The Art of True Hypnotism: Retribution and Humiliation

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male

-Hypnodomme Peggy deals with a pair of women who have drawn her ire for different reasons, althought the consequences are similar-

Part One- Retribution

Janet finished loading her dishwasher and started it, then grabbed a beer from the fridge and went into the living room of her three-bedroom ranch style home and sat on the couch. It was early on Sunday afternoon, and Janet intended to relax and watch a movie. The manager of a popular local bar, she had worked late the previous evening.

Fifty, Janet was a short reasonably attractive woman with greying shoulder-length dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She was a bit overweight, with large, surgically-augmented tits and a nice tan she worked to maintain. Janet was wearing a pair of tan capri pants and a simple red tank top. She was barefoot, and her finger and toenails were both black and in need of repainting; she wore several bracelets, rings and a gold anklet.

Janet was about to turn on the television when her doorbell rang.

Answering the door, she was mildly surprised to see Peggy McBride standing on her porch.

“Hi Janet!” Peggy said cheerfully.

“Hello Peggy; long time no see. You are looking good,” Janet replied.

Peggy was wearing a long dark green skirt and a white sleeveless top, along with tall brown wedge sandals. Her long thick hair was in a bun, and her amethyst pendant hung around her neck. She had on a pair of dangling jade earrings, and a simple silver toe ring on her right second toe and the gold toe ring she took from Kendal on her left smallest toe.

“Thank you; you are looking pretty good yourself,” Peggy replied.

Janet had worked for Peggy as a bartender years ago when Peggy was the manager of the bar; Janet had gotten the job after Peggy had left.

“Oh, thanks. Not too bad for an old lady, I suppose. Come on in; what can I do for you Peg?” Janet said, opening the door all the way.

“Actually, I just came by for my book,” Peggy replied as she walked into Janet’s home.

“Book? I don’t think I follow…,” Janet replied as she closed the door.

“Sure you do; the book Donna gave you to hide for her…,” Peggy said in the manner people used when trying to jog someone’s memory.

“Peggy, I really…I don’t… I have no idea what you are talking about,” Janet replied, her face turning red.

Peggy raised an eyebrow.

“Donna should have chosen a better liar,” she said.

“Excuse me? Did you just call me a liar?” Janet asked indignantly.

“Yes,” Peggy replied.

“Okay, it is time for you to go,” Janet said, opening the door.

“No,” Peggy said simply.

“Peggy, get out of my house!” Janet huffed.

“Not until you give me my book. Donna stole it from me; I have dealt with her already. Give it to me and I will go,” Peggy replied.

“What do you mean, “dealt” with her? What did you do?” Janet asked suspiciously.

“Trust me, you don’t want to find out…but you will if you don’t give me my book. Now,” Peggy said, her voice quiet but firm.

“Oh, now you are threatening me? In my own fucking house? Get out now, before I throw you out, you arrogant bitch,” Janet said angrily.

“Wow, you got worked up fast, Janet. Almost like you are hiding something…,” Peggy said sweetly.

She turned and walked brazenly down the hall.

“Hey, damn it! I said get out!” Janet said, following her.

Peggy spun around.

“Janet, I want my book. I know you have it. Don’t lie to protect Donna! This is your last chance. Give me my book, right now or I will *make* you give it to me and you will be so fucking sorry. Look into my eyes and see how serious I am,” she said menacingly.

Thanks to her natural height combined with her tall sandals, Peggy towered over Janet. She opened her beautiful gold-flecked green eyes wide, staring intensely down at the older woman.

Janet stopped in her tracks, surprised by the intensity of Peggy’s gaze.

“Peggy you are…are fucking crazy! Get out-get out of my house!” Janet replied, stammering a bit.

“Janet be quiet and listen to my voice…listen as you look into my eyes. Deep into my eyes. See how serious I am…feel yourself being drawn into my eyes…sinking into them…sinking deeper…deeper with every word I speak…,” Peggy said firmly.

She leaned down, moving her face closer to Janet’s, her eyes wide and unblinking.

“Wait, what? Are you fucking serious…you need, need to go or I will c-call the cops,“ Janet began.

Her voice faltered as Peggy’s eyes bored into hers. Janet gritted her teeth, determined not to be intimidated in her own home.

“Relax, Janet…relax more and more with every word I speak…as you keep looking deeper, deeper into my eyes…you are feeling so relaxed…my voice is soothing, Janet…keep looking into my eyes…find the gold…it is so relaxing to just let go and look deeper into my eyes as you listen to my soothing voice…,” Peggy continued in her finely-honed hypnotic tone.

