Learn Your Place

by ♫Dex

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #f/f #magic #minor_mind_control #pov:bottom #temporary_loss_of_limbs #body_modification #breath_play #choking #dom:female #dom:magic #humiliation #magic_school #orgasm_control #sub:female #urban_fantasy #verbal_abuse

The new girl in school is finally getting settled in, she’s making new friends, she even got praise from a teacher in the middle of a lecture. It’s all going so well! Until Gina decides to teach her a very important rule about the class. Personally.

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Additional content warnings:

This story features heavy assault presented as "bullying". This takes the form of physical and sexual abuse, body shaming, use of the word 'slut' as a slur, and choking.

This story also features temporary body modification (limbs getting magically poofed away).


All the people involved in this story are explicitly adults - they are 19 and 20 years old, depending on which character.

I push my locker closed, still looking inside my bag. I quickly double-check that all of my afternoon's notes are with me, and that I didn't leave any of this morning's stuff inside.

I also can't stop grinning. The teacher praised my paper during a lecture. Sure, this might not be a lot... But, well, I got transferred here a few weeks ago. From buttfuck nowhere, and right into the country's top academy of Magic. I'm a bit of an odd case, so, having my work valued like that, it makes me feel so very... Well, very legit. For the first time, I feel like I really deserve to be here.

Of course, when it happened, I spent my time blushing and looking down. Still...

Well. This morning's lecture is over, so that's that. Now, all that's left is tutorials for the rest of the afternoon, which is usually the fun part of the...

I barely have time to react, and I get slammed against the lockers. A hand is pressing my face against the cool metal, and my arm gets twisted behind my back.

"Turn her around." Wait. That voice.

Hands yank my shoulders back, turn me around, then slam me right back against the metal boxes. I feel both of my arms get grabbed, pulled, stretched and pinned, my hands kept far from my sides while my wrists are held by iron grips.

Gina is standing right in front of me, arms crossed. She looks angry.

I feel my cheeks redden. My eyes immediately dart down, trying to avoid her gaze. I've never been this close to her before.

"So, new girl. What the fuck is your problem?"

I open my mouth, then close it again, then open it. Then close it.

My brain feels fried. From the shock, from her...

She has this... Intimidating aura. She exudes confidence, in her stance and stare. And all that is way, way was more than my gay heart can handle, especially right now as she...

Gina grabs my jaw, squeezing my cheeks hard enough to hurt, and forcing me to look straight at her.

"Hey. When I ask you something, you fucking answer."

Fuck. She's touching me. Fuck.

What can I say?

"Uh dun' knuh." I say lamely, the first thing I think of.

I feel my cheeks burn. It's so embarrassing, talking like that. Especially to her...

Well. Talking. If she can understand me.

"Oh, you don't? How strange." Gina doesn't seem impressed, and I feel her squeeze even harder. "As a reminder, rule five is: I get the top grades. You fail at least one thing in everything you do. Unless you ask very nicely first, and have a good fucking reason."

Wincing through the pain, I try to look apologetic. I actually didn't know that rule. Not that it's a very fair rule, but... The others aren't either, and it's not the right time to argue that.

Gina is gifted, on every level. She's an extremely smart student, consistently top of our class. She gets praises from every teacher on a weekly basis, and apparently is already working on her own research projects. In addition to taking all of the same classes as me and then some.

She's aiming to be the valedictorian to shame all other valedictorians. I feel stupid. Even if I didn't know it, it's no wonder she has that kind of rule.

"Um v'ry shrry." I still try to explain. "Uh dudn't knuh ut."

"You didn't know it, eh?" Gina chuckles darkly, and gestures to her side. "Well, I'm pretty sure I told Justine to explain all the rules to you. I don't think she would just forget to tell you that one, would she?"

My eyes move around, to where she's pointing. Justine.

She's one of the people pinning me down. I can feel her ironclad grip stretching my right arm away, completely blocking my movements.

Fuck. Justine. She's one of my friends. Super buff, super intimidating, actually super nice. When I transferred here, she helped me get settled and showed me around the place. She's always helpful, constantly giving me advice about everything and everyone. And when I first told her about Gina and maybe asking her out, she convinced me not to. And gave me plenty of reasons why.

I'd never have expected her to actually do Gina's bidding. Not like this.

Did she ever say something about grades, when she talked about Gina? I can perfectly remember her telling me not to talk with her, not to bother her or her friends. And to keep my eyes down and stay far away from her. And to pretend to look away if I saw her do anything that felt wrong. And to do exactly what she says if she ever asks anything of me, and nothing more or less. Was there something else, too?

She might have said things about school work in addition to all of this... And I probably forgot about it. Stupid.

I rack my brain for a justification that Gina would accept. "I dud'n rhumumbur thut rhuh."

"Nah-ah. Doesn't work like that, girl." She finally lets go of my face. "You fuck with me, I fuck with you."

She turns away, and starts to search for something in her bag.

I work my jaw, blinking a few times. I try to rub it with my...

Well. Fuck. My hands. Justine and... I glance to my side. There's another girl, also someone from my class who often hangs out with Gina.

I don't really know her.

She's smaller than Gina, and obviously Justine, with red lipstick and heavy dark makeup. Her low-cut black dress is a bit unusual to see, and she's grinning at me with a knowing smile like I'm part of a joke I don't get. Unlike Justine, she doesn't look very strong at all, and she doesn't seem like she's trying very hard either. But with the way things are going, I still probably wouldn't be able to try to fight her off. Or free my arm. Even if I try.

I'm not about to try.

There's three of them, and two are already holding me.

I look away from her, and back towards Gina. Seems like she hasn't found whatever she's looking for yet.

Maybe... There's still a chance that I can talk my way out of whatever's happening. Maybe. My mouth is free now, and my jaw doesn't really hurt. I just have to calm Gina down, apologize, and she might leave me alone and hopefully not hate me forever.

Or not leave me alone, but at least... Not hate me. And she's hunched over searching for whatever in her bag. And she looks so nice from this angle and...

She looks up at me. Oh, I'm staring. Shit.

"Please. Gina." I scramble to start, trying to keep my voice under control. "I'm really, really sorry about the paper. I really didn't... I just didn't remember. Please."

I pause, looking at her face for some kind of feedback while trying not to stare at her, but she just starts squinting a bit.

"Really," I try again. "I didn't mean to bother you or inconvenience you or anything. I mean, I'd rather be friends than..."

Gina raises her hand sharply, her eyes staring angrily at mine. My voice dies in the back of my throat, and I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach.

She didn't like that.

But Gina simply, slowly brings her palm towards my face, and cups my mouth with it.

Before I can tell my dumb brain to stop finding that hot, Gina's expression and tone wipes that idea off of it.

"Do you think I care about excuses, new girl?" She nearly growls at me, her voice low and threatening. "Actually, do you think I want to hear your voice at all?"

I'm too afraid to shake my head, not wanting to move while her hand is on me.

"Well, I really don't." She adds. "So, since you can't shut up, no more talking for you."

She takes her hand away, leaving behind some sticky feeling against my lips.

I try, just to see, to open my mouth, to feel what she just stuck on me. But it doesn't move. My jaw feels like it doesn't want to move enough to pull my lips apart, and my lips kind of feel glued together anyways. What did she just put on them?

Getting anxious, I try to grunt out something in protest, but I find that I can't do that either. My voice refuses to even start forming inside my throat. All I can do is breathe out a little stronger, but it isn't noticeable at all. To anyone.

Fuck. Did she just use magic?

There are anti-magic runes all over the hallways! Why, how is she using a spell right in the middle of them?

I shake my head, slowly at first, then faster, to try to remove the sticky thing, but whatever's on my mouth doesn't get unstuck. Neither of the girls around me want to let go of my arms, even as I struggle a bit more. And, held like I am, I can't really turn my head to rub it away against the locker.

"Surprised, new girl?" Gina interjects. She isn't even looking at me. Instead she's back to looking for something into her bag. She even sounds disinterested. "It's some pretty obscure magic I studied a while back. Completely bypasses the school's dumb runes."

