The Art of True Hypnotism: Evolution of Power

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male

Peggy continues to progress as a True Hypnodomme, enslaving more people as she deals with the challenges that arise as her powers grow.

Early on a Friday morning before work, Peggy checked herself in the mirror in walk-in closet. She was wearing a sleeveless dark green top and a long black and white striped skirt. Her long hair was in a single thick braid, and she wore a pair of dangling silver heart-shaped earrings. Her gold-flecked green eyes were accentuated with a little makeup, and she wore her favorite amethyst pendant. A silver bracelet adorned her left wrist, and a plain silver band her right thumb. She wore simple flat brown sandals along with three toe rings, and her toenails were painted dark green.

Satisfied, she went into the kitchen to find her coffee waiting at her seat.

Sean’s spot at the table was empty; he had left early to go teach a firearms safety class at a local firing range.

“Good morning Domina. Breakfast will be ready in a moment,” Katie said, using title Peggy had decided she preferred.

She was standing at the stove, finishing up an egg-white omelette. She was dressed in what had become her uniform, a simple pink spaghetti strap tank top and ridiculously short denim shorts. Her red hair was in a tight bun, and she was barefoot. The only thing that was different from day to day was the color of her tank top unless Peggy commanded her to dress differently.

“Thank you Katie. After you perform you regular chores today, you will go to the farmers’ market and pick up some fruits and vegetables. We are low,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes, Domina,” Katie agreed demurely as she set Peggy’s breakfast before her.

Peggy smiled as she began to eat; Katie had come along very nicely as a full-time slave in the two weeks since she’d been hypnotized. While she still had moments of attempted defiance and minor tantrums as her will tried to reassert itself, they were becoming less frequent and Peggy was diligently reinforcing her control over Katie’s mind.

The hypnotist casually scrolled through some emails on her phone while she ate her breakfast. When she had finished, she rose without a word and left the kitchen; Katie immediately cleared her plate and began to clean up.

Peggy got into her dark green Ford Edge and headed to work. She wore a serious expression as she drove; she had been intensely practicing her hypnotic skills, honing them in anticipation of what she was planning to do today.

Domina Peggy had been carefully immersing herself in the true hypnotism community; she had been surprised to discover that there were dozens of other hypnotists who had the ability to use hypnosis as she did, and many of them were much more accomplished and powerful. She had exchanged emails and chatted with a few of them on special message boards, and absorbed as much knowledge and advice as she could from other people in the know. There were several clubs around the world that catered specifically to true hypnotists and apparently those who practiced true magic as well; the existence of real magic had surprised her, and she resolved to both find out more and be very careful not to run afoul of it unprepared.

Peggy had already known about the different tiers of slaves, and apparently there were rules of etiquette for dealing with other hypnotists as well as protocol for doing hypnosis-for-hire jobs and respecting one another’s territory; so far, she had found mention of only one true hypnotist operating in Boise, a mysterious woman named Bella Beguile. Hypnosis dueling, much like what she had done with Donna, was often used to settle disputes between hypnotists as well as for entertainment, a form of sport and competition between hypnotists. There were even dueling tournaments held as part of true hypnotist gatherings. She had also learned that the vast majority of true hypnotists were women; the talent manifested anywhere from five to nine times more often in women than in men, and as such it was a truly female-dominated community.

The more Peggy read, the more fascinated she became and the more she wanted to be a part of the true hypnotism world. She was confident that her skills and abilities would continue to grow, and she would be able to make a place for herself.

As such, she had decided that she no longer should have to work a typical job; she was planning to start using her skills as a troubleshooter, a “hypnotist-for-hire” who helped people solve problems—for a fee. Mercenary hypnotists could make more on one job than she made in a year. However, she intended to make sure she still had an income while not having to actually go in to work while she navigated the world of mercenary hypnotism.

Sean had been researching how to go about finding jobs for his Domina, and was negotiating her first contract for her. He was expecting to have a meeting with a client scheduled for the next day.

In the meantime, Peggy intended to make today her last day of work at her current job.

She arrived at work, parked her vehicle and went inside. She bypassed her desk, smirking at Kendal as she walked by.

The woman had been Peggy’s slave for several weeks; she did more than her fair share of the work in the office and had become punctual, reliable and hard-working. In addition, she had spent many Tuesday evenings at Peggy’s house doing chores as well as serving as the hypnotist’s sex slave.