“What?…Are you trying to hypno…hypnotize me?” Janet asked with nervous laugh.

Her eyes were riveted to Peggy’s; she had to admit they were  beautiful… Janet was suddenly alarmed as a tingle feeling began in her chest that quickly spread through her body, a wave of involuntary but pleasant relaxation.

“Relax deeper, deeper Janet…keep looking into my eyes and listening closely to my voice…you are so relaxed…you are getting sleepy…very sleepy…your eyelids are getting heavy…very heavy…feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation…you are dropping deeper…deeper with my every word…even as your eyes become tired you cannot look away…you must keep looking deeper into my eyes…you want to sleep, Janet…your eyelids are so heavy…you just want to close them, don’t you…?” Peggy said.

Her eyes seemed to blaze with hypnotic energy; Janet gasped, unable to look away.

“No…Peggy stop…please…yes…close…,” she mumbled as her eyelids fluttered.

“Very good…the harder you try to keep them open, the heavier they become…you are so tired, so relaxed, so sleepy…sleepy…your eyelids are *so* heavy…you cannot stay awake, Janet…SLEEP!” Peggy said loudly.

She snapped her fingers and Janet’s eyes slammed shut.

Peggy took a deep breath; she had just pulled off her first eye-contact only induction. It had been tiring, using a lot of energy, but it had worked quite well.

With a satisfied smile, Peggy walked to the front door, leaving the hypnotized Janet standing in her hallway. She went to the front door and opened it, waving to Sean who had waited in the car.

“I’m guessing she didn’t want to cooperate?” Sean said as he joined Peggy in Janet’s living room.

“Nope; I will give her credit, she wouldn’t give Donna up. She is going to regret that,” Peggy replied evilly.

She closed and locked the door, then kicked off her sandals and walked back to where Janet stood.

“Janet, listen to me very carefully. You are completely relaxed; you feel wonderful. Your mind is completely open…blank…waiting for instructions; the sound of my voice is all that you can hear, the only thing you will respond to. You will obey me, you must obey me…,” Peggy said quietly and firmly into Janet’s ear.

“Obey…,” Janet murmured.

“Yes, very good. Obeying me makes you feel good Janet. Obeying Peggy will give you pleasure…so much pleasure you want to obey me, don’t you?” Peggy continued.

“Yes…obey…Peggy…,” Janet agreed slowly.

“Good girl, Janet. It feels good to just remain in this nice, deeply relaxed state and obey me. Nothing will awaken you until I awaken you. Now, when I snap my fingers you will open your eyes and remain deeply, completely relaxed. Understand?” Peggy asked.

“Yes…,” Janet agreed.

Smirking, Peggy casually snapped her fingers.

Janet opened her eyes, remaining in a deep trance.

“Those tits are so ridiculous,” Peggy said, shaking her head as she looked her latest victim over.

“Follow me, Janet,” she commanded, leading the entranced woman into the living room where Sean stood patiently waiting.

“Damn, she does have a nice rack,” he chuckled.

“Fake as hell, but if you want to play with them in a bit, you may. Get on your knees, Janet,” Peggy said.

The hypnotized woman obeyed.

“Janet, you will answer any and all questions I ask you completely truthfully. You cannot lie to me; got it?” Peggy said.

“Yes,” Janet agreed.

“Excellent. Now, did Donna give you an old book and ask you to hide it, even from her?” Peggy asked.

“Yes,” Janet replied.

“You stupid bitch; I warned you. Now, did she tell you what the book was about?” Peggy asked.

“No,” Janet answered.

“Did you look in it?” Peggy asked.

“No, it has a lock on the clasp,” Janet said.

Peggy exchanged a look with Sean.

“Don’t worry, I have bolt cutters Mistress. It won’t be an issue,” he said quietly.

Peggy smiled and nodded at him.

“Janet, where did you hide the book?”

Janet hesitated, trying to resist answering.

“Answer me!” Peggy urged irritably.

“It…it is in the safe in my office at the bar,” she replied.

“Alright, you are going to get dressed and go get it and bring it to me here. You will also take twenty percent of the cash from the safe, there should be plenty from last night,” Peggy commanded.

Having once managed the bar, she knew quite well that the safe would have a large amount of cash from Saturday night’s business.