That is the opposite of reassuring. I try again, but I can't shake or rub out the spell, or whatever else she had put on me. I can't rip it off while my arms are pinned away. And I can't fight back, not against Justine. So... My only option is to wait and see what Gina wants to do with me.

I look at her, fear growing in my eyes. My brain has finally started shifting from hot girl has her friends pin me down to a wall to powerful sorceress is throwing spells at me. And I'm getting very worried about what these spells are.

She rummages a bit more through her bag, and finally fishes out a few long, thin bands of paper.

Then, she looks up at me again, showing them to me. "So. Let's see how you look with these on."

I glance at the paper bands. There's a long string of symbols written all over them, so they're definitely magic. I don't recognize what they are, or what they're used for, though. At all.

She selects one of them.

Then, Gina simply touches my right shoulder. I shudder quite a bit under her touch. It isn't sensual or anything, but she's just... Touching me. There. Right now.

She starts wrapping the band of paper around it. She threads it behind my back, sliding it right below my armpit and back over my shoulder itself.

With how close she is, I can smell her perfume.

I don't even try to struggle. Not that I feel like I can actually stop whatever she's doing if I struggle, but... Yeah.

I just watch Gina's hands move as she adjusts the paper for a bit. It seems harmless enough so far, even if I expect that to change. But right now, she's just making sure the loop is tightly wrapped around my shoulder.

Her arm brushes against my breast, and I shudder again. She's just adjusting the fit so it's even on all sides. Why does it have to be that way?

She's getting ready to press one end of it against the other, and...

My arm disappears.

I can't see it.

I can't feel my arm.

I can't even feel the faint flow of mana that's usually inside of my right arm.

The white band of paper is still there, towards the end of my shoulder. It now has purple-glowing runes on it. But then, past it, there's nothing else.

It's like my arm just got removed from existence.

"You didn't really need this arm, right?" Gina says. I barely notice her mocking tone.

I keep staring at what remains of my shoulder. I don't have an arm.

I tentatively try to move my hand, to open and close it, anything. But nothing happens. I can't feel any feedback of it actually moving. I can't feel it stuck and locked away in something solid. I can't feel it existing in another dimension.

I try again, moving my whole arm this time, trying to pull it out of whatever this spell is. Nothing happens.

There's just a total absence of feeling. Not even any phantom sensation. It's like I never had an arm.

"Oh, stop making that face." Gina sounds extremely amused at my dismay. "Look here, new girl!"

I slowly turn my head, shaking a bit. She gestures towards my left side.

"Look. You still have your other arm!"

Then, making sure I can see what she does, she selects another piece of paper from the three remaining ones in her hand.

Three spells. One for my other arm, and...

An icy panic fills my veins. I need to get out of here, and get this off me now. There's only the other girl holding me now. I start moving, pulling on my other arm as I...

"Justine." calls Gina.

Before I can really start reacting, Justine jumps on me, arm pressing across my torso in an expert pin. She forces me right back against the metal doors of the lockers, and slams me right back against them.

The slight ringing of the impact barely deters me. I keep pulling harder on my left arm, as hard as I can, trying to get out of the other girl's grip. But she just holds me tighter. Like this, my arm is still spread too much to really manage to...

"Hey, stop doing that." scolds Gina. "You're going to dislocate your shoulder or something."

The words don't register. I don't pay any attention to her.

Instead, I try to grunt in exertion as I push against Justine as hard as possible. My magically sealed voice refuses to come out, throwing me off quite a bit, but I don't let up.

But Justine is way too strong for me to move her even an inch.

I try to kick her. My legs are free, she's close enough, her tibias are right there. For a moment, I remember that it's Justine and I feel a tinge of guilt, but right now...

She takes a direct hit, and she doesn't react.

She didn't really seem to feel my attempt at hurting her.

Instead, she just presses one of her legs against mine, pinning both of them against the locker too.

I still try to struggle away, but I'm clearly getting weaker. I can't move. I can barely do anything. I start feeling the tears that have formed in the corners of my eyes.

"Can you hold her still like this?"

Justine shakes her head, looking barely more than a blur to me.

"Hmm. Yeah, her adrenaline's still pumping."

Gina pauses, seemingly to think about it. I keep struggling, weakly. I can barely understand what she just said, but as long as I don't give up, she can't...

"Okay, I guess you can just choke her until she starts calming down." says Gina in a casual tone.

Justine doesn't seem happy, but she still wraps her hand around my neck.

I feel my throat being squeezed between her fingers. My breathing gets caught. I'm unable to make the air come in.

Fuck. No.

Not that.

The sudden lack of air only makes my frantic thrashing more desperate.

I can't give up. I need to fight her off, to fight them all off, to get these fucking spells off me. I can't...

I feel light-headed. My struggles feel so weak.

Tears blur my vision once again. I can't do anything. I...

Justine releases her grip. I instinctively take a breath, deep, the fresh air rushing through my nose to fill my lungs.

I try to cough a couple of times, Justine still pinning me too much to allow me to bend over and the spell still blocking any sound I try to make.

Justine also keeps her hand wrapped and ready around my neck, as if warning me of what she can do again.

The tears in my eyes make it hard to see and focus. Justine moves a bit to the side, but I'm too spent to struggle.

Then, there's a touch on my left shoulder.

I shudder, my head turning.

Gina's right next to me again. She's messing with a strand of paper.

I can't look. I turn my head the other way, keeping my gaze averted while I feel her hand pressing against my shoulder, placing the spell against it.

She adjusts things a bit. The seconds seem to stretch forever as I feel her fiddle with my arm. I try struggling again, but too weakly. I'm held down too tightly. Justine still has a hand around my neck. I can't do anything.

All too soon, all the feelings in my left arm disappear as well.

It's gone.

I feel tears welling up again.

What chances do I have now?

"Two down, two to go." Gina shrugs. "You know, Nat', I wonder if that silencing fulu was a good idea. It kind of skips all the fun parts where she's supposed to beg for mercy. Maybe remind me next time."

The girl to my left hums in approval.

Gina grabs my cheeks, forcing me to look at her through the tears.

"Now, new girl. I'm going to take these." She held up the pieces of paper. "And wrap them around your legs. You have two choices. Either we do it the easy way, where you stay nice and still. Or you try to kick me."

She leans even closer to me, her eyes filling up my vision. Her voice turns into a low, menacing whisper.

"Don't try. Trust me, things can get much, much worse than what I planned for you. And, if you aren't a good girl, I'll make you suffer."

She lets go of my face and, without waiting for me to acknowledge anything, squats down in front of me.

I stay still, frozen in hesitation, the combination of shock and threats forcing my mind away from the despair of my situation and back into hyper-focus.

I really don't want Gina to remove my legs.

But I have no real way to stop her.

What can I really do? Justine is holding my neck, that other girl, Nat, is probably standing at the ready, my mouth is sealed, and...

Both of my arms are... Magicked away. I don't want to think about it.

I have no real way to fight.

I wait, stuck in indecision, staying as still as possible while Gina wraps her piece of paper around my leg. She takes her time, adjusting it high on my thigh.

I look down towards my leg.

Gina is fidgeting with the paper a bit more, making sure to place the wrapping exactly right, spending some time laying it perfectly.

Unlike my arms where the papers are on my shoulders, she seems to want to leave me with a little bit of thigh... Yeah, this sounds gross even in my head.

But it still seems like I will have a bit of movement left.

Not much, not much at all. Especially with the way she keeps raising the band further up and up around my thigh, until it gets nearly below the curve of my ass.

Then, Gina seems satisfied. She closes the loop.

My leg disappears, and I stumble.

My one remaining leg is too off-center. I start leaning to the side, and I have nothing to hold on to. I try to flail my arms around, to get some balance, but their absence makes the situation even worse.

For a few moments, Justine's squeeze around my neck is the only thing stopping me from falling down on the ground, and I can feel my airway get restricted again. But, thankfully, Justine grabs my side, helping me stabilize myself.

