Challenges (A microfic collection)


by ♫Dex

Tags: #cw:noncon #microfiction #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #sub:nb

August 10th, 2020

Prompt: "Unexpected"


Smiling, I open the door to my flat. Finally, time to relax after a long day at work !

I drop my keys on the...

With a clang, my keys hit the floor. The counter, which I could swear was on my right, isn't there.

I look around, and quickly find it on my left. As it is supposed to be.

Dammit, brain.

I bend down to pick up my keys, carefully place them on my left, and remove my shoes by leaning against...

I tumble to the ground with a yelp.

Against the wall that isn't there either. Again, brain... Dammit.

"Honey ! Are you okay ?"

It's my girlfriend, looking worried, and who definitely lives in my home.

"Yeah. I tried to lean against the wall to remove my shoes and..."

"Ah, I forgot that hypnotic suggestions can't rewrite habits."

Hypnotic sugg... What ? "Girlfriend, what you said doesn't make sense and I will immediately forget it."

"Oh !" She smiles. "Yeah, I was just being silly."

She helps me up, and I smile back.

"And don't worry about the wall, honey. You're just a bit tired."

"Okay, that makes sense !" I answer cheerily. My girlfriend is so much smarter than my brain !


I'm pretty happy with this prompt, especially because I know what my first idea was (no, brain, you can't write a short prompt about the spanish inquisition sketch. It doesn't work.)

I don't think there is a direct inspiration for this story. It seems more like a plot point that could be used in something bigger, but somehow, I don't think I've ever read somehting like that ? (and as always, feel more than free to be inspired by it !)

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