“But…I could get…in trouble for that…,” Janet protested in a dazed voice.

Peggy frowned; she didn’t like when her subjects resisted her commands.

Janet wasn’t conditioned very deeply, so she could still muster some defiance.

“That is not my problem. I’m sure have skimmed plenty. Have you stolen from the bar, Janet?” Peggy asked.

“Yes…,” Janet replied.

“Listen carefully; you will not steal from the bar..ever again. You will do as I command. You will obey me. You will go get me the book and twenty percent of the cash in the safe. Do you understand Janet?” Peggy asked forcefully.

“Yes…,” Janet said quietly.

“Good. You will go now; you will act normally, do not speed in your car, do not speak to anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. Bring me my book and the money from the safe. Go!” Peggy commanded.

Janet rose and headed for the door, grabbing her keys from the small table beside the door and left without putting on shoes.

“Impressive,” Sean said with a smile.

“Thank you, my Enslaved One. She will be gone for at least half an hour; get over here and fuck me,” Peggy replied with a grin.

The hypnotist moved to bend over the couch, lifting her skirt.

Grinning back, Sean quickly moved to obey.

When Janet returned, Peggy was seated comfortably on her couch, scrolling on her phone. Sean sat beside her; Peggy had her feet in his lap and he was massaging them reverently.

Janet silently presented Peggy with “The Art of True Hypnotism” as well as a money bag filled with cash.

“Janet, take off all your clothes and get down on your knees,” Peggy commanded her, handing the book and cash to Sean.

The hypnotist stood; she looked down with disdain as the naked Janet assumed a kneeling position before her.

“Tell me something, Janet; did Donna pay you to hide the book?” Peggy asked.

“Yes,” Janet replied.

“You will address me as “Mistress”, slave-Janet. Got it?” Peggy said haughtily.

“Yes, Mistress,” Janet answered.

“Better. How much did she pay you?” Peggy asked.

“Five thousand dollars up front. She promised me ten more,” Janet answered.

“Do you still have the five thousand?” Peggy asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Janet said.

“Where is it?” Peggy asked.

“In my bedroom in my jewelry box,” Janet replied.

“Go get it and bring it to me,” Peggy commanded.

The naked woman rose and obeyed, returning with an envelope. Peggy took it and handed it to Sean, who added it to the cash in the money bag from the bar.

“Back on your knees, Janet. It is time for your punishment,” Peggy said.

Janet once again knelt before her Mistress.

Peggy sat on the couch, lifting up her skirt to expose her pussy.

“Crawl over here and eat me Janet,” she commanded.

“I…I am not a lesbian…,” Janet protested.

“You are whatever I say you are; you want me, Janet. You want to please me; it will make you happy to please me. You will eat my delicious pussy Janet,” Peggy said firmly.

“Yes, Mistress,” Janet replied.

The dazed woman obeyed; Sean watched with a grin as Janet helplessly crawled to Peggy and began to lick at the hypnotist’s pussy.

Peggy moaned with pleasure; it didn’t take long for her to cum.

“Okay, that’s enough Janet. Now you will tit-fuck Sean,” Peggy commanded, straightening her skirt.

“Yes Mistress” Janet said, moving to where Sean sat.

Peggy’s Thrall undid his pants and pulled out his erect cock so Janet could use her artificially-enhanced breasts to stimulate him.

Sean chuckled and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of the woman’s rack on his cock.

Peggy let her continue for several minutes, watching with satisfaction.

“Cum Sean! Cum!” she said firmly when she could tell he was ready to release.

Sean’s cock immediately spasmed, shooting his load all over Janet’s face and tits.

When he was finished he leaned back on the couch, chuckling.

“Go ahead and get cleaned up, I have a few things to say to Janet and then we can go,” Peggy said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Sean said, heading to the bathroom.

Peggy rose and stood looking down on the naked Janet, kneeling with Sean’s cum on her face and tits.

“Listen carefully Janet; you will awaken ten minutes after we leave. You will remember everything that has happened. You will know in your heart that you brought this on yourself and that you made a huge mistake crossing me. You will blame Donna for not warning you that I was a hypnotist. You will respect and fear me, and have no desire for revenge. Oh, and the next time you are at work, at exactly ten p.m. you will get up on top the bar and sing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and strip naked. You will not consciously remember that last command, but you will follow it when the time arrives,” Peggy said firmly.

“Yes, Mistress…,” Janet agreed.