Gina doesn't really seem to react to all that happening.

"So, only one leg left now." She starts. "I wonder, when we remove it, how much will you still weigh?"

The glee in her voice is tainted with a hint of venom. She claps her hands.

"I have an idea. Justine, stop holding her up like that, put your hand back around her neck, and don't let go to help her nicely this time. Maybe the new girl will be light enough to keep breathing while she's hanging there?"

Oh fuck. I just went through being choked once already.

I feel tears welling up again in my eyes. I try pleading, begging for Gina to reconsider, but my voice doesn't... Fuck.

It just hit me, somehow. I can't even beg.

Justine herself seems distressed, but she complies, her hand going back around my neck.

I shake my head as hard as I can, staring right into Justine's eyes. My breathing is torn between sniffles and panicked breaths.

Justine's eyes seem full of pity, but she doesn't let go.

Gina just ignores all of our interactions, still fidgeting around my remaining leg. The simple messing around she's doing is already threatening to make me slip and fall.

My whole body starts shaking as I sob, the sound completely silenced by the spell on my lips. Tears roll down my face, but that's pretty much all the power I have.

"And, nearly done. Hope you can hold your breath, new girl." Gina says. And then, she closes the loop, phasing my last leg out of existence.

It feels like the floor just gives out from under me. I slide down in Justine's grip, my airway immediately getting cut off.

I can't breathe.

Panicking, I try to grab Justine's hand and arm, either to pull myself up or force her to loosen her grip.

But nothing happens. I'm still choking.

I keep not-flailing my arms and legs, forced to be aware over and over again that I don't have any left, which just adds even more to my frantic not-struggling.

"Looks like you're still choking after all." Gina is standing back up, looking at my wriggling form. "Must be the weight of your fat tits dragging you down."

I thrash my hips around. I'm still unsuccessfully trying to breathe, or to break away, or both.

"Anyways, how about we find somewhere nice and cozy for what's left of you? Like, let's see..."

Something rubs against my back, sliding down my ass and into my pocket. I keep struggling, but...

"Your locker. Perfect to spend a bit of time alone, right? What do you think?"

Gina's voice sounds distant. My vision is tunneling in. Everything around me seems so far away, getting blurry, and...

"Hmm. Justine, let her breathe. I don't want her to pass out just yet."

I vaguely feel the world shift as Justine lets me slide down a bit, until she grabs my sides hard enough to carry me.

Then, air.

I cough, hard, my breath once again hitting the spell covering my mouth. The sensation is still weird and unsatisfying. Even the sound of the cough isn't there, magicked away by the spell.

I force myself to take deep breaths of air through my nose. It helps slightly with the tunnel vision, and I begin noticing things again.

Everything still looks quite blurry, and judging by the dampness on my cheeks, my face is probably drenched with tears.

Justine is holding me in her arms, somewhat cradling me so I won't fall.

I continue to breathe hard.

I keep subconsciously trying to adjust my position by moving my arms and legs. It's just not doing anything except making me squirm around.

Thankfully, Justine's hold is very secure, and she adjusts me several times.

Soon, my head clears up enough. I start to notice that the floor is pretty far below me. I also have no arms to protect my face from it if I fall down. That's scary enough to finally keep me still.

And the dreadful feeling of what's happening to me is coming back.

I feel awful, and it hurts all over. My neck hurts from carrying all of my weight for so long. My head still hurts slightly from the aftermath of me lacking air.

Apparently, I'm all cried out. I can't feel tears fall again.

"Hmm. Looks like there's just enough room for you in there." Gina says, a metallic 'thump' sound accompanying her words.

The noise makes me jerk in surprise, and I turn my head towards it. She has opened my locker and is looking through it.

Her foot presses against the bottom shelf. Looks like she took the couple binders I had there and moved them out.

Her finger is roaming on my labeled folders, on the top shelf. She picks up a blue one.

"Let's see..."

She opens it up, and takes something out of it.

The big "A+" with a circle around it is prominently displayed at the top.

This is my essay. The one that started this whole mess.

"Good. Exactly the thing I was looking for."

Throwing the rest of the folder haphazardly in its shelf, she tears the paper in half, letting its remainders float down on the bottom shelf.

Gina grabs her bag she had left on the side, pulling yet another stack of enchanted papers from it.

What is she doing now? I squirm around to try to get a better look, causing Justine to almost drop me.

I stop moving. That was way too close.

Gina holds one of the spells up in the air. "It's okay to skip these. Right, Nat'?"

"Well." Nat's voice sounds lower than I'd have guessed. "I guess you can skip most of them, but you should at least use one. Good psychological conditioning needs negative reinforcement, otherwise she might do it again."

Negative reinforcement? I try to say. But my mouth is still sealed. I only end up breathing out weirdly while trying to interject.

"Hmm." Gina seems to consider something for a moment. "You know what? Nah. It's her first time breaking a rule."

Gina looks above me, towards Justine.

"You'd want me to go easy on her, right?" Justine's breathing sounds afraid, but I feel her nod a lot nonetheless.

What does that mean? Does Justine...

"And, new girl." Her gaze lowers towards me. "You'll learn your place without the... negative reinforcement, right?"

Gina's eyes stare right into mine, waiting for an answer.

I nod my head vigorously up and down as well. With how everyone behaves, I really don't want to find out what that thing in her hand can do.

Gina chuckles. "See, Nat'? She's already on the right path. I'm sure we can skip them."

"You're the boss." answers Nat', sounding displeased about Gina's decision.

Gina ignores her. Satisfied with her now sorted papers, she walks towards Justine and me.

"Justine. Put her in the locker, make her comfortable." She says while pointing behind her. "She's going to be here a while."

Justine carries me without difficulty towards my own locker. As she walks, she bobs a bit, and I keep trying to squirm, to adjust myself, and not to fall.

But Justine doesn't let me fall. Instead, she gently holds me, and adjusts my position so she can easily slide me inside the small alcove.

She moves me as best as she can, finding a suitable way to settle me down. I end up with my shoulders held up against one side, what remains of my legs up against the other. She even makes sure that my head can turn a bit, so I can see outside.

Then, she stands back up.

All in all, Gina was right. I do fit inside, even if it is a bit cramped.

"Nice job, Justine. That does look comfortable."

I try to squirm in the alcove with my very limited movements, but there isn't really anything I can do. I keep trying to push away against the walls with an arm or a leg that just isn't there anymore.

In any case, my exploratory attempts show me that I can't get out of the locker on my own. Which is kind of good news, since it means that I can't fall face down to the floor. And kind of bad news, since it means that I'm stuck here until Gina - or somebody else - lets me out.

Gina squats down, her face ending up a bit above mine.

She places her stack of papers down on the floor, leaving it alone for now.

Instead, her hand approaches my face.

I vaguely want to raise my arms, to protect my head. But nothing happens, my arms aren't there.

Gina cups my cheek gently.

She takes a moment to wipe out some of the tears from my eyes, careful not to hurt them. It's... Affectionate.

I don't understand what's happening. After... After what she did to me. After the choking, and the limbs thing, and the threatening. What is she doing?

The expression on Gina's face is complicated.

"I want to explain something to you, new girl." She starts to say softly. "It's..." Then she pauses.

"This," she vaguely gestures towards me, "is a punishment for not following the rules. Nothing less, nothing more. Okay?"

I blink.

"I'm not actually mad at you. But I don't want to make an exception. So, you're going to take your punishment, get that fucking rule inside your head, and that's all there is to it. Blank slate. No hard feelings, as long as you don't start breaking rules again. And you'll make sure not to, right?"

I blink again, and nod slowly.

"Right." She sighs.

It's... Surreal. Why does Gina sound so...

She shakes her head, as if to clear it.

"Right, that's not actually helpful to you. Let me give you some context, maybe."

Her gaze hardens. She looks to the side, and gestures, pointing down next to her.

"Justine, down here."

Justine lowers herself down, and kneels in front of Gina.


Gina puts a hand at the top of the bigger girl's head, ignoring the height difference as she pets her.

