Bella Beguile and The Art of True Hypnotism

by DazzlingLady

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Bella makes both new enemies and friends while continuing to build her hypnotic empire a little at a time.

Robin finished her vigorous martial arts practice in her private basement gym, then went upstairs and took a long hot shower.

She got dressed in a classy blue pantsuit and matching tall designer heels; her silvery hair was in a simple ponytail, and she wore dangling diamond earrings and her favorite antique gold pocket watch around her neck. The sapphire ring she always wore adorned her right middle finger, and her fingernails were silver.

Robin went into her garage and got into her silver Porsche, tires squealing as she pulled out of her neighborhood and sped across town. Allowing herself to slip into a deep hypnotic trance as she drove, she wove smoothly through traffic, running two red lights and cutting down a one-way street the wrong way for one block. Her reflexes and situational awareness were highly elevated in her trance, and she reached her destination in less than half the time it would have taken had she obeyed traffic laws.

Robin pulled into a parking garage and smoothly parked in the first available spot. She brought herself out of trance as she exited the vehicle, her mentality and demeanor having shifted to that of Bella Beguile, Mercenary Hypnotist.

Bella walked confidently out of the parking garage and down the block to a small, upscale sushi restaurant and martini bar; it was early evening on a Wednesday, and there were only a few people seated in the establishment.

Bella headed for the back corner booth, where she found a woman with shoulder-length curly red hair and green eyes, dressed casually in a tight black long-sleeve top and jeans, along with tall cork wedge-style sandals. She was pretty, in her mid-twenties, and wore simple gold hoop earrings along with a gold bracelet and matching anklet. Her finger and toenails were painted a dark metallic green.

The woman set down her martini and smiled.

“Bella?” she asked.

“You must be Anna,” Bella replied, offering her hand.

“Yes, it is nice to finally meet you! Please, sit,” Anna replied, shaking the older woman’s hand.

“Thank you, it is nice to meet you too,” Bella said, sitting across from Anna.

A male server approached.

“Hello, I’m Ethan. May I get you something to drink?” he asked Bella politely, handing her a menu.

“Wet Gin Martini, dirty with one olive please,” she replied with a smile.

“Right away,” Ethan replied cheerfully, heading to the bar.

“Thank you for coming. Please excuse me, but I am a little nervous,” Anna said apologetically.

“Relax, there is nothing to be nervous about. We already have an agreement, this is just to finalize some details,” Bella said reassuringly.

“Okay. I am ready to transfer the first half of your fee, no problem,” Anna replied.

“Excellent. Your business parter…Todd, if am not mistaken, he will be at your Boise location tomorrow afternoon around three in the afternoon working in his office?” Bella asked as Ethan brought her drink.

The women paused their conversation to order some salmon and tuna nigiri.

“Yes, that is his routine; Thursday afternoons he goes over finances and pays bills,” Anna said.

“Excellent, and you have confirmed that there is no class going on after three o’clock tomorrow?” Bella asked, sipping her drink.

“No; there will probably be a few people working out on their own, but the studio should be fairly empty,” Anna replied.

Anna had approached Bella through Jennifer. She explained that she had stumbled onto the mercenary hypnosis world by accident, and that she and Todd were co-owners of a company called Fit-World that offered pilates, yoga and kickboxing classes as well as providing equipment and space for clients to work out on their own.

Anna and Todd were both fitness instructors who taught many of the classes.

She had told Jennifer that she was interested in hiring a mercenary hypnotist because Todd was pushing to sell their business to a a rival company looking to expand. Anna didn’t want to sell, and she had been trying to convince Todd to instead sell her his half of the business. However, she could not match the other interested buyer’s offer, and so Todd was planning to sell his half to them soon. This would of course make things uncomfortable for Anna to say the least, and had caused rising tensions between the two. Anna had become desperate, and since she couldn’t come up with more money in time, she had decided to try something unorthodox.

Anna wanted Bella Beguile to hypnotize both Todd and his lawyer, and arrange for him to sell his half of the business to her for what she could afford.

“Perfect. Tomorrow should be fine, then,” Bella said with a smile.

“That’s great! Thank you so much!” Anna said with relief.

“It will be my pleasure,” Bella replied as their food arrived.

They discussed the details over a pleasant meal, and an hour later Bell walked back to her Porsche, confident this would be an easy job; she had done several similar ones in the past.

I won't even need my costume, she thought with a chuckle as she sped home.

The next day, Peggy McBride entered Fit-World and walked through the main training area toward the back; it had been almost a week since she had hypnotized Lavea, and the beautiful,intelligent and dangerous woman was proving to be an incredibly valuable slave.

Lavea had arrived at the fitness studio a half-hour earlier at Peggy’s command, and was busy executing some advanced yoga poses on a mat near the back of the studio. She did not look up or acknowledge Peggy; she was there as a security measure, and pretended not to know the woman who owned her. Likewise Sean was doing the same; a trained boxer, he was working out hitting a heavy bag. There were three other people scattered around the fitness complex, but it was mostly empty just as Peggy’s client Todd had promised it would be.

The hypnotist was wearing a short black skirt and dark purple blouse with a black jacket. Her long, thick hair was in a bun, and she wore a pair of amethyst earrings that went well with her blouse and her amethyst pendant. She had on a pair of stylish glasses with lenses that had no prescription, and a pair of tall, open-toed black heels. Her finger and toenails were both painted a dark plum color, and she wore a silver toe ring set with an amethyst on her right second toe.

