Train of Thought

Chapter 16 - The three talk dynamic

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

Back to Enya! This chapter took the most rewriting, but I think I'm happy with it now??

Jennie tells me all about what she and Mistress talked about in a hushed secret whisper, she’s a ward now! I think it upsets her, but my implant is constantly dumping something strong straight into my head. Oh yeah! I was Mistress’ ward for like a whole day before surrendering! Wow, I literally ended up as a floret because I was bored. That’s a good reason!  I think I’m too high to tell which thoughts are my own but that’s okay! 

My girlfriend pinch-squeezes my lips and brings me back to the real world, getting me to giggle! “Uhm.. I can’t think. What’s different about being a ward than before?” Jennie waves her hand over my face, making me lean back, then giggles really hard at how cute I am. “You’re like three seconds delayed. I’d say average?” Mistress chymes in while she brings - Holy heck, cookies!!! “She’s sober enough to listen, but anything you get out of her will be either incoherent, or utterly honest.” 

I can feel Mistress’ flowers as they sway themselves around before Mistress even sits next to me, and I’m already gently rubbing a finger against one of the petals. It’s such a good texture, so smooth, soft and damp! Like a plant! Jennie and Mistress both smile down at me before they distribute the cookies, Jennie gets two, and Mistress feeds me two! Before Mistress decided I was hers I could have lived without being fed, but after learning how much she loves it, the idea of denying Mistress that joy over something silly like dignity feels abhorrent. 

After I’m fed my two cookies, Mistress pokes Jennifer’s forehead and gently pets her and makes her smile real big! “You still have an answer to give my pet, little one.” Wait, what was the question? Jennie stays quiet for a few seconds - Oh, she’s thinking, then asks Mistress, “What would be different?” I’m lifted up to Mistress’ chest and kind of just melt over her in a gay petgirl puddle, one of her vines gently stroking my cheek and exploding my thought processes with chemically enforced bliss I only tune back into reality while Mistress speaks, “-admistister xenodrugs whenever I believe they are needed. You take your medications on your own and are not suffering, so that doesn’t need managing. Because you’ve been holding onto your feral ideology for so long, we will be having to take steps against that. I’d like to work with you on this.”

Jennie slowly nods and does her thinky face, and my implant helpfully supplies context cues through intrusive thoughts while making me hyper aware of how not a person I am! People are talking. Hjkfdahgfhk Heck. I’m just some gay pet, Mistress will handle it! “If I think about this the way you said before, this just feels banally domestic. But something like this feels like the walls are closing in on me from my normal perspective..” Mistress’ mimicry of lips curl into a powerful smile as the oven beeps, and it does that hot air sucky noise to make it cool. She gets up and carries me with her to take out whatever’s in it! It’s a good noise! 

Her unassociated vines handle cutting a really good looking pizza up with one of those circle wheel knives, cutting it almost perfectly in like.. More than two wedges. “That’s right, little one. I know you’re stressed about the change, and I’d like to offer you something to help with those feelings. Some class E’s to cut the anxiety out and let you think without the fear.” Mistress plates the pizza and brings us back to the couch, laying my back on one of her arms while the rest of me leans on her and then feeds me! “How much will it fu-mess me up?” 

Mistress’ eyes had little flickers of red as Jennie almost swore, while her rhythm gave a singular pulse of annoyance. Oh gosh, didn’t I used to swear a lot, or was that internal monologue stuff? Wait, has Mistress censored my internal monologue?? Jennie gets distracted by my blush until Mistress answers, her beautiful voice overriding my higher functions. “Yes petal, you would be very ‘messed up’. It’s much stronger than what I would normally have prescribed for someone like you, but for this purpose you will be able to process your emotions in peace.” 

More thinking while Mistress dotes all over me, her pretty eyes staring into mine.. Sinking…. Before I fall too deep into oblivion, Jennie’s voice gets Mistress to turn her head away from me. “..-try it. Something to make talking easier too, please?” Mistress’ pride rumbles through the room, even when it isn’t pointed at me seeing her happy just hits really good!! Jennie is lifted up right next to me, the two of us pressed together on top of Mistress. She goes almost as limp as me, emitting a dazed, pet-like giggle. Oh. Is Mistress.. “Holyyy shit.. I forgot you’d just inject me.. You’re not going to make me like Enya, are you?” 

Something inside of me feels like that should hurt, but my implant or whatever cocktail of alphabet drugs I’m on stops that in its tracks. Jennie with no filter is kind of cute. “No, little one. Enya is Enya, and Jennifer is Jennifer. Enya craves to be simple, but had harmful complexity built over her. If I treated you like Enya, it would be during play and easily reversible. You are a delightfully complicated little sophont, who only needs a little bit of help to bloom.” Jennie squirms against us and bites her lip, making a way sillier and blatantly horny expression. “Ughh, this E stuff feels like a devil’s bargain. What was I supposed to be exploring again?” Mistress tilts our heads, Jennie’s breath almost making my skin light all my thoughts on fire. “Our relationship, little one.” Vines touch all around us, slowly stroking over my lips, ribs and tummy, keeping my mind utterly out of order while Jennie still looks coherent enough to embrace the petting and talk. 