"Justine here," starts Gina, "saw me messing around with another girl... A while ago, now. Two months ago? Anyways, for some reason, she decided to go see the dean and report me. I actually got in a bit of trouble over that."

Gina grabs a handful of hair, and unceremoniously yanks Justine's head to the side, revealing her neck. I can see that it's adorned with a complex tattoo, spanning from somewhere below her shirt all the way up to her ear.

From my position, I can't see all of it clearly. But I don't need to. The pattern looks like an intricate collection of runes. The unmistakable glow of active magic is shining on a few of them.

She tattooed some kind of control runes on her.

"And that's how she earned this tattoo." Says Gina simply. "I even made it myself! Let me show you why she loves it so much."

Justine looks terrified, her head shaking slightly from side to side, but Gina just pulls her hair harder to keep her still.

"Now, Justine, you're allowed to talk again to answer my questions, and only that. What do you think about what we're doing to the new girl?"

"She doesn't deserve it." She says, quickly. "I do. I'm the one who forgot to tell her about the grades." I think it's the first time today that I hear Justine's voice. It's soft, softer than usual, but it also feels strained, and there's quite a lot of distress seeping through it.

"Heh. Right." Says Gina. "But, thankfully, the new girl's taking the punishment so you don't have to."

Gina's expression shifts to mock concern.

"That's so unfair, right?" Her voice is saccharine. "She's innocent, she's your friend, and she's getting punished because of you. Shouldn't you take her place? Shouldn't you be begging me to spare her?"

Something dawns on me. Gina is doing that to me to teach Justine a lesson.

Justine's face looks so uncomfortable, like she doesn't want to say anything. But she seems like she can't resist it, the words just pushing their way out.

"N... No." the word is nearly a whisper.

"No? That's so unlike you. Letting others suffer in your place." coos Gina. "Why is that, Justine?"

"You... You ordered me not to." Justine let out.

"Oh?" Gina's voice leaves its mocking tone and becomes more intense again. "And why are you following my orders instead of helping her, then, Justine? Why are you doing what I want instead of what you want?" She pauses, but Justine doesn't answer.

Gina's mouth gets close to Justine's ear. "I'll help you start. It's because..."

"Because Gina owns me." Justine's voice sounds practiced, like she already said these words over and over again. This doesn't make her look any less terrified, just more resigned.

"Fucking right I do." Gina spits out as she unhands Justine, letting the buff girl's hair fall back down and cover the tattoo. "Your talking privileges are back to being revoked."

Gina completely ignores the complicated expression on Justine's face, and turns back towards me.

I'm shaking uncontrollably. Especially after the weirdness of Gina's mood shift, everything is way, way scarier again.

Gina is doing all of this to me just to punish Justine. Because she didn't explain something to me properly.

"So, new girl." starts Gina. "Now that we're clear on what you're never going to do, let me tell you what's going to happen now."

What did Gina actually do to Justine? How did she make her look so... Broken? With the runes, Gina could do anything, and Justine wouldn't have been able to resist, and...

Gina snaps her fingers in front of my eyes, bringing my focus back to her.

"Hey, new girl. Stop freaking out."

I look at her, still completely terrified.

She taps down somewhere on the metal below me.

"You want to know what I'm going to do to you, right?" I nod. "Well, standard punishment. You're going to spend a day right here, thinking about the rule, until it's branded so deep inside of your head you won't ever forget it."

Did she say a day? I shake my head in panic.

"Oh, don't worry," she grins, "I don't really mean, like, a full twenty-four hours. I'll get you out tomorrow morning or something. In the meantime..."

She taps on the stack of papers placed on the floor in front of her. There are a lot of them, and magic symbols are clearly drawn on each one.

"I'm going to place a couple of these on you. They'll help you think about what you did."

Gina takes the first one of the stack, and carefully places it in her hand.

A few seconds pass. She seems to be considering what to do exactly.

Suddenly, she slaps the side of my still-clothed breast, and the paper from her hand stays stuck on me.

If my voice wasn't sealed, I would have yelped. Instead, I just breathe a lot of air out. The slap felt so much harder that I expected it to.

Even now, it feels like, below the spell, the remaining pain is radiating so much harder than it should.

But more than the pain, the shameful and degrading feeling of my breast being slapped feels much, much stronger than I ever would have expected. My cheeks are warming up in shame.

"In case you need an explanation, these fulu will make you feel everything more intensely." continues Gina. "And not just physical feelings. Your reactions too. All of the thoughts that you'd automatically try to mute or repress should pop up into your brain in full strength."

She pats my breast some more, right where she slapped it. My cheeks become even redder in shame.

"I guess that, right now, you can't help but be ashamed of your tits, right? You're starting to regret using magic to make them bigger, maybe?"

I shake my head. I hadn't... What?

I didn't use... I start to say. But no sound comes out. Still, the expression of confusion on my face seems to be enough.

"Oh, come on." insists Gina. "Tits that big aren't a thing. Everybody can tell what you did, you slut."

I keep shaking my head. My cheeks are on fire. Is that who Gina thinks I am?

"Wow, so you look like a slut and you're all natural?" Her voice sounds like she can't believe it herself. "Why didn't you do anything about them, new girl? You should've used magic to make them smaller, then. Hell, I would even have done it for you if you needed to. Nobody's ever going to take you seriously with tits this size."

She slaps my breast, again. I try to yelp, but only manage to squirm as the pain radiates through it even more.

"Or do you like looking like that, new girl? Do you like walking around while everyone can see how much of a dumb slut you are?"

No amount of shaking my head manages to make the shame go away. Instead, it just gets stronger and stronger, and I can't help but feel absolutely humiliated. I can't help but feel how big my breasts are, thinking about how I keep just walking around all day while everyone can see them, and that somehow I never ever noticed that I'm doing it.

The thought gets stuck in my head, forcing its way in the forefront of my mind. Why do I keep walking around like this? Do I want to show my breasts to everyone? Do I want to look like a dumb... S... Slut?

The word resonates in my head. Is that what I look like? Is that what everyone thinks I am?

Is that how Gina sees me?

"Well, since they're apparently not magic, I guess adding some spells can't mess with them too much."

Her hand gently presses a piece of paper on the opposite breast, right over my nipple. My eyes shoot open. When did they close?

I wriggle in half-protest at what she's doing.

"The thing is," Gina continues while ignoring my wiggling, "if the place I decide to put these on is already very sensitive, it will feel way more intense."

She rubs her thumb above the spell, and starts to play with my nipple.

The feeling of her thumb pushes right through the paper, my sweater, and my bra. I squirm below her touch. It feels...

It feels like Gina is touching my skin directly, except so, so much stronger. It feels right, but even then, I feel ashamed of just letting myself enjoy it. She... Her finger is so... I shouldn't let her do this. But it also feels so, so good.

I halfheartedly try to escape her touch and push her away, but... there is nothing for me to push her away with. I can't struggle. I can't flee.

I can't stop her from doing... Whatever she wants to do.

My body starts leaning forward into her thumb, almost on its own. I'm ashamed of myself, ashamed of being played with like a toy. So ashamed of being unable to stop enjoying it, unable to stop leaning into it. But the pleasure is just...

"Yeah. That feels very, very good, right? I guess you never had the idea of using magic for sex?" Gina says as she keeps rubbing my nipple.

I vigorously shake my head side to side.

"Guessed so. In which case, let me expand your horizons..."

From the corner of my eye, I see her other hand grabbing a paper, advancing, getting closer to my crotch.

I squirm once again as I see her hand approaching, but I can only do so much.

I'm too stuck. I can't move far enough.

My nipple still feels way too good with her thumb still rubbing over it. My brain is numb. My resistance is laughable. Gina doesn't even have to try.

At least, that's what I try to tell myself, to push away the thoughts of how much of a slut I am to let that happen to me, and to actually enjoy having Gina use me like this.

She just lets me pretend to try resisting, and grabs my crotch directly with a single move.