Peggy carried a slender briefcase; she was posing as Todd’s lawyer, and was supposed to meet with Anna’s attorney under the guise of trying to reach a settlement.

In reality, Peggy was supposed to hypnotize first Anna’s lawyer, then Anna herself and make her agree to sell her share of Fit-World along with Todd.

Peggy had been hired by a man named Steven Cartwright, representing a company called MVP Prime. MVP Prime was a sports-based corporation that wanted to buy out Fit-World; Todd wanted to sell and Anna did not, so the company wanted Peggy to “convince” Anna to sell at the price they offered.

Peggy entered a small, nicely appointed conference room and found an attractive woman in a maroon pantsuit and matching sky-high pumps. She had silvery platinum hair in a ponytail and gorgeous ice blue eyes; her fingernails were silver, and she wore a gold ring set with a huge ruby on her right middle finger.

Peggy noted an antique gold pocket-watch hanging around the woman’s neck.

“Hello, you must be Bella Blake,” Peggy said, using the name her contact had given her.

“Margaret McBride, I presume,” Bella replied, rising and offering her hand.

Peggy took the offered hand.

Bella gripped it firmly, her blue eyes boring into Peggy’s beautiful green ones.

“Feel my touch, look in my eyes, relax and…sleep!” Bella Beguile said firmly.

She pulled Peggy’s hand hard toward her, then yanked it down, snapping her fingers of her free hand next to Peggy’s head.

Peggy was stunned; her eyelids immediately began to flutter, and she wanted nothing more than to drop into a deep sleep.

The rapid induction had almost hypnotized her.


With a supreme act of will, Peggy forced her blinking eyes open wide, pulling her hand from Bella’s grasp.

Diligent and disciplined practice of self-hypnosis had strengthened Peggy’s mind, and without it she would have fallen for the surprise induction and been hypnotized.

Bella’s eyes widened in surprise; very few people had ever resisted her ten-word surprise induction.

She realized that this Margaret McBride was not a normal person.

At the same time, Peggy came to the same conclusion about Bella.

Each woman stared hard at the other.

“Oh my, you are a hypnotist aren’t you?” Bella asked sweetly.

“No, I’m an attorney…as much as you are,” Peggy replied sarcastically.

Gold-flecked green eyes met ice-blue ones.

Bella smirked as her eyes began to glow a shimmering cobalt blue.

Her smirk vanished as Peggy’s eyes too began to slow, a slow simmering green-gold light shining from them.

The Serpent’s Gaze met the Mistress’s Gaze.

Peggy grunted in surprise as her muscles froze.

Hypnotic energy emanating from Bella’s eyes had paralyzed her.

At the same time, Bella felt hypnotic power pouring from Peggy’s still-glowing eyes into her own.

The silver-haired hypnotist had Peggy held physically helpless, but it was not preventing her from using her own powerful gaze.

Bella could feel she was being hypnotized, and quickly; she would not have time to put the other woman under before she herself dropped into a trance.

Bella Beguile lashed out with a powerful front kick, catching Peggy in the stomach.

The green-eyed hypnotist gasped and doubled over.

Both hypnotists’ eyes returned to normal.

Peggy straightened up, just in time to be kicked in the face by Bella’s heel-clad foot; she stumbled back from the blow. Bella followed her, punching her in the stomach and spin-kicking her in the chest.

Peggy barely managed to keep her feet, staggering backward through the door and into the main training area.

“Lavea, Sean! Help!” she said loudly, gasping.

Bella quickly followed Peggy out of the conference room, kicking off her pumps and gracefully moving to continue her assault.

She lashed out with her fist, the blow aimed at Peggy’s face.

Bella was startled as it was blocked.

Suddenly, a tall beautiful brunette in a tank top and black yoga pants stood between the hypnotists; she had skillfully batted Bella’s blow aside.

Lavea had been conditioned to obey and protect Peggy at all times, and she got into a ready stance.

Bella unleashed a flurry of blows at the newcomer, striking at her face, stomach and chest with a series of punches.

Lavea blocked gracefully blocked each blow, the speed and fluidity of her movements surprising Bella.

Then the dark-haired hypno-slave went on the offensive, and Bella was barely able to block and dodge the flurry of punches and kicks.

Lavea’s bare foot caught Bella in the stomach, making her gasp; her fist connected with Bella’s temple, making her see stars.

Bella fell back, trying to clear her head.

The other woman was too fast for her, she realized.

Bella quickly allowed herself to fall into her meditative combat-trance.

Lavea came on again, seeming much slower thanks to Bella hypnotizing herself. However, even with the clarity, focus and awareness that came from her self-hypnosis it took all of Bella’s skills just to block and dodge Lavea’s swift, skillful attacks.

Bella took another punch to her stomach, and managed to catch Lavea with a hard blow to her ribs in return.

The two women continued to exchange blows, blocking and dodging, spinning and kicking; Bella’s bare foot connected with Lavea’s face, bloodying her lip. Lavea doubled Bella over with a knee to the stomach.

As they continued to fight, Sean had grabbed the still slightly-dazed Peggy and was escorting her toward the door; blood trickled from the hypnotist’s lip thanks to Bella’s kick.

They stopped as the door opened, and several people began to enter the establishment. There were a total of ten, six men and four women. All were young and fit, dressed in athletic clothes.

They wore mostly smug expressions as they blocked the hypnotist and her Thrall’s path.

