The Art of True Hypnotism

by DazzlingLady

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After studying the tome The Art of True Hypnotism, Peggy is ready to take a big step in her evolution as a hypnodomme.

Saturday morning Peggy rose early and woke Sean, who had slept at her feet. She ordered him to the corner of the bed where she mounted his cock with her back to him and fucked him vigorously for ten minutes, shrieking and moaning as she moved up and down.

“You may cum, slave,” she said with a dismissive wave, finally satisfied after her third orgasm.

Peggy had complete control of his cock thanks to hypnotic conditioning; he could not cum without her permission.

Sean did so explosively, letting out a loud wordless moan of pleasure. Peggy waited until he was finished before getting off his cock. She took a towel from her dresser drawer and tossed it to him.

“Clean your mess. Go back to sleep. You may sleep in if you want to. I want both bathrooms spotless before I get back. And you may not leave the house. You can chill out and relax once the bathrooms are done, but you will stay here until I get home. Got it?” Peggy said firmly as she headed to the bathroom to shower.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean said, moving back to his spot at the end of the bed.

He had fallen back to sleep by the time Peggy emerged from the bathroom. She sat, naked and cross-legged on the floor and closed her eyes. She entered a state of deep self-hypnosis and focused her mind on her goal. She envisioned herself hypnotizing her coworker Kendal successfully, and gave herself suggestions for improved concentration and to boost her confidence.

Several months earlier Peggy had discovered a mysterious, very old book called “The Art of True Hypnotism” in a gun safe she’d purchased at an auction. Intrigued, she had studied it intently, and discovered that it was in fact a textbook for becoming a True Hypnotist, a master of controlling the wills of others. She eagerly began studying the book, and to her delight had discovered that she had a strong talent for harnessing hypnotic energy. First, she learned to hypnotize herself, which could be useful in a multitude of ways. Next she’d learned to use a pendulum and her eyes as hypnotic foci. Practicing on friends who volunteered, she got good at making them act like fools, obey her commands and follow post-hypnotic suggestions. Eventually she had moved on to the book’s more obscure teachings, things that went beyond the generally accepted limitations of hypnosis.

Things like enslaving someone against their will, as she had done with Sean three months earlier. He was a handsome twenty-six year old who Peggy had met when they worked at a restaurant together several years earlier. They had become friends, and although he thought he’d hidden it, Sean had developed a crush on Peggy. She had known all along of course, as he was alway eager to spend time with her and happy to help her with almost anything she needed. So, when Peggy needed a subject to attempt to truly enslave, he was a perfect candidate. Unaware of her true intentions, he had readily agreed when she asked if he would let her practice hypnosis on him.

After Peggy had put him under with her favorite amethyst pendant, she used the techniques described in “The Art of True Hypnotism” to put him into a very deep trance and strip away his free will. Sean had responded perfectly to her hypnotic programming, and upon being awoken from his trance found to his shock that he had become her slave, conditioned to obey her every command.

Peggy had found the power to be a thrill unlike anything she’d ever experienced, and it had gone straight to her head. The hypnotist had immediately began dominating him, testing the limits of her control over his mind and will. Among other things she had made him worship her feet and masturbate to her. Sean had tried desperately to defy her humiliating commands, but he could not. Eventually he found himself kneeling before her, naked and subdued.

“It’s time for your next lesson, slave,” Peggy had said arrogantly.

Sean had watched, helpless as Peggy grinned wickedly down at him, then turned around and slowly lowered her denim cut-offs, followed by her pink thong.

“Kiss my ass,” Peggy had commanded, bending slightly.

Sean had found himself compelled to obey, an overwhelming urge that he was unable to resist; he leaned forward and began to kiss Peggy’s sexy ass. The hypnotist chuckled, letting him continue for a few minutes and enjoying the rush she got from being able to force him perform the submissive act.

“Good boy; Let’s take things a step further, shall we?” Peggy had said next.

Reaching back, she grasped her cheeks and spread them apart.

“Alright honey, bury that face. Lick my asshole,” she had commanded in a sultry voice.

The command had been a test; Peggy had wanted to see how far she could push someone she’d enslaved.

Sean had hesitated as he struggled to resist.

The urge to obey was simply too powerful; his resolve shattered like a window struck by a hurled brick.

He buried his face in Peggy’s ass and began to lick vigorously.