She sinks her hand into my jeans, kneading a bit. The spell is clearly on me now, right below her hand, and not only can I feel her squeezes against my pussy in so much detail and in so many places... But not being able to stop her, not being able to do anything about protecting myself, makes me feel...

I can't help it. I feel like Gina owns me. I feel like she can take me however she wants without asking. Like I'm just one of her possessions, one of her toys for her to play with.

And it feels so good to let her do exactly that.

She shifts her hand, switching to a single index finger sliding against me, and goes for a slow, long stroke along my labia. Starting from the bottom and slowly moving up. The soft feeling of her finger feels so, so pleasurable, and she just needs to move it a little bit further up...

Her finger leaves my crotch, her hand leaves my nipple. Gina looks at me, both hands up, an amused look in her eyes.

I squirm, desperately trying to replace her hands with my own non-existing ones, or to twist my hips in such a way that something goes back to touching me. It doesn't work, I can't grab onto anything at all, and all I can do is wiggle ineffectively in frustration.

Gina quickly and simply slaps another paper on my belly, making me jerk in surprise. It feels weird.

"Tsk tsk. Were you trying to touch yourself right now?" Her finger is teasing the sore, magically-sensitive spot she just slapped. "Don't you have any shame, little slut?"

I don't know whether it is the spell, her words, or just the truth, but my cheeks feel like they are even more on fire. She's right, I must have looked like... Like... Acting like that, so shamelessly, and all on my own. It's so...

"From now on, you don't get to decide when you're getting touched, slut." Says Gina with a smirk. "I do."

If I could bury myself into the ground, I would. I really just tried to touch myself, to bury my hands between my legs. All of that, right in front of her. In front of Gina. Inside the academy, right in the middle of the hall. And she didn't even give me permission to... No. Not that thought. But still...

"Hmm. Maybe you should get a spanking, to help you behave."

She lifts me up too quickly for me to react, aims behind me, and slaps her hand right on my ass.

I jerk back in pain as the spank hits, sticking one more spell on me.

The sensation is worse than a spanking. I'm definitely not used to being spanked in general, and the extra sensitivity of the spell doesn't make it feel any better than it usually does.

But the deep, overwhelming feeling of shame that flows over me is even worse. It's like being scolded. Like being little all over. A little slut who can't control herself, and who has to be reminded how to behave in public, how to keep her hands off herself because she just can't do it on her own.

Thankfully, Gina seems content with just that one reaction. She doesn't spend any more time spanking me.

Instead, more softly, she places another spell on the side of my neck.

"You know, new girl, these spells are quite insidious." She says casually while starting to stroke my neck. "They reach into the darkest, most secret parts of your psyche and use them against you.

"I'm pretty sure they would wake you up if you fainted, just so you can think all the thoughts you don't want to think. Quite the predicament, isn't it?"

As she strokes over my neck, her fingers feel like a thousand tingling feathers.

The soft feeling flowing over me makes me inhale sharply through my nose, and the helplessness of the situation courses through me. I freeze and tense up, unable to cope with it. My neck is vulnerable and exposed, entirely at Gina's mercy. She can do absolutely anything to me. She can squeeze it again, force me to thrash and fight for air, again. She can do that again and again until I'm just begging for her to do anything else, anything but that again.

But instead, she just decides to gently stroke a finger over it...

She leans forward, getting close to my ear.

"I gotta say, I really, really like how you react to that."

She's so...

And she leaves my neck alone, switching her focus again.

Over the course of the next few minutes, Gina keeps covering me in small pieces of paper, randomly slapping or rubbing all over me in the process.

The ones on my back and belly feel weird. They don't feel that good nor that bad, but they still feel like... Something. Like she is patching me over, slowly changing what I'm allowed to feel. Like she doesn't really care that I am not sensitive in one specific place, and just decides by herself that this place would now feel good.

It somehow feels more dehumanizing than her using my body the 'normal' way. Like she doesn't even care that I'm supposed to be human, with a human body, and she just wants me to be a thing for her to force pleasure into.

And I'm just letting it all happen, and I keep being aroused by it, and I can't help but actually feel like her little thing...

Of course, she doesn't limit herself to putting spells in random places. She doesn't hesitate to slap some more of them over my ass and breasts, each and every time leading to more intensely shameful feelings forcing themselves in my brain.

Gina seems to hesitate at some point, then places one of her papers in my hair. She scratches over it, and the resulting feeling is....

To say that it is a taste of heaven would diminish it. It feels so caring, so... So good, cute, in a way I... I don't know how to think about it. Even after everything she made me go through, even after all the ways she just spanked and slapped me all over, even after all the humiliation. The simple act of her fingers scratching over a piece of paper seems to melt it all away. The whole time she scratches my head, I can only think of how gentle, caring, and sweet this whole thing is.

But her hand leaves me, and she immediately slaps one of my breasts again.

"You like that, you slut?" She says.

She doesn't even need to add a new spell. The combined sensations of me still wanting her hand back in my hair, still thinking about her as gentle, and her humiliating me and my body, makes me feel even more ashamed than I was before. I feel like a sex object, undeserving of her love, and I feel like I deserve to be slapped like this.

And she just keeps going, even putting a few spells directly over my face. The rubs she gives to my cheeks feel just as caring and heavenly as the scratches in my hair, and the slaps she gives me immediately after force me back in my rightful place, even lower than the dirt on her shoes.

Gina ends up placing one spell on my mouth, and I immediately purse my lips. They're still glued together by the seal, and being unable to part them felt so frustrating. I want to kiss. I want to kiss her. I can feel her finger stroke over my top lip as I push my mouth forward into her hand, and all I can think about is how much I want to kiss her.

Her fingers aren't enough, but she doesn't lean down, and doesn't kiss me. She just leaves me here, alone with my need.

And, the moment she notices my still-pursed lips, she slaps me again. Apparently for good measure.

Finally, she takes one last spell and carries it near my face. She sticks the paper over my left eye, forcing me to keep it closed.

Her soft stroking over that last paper is the weirdest sensation I ever felt in my entire life. It doesn't feel like poking. I don't even know what eye-stroking should feel like, nor whether it should feel good or bad.

The best explanation I can give is that it feels, so intensely, so overwhelmingly new. Like something I wasn't ever supposed to experience, but that I'm still forced to feel all the same.

And Gina seems to be done.

At this point, I'm not even sure what I am. I'm a quivering mess of emotions, bewildered, scattered, and most insistently ashamed to have been so aroused by what she just put me through. Half of me feels over-sensitive, and the contrast with the other half makes me feel even more touch-deprived.

"Wow, you used all of them." Another voice. Not Gina's. What was her name?

I force myself to look back towards Gina with my one remaining usable eye.

"Damn." She says, grinning. "And I still wanted to stick her other eye closed too. Gotta say, she's a very fun toy to play with..."

She picks a slightly bigger piece of paper from the stack in front of her. Then, she starts moving it towards my crotch.

"Wait, Gina, are you really..."

"Hmm?" She asks, her head turning away towards someone else. "I'm not done having fun. Is that an issue?"

"Uh... No." Says the voice.

Gina turns back towards me. She aims, and gently lays the paper over my crotch until it covers it entirely.

I lean into it. I still want her to touch me more down there. I know it's not right, but I feel so, so out of it right now.

But she doesn't touch me, not really. She takes great care to keep contact and strokes to the absolute minimum. Instead, once she seems satisfied with how the paper is placed, she cups both my crotch and the paper with her hand and keeps herself still.

And something starts... I can't describe it properly. It feels like something appears inside of me, out of nothing. And then grows.

I wish I could say that I want to struggle away, to get that feeling away from me and to never want to feel it again. But the sensation is... New. It's exciting. It's unlike anything I never felt before, it's not anything like my own fingers, it's something that I only dreamt about being able to experience, and now, because of all the spells on me...

Definitely because of the spells.

Now, I want to feel more of it inside of me. I don't have any choice. That makes it easier to accept.

The thing parts my folds and expands, taking more and more space for itself. It doesn't even feel like it's pushing inside, it's simply... Growing, a pressure constantly increasing without any friction nor stimulation.

