Martin's Cock

by DistantMoons

Tags: #cock_hypnosis #m/nb #nonbinary_character #pov:bottom #strap_on #neopronouns #realistic #transgender_characters

Rae loves cocks and Martin loves hypnosis, so Martin hypnotizes Rae with his strap-on cock.

This story has a transgender male top and a nonbinary bottom. The nonbinary person uses neopronouns (e/em/eir).

Rae had always been a slut for cocks, flesh and silicone alike. E thought about all sorts of cocks, all the time: straight, curved, slender, thick, short, long, soft, hard. Rae particularly loved the look of a huge cock, one that could stretch eir front hole nice and tight. But when it came to actually fitting such a big cock inside of Rae, eir body wouldn’t quite yield.

Fortunately, Rae’s new boyfriend Martin had a number of strap-on cocks of varying sizes. They had started with a slender, beautifully curved blue dick, that Rae had taken easily and eagerly, in eir mouth and in eir cunt. Just the thought of it made Rae feel horny right now.

Martin would come into the bedroom any minute now, but Rae was impatient. E was tempted to set aside the game on eir phone right now and start touching emself. Only the silly, stubborn desire to stay in control as long as e could made Rae resist.

Because while Rae had always been a slut for cocks, it was only recently that e had become literally mesmerized by one.

Martin had been open about his hypnosis kink from the beginning. When Rae shared on that first date over sweet tea that e was just as enthusiastic about cocks – like, thought about them every time that e masturbated – Martin had pointed out the obvious angle to explore his kink in a way that’d appeal to Rae: cock hypnosis.

They spent a few dates learning each others’ bodies and body language before Martin tried to hypnotize Rae with that appealing blue dildo. It had worked surprisingly well and they had done a few more sessions since. Each time, Rae was very aroused yet slightly annoyed by how effective it was.

The hinge of the bedroom door squeaked and Rae turned off eir phone immediately.

Martin walked in pantless. Rae was vaguely aware that he was shirtless as well, his strong arms and hairy chest naked, but eir attention focused on the bold bulge underneath Martin’s navy boxer briefs.

E could only see the outline obscured by fabric, but that was definitely not the usual strap-on cock that Martin had been hypnotizing Rae with. Anticipatory lust coursed through em, and e immediately pulled off eir loose shirt and started to wriggle out of eir panties.

“See something of interest?” Martin asked as he came up to the bed, hoisting one argyle-stockinged foot onto the bed and placing his hands on his hips.

Rae blushed and gently threw a pillow at him. He hadn’t even started hypnotizing Rae yet today, and here e was already fixated on his cock. When e looked up to glare at Martin, e saw he was chuckling as he tossed the pillow aside.

“Look, just because you’ve conditioned me to be a little mesmerized by the sight of your dildo doesn’t mean you can be all cheesy about it!” said Rae. E stuck eir tongue out at Martin, though e also leaned in, placing a hand on his bent knee.

And eir eyes slid right back down to Martin’s cock.

“You didn’t need that much conditioning, clearly,” said Martin. “And besides, we wouldn’t have gotten nearly this far if you couldn’t handle me being cheesy sometimes.”

Martin leaned down and gave Rae a peck on the forehead before pulling back and conspicuously running a hand down his crotch. Rae watched as his fingers traced the outline of his dick, firm and tantalizing behind just one small piece of clothing. E resisted the urge to reach out and touch it with eir own hand, to feel just how big it was.

As if he could read eir mind, Martin circled his thumb over the tip of his cock through the fabric of his underwear. Rae tried half-heartedly to appreciate the gentle curve of his hairy stomach, the sharp hints of his hipbones, the muscles of his thighs. But eir eyes kept sliding to his cock.

“Don’t you want it?” Martin asked, gripping the length – longer than usual, Rae thought with a fresh surge of desire – and squeezing gently. “Tell me if you want my cock.”

“Yesss,” exhaled Rae. E felt warm between eir legs, thinking about just how that length would feel if it slipped inside of em. “Yes, I want your cock.”

“On your knees it is then,” Martin said. “Look at my cock.”

Rae didn’t need to be told as e knelt, looking with naked desire at that fabric-covered bulge. Some distant part of Rae was a little exasperated with just how easily e fell into erotic trance. E was a proud cock slut, but e’d never been a mindless one before Martin.

But there was no point in delaying now. All Rae wanted was that smooth cock that lay just beneath Martin’s underwear.

“Just listen to my voice, and obey,” said Martin.

And finally, Martin pulled the silicone cock out of the flap in his boxers. The dick was beautiful: subtly marbled emerald and perhaps seven inches long. It wasn’t so wide that it was intimidating, but nor was as modest as the one Martin had previously used. Rae’s hole clenched in anticipation.

“There’s nothing on your mind except for my cock.”