The hypnotist had giggled with delight at the success of her hypnotic conditioning.

At that moment, both Peggy and Sean knew that he had truly become her slave.

Peggy emerged from her trance feeling refreshed and relaxed; she smiled at the memory of enslaving Sean. She had hypnotized him regularly since then reinforcing her suggestions and strengthening her hold on his will.

It had worked perfectly; Sean had settled into his new life as her slave very nicely.

However, what she was planning to attempt something even more ambitious with Kendal; she was going to attempt to hypnotize her coworker without her permission and turn her into an obedient slave. It would be difficult; Kendal was not a willing subject, and in truth she and Peggy disliked each other considerably. Still, Peggy was confident she could pull it off.

She rose and looked her naked body over in the full-length mirror beside her closet, pleased that her rigorous exercise was still paying off. She was an attractive woman of thirty-nine, with long thick light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She was five-seven, with lightly tanned skin and a toned, athletic body.

Peggy went to her closet and picked out a long, colorful skirt with blue and green stripes and paired it with a nice simple white blouse. She put her long hair in a simple ponytail, and chose a pair of small diamond stud earrings. She kept her other jewelry minimal, her customary silver thumb ring and amethyst pendant, and a platinum toe ring platinum toe ring set with a tiny pink sapphire on her right middle toe, a silver band with a small amethyst on her left second toe. Finally, she slipped on a pair of flat brown sandals before heading downstairs.

Peggy sat and relaxed for a few minutes, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a banana before grabbing her purse, keys and sunglasses and heading out the door. She arrived at the office where she worked fifteen minutes later. She had gotten there before unreliable Kendal, as she expected. Her coworker’s Mustang was not in the parking lot. Peggy unlocked the door, disarmed the alarm and turned on her computer. Then she discarded her sandals beside her desk and sat down to work.

Peggy was busy typing when Kendal sauntered in almost twenty minutes later. She glanced at her computer’s clock; it was ten-nineteen. They had agreed to be in at ten, but among Kendal’s many annoying habits was frequently arriving late to work.

Kendal was wearing her sunglasses, her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair barely combed. She had on a red tank top and blue jeans, with black flip flops along with a nice gold toe ring she always wore in the summer. She carried a large coffee from a local shop.

“Hey Peg,” she said as she sat.

She removed her sunglasses and sighed as she turned on her computer.

“Hi Kendal,” Peggy said cheerfully.

She noted dark circles under Kendal’s eyes; she looked tired.

Perfect, Peggy thought with a slight grin.

She could feel her heart beating a bit faster than normal, the anticipation of what she was going to attempt to do to Kendal making her feel both excited and nervous.

Relax. You can do this. Be calm, wait for the right moment, she told herself. Peggy closed her eyes and quietly took a couple of deep breaths, and allowed herself to relax.

“How was your evening?” Peggy asked casually as she typed.

“Not bad; I went out with some friends,” Kendal replied absently, yawning.

She didn’t ask how Peggy’s evening had gone.

Not that Peggy would have answered honestly.

Oh, I spent the evening studying a book on how to turn you into my obedient slave… in between fucking the brains out of the guy I have already enslaved, she thought to herself, suppressing a chuckle.

Peggy managed to get some actual work done while she waited for Kendal do what she always did. She reminded herself to be patient; hypnotizing someone without them knowing it required waiting for the right opening to begin an induction.

This time she didn’t have to wait long.

Kendal stopped typing and stretched. Then as she often did throughout the day, she let her eyes wander to the big aquarium against the wall between their desks. Soon she was staring absently, watching the fish swimming about.

Kendal often got distracted watching he fish, getting lost watching them swim back and forth, listening to the droning hum of the filter and the gentle babbling noise the bubbles made. Peggy had been waiting for her to do exactly this.

“Watching the fish is very soothing, isn’t it?” she asked softly.

Thirty seconds passed; Peggy waited calmly.

“Mmm-hmm…,” Kendal agreed absently.

“They are so colorful... beautiful... it’s nice to just watch them swim...back and forth...up and down...back and forth…,” Peggy continued in her practiced monotone.

Kendal grunted agreement even more softly than before, clearly not paying conscious attention to Peggy’s words.

Just as the hypnotist had hoped.

Peggy wanted Kendal’s subconscious mind to hear her words, without her consciously listening.