My lack of arms results once more in me squirming around ineffectively. The whole process is neither as pleasurable nor inconveniencing as I imagined it would. The most accurate way to explain it is that I feel more and more full.

All too soon, the feeling goes past what I expect something down there to feel like. Whatever is inside me is starting to grow into every empty space there was, molding me, stretching me even further, pushing against absolutely everything, and I feel so filled up. Nearly to the point of discomfort.

Gina removes her hand from my crotch, then places a single finger against it.

And the feeling inside me... Hardens. There isn't a best way for me to think about it.

It's like, before, it was a kind of liquid, moving slightly as I breathe, forcing me to feel, well, filled, but without anything solid actually being inside.

And now... There's something that doesn't move around. It stays still, solid, stuck exactly in the shape it was before Gina pressed her finger on it. I can feel it so big, stretching me, the small details of my inside pressing and rubbing everywhere.

The feeling that it gives me is... Weird. I want to say that it feels good and exciting, but it doesn't even really feel like that. The whole thing is too still to really do anything. Not that I wish it moved around... Not really, at least. Maybe a bit.

Gina removes her finger, and turns her attention back to the other papers in front of her. Despite all my hopes, or maybe answering them, the feeling of the thing stays behind even without her pressing on it.

I take a few moments to try to adjust, trying to find a position where the feeling doesn't feel quite as present.

It doesn't work too well. Any time I move, even a little, it makes it shift inside of me, reminding me that something is in there.

Looking down my body, barely visible past my breasts, I can see a small unusual bump in my sweater. It's somewhere between my belly button and my crotch. Is that it? Is that the... Feeling... Inside of me?

"Hey, little slut!" Gina calls, and I turn my head towards her.

Immediately, I feel my flush grow. I'm so embarrassed as my brain catches up. Not only did she call me... That, again. I immediately knew who she was talking to.

"I need your opinion on something. See, I got three of these spells, and now there's two left. Do you think I can put them somewhere?"

I look at her with wide eyes as she grins, her hands slowly advancing towards my lower body.

I try to squirm, but it really doesn't help. The thick thing still inside my pussy makes my squirming even more ineffective, reminding me of its presence each time I move my hips. It keeps making me freeze in place as it shifts around, again and again.

Without difficulty, Gina lifts my ass up and turns it to the side. She grabs one of my asscheeks, spreading them slightly, and places the second paper right in the middle of them.

As I keep trying to wiggle out of her grip, she simply cups her hand down over the spell.

The sensation of invasion is even worse than I thought it would be. Something small is growing inside me, not unlike the one in front of me, burrowing through without being too noticeable... At first. But it quickly keeps expanding, going further, filling up whatever path it can find.

It feels so... It doesn't even feel like anything I can describe. Invasive, humiliating. Hot.

And then, it slowly starts girthing up in addition to expandings, and everything really becomes uncomfortable.

I feel like I'm going to split in half. I'm already stretched so much that I can feel my flesh squeezed between the fullness in my ass and the other one in my crotch. The outlandish sensation is strong, so strong, probably even stronger than I can handle, what with all the sensitivity spells covering me up.

Way after it becomes way, way too big for me, Gina removes her hand. I'm panting and squirming, but also trying to hold still. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do to make it feel less, less.

Gina teases around the spell, running her finger all over my asscheeks. I keep shivering, feeling so stretched and filled and wrong inside as the spell still shifts around in me. I'm barely struggling anymore, both because of her hand holding me firmly in place, and because it feels even worse when I move.

Then, she taps against the spell with a finger.

The thing in my ass becomes solid.

It feels like it gets stuck inside me. More tangible. More... there.

Except that, while the thing in front turning still made it feel a bit better, the one behind feels way worse. More uncomfortable. More unmovable. More like something I wish I could... Push out, but which just won't come out despite all my efforts.

Then, Gina drops me back down. I roughly land on my ass.

I exhale a bunch of air, an automatic reaction replacing the scream I would have let out otherwise.

Then the actual shock comes. I blank out for a few seconds.

When I come to, I'm surprised to feel that it didn't actually tear anything. I would have guessed something would have broken, but it just... Didn't. There's probably something in the spell that's protecting me.

It also feels quite a bit more... Supportable, now that it got pushed around so suddenly.

Not that I want to complain about that small relief. It still all feels weird and it's still stretching me quite uncomfortably. I try to adjust myself into a better position...

Fuck. That's so much worse than before. The small movement forces me to feel just how stuffed I am all over again. My insides rub around, sending ripples of raw, unprocessed sensations all around my body. Which in turn makes me squirm even more.

It's quickly turning into an endless circle of struggling, shifting and uncomfortableness. I try to cry out, but all that comes out is some more silent breathing instead of my attempted whimpers.

The lack of sound makes it feel even weirder.

Once I finally manage to get it under control and stop myself from moving, things start to get a bit better. I can breathe a bit better, I start to feel less overwhelmed.

I breathe in, then out again. It's fine. It's better. I'm fine.

It seems like, as long as I stay perfectly still, the feeling is more manageable. I can just...

Gina slaps my ass, and I jerk. The feeling hits me again, sending me yet into another round of jerking around and wiggling that feels much, much more intense than before.

And another wave of raw, mental feelings, where I can't help but consider how humiliating it is. How filled up I feel. How both my pussy and ass are stuffed to the brim, just like a slut like me needs to be. Deserves to be.

I'm spasming around, stretched on both sides, and it's exactly what I'm supposed to be.

"And now, for the final one." Gina says while watching me squirm, getting menacingly closer to my face. "It goes right there."

I'm too busy trying to settle down from her previous assault. I can't even focus on staying away from her, not that I could have stopped her even if I tried.

She easily puts the spell on my lips, pressing my mouth closed all over again with her hand.

The same invading force I already experienced twice appears again.

This time, it squeezes through my lips and teeth, forcing them open despite the seal. It feels like both of the papers over my lips stretch and expand, as my jaw gets parted open, the papers still sticking to both of my lips but allowing for a gap in between them.

My mouth quickly fills up, opening more and more to accept more of it, the magic pinning my tongue down and pushing everything else away. I soon feel like my jaw is stretched open to its limit. My cheeks are bulging.

Then, the feeling starts to slide further in, towards the back of my throat, teasing its entrance. It's about to...

Gina removes her hand right before it worms its way down.

Again, she starts teasing the skin around my lips, keeping her finger right next to the spell. She looks like she's getting ready to seal it.

"So, little slut. I saw how you squirmed around, you enjoyed yourself quite a lot. You love my spells, don't you?"

I shook my head. I didn't... They feel good, but.... I'm not...

Gina's gaze hardens, losing all of its playfulness.

She angrily grabs my mouth, cupping it right back.

The feeling of pressure pushes through the back of my throat, ripping its way inside, and I feel like I'm going to choke all over again. For some reason, I can still breathe just fine, except that there's something back there that keeps filling me up. It's stretching my throat, sliding even further down through it. I can feel it, its shapes all along the sides of my throat, and I keep feeling like it's rushing towards my stomach, as it keeps going deeper and...

Gina removes her hand, this time right before it goes too far. The uncomfortable choking sensation remains, accompanied by the pressure inside of my mouth and neck.

"Alright, that's what you get for lying to me. You can admit that you like what I did to you, or I could just..."

She moves her hand, just like she wants to go back to cupping my mouth.

Tears in my eyes, I nod my head, up and down, as hard as I can. The feeling in my mouth is so far down, already. It already feels so weird. I feel so full, so stretched. I don't even know how it will feel once it gets... Hardened.

I can't handle anything more.

"Good. Good little slut." Her hand shifts to the side, rubbing my cheek and a spell she had put over it. "That's much better, right? It feels nice to be honest with yourself, doesn't it?"

I nod, pressing my head into her hand. It feels nice. Being honest and nodding feels so right.

She taps her thumb against my mouth, still rubbing against my cheek. And the spell hardens.

My eye shoots open.