“What the fuck?” Sean said.

He moved to stand in front of Peggy, his hand going to the small of his back to rest on the subcompact Glock 9mm inside the waistband of his athletic shorts.

The newcomers spread out in front of them as Todd and Anna walked into the studio behind them.

Peggy looked back to see that Lavea had ahold of Bella’s hair and was hitting her in the ribs, even as Bella punched Lavea in her stomach, chest and temple.

Both women were bleeding from their mouths and noses.

“Lavea! Stop, now!” Peggy barked.

The hypno-slave obeyed instantly, releasing Bella’s hair and taking a knee.

Bella Beguile swayed on her feet, breathing heavily as she focused on what was taking place near the door.

She winced in pain even as her sharp mind was already taking stock of the situation.

“Well, this didn’t go exactly the way we were anticipating, did it Anna?” Todd said with a chuckle.

He was a very fit, muscular man in his twenties, with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. He was very much the jovial, smirking jock.

“No, it did not,” the redhead agreed, shaking her head.

“What the hell is going on?” Peggy demanded.

“Well, you see this was *supposed* to be a test to see which of you would come out on top as a hypnotist…but instead you have turned it into a kung-fu fight,” Todd admonished them.

“Sorry to disappoint you, you lying fucks,” Bella said, moving to stand beside Peggy.

“Big talk from someone who is about to get their ass beat,” Anna scoffed.

Sean moved quickly and smoothly, drawing his pistol and pointing it at her.

“Get the fuck out of the way,” he snarled.

“Oh a gun, how original,” Todd said sarcastically.

“I will shoot you, motherfucker,” Sean replied.

“Go ahead; you and your precious hypnotist will still get beaten to death; you can’t shoot us all,” Todd retorted.

Sean clenched his jaw; the room was silent and filled with palpable tension as the two men stared at one another.

Sean prepared to squeeze the trigger.

“Sean, lower the gun,” Peggy ordered quietly.

Her Thrall obeyed immediately, slowly lowering is arm to his side.

“That’s better, you fucking pussy,” Todd mocked.

Sean continued to stare at him, his expression a mask of rage.

Todd laughed at him.

No one noticed Lavea moving slowly and silently like a shadow, circling around Todd and Anna’s group.

“What is going on?” Peggy asked quietly.

“Well you see, you and your friend Bella here have been performing hypnotism for hire and not paying your taxes on it,” Anna explained.

“I don’t understand,” Bella said calmly.

“Of course not, you stupid bitch. Our employer controls hypnotism-for-hire in this city, and you two haven’t been paying your cut,” Todd said.

“This was actually supposed to be my first job, so it sounds like it is your dumb ass who doesn’t know what is going on,” Peggy replied to him with contempt.

“Your employer?” Bella asked.

“Their name isn’t important right now. You will be dealing with us. You were supposed to try to hypnotize each other; our employer wishes to know who is the stronger hypnotist. So, get back to it. Whoever wins goes free and pays twenty-five percent of their take from now on. The loser comes with us,” Anna said, waving her hand at Peggy and Bella.

Peggy snorted.

“If we don’t?” Bella asked.

“If you don’t, then we will beat the living shit out of you and take you both, and you are done as hypnotists. Get it?” Todd replied haughtily.

“That sounds like a terrible deal; what do you think, Bella?” Peggy said.

“I agree, Margaret. I am not accustomed to spoken to this way by pathetic little children, either,” Bella replied.

She looked at the other hypnotist, and a moment of understanding passed silently between them.

“Call me Peggy. Todd, Anna we will give you one chance to let us go. You will go tell your boss we do not work for them, and that true hypnotists in Boise do not answer to anyone but themselves. If they cross us again, they will be very sorry. If you don’t, we will make you all *very* sorry right now. Do you agree, Bella?” Peggy asked, her tone matter-of-fact.

“That was my sentiment exactly, Peggy,” Bella replied with a smile.

“Fuck you,” Anna said.

“You bitches are crazy. Have it your way. Beat the shit out of them and let’s take them to the boss,” Todd said smugly.

“Come and get it, big boy,” Bella said.

Then all hell broke loose.

Todd and Anna’s goons rushed forward; Bella met them fearlessly.

In her combat-trance they all seemed to move in slow motion; they were all students from the gym’s classes, paid by Todd and Anna to act as muscle.

Some of them were accomplished kick-boxers, and all of them were tough athletes.

None of them were a match for Bella Beguile.

The hypnotist spun, kicked, punched and dodged; she struck her opponents in their faces, ribs, groins and knees as she avoided their clumsy attacks.

Three of them were on the ground, moaning in pain and bleeding as Bella dashed through them, heading for Anna.

The rest of the goons moved to pursue, and suddenly Lavea was among them like a whirlwind, punching and kicking, blocking and countering. She broke a man’s arm and viciously knocked a young woman unconscious with a kick to her head.

Sean raised his pistol as Todd charged him; before he could fire, the big muscular man was on him. They exchanged several vicious punches before grappling and going down hard to the floor, slugging one another as they rolled about.

The few people in the building not involved in what was happening ran for the exits.

Peggy stood her ground as a young woman came at her, fist raised. While she wasn’t trained to fight like the others, she was not a coward and did not hesitate.

Her eyes met the woman’s, glowing green as she projected her hypnotic power.

The woman stumbled as Peggy’s energy flowed into her, tripping and falling at the hypnotist’s feet.