Her hypnotized mind helplessly absorbed the suggestions.

Satisfied, Peggy picked up “The Art of True Hypnotism” and the money bag from the couch. Sean returned from getting cleaned up and saw that she was ready to go; he picked up his Mistress’ sandals and followed her out the door.

Janet remained kneeling naked in her living room, having suffered the retribution of an angry hypnodomme.

Part Two- Humiliation

A few days after dealing with Janet, Peggy sat at her dining table, sipping coffee and reading “The Art of True Hypnotism”.

It was late Thursday morning; Peggy taken a few days off work to give herself time to carry out the next step in her plans.

The hypnodomme had risen early, and after having enthusiastic sex with Sean she had gone to a spinning class. When she returned she showered and dressed in a simple purple tank top and a pair of white shorts. When she emerged from her bedroom, Sean had breakfast waiting for her, which she had enjoyed out on her back patio in the lovely morning sun.

After breakfast she went inside to study the “The Art of True Hypnotism” while Sean went for a run.

Peggy was methodically changing her lifestyle to that of a True Hypnodomme, and had decided it was time she had a domestic servant, someone to serve her permanently as a live-in maid, cook, sex-slave and anything else she required.

While Sean was practically living with her, she had something different in mind for him; she was training and conditioning him as her Thrall. A hypnodomme’s most devoted and obedient slave, a Thrall was often a hypnotist’s confidant and most trusted companion. They were usually a naturally submissive person who had wanted to become a slave either consciously or unconsciously, or had discovered that they wished remain one and embracing their servitude.

By tradition, a True Hypnotist only maintained a single Thrall; they were the highest tier of slave, often given the authority to command the other slaves in a hypnodomme’s stable. They were often allowed to speak freely, offer opinions and advice, and trusted make decisions in their owner’s best interest without direction as long as they were reliable and obedient. Thralls were still punished, degraded and humiliated as necessary, although it was usually far less frequent than with lower-tier slaves. They typically required far less reinforcement of post-hypnotic suggestions to keep them obedient.

Sean was growing nicely into the role of her Thrall; recently Peggy had been pondering candidates to hypnotize and make her first full-time menial slave.

After extensive consideration, she had selected a young woman named Katie Walsh as the next addition to her slave stable.

Katie was an attractive twenty-two-year old who had come to work in Peggy’s office a few months earlier.

A stereotypical self-absorbed young person, Katie was also ditzy, lazy and irresponsible. Frequently late to both arrive in the morning and returning from lunch, and easily distracted, Katie was a mess. Even worse, she had shown herself to be a judgmental bigot; she was strongly homophobic and more than a little prejudiced toward non-white people.

Peggy considered Katie a train wreck, little more than a selfish brat who contributed little to society, and a perfect candidate to become a slave. She would be easy to mold into a useful, productive person who would thrive being told what to do every moment of every day.

The previous week, Katie had come in to work on Monday and abruptly quit, announcing that Friday would be her last day.

Peggy had actually been glad to hear she was leaving, as working with Katie was exasperating to say the least.

The young woman had been excited, explaining that she was going to join her latest boyfriend on some kind of outreach mission somewhere in eastern Europe for a year, where they would be ministering to underprivileged people.

Of course, Katie saw it as a big adventure and year-long vacation. The catch was that she would have to pay a fee upfront and monthly room and board in order to “volunteer” for the program.

Peggy chuckled and shaken her head; Katie was not very worldly, and it sounded like her boyfriend of two weeks had gotten her to agree to join some kind of scam organization or possibly even a cult.

“Like, it’s two thousand upfront to go and I already have that saved. Then it is like seven- hundred a month, which will kinda suck, but I am getting donations from my family and friends and selling my car,” she had said enthusiastically as she sat at her desk, which located next to Peggy’s.

Peggy had barely listened, not interested what the vapid young woman was babbling about.

You would look good at my feet, Katie Peggy had thought, smiling as she imagined the pretty young woman as her foot-slave.

Peggy had paused her typing for a moment.

Why not? she had thought to herself.

Peggy realized that Katie was an ideal candidate; people were expecting her to be gone soon, and it would be extremely satisfying to see the young woman on her knees.

She had decided then that Katie would become her next slave.

Sean returned from his run and showered, then joined Peggy in the dining room dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt.

“Hello my Enslaved One. How was your run?” Peggy asked, smiling at him.

“Great, thank you Mistress. I feel good,” he replied.