The feeling is... Well, it doesn't really become worse. It's still more solid than before, harder, it feels more real. But it also feels quite flexible, still.

I tentatively try, and yes, I can move my head. Even though I keep feeling the thing inside of my throat resist my movements, worming a bit in my throat as I move it and try to swallow, it still eventually follows along. It also feels kind of... I don't know if I would say good, but not bad.

It definitely is better than choking and running out of air. I'm so happy and relieved that I can breathe through it just fine.

My relief is short-lived.

"So, now that you're both extra sensitive and filled up, like a good little slut," Starts Gina again, and my cheeks burn, "Let's make it so you want to squirm around!" She grins mischievously. "Wouldn't want to make your whole day too boring after all!"

She picks another one of the papers in front of her.

"So, let me introduce you to your new best friend."

She shows me the paper in her hand. I try to focus on it.

"This is quite a bit more complex that all the other ones you felt before, and it actually does three completely different things. The first one is that when I place it on you..."

She places it on me, but on the most unexpected place. Right in the middle of my forehead. There's nothing there, no spell, no... sensitive place.

Despite that, immediately, the whole area below the paper gets filled with pleasing sensations. Tiny strokes, relaxing squeezes, and small gentle teasing keep alternating all over it.

"Then it should feel pretty good."

Oh my god, yes. It feels... Good isn't even close to cutting it. It feels like the best head massage I ever got, but concentrated on just that tiny point. And even beyond that comparison. I want to be covered by that feeling, but somehow, it being limited to just below the spell makes it feel even more amazing.

"It can feel even better too, of course. I could have put it on one of the spells, or one of your naughty bits. I'm sure you'd have loved it, you little slut."

I can't even react to that, so lost in the myriad of sensations. Gina chuckles at my lack of reactions.

"But there's a reason I didn't. Notice anything?"

I try to... I focus on it, not that I can do much more right now. What do I need to notice? Does it start to feel different or...

I can feel the strokes and teasing on my eyebrow now. The spell isn't in the same place?

"That's right, it moves!" exclaims Gina in a way too cheery voice. "Well, it crawls. Somewhat. It slides around very slowly. I mean, sure, it's not much, but that was all I could come up with within that ridiculous set of rules and it definitely is going to move all over your body."

I look back at her face, and she's grinning.

"Yes, little slut, this means it will crawl over all these parts that are... A bit more sensitive than usual. Like here."

She strokes once above one of the papers stuck on my nipples, eliciting a jerk. I try to move as little as possible...

My eyes cross.

It feels like an electric bolt just ran through me. I'm moving in reaction to her touch, and this is making the three intruders shift around, and...

My nipple is so sensitive, even from how little Gina touched it it still feels amazing. But the things in my pussy, ass and mouth are the real threat. They make me feel so weird all over, and I'm not even able to focus on any of them because there's this thing crawling around on my forehead that just feels so fucking good.

For at least a few seconds, I'm stuck just shaking. I'm... I'm forced to wait for the feelings to come down.

It takes me a moment longer, and a good bit of shaking, before I can find a semblance of calm again.

Once I do, somewhat, the first thing I see is Gina looking at me. She looks very, very amused. I avoid her gaze. I feel like such a mess, but there isn't much I could do about any of it.

"You're done having fun?" she says in a mocking tone. "Cool, because there's one more thing. These little friends' most fun property is that they combine with some of the other spells on you. I'd even say they both combine quite well. Do you want to know which spells, and feel just how well?"

She takes a second paper, and moves it towards my mouth.

They combine with...

No. Nonono. I shake my head as much as possible to not let her get it on me. My actions move the thing hard around my throat, but I push through that feeling and keep fighting.

Gina roughly grabs my hair so I can't move away, stopping my attempts to struggle.

I look at her, fear in my eyes. The thing in my throat is so big already. But then, she's going to put it on me, and then it's... I'm...

Grinning, Gina places her piece of paper over my mouth.

Immediately, the spell filling my throat starts to twist, expand, vibrate, pulse inside of me. It feels like it's alive, sentient, and firmly decided on teasing my insides.

I want to get it out. It feels so, so much... Much. The sensation of all that length and girth squirming and rubbing, combined with the enhanced sensitivity of the other spells. I can't process any of it.

I need to do something about how I feel. I try to roll around, to... To...

I try to get more of that feeling. I want to rub my breasts, my pussy, to rub somewhere, to just make myself feel better. I try, again and again, to grab my mouth and grope my chest only to find out all over again that I can't move my arms, reminding me that I don't have any arms to move, that all I can do is squirm ineffectively, not even able to wiggle enough to really feel better but trying so much to still feel more.

"Wow, the look on your face." Gina rubs my cheek soothingly, stroking over a few sensitivity spells which makes me press even more into her hand. "Yeah, just that and you look fucked out of your mind already. You like oral, then, little slut? That's good to know. Next time, we're definitely putting your mouth to better use."

She removes her hand, and I try to stretch my neck out to follow it away. She just ignores me, and through my hazy eye I see her picking the other papers up.

"Anyways, I think you get the idea, so I'll give you a couple more friends and we'll let the bunch of you get acquainted."

She carefully places two more papers, one a bit away from my left nipple, and the other somewhere on my belly. Surprisingly, I can still feel them, and the one on my forehead, despite the maelstrom of sensations in my mouth and throat.

Even randomly placed like this, even if they aren't anywhere that truly matter, the combined sensations of all four at once feel absolutely heavenly.

"Hmm." Gina looks down below me, and taps right below my crotch, eliciting another small jerk on my part. "It seems like you're starting to seep through your pants already. And the fulu hasn't even moved down there yet?"

She rubs a finger over my jeans, then wipes it on my cheek. The smudge feels a bit wet. I'm too hazy, too focused on my mouth getting destroyed with pleasure to be able to focus on that.

"You know, I don't think your perfect paper is going to even exist tomorrow if you're already drenching it with all of your slutty juices. At this pace, you're just going to melt it down completely."

She cups my cheek and rubs it again with her hand, smearing more of the dampness all over it. I just squirm, not even noticing it in another way than more things feeling good. I can't focus, I can barely hear anything. Right now, I'm just a bundle of feelings that can't keep itself together.

"Not that you care much about it now, right? You're way too much of a slut to care about your grades anyways, right?"

She rubs the top of my head, scratching it a bit and stroking over the spell she put in it earlier. I close my one usable eye, automatically leaning into her touch as much as I'm able to.

Having my mouth fucked silly, assaulted over and over by so many feelings, and also feeling her fingers scratching the top of my head... I can't handle it. I want to stop time, to pause everything, to keep feeling like this forever and ever...

"You look so fucking cute like that. All that just with that one spell raping your throat. I don't know why I even bothered making all these fancy other ones.

"But, hey, little slut. If you need extra motivation, these papers aren't exactly waterproof. I'm not really sure what happens if you manage to dissolve them too."

She rubs my head a bit more as she pauses pensively. The feeling is heavenly, especially as that little other paper is getting very close to my nipple and... Oh.

Oh, yes. That stroking, rubbing, a bit of pinching. It's so... It's so overwhelming, seemingly everywhere over my body despite being only focused on my nipple. It's absolutely amazing.

"I think, since the runes are active, the spell would start floating around and just attach itself to your body directly. I never really tested that part, but, y'know... It would make sense, if it's just dissolved and floating around. Something to keep in mind, little slut. Don't soak your stumps in the puddles you're creating."

I don't really understand Gina's words anymore, lost in the sea of sensations like I am. The combination of nipple teasing, mouth fucking, and the whole lot of being filled up that I feel every single time I move or shiver makes me completely unable to focus on anything else, let alone people using words.

"Hmm. Even dipping part of a fulu in it would probably end up melting the paper. With the... What's it called? Capillary effect. So I guess you really don't want to make any part of it damp for too long. Sounds kinda worth testing out, really. You're not really the best subject to study that on, though. These curves are way too distracting, I couldn't focus enough to write a paper about that."