Peggy went down the hall and stopped at the office manager’s door, knocking lightly.

“Come in,” a female voice said.

Peggy went inside to see Renee, a curvy and attractive woman of about forty-five; she had short black hair that was showing a bit of grey, and brown eyes to go with a near-continual smirk. She was dressed casually in a snug long-sleeved egg-plant colored top and capri pants, along with thick black flip-flops.

Peggy and Renee weren’t exactly enemies, but neither did they get along well. In truth, Renee would have been Peggy’s choice to hypnotize first rather than Kendal; however, Renee had a much stronger will than Kendal, and Peggy had wanted to become a better hypnotist before she attempted to enslave her.

Now she was going to find out if she had improved as much as she believed.

“Hey, Peg. What’s up?” Renee asked.

“Good morning Renee. I wanted to talk to you about a few things if you have a couple of minutes,’ Peggy said with a smile.

“Sure. Have a seat,” Renee said.

Peggy sat down across from her boss; the hypnotist looked directly into Renee’s eyes, blinking as little as possible.

She began to concentrate, focusing all her energy and power through her gaze.

“I was just thinking about my future here,” Peggy said calmly.

“Oh? In what way?” Renee asked, leaning back in her chair.

The dark-haired woman met Peggy’s gaze with a stare of her own; a strong alpha personality, Renee reflexively attempted to establish dominance in any situation, and she was used to intimidating her employees, Peggy included.

Domina Peggy was not intimidated.

“I think it is time I got what I was due; I have worked really hard for you and this company for six years, and I think I deserve a raise,” Peggy replied, continuing to stare into Renee’s eyes.

“Well that isn’t really up to me,” Renee replied neutrally.

Peggy noted with satisfaction that the other woman blinked.

The hypnotist did not.

“Oh come on Renee, don’t bullshit me. The owners let you run this place however you want, and you can make it happen,” Peggy replied with smile.

“Wow, feeling pretty bold this morning, Peggy? You are out of line,” Renee said with a raised eyebrow.

Again, she blinked.

Again, the hypnotist did not.

“Am I? I don’t think so. Just keep staring into my eyes, Renee. Find the truth in them…find the gold…,” Peggy replied, her voice firm.

“You think you can intimidate me, pressure me into giving you a raise? Oh honey, that is *adorable*,” Renee replied with a condescending grin.

She stoically continued to match Peggy’s gaze.

Or tried to; Renee again blinked, the intensity of the other woman’s stare was impressive, her green eyes indeed having gold in them, she couldn’t help noticing.

“Renee you need to relax, and listen very carefully to me…just keep looking into my eyes…look deeper…deeper…find the gold…feel yourself being drawn into my eyes…deep into my eyes…deeper with every word I speak…relax, Renee,” Peggy said, shifting smoothly to her practiced hypno-voice.

“Excuse me? Peggy are you trying to…to hypnotize me?” Renee scoffed.

Peggy’s eyes seemed to expand to fill her field of vision; Renee suddenly thought she could feel energy radiating from them.

*Don’t be absurd* she admonished herself.

Renee blinked rapidly, trying to rid herself of the sensation.

“That’s it Renee…you are getting lost in my eyes…you cannot look away…you are being pulled in deeper, relaxing more and more…you are feeling sleepy, your eyelids are growing heavy…,” Peggy continued.

She still had not blinked; she leaned forward, and Renee gasped as she felt the sensation of power radiating from Peggy’s eyes increase.

She tried to look away, but her eyes were riveted to Peggy’s.

The gold in the hypnotist’s eyes seemed to swirl amongst the green in a captivating manner.

“What the fuck…stop…you can’t…,” Renee stammered.

Her eyelids suddenly felt heavy, fluttering even as she continued to look deeper into Peggy’s beautiful eyes.

“You are so relaxed, so sleepy…your eyelids are very heavy. You cannot stay awake…sleep now, Renee!” Peggy said firmly.

“ not…,” Renee mumbled.

Her eyes closed and she slumped forward onto her desk.

Peggy took a deep breath, blinking her dry tired eyes.

Then she grinned. The new technique had worked; it had been tiring, just as “The Art of True Hypnotism” had said it would be.

However, Peggy had managed to harness her hypnotic energy and through force of will project it directly from her eyes into Renee’s to hypnotize her quickly and deeply.

“Alright Renee, now we can have a little chat. Listen to me very carefully…,” Peggy began.

