Bella Beguile, Super Villainess

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male #comic_book

Robin adopts the persona of a hypnotic costumed Super-Villainess.

Robin walked into The Fork and looked around; she spotted her prospective client in booth near the back of the upscale restaurant.

“Hello! Welcome to The Fork, how many today?” a young female hostess asked cheerfully.

“Hello. I’m here to meet someone; I see him back there,” Robin replied politely.

“Fantastic. Enjoy your meal!” The hostess said, stepping aside.

Robin smiled and walked toward the man. She’d identified him by the red pocket handkerchief he wore with his expensive custom dark grey suit.

Robin had a slight swagger as she moved; the past few years since her divorce, Robin had transformed from a timid and compliant housewife into a supremely confident, uninhibited and powerful woman. Martial arts lessons and yoga had changed her forty-five year old body; she was fit and strong, in the best shape of her life and able to move like never before. She had also gone to a hypnotherapist to boost her confidence and help conquer her bad eating habits; the hypnosis sessions had gone extremely well, and Robin had been so intrigued she quit her job as a paralegal and began to study hypnosis, intending to open her own practice.

Her ex-husband was quite wealthy, and the divorce settlement was enough that Robin didn’t need to work. Her interest in hypnotism grew, and it led her to travel around the world pursuing secret techniques and esoteric methods, learning from true masters of the art of hypnotism. She proved to be a very talented hypnotist, her skills and knowledge growing rapidly. Eventually she returned to her Boise home and opened her own hypnotherapy practice; it was highly successful, and soon Robin had a reputation for being the top hypnotist in the city. She never lacked clients, and she was usually able to help them resolve their issues in a single session.

However, after a year of helping people Robin grew bored. She eventually found herself using her clients for her amusement; she gave post-hypnotic suggestions to people that would make them embarrass themselves when they encountered a trigger, such as dropping their pants and mooning passersby when they heard a certain word for the first time that day. Her unethical amusements grew in severity; eventually, her clients were “donating” extra cash to her and not remembering doing it, running errands for her or bringing her gifts to show their appreciation for her.

During a session, a young extremely handsome fireman named Nathan had mentioned he found her attractive; Bella found Nathan extremely sexy, so she used hypnotic suggestion to make his feelings of attraction to her grew until he acted on them. From then on, he was coming to her office weekly to both be hypnotized and serve her sexually.

Bella’s illicit activities with her clients continued without repercussion for months. Eventually, the Nathan’s girlfriend Hailey grew suspicious. She caught the hypnotist having passionate sex with her boyfriend in her office and immediately confronted them. Unfortunately for Hailey, among the many things Robin had learned and mastered was hypnotizing others without their knowledge or permission. While the pretty young blonde launched into a tirade threatening Robin with going to the police and bodily harm, the naked hypnotist had spoken to her calmly and reasonably. Robin’s practiced hypnotic voice bypassed Hailey’s active listening, speaking directly to her subconscious. Hailey was confused as she had gone from angry and indignant at the start of the encounter to submissive and obedient by the end of it.

Shocked and horrified, she suddenly found herself kneeling on the carpet before the smug hypnotist, unable to move or speak.

“I can tell you are surprised at your predicament, Hailey. You should be more careful before you threaten a True Hypnotist. I’m afraid your simple mind was no match for me, dear, ” Robin had taunted the young woman.

The hypnotist then commanded Hailey to kiss her bare feet; the young woman felt a terrifying, overwhelming compulsion to obey. She struggled desperately to resist, but could not.

As Hailey realized she had gotten hypnotized and was completely in the older woman’s power, tears trickled down her cheeks. Robin let the young woman debase herself for several long minutes, savoring her humiliation and enjoying the rush of power she felt. Then she had Hailey resume her kneeling position and the hypnotist implanted powerful post-hypnotic suggestions deep in her subconscious mind; these included a trigger that would allow her to send the young woman instantly into a deep trance, as well as a compulsion to come to Robin’s townhouse twice a week to clean and do laundry.

The hypnotist had sent the couple on their way with no memory of the events. Nathan would be back for his “session” the following week.

Spontaneously dominating the couple had made the Robin feel powerful; she had felt a rush unlike anything she got from anywhere else, and she craved more. However, Robin was an intelligent woman, and the incident had also served to help her realize she was being reckless. She needed to be more careful about her extracurricular activities. She also felt a mild pang of guilt for some of the unethical things she’s done, although the rush of power and excitement far outweighed it, and soon forgot any misgivings she had.

A couple of weeks passed; Hailey served as Robin’s maid and Nathan as her sex toy. She also continued to use several of her clients as sources of amusement though she was careful to be sure they never remembered anything and nobody found out what she was up to. However, her boredom with her hypnotherapy practice was growing. Robin finally admitted to herself she wasn’t terribly interested in helping people stop smoking or stop putting too many cookies in their mouths. One Saturday afternoon, she had gone out to lunch with an old friend named Jennifer. Jennifer was a yoga instructor and had been training Robin since her divorce. That day, Jennifer had confided in Robin that her own marriage was not going well; it looked like her husband Edward was going divorce her and leave her with very little.

“Ed is even going to make me sell the yoga studio and give him half the money…Too bad you can’t just hypnotize him for me,” Jennifer had said with a weak chuckle. la

Robin had had a sudden flash of inspiration. Why not? she’d mused to herself.

It would be unethical as hell…but since when had ethics stopped her?

Robin didn’t care about being an ethical hypnotist.

“Actually Jen, I could…,” Robin had said, seriously.

“Sure, you could make him give me everything in the divorce” Jennifer said, smiling.

Robin had just looked at her, a serious expression on her face. Jen’s smile faded.

“Wait, are you serious?” she asked Robin.

“Completely” the hypnotist had replied, this time with a slightly wicked smile of her own.

