The Art of True Hypnotism: Establishing Dominance

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #sub:female #sub:male

Peggy confronts a former friend who betrayed her, risking her own freedom in pursuit of revenge.

Donna Mason parked her pickup in her garage. As soon as she entered the kitchen of her modest three-bedroom suburban house she kicked off her tall black pumps and tossed her purse and keys on the counter.

It was after two o’clock in the morning. Donna had just finished a shift working at her side job as a bartender. She chuckled to herself as she pulled a thick stack of cash from her pocket and counted it; the money was the sum of her own tips as well as those of Elizabeth, one of the bar’s servers.

At the end of her shift the pretty, young Elizabeth had found herself simply handing over the cash to Donna, and had no idea why. She had been unable to stop herself, feeling a strange, powerful urge to give the smug bartender the all the money she had worked hard for all night.

Elizabeth inexplicably had to do it.

“Thank you dear! Have a good night. Now run along, and I’ll see you soon!” Donna had said to the confused young woman.

Donna of course knew exactly why Elizabeth had given her the cash.

She had hypnotized the server into doing so.

Donna had asked the young woman to step into the office before her shift started, and had used her large fetching blue eyes to place the younger woman in a deep hypnotic trance. Then she had given her several post-hypnotic suggestions, including handing over her tips at the end of her shift.

In addition, Elizabeth would be coming to Donna’s house the next day to start her new second job as a maid, although she would again have no idea why.

Of course, it will be an unpaid position, Donna thought with a snicker.

She put the money back in her pocket and walked into her dark living room wearing a big smile.

Donna quite pleased with herself; her latest hypnotic conquest had gone perfectly, and she was already pondering her next move as a hypnodomme.

Lost in thought, she didn’t notice a figure sitting calmly on her couch as she headed for the stairs.

“Welcome home honey,” the intruder said in a sing-song female voice.

Donna jumped, a surprised shriek escaping her lips.

The intruder turned on the lamp beside the couch, laughing quietly.

Donna recovered quickly, scowling as she recognized the woman sitting uninvited on her couch.

“Hello Peggy. You are looking good,” she said with thinly-veiled contempt.

Peggy had once been a friend of Donna’s; however, they’d recently had a falling out, and their relationship had rapidly descended into mutual disdain.

All because of the book “The Art of True Hypnotism”.

Peggy snorted at her rival’s mock politeness, although she did look very nice; she was wearing a dark purple blouse that showed off her bare shoulders along with a long denim skirt. Her hair was in a fancy French braid, and she wore sparkling diamond chandelier earrings. Her favorite amethyst pendant hung around her neck. She was barefoot, her toenails painted midnight purple, and she wore a gold heart toe ring on her left pinkie toe, along with a silver band with a small amethyst on her right middle toe.

“Thank you. You look like bar trash,” Peggy replied with open contempt.

Forty-eight, Donna was actually an attractive woman with shoulder-length curly black hair and dazzling blue eyes. However, she *was* dressed perhaps a bit beneath her age, with heavy makeup and a blue halter top to go with a short, tight black skirt. She had on plenty of jewelry; large silver hoop earrings, bracelets, rings, an anklet and a silver toe ring. Her finger and toenails were black.

“Name calling, how classy and mature of you, Peg. Especially since you broke into my house! What are you doing here?” Donna demanded, the pretense of politeness gone.

“Oh, I think you know Donna. You stole from me; not only are you a greedy selfish bitch, and you are a petty thief. I have Sean back, he is free off your “hypnosis” and back under my I want my book,” Peggy replied, crossing her arms.

Donna had indeed stolen “The Art of Hypnotism”, and had been studying it for the past month.

“Oh so you finally figured it out? I guess you feel pretty stupid for not making your trigger in Sean’s mind exclusive to you,” Donna said smugly.

Donna had been with Peggy when she had discovered “The Art of Hypnotism”, and had observed her former friend’s rise as a hypnodomme. She had been amazed and awed by the level of control that Peggy had gained over first Sean, then Kendal. Her awe quickly turned to envy, and decided she wanted that power as well.

Donna had finally asked to borrow “The Art of True Hypnotism”, but Peggy had refused her request. This of course had caused some tension, and Donna had repeated her request several times over the next few weeks, becoming more frustrated and angry each time Peggy refused.

Donna’s tactics changed, first to bartering, then shameless begging and finally to threats of exposing Peggy’s activities with Kendal and her other hypno-slaves.

Peggy continued to refuse, unimpressed.

“Go ahead, tell somebody. No one will believe you,” Peggy had replied smugly.

Eventually, they’d had a nasty argument over the issue, which ended with them no longer on speaking terms.

A frustrated Donna felt that Peggy was being selfish, greedy and hypocritical by keeping the book and its secrets to herself.

She decided if Peggy wouldn’t share the knowledge, she would take it.