Twenty minutes later, Peggy sauntered out of Renee’s office, smiling with satisfaction.

She had given her boss quite an attitude adjustment; Renee now regarded Peggy as a trusted friend and ally, and she had happily agreed to make her paid consultant, working from home at her full salary plus a ten percent raise.

Of course, Renee would not actually be expecting Peggy to produce any work thanks to several powerful post-hypnotic suggestions, and she had a trigger buried deeply in her mind that would sent her right back into a trance if Peggy spoke it.

“Oh, and one more thing Renee; kiss my ass,” Peggy had said, turning around and lifting her skirt.

Renee, who had been kneeling before her employee while receiving her commands, immediately obeyed, alternately kissing the cheeks of Peggy’s sexy ass.

“That’s a good girl. Stop, Renee. You will awaken in five minutes, and forget that I hypnotized you. You will remember that we had a pleasant conversation about my new position. You will feel wonderful about the situation, happy that you could accommodate me. You will immediately take all the steps necessary and complete all the paperwork to make what we discussed take effect as soon as possible. Do you understand, Renee?” Peggy had asked.

“Yes, Peggy,” Renee had agreed.

Without another word, Peggy had turned and left Renee’s office.

Five minutes later, Renee had started awake; she was confused to find herself on her knees in the middle of her office, but had simply shrugged and gotten up, retaking her seat at her desk and starting the paperwork to reassign Peggy McBride as a paid consultant.

Peggy stopped at her desk to gather a few items that were important to her, then headed for the door.

“See you on Tuesday, Kendal,” Peggy said with a smirk as she walked out of her office for the last time.

Peggy returned home, noting Sean’s truck was still gone. She parked her SUV in the garage and went inside, feeling fantastic about her situation.

She would effectively be paid for not working, and her boss had been happy to agree to it, thanks to Peggy’s growing hypnotic power.

“Katie, it is time for you to spend some time with my feet,” Peggy announced as she walked into the living room and kicked off her sandals.

She had been training Katie extensively in foot-worship, and the sexy young woman was becoming a true expert.

Peggy frowned when there was no reply after moment.

“Katie? Get in here, now or you’ll be very sorry,” Peggy called.

There was no response.

The hypnotist frowned; she had reinforced her control over Katie the previous evening, so the young woman should not be able to muster any resistance to her commands.

Narrowing her eyes, Peggy went first to Katie’s room, then the spare bedroom; both were empty.

Peggy felt her anger rising, intending to punish the young woman harshly if this *was* one of her defiant tantrums.

“Katie, I swear I will turn you into a mindless drone—,“ Peggy was saying irritably when she walked into her own bedroom.

She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw Katie, laying on the floor bound and gagged.

Recovering quickly from her surprise, Peggy turned around.

Too late, as a fist connected with her temple and dropped her to the carpet unconscious.

Peggy awoke a short time later with a slight headache; she was in her living room, tied to a chair taken from her dining table.

Standing before her was a tall, statuesque woman with thick, dark hair in a tight bun and brown eyes. Appearing to be in her late twenties, she was beautiful, with the look of a fashion model; she had pale, lightly freckled skin and high sculpted cheekbones to go with full pouty lips and perfect teeth. She seemed a giant at five-eleven not including the four inch heels on her knee-high black boots. She was extremely fit, with an athletic figure and very nice large round breasts. She wore a snug, dark body suit that included black gloves, and a suppressed nine-millimeter Glock pistol rested in a holster on her hip.

The young woman looked strangely familiar to Peggy.

“Hello,” she said warily, realizing she wasn’t gagged.

“Hello, Ms. McBride. I apologize for this, but you were supposed to be at work,” the young woman said politely.

“I see; I don’t suppose you want to tell me what this is about?” Peggy asked, equally polite.

“Why not? I was hired to recover a book from your residence” woman replied.

Peggy frowned; of course she knew *exactly* what book the young woman was referring to. She also couldn’t shake the feeling she knew this woman from somewhere.

“I see…an old book on hypnotism, I’m guessing?” Peggy said sarcastically.

“Indeed. My client is a collector, and in addition they really don’t like you. Anyway, I have not been able to find it, so if you would please tell me where you have hidden it, this will go much easier,” the woman replied quietly.

Despite her calm demeanor, she seemed menacing and dangerous.

“Fuck off,” Peggy replied casually.