“Oh come on…really? You could make him, like be more reasonable? I didn’t think hypnosis worked like that…You can’t, can’t *make* people do things, not really…” Jennifer had said.

With a wink, Robin waved over the server in the small, almost empty cafe.

“What can I do for you?” the cute young brunette asked, as she walked over to their corner booth.

Her name tag said “Kristen”.

“Hello Kristen. Actually I was just hoping you would do me a favor and have a look at this. Just for a moment,” Robin said sweetly, holding up her right hand to display the large sapphire ring she wore on her middle finger.

“Wow! Is that a real sapphire?” Kristen asked.

“It certainly is; see how it sparkles? Especially when it moves. It is so relaxing…,” Robin replied in her practiced hypnotist’s voice.

She began to move her hand slowly side to side, making the sapphire glitter in the overhead lights.

“Yes, it is gorgeous!” Kristen said, her brown eyes drawn to the gemstone.

“Yes it is beautiful…relax Kristen…it so beautiful to look at… keep your eyes on the sapphire…it is so relaxing to watch it as it moves back…and forth…it really draws your eyes…relax Kristen…relax and watch the sapphire as you listen to my voice…relax…,” Robin had purred.

“Wait, what…? I don’t understand…,” Kristen said, already feeling relaxed.

“Relaxing more and more with every word I speak. Keep looking at the sapphire and relaxing more…you are tired from your shift…relaxed…sleepy…so sleepy, aren’t you Kristen?” Robin asked.

Jennifer watched in awed silence as Kristen’s eyelids began to droop.

“Sleepy…,” the server agreed in a quiet voice.

“Good girl Kristen. Just relax completely for me. Close your eyes and SLEEP!” Robin said firmly.

The hypnotist snapped her fingers and Kristen’s eyes closed, her head nodding.

The server stood swaying beside the table.

“Holy shit! Is she…?” Jennifer had asked.

“Hypnotized. Yes. I can make her do pretty much anything, especially if I take the time to deepen her trance and really program her subconscious to obey me. But for now… Kristen, listen carefully: When I snap my fingers again, you will awaken. You will not remember being hypnotized. You will believe we have been absolutely delightful customers and you will want very, very much to comp our meals. It will make you quite happy to pay for our lunch. Do you understand?” Robin had asked the hypnotized server.

“Yes ma’am,” Kristen mumbled.

Smirking, Robin winked at Jennifer and gave a snap of her fingers. Kristen’s eyes fluttered open. She blinked and looked around, then smiled.

“Okay, and because you guys have been so awesome, lunch is on me today! I insist! Thank you so much for coming in!” the server said cheerfully, taking the check and whisking it away.

Jennifer sat dumbfounded.

“I…had no idea! You…she…holy shit!” Jennifer had stammered with a laugh.

“Yes, it is pretty fantastic. Jen, I don’t go advertising this, so…,” Robin said quietly.

“Oh your secret is safe with me! It’s just…I didn’t think hypnotism worked like that! Everyone always says you can’t make people do things against their will, that you can’t even hypnotize them without their permission…,” Jennifer had replied.

“Most hypnotists can’t. I’m not most hypnotists,” Robin replied with a wink as she watched Kristen settle their bill at the register out of her own pocket.

“Oh my god! Would you…? I mean, seriously… you can hypnotize that bastard husband of mine?” Jennifer asked, suddenly intrigued.

“It would be my pleasure,” Robin had replied with a grin.

The two women had talked it over at length; they agreed on the goal and Jennifer insisted on paying a fee for the hypnotist’s services. Robin devised a plan, and a week later she visited Ed at his office posing as a potential client for his financial advisory services. During their conversation she’d hypnotized him, and three days after that Jennifer was stunned as he signed over the house, yoga studio, cars and agreed to a very generous alimony payment. For good measure, Robin had given a post-hypnotic suggestion compelling him to publicly apologize to Jennifer for being a terrible husband.

An ecstatic Jennifer had paid Robin ten thousand dollars cash after the divorce was finalized, but it was not about the money for the hypnotist. The thrill of being hired to use her skills to solve a problem other than stress, smoking or weight was refreshing and exciting; the money was a nice bonus. Jennifer had enthusiastically suggested that Robin start offering her services for a different kind of hypnosis business; not hypnotherapy but hypnotic “troubleshooting”. She could create results that most other hypnotists could not.

“Think about it! You could be a mercenary hypnotist!” Jennifer had said.

At first Robin had just laughed at the idea. However, Jennifer kept encouraging her, going so far as to start to screen potential clients. Intrigued, Robin had agreed to take on another job. It had been a simple, uncomplicated task, and it had gone extremely well. It had also netted another ten thousand dollars.

Robin was hooked. She asked Jennifer to find her more jobs; she cut her hypnotherapy practice back to a couple days a week, mainly to use it as a cover, and began to devote her time to clients for her more unorthodox services. Jen worked as a go-between, screening potential jobs and clients for her friend. Robin was a bit surprised and very pleased at the market for her services. She found herself asked to do things ranging from simple revenge on a cheating wife to corporate espionage. She charged a fee based on the difficulty of the job, number of people who needed to be hypnotized and the level of risk to herself. Over time, the jobs grew in complexity and risk, and her fee grew with it. Sometimes she worked pro bono, taking a job just because it sounded fun. She could afford to be picky about the jobs she took. Jennifer carefully vetted and screened potential clients, shielding Robin from any contact until a job sounded worth taking and the client seemed on the up and up. The pair of course wanted to keep from drawing any attention to themselves and stay obfuscated from potential enemies and backlash from Robin’s activities that might arise.

Robin was grateful for her friend’s meticulous and organized help, and she gave Jennifer a generous thirty percent of her fees; this was both because she valued the assistance, and to be sure that Jennifer was happy and thus less likely to betray her. In any case, Robin didn’t need the money. She had plenty, and with her hypnotic skills she could have anything she wanted.

