Train of Thought

Chapter 8 - Not always clever

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

After visiting my friends, the last few days were relatively calm. Amaryllis didn’t even question me when I told her I was exhausted and needed a few extra naps, on the condition of falling asleep on her lap. She never dropped any more bombshells about my ultimate fate as a floret to be, and any time I felt in a haze, she’d take me and remind me that’s okay. 

I talked to my friends between activities, Jennie complained about affini scoping out the mutual aid building, and Annie talked about drugs, and a lot of horny things! One red flag of the week has been me never leaving my affini’s side, one thing Annie called ‘indoor floret energy’. Something about everyone talking about it as a guaranteed made it really exciting, like a combination of embarrassing horny. Amaryllis told me it’s a humiliation kink thing, I know I have one but I wish she didn’t know how to put my thoughts together better than me! 

As I’m laying down on her carpet while she types on her data pad, “I’m bored!” comes out of me without even having a chance to think about it again. 

Amaryllis looks down at me like a cat who just saw a laser pointer dot, then gives off another predatory grin that freezes me. 

“What would you like to do, Enya?” She asks me in her ethereal tone, the scent of her flowers hitting me from across the room. 

“I don’t know.. It’s like before when you rescued me from switching tabs for an hour on the data-pad without doing anything..” 

I mutter, rolling away, then towards her. There’s never any impatience inside of her, but she lifts part of her floral dress near the bottom to show off a red flower.

“This flower has some Class - D xenodrugs in it, that help you be more honest and open. Would you like to try some?”  

The giant plant lady offered me actual truth serum, something I’ve heard rumors of the Accord trying to develop in their black sites. And this alien casually offers me one of the most terrifying ideas.. But red flag machine broke. 


Amaryllis walks over to me from her couch and knees at my side, giving me a little poke with the flower’s terrifyingly thin needle. I don’t even feel it, only a weight dangling off my heart suddenly dropping. 

“Uhhhh - I really liked it when you were brainwashing me, like that snake thing was really hot, stars, I’m such a floret, I wanna be forced into be-” 

I cover my mouth and turn as red as I can, actually having to muffle myself while Amaryllis grins like the supervillain she is. “W-What’s happening??”

“Oh, my sweet little toy. You’re telling me everything that’s in the back of your adorable little mind, just like when I hypnotized you.” She takes my hands off of my mouth, and my secrets pour out all over again. 

“I really want to end up as a pet, but like, I want to struggle against it, I want more cookies too, but like not as important, oh oh oh, Annie was telling me about floret trials days! I want to see you at your strongest and.. And.. Um..” 

Words stopped after Amaryllis begins to pet me, pulling me onto her lap and hugging me into her waist. 

“My little toy wants to feel the power divide, how sweet of her to tell me. We’ll play with you in all the ways we want, until you beg me to make you mine forever.” 

Intent and desire radiate off of Amaryllis, her rhythm peeling away the edges of my mind and pouring into me, killing the illusion of my separation from the rest of the universe. I’ve just given consent for something scary hot, where my heart punches my chest as if it was trying to escape and catch a tram far from this mad affini. 

I don’t get to think very long as Amaryllis jabs me with flowers along her dress, six or seven different flowers injecting colds and warms into me. All of the tension in my body is dropped, but I’m left with the ability to stroke a finger on my arm, sending a shiver of bliss all over me in an instant. All colour flares out at me, as if it wanted to jump onto me and pull me in, and every sound except my affini’s rhythm and voice are muted. 

Amaryllis’ hands split into dozens of vines that dart under my dress and slide against every inch of my skin, each touch mentally flashbanging me with an overload of sensation. I try to open my mouth and beg for whatever the first thing that comes to mind is, but a hopeless whine comes out instead, every time I try to use my words, different noises slip out instead. 

Trapped in her rhythm, actually stolen by the monster I hoped she was, my mind focuses on her words alone, even my bliss takes a back seat to her -

“Such adorable mewlings, all trapped in my embrace. Ready to break on my order, but not a moment sooner or later.”

Her voice comes out like wind passing through my soul, leaving no piece of me free from her predatory might, I feel myself coming apart at the seams, only held together by a will separate of my own. 

“A-Ahh! Aaah! Maah! Wuur?”

My own voice comes out like alien noises, another part of my agency stripped from me like they were just pieces of jewelry. Something pretty, but ultimately unimportant in my villain’s eyes. 

I hug around some of her vines that dance over my front, tips gently stroking my face while I return soft kneadings. Even as Amaryllis casually displays her dominance over me with everything she’s had available this whole time, I still catch glimpses of her melting at me, it’s way more clear through her rhythm. It’s like instructions for me to follow, soon I’m taking part in her rhythm, when her wants to tell me to roll, I roll, when I am to beg, I babble the most sincere noises I can muster. When her petals russell, I feel both of our desires for me to break, but I’m never given the order, so Enya remains. 

Time lost the little meaning I gave it, there only was intense, overloading bliss and low, gentle cuddles. We trade adoration to each other, soft touches between limbs, vines and flowers. Sometimes Amaryllis holds her tablet over me, ordering me to breathe in one of her flowers, and then to beg.

There’s no instructions on what to beg for, but the urge quickly builds up until it explodes inside of me. So, I beg everything weighing on me, in one desperate stream of consciousness. 

“Amaryllis, please! Please please please, please keep me! Please make me yours! Please be evil to me! Please do everything I love, love me, tame me, break me, make me everything you want, humiliate me, play with my mind, and -” 

I go on for minutes, begging to be owned by the evil plant who barged into my life and stole me just because I didn’t behave. I eventually run out of breath, returning to giving little whines and mewls, kneading myself back into her body. Being easy gives me nothing but pride in Amaryllis’ grasp, like I’m just supposed to be her toy. While I catch my breath, she only gives me the softest pettings, gentlest praise and little kisses, drugged mist leaving her breath and tangling my words back up.

Amaryllis’ head turns down to me after she’s done with her data-pad, her four golden eyes bearing down on me. Golden liquid pours over everything that is me, and I find myself floating between the black speckles, each one I see making me tumble deeper into blissful empty thoughtlessness. 


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