The woman stared at her for a moment.

Then she backhanded Peggy across the face.

“Please tell me where the book is” the woman said calmly.

Peggy smiled, the tang of blood in her mouth.

“Lavea! I knew I recognized you! You were a cocktail server at the bar back when I managed it,” she said, finally remembering where she had seen her.

“That was a long time ago,” Lavea replied, her expression growing hard.

“Yes, you were like what, twenty-one? All the men in the bar loved that sexy ass of yours” Peggy replied with a wink.

Lavea stared at her for a moment.

Then she hit Peggy again, this time in the chest.

“Where is the book?” Lavea asked.

“Mmmm…ah…I thought you were going off to be a model…” Peggy gasped.

She realized that Lavea didn’t know she was a hypnotist, or at least didn’t know about true hypnotism.

*Whomever hired this bitch didn’t tell her what I can do. You can take her*, Peggy thought to herself.

The hypnotist wasn’t about to let the young woman who had once worked for her as a cocktail server bully, intimidate and rob her.

*Just wait for your chance*, Peggy told herself.

“I actually modeled for a couple years, not that it matters. Now, the book,” Lavea said.

“I forgot what I did with it. If you will just listen to me, and *relax* I will try and remember,” Peggy replied reasonably.

Lavea punched her in the face.

“I will start hurting you, Peggy. I will make you tell me where the book is,” she said, her voice low and full of menace.

Lavea stared at her, and Peggy felt a chill as she suddenly realized two things; first, the sadistic young woman was enjoying beating her. Second, Peggy realized Lavea was going to kill her.

Unless she could hypnotize her first.

Peggy knew that she didn’t have time for a relaxation induction, nor would Lavea submit to one. She probably didn’t even have time to hypnotize her in the way she had Renee; it would still take too long.

Peggy needed to try something else; a technique she had not tried, one she didn’t think she was ready for.

She knew she had no other alternative.

If you don’t do it, you are dead, she told herself.

Peggy took a deep breath, meeting the still-staring Lavea’s gaze.

“Who hired you? That bitch Donna?” Peggy asked.

Donna might have managed to get free of Peggy’s post-hypnotic suggestions; she was the only one Peggy knew that would come after the “The Art of True Hypnotism”.

Lavea’s reply was to slap her.


Pegg grunted in pain; she slowly looked up, reestablishing eye-contact with Lavea as blood trickled from her nose.

The hypnotist focused her mind, ignoring the pain and letting her anger subside. Taking a deep breath, Peggy entered a hypnotic state.

She concentrated on harnessing her natural hypnotic energy and projecting it from her eyes.

“I want the fucking book right now, or—“ Lavea began.

She gasped in surprise as Peggy’s eyes suddenly began to shimmer, the green of her irises becoming brighter and more intense.

“Look into my eyes, Lavea,” Peggy said firmly.

Lavea felt her own eyes riveted to Peggy’s as they blazed with hypnotic energy.

Peggy grunted with the effort of projecting the hypnotic power; she began to tremble, sweating as she felt herself quickly growing weaker.

“What the hell…s-stop…stop!” Lavea stammered as Peggy’s power flowed into her.

Peggy opened her eyes wider.

“That’s it, look deeper…deeper into my eyes,” she said forcefully.

Lavea raised her fist to strike…and froze.

Her eyes were wide and unblinking and her mouth hung open.

She was hypnotized.

Peggy let out a gasp and let her eyes return to normal.

Nearly normal; Peggy couldn’t see it but her eyes were bloodshot.

She took a moment and caught her breath, then smiled as she looked up at Lavea, standing with her hand in a fist, a dazed expression on her face.

Peggy chuckled with delight, despite the pain in her face; she had done it!

She had used the Mistress’s Gaze, a very advanced hypnotic ability that only true Masters of Hypnotism could manifest.

Peggy would ponder her accomplishment later; right now she had to deal with Lavea and the implications of her being in her home.

“Lavea, you are hypnotized and you will obey my every command without question or hesitation. Do you understand me?” Peggy asked quietly.

“Yes…” Lavea replied.

“First, you will untie me…” Peggy commanded.

Once she was free, told Lavea to stand still and await further instructions, then she went to untie Katie and make sure she was okay.

The young auburn-haired hypno-slave had been roughed up by Lavea, but would be okay.

Peggy dismissed her to her room to rest.