Robin started using the name “Bella Beguile”, and soon started finding work in other cities. Clients were often willing to fly her to the jobs’ locations and pay her expenses in addition to her fee, and soon Bella the Hypnotist had become something of a legend in the criminal underground.

All of this flashed through Bella’s mind as she approached the table, bringing a slightly arrogant smile to her lips.

“Hello, Charles Lacey?” She asked politely.

“Yes, Hello! You must be Bella. It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you! Please, sit. You look amazing,” Charles said, rising and offering his hand.

“Thank you” Bella replied, taking his hand and sitting across from him.

The hypnotist did look stunning. Her natural silver hair was in a stylish fancy braid, and she wore a pair of sapphire earrings that brought out the blue of her eyes. She had on a blue and white striped top that showed off her lovely shoulders, and accentuated her large bust, along with a long dark blue skirt. She wore strappy silver sandals with tall heels, and she’d had Hailey paint her finger and toenails deep midnight blue. She wore a beautiful sapphire ring on her left middle finger, her favorite gold pocket-watch around her neck and a delicate white-gold toe ring set with a large diamond, a Christmas gift from Jennifer, on her left second toe.

“Thank you so much for meeting me,” Charles said, as a server brought menus and waters.

“It’s my pleasure. You followed my instructions, and agreed to my terms. Your reputation is excellent,” Bella replied with a smile.

“I appreciate that. I must say, it wasn’t easy to get in contact with you although I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise. So…obviously I’m looking for a new way to handle,” Charles said casually as he perused the menu.

“Obviously,” Bella said with a smile, scanning the menu herself.

“Forgive me if I’m trepidatious; I’m far from a law-abiding man, but I’ve never worked with a...Uh...,” he trailed off.

“Super villainess?” Bella said with a chuckle.

“Yes…that sounds about right,” Charles said with a sheepish smile.

Bella looked at Charles over her menu; he was very handsome in his expensive suit. He was late thirties or early forties, with olive skin and short dark hair and a neat, short beard with a bit of gray in it and at his temples.

Bella decided casually she was going to fuck him at some point. Business first, she admonished herself.

“Don’t worry, I’m just like any professional you’d hire, I just wear a costume and have different tools,” Bella said with a reassuring smile.

Actually, this would be the first time Bella wore a costume on a job; a flight of fancy, she was looking forward to a bit of a theatrical adventure.

The server returned and they ordered, then got down to discussing details.

The conversation was pleasant; Charles was intelligent and respectful, and Bella asked a lot of questions, making sure she had all the information she wanted as their ate their meal.

“Sounds like a simple enough job overall. Dangerous, but exciting. I accept,” she said as they sipped after-meal coffee.

“Fantastic. Forgive me, but are you sure you can handle it alone?” Charles asked.

Bella chuckled.

“Easily. Would you like a demonstration?” She said, eying him over her coffee cup.

For the first time during the meeting she appeared dangerous, like a predator studying her prey.

“No, no that won’t be necessary. I didn’t mean any offense,” Charles replied.

“None taken,” Bella said with a reassuring, seductive smile.

“It’s just that the other group looking to steal the shipment will not be as...subtle as you; if you run into their thugs...,” Charles said.

“..they will have a very bad day,” Bella said, her smile confident and wicked.

“I...I’m sure they will. Okay, so fifty-thousand will be in your account tonight; another fifty thousand in cash when you deliver the shipment, that was the agreement correct?” Charles said.

“That’s correct. I assume I don’t need to remind you of what will happen if you cheat, betray or annoy me?” Bella asked sweetly.

Charles shook his head. Normally, he would not be intimidated by anyone; however, Bella’s reputation was that in addition to being an incredible hypnotist, she was also ruthless and creative in degrading and humiliating her victims. Stories of what happened to people who had double-crossed or displeased her were unsettling to say the least.

Charles had no desire experience that perspective of working with the mercenary hypnotist.

“Perfect. It was wonderful meeting you, and thank you for lunch,” Bella said, rising.

Charles stood and they shook hands; Bella turned and walked gracefully away, leaving the bill for him.

Not that he minded; Charles swallowed hard, adjusting his tie; he was suddenly very warm. He was both a little afraid of and very aroused by the sexy, confident woman. His cock was rock-hard as he watched the mysterious Super Villainess Bella Beguile walk away.


Rod Baker walked out of the Flying J truck stop and stretched; it was a little after 8:00 p.m. The trucker had stopped for dinner and a shower like he always did in Boise when passing through.

Rod had a long way to go, and he intended to drive through the night.

He walked over to his idling eighteen-wheeler and climbed inside...and froze as he realized someone was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Hello there,” said a woman in an elaborate, tight blue and silver leather-and- spandex costume.

The spandex portion was silver and shimmered in the moonlight, forming a sheer window over her large round breasts. Sheer silvery panels also ran up her the sides of her legs, framed by soft blue leather. She wore knee high dark blue boots with delicate silver spiral patterns randomly inlaid on them, and a sparkling silver and sapphire mask around her ice-blue eyes. Her platinum hair was in a simple ponytail, and she wore long delicate blue gloves.

“What the...? Who...who are you?” Rod asked, completely taken aback by the strange woman and her stranger outfit.

“You may call me Bella...Bella Beguile,” the woman said with a smile.

“I…What are you doing in my truck?” Rod asked suspiciously.

“Why, I’m hijacking it of course,” Bella replied casually.

The costumed woman chuckled and gave Rod a wink.

“Oh you are, are you? You think you’re gonna steal my truck?” Rod said with a snort and a raised eyebrow.

“Yes I do. Actually, I’m going to do it before another crew does it. But yes, I’m taking the whole load,” she replied sweetly.

“Oh if it’s a load you’re after I can help there,” Rod says crudely, eyes on Bella’s tits, teasingly visible through the sheer material on the front of her costume.