Donna waited for an opportunity, and she finally got one while Sean was house-sitting for Peggy when she was out of town on a work trip.

He was in the middle of vacuuming when the door bell rang; he opened the door to reveal a smiling Donna.

“Peggy's foot-slave,” she said firmly.

Sean snorted…then his eyes closed as he went into a deep hypnotic trance.

Donna had cackled with delight. She had suspected and hoped that the hypnotic trigger would work for her as well as Peggy, and she had been right!

A short time later, he opened his eyes to find himself kneeling in Peggy’s living room, a smirking Donna sitting in front of him on the couch.

“What the fuck is going on?” he had demanded.

“Is that any way to speak to your new Mistress?” Donna asked.

“New Mistress? What are you talking about?” Sean asked, trying to stand.

“You see Sean, Peggy fucked up; she didn’t word the trigger so it only works when *she* says it. You will go under for anybody who says it. Now you’re mine, dea,r” Donna had informed him.

She interrogated Sean about “The Art of Hypnotism”, and Sean had been forced to tell her that Peggy kept it in her gun safe.

“Do you know the combination? You will answer truthfully,” Donna had asked.

“I…I…yes…,” Sean had admitted grudgingly, fighting Donna’s control over him and failing.

She commanded him to open the safe.

Sean obeyed, revealing “The Art of True Hypnotism”.

Donna removed the tome and caressed the cover, smiling in anticipation of the power it would give her.

Having succeeded in securing the precious hypnotism book, Donna then proceeded to use Sean as her own fuck-toy right on Peggy’s bed, delighting in having him in her power. He was forced to obey her the same as he was Peggy, and responded to her post-hypnotic suggestions as if Donna had been the one to hypnotize him initially.

Donna made certain Sean would not remember she was using the trigger on him, and immediately began to intensely study the hypnotism book. She would make him bring it to her during the day while Peggy was at work, and return it to the safe before she got home. She also made him give all his money to her whenever he got paid for his job as a firearms instructor.

Over the next couple weeks, Donna forced Sean to regularly come to her home, where she practiced hypnosis on him, also making him clean her house and serve as her sex slave. She tortured and tormented him, taking out her frustration and anger at Peggy on him as well as indulging her naturally sadistic desires.

Donna practiced on other people besides Sean as well. There were plenty of men she knew from the bar who were willing to let her hone her skills; after a session with Donna they became extremely generous tippers whenever she served them a drink. Donna continued to diligently study and practice and eventually she hypnotized one of her real estate clients into upping their offer on a home they were unsure about so Donna would get the large commission.

Donna found that she loved the power and enjoyed dominating others even more than she had expected. It was intoxicating and erotic.

Things had been going smoothly for the new hypnotist until now.

Several days ago, Peggy had come home early from work to find Sean leaving her house after mowing her yard with her hypnotism book in his hands. Angry, she triggered him and commanded him kneel and confess what he was doing, which lead to her discovering Donna’s betrayal and that she had managed to become a hypnotist.

“How could I have been so fucking stupid? ” she had said after hearing what had happened.

“Mistress, it is not your fault. You didn’t know how obsessed Donna was. She is a backstabbing, greedy and selfish liar. I’m just glad you found out before she did any more damage,” he replied.

“Damn it! That bitch! She had no right to steal my book or to enslave you! You are mine, not hers!” Peggy said, extremely angry at Donna…and herself.

Peggy understood that she had been sloppy with her post-hypnotic trigger, failing to “lock” it in Sean’s mind so only she could use on him; she also realized she was fortunate it still worked for her; Donna could have removed her control over Sean.

Peggy proceeded to erase Donna’s suggestions and trigger from Sean’s mind; as she was freeing him of Donna’s hypnotic influence, realized she cared about Sean more than the other playthings in her stable of slaves.

Peggy had casually hypnotized a young man on her trip to use him as a sex-toy; while riding him in her hotel room, she found herself thinking about Sean. She missed his devotion, his above-average cock and the way he worshipped her body.

More than that, Peggy had realized she missed him.

The realization that she cared for Sean as more than a mere slave had only made her more furious with Donna.

“Sean, you might have to pretend to be in Donna’s power a bit longer; can you do that for me? I promise, I will hypnotize Donna and we will punish her severely together. I just need a little time to come up with a plan to capture her,” Peggy had said to him, obviously feeling guilty for what Donna had done to him.

“Of course…I will have to serve her to keep her from getting suspicious…if you know what I mean…,” He had said.

Peggy had looked torn, but agreed.

“I’m so sorry; I never intended for you to lick any asshole other than mine,” she said with a weak smile.

“It’s okay. Really; I can take anything she dishes out. Besides, it will make the revenge sweeter,” he replied.

Sean had taken the book to Donna for his session with her, pretending to go under for her trigger and serving as her slave.

After fucking him roughly Donna studied the book as she normally did; however, this time she sent Sean back without it, deciding it is now hers for good and declaring that she was going to hypnotize and enslave Peggy over the upcoming weekend.