Martin’s words felt far away, even though somehow Rae knew he was just above em. Eir world now revolved around that long, green cock.

“Nothing on your mind except for my cock,” Martin repeated. “There’s nothing in the world that can distract you from my cock. You desire my cock more than anything, and when you see it, all you can think about is how you want to touch it, lick it, worship it.”

“I want to touch your cock, lick your cock, worship your cock,” Rae recited.

E knew e’d said those words before. But more importantly, e knew how true they were as e stared at Martin’s cock and salivated. E could just imagine how it would feel under eir tongue, how it would stretch just right in eir hole.

Here in the bedroom with Martin, Rae was just a cock-hungry slut entranced by desire. All Rae could think about now was taking good care of Martin’s cock.

“You may worship it,” Martin said.

Rae immediately took the tip of the cock into eir mouth, swirling eir tongue around the rounded tip. It was deliciously smooth and warmer on one side than the other from where it’d been pressed against Martin’s skin. Rae bobbed eir head enthusiastically, the cock sliding in and popping back out of eir mouth. E took it in eir mouth again and again, sweeping eir tongue along the bottom like e would with a flesh cock, as if teasing a sensitive frenulum.

Eir eyes couldn’t flutter up to Martin. Instead, Rae got nearly cross-eyed trying to keep eir gaze on the base of the cock coming out of of Martin’s underwear. It was easy to lose emself in the rhythm, to think of nothing but that cock. As e dipped in close, e could smell a deeper level of Martin’s desire than just his sweat.

A couple of times early on, Rae nearly choked. E was used to being able to get eir lips down against Martin’s boxers from the previous sessions. But this cock was longer, and e had to temper eir impulses, which only made eir cunt ache more fiercely.

Rae steadied emself with a hand on Martin’s hip and the other against the side of the bedframe, sucking cock with increasing ease while wishing more and more that e was being fucked with this cock. E could imagine how satisfying it’d feel inside of em, how it’d offer a feeling of fullness that Martin’s usual gentle cock couldn’t quite bring.

Rae could ask. Just pull eir mouth away and beg Martin to fuck em. He was so kind, he usually obliged em, especially when e begged nicely. If e wasn’t wet enough now, e would be soon. E took the hand from Martin’s hip away to place between eir own legs.

E was definitely wet enough, slick and warm under eir own hand, and it made em want cock even more.

Distantly, Rae was aware of Martin murmuring gently, and his hand in eir hair. Rae loved his queer masculine energy and the testosterone-thick scent of his crotch. But right now what Rae loved most was that cock. It was Martin’s and in this wonderful moment, it was also Rae’s.

Rae slipped a finger inside eir front hole before e was even fully aware of it. It felt good but disappointing, tantalizing like sweetened tea when e was craving honey. E pressed another finger in easily, rubbing against the front wall and desperately wanting Martin’s cock to be pressing there instead.

And suddenly, Martin was pulling eir mouth away. Rae tried to keep eir lips around his cock, but reluctantly e was separated from his cock and able to see the whole length again. Oh, gazing at that handsome cock…

“Come up for me,” Martin said, caressing Rae’s cheek. E nipped at him half-heartedly, eyes fixed on that wonderful emerald cock. “Yes, you’re here again now, but when I count to three, your eyes will shut and you’ll fall even deeper into trance.

“One, watch my cock, focus on my cock. There’s only one thing on your mind: my cock.”

It was true: There was only Martin’s cock.

“Two, you want my cock so much. You want it to fill you up right now, yes, deep inside of your mind and deep inside of your cunt.”

Rae flushed with need, shoving eir fingers as deep inside as e could.

“Three – Deep into trance, deep into cock obsession, deep down, down you go.”

Rae’s eyes fluttered shut and e fell gently against Martin’s crotch, cock against eir cheek damp with eir adoring spit.

“Tell me what you want to do with my cock,” Martin said. It was a question and a command and a sweet release all at once.

“I want your cock inside of my cunt,” said Rae, naked and honest. “Please let me take this beautiful cock inside of my cunt.”

“Why should you get to have this wonderful cock?”

“Because I need it,” Rae moaned. E could think of nothing but cock, and eir body yearned for it. “Damn, I just need cock. I’m wet and aching, and there’s nothing I want more than your cock right now.”

Drop,” commanded Martin. “Deep into sleep, obeying my voice.”

Rae was well-trained. Eir desperate frustration dissipated as e sank into obedience, dropping everything else out of eir mind. Everything except that cock, pressed against eir lips.

“Now, open your eyes.”

Rae’s eyes opened to the glorious sight of Martin’s cock. E was awake and utterly fixated.

“Get up.”

Rae pulled emself up, though e kept eir gaze on that cock.

“Now, lie down on the bed face up, and grab your ankles in your hands.”