The gruff trucker was in his fifties and had and ample gut, with a scruffy mostly grey beard and a receding hairline beneath his filthy cap, and although he had just showered his clothes weren’t exactly clean.

Bella made a disgusted face.

“In your dreams. If you’re good I’ll let you jerk off to me after I’m gone,” she replied, looking at the overweight, unkempt man with disdain.

“Oh come on darlin’. You look dressed up for a costume party. How about this, I’ll let you have a case of what I’m hauling for a good blow,” Rod said, casually reaching over as if to fondle her breast.

Bella seized his wrist and bent it painfully.

“Ow! Fucking bitch!” He snarled.

The trucker tried to wrench free and only succeeded in hurting himself more; Bella’s grip was like iron.

“No touching,” Bella said coolly.

“Let go, bitch!” Rod said with a grunt.

She released Rod’s arm with a mocking laugh.

“Ok freak, we are doing this my way!” Rod said angrily.

He reached under his seat and came out with a 1911 .45 pistol, which he pointed at Bella.

“Oh no, a gun!” Bella said mockingly.

“Listen bitch, take off the mask! Now! And your top too while you’re at it!” Rod said.

Bella laughed at him. Rod menacingly cocked the hammer on the pistol.

Bella Beguile’s eyes took on a subtle, blue shimmering glow, darker than their normal hue.

“What the hell…?” the trucker mumbled, not quite sure he was seeing it.

Rod’s mouth hung open in surprise as he suddenly froze, unable to look away from her eyes or move a muscle. The costumed woman’s stare had become so intense it paralyzed him. Waves of hypnotic energy flowed from Bella’s eyes into Rod’s, and much like the legend of a snake being able to hypnotize it’s prey into not moving, Bella did so to Rod.

Bella casually reached over and took the pistol. She removed the magazine and the round in the chamber while holding Rod helpless in her gaze, then tossed the gun into the back of the cab, pocketing the ammunition.

Smirking, Bella let her eyes fade back to their normal ice-blue.

“What the fuck?” demanded a stunned Rob.

“Hello, I’m Bella Beguile, the Super-Villainess,” she said with a giggle.

“What? What the hell did you just do to me?” Rod demanded.

“Hypnotism. That was actually a little advanced trick I picked up from a true master of the art when I was in Europe,” Bella replied casually.

“What? Hypmatism ain’t a real thing! That’s it freak, get the fuck outta my truck! Now, or I will hurt you,” Rod said threateningly.

Bella snickered at him, then raised her hand and let a shiny golden pocket watch drop so it hung at the end of its chain directly in front of Rod’s eyes. She started it quickly and smoothly swinging back and forth, although her hand didn’t so much as twitch.

Rod’s eyes were reflexively drawn to the shiny, polished surface reflecting the moonlight as it moved.

“Are you kidding me?” he asked.

Bella began her hypnotic induction, speaking in her powerful and practiced hypnotic voice.

“You are feeling so...relaxed...sleepy...eyelids growing heavy even as you follow the beautiful watch...,” Bella was saying, her voice soothing and powerful.

“Wait...stop, damn it...,” Rod stammered.

He felt suddenly dizzy as the woman spoke, the watch filling his vision. Her voice was incredible. The crazy bitch was actually trying to hypnotize him!

And she was succeeding!

“I said stop, or I…I will…hold on…,” He stammered, shocked as he indeed had begun to feel relaxed and sleepy.

There was panic evident in his voice as he found his eyes locked on the swinging watch, pulled along involuntarily as the costumed woman continued to speak. It was happening so quickly, the trucker simply couldn’t organize his thoughts fast enough to resist Bella’s powerful, insistent voice.

“...that’s it...just relax are sleepy...sleepy...your eyelids are so cannot stay awake...,” Bella continued, gradually swinging the watch faster.

“,” Rod muttered.

He reached feebly for the watch as a wave of relaxation washed over him, but Bella used her free hand to grab his wrist and hold it. Rod looked comical as he desperately tried to take his eyes from the swinging watch, face contorting and his eyelids fluttered rapidly; Bella continued her induction, and a few seconds later Rod’s eyes snapped shut and he went into a hypnotic sleep.

“That’s better. Now listen to me very carefully Rod...,” Bella said as she hung her watch around her neck.

The hypnotic villainess carefully took rod deeper into his trance, then proceeded to implant powerful and skillfully worded post-hypnotic suggestions in his mind so that he would be forced to obey her commands, even while wide awake. Finished, she gave a loud snap and Rod awoke from his trance.

“What the hell?” He demanded.

He looked at the smirking woman sitting in his cab and narrowed his eyes. He had no memory of what had just taken place.

“Hello Rod. We just had to decide who was in charge here, but now that is settled so we can move on,” Bella explained sweetly.

“What? What is going on?! Who the fuck are you, lady?” Rod demanded, exasperated.

“I am now your Mistress, and you are my slave,” Bella replied with satisfaction.

“Ok that’s it! out! OUT NOW!” Rod bellowed.

He moved as if he was going to grab Bella.

“Freeze,” the villainess ordered casually.

Rod froze; he grunted in frustration as he tried to move, but he could not. He felt an overwhelming compulsion to obey Bella’s command, and he somehow *knew* he had to do so…even though he didn’t want to.

Bella smiled. She casually took Rod’s keys and got out of the truck, leaving the portly trucker paralyzed in the cab. She walked around the back of the trailer and slid up the big door, checking to be sure the cargo was all there and intact. Satisfied, she closed the door and rejoined Rod in the cab.

“Now my pig of a man, it is time to go for a little drive. Take us to the interstate and head east,” She commanded, putting on her seatbelt.

“Yes Mistress,” Rod found himself saying, to his surprise and disgust.

However, despite being aware, he was deep under Bella’s hypnosis, and he could not resist her despite his own wishes. He drove his truck out of the truck stop and headed for the freeway entrance, Bella sitting calmly beside him.