“The sound of the bubbles is very soothing...the hum of the filter is so relaxing to listen to... as you continue to watch the fish swim... back and forth...up...and down... they draw your eyes... they so relaxing to watch…,” Peggy said.

Kendal continued to stare into the tank, oblivious to what Peggy was doing.

“As you continue watch the colorful fish and listen to the soothing bubbles you feel very relaxed... so feels wonderful doesn’t it? You could just keep watching and listening...relaxing deeper...and deeper... so relaxed…,” Peggy said, her voice gentle but insistent as it intertwined with the bubbles and the soft hum of the filter.

Kendal remained silent, and Peggy noticed her shoulders slumped a bit as she began to relax.

“You are feeling very relaxed, aren’t you so easy to get drawn into the fish tank... to get lost watching the fish swim back and forth...listening to the soothing sound of the bubbles...and my soothing voice...” Peggy went on.

Her heart was pounding as she waited to see if Kendal reacted or noticed her mention of her voice.

Kendal continued to stare silently into the tank.

Peggy took a slow deep breath before continuing.

“That’s it...just relax and listen to the sound of my voice... you are feeling wonderful...relaxed and are feeling sleepy Kendal; very sleepy. As you continue to watch the swimming fish your eyelids are getting heavy…heavy...,” Peggy said, her voice becoming stronger and more insistent.

Kendal’s eyelids began to droop. She slumped further into her chair.

“You are relaxing deeper with each breath you take, in and out...relaxing deeper with each word I are so sleepy Kendal...watching the fish makes your eyes so tired...your eyelids are so cannot keep them just want to close them so badly... you are so cannot stay awake any longer...close your eyes and keep listening to the sound of my voice…,” Peggy said firmly.

Kendal’s eyelids had started fluttering as Peggy spoke; finally they closed tight and she laid her head on her desk, deep asleep.


Peggy let took a deep breath the exhaled slowly.

Then she smiled. Her plan had worked!

“Kendal can you hear me?” Peggy asked quietly.

“Yes,” came the soft murmured reply.

Peggy’s smile grew.

“You are completely relaxed, feeling wonderful. You just want to listen to the sound of my voice. You are deep, deep asleep, going deeper with every word I speak. My voice is the only thing you hear... you want to listen to it...and obey me, don’t you?” Peggy said soothingly.

“Obey...?” Kendal murmured.

It was not her nature to obey anyone Peggy knew. Especially someone she didn’t like or respect. She would need to take very deep into hypnosis to overcome her will.

“Yes, *obey*…it feels so wonderful to let relax completely and not need to just listen...and obey...listen to my voice... it is so soothing, it makes you want to *obey*…,” Peggy said.

“Obey…,” Kendal mumbled.

“Yes obey...obey my voice... it feels so good to relax and let go... going deeper with every word I speak... giving up control to me, to my voice…,” Peggy said, slowly standing as she spoke.

Kendal remained quiet, her breathing soft and regular. Peggy moved to stand beside her, bare feet silent on the carpet.

“Kendal, I’m going to count backwards from ‘five’. With each number I want you to take a nice big deep breath, then let it out; each time you exhale, you a piece of your will is going to drain away. When I say ‘zero’, your free will is going to be completely gone; you will obey any and all commands I give you and accept any suggestions I make you understand me?” Peggy said firmly.

Kendal hesitated a moment before answering.

“Yes….,” She murmured.

Peggy smirked.

“Good Kendal...five...breathe in, and out...feeling your will slowly out... that’s it...relaxing deeper as your will continues to drain hear only my voice, you must obey my feels so good to let go…,” Peggy said, her voice insistent yet gentle.

She smiled slightly as Kendal took slow deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling as she’d instructed.

“That’s out...feel your will slipping away, draining from your body out the tips of your are completely relaxed now Kendal...your will is almost cannot resist me, resist my, in...and out...your free will is gone. You are You must obey know it in your heart that you are mine, you cannot resist my commands…,” Peggy said.

Kendal was silent; she’d responded perfectly.

Peggy sat on the edge of Kendal’s desk.

“Can you hear me, Kendal?” she asked.

“Yes…,” the deeply hypnotized woman responded slowly.

“You know that you now must obey me, that you cannot resist my commands don’t you Kendal?”


“You know that you have no free will, that you belong to me, that you are my slave, don’t you Kendal?”