Peggy immediately crouched, grabbing the woman’s hair and forcing her to meet her gaze again, eyes aglow.

When the woman was hypnotized, Peggy looked up and saw Sean and Todd, both bloody and struggling.

As the hypnotist headed toward them, Sean managed to get Todd into a choke hold; Peggy grabbed Todd’s hair and stared into his eyes, again using the Mistress’s Gaze.

“What the…fuck…no…stop…,” Todd mumbled as he fell under her power.

Peggy felt suddenly dizzy; she had exerted a lot of energy in a short time, and she slumped to the floor, light headed and on the verge of passing out.

On the other side of the room, Bella was in a vicious exchange with Anna; it was quickly apparent that Anna’s kickboxing skills were no match for Bella’s martial arts training.

The hypnotist landed blow after blow to Anna’s stomach, chest and face. In a matter of less than a minute, she had the redhead bleeding and lying at her feet. Reaching down, Bella grabbed Anna’s hair and pulled her roughly to her knees.

“Watch my fingers…,” Bella said, performing a perfect butterfly induction.

Without hesitating, Bella left the hypnotized Anna on her knees and dashed to where Lavea was holding off the four remaining goons; the hypno-slave was bleeding from her nose, mouth and a cut near her eye, and she was nearing exhaustion.

Bella joined the melee with a graceful kick to the back of a young woman’s head, following up with a blow to her ribs and sweeping her feet, kicking her hard in the face for good measure as she hit the ground.

Between the two skilled martial artists, the four were quickly on the floor, semi-conscious and bleeding, sporting broken noses, arms or dislocated shoulders.

Suddenly, the fight was over.

Ten goons lay unconscious or moaning in pain on the floor. Todd and Anna were both hypnotized, and a bloodied Sean was fussing over a pale, dazed and exhausted Peggy who was sitting on the floor.

Bella and Lavea shared a look of mutual respect; both women’s faces were bleeding, having been bruised and battered.

Bella winked.

Lavea laughed for the first time since becoming Peggy’s slave; she enjoyed nothing more than fighting and beating her opponents senseless.

“Everybody alright?” Bella asked as she moved to where Sean was helping Peggy stand.

“I…I think I’m OK…” Peggy said, obviously a bit unsteady as she leaned on Sean.

“I’m not surprised; that power of yours has to be taxing,” Bella replied, looking at the hypnotized Todd appreciatively.

“It really is; I just figured out how to use it, and it really sucks my energy,” Peggy agreed.

“Well, I am glad I wore maroon today; it hides the blood,” Bella said with mock seriousness.

She and Peggy’s eyes met.

The two hypnotists shared a laugh.

Peggy stepped away from Sean, steadied herself and then offered Bella a hug.

The other hypnotist accepted, sighing as they embraced tightly.

“Thank you,” Peggy whispered.

“Thank *you*, Peggy. I would not have gotten out of that without you,” Bella said quietly.

“I wouldn’t have gotten out of it without you, either,” Peggy replied as she stepped back.

Lavea had busied herself with tying up the goons, using para-cord from a bag of gear she had stashed in a locker along the wall.

“What do we do now, Domina?” Sean asked, obviously concerned for her.

“Well, I think Mistress Bella and I need to hypnotize about ten people; once we do that I think she and I will need to have a long talk,” Peggy replied, looking at Bella with a grin.

“Absolutely, Domina Peggy,” Bella agreed with a smile.

The two hypnodommes proceeded to hypnotize all of Todd and Ann’s hired thugs.

They sent them on their way with no memories of what had taken place and with triggers buried in their subconsciouses to instantly hypnotize them anytime either Bella or Peggy spoke them in person or on the phone. The more seriously injured ones they compelled to go to the hospital and say they had attempted to mug someone and gotten their ass kicked.

Peggy had Lavea record each of their names and phone numbers; she planned to call each and every one and trigger them and make them do something utterly humiliating in public.

Bella had applauded her intention.

“There need to be harsh consequences for fucking with a hypnotist,” she said to Peggy.

Once the thugs were gone, Peggy and Bella made sure Todd and Anna were deeply entranced, then went into the gym’s locker room and showered, along with Sean and Lavea.

After they had washed away all the blood, Peggy had casually commanded Sean to eat her pussy as the hot water ran over their bodies.

He instantly obeyed, kneeling before his Domina and eating her delicious pussy.

“Would you like…Lavea to do the same…for you?” Peggy asked Bella with a gasp, leaning against the large multi-person shower’s wall as Sean worshipped her.

“Absolutely! She is gorgeous, and I could use the stress-relief. Thank you,” Bella replied with a grin.

She quickly joined Peggy in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure as Lavea licked and sucked at her clit.

Both hypnotists orgasmed multiple times; upon exiting the shower and drying off, Bella noted Sean’s erect cock.

“Domina Peggy, may I relieve your Thrall’s tension? I feel indebted to him for taking on Todd long enough for the rest of us to work,” Bella asked, cupping her ample breasts as she spoke.

Peggy chuckled.

“Sure; he loves that, and my tits aren’t big enough,” she said.

Bella had Sean sit on a bench, and she squatted before him, putting his cock between her tits and stroking him until he was moaning, straining in desperation to release.

Peggy watched, a bemused look on her face.

“You must have control of his cock; very nice,” Bella commented as she continued to tit-fuck Sean.

“Yes, it is all mine in mind and body; are you ready?” Peggy asked Bella.