“You look good, too,” she said with a wink.

Sean blushed. He had been working out hard since becoming Peggy’s slave; she wanted him fit and healthy, and he wanted to please her. He picked up her empty coffee cup without being prompted and went into the kitchen, returning a moment later with it refilled and set it before her.

“Thank you. So are you ready to watch Katie become my slave?” Peggy asked, motioning for Sean to sit.

The hypnotist put her bare feet in his lap, and he began to massage them.

Sean loved Peggy’s feet, and he noticed she had taken extra care to make sure they looked good today. She had commanded Donna to come over the night before and change her nail polish to a sparkly purple, and she wore three toe rings; The gold heart on her right little toe, along with a silver band set with a pink crystal on her right second toe. On her left middle to was a silver shamrock.

“Absolutely, Mistress. I can’t think of anyone I want to see at your feet more than that twit,” Sean replied with a grin.

He had met Katie a couple times; he strongly disliked the shallow young woman. He considered her flighty and dumb, although she was undeniably sexy.

“Katie is perfect slave material. Since she quit last week and is planning on going off to Europe, people won’t miss her around here. Besides, if she is going to pay to get brainwashed and serve someone, it might as well be me,” Peggy said, chuckling.

Sean’s cock began to stiffen. He loved Peggy’s wicked streak, and he had come to enjoy watching other people reduced to her slaves and playthings.

“I agree completely Mistress. She will make a perfect slave for you,” Sean replied.

“Yes she will; you won’t have to cook breakfast for me anymore. Don’t worry, I know you like serving me and you will have plenty to do, just more important things,” Peggy said with a wink.

“Yes, Mistress” Sean said, smiling.

“Okay, she will be here at one o’clock. I knew the entitled little brat would come right over if I mentioned the possibility of donating money for her trip,” Peggy said.

The sexy hypnotist teasingly stroked Sean’s cock through his jeans with her left foot as she spoke.

Sean smiled and gave a little shudder.

“I have to say, I am going to really enjoy this,” he said, cock growing harder as he continued to massage Peggy’s other foot.

“I am too. I won’t feel bad at all about enslaving Katie” the hypnotist said, continuing to stroke Sean with her foot.

A slight moan of pleasure escaped Sean’s lips as he continued to massage her foot even as she continued to tease him with her other one.

“Take out your cock my Enslaved One,” Peggy commanded.

Sean obeyed, his shaft standing straight up from his jeans.

Smiling, Peggy began to rub his cock with her feet. Slowly, teasingly at first. Up and down.

Sean closed his eyes and whimpered, a dopey grin on his face.

Peggy continued the foot-job, enjoying the look of ecstasy on her Thrall’s face.

“Mmmm…oh…OH…yes… that feels so awesome…,” Sean said quietly, trembling at her touch.

“Yes, I know you like that. You love my feet. You love me. You are mine. You will obey my feet…you will obey me. You know in your heart you are mine. I love you, my Enslaved One. Now cum for me. Cum on my feet,” Peggy said in a quiet but firm voice, one foot on each side of his throbbing cock, moving them rapidly up and down.

She stopped stroking him and held her feet in front of him side by side; Sean gave a shout and his cock spasmed; he grabbed his shaft and maneuvered it so that the majority of his cum got on Peggy’s feet.

“Thank you, Mistress!” he gasped.

“You are welcome, honey. Now go get a nice warm wet towel and clean us both up,” Peggy replied.

Sean obeyed; after quickly cleaning himself and zipping his jeans, he knelt and carefully washed Peggy’s feet.

“Thank you. Now eat me; I want to be relaxed and focused when Katie arrivesd,” Peggy said, standing and dropping her shorts.

Sean grinned, kneeling before her and eagerly licking at his Mistress’ delicious pussy.

Predictably, It was almost one-thirty when Peggy’s doorbell rang; the hypnotist opened the door to reveal a beautiful, slender young woman with long auburn hair in a single braid and big blue eyes behind stylish thick-rimmed glasses; she was in excellent shape with fair skin, small tits and a tight round ass. She wore a short sleeveless top that showed off her sexy midriff and navel piercing and an ornate tattoo of an angel and a demon fighting on the small of her back. Her outfit was completed by ridiculously short denim shorts and thin black flip flops, and her toenails were painted black, slashed with dark green stripes.

“Hi Peggy! Thank you so much for inviting me over!” Katie said cheerfully, offering a hug.