Frustration and fear were evident on Rod’s face as he skillfully maneuvered the truck onto the east-bound freeway.

“Don’t worry slave, you are not going to remember any of this; there won’t be any lasting damage to your ego or your tough-guy act,” Bella said with a chuckle as her drove.

“You bitch, I swear I will fucking kill you for this!” Rod fumed, face red.

“You will shut your mouth and not speak unless you are addressed by me. Now take the next exit and go to the outlet mall. Park behind the far side of the complex, away from the interstate,” Bella commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Rod agreed.

Soon, the truck was parked exactly where Bella wanted it, behind the deserted mall complex. There was no sign of the rival hijackers Charles was worried about. Satisfied, she pulled a burner phone from her boot and sent Charles a simple text:

In positon.

Bella didn’t wait for a reply, getting out of the cab and stomping on the phone with her boot heel, then moving to drop it in a storm drain.

Just as she had tossed it in, a car pulled around the building; turning to look, Bella recognized it as as a Sheriff’s Department patrol car.

“Damn,” She muttered as the car’s spotlight illuminated her.

There had been two other trucks hijacked in the city in the previous month, so the police were probably hyper-alert about anything involving a semi trailer, Bella realized. *No biggie* she thought, * I can handle cops*.

She moved back to the cab of the truck and and opened the door.

“Rod you will not move or speak until I tell you to,” Bella commanded

“Yes Mistress” the hypnotized trucker agreed.

Bella shut the truck door and sauntered toward the patrol car.

“Ma’am, please stay where you are and keep your hands visible,” a male voice called from the patrol car.

Bella stopped and held out her hands, a smirk on her face.

The patrol car inched a bit closer to her, then stopped. Two uniformed deputies got out, both young, one male and one female.

“Just stay right there ma’am. My partner is going to come up and you hand her some ID,” the male cop instructed.

“Of course Deputy. I have to reach into my pocket...,” Bella said reasonably.

“Slowly", the female deputy said, hand on the butt of her pistol.

“Of course. Just relax, Bella replied calmly.

The female deputy, whose name tag said “Ferny”, was a pretty redhead with green eyes.

Bella reached slowly into a pocket and removed...nothing.

She held out her hand and Deputy Ferny reflexively reached for it.

Bella grabbed her wrist with startling quickness.

“Look into my eyes, hear my voice, relax and sleep!” Bella said firmly, her blue eyes boring into the younger woman’s green ones.

She yanked Deputy Ferny’s arm toward her then down.

“Wha-?” The deputy mumbled an before being instantly hypnotized by Bella’s rapid induction.

Bella grinned at the female deputy; the pattern-interrupt had worked like a charm.

“Shit!” The male deputy said, drawing his pistol as his partner wilted to the ground.

“Don’t move!” He shouted, moving toward Bella with his gun pointed at her.

“Actually, it’s you who cannot move,” Bella said, eyes starting to glow a deep blue.

The deputy froze she caught him in her hypnotic stare. Bella sauntered up to him and calmly took the pistol from a helpless man’s hand for the second time that evening. She casually unloaded it and tossed it into the bushes. Then she held up her hand to display her large sapphire ring and began an induction. The hypnotist let her eyes return to normal as she spoke.

The technique was called the “Serpent’s Gaze”, and it took a lot of energy. Bella became tired if she used it for long periods, so she tried to use it sparingly. It was a skill very few hypnotists learned, and one of Bella’s most precious secrets.

"That’s it, just watch my ring...,” she purred, moving her hand so the huge sapphire glittered in the moonlight, reflecting into the shocked deputy’s eyes.

Deputy Harris was quickly caught in her hypnotic induction, and a moment later crumpled to the pavement, joining his partner in Bella’s power.

Bella chuckled as she went to the patrol car and turned off the dash camera and removed the memory card. Then she removed each officer’s personal audio recorder, and tossed them down the storm drain along with the memory card.

“Alright, I am not a big fan of police, so we are going to have a little talk about who is in charge here,” Bella said with a laugh.


Deputies Laura Ferny and Kyle Harris awoke from their trances surprised to find themselves kneeling on the hard pavement—and naked, their uniforms and gear piled near their car.

Before them stood the costumed woman they’d spotted when they drove up. She had her hands on her hips in a power pose, a smirk on her lips.

“Hello, deputies,” she said casually.

“What the fuck?” Depury Harris said angrily.

“Kyle, what happened? Why can’t I stand up?” Deputy Ferny asked.

Both officers were trying to get to their feet, but were unable to do so due to post-hypnotic suggestions implanted deep in their subconscious minds. Their desire to stand was overridden by a powerful compulsion to remain kneeling before the mysterious woman.

“I...don’t know, Laura…what did you do to us, you bitch?” Deputy Harris demanded.

“That’s ‘Mistress’ to you, Deputy. Mistress Bella Beguile. And to answer your question, I’ve hypnotized you,” Bella said with satisfaction.

“What? Hypnotized?” Harris asked, confused.

“Wait, the costume...are you supposed to be some kind of super hero?” Ferny asked.

“Super Villainess,” Bella corrected.

“Are you fucking serious?” Harris began angrily, “Let us up! Now! Or—,“

“Or what? You can’t do anything, you are both completely in my power,” Bella cut him off smugly.

She felt a familiar rush, an erotic thrill at having the two authority figures kneeling before her.

She’d always been good at hypnotizing cops.

“I am not!” Deputy Ferny protested.

“Oh really? You will crawl over here and lick my boot, Deputy Ferny,” Bella commanded, extending her right leg toward the deputy.

“No...I...I...will not!” Ferny said through gritted teeth.

Despite her own wishes, she again felt an overwhelming compulsion to obey Bella, and found herself crawling toward the masked woman.

“That’s it. Good girl” Bella said as Deputy Laura Ferny began to lick her boot.

The female deputy made a choked whimper as she debased herself; her partner watched incredulously as the normally stubborn, strong-willed woman obeyed the humiliating command.