“Your slave…,” Kendal agreed helplessly.

“Good girl! Now listen to me very carefully Kendal; I have some instructions for you and for your subconscious mind…,” Peggy began.

Kendal sat silently, absorbing her words. Peggy gave Kendal similar commands and instructions to the ones she had given to Sean, to make the woman obey her even while awake and aware. She implanted a post hypnotic trigger, “fish tank”, to send Kendal back under deep hypnosis if she wished. Finally, she made sure Kendal would consciously forget being hypnotized, but he subconscious would remember and force her to carry out Peggy’s commands. Satisfied, Peggy went back to her desk and sat. She snapped her fingers and Kendal awoke from her trance. She yawned and looked around sheepishly believing she’d dozed off. Peggy pretended not to notice. Kendal stretched and started to type.

Peggy waited a full five minutes before speaking.

“So did I tell you I’ve been working on a new hobby?” Peggy asked casually.

“Huh? What?” Kendal said, looking up from the work order she was reading.

“I’ve been studying hypnosis,” Peggy said.

“Hypnosis? Really? That’s interesting,” Kendal replied, boredom in her voice.

She yawned.

“It really is. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it,” Peggy said.

She stood up and walked around the front of her desk and stood facing Kendal.

“Yeah, I’ve seen the hypnotist at the fair. It was pretty funny. Maybe you can do it at our Christmas Party this year,” Kendal said absently, clearly not interested.

“Well, I’m not really a stage hypnotist; I can make someone bark like a dog or act like a chicken, but that’s a bit... unsatisfying. I’m interested in using the true power of hypnotism,” Peggy said.

“And that is?” Kendal asked.

“Really getting deep into peoples minds. Being in control of their actions, their thoughts...their wills,” Peggy replied.

Kendal snorted derisively.

“You’re an idiot if you think you can do that. Hypnosis doesn’t work like that. It’s something nerdy guys do in clubs for entertainment, or therapists use to help fat people lose weight or help smokers quit,” she said.

“That’s what people do with lesser hypnosis. I’m using true hypnotism...and I can make people my slaves,” Peggy replied with a smile.

“Yeah right, you wish you were a real hypnotist,” Kendal scoffed.

“I am a real hypnotist, and I can make people my slaves. I’ve already done it,” Peggy replied casually.

“Bullshit. Who have you ‘hypnotized’, Peggy?” Kendal asked sarcastically.

“Well, I started with a friend who was willing to let me practice on her. She was an excellent subject, and I got good at the basics. Then the first person I truly enslaved was Sean, you remember him. He’s mine now; cleans my house, mows my lawn, worships my feet. He will do anything I command,” Peggy said with with satisfaction.

“Whatever. You’re full of it,” Kendal said, going back to reading.

“Oh and then there’s my newest slave: you, Kendal,” Peggy said.

Kendal looked up and narrowed her eyes.

“What?” She asked.

“You are my slave,” Peggy said.

The hypnotist was hoping Kendal would respond to the suggestions as well as Sean had.

“You wish. Even if you could hypnotize someone, which I doubt, I’m not letting you do it to me,” Kendal said with a snort.

“Oh I don’t need your permission. I’ve already done it,” Peggy replied with a smirk.

“Ooh, I’m hypnotized,” Kendal mocked.

“Not exactly; at the moment you are not in a trance, you are under some very powerful post-hypnotic suggestions I gave you while I had you hypnotized,” Peggy explained.

Kendal rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Ok. Right…,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m telling you Kendal, you have become my slave. I can make you do anything I want,” Peggy said sweetly.

“Whatever. This is stupid. You’re no hypnotist. I’ve got work to do. Hypnosis…,” Kendal muttered, going back to her reading.

“Kendal, stand up. *Now*,” Peggy commanded.

The hypnotist tensed; the moment of truth had arrived.

“Screw you,” Kendal said with a snort.

She read a few more words, then looked up, a surprised expression on her face.

Then she felt a sudden, overwhelming urge to stand up. She simply had to, they way a person feels when they are very thirsty and just have to get a drink. The urge to stand increased.

She pushed back her seat and stood.

Peggy quietly let out the breath she’d been holding since she gave the command.

“There we go,” she said.

“What the hell?” Kendal asked quietly.

She eyed Peggy suspiciously and chewed her bottom lip.