“Hello Katie. Come on in,” Peggy replied with equal enthusiasm as she accepted the embrace.

Peggy led the young woman inside.

“Please, have a seat. Can I get you some water? Ice Tea?” Peggy asked.

“Water would be great, thank you!” Katie replied, leaving her flip flops by the door and then sitting on the couch.

Peggy went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with two glasses of water, handing one to Katie as she sat beside her on the couch.

“So how are things going? Getting ready for your big adventure?” Peggy asked pleasantly.

“Ya, I’m so excited! It is going to be so great; Josh says that I am going to fit right in, and we are going to be so busy, and—,“ Katie began speaking rapidly, gesturing with enthusiasm as she spoke.

Peggy listened politely, feigning interest. She asked questions and gave Katie positive reinforcement, carefully using hypnotic language during the conversation, steering it slowly in the direction she wished. She also mirrored Katie’s body language; a subtle technique to set the young woman up to be hypnotized more easily.

“You are going to need a hobby over there,” Peggy suggested firmly after they had been chatting for thirty minutes.

“I am going to need a hobby over there,” Katie repeated without realizing it.

Peggy smirked slightly.

“So I was thinking I might like, get back into dance. My ballet instructor used to say I was a natural, and I do have perfect feet,” Katie added.

“Yes, they are very nice,” Peggy said, looking down at Katie’s bare feet.

She did have very nice feet, well-proportioned and cared for, though perhaps they were perhaps a tad too narrow, if fault could be found with them.

In truth, the comment irked Peggy; she was quite vain about her own feet, and it wasn’t the first time Katie had bragged about her “perfect feet”.

We will just get you a closer look at mine and see who’s are nicer, Peggy thought with smug satisfaction.

The hypnotist could imagine the face Sean must be making; he was listening from her bedroom down the hall.

He was quite in love with Peggy’s feet, and Katie’s arrogant declaration that hers were perfect would rankle him to no end.

“Speaking of perfect, have I ever shown you this necklace?” Peggy asked innocently, holding up her favorite amethyst pendant so it dangled before Katie’s eyes.

“Um, no…,” Katie said with obvious disinterest.

“Well have a look at it Katie. A close look…see how it sparkles?” Peggy began her induction.

“Okay…yeah, it’s…nice, I guess…,” the young woman said.

“It is very soothing to look at…especially when it moves…back and forth…just watch it for a moment Katie…it really draws your eyes…watch the beautiful amethyst and listen to my voice…,” Peggy continued.

The pendant began to swing gently in front of Katie’s eyes.

“Like, ya it is pretty…,” Katie agreed; she was confused by Peggy’s words and actions, but her eyes were drawn to the glittering pendant.

“Just relax, Katie. Relax and listen to the sound of my voice…as you keep watching the pendant swing back…and forth…you are getting sleepy…very sleepy…your eyelids are getting heavy…very heavy…,” Peggy purred, her voice soothing.

“Wait, like are you trying to hypnotize me?” Katie chuckled.

Despite her skepticism, her eyelids began to droop even as her eyes followed the swinging amethyst.

“I am hypnotizing you, Katie…you cannot take your eyes off the swinging amethyst…you are feeling very relaxed…relaxing more and more with every word I speak…you are feeling sleepy…sleepy…,” Peggy continued.

“Peggy…this is lame, you…you can’t…wait…,” Katie stammered.

Her eyelids had begun to flutter behind the lenses of her glasses.

Peggy grinned.

“The harder you try to stay awake, the sleepier you become…just give in and relax completely. Sleep, Katie…sleep…you cannot stay awake…”,the hypnotist continued her induction, and thirty seconds later Katie’s eyelids slammed shut and she slumped back into the couch as she relaxed completely.

Katie’s simple mind had been easily captured, and Peggy looked at her with a wicked smile as the beautiful but vapid young woman sat quietly, hypnotized.

“Oh that’s so awesome. I can’t wait to see the look on little ‘Miss Perfect Feet’s” face when she is worshipping yours,” Sean said quietly as he entered the room.

An erection bulged in his pants as he watched.

Peggy winked and smiled at her Thrall.

Sean watched as the hypnotist deepened Katie’s trance and then implanted carefully worded post-hypnotic suggestions into her mind.

Satisfied, Peggy then made her aware but unable to resist Peggy’s every command, with no memory of being hypnotized.

“Anyway, nice necklace Peggy. Where was I? Oh yes, I don’t want these perfect feet to go to waste, so I think I will get back into dance while I am in Europe,” Katie said as she came out of her trance.