Bella nodded, putting her hand over Sean’s shaft, palm down.

“Cum, my enslaved one,” Peggy commanded.

Sean let out a shout of ecstasy as he exploded, his semen hitting Bella’s hand and tits. After he recovered, he immediately got a warm, wet towel and respectfully cleaned the hypnotist’s hand and breasts.

“I appreciate you doing that for him,” Peggy said.

“Consider it a sign of my respect. He is very well-trained,” Bella complemented Peggy as she began to get dressed.

“Thank you; he actually likes being my slave, so he is easy to maintain,” Peggy replied as she buttoned her blouse.

“A true Thrall; I have not chosen one myself. Lavea is a magnificent specimen as well,” Bella commented.

“Yes, she is. A bit different situation than Sean; she tried to kill me,” Peggy said nonchalantly.

“All the more reason for her to serve you,” Bella replied with a nod.

The two hypnotists finish dressing and walked back out into the main training area of the studio, Sean and Lavea following.

Both hypnodommes were barefoot; Bella was carrying her heels, and Sean had Peggy’s.

“I suggest we go someplace we can rest and relax while we interrogate these two; whoever hired them will need to be dealt with, if you are up for it,” Bella said to Peggy.

“You are the more experienced hypnodomme, that sounds good to me,” Peggy agreed, deferring to Bella.

After what had just taken place, she was not about to let her ego get in the way of having an ally as powerful as Bella Beguile.

“My townhouse is safe; I live there under a different name and I have lots of room; would you like to come stay with me until we resolve this?” Bella asked.

“That would be fantastic. I will, thank you,” Peggy replied, smiling.

“Excellent. I assume you need some things from your home? Feel free to bring your slaves, of course. I have a small dorm room with bunk space for them,” Bella said.

Peggy smiled and nodded appreciatively to her new associate.

“Sean, you will go home and pack my things and fetch Katie. Lavea, you will go back to your life as usual until I call for you. Bella, may I ride with you? I can text Sean the address,” Peggy said.

Both hypno-slaves acknowledged her instructions without hesitation.

“Of course,” Bella said, admiring Peggy’s organization and efficiency.

*She may be new at this, but she is a natural*, she thought to herself she watched Lavea and Sean head for the door.

“Shall we?” Bella asked with a smile after the two slaves had gone.

A few minutes later, Peggy was sitting beside Bella in her blue BMW as they headed across town.

Todd and Anna sat silently in the back seat, deeply entranced.

“I have been planning to have Lavea train me in martial arts; I think I better move that to the top of the priority list,” Peggy remarked from the passenger seat.

“I think that is a great idea; she is very skilled, and you have the athletic body for it. Plus, with self-hypnosis you can learn very quickly. I would be happy to help teach you,” Bella said as she drove.

“That would be wonderful, thank you Bella. I…am glad we met, even though it was a bit rough at first,” Peggy said.

“I am very glad we met as well; I have know several true hypnotists over the years, and travelled the world learning secrets and techniques from masters, and you are the most impressive one I have come across,” Bella replied.

“Oh come on, I have only been doing this for six months or so; I am totally self-taught, I learned from a book. Hell, this was supposed to be my first mercenary job,” Peggy said, blushing.

“Most of us are self-taught. I began as a hypnotherapist, a new career after a divorce. I discovered quite by accident that my hypnotic skills went far beyond those of a typical hypnotherapist, so I started studying and practicing, and here I am,” Bella replied as she pulled the car into her garage, beside her silver Porsche.

Peggy smiled at the car as she walked past it; she had an appreciation for fast, high-performance vehicles.

Hailey was waiting for them when they got inside; the beautiful bald young woman was wearing only a tiny white thong. She led the hypnotists to Bella’s study, where she had two soft, very comfortable robes waiting along with a decanter of very high quality red wine and two glasses.

“Hailey, take these two to the dungeon and lock them in separate cages. Then return and attend us,” Bella commanded as she began to undress.

“Yes Mistress,” Hailey said, leading Todd and Anna from the room.

“Dungeon? I like the sound of that,” Peggy said with a raised eyebrow as she too began to undress.

Bella laughed.

“It isn’t all that uncommon in a hypnodomme’s home,” she replied.

The two women finished undressing and slipped on the the robes.

Bella touched her battered face and winced as they sat in two large, comfortable recliners.

“How bad do I look?” she asked Peggy.

“Honestly, you are pretty bruised and swollen. It looks like it hurts. Would you like some ice?” Peggy asked sympathetically.

Her own lip was a bit puffy from Bella’s kick, but it was nothing compared to the beating her counterpart had endured.

“I will have Hailey fetch me some. After she serves us our wine,” Bella replied as her slave entered the room.

Hailey poured them each a glass, then went to get her mistress an ice pack.

“Wow! This is fantastic,” Peggy said, sipping the wine.

“I am glad you like it. I have a few bottles stashed away in my basement,” Bella replied.

The silver-haired hypnotist actually had a wine cellar with over five hundred bottles in her collection.

“I love it. Thank you,” Peggy replied.

“So, before we get into the situation with the fools in the dungeon, how about we get to know one another a bit?” Bella suggested.

Hailey returned with an ice pack; Bella took it and held it to her face, and the bald hypno-slave knelt beside her Mistress’s chair.

“I’d like that,” Peggy agreed.

The two powerful woman sat sipping their wine and chatting, telling stories about their lives both before and after becoming hypnotists; they had a lot in common, including their divorces.