“She is the only loose end, and you are going to help me capture her. Sean, you will text me on Saturday when she goes to bed and falls asleep. You are going to let me in so I can whisper in her ear and hypnotize her while she sleeps. She won’t see it coming,” Donna had said.

“Yes Mistress Donna,” Sean had replied.

“I can’t wait to have that bitch on her knees; once she is my slave I am going to make her shave her head and go around bald!” Donna said, savoring the image.

Sean of course had reported this to Peggy, who immediately decided to confront Donna head on Friday night.

She had extensively studied the “The Art of True Hypnotism’s” lessons on hypnosis dueling, a situation where two dommes attempted to hypnotize one another at the same time. It was a semi-formal way of establishing dominance between two hypnotists.

Peggy had decided it would be the perfect way to take Donna down.

“Mistress, do you think that is a good idea?” Sean had asked, clearly worried.

He couldn’t bear the thought of Peggy as Donna’s slave.

“Why not? Do you believe she’s a better hypnotist? That I can’t handle her?” Peggy had asked with an edge in her voice.

“I don’t believe she is better, but she has learned quickly, and-,“ Sean began.

“Be quiet. Sean, I know our relationship has progressed beyond you being a menial slave, but I am still your Mistress. It is not your place to question me. Donna is an egomaniacal bitch, and I am going to take her down face to face, not while she is asleep. Got it, slave?” Peggy had said with irritation.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean had replied.

“Kiss my feet,” Peggy had commanded him petulantly.

Sean had immediately dropped to his hands and knees and lavished kisses on her bare feet.

“I know where she keeps her spare key; I am going to be waiting for her when she gets home from the bar, and we will see who hypnotizes who,” Peggy mused, confident in her abilities.

Now she was calmly sitting on her former friend’s couch after brazenly entering her home uninvited, ready to face her and see who was the better hypnotist.

Peggy knew it was a reckless move, but her anger and desire for revenge had gotten the better of her, and she was willing to take the risk

“Yes, I did not do a very good job with the trigger. That was my mistake, and I’ve corrected it. You made one of your own, though; you didn’t erase my control over Sean, you just installed your own along side it. So we were both sloppy. Anyway, you got what you wanted, you learned hypnotism. Now, give me my book and I’ll leave and forget about this and we can not cross paths again,” Peggy replied coolly.

Your book?” Donna scoffed.

“Yes, my book. The one you made Sean steal for you. Give it back to me,” Peggy said calmly.

“Or what?” Donna replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Or I will take it... and you will be very, very sorry,” Peggy replied.

“Oh really? You think you can hypnotize me? You better be careful if you want to duel, honey; I read up on it too, and I just may be a better hypnotist than you,” Donna replied haughtily.

“Donna, I was being generous a moment ago. You are an amateur at best. You betrayed me, stole from me, and now you are threatening me? I don’t think so. I’ll give you one more chance. Give me my book and never cross my path again,” Peggy said.

“Fuck you, Peggy! You are mad? Too fucking bad. It’s your own fault. Why do you care, anyway? Is this about Sean? He’s nothing, a piece of property; you enslaved and humiliated him for your own amusement, but I’m not allowed? Oh right, you wouldn’t share the book either, only you are worthy of its secrets, the high and mighty Peggy! I thought we were friends, but you are nothing but a selfish fucking hypocrite!” Donna said sarcastically.

“We were supposed to be friends, Donna! I didn’t have to tell you about the book at all, but I chose to didn’t I? You know, I was actually planning to let you borrow it at some point, after I had learned a bit and got a handle on the power. But you just couldn’t wait, could you? You saw what I had learned and you just couldn’t stand it, you had to have the power right now! I trusted you with my secret, all I wanted was a little trust in return! But no, you are a self-centered bitch and you tried to fuck me over. And by the way, my feelings about Sean are irrelevant and none of your business; he’s *mine*, so is the book, and nobody takes my stuff. Especially a back-stabbing bitch like you,” Peggy said angrily, standing up as she spoke.

Donna laughed, a long mocking cackle.

“Holy shit you’re a self-righteous bitch! I don’t believe for one second that you were going to ever let me see the book. *You* are the selfish one, and now you are pissed because I outsmarted you. I’m a better hypnotist than you now, Peggy. The book is mine; in few minutes you will be too. I bet you’ll be good at foot worship, just like Sean. After you become my slave I’ll recapture him, and I’ll make you watch him lick my ass; he’s good at it, as you know. That is, unless you’re afraid to take me on; I can just call the cops and tell them some cunt broke into my house if you prefer,” Donna retorted with a smirk.

Peggy reached up and smoothly removed her pendant. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to relax and focus on what she was about to do.

“Afraid of you? Not a chance. Just remember you brought this on yourself; I will have no mercy once you are in my power,” Peggy said, holding up the magnificent glittering amethyst so it dangled at the end of its golden chain before Donna’s eyes.