“I told you, I hypnotized you,” Peggy said smugly.

“You-you just caught me by surprise,” Kendal said slowly.

She looked unsure. The strange urge to stand, to obey the command was unsettling.

“Oh really? Bark like a dog, Kendal,” Peggy commanded casually.

“Go fu—,“ Kendal began.

Her eyes went wide as her words became loud barks. Again she felt the overwhelming urge to obey Peggy’s command. She flushed red with embarrassment.

Peggy laughed at her.

“Ok that’s enough. Just a little stage cliche to prove a point. I have other plans for you…slave,” she said.

“Damn it! Stop! I’m not hypnotized!” Kendal fumed.

“Oh really? Why don’t we test how free you are...come over here and stand in front of me…slave,” Peggy said.

“Stop calling me that! I will beat your ass for this!” Kendal said angrily as she moved around her desk.

Her movements were stiff as she desperately tried to halt her steps.

“You will not, cannot touch me without my permission,” Peggy said firmly.

She didn’t want Kendal surprising her with a punch or scratching nails.

“You bitch!” Kendal yelled.

“You’re the one who was barking. And by the way, you will address me as ‘Mistress’, *slave*. Understand?” Peggy said calmly.

“Y-Yes Mi-Miss-Mistress,” Kendal said grudgingly, as if the words were being pulled out of her. She flushed red again, her jaw clenched with anger.

“That wasn’t convincing. Say it again,” Peggy said petulantly.

“Yes Mistress,” Kendal said more clearly.

“That’s better. See how easy that was?” Peggy asked.

Kendal let out a grunt of frustration and anger, raising her hand as if to slap Peggy. Her arm stopped six inches from Peggy’s face, held fast by the powerful hypnotic suggestion.

“Aaaaaarrrrgh!” Kendal let out a wordless scream of fury.

Peggy smiled and winked at her.

“Go refill my water bottle and come right back and put it on my desk,” Peggy ordered casually.

Kendal moved to obey, a look of disgust on her face as she set the water on Peggy’s desk.The hypnotist picked up the bottle.

“Now get down on your knees,” she ordered next, taking a sip.

Kendal’s expression suddenly changed from anger to one of fear. She sank slowly to kneel before Peggy.

“That’s much better,” the hypnotist said, looking down at Kendal.

“P-Please wait a s-second-,“ the kneeling woman began, her voice shaking.

“Have you ever kissed another woman’s feet, Kendal?” Peggy asked with a grin.

“No, Mistress...oh please, don’t make me do that,” Kendal said, reflexively glancing at Peggy’s bare feet.

Peggy leaned over, her eyes boring into Kendal’s.

“Kiss my feet, slave, ” she said slowly in a low, sultry voice.

“Yes Mistress,” Kendal said.

She knew she couldn’t resist the humiliating command. She was on the verge of tears, but she was determined not to cry as she went to her hands and knees.

Peggy’s bare feet filled her vision.

Kendal couldn't believe what was happening to her. Somehow her coworker had hypnotized her, and was now able to make her do things against her will; It was as if Peggy's voice was INSIDE her head, compelling her to obey. She dropped to her hands and knees, her face involuntarily moving closer and closer to Peggy's bare feet. She could see the smooth lightly tanned skin and perfectly painted purple toenails, decorated with small pink heart decals on each big toe. Kendal again tried to resist, to pull away and stand up...but she could not. Peggy's command seemed to echo in her mind and again, she felt an overwhelming compulsion to obey her coworker's command. A tear trickled from the corner of her eye and her heart pounded in her chest; Peggy's anklet glittered, her toe rings shining in the office lights. Kendal's lips met the top of Peggy's foot, and she gingerly kissed the soft skin.

"That's a good girl,” she heard Peggy say as if she were a dog.

Tears began to trickle freely down Kendal's cheeks helplessly began to alternate kisses on the tops of Peggy's feet. The hypnotist took a few steps back and sat on her desk, forcing Kendal to scramble after her, continuing to kiss.

"Please...don't do me…," she begged between kisses.

“Why not? You’d do the same or worse to me if our positions were reversed,” Peggy said.

“I...would not!” Kendal protested.

“Sure you would; you’d enslave and humiliate me in a heartbeat if you got the chance, and you’d enjoy it too. Tell the truth,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes...I would…,” Kendal admitted, continuing to kiss.