The hypnotist went into her bathroom to clean up, washing her face and surveying the damage. It was fairly minimal, and would heal without problem.

As Peggy looked at herself in the mirror her expression grew hard.

Lavea was going to be very sorry she had broke into her home.

The hypnotist went into her closet to change.

A short time later, Lavea awoke from her trance. She blinked her dry eyes, wondering what had happened; she was startled as her vision came into focus and revealed Peggy, no longer tied to a chair but instead seated on the couch in front of her.

The smirking hypnotist now wore a dark green under-bust corset, her breasts bare. She also had on a short black leather skirt, and had put on dark, sultry eyeshadow. She was still barefooted.

“What happened? What is going on?” Lavea demanded.

Her hand went to her hip.

The holster was empty.

“Looking for this?” Peggy asked, holding up Lavea’s Glock.

The hypnotist ejected the magazine and racked the slide, causing the chambered round to fly out of the weapon. Then she casually threw the gun and magazine across the room.

Sean had trained her quite well on how a pistol worked.

“That was stupid,” Lavea said, moving toward Peggy.

“Freeze, Lavea. Do not move,” the hypnotist commanded.

Lavea snorted and took one more step.

Then she froze.

The brunette grunted in surprise; she was suddenly unable to move a muscle.

“Problem?” Peggy asked with mock concern.

“What…why can’t I move?” Lavea demanded, her face flushing with effort as she tried to continued toward Peggy.

“Because I told you not to, you stupid bitch,” Peggy replied sweetly.

“I…I don’t understand,” Lavea replied, trying to stay calm despite the sudden panic she felt in her chest.

Somehow, she knew what Peggy said was the truth. She couldn’t move because Peggy had *told* her not to.

“Of course you don’t. You see, I hypnotized you; then I gave you some post-hypnotic suggestions. One of them is to obey all my commands, even while you are wide awake. Even if you don’t want to, you will obey me now,” Peggy explained casually.

“What?” Lavea asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes, I’m sure it is a little confusing. The short version is you are now my slave, Lavea,” Peggy replied, satisfaction in her voice.

“Slave? Fuck you!” Lavea replied angrily.

“Oh no, you don’t get to talk to me like that. Take off those ridiculous boots and then kneel before me. Now,” Peggy said haughtily.

Lavea stared at her, defiance in her eyes.

Peggy smiled, raising an eyebrow.

Lavea began to tremble as the urge to obey Peggy’s command grew stronger by the second.

Finally, she bent and unzipped her boots, pulling them off before kneeling barefooted before the smirking hypnotist.

“How…?” Lavea asked, her defiance gone, replaced by stunned apprehension.

“I told you: hypnotism. Very powerful hypnotism, much too strong for your unprepared mind,” Peggy explained.

Peggy had carefully programmed Lavea’s mind as she had with her previous subjects, taking away her free will and implanting carefully-worded post-hypnotic suggestions deep in her subconscious, including a trigger phrase to send her back into a trance in case she got out of control.

“No, that is impossible…,” Lavea protested.

“Oh really? Then why are you on your knees…slave?” Peggy asked with a mocking chuckle.

Lavea was silent, still trying to process what what was happening to her.

“I am going to ask you some questions, and you will answer me completely truthfully; you *must* answer me, and tell only the truth. Now tell me who hired you?” Peggy asked.

“A woman named Deborah Scott,” Lavea replied.

“And what did she hire you to do, exactly?” Peggy asked next.

“To recover an antique hypnotism book, and to…kill you,” Lavea said through gritted teeth.

Peggy went a bit pale, despite expecting the answer. She took a moment to compose herself.

“I see…so you are an assassin as well as a thief?” she asked.

“Yes,” Lavea answered.

“And what other…talents do you have?” Peggy asked.

She questioned Lavea thoroughly, finding out that after modeling for a few years, Lavea had earned degrees in economics and finance, and started a successful financial investment firm. She also possessed a near-genius IQ, was a black-belt in Kung Fu and Judo, and was an accomplished computer hacker. Lavea was also skilled in the use of firearms, picking locks and cracking safes. Her day job as a financial advisor served as a cover for her activities as a professional thief and hit-woman.

“Wow, I must say you are an impressive woman, Lavea. Truly accomplished. I am afraid none of that prepared you to take on a true hypnotist, though,” Peggy said sympathetically.

Lavea scowled and remained silent.