“You and your little prop...what a joke, Peggy. Real hypnotic power comes from inside, from your heart and your own will. You obviously didn’t read your precious book well enough. Honestly I was planning to enslave you this weekend anyway, so right now works for me. I am going to make you shave off all that nice thick hair you are so proud of. You will look pretty hilarious bald,” Donna replied, moving to stand right in front of Peggy so they were barely a foot apart.

Their eyes met, the sparkling purple stone between them.

“I’m quite aware how true hypnotism works, you stupid bitch. You are nothing but a thief, Donna. Obviously it’s you who hasn’t studied the book enough. Shall we?” Peggy said sweetly.

“Look into my eyes Peggy...,” Donna replied firmly, opening her magnificent blue eyes wide.

Peggy’s pendulum began to swing gently back and forth as if it was moving of its own volition; her hand didn’t so much as twitch.

“Relax Donna...relax and watch the beautiful amethyst as you listen closely to my voice...,” Peggy began in her smooth practiced monotone voice.

The duel had begun; the women would be dividing concentration between hypnotizing their opponent while simultaneously resisting being hypnotized.

It was uncharted territory for both hypnotists, with likely tremendously unpleasant consequences for whomever lost.

“You want to look deep into my eyes...deeper...that’s it...keep looking deeper and deeper into my eyes...,” Donna was saying in a strong, clear voice.

“Just relax Donna...relax as you watch the amethyst swing back...and forth... relaxing more with every word I say... my voice is so soothing, you just want to listen to it and relax for me...,” Peggy continued, her pendant slowly gaining momentum.

Peggy was impressed by the intensity of Donna’s gaze; recognizing it was a powerful and dangerous stare. Peggy herself was quite capable of hypnotizing with her beautiful green eyes alone, but she had a reason for using her trusty pendulum. She also could not simply close her eyes or look away; her induction would lose much of its power if she did so. Peggy needed her eyes, pendulum and voice working in perfect concert. Therefore she tried not to look directly into Donna’s eyes but instead concentrated on the bridge of Donna’s nose which created the illusion of meeting her opponent’s gaze.

“As you continue to look deeper and deeper into my eyes you feel yourself already relaxing... relaxing deeper... deeper as you look into my eyes... they are drawing you into them...pulling you in deeper as you relax even more with each passing will look into my eyes Peggy ” Donna said with authority, still not blinking.

Peggy indeed felt drawn to look into Donna’s eyes, and she found her own gaze shifting to do exactly that. However the purple gemstone flashing back and forth, in and out of both women’s field of vision broke up the continuity of Donna’s hypnotic stare, letting Peggy shift her focus back to her opponent’s nose.

“Feeling more and more relaxed with each swing back and forth...more relaxed with each word I say... your eyes are drawn to the beautiful amethyst... you feel the urge to watch it swing back and forth...back... and forth...relaxing more and more Donna...,” Peggy went on smoothly; the pendant was still gaining speed, and she perfectly timed her words to the rhythm of its swing.

Where Donna’s voice was powerful and commanding, Peggy’s was firm and soothing.

Donna felt an invisible tug on her eyes; they twitched as the urge to focus on the glittering amethyst rose inside her. The pendant was distracting from her concentration, reflecting the light dazzlingly. Donna blinked; just once, then she opened her eyes wider and stared past the pendant into Peggy’s hazel irises.

“That’s it...feel yourself being drawn in...deeper and deeper...lost in my eyes, are feeling so relaxed, you want to look into my eyes and relax deeper... deeper... feel all the tension and cares draining away...,” Donna purred.

Peggy again caught herself focusing on Donna’s eyes, and she felt a wave of relaxation wash over her before she managed to again refocus her vision. Her shoulders slumped just a bit as her muscles began to respond to Donna’s words.

You are the one who is relaxing Donna...relaxing more and more with each swing of the pendant...your eyes are drawn to want to watch it swing back....and forth...relax more with every word I speak...the amethyst is really drawing your eyes to it...pulling them along as it swings...,” Peggy’s voice faltered just a bit as she continued her induction.

Donna felt the pull of the pendant even more strongly, and her gaze faltered as she suddenly focused on the sparkling gem. She quickly wrenched her eyes from it and focused her powerful stare back on Peggy’s eyes. As she did so, she felt a tingle in her arms and legs as her muscles started to relax involuntarily.

“You are so relaxed... your worries, your cares and your resistance is fading quickly away, from the top of your head all the way down through your chest and stomach, down your legs out the tips of your toes... relax more as you keep looking deeper into my beautiful eyes and listening to my words... you cannot look away Peggy, you must look and continue looking...,” Donna said forcefully.

The pendant was making it difficult for her to concentrate, flashing in and out of her field of vision. She felt the growing urge to focus on it, to watch the seductive swing... Donna resisted it and maintained eye contact; she noted with satisfaction that Peggy’s eyes were indeed focused on hers once again.