Rae tried – and managed, clumsily – to position emself so that e didn’t have to look away from the cock. Just with eir peripherial vision, Rae knew that Martin was watching with open amusement, but e just couldn’t look away. Even when e knew it was ridiculous on some level, eir brain kept getting stuck on that cock and refusing to entertain other priorities.

Rae laid back but didn’t relax entirely; if e did, e might lose sight of Martin’s cock. Every second of deprival seemed to stretch out lazily as Rae gripped eir ankles. E was bare and wet, and more desperate than anything to get that smooth dick inside of em.

“All you can think about is this cock, isn’t it?” Martin stood beside the bed, running his hand up the long, smooth shaft. Rae’s hole clenched with desire again and again as e watched em.

E was too entranced by that brilliant green cock to protest. That wonderful cock, just thick enough to be exciting to Rae’s shy cunt, just so close now.

“Your cock is all I can think about,” answered Rae.

Distantly, Rae knew e’d said it before, and felt pleased e’d said it again. Martin had worked with Rae to deepen eir passion and need for cock through trance, and every time it worked better. Every time, Rae wanted that cock more and more desperately.

“Tell me where you want me to put my cock,” said Martin.

“I want your cock in my cunt, deep inside of me,” breathed Rae.

Finally, Martin climbed onto the bed, the dildo bouncing as he moved.

Rae’s cunt undulated in anticipation, feeling eir wetness slickening the entrance and dripping down eir ass. E knew Martin was looking at em, but by now e didn’t even consider looking at his face: both eir eyes were contemplating that cock, now so close, so deliciously close.

“Do you think you’re ready for me? This cock is pretty big.”

“Yes, please, Martin, put your big cock in me.” Martin was moving closer, but it wasn’t enough, damn, Rae wanted that cock inside em.

“When I slide this cock inside of you,” Martin said, “you will fall deep into sleep. Your eyes will be closed, and your mind will be empty of anything except pleasure. With every thrust of my cock, you’ll be hypnotized. Every movement of my cock will feel so fucking good to you, and your desire for cock will be ingrained deeper into your mind.”

Rae nodded, trying to stay calm. Part of em still squirmed internally, wanting to grab that cock, to pull it inside of em, but e couldn’t. E could only listen to Martin’s words, watch Martin’s cock, and be consumed by eir primal, excruciating desire.

“And I’ll keep fucking you until you have an orgasm for me, until I feel you come hard around my cock,” said Martin. “You’ll keep your eyes closed until the cock is completely pulled out of you, at which point you will wake up feeling blissful and satiated. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Rae swallowed, trying to find enough words to answer Martin – e knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with one word. “Once the cock slides inside of me, I’ll be hypnotized even deeper, not through my eyes but through my cunt.”

“Very good,” Martin said, dipping his hips lower. Rae craned eir neck to see the tip of his cock, held right up against eir entrance. “Now, sleep. Going so deep…”

Rae sunk down, deep down into eir body. Martin thrust inside of em and pleasure radiated from eir gloriously full cunt, feeling that perfect cock.

It so thick and satisfying, filling Rae up just right. Rae’s entire body felt alive with bliss, from eir slick thighs under Martin’s warm hands to eir chest tickled by Martin’s breath.

“You’re a good slut for my cock,” said Martin as he thrust, and Rae knew it was true. “You’re so wet, so eager for this cock.”

Rae clenched eir ankles tighter, but let the rest of eir body stay relaxed. E couldn’t get enough of Martin’s cock, it was true. E didn’t want to be anywhere but here, couldn’t imagine anything outside of this bed as Martin kept fucking em.

“You may touch yourself now,” Martin whispered in Rae’s ear.

E didn’t need to be told twice.

Rae grabbed the small, curved vibrator from the edge of the bed and turned it all the way up as e pressed it against eir own swollen clit. Martin’s strokes slowed, but he kept up that wonderful angle, sending a deep reverberation of pleasure through eir body every time he filled em to the hilt.

“Deeper and deeper into pleasure,” said Martin, moving his hips with every word.

And Rae fell deeper, and deeper, until eir cunt felt like the entire world, every thrust shaking em to the core. Eir hole, the dildo, their bodies: everything was pleasure and that was all Rae knew.

Eir clit vibrated with electricity, and seized in time with the pounding of eir hungry, slippery hole, and Rae came around that cock. The orgasm reverberated through eir body and Rae arched eir back, keening and thinking about nothing but that glorious cock inside of em and how it felt so impossibly good.

Eventually, the cock slipped out of em, and Martin’s arms slipped around eir torso. Rae’s eyes stayed shut, eir breathing slowly steadying.

Eventually, Rae would come out of trance. But whenever e did, Martin would be there with his wonderful cock to bring em deep into mindless bliss again.


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