The hypnotist rose, retrieving Lavea’s pistol and the single round that had come out of the chamber.

Smiling wickedly, Peggy put the round into the weapon and closed the slide.

“I am afraid your luck has run out, Lavea. You will take this gun and put it to your temple” Peggy commanded, handing the gun to the kneeling woman grip first.

“Wait, no, please…this isn’t necessary. I am sorry, pleas don’t make me do this!” Lavea said, her stoicism gone.

Peggy smirked as the kneeling woman took the pistol.

Lavea struggled with all her might to turn the weapon on the hypnotist and pull the trigger; she could not.

Instead, she felt the terrifying compulsion to obey and found herself raising the gun to her own head.

“Please, please don’t do this. I will do anything…,” Lavea begged.

Her voice was panicked and shaky and tears were trickling down her cheeks.

Peggy looked down at her without pity.

“You broke in here to rob me and fucking kill me, and you expect mercy? I don’t think so,” the hypnotist said cruelly.

“Please…,” Lavea whispered, sobbing.

“Squeeze the trigger. Now!” Peggy commanded.

Lavea closed her eyes; her whole body shook as she tried desperately to resist the command.

She squeezed the trigger.

The gun made a hollow click.

It was empty.

Lavea let out a choked gasp of surprise.

Still staring down at her, Peggy took the gun from Lavea, then held up the bullet.

“A little sleight of hand. I am not a psychopath like you are, Lavea. I’m not going to murder you, even though you were going to kill me. You are far too useful. I have plans for you,” the hypnotist explained.

Peggy threw the bullet at Lavea hard, bouncing it off her chest.

The kneeling woman collapsed to the floor sobbing with relief.

“Get ahold of yourself; it is time to start your training. Kiss my feet, slave,” Peggy said with contempt.

Lavea took several deep breaths as she repositioned herself on her hands and knees and began to lavish kisses on the hypnotist’s bare feet.

Peggy too took a deep breath; the reality of the situation was setting in.

She had come very close to dying.

Peggy found herself shaking as she let the realization sink in.

She closed her eyes and counted down silently from ten to one, taking slow deep breaths and allowing herself to relax as Lavea continued to kiss her bare feet.

Feeling calmer and focused, the hypnotist opened her eyes.

She walked slowly across the carpet, Lavea scrambling after her. Peggy went into the kitchen and filled a large glass with water, which she slowly drank before returning to the living-room.

Lavea remained at her feet the entire time; Peggy sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

“Suck on my toes, slave. Each one,” the hypnotist commanded.

Lavea obeyed without hesitation.

Peggy smiled with satisfaction, enjoying the sight of the intelligent, ruthless assassin reduced to her foot-slave.

The front door opened, and Sean entered the house.

“Hello Domina. New toy?” He asked, unfazed by what was taking place.

He knew she was planning to “quit” her job and was expecting her to be home, although he hadn’t expected her to bring home a new slave.

Not that he minded, as he looked at the sexy woman at his Domina’s feet.

“Yes. I am glad you are home, my enslaved one,” Peggy replied.

She rose and hugged her Thrall tightly, then kissed him deeply.

“Domina, are you okay?” He asked with alarm as he noticed the bruises on her face.

Peggy explained what had taken place.

“You fucking bitch!” he snarled at Lavea, who was still kissing Peggy’s feet.

“Sean, it is okay, I got her. She is mine now, she is not a threat. Calm down,” Peggy said firmly.

Sean took a deep breath.

“Yes, Domina,” he agreed.

“Now, Lavea here is an extremely talented and capable young woman, so I am adding her to my stable. She has a strong will and a sharp mind, so it is going to take some effort to break her completely. I assume you would like to help?” Peggy asked him with a grin.

Sean smiled back.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Alright then. Lavea, stand up and strip naked,” Peggy commanded.

The hypnotist retook her seat, motioning for Sean to join her on the couch as Lavea obeyed.

“Very nice! What a fantastic body you have, slave. Turn around slowly, show us your assets. Sean, what do you think of our six-foot ninja chick?” Peggy asked.

Lavea had a truly magnificent body, firm and toned with long shapely legs, a sexy round ass and phenomenal abs, along with a shaved pussy.

“She is gorgeous, I will give her that,” he replied as he looked the young woman over.

Lavea was stoic, staring straight ahead as she turned around slowly, then stood naked before the hypnotist and her Thrall.