“Men; I will say this, I like them a lot better once they are hypnotized,” Bella said, laughing and raising her glass.

Peggy chuckle in agreement, lifting her glass as well.

They continued their conversation, and Sean arrived a short time later with two large bags and Katie in tow.

“Oh she is pretty,” Bella said with approval.

“Thank you. A bit of a shallow brat, and not particularly bright, unfortunately. However, she is well-suited to being a slave. I have been training her as a foot-slave, and she is very good. Would you like her to demonstrate?,” Peggy asked.

“Please,” Bella replied, smiling.

“Katie, you will worship Mistress Bella’s feet,” Peggy commanded.

“Yes, Domina,” Katie said.

She moved to kneel before Bella, taking the hypnotist’s right foot in her hands and raising it to her lips.

Bella closed her eyes and sighed as Katie began to kiss, lick and suck at her foot.

“Oh my, she *is* good. Thank you for sharing her,” she said, opening her eyes after a moment.

“My pleasure; she does such a wonderful job on my feet, it would be a shame to keep her all to myself,” Peggy replied with a smile.

“You have lovely feet, by the way. Not that the rest of you isn’t gorgeous,” Bella said casually, a lustful look in her ice-blue eyes.

“Thank you; I do try to take care of them. And you are a stunning woman yourself,” Peggy said with a smile of her own.

“Thank you Peggy. I am glad you like what you see,” Bella said in sultry voice.

“Very much,” Peggy agreed, licking her lips.

For a moment, the two sexy women sat admiring one another, a mutual attraction suddenly palpable between them.

The seductive staring contest continued for a few moments; both were alpha personalities, unwilling to be the first to move or look away.

Eventually, Bella winked and smiled.

She looked at Sean, who had been standing quietly, awaiting orders.

“The guest bedroom is down the hall, last door on the right if you would like to go get your Domina’s things situated,” Bella said to him politely.

Sean looked at Peggy, who nodded her assent; he immediately headed for the guest room with Peggy’s bags, returning several minutes later.

“Worship my feet,” Peggy commanded him casually.

“Yes, Domina,” Sean said, obeying instantly.

The hypnotists continued their conversation for another hour or so, drinking a few glasses of wine, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves as Peggy’s slaves continued to worship their feet.

Eventually, Bella had Hailey go fetch Todd and Anna.

Peggy commanded Sean and Katie to stop their foot worship, then had Sean escort Katie to Bella’s slave dorm and leave her there before returning to stand behind her.

Hailey brought Todd and Anna; Bella commanded them to kneel.

The pair were deeply entranced, completely enslaved to both Bella and Peggy.

“Todd, Anna you will answer any questions that Domina Peggy or I ask you immediately and completely truthfully, do you understand me?” Bella asked them.

“Yes Mistress,” they replied.

“Todd, you will tell us who hired you to get Domina Peggy and I into a conflict,” Bella commanded.

“Deborah Scott,” Todd replied immediately.

Peggy looked surprised at the name.

“Does that name mean anything to you?” Bella asked her, noting her expression.

“Actually yes! Deborah Scott is a local hypnotherapist who hired Lavea to rob me and…kill me,” Peggy said, shocked.

Now it was Bella’s turn to look surprised.

“Oh my! This Deborah seems to be quite the troublemaker. What do you know about her?” Bella asked.

“Not a lot, unfortunately. Sean’s been researching her for me; she is fifty-two, been a hypnotherapist for about ten years. A tall gal, a bit overweight, long red hair and dark blue eyes from the pictures he found on the internet. She does some stage hypnotism at college parties and things like that. I was planning to deal with her after I did the job for Todd,” Peggy replied.

“Have you found out why she hired Lavea to rob and murder you?” Bella inquired.

“I…have this book. A hypnotism book, that apparently she wants…badly,” Peggy replied sheepishly.

“A book…would you be willing to share the title?” Bella asked, intrigued.

Peggy took a deep breath; she was hesitant to reveal the tome’s title to anyone, especially another true hypnotist, fearful that she would have yet another person trying to take it from her.

However, she genuinely liked Bella and decided to risk it; if Deborah Scott was a mutual enemy, Peggy hoped they could confront her together.

“It is called “The Art of True Hypnotism”. It is very old,” she said reluctantly.

Bella kept her expression carefully neutral, but in truth she was startled and excited. She had heard of the book during her travels in Europe; it was a legend among true hypnotists, reputed to contain secrets of hypnotism that had been lost and only known by a very few now.

“I see. Well, that explains your impressive glowing green eyes,” Bella said with a wink.

“I seem to recall your eyes glowing too,” Peggy retorted playfully.

“True, I do know a little trick called the Serpent’s Gaze, which uses hypnotic energy to paralyze a subject. Something I learned from a gypsy hypnotist while I was in Russia. Your skill is much more potent, Peggy darling,” Bella said with a smile.

“Well, it is very taxing to use; I almost passed out using it today,” Peggy said.

“If you practice, that will become less of a problem. With “The Art of True Hypnotism” you are on your way to becoming one of the most powerful hypnotists in the world. You appear to have the talent for it,” Bella replied seriously.

Peggy blushed.

“Me? I’m flattered, but I don’t think so. That book has almost been more trouble than it’s worth. Everybody seems to want to take it from me,” she said with a nervous sigh.