“Okayy… I can’t imagine not trusting you. You’re powerful and kind, but that makes me feel.. Safe? Other affini are overbearing and don’t take me seriously, but I’ve never felt safer in all my life.” The teasing lets up as Mistress beams, kissing both of our heads! I clumsily try to kiss Jennie and Mistress back, and they both giggle at how cute I am. “Even with this extra power you have over me now, you aren’t making me quiet.” 

“Quiet time can come later, petal. Your emotions are important, and the harder questions give you the room to grow. It would be easy to enforce unending bliss on you, but that wouldn’t let you bloom. Would you like to know a secret, little one?” Jennifer wavers before she nods, and Mistress’ smile becomes powerful again, while her rhythm threatens to drown my soul into her presence. “I’d love nothing more than to steal every piece of responsibility and doubt from you, cut that rotten feral ideology out, and nurture that political curiosity you hold. As my floret, you could bloom into someone even an affini may come to for advice.” 

Jennifer stays quiet after Mistress gives yet another supervillain speech, somehow making even politics hot. Mistress notices my squirming and slowly strokes a vine down my cheek, stealing my ability to move like some kind of vampire’s powers with a single touch. Evil. Heck. “But florets don’t have political rights.. How-” Before Jennie can even finish, Mistress hushes her. “What anarchist has ever had their political rights respected by power? As a floret, you’d be closer to the truth of the compact’s purpose, and you wouldn’t only have the time to learn. You’d have the energy to learn. I’d make sure of it.” 

“..Thanks for not pretending to be fair.” Mistress shivers at Jennie’s words, the urge to squeeze my girlfriend and fill her with all sorts of bliss- Oh gosh, Mistress’ rhythm is overriding my will again. I hug Jennie as tight as my limp arms can, and the two of us cuddle. She looks so tired. “I want a break from complicated thoughts for a bit.. Please make me yours?” My owner’s predatory glee bleeds into me, shutting down my thinky part and dropping me back into my natural petself. “Of course, petal. I’ll make this special.”

A vine covered in an entire pharmacy’s worth of xenodrug flowers unfolds from Mistress’ rib, twisting and turning one thorn into several of the flowers while the sweet smell of flowers assaults us. “I’ll start with some W’s and A’s, and I’ll take care of everything else.” Jennie squirms as she watches the injector thorn press into her arm, I’m too slow to even notice one reaching for me until prick! Everything gets heavier, softer and - “Hssssst!” The two of us stare at each other while Jennie covers her mouth and blushes as hard as I normally do around Mistress, while I giggle! 


Something adjacent to lucidity slowly fills me while something heavy presses down on my body like weighted blankets - Jennie!! She’s asleep on me, hissing like a snake every little bit! All the colours in her clothes bleed into the background, and any time she shifts I forget whatever’s on my mind! Right! Jennie said the thing and now she’s my pinnate!! The overnet said it’s like pet marriage, heck, I never saw myself getting pet married before. Or regul- Mistress lifts us both back up and the slurry of sensation dunks me in oblivion, when my sense of self reforms we’re both snuggled right up to each other while tangled in an uncountable amount of vines that’s definitely more than two.

Any time I look up at Mistress, her face is painted in that doting ‘aww!’ expression every affini has when they look at me dialed up to eleven before I lose myself in her eyes. In the corner of my awareness, Jennie emits some airheaded giggles before trailing off with a fading “Hsssst.” All I’m left with is the feeling of her eyes expanding around my entire being, while her biorhythm sends my headspace into a meadow to get lost in. 

Jennie’s body presses against mine while both of our hands clumsily squeezes eachother’s. It could have been minutes or hours on Mistress’ lap, Mistress deciding to feed us both a glass of water. Jennie giggles enough to spill a little bit before going back to squeezing around me, while Mistress carries us to the bathroom for.. Bathing? Oh! Bath time! Vines slip through our clothes and pull them all off piece by piece before we’re gently dunked into the bath together, Jennie holding onto the side of the tub and swishing her legs in the water while I kind of.. Float! I watch Mistress from upside down cleaning my girlfr- Pinnate’s everything, and using the special brainwashing shampoo! 

My turn comes around and the fruity smelling drug shampoo smothers my thoughts away in a comfy, empty warmth. Mistress coils a vine around both of our chests and slowly moves us around in the bath in a few gentle circles before me and Jennie are connected again! She excitedly hisses at me while I try to talk.. It comes out as completely unthreatening growls! “Is my little serpent and my little Enya all clean?” Mistress asks, and we both make our excited silly noises! Good pet thought!

That's it for the backlog I've had written for awhile. I'll hopefully be able to write more at some point, but I'm feeling pretty unpredictable.


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