The truth was Kendal would have jumped at the chance to do exactly this type of thing to Peggy.

“Well then, lucky for me that I’m the hypnotist and you’re the slave,” Peggy said.

“P-Peggy please...I know...w-we haven’t always…,” Kendal began, her voice quivering.

“Save it. You’ve been nothing but a bitch to me. A lazy, backstabbing bitch. You screw me over every chance you get,” Peggy said coldly.

Kendal began to cry openly as she continued to kiss Peggy’s bare feet. The hypnotist felt a mild pang of guilt; she knew she was giving in to her own anger and frustration with Kendal that had built up the past few years. With it came the same rush, the thrill of power she’d felt watching Sean helplessly obey her commands. For a moment she wavered on going any further. Then she thought about the various things Kendal had done to her, plus her admission that she would do the same to her if their positions were reversed, and her doubts vanished.

“Go ahead and cry; beg too if you want. It won’t do you any good, but I like it. You brought this on yourself Kendal. Now, let’s get you properly trained at foot-worship. You’ll be doing a lot of it. Don't just kiss, lick my feet... lick the bottoms clean... then suck on my toes…," Peggy commanded, lifting her feet up and exposing the bottoms, dirty from walking barefoot around the office all morning.

Kendal tried desperately to stop, but she simply knew in her heart she had to OBEY Peggy. She took one of the hypnotist's feet in her hands and licked it several times from heel to toes, then did the same for the other. Then she began to suck each of Peggy's toes one at a time, feeling the metal of her toe rings on her tongue along with the smoothness of her toenails

Peggy gave a low moan of pleasure, obviously enjoying herself.

Kendal was utterly humiliated; she was still desperately struggling to resist, a feeling of helplessness and dread in her chest. Face streaked with tears, she continued her foot-worship.

"You're doing wonderfully; this is working better than I'd hoped. I’ve enslaved Sean, but he let me hypnotize him. You're the first person I've hypnotized against their will. Looks like I was right about you not being able to resist me,” Peggy said with a chuckle.

She was starting to get very aroused, watching Kendal and feeling the sensations from the hypnotized woman’s lips and tongue on her feet.

"Fuck you!" Kendal growled between sucking toes, her anger at the situation and at Peggy momentarily overwhelming her other emotions.

Peggy’s expression grew hard for an instant, then she smiled.

"What a great idea…get up and strip, Kendal. Then get down on your knees and…,” Peggy hesitated for a few heartbeats “…eat my pussy,” she said dramatically.

The hypnotist slowly lifted her colorful skirt, revealing she wore no underwear.

Kendal looked shocked by the command.

"I will not! I’m done doing what you say!" she said angrily.

“Oh come on, Kendal. I doubt this will be the first pussy you’ve eaten,” Peggy said sweetly.

Kendal gritted her teeth; rising, she resolved to resist the command, to get up and march right out the door and away from the horrifying situation. She started to tremble as she stood, struggling against the urge to obey Peggy, trying to turn and walk to the door....and began to strip, first kicking off her sandals. Peggy watched, a smug smile on her face. However, ordering Kendal to eat her had been a whim, a spur of the moment reaction. In truth, she was a bit apprehensive; she hadn’t really planned to go past foot worship with Kendal. However, relieving her long sexual frustration by making Sean her sex slave had opened a floodgate it seemed; the act of hypnotizing Kendal had been erotic in itself, and the rush from making her worship her feet had only inflamed Peggy’s arousal.

Why not? She mused, Kendal is plenty attractive; no reason to limit myself to men...

“You can’t do this! Hypnosis doesn’t work like this!” Kendal shrieked, dropping her top and unhooking her bra.

“Looks like it does, slave, ” Peggy said sweetly.

Kendal stepped out of her jeans and dropped her panties.

“I hate you!” She hissed.

Peggy chuckled.

“I’m sure you do…but I don’t care. I’m horny, and you’re going to satisfy your Mistress,” Peggy replied.

What little dignity Kendal had left vanished; she began to ugly cry as she sank back to her knees stark naked and moved her face slowly, inexorably toward Peggy's wet, waiting pussy.

"Please, I, I mmmnnnf…," Kendal tried to speak but her voice became muffled and incomprehensible as she buried her face in Peggy’s pussy.

“Oh! That’s it! Good girl!” The hypnotist gasped loudly.