Peggy wondered if she had made a mistake sharing that she possessed the book, and if Bella Beguile would be the next one to attempt to steal “The Art of True Hypnotism”.

“I can tell that you are worried that perhaps I will attempt take the book as well” Bella said, as if reading Peggy’s mind.

“I will admit, the thought crossed my mind,” Peggy replied.

“Peggy, I can assure you that I will not try to take it; you have my word. I won’t lie and say I am not incredibly curious to get a look at it, but I will not try to steal it. But we can discuss that later; I would say we have other concerns at the moment, wouldn’t you?” Bella asked.

“Yes, I think Deborah Scott needs to be dealt with,” Peggy replied, relieved at Bella’s assurance that she wouldn’t try to steal the book.

“Indeed. Together,” Bella said, smiling.

Peggy smiled back.

“Alright, so we have Todd and Anna here…they were supposed to have captured us, or at least one of us…Todd, what was the plan if Peggy and I had dueled?” Bella asked.

“Then we were to bring the loser to Deborah tomorrow afternoon at three, so she can hypnotize and enslave them as an example to the hypnotism community,” Todd replied.

“Cunt,” Peggy said irritably.

“Perfect,” Bella said with a smirk.

“It is?” Peggy asked.

“Yes, we can have them take one of us to Deborah as the “loser”, and then we capture her. Simple enough, once we work out the details,” Bella said.

Peggy was quiet for a moment, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Okay…yes, I think that might work. I should go as the loser of our confrontation. It is more believable that you would have beaten me,” Peggy said seriously.

Bella scoffed.

“Hardly; you *did* beat me, that is why I kicked you. I will go as the defeated hypnotist,” she replied seriously.

“I suppose we will have to discuss that,” Peggy replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, we will. Vigorously,” Bella agreed.

Both women were obviously aroused, and were suddenly eyeing one another with unconcealed desire.

“Sean, go fetch Katie and take her to the guest room. You may have her give you a foot-job or have her suck your cock for as long as you like. Cum as you please. When you are finished with her have her go sleep in the slave dorm, and then get some rest in my bed. I will need you tomorrow,” Peggy ordered.

“Yes, Domina,” he said, grinning as he left the room.

“Thank you, my enslaved one. You make me very happy,” Peggy called after him.

He smiled wider as he left the room.

Sean knew exactly what the two hypnotists were planning to do.

Any jealously he felt paled compared the joy he felt that Peggy was happy with him.

“Hailey, take these two back to their cage and then go to bed. You will deliver breakfast to Domina Peggy and I in my bedroom at nine a.m. sharp. You will also prepare food for Sean and Katie as well. Now go,” Bella commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Hailey said, departing quickly with Todd and Anna in tow and leaving the two hypnotists alone.

Bella rose, dropping her robe and revealing her bruised but sexy naked body.

“We can interrogate them further in the morning. Follow me, darling,” she said seductively.

Bella turned and walked out of the room, wearing only her gold pocket watch around her neck, hips swaying seductively.

Peggy smiled, admiring Bella’s firm round ass as she dropped her own robe and followed.

She caught up to Bella at the top of the stairs, putting her arms around her and massaging her breasts as she kissed her neck.

“You are so beautiful,” she murmured.

A soft moan escaped Bella’s lips, and she turned around, grabbing Peggy’s thick hair with her left hand and kissing her passionately.

Peggy sucked hard at Bella’s tongue, her hands resuming their massaging of the silver-haired hypnotist’s breasts, her tanned skin contrasting with Bella’s paler white flesh.

Bella’s right hand found Peggy’s wet pussy, stroking it and making the other woman moan.

They continued to move toward Bella’s master bedroom, kissing and touching one another. They paused at the doorway, stroking each other’s pussies as they kissed. They barely made it to the bed as passion overtook them. Peggy laid on the huge comfortable bed and pulled Bella gently down beside her, mindful of her injuries. Peggy positioned herself so she could lick Bella’s pussy and Bella could do the same for her.

They began to lick and suck at each other’s clits, and both women orgasmed quickly.

It was merely the beginning of what promised to be a long, passionate night.

Peggy moved so she could worship Bella’s feet, sucking her toes before kissing her way up her legs, biting her inner thighs gently and making her squeal. Then she began to lick and suck at Bella’s clit; after a moment she added her fingers as well, causing the other woman to scream in ecstasy.

After Bella had orgasmed again, they changed positions and she returned the favor, starting with worshipping Peggy’s sexy feet and working her way up until she was enthusiastically eating her pussy. Peggy’s fingers intertwined with Bella’s hair as she squirmed, moaning loudly and shuddering as she orgasmed hard.

Bella continued to work Peggy’s pussy with her fingers, and casually lifted her pocket watch from her chest, letting it turn about slowly on the end of its chain.

“You think you are…going to…hypnotize me?” Peggy gasped.

“I am going to hypnotize you, dear…just relax, Peggy. Relax and feel my hand massaging your pussy…it feels so good…the pleasure I am giving you…just listen to my voice and let go…,” Bella purred.

She started to swing the watch gently even as her fingers on her other hand continued their skillful stroking of Peggy’s pussy.

“Mmmm…ah…no…stop…,” Peggy moaned.

She shuddered, quickly building toward another orgasm.

“Yes…that’s it…just relax…give it…look at the watch, listen to my voice and feel the pleasure I am giving you…let it wash over you…feeling so wonderful…the pleasure building with every word I speak…,” Bella continued.