Peggy found herself wanting to stare into the depths of Donna’s blue eyes and lose herself in the other woman’s words. Her muscles slackened further; she tried to focus her gaze elsewhere but could not, her eyes riveted to Donna’s. Only her swinging pendant kept her from going under as its purple multifaceted surface continued to interfere with the intensity of Donna’s stare. Peggy knew she must finish Donna quickly or she was in trouble.

“The amethyst really draws your eyes Donna. Feel it pulling them to it... you want to watch it swing... it will be so easy to give in and watch the pendant... your eyes are tired from very’ve been holding them open for so very are so relaxed...your eyes are tired, Donna so tired...,” Peggy said, her voice still strong despite the pleasant warmth spreading through her body as she relaxed further.

Donna’s eyes felt itchy and tired; she blinked again as her entire body began to relax, and her eyes went to the gemstone. They followed it for three swings before she tore her gaze from it with a supreme effort. Before Peggy could recover from breaking eye contact, Donna refocused her eyes on Peggy and again opened them wide, hypnotic energy boiling from them in invisible waves.

“You will keep looking into my eyes Peggy. You are very relaxed, and now feeling sleepy as you keep looking deeper... relaxing deeper with my every word...deeper and deeper relaxed... so are feeling sleepy...sleepy...,” Donna said, her voice still strong and insistent.

Peggy felt another wave of relaxation wash over her and her eyelids began to droop.

Donna’s blue orbs seemed to fill her field of vision, overwhelming the purple of the amethyst.

She knew she was losing.

Donna was hypnotizing her.

The realization gave Peggy a jolt of energy. She paused her induction for an instant, forcing herself with every bit of will she had to focus her eyes on her own amethyst pendant; the glittering purple gem became a momentary refuge from Donna’s hypnotic assault. Peggy was losing herself in Donna’s eyes; she found herself in her amethyst.

The pendant never faltered or lost momentum; Peggy’s long practice allowed her to effortlessly keep it moving. The purple gemstone’s swing was smooth and rhythmic, ticking crisply back and forth before Donna’s eyes.

“Your eyes are tired Donna. Too tired; they are drawn to the pendant and you cannot fight it. You are feeling relaxed... it will feel so good, wonderful to give in... to relax and let go...stop know in your heart you cannot win, cannot resist. You must watch the pendant now as it swings back and forth...,” Peggy said, her voice strong, clear and insistent.

Donna maintained her gaze for two full seconds, then her eyelids fluttered and her eyes shifted and locked into the swinging pendant.

“You are so relaxed now-,“ Donna was saying when her suddenly voice faltered.

Before she could attempt to muster the will to take her eyes off the swinging pendant, Peggy continued her induction.

“That’s it, watch the amethyst. You cannot take your eyes off of it. You must keep watching as it swings back and forth,” she said firmly.

Donna’s eyes widened in surprise as she tried desperately tried to tear her gaze from the pendant and found to her horror that she could not. Her reserves of energy were depleted. She felt suddenly tired.

“N-No, stop, you can’t do this! Y-You can’t win!” she stammered, panic in her voice.

Donna’s composure was suddenly gone.

Her eyes were helplessly following amethyst, watching it swing back and forth.

Peggy, now free of danger, paused for few seconds to enjoy the sight of Donna caught in her induction, the pendant pulling her eyes back and forth against her will.

“Peggy, stop...Please!” Donna was suddenly begging, fear in her voice.

The amethyst glittered brilliantly.

Peggy grinned wickedly.

“Donna, your arms are like lead, you cannot lift them; your feet are glued to the floor, you cannot move. I am going to count backwards from ‘five’. When I say ‘one’ you will close your eyes and go deep asleep, deep into hypnosis for me,” She said.

“No... no, please...,” Donna said, eyes helplessly flicking back and forth along with the pendant.

“ are getting sleepy Donna. Very sleepy...,” Peggy said.

“Peg, please...this is not... necessary,” Donna tried.

She spoke slowly as she suddenly felt sleepy.

Very sleepy.

In desperation she tried to reach for the pendant; she couldn’t lift her arms.

She tried to back away; her bare feet were stuck to the carpet.

The pendant continued to swing, her eyes following it.

Back and forth.

“Four...your eyelids are getting heavy...very heavy... you are very sleepy Donna...three...listen to my voice is the only thing you can hear...,” Peggy continued.

“Wait...wait...,” Donna mumbled. Her eyelids began to droop, then flutter.

“You are so sleepy... your eyelids are so cannot stay awake Donna. You cannot cannot speak...The harder you try to keep your eyes open, the heavier your eyelids become...,” Peggy said.

“No...,” Donna whispered, then fell silent.