Harris’ anger faded, replaced by growing panic and fear.

“Please, just let us go, we won’t tell anyone we saw you,” Harris said, a pleading tone in his voice as he watched his naked partner licking the hypnotist’s boot.

“Of course you won’t; you won’t even remember any of this—unless I want you to. Now join Deputy Ferny here; you will lick my other boot Deputy Harris,” Bella commanded.

She felt another tingle of excitement, reveling in her power as Harris obeyed, crawling to her and licking her other boot.

“Don’t fight it, deputies. You like my boots; in fact, you like me. I am Bella Beguile, Super Villainess. You find me beautiful, powerful and amazing, and you want to please me. You want to serve and obey me…to worship me. Both of you feel honored to lick my boots. It brings you great happiness, a feeling of pleasure,” she informed the naked officers in her hypnotic voice.

Their minds were still deeply hypnotized an open to her suggestions; the pair’s demeanor quickly changed.

Bella’s words took root in their subconscious minds. Suddenly they no longer fought the humiliating commands, but instead embraced them. Licking Bella’s boots suddenly became extremely pleasurable; they began to lick with enthusiasm, thrilled to be at the feet of the great Bella Beguile.

She was considering having one of her playthings lick her pussy when the area suddenly lit up with headlights approaching from the front of the semi.

Bella frowned; Charles’ men shouldn’t be here just yet.

She turned to see a black van; Charles’ crew was supposed to be bringing four moving trucks.

“Stop licking; lay face down and do not move or speak,” Bella commanded the naked deputies.

The van’s doors opened, and six men stepped out. All wore long overcoats; two had shotguns, and another had a baseball bat. They all looked rugged and tough.

“Why hello there Miss; you seemed to have run off with our shipment,” the one who was obviously in charge said pleasantly.

Bella sauntered toward them a few steps, her sharp mind sizing them up and analyzing each man’s demeanor and body language, planning her moves and strategy for dealing with them.

Six was a lot to take on; Bella’s martial arts training prepared her for confrontations like this, but the guns would make things tricky and dangerous. She knew she had to be very careful and not make any mistakes, or she could end up severely injured…or dead.

“And you seem to be confused,” she replied with a smile.

“Oh no boys, it is a woman in a costume. She must be some kind of superhero. We better run,” he said with mock concern.

“Not this costumed woman; Bella Beguile, Super Villainess at your service,” she said with a bow.

“Okay, let’s cut the theatrical shit, lady. I don’t know what your deal is, but if you don’t want to get hurt then piss off. We’re taking the truck,” the leader said.

“You can try, tough guy,” Bella said.

She closed her eyes and let herself relax deeply, entering a state of deep self-hypnosis. Bella cleared her mind, dismissing her fears and doubts, boosting her confidence and focusing her mind to razor sharpness.

The hypnotist opened her eyes; she was now in a combat-trance, her reactions heightened and her mind working in harmony with her body.

The leader chuckled.

“Ed, teach little miss...Bella, is it? Teach her some manners,” he said.

“Gladly” the man with the bat said. He advanced on Bella, who opened her eyes wider and stared at the approaching thug.

“Trust me, you should take off now or you’ll be sorry,” she said calmly.

“Yeah, Okay...Nice costume. Great tits,” he said as he raised the bat...and froze as her lifted his eyes from her chest to her face.

Bella’s eyes had begun to glow a deep dark blue, shining in the moonlight. When the man met her gaze he became hypnotically paralyzed. She quickly snapped a kick into his crotch, then followed up with a spin-kick to his head.

The man dropped, unconscious.

“Holy shit,” one of the remaining five muttered.

Bella grinned.

“You really don’t want to take me on, boys,” she said sweetly.

Bella strode toward the men confidently, raising her hand so her sapphire ring sparkled in the van’s headlights.

“You don’t want to move, you don’t want to speak. You want only to listen to me...listen, and obey...listen...and obey...,” she said firmly.

Bella was concentrating on one man in particular; she could tell he was quite suggestible, as men who acted as thugs often were.

He also held a shotgun, which she needed to control quickly.

“Alright, that’s enough! Damn it you crazy bitch stop there! Damn it! Dave, Miles make things clear to her,” the leader said.

One of the men raised his shotgun, pointing it at Bella; the other gunman stood still, his eyes locked on the glittering ring just as she’d hoped.

“You must obey and protect me at all times... point your gun at your boss,” Bella said.

“I must obey and protect you...,” the man agreed, eyes still on the ring.

He looked confused for an instant, then turn and aimed his gun at the leader.

“Shit! Miles, what are you doing?” The leader demanded.

He and the other men looked stunned, momentarily distracted by Miles’ actions. Dave lowered his shotgun slightly. Bella tensed, ready to move.

“Hit your boss with the butt of you weapon Miles, knock him out!” she commanded before any of them reacted further, then dove to the ground and rolled under the trailer.

“Shit!” The leader snarled as Miles came at him.

The man named Dave reflexively fired a round at Bella, a full two seconds after she’d vanished under the trailer.

“You guys get the bitch! Damn it Miles, she hypnotized you or something! Snap out of it!” The leader said as he dodged his associate’s second attempt to butt-stroke him.

Dave racked his shotgun, while the other two thugs moved around the truck, one going to the front and the other the back. The one in the front drew a pistol from his jacket…and was startled to see a crouching Bella waiting in front of the cab.

Thanks to Bella’s self-hypnosis, the man seemed to be moving in slow motion, telegraphing his moves to her. Bella moved with surprising speed before he could fire. She grabbed his arm and twisted it sharply, causing him to drop the gun. Her knee came up and connected with his groin once, then a second time doubling him over in pain. She smashed her elbow into his head, dropping him semi-conscious to the pavement. She then scrambled up the front of the truck and onto the roof of the cab, smiling to herself as she saw Rod sitting quietly in the driver’s seat, awaiting her orders.