“Katie you are not going to Europe, honey. There has been a change of plans,” Peggy said casually.

“Wait, what?” Katie asked, confused.

“You are going to stay right here with me. You are going to serve me; you have become my slave,” Peggy informed her, enjoying the little game.

“Uh…yeah… okay,” Katie said slowly, looking at Peggy as if she was nuts.

“It’s true; I hypnotized you, and now you are mine Katie. My slave, just like Sean here,” Peggy replied with a smile.

“Hypnotized? That isn’t real…wait, where did he come from?” Katie asked, suddenly alarmed.

“Hypnotism is very real…isn’t it Sean?” Peggy asked sweetly.

“Yes Mistress Peggy,” Sean agreed.

“What, you think you hypnotized me with your necklace? Like in the movies?” Katie said, laughing.

“Exactly like in the movies; you just just could not take your eyes off the pretty amethyst,” Peggy informed her, putting her pendant on.

“Right…anyway, this has gotten weird, so I’m going to just go…,” Katie said, rising and walking toward the door where her flip-flops waited.

“You are not going anywhere, Katie. Your feet are stuck to the floor. You cannot pick them up,” Peggy said firmly.

Katie snorted…then stopped.

“Oh my god! What the hell?” she asked as she desperately tried to pick up her foot.

Peggy and Sean both chuckled.

“What? How? I don’t understand!” Katie said, grunting in frustration as her bare foot stayed firmly stuck to the floor, the post-hypnotic suggestion buried deep in her mind making Peggy’s command work.

“Hypnotism. True Hypnotism. Now you will come back here and stand in front of me, Katie,” Peggy said firmly.

Katie looked stunned as she turned and walked stiffly back to stand before the smirking hypnotist.

“You…you can’t do this! Hypnotism doesn’t work this way!” Katie protested.

“No, hypnotherapy and stage hypnotism don’t…but True Hypnotism does. That is what I used on you,” Peggy replied smugly.

“True Hypnotism? What the fuck is that?” Katie asked, dumbfounded as she tried to head for the door but was held fast by Peggy’s command.

“Im not going to explain it to your simple mind. Your life is about to change. Instead of joining that cult, you are going to serve me,” Peggy informed her, suddenly serious.

“What?” Katie asked, suddenly fearful.

“You are going to be my slave. Full-time. But first you need to be put in your place,” Peggy said wickedly.

“Oh my god! You are serious! I…help! HELP!” Katie began to yell.

“Shut up Katie. You may talk, but no yelling,” Peggy ordered calmly.

“I…why? Why are you doing this to me?” Katie asked quietly.

Her lip began to quiver.

“Because you will make a perfect slave, Katie. You are a mess; ditzy, lazy irresponsible…and you are a homophobic racist…one who thinks far too much of her feet, too,” Peggy replied, chuckling at her own last comment.

“Wait, you can’t do this! Please, I didn’t do anything to you, and—“, Katie began.

“Of course I can. You will be better off, contributing much more to society. And you will be taken care of, something you desperately need,” Peggy cut her off.

“Peggy, goddamn it I will—,“ Katie began angrily.

“KNEEL,” Peggy cut her off loudly.

Katie sank to her knees with a stunned whimper.

Sean smiled.

“Oh-Em-G!” Katie said.

“Did you really just say a text abbreviation?” Peggy asked, exasperated.

The hypnotist carefully removed Katie’s glasses and set them on the coffee table.

Katie didn’t reply, struggling to stand.

“Katie, why don’t you kiss my feet? You think yours are so nice, but really mine are better. You really need to get acquainted with them,” Peggy said pleasantly.

“Eww, I will not—,“ Katie began.

She started to tremble.

“You will kiss my feet slave-Katie. Now!” Peggy commanded.

Katie looked horrified as she went to her hands and knees and began to lavish kisses on Peggy’s sexy bare feet. Peggy smiled at Sean as he watched Katie, helpless to stop. She let her continue for a moment, then stood and walked over to where Sean stood. As expected, Katie crawled after her, continuing to kiss. The hypnotist walked up to her Thrall and kissed him passionately. She reached down and squeezed his erection, then began to undress. Sean did the same. When they were both naked, they moved to the couch and sat. Sean began to suck Peggy’s tits while the hypnotist began to instruct the now-crying Katie on the art of foot worship; the new slave licked and kissed, sucked her toes and massaged them with her hands.