A single tear rolled from the corner of her left eye as she fought desperately to keep her eyes open. In the back of her mind she was terrified; Donna had genuinely expected to beat Peggy, and she knew her former friend was going to punish her harshly for her betrayal.

“One, go deep asleep for me now, Donna. You are hypnotized,” Peggy declared.

Donna let out a soft whimper, then her eyelids slammed shut a final time; her head nodded and her shoulders slumped.

She was hypnotized.

Peggy had won the duel. The victorious hypnotist let out a relieved sigh as she replaced her pendant around her neck.

That was too close, Peggy thought.

Donna was a surprisingly skilled hypnotist, considering she’d had access to the book a relatively short time; she appeared to be a natural talent.

Peggy sat on the couch and entered a state of self-hypnosis, allowing herself to settle down and relax; after a couple minutes she emerged from her trance refreshed and focused.

Focused on the punishment and humiliation she was going to inflict on the hypnotized woman before her.

“Donna can you hear me?” Peggy asked, standing up.

“Yes,” came the subdued reply.

Peggy smirked. She was going to enjoy this one; Donna had gone way too far in her betrayal.

Peggy took her time deepening Donna’s trance, then carefully and completely stripped away her free will; the woman was soon utterly unable to resist Peggy’s commands, her subconscious mind open to any suggestions the hypnodomme gave.

Peggy also made certain that Donna would obey her every command without hesitation, even when she was wide awake and aware, just as she had done to her previous victims. She installed a trigger phrase, “Petty Thief”, that would instantly send Donna into deep hypnosis if Peggy, and only Peggy, spoke it.

“Donna you will tell me where my book is,” Peggy commanded her hypnotized ex-friend.

“I don’t know; I gave it to Janet and told her to hide it,” Donna replied.

“Janet? Your friend who manages the bar?” Peggy asked.

“Yes,” Donna answered.

“You clever bitch. I guess I will just have to pay her a visit…but that will have to wait; I am going to be busy with you for a bit,” Peggy said evilly

The hypnodomme took our her phone and texted Sean, then sat on Donna’s couch.

“Alright slave-Donna, when I snap my fingers you will awaken…,” Peggy began.

Donna awoke and found herself trapped in the nightmare of having been hypnotized and enslaved by her former friend, the one she had betrayed.

Peggy commanded her to strip naked, then get on her knees.

“Peggy, this isn’t necessary! I am sorry—,“ Donna began.

“Oh, now you are sorry? Because I beat you? Because you are mine now?” Peggy taunted her.

“Peggy, listen to me, please—,“ Donna tried again.

“You will address me as “Mistress” slave-Donna. Got that?” Peggy cut her off

Donna gritted her teeth, trying not to acknowledge Peggy’s question.

Peggy raised an eyebrow, smirking.

“Y-Yes, Mistress,” Donna said.

“That’s better. Now crawl over here and kiss my feet while we wait for Sean,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Donna replied, crawling across the carpet.

Peggy casually extended her sexy bare foot toward Donna; she took excellent care of her nearly perfect feet, and was quite proud of them.

She had come to love making her victims worship them as a symbol of her dominance.

Tears welled in Donna’s eyes, but she blinked them away and remained stoic as she began to kiss the hypnotist’s offered foot; she was disgusted with her own actions, but she was determined not to give Peggy the satisfaction seeing her break.

At that moment Donna vowed to herself that someday, Peggy would worship her feet.

Sean arrived a short time later, bringing two large full duffel bags; he grinned broadly at the sight of Donna naked, on all fours at Peggy’s feet.

A bulge grew in his jeans; he loved Peggy’s feet, and he loved seeing others reduced to her foot-slaves.

“Did she put up much of a fight?” he asked.

“Actually she did. She nearly got me, if I am being completely honest. You were right, she got pretty good,” Peggy replied as Donna dutifully continued her foot-worship.

“Not good enough, obviously. So are you are officially a hypnosis-duelist now?” Sean asked.

“I guess I am; take off your clothes, my enslaved one,” she said with a smile.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean said.

The hypnotist rose and began to remove her own clothing; Sean smiled at his Mistress with genuine affection as he stripped. When they were both naked, Sean went to one of the bags he had brought and retrieved two ornate black leather collars. He then moved to kneel before Peggy, offering the collars to her reverently.

The hypnodomme took one and fastened it around his neck.

“Alright Donna you may stop worshipping my feet—for now. On your knees,” Peggy commanded.

She bent and placed the other collar around Donna’s neck.

“There, that looks good on you. Now go fetch us a couple of beers,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Donna said.

She rose, went to the kitchen and returned with two bottles of beer.

Peggy took them from her, handing one to Sean.

“Back on your knees, slave-Donna,” Peggy commanded as she twisted off the cap and tossed it on the carpet.

Donna sank once more to her knees.

“To payback,” Peggy said, offering a toast.

She and Sean clinked their bottles together and drank. Peggy winked at Sean and then poured the rest of her beer over Donna’s head, soaking her hair and causing foamy liquid to run down her chest and over her tits.