Dave came around the front of the truck, shotgun at the ready. He stopped when he saw his associate down on the ground, moaning in pain.

“Shit!” He said looking up just in time to see Bella’s boot before it collided with his jaw as she came sliding down the front of the truck. She landed before Dave in a crouch as he staggered back. He aimed his shotgun at her, then froze as his gaze met Bella’s.

Her eyes had become darker blue, glowing slightly.

“I’ll take that!” She said, snatching the shotgun.

Bella let her eyes go back to normal. Using the hypnotic paralysis was starting to tire her a bit, and she needed to conserve her energy.

Free of her paralyzing gaze, Dave took a swing at Bella. She easily blocked it, then swept his feet from under him. Dave hit the ground hard. Bella kicked him in the balls, then the head. He went limp as she racked the shotgun’s action until it was empty. She tossed the gun aside and peeked around the truck to see the leader beating Miles into unconsciousness with his own shotgun. She moved to go around the other way and almost collided with the other remaining thug; he swiped at her with a knife, which she reflexively dodged. Bella countered with a butterfly induction. The hypnotist spoke smoothly and quickly, fluttering her fingers back and forth before the man’s eyes.

“SLEEP!” Bella said firmly.

The thug was taken off guard by the surprise induction, and his eyes slammed shut. Bella moved swiftly to catch the hypnotized man as he fell. She quickly whispered instructions into his ear. She gave a quick snap he opened his eyes ran off toward the back of the truck.

Bella was about to go under the trailer when she heard the loud clack of a pump shotgun behind her.

“Hands up! Do NOT turn around! I don’t want to see any fancy parlor tricks!” came the leader’s angry voice.

“Okay, you got me,” Bella said, raising her hands.

“That’s right! Now lay on the ground! Face down!” He ordered.

Bella slowly got down on the ground.

“Fucking bitch! You are a handful, I’ll give you that!” The leader snarled.

He lowered the shotgun, keeping it pointed in Bella’s general direction.

“Hey! If any of you idiots are still up and moving, get over here!” he called out to his men.

One was.

As soon as the barrel was no longer pointed at Bella, the thug she’d hypnotized with the butterfly induction sprang from the shadows and grabbed the weapon, yanking it from his former boss’ hands and tossing it away.

“Damn it!” The leader roared, immediately punching the man in the face and bloodying his nose.

Bella rolled over and sprang to her feet; she grabbed the leader’s arm as he brought it back to hit the hypnotized man again, twisting it into a painful armlock.

“Aaahhh! Fucking cunt!” He said, doubling over.

Bella kicked at his legs, forcing him to his knees while maintaining her hold.

“You, sleep now!” She said, pointing at the other man.

He crumpled to the pavement. Bella drove her knee into the leader’s back, increasing the pressure on his arm.

“Fuck! My arm!” the leader yelled.

Bella took a moment to compose herself; she was shaking with adrenalin, even with her self-hypnosis. She took a deep breath and made herself relax. The leader continued to groan in pain, trying feebly to get free from her hold.

“The only way the pain stops is to look at this and listen to my voice,” Bella said, her shiny gold pocket watch dangling from her free hand before his eyes.

The hypnotist started the watch swinging gently back and forth and began an induction.

A moment later, the leader of the hijackers wilted to the ground at her feet, deeply hypnotized.


Thirty minutes later, Charles Lacey arrived in a small sedan while his crew arrived behind him in four big moving trucks. He saw the semi he’d asked Bella to steal, the driver sitting in the cab fast asleep.

Six men knelt in a row near the trailer; some looked a little worse for wear.

The cab of the semi’s rear door that led to the truck’s sleeping quarters opened and Bella jumped down, straightening her costume; she was barefoot, her boots in her hand. A fit and handsome naked man climbed down after her, followed by a pretty redheaded woman also very fit and also quite naked. Both looked disheveled.

“Deputies, go get dressed and sit in your car and wait for further instructions,” Bella ordered them.

“Yes Mistress Bella,” the two peace officers replied in unison, hurrying to obey.

“Hello Charles,” Bella said pleasantly, pulling on her boots and zipping them up.

“Hello Bella. I see you’ve met Jason and his crew. Are you alright?” Charles asked.

“I’m great, thank you. They weren’t much of a challenge,” the hypnotist replied smugly.

Bella grinned to herself; she was feeling quite a high, a real power trip. She had been very keyed up after defeating the hijackers, so she’d had deputies Harris and Ferny take turns licking her pussy to help her relax while she waited for her employer.

“Any other other complications?” Charles asked, watching the sheriff’s deputies dress and obediently go sit in their patrol car.

“No. In fact, the deputies will make this very neat and tidy,” Bella replied.

Charles proceeded to get his men unloading the truck; Bella watched them begin to transfer a half-million dollars worth of premium whisky into their trucks. While they worked, she started programming her hypnotized subjects. Jason and his crew would find themselves remembering and confessing to stealing the truck; Rod would awaken and believe he’d been hijacked by Jason and his men. Deputies Harris and Ferney would awaken believing they’d caught the men about to murder Rod and saved him, which he would also remember. The truck being empty would be explained by Jason, that they had sold the whiskey to a Canadian female buyer and her crew who’d loaded it into a blue and white semi and departed just before the cops arrived.

When she was finished she went to Rod the truck driver, almost as an afterthought.

“Rod, you are a disgusting asshole, a real excuse for a man. You will think about me, about how badly you wanted me but cannot touch me, and you will think of my tits every day. Rod, you won’t be able to get me out of your mind. You will have to masturbate to me twice a day, knowing you will never touch me,” she whispered in his ear.

When she was finished, she sat calmly on the patrol car’s hood and waited for the men to finish loading the trucks.

“This is just incredible! I have to say you are amazing! Thank you Bella,” Charles said with a huge smile, handing her a thick envelope with the balance of her fee inside.