Inside her head, she was struggling desperately to resist Peggy’s commands, to retake control of her actions; it was as if her body was on autopilot and she was just along for the ride.

It was utterly terrifying, and Lavea was not often scared.

“Sean, why don’t you take out your cock and let Lavea here suck on it for a bit?” Peggy asked.

Grinning, Sean unzipped his pants and got out his erect penis.

“Lavea, I am sure you know what to do; suck Sean’s cock,” Peggy commanded.

The tall brunette moved to kneel before the smirking Sean, dutifully taking his cock into her mouth.

A slight moan escaped his lips, and he leaned back and closed his eyes.

“That’s it, slave. Take all of him in. That’s a good girl,” Peggy said.

Lavea’s head began to bob up and down; Sean moaned louder.

“Use your hand too, slave,” Peggy instructed.

Lavea began to stroke Sean’s shaft in time with her head’s movements.

He grunted with pleasure as she worked; it did not take long for him to be on the edge of orgasm.

He did not cum, however.

“That’s it Lavea! Faster!” Peggy said.

Sean continued to moan, grunting as Lavea continued to stroke and bob her head, her movements bordering on frantic.

Peggy had complete control over Sean’s cock, and he could not cum without her permission.

“Cum, Sean! Cum now! Lavea you will swallow every bit” Peggy commanded finally.

Sean shouted in ecstasy as he exploded in Lavea’s mouth; the hypno-slave dutifully swallowed his load.

“Very good, slave. Get used to that,” Peggy said with a laugh.

The hypnotist stood.

“Kneel, slave-Lavea. You are now mine; my toy, my plaything. I can do whatever I want with you and there is *nothing* you can do about it. You brought this on yourself. You broke into my home, tried to steal from me, beat me and planned to kill me. Now I am going to enslave you permanently. You are going to serve me, obey me, worship me…forever,” Peggy said wickedly.

Lavea sank to her knees, her stoic resolve crumbling. Tears trickled from her eyes.

“Please…please don’t do this to me,” she begged.

Peggy laughed.

“You would not have shown me any mercy, would you? You will answer truthfully,” Peggy commanded.

“No,” Lavea whispered.

“You enjoyed beating me, didn’t you?” Peggy asked.

“Yes,” Lavea answered even more quietly.

“Then I see no reason to take pity on you. You will address me as “Domina” from now on, slave. Got it?” the hypnotist asked sternly.

“Yes, Domina,” Lavea answered.

“Sean, when you are ready you may fuck her in the ass if you like,” Peggy said casually.

“Thank you, Domina,” Sean replied with a chuckle.

Lavea was silent; her breathing was ragged, but she had collected herself and once again stared stoically straight ahead.

Peggy had to admit that the young woman had a strong will, and was handling the situation better than many slaves.

The hypnotist smiled and turned around, lowering her skirt. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks, something that had become commonplace when dominating a new slave.

Besides enjoying the humiliation it inflicted immensely, Peggy felt that the act really helped cement a slave’s new, utterly submissive place in their mind.

“Eat my ass, Lavea,” Peggy ordered.

Lavea obeyed, pressing her face between Peggy’s cheeks and licking her asshole.

Sean watched, enjoying the spectacle; his cock began to stir.

Peggy moaned softly.

“Mmm…good girl…that’s it…now you’re learning your place…keep it up,” she said.

Lavea continued to helplessly worship her new owner.

“Sean, get over here and eat my pussy,” Peggy commanded.

Her Thrall obeyed immediately, kneeling before her and eagerly licking and sucking at her clit.

Peggy moaned loudly; it didn’t take long for her to cum.

“Okay, you may both stop,” she gasped, untangling herself from her kneeling slaves.

The hypnotist took a moment to catch her breath, then headed for the bathroom to clean up.

“Sean, fuck Lavea in her ass,” she commanded casually as she left the room.

Peggy was once again giving in to her anger and desire to dominate someone who had wronged her, enjoying the thrill of the power she had over her victim.

When she returned, she was naked and composed.

Peggy smiled; Sean had Lavea bent over the couch and was eagerly ass-fucking the would-be assassin.

Peggy moved so she could whisper in Lavea’s ear.

“Listen carefully, Lavea. You like being fucked in your ass…you know you deserve it, that you were wrong to break into my home, to hit me, to plan to murder me…you realize you enjoy this…being degraded this way…it helps you feel better for what you did to wrong me…you are impressed with me, with my power…you realize you were wrong to oppose me…your place is serving me…forever…,” she said softly.