The pocket watch reflected the moonlight coming in the window into Peggy’s eyes in a dazzling fashion.

“No..stop..I…I…yes…yes, YES!” Peggy said loudly as her arousal continued to build.

Bella’s soothing words penetrated her mind; she was unable to defend herself due to the pleasure rippling through her body, Bella’s fingers continuing to work as she continued to hypnotized Peggy.

It was a technique she was familiar with, only from the other side. She had used sexual pleasure as part of the process when she enslaved both Katie and Lavea.

Peggy moaned as she helplessly watched the beautiful golden timepiece flashing before her eyes.

“You are almost there, Peggy…feeling so good…ready to give in…when you cum, you will go into a deep hypnotic trance for me…ready…cum, Peggy! Cum *now*!” Bella said firmly

Peggy let out a long wordless moan, shuddering as she had a powerful orgasm.

“That’s it…good girl…just relax…breathe…know that you are now mine…and that is okay. That’s it, nice deep breaths,” Bella said soothingly.

She let her watch drop back to her chest and she stopped massaging Peggy’s pussy.

Peggy’s breathing slowed, becoming soft and regular, her eyes vacant and glassy.

She was hypnotized.

Bella smirked.

“Just relax Peggy; relax deeper, deeper with every word I speak. You are deeply relaxed, deeply hypnotized. You are completely in my power and will obey my every command, won’t you dear?” Bella asked.

“Yes,” Peggy murmured.

Deep in the back of the hypnotized woman’s mind, her formidable will was already hard at work attempting to free her from Bella’s hypnosis.

It would be difficult, but Peggy felt she could do it; she had devoted considerable study to the lessons on self-hypnosis and hypnotic defense in “The Art of True Hypnotism.”

However, in the meantime the vast majority of her mind and will were the property of Bella Beguile.

“Very good. Now Peggy, I have never encountered another hypnotist like you before. An upstart and a prodigy; you already have access to power that most true hypnotists never achieve, even with decades of practice and training. Simply put, you will be powerful and dangerous woman if you are allowed to continue to develop your powers. But for right now you are in *my* power, so… kneel before me,” Bella commanded, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Peggy rose, eyes still unblinking and assumed the submissive position before Bella.

“Good girl. Now, I know your mind is hard at work trying to break my hold on your will. You resisted my rapid induction, and you have obviously put in the time to properly train yourself in self-hypnosis, something many true hypnotists neglect. I have not taken you deep, and while I could condition you and make sure you never break free of my power, that is not what I am planning to do. Keeping another hypnotist as a puppet is time-consuming, risky and not nearly as advantageous as having an ally. However, I *am* a hypnodomme, so we are going to settle who is the top of the food-chain here,” Bella informed her.

Peggy listened impassively in her trance.

“Peggy, if you ever hear me, and only me, say “Bella’s Beauty” you will instantly fall into a deep hypnotic trance for me, just like you are now. You will not consciously remember that I gave you this trigger. You will agree to allow me to be the one to confront Deborah Scott tomorrow. You will respect and admire me, knowing that I have far more experience as a hypnotist than you do. You will value my opinion, and listen to my advice. When you awaken, you will forget that I hypnotized you, and you will not consciously remember anything we discussed while you were in a trance; your subconscious will remember it for you and you *will* follow my suggestions. When you look at me right after you wake up, you will become very aroused and want only to pleasure me, to continue the lovely time we are having. Do you understand me?” Bella asked.

“Yes, Bella” Peggy agreed.

“Good girl. When I count to three and snap my fingers, you will wake up feeling wonderful and refreshed…one, becoming aware…two…waking up…three, wide awake Peggy!” Bella said with a loud snap.

Peggy blinked as she awoke from her trance. She was a bit confused to be on her knees before Bella…but her confusion evaporated as she looked at the beautiful naked silver-haired hypnotist.

Peggy became instantly aroused; she smiled and took one of Bella’s feet in her hands, lifting it to her lips to kiss it.

Bella Beguile smiled as Peggy began to suck on her toes; it gave her immense satisfaction to dominate another hypnotist. However, she knew that her suggestions would not last forever, and she didn’t have any intention of reinforcing them long-term. She considered what she had just done to Peggy insurance; the green-eyed woman was potentially one of the most powerful hypnotists Bella had ever encountered, and while she genuinely liked Peggy, she wasn’t going to take any unnecessary chances until she knew her better.

Peggy would need guidance and tempering, and Bella was willing to be the one to provide those things while hopefully building an advantageous partnership.

She simply wanted to be sure to have some measure of control over the situation.

Bella Beguile was in control whenever possible.

She was also hoping she would get a look at “The Art of True Hypnotism”; Bella had considered trying to implant a suggestion to have Peggy share the book with her, but had decided against it. Such a suggestion or command would likely have helped Peggy snap out of her trance, and lead to bad blood.

Bella was content to play the long game; something was obviously going on in the hypnosis community in Boise, and she and Peggy had landed right in the middle of it. Bella wanted Peggy as an ally, maybe even a friend and certainly not an enemy; therefore, she would be patient.

Bella was shaken from her thoughts as Peggy had progressed from foot-worship, kissing her way up Bella’s legs until she was suddenly was sucking vigorously at her clit, making her gasp and shriek with pleasure.

The two women had passionate sex long into the night, pleasuring one another repeatedly.

Eventually they fell asleep in a sweaty tangle of limbs and sheets, exhausted and temporarily sated.


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