking up' anytime soon. 

She watched as he grew in her hands, eyes growing hungry as she continued to stroke him. There was a temptation in the back of her mind, a desire to give in and feed from him now, but no; there was something else she wanted to do first.

A shout came from across the basement, and the woman turned in the direction it had come from. It was the voice of her partner. He'd found something, and he was now calling her to come and look for herself. Relieved that she wouldn't have to walk through this place alone for a while, she made her way over to him.

After a minute and a half of walking, she finally made it to the room, and was rendered speechless the moment she saw her partner.

He was on the floor, one hand wrapped around his rod and quickly stroking up and down. The expression on his face was an empty one, but it was clear he was lost in some sort of daze or trance. Even as she called out to him, he showed no sign of having heard her.

He stroked himself faster, and right infront of the female cop he burst a stream of cum into the air. It landed on his bare chest, and left the man breathless, but less than a minute later, his hand was going at it again, stroking as though he hadn't just had what looked like his second or third orgasm.

The woman turned around and tried to run, but the moment she turned around, a dark skinned green eyed woman wrapped her arms around her, their faces touching as the green eyed girl hugged her new prey so close that there was virtually no seperation between them.

Just as it had happened before, her eyes began to change their color, a slow inward moving ring that became faster and faster. Just as her partner had, she quickly found out that she didn't have the strength to escape her captor.
A minute passed, and her resistance both physical and mental was reduced to almost nothing. One more minute later, she was still as stone, staring at the shifting colors with half closed eyes. She was lowered to the floor, where she stood wavering, without any direction or order.

Two police had entered Met'alai's lair, and two brainwashed slaves would soon be leaving. She flicked her tongue from her grinning lips, satisfied with her catch. They were both naked, their hands on each other's crotch as they masturbated each other, rather than themselves. No matter how many times they would cum, they would continue until they were told to stop. It was fun to watch, but she did want to make sure that they were fully under her control. 

She placed a long and sharp nailed finger against their foreheads, and a light blue glow emerged from them both, swirling around her finger and up her arms until the stream entered her nose. She inhaled it as it became a cloud, and the glow of her eyes grew even more. She'd had many meals over the past few weeks, but the free will she'd just feasted on really was something special. 

"Can you two hear me?" She asked.

"Yes." They said at once. 

"Good. When you get back to your station, you'll steer them as far away from here as you can, understand?" Again, they both provided the same answer.


"Once that's done, bring me your police chief. Having one of those under my control would make things much easier."


"And when all of that is done, I'll let you meet those people you were looking for, all 15 of them. You'll really love them, you all have so much in common, like being my new slaves!" She thought on this for a moment. "Well, that is the only real thing you have in common anymore, but that's really all you need anyways." Without a question or an order to respond to, the two former individuals remained silent, focused on their current task. Met'alai watched them, wanting to send them off, but she didn't feel like resisting her hunger anymore.

"I'll let the two of you go soon," she said, "but first, come with me; I want to have some fun."

"Yes." They stood up, and without any resistance they followed their new owner into the dark of the basement. They would've been looking forward to their new lives, if they had the ability to think, but for now, their only thought was to obey, and that was the only thought they would need ever again.

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