Gina keeps rubbing my head while she's saying something, but I completely tune her out. Instead, my attention is forced upon what is happening inside me, and outside me, and all the strokes and... Is that spell over my mouth about to leave? No, no, I don't want it to stop moving that big thing inside of me. I couldn't even get to cum from it yet, and... No, it's still here, it just moved a bit, to settle nicely over my sensitive lips, but it's still making sure I squirm and writhe. Such a good little friend, so nice, taking care of me like this...

"Wait. You're not listening to what I say anymore, are you?"

Gina's hand leaves my scalp, and she slaps me.

I shake as some minor jolt of pleasure fills my body. What was that? How was it this good?

Is that what an orgasm feels like with all these spells on me?

"Fucking pay attention while I talk to you."

Something grabs my chin and squeezes hard on my cheeks, painfully pressing on the wriggling thing inside. I part my single usable eye open. Gina's face is right in front of me, looking somewhat annoyed.

"Finally, you're listening. So, little slut. If you keep dripping your girljuice everywhere and the fulu I put on you get soaked, they'll stay stuck on you. Forever. You should do something to not let that happen, right?"

That's... Bad? To keep being this sensitive, this aroused, all the time. To be stuck like this, stretched so much in so many places. To feel the tingles and strokes forever, unable to do anything but squirm, maybe not even able to cum if the spells keep crawling randomly around my skin, not until they got to the right places to trigger that worming feeling that still fills my mouth, except in every place at once, bringing me over the edge over and over... Not able to make it stop or touch myself or...

Does that mean that I won't get my limbs back either?

I squirm around, using what little movement I can. Even in my lust-filled mind, that sounds bad. My limbs are important. I need them for something, for... For... For touching. Maybe I can beg Gina to give them back. Or... Or maybe Gina prefers if I stay like this so she can be the only one who can touch me.

I don't know anymore.

"Hmm. You're not even protesting. Do you actually want that to happen, little slut? Want to keep being a pair of tits and ass just good enough to make puddles all over the floor?"

Gina moves my head up and down for me, not even trying to wait for a response. I can't help but nuzzle more against her hand.

She nods my head once more, and slides her hand up so she can scratch my hair again.

I keep nodding by myself as the heavenly feeling of head scritches takes me over once more. I feel so good, Gina's so nice, she's so...

The head scritches stop.

Gina grabs the sides of my head, forcing me to keep it still for a moment.

"Okay, little slut. Stop nodding."

She's so... Following her orders is so easy, it feels so natural, even with all the other things that keep happening all over me. I keep my head straight in place, just for her, like she wants me to.

"You do understand the question I asked, right? Nod if you do."

I do. She's asking me if I want to stay like this forever. I nod.

Then, I close my eye, losing myself once again as the sensations kept running through my...

Something slaps me.

"Focus, you fucking slut."

I re-open my eye, my cheek still tingling from Gina's slap. It felt nice.

"So, slut. If you want to get your limbs back, and you want this whole thing to end, you need to shake your head no instead. Now, stay focused, and shake your head no for me."

I can do that. I shake my head no.

"Alright. Good. Now, do you really want to be like this forever, with no arms and no legs? Think carefully."

I... Have to think? There's things that keep touching and rubbing and squirming all over and inside my body... It's all... Thinking is hard.

But Gina told me to think, and to answer her question. I have to obey Gina.

Do I want to stay like this forever? It's bad to want that, right? It's wrong. A normal girl shouldn't want to lose her arms and legs. A normal girl would say no.

But me, I'm not a normal girl, right? I'm not good and proper and useful. I'm just a little... I'm a little slut, I'm just good enough to cum and squirm, I'm... I want to stay like that? I do?

Yes? Yes. I nod. Yes. I want to stay like that.

"Wait, you really want..." Gina's voice sounds surprised, incredulous. "You don't care if you stay limbless forever?"

No. I don't. I nod no, this time.

Gina laughs. Hearing her laughing makes me feel even more ashamed, more useless, more good all over. I wish that she would ask me again, so I could say no again, and degrade myself even more.

Her hand comes back on my head, scratching even harder than before. I try to moan but I can't, so I just squirm even more into the feeling, pushing myself hard against her rubbing hand.

"Oh wow. You were supposed to fight it, you know? I'd give you an easy reason to want to stop, then I would ask if you learnt your lesson and get you out of here. But instead, you forgot all about classes, all about life out there, and you... You said no. You just fucking said no."

She chuckles once more.

"I still can't believe it. You're fucking pathetic, little slut. You know that? You really can't take care of yourself. I bet that right now, even if you could beg, you would just beg me to insult you and touch you more."

I nod, I nod so much. I would. I would beg her to run her hands over my face, over my body. To just squeeze all over me like I'm a toy, to grope and use me however she likes, to...

I can feel myself burst, the rush of sensations growing and growing, until I come. The feeling of overwhelming pleasure makes me shake in ecstasy, everything over my body feels even more intense and it just keeps going. The scritches on my head. The squirming in my throat. The things filling me up below, that are both completely still save for my own body still squeezing hard against them, but the one tingling spell is crawling closer and closer, so in just a little bit...

"Hehe, wow. You fucking came from me saying that?"

Her other hand joins the first, starting to ruffle through my hair as I keep riding the afterglow, the scritches and the strokes and the slight hair pulls combining in one amazing symphony of feelings that just threatens to push me right back over the edge...

"You're fucking cute when you cum, little slut. I don't even know what's hotter."

She just keeps scratching, pulling, stroking, her hand sliding down my face...

"When you throw your head back and you can't even fucking moan it out," and she covers my mouth, "or the big bulge squirming in your throat," she strokes a finger against my neck, right above my squirmy friend, "or the way your tits push out when you tense up," she gropes them, squeezing them hard as I push myself into her hand, "or when you squirm around uselessly while you try to touch yourself," her hand slides down towards my pussy, "or..."

A faraway echo comes from somewhere outside, but I don't pay too much attention to it. I can't.

"Fuck. Justine, keep them away for a moment."

Gina removes her hands from my body.

I squirm, trying to keep myself close to her touch even as she pulls away. I keep attempting to grab her hand, trying to pull her closer again despite just not being able to, constantly reminded of just how useless I am like this, how all my limbs are still gone, and how little I can choose whether I can feel better or worse.

"Right. Little slut. We have to get ready for class now, before other students come here." Gina's voice comes from high above me, and breaks through the fog in my mind. I look up towards her, seeing that she's now standing.

She has grabbed my bag, and she places it right over my body, stuffing it above me.

With my one hazy remaining eye, I see Gina grab the metal door of the locker. Nat is standing behind her with a shit-eating grin.

Gina speaks again. "That wasn't really the plan, but you asked for it. So, for real, we'll see you tomorrow." She waves. "Have fun in there, little slut! Try to not lose your mind too much!"

Gina chuckles as she closes the locker's door.

Everything goes dark, and a loud, final click echoes as she turns the key.

Thanks a lot for reading!

This story is one of these stories that spent a lot of time in my draft folder. It's not the one that spent the longest in it, but after nearly five years, it's not far from it. This whole thing went through iterations, reworks, change of motivations for each of the characters, more reworks, and even writing from a whole alternate point of view to get a better grasp on Gina's character. I also have the beginnings of an epilogue/sequel, but I'm not making any promises about completing that - not in any reasonable time frame, at least.

I usually try to leave inspirations for my stories at the bottom of the notes. However, for this one, I'm afraid I can't provide too many of them in writing form. There's plenty of good inspirations for the "stuffed in a locker" in various image forms, such as Shiobari's excellent picture set or BagelBomb's pictures (NSFW). Similarly, there's plenty of inspirations for "limbs removed through magic", such as Ampura's picture (NSFW) or CreamGag's sequence. And there's lots of stories about bullying out there, both in image and writing, though none of the ones I read or so do it quite the same way as what this fic does (and if you have examples, feel free to mention them in the comments!).

In any case, I'm glad to get this out there, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it! And if any of this inspired you to write your own take on any of these events, please do feel more than free to do so!


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