Kendal dutifully licked and sucked, sending waves of pleasure through Peggy’s body. The hypnotist moaned loudly, laying back on her desk.

“Use your hands too!” She gasped.

Kendal obeyed, working Peggy’s clit and labia with her lips and tongue as well as rubbing her fingers in various places inside and around Peggy’s pussy. After several minutes, Peggy had a massive orgasm, followed quickly by a second. She sat up and grabbed the naked woman’s hair and held it, cumming right in Kendal’s face.

Panting, Peggy let go of Kendal and laid back.

“Mmm...that’s enough...for now. Give me your shirt,” she ordered.

Chest hitching from sobbing, Kendal obeyed. Peggy took it and cleaned herself, then tossed it to Kendal.

“Clean your face,” she ordered.

Kendal wiped her face, still kneeling. Peggy sat up again, taking a deep breath.

“That was excellent, Kendal. You have clearly done that before. Maybe you aren’t totally worthless after all,” she said.

Kendal was silent, her defiance gone. She wore a resigned, defeated expression.

“You know, I’ve always liked that toe ring you wear; take it off and put it on my left pinkie toe,” Peggy ordered casually.

Kendal moved to obey.

“This is mine! It was expensive, you can’t have it!” She protested as she put the small golden ring on Peggy’s foot.

“And you are mine; everything you have belongs to me now,” Peggy replied, holding up her foot to admire the jewelry.

“You’re a monster!” Kendal said.

“Maybe I am…but I’ve been called worse. Probably by you. Anyway, we have some things to to discuss. Fish Tank,” Peggy said.

Hearing the trigger, Kendal’s eyes snapped shut and she slumped to the floor hypnotized.

“Listen to me very, very carefully Kendal…,” Peggy began.

An hour later Kendal was dressed and sitting sitting at her desk, focused on her computer screen as she typed; she was newly motivated to catch up on her work, and do Peggy’s share as well.

She was awake and aware of what had happened to her, but it seemed distant and unimportant. Kendal was now operating under several very powerful post-hypnotic suggestions; she knew she had become Peggy’s slave, and while she wasn’t happy about it she accepted that there simply wasn’t anything she could do about it. She certainly could not tell anyone. From now on she’d be at work on time, work hard and do whatever Peggy told her. Deep down she was vaguely aware that she had to be at Peggy’s house every Tuesday at six pm, to have the suggestions reinforced— and to eat her Mistress’ pussy.

Peggy smirked as she watched Kendal working diligently away; her goal had been achieved in spectacular fashion. She had taken her time giving Kendal her post-hypnotic suggestions, repeating them carefully several times to make sure they were deeply rooted in Kendal’s mind.

The hypnodomme now had two slaves in the stable.

“Have a good rest of your day Kendal,” Peggy said sweetly on her way out the door.

Peggy arrived home around noon to find that Sean had made lunch and had it waiting for her. She was a bit surprised as she sat down at the table to a nicely prepared grilled chicken salad.

“Thank you for this, I am really hungry. Hypnosis actually takes some energy,” she said.

“So it went well, I take it?” Sean asked as she ate.

“It really did; Kendal went right under, and she is my slave now just like you. You should have seen her, she is pissed!” Peggy replied with a chuckle.

“I’m sure. It is kind of a shock to the system to find out someone has taken your free will away,” Sean replied, grinning.

“She will get used to it. Or maybe I will just tell her she likes serving me… although that wouldn’t be as much fun,” Peggy said.

“Do you think she will stay under your power?” Sean asked

“You have; she will be over Tuesday for reinforcement… and other things,” she replied with a wink.

Sean grinned; he was becoming used to being Peggy’s slave, and he still found her incredibly sexy regardless of what she’d done to him. The idea of her dominating Kendal was…arousing.

“I take it the bathrooms are done?” Peggy asked as she ate.

“Spotless, Mistress,” he replied.

“Excellent; after you clean up, meet me upstairs. I have a job for you… and that cock of yours,” she commanded, giving him a seductive smile as she walked away from the table.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean said, hurrying to clear her dishes and take them to the kitchen.

He went upstairs to find Peggy waiting for him naked on her bed.

“Strip, slave. You have work to do,” the hypnodomme commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Sean said, removing his clothes.

A moment later he was once again laying on the bed with Peggy on top of him, shrieking as she vigorously rode his cock.


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