The kneeling woman’s expression didn’t change; she stared ahead, stone-faced.

“Sit on the couch, my Enslaved One,” Peggy said, using her pet name for Sean.

He obeyed, cock erect. Donna watched from her knees, covered in beer, as Peggy mounted Sean and rode him roughly, shrieking with pleasure. She orgasmed quickly, continuing to ride him until she had a second even more powerful one.

Breathing heavily, Peggy stood and moved to sit in Donna’s recliner.

“Sean, I bet you’d like to cum wouldn’t you?” she asked sweetly, looking at his still rock hard cock.

“Yes Mistress Peggy,” he replied with a chuckle.

“How about you do it on Donna? Would you like that?” Peggy asked, looking at the naked, beer-soaked woman and smirking evilly.

“Yes Mistress!” Sean said enthusiastically.

Donna’s resolve finally broke; her face contorted with rage.

“You bitch! I will beat your ass, I swear!” she screamed.

Peggy laughed at her.

“Be quiet Donna,” she said casually.

Donna obeyed, flushing red with anger.

“Go ahead Sean; do it wherever you would like; her face, tits, feet…,” Peggy said nonchalantly.

Grinning, the naked man rose and walked over to stand before Donna.

“Be a good girl and hold still, Donna. Do not move,” Peggy commanded.

Sean looked down at the woman who had made him betray his Mistress, had stolen from her and plotted to enslave her alongside him.

He was angry; he had come to love his Mistress, and wanted only to protect her, obey her and serve her. He felt guilty about falling under Donna’s spell, and responsible for her becoming a true hypnotist.

Sean smiled; Peggy had won, and now it was time to exact some revenge on Donna.

He began to stroke his cock, slowly at first.

Donna grunted in frustration.

Peggy watched, enjoying the spectacle of Donna helplessly waiting, knowing what was coming and being unable to do anything about it.

Sean stroked faster and faster, gasping with pleasure; it wasn’t long before he ready to cum; all her needed was his Mistress’ permission.

“Cum, my Enslaved One,” Peggy said calmly.

Sean gave a loud grunt, shuddering as he shot his load.

Donna was unable to do more than flinch as he moved his spasming cock about, giving her a facial.

Peggy rose and walked over to stand beside Sean, looking down at the kneeling, humiliated woman, unable to speak and covered in beer and semen.

“Well, that’s a start. A little later you may fuck her in her ass,” she said, kissing Sean on the cheek.

“It will be my pleasure, Mistress,” he replied, kneeling respectfully.

Sean would especially enjoy ass-fucking Donna; among the many things she had done while he was her slave was use a strap on to do the same to him.

“Sean, did you know that Donna here was a hairdresser and nail tech before she got into real estate?” Peggy asked, retaking her seat on the couch.

“No Mistress,” Sean said.

“Yes, and she is actually very good; She ran a salon for a long time and used to cut my hair, didn’t you Donna?” Peggy asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Donna said grudgingly.

“There was one thing she didn’t really like, actually she hated, doing—pedicures. Isn’t that right, Donna?” Peggy asked sweetly.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said through gritted teeth.

Donna’s expression was one of dread; she knew where her former friend was going with her comments.

“That is too bad for you, because I am certainly not going to waste your skills, Donna. Your new purpose is going to be taking care of my feet. In one of those bags is everything you need to give me a pedicure; get to it. And you will do your absolute best,” Peggy commanded.

Donna seethed as she obeyed; there was almost nothing more humiliating and demeaning she could be forced to do.

As Donna got to work, Sean retrieved two more beers from Donna’s refrigerator, handing one to his Mistress. He was about to kneel, but Peggy motioned for him to join her on the couch. They sat sipping their drinks, enjoying watching Donna perform her task and savoring her downfall.

An hour later, Peggy sat with her foot held up so she and Sean could admire her new dark green toenails.

“She did a really good job!” Sean said.

“Yes she did. It looks like you aren’t completely worthless after all,” Peggy said to Donna.

The kneeling woman scowled and remained silent.

“Alright, I did promise Sean he could have some fun with you, so…Petty Thief,” Peggy said.

Donna’s eyes slammed shut as the trigger sent her into a deep hypnotic trance.

A short time later, Peggy was watching as Sean was fucking Donna in her ass; he had her bent over the couch, and was taunting her as he had his fun.

“That’s right, take it you fucking cunt!” he grunted.

Donna moaned with pleasure; after Peggy had put her back under hypnosis she’d suggested that she liked being fucked in her ass, and that she would enjoy being debased as penance for what she had done to Sean.

“Alright Sean, cum. Cum now!” Peggy finally said.

Sean let out a shout; he pulled out as he exploded, shooting his load all over Donna’s bare ass.

“Feel better, my Enslaved One?” Peggy asked with a smile when he’d finished.