Lavea’s mind was open to Peggy’s suggestions, and as Sean fucked her they began to take root.

Still, Lavea was an extraordinary woman, and some defiance remained in her.

“No…no…fuck…you!” she gasped.

“My, my you are strong willed. Sean, pull out and cum on her ass,” Peggy commanded.

Her Thrall obeyed, shooting his load all over Lavea’s sexy pale ass cheeks.

“Sean go clean up, then come back and sit on the couch and watch,” the hypnotist ordered next.

“Yes, Domina,” he said, heading for the bathroom.

He left Lavea bent over the couch.

“Lavea, stand up and look at me. Look at my naked body and feel yourself becoming aroused. You want me, Lavea; you want me desperately. You are becoming hornier every second you look at me…you want me…touch yourself…stroke your pussy…masturbate to me…you cannot cum until I tell you to…,” Peggy said firmly.

Lavea flushed, trying to resist Peggy’s suggestions. Her body betrayed her, nipples beggining to stiffen, her pussy moistening despite herself. She gasped, moaning softly as she began to finger herself, slowly at first.

Peggy smirked.

The tall hypno-slave moaned louder, her hand moving faster as she continued to helplessly stare at Peggy’s naked body.

Sean returned and sat on the couch, watching the exchange between the two sexy naked women.

“That’s it…very good…you want me so much…keep working your pussy…feel your will slipping away with each stroke…letting go…becoming more and more my slave…all resistance to me just draining away…knowing in your heart you are mine, my slave…aren’t you Lavea?” Peggy purred.

“No…no…yes…YES!” Lavea stammered, now masturbating frantically, using her free hand to hold onto the couch to steady herself.

“Say it, Lavea. Say that you are mine, my slave. Say it and know in your heart that it is true. Say it now,” Peggy commanded.

“I…I…I am yours! I am your slave!” Lavea cried out.

She was was panting with her efforts, flushed red, frustrated and desperate to cum.

“Yes, you are. You are mine! My slave. Cum, Lavea. Cum now and know that you are my slave!” Peggy said firmly.

Lavea screamed in anguish as much as ecstasy as she had a massive orgasm.

She felt her free will slip away.

Fresh Tears trickled down Lavea’s cheeks; she had become Peggy’s slave in both body and mind.

“That’s a good girl. Kneel before your Domina, slave-Lavea,” Peggy commanded almost gently.

The beautiful naked young woman sank to her knees.

“Who am I?” Peggy asked her.

“My Domina,” Lavea answered.

“And what are you?” Peggy asked.

“Your slave,” Lavea said without hesitation.

“Good girl. Now, I have some questions for you. First of all, who hired you?” Peggy asked.

“A woman named Deborah Scott,” Lavea replied.

“Who is she?” Peggy asked, sitting on the couch.

“A local hypnotherapist,” Lavea replied.

“A hypnotherapist…well, that makes some sense, I guess. She obviously knows about true hypnotism; that would explain why she hired this bitch to steal my book and kill me,” Peggy said to Sean.

“Yeah…but how did she find out you had the book in the first place?” Sean asked.

“That is an excellent question, my Enslaved One. I guess I will just have to ask her,” Peggy replied with a smile.

“If that is what you think is best. If I may ask, what about the mercenary contract? I arranged the meeting for tomorrow afternoon,” Sean replied.

“Yes, I almost forgot. Hmmm…well, I don’t want to have to postpone my first hypnosis-for-hire job, so…Okay, I will meet with the client. You will find out everything you can about this Deborah Scott. Lavea, you will help Sean in any and every way you can,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes, Domina,” Lavea said.

“As you command,” Sean replied.

Domina Peggy smiled with satisfaction; her career as a hypnodomme was progressing nicely. She had freed herself of the need to go to her tedious day job and acquired an extremely useful as well as extremely sexy new slave, and she was about to finalize the details of her first mercenary hypnotism job.

In addition, she was planning to make a harsh example of Deborah Scott; it would be a perfect opportunity to send a message to anyone who thought about crossing her in the future.

Domina Peggy smiled wickedly; she was going to enjoy punishing the woman who had sent Lavea to rob and murder her.

“You fucked with the wrong hypnotist, Deborah,” she said, her eyes flashing a bright glowing green for an instant.

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