“Don’t worry Katie, eventually I will tell you that you like doing that, that you *love* my feet…but not yet. Right now I want you to feel helpless and disgusted with yourself,” Peggy told her.

The hypnotist was trying to break Katie down as completely as possible.

Peggy proceeded to dominate Katie thoroughly, making her eat her pussy, and then suck Sean’s sizable cock which lead to some comical sputtering. After Katie swallowed his load, Peggy commanded her to strip and stand in the middle of the room.

“Next lesson, rim jobs. Eat my ass, Katie,” Peggy commanded, rising and turning around and spreading her cheeks.

Katie burst into tears; she tried to scream and stomped her feet, swinging her arms and having a full-blown meltdown like an angry toddler having a tantrum.

Peggy turned back, and she and Sean watched, slightly bemused smiles on their faces.

After a moment, Katie went silent and stopped flailing her arms, breathing hard.

Peggy smiled ruthlessly; she had wondered if she would have a stab of conscience after beginning the process of enslaving Katie, who in truth did not deserve it.

She didn’t.

Peggy was enjoying herself; the power, the control were intoxicating and arousing, and she liked seeing the irritating Katie helplessly falling under her spell.

A true hypnodomme couldn’t afford attacks of conscience.

“All done? Okay, now you will eat my ass, Katie,” Peggy said as if admonishing a child, reassuming her position, ass cheeks spread.

Katie gave a choked sob as she knelt and pressed her face into Peggy’s asshole.

“Mmmm…yes…good girl!” Peggy said, giggling.

Katie continued to worship Peggy’s ass helplessly as Sean’s cock began to grow stiff once more.

Peggy commanded Sean to eat her pussy while Katie continued to lick her asshole, and it wasn’t long before she had an orgasm, followed quickly by a second.

Satisfied, Peggy ordered Katie to stop and get back on her knees.

She then commanded to Sean masturbate and cum in Katie’s face.

He grinned as he stroked his cock, clearly enjoying every second.

“Make sure you don’t move, Katie. Cum now, Sean!” Peggy commanded.

“You are fucking horrible! You’re a monster!” Katie said to Peggy, only managing a slight flinch as Sean shot his load onto her face.

“Yes, I have been called that before. Clean your face,” Peggy agreed, tossing Katie a towel.

Katie cleaned her tear- and cum-streaked face.

Sean laughed, clearly enjoying the situation immensely, seeing the arrogant and self-centered Katie degraded and humiliated.

He loved watching his mistress work.

Peggy once more had the naked Katie stand in the middle of the room, while Sean sat at his Mistress’ feet.

“Looking at me arouses you Katie…you cannot help it…you are horny for me, you want me…the harder you fight it, the hornier you become… masturbate to me now, Katie,” Peggy commanded.

Katie helplessly begins to finger herself; her arousal grew as Peggy and Sean watched, and soon she is vigorously stroking her clit, moaning.

“That’s it…good girl! Almost there…You feel so good Katie, so aroused…you want me, want to serve me, to obey me…I am now your teacher, your provider, your protector and your OWNER! You are mine! My slave! Cum now Katie! Cum now and know in your heart you are MINE!” Peggy said loudly.

Katie gasped as she orgasmed, moaning and sobbing as her body trembled. Her free will was shattered, the young woman now completely under Peggy’s command.

“I..I am yours,” Katie said in trembling voice.

“Say it again, slave-Katie,” Peggy commanded.

“I am yours,” Katie said.

“Cum, Katie! Cum again and say it again, loud!” Peggy ordered.

“I AM YOURS!” Katie said loudly as her body shuddered with pleasure.

Katie had become Peggy’s slave, completely and totally in heart and mind.

Over the next few weeks, Katie settled into her new life; Peggy hypnotized her and had her masturbate over her each day just as she had the first time, repeating the same mantra of Peggy being her teacher, provider, protector and owner.

Soon the young woman was unable to think for herself; she obeyed and served Peggy without question. She shopped, cleaned, cooked, sucked Sean’s cock and ate Peggy’s pussy.

Katie became especially skilled in the art of foot-worship thanks to daily training on Peggy’s feet.

Peggy made sure the hapless young woman ate healthy, exercised and got proper rest. She had Katie enroll in culinary and martial arts classes, and planned to have her study other useful subjects at the local community college.

Katie was completely under Peggy’s control, well on her way to becoming the perfect slave.

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