“Yes, thank you Mistress,” he replied, breathing heavily.

“Good. Go get a shower and then get dressed. Then make sure all our things are packed up,” she commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, heading for Donna’s bathroom.

“Kneel before me Donna,” Peggy commanded,

The haggard, defeated woman once more knelt before the hypnodomme.

“I really, truly hope you realize you brought all this on yourself; I also hope you learned your lesson. I am going to let you go back to your life, with a few minor changes. First, your ability to hypnotize is going to be locked; you won’t remember how to do it. Second, you are not going to be able to cum; you will get to live with the utter frustration of being horny with no relief. Third, you are going to keep giving me pedicures, as well as serving me in any other way I choose. Fourth, you are going to give me half of every commission you make in your real estate business. You will be trapped in a new consciousness, knowing what has happened to you and not being able to do a thing about it. We will see how you do for six months with these new rules; maybe after that I will remove some of them,” Peggy informed Donna.

Donna looked horrified; she trembled with a mixture of rage and fear.

“You fucking cunt! I swear I am going to—,“ she began.

“What? You can’t even stand without my permission, slave. Now shut the hell up,” Peggy commanded, standing up.

Smiling wickedly, Peggy turned around and reached back, spreading her cheeks.

“Eat my ass, Donna. Lick it like it is your favorite ice cream!” she commanded.

Donna let out a whimper before burying her face in Peggy’s sexy ass and licking vigorously.

Peggy moaned with pleasure as Donna debased herself, reveling in her power.

“Yes! That’s it you bitch, lick my asshole! Oh yes…YES!” she gasped.

Shuddering, Peggy had a powerful orgasm. Already aroused by the feeling of power she got from having won the hypnosis duel and humiliating Donna, combined with the erotic sensation of the woman worshipping her ass had been enough to send her over the edge.

She closed her eyes and smiled, letting Donna continue for another moment.

“Okay, that’s enough for now, slave,” Peggy finally said with a gasp.

She sat on the couch with a smirk at the kneeling, thoroughly humiliated Donna.

“I bet you are regretting a few things right about now,” Peggy said with a chuckle.

Donna, for everything that had happened to her, remained remarkably stoic. If anything, she looked even more defiant.

The two women locked eyes and stared at one another for a few moments, neither one willing to blink or look away.

Donna clenched her jaw; she was about to speak when Peggy said her trigger, sending her into a deep hypnotic state once again.

Peggy proceeded to program Donna’s subconscious to make her do exactly the things she had described, carefully wording her suggestions to ensure they took solid root.

Satisfied, Peggy and Sean left Donna unconscious on her living room floor sticky with beer and semen.

On the way home, tears trickled down Peggy’s face; inside she was a maelstrom of emotion.

She felt remorse for what she had done to Donna, mixed with sadness and anger at the betrayal. Even more troubling, Peggy had to admit she had enjoyed punishing Donna; she liked the power and the feeling of satisfaction she got from humiliating and degrading her former friend.

“Am I a monster?” she asked Sean quietly as he drove.

“No Mistress. You are a remarkable, powerful woman. Donna betrayed you, stole from you and planned to make you her slave. She is a reckless, selfish and petty woman. She deserved what she got. She doesn’t have your discipline. Donna on the loose with that book, how many people would she torment just for the fun of it? Honestly, I think you went easy on her,” Sean replied seriously.

“Yes…you know, that makes a lot of sense. You’re right; she did deserve it. Thank you my Enslaved One. I feel better. Speaking of my book, tomorrow we need to go see Janet. Are you up for it?” Peggy said.

“Absolutely, Mistress,” Sean agreed.

They made it home and collapsed into bed.

This time, Peggy didn’t make Sean sleep at her feet but instead invited him to lay beside her.

“Don’t let this go to your head. You are still my slave,” she murmured sleepily.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean agreed, smiling as he drifted off.

Donna awoke from her trance ten minutes after Peggy and Sean left. She gritted her teeth as she recalled what had happened. She had been defeated, dominated and humiliated by Peggy, and lost her hypnotic power. Well, not lost exactly but it was locked behind a barrier Peggy had built in her mind. Now, she was stuck serving her rival’s every whim, giving her money…and taking care of her damned feet! In addition, she wouldn’t be able to get off for at least six months.

“Peggy you spiteful cunt! You want to play games, fine! I will survive your little punishment and I fucking swear that I will get free and I will break you,” Donna growled.

She went to her bathroom and took a long, hot shower. After drying off, Donna sat cross-legged on her bedroom floor and began to meditate. She had a strong mind, and she was determined to free herself. She could feel Peggy’s suggestions deep in her mind, like ropes tied in intricate knots, intertwined with her thoughts and desires, forcing her to obey them.

With a supreme effort, she tugged on one of the strands.

It moved ever so slightly.

Donna smiled; it might take a while, but she now knew she could unravel Peggy’s suggestions.


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