“Thank you Charles. It was lovely doing business with you. I do need a small favor if you don’t mind...,” Bella replied.

“Of course...,” Charles said, eyes drifting to her tits behind their sheer spandex window.

Bella smiled. Men are so predictable, she thought.

A short time later, Charles pulled his car into the Hampton Inn parking garage with Bella Beguile sitting in the passenger seat of his Toyota.

She directed him to a luxury van in the top level, where she’d left clothes and other supplies she might need during her escapades.

“Thank you for the ride, Charles,” she said as he stopped.

“Of course. I have to say again, you are fantastic! Just amazing! This might be our best job ever, and it’s really due to you,” Charles replied.

Bella gave him a wicked smile.

“I’m glad you realize that; it’ll make this easier,” she said.

Bella held up her hand so Charles could see her glittering sapphire ring.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Charles asked, suddenly wary.

However, It was too late. Bella had been setting him up during the car ride, speaking to him hypnotically, bypassing his conscious mind and using covert and conversational hypnosis to prepare him to go quickly and easily into a deep hypnotic state for her.

“Just relax and have a look at my ring...,” Bella purred.

Charles was shocked to find that his eyes were riveted to Bella’s beautiful ring. Her powerful voice penetrated his mind, and he found his eyelids almost instantly fluttering.

He managed only a slight whimper as his eyes snapped shut and he fell into the comfortable embrace of Bella Beguile’s hypnotic trance.

Charles awoke suddenly; he blinked and looked around in confusion. He was naked and on his knees in an unfamiliar hotel suite, with no memory how he’d gotten there. He tried to stand and found he could not, his subconscious mind overruling him and making him stay down.

His hand went up to to his neck, and he found an ornate leather collar.

Before him on the couch sat a smirking Bella Begule.

“Hello, honey,” she said sweetly.

The hypnotic Super Villainess had showered and changed into a dark blue bustier and short black leather skirt; she was barefoot, and her damp hair was loose. She did not wear her mask.

“Bella, what’s going on?” Charles asked, trying to sound calm; inside he was frightened—and excited.

The mysterious hypnotist was gorgeous and sexy; it was obvious she had hypnotized him; the only question was why.

“That’s ‘Mistress Bella’ to you, slave. I’m just collecting the rest of my fee. Money is nice, but it doesn’t really do it for me; besides, one hundred thousand was not enough for how valuable the shipment was. You low-balled me, you naughty boy,” Bella said with a chuckle.

“Your fee…?” Charles asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes; I require your complete submission to me. I’m going to have some fun with you,” she replied.

“Wait, is this necessary? I will gladly pay more...,” Charles said, not liking her use of the phrase ‘complete submission’ to describe his situation.

Bella laughed at him.

“You silly man; I’m a hypnodomme. You think you can buy me? I do as I please, for my own reasons. Jobs like tonight are about the thrill, the excitement. Not the money. If all I wanted was your money I would take it,” she said haughtily.

Charles felt a flash of anger and irritation; he opened his mouth to argue, to threaten her...then closed it. He realized he was completely in the power of the amazing woman.

Helpless to resist her.

Charles’ cock stiffened.

“Yes, Mistress Bella,” he said demurely.

“Smart boy,” Bella said with approval.

She reached out to stroke his cock with her bare foot.

“Let’s get started,” she said, licking her lips in anticipation.

Bella began her domination in the traditional way, making him worship her feet. He licked, kissed and sucked every inch of them. She took her time, having him progress up her legs, kissing and nibbling. Eventually she commanded him to undress her, then eat her pussy. She ordered him to serve her wine after her first orgasm, and go back to worshipping her feet while she recovered. Bella then had him lick her asshole and worship her tits before sitting him in a chair and riding his stiff cock for what seemed like an eternity.

Bella shrieked and moaned as she orgasmed once, then again.

Charles grunted in frustration; he was stuck, right at the edge of release.

She’d given him a suggestion not to cum he realized. She was hypnotically controlling and preventing his orgasm!

“Mistress Bella, please! Please let me cum!” He gasped.

Bella ignored him, continuing to ride him roughly.

“Mistress please…please let me cum! Please…,” Charles begged.

In response, Bella had yet another orgasm. Then the hypnodomme got off Charle’s still stiff cock and sat on the couch, sipping her wine and smirking. Charles looked at her pleadingly; Bella chuckled and finished her wine.

She sauntered over to him, pressing her tits into his face and ordering him to suck.

After a moment, she mounted him again, riding him even more furiously than before. She screamed in ecstasy as she orgasmed twice more. Finally, she got off him.

“Sit here and don’t move or speak,” she whispered in his ear, then went into the bathroom.

Charles was left, stuck to the chair with his cock hard and straining.

Bella emerged a short time later in a blue pantsuit and matching pumps. Her hair was in a simple ponytail, and she carried a large, full duffel bag.

“Alright my little toy, it’s time for me to go,” she said, heading for the door.

Charles whimpered, hypnotically unable to speak.

Bella stopped.

“Oh right! I forgot about you! My apologies. Charles, after I leave you will jerk off to me. You will not be able to cum until you have said ‘I worship Bella Beguile’ out loud...fifty times. Once you’ve said it enough, you will have a massive orgasm and feel as satisfied and fantastic as you’ve ever felt. You will feel grateful for having had the privilege of working with Bella Beguile, and you will be free of all of my suggestions and commands,” she instructed.

“Thank you Mistress Bella!” Charles gasped, his hand going immediately to his cock and stroking.

“Have a lovey evening, Mr. Lacy,” the hypnotist said before she went out the door.

“I worship Bella Beguile…,” Charles said just before the door shut, making Bella Beguile smile.

By the time she reached her van, Bella had changed her mindset and she was Robin again. She put her bag into the luxury van and drove it to a storage facility, parking it in the spot she rented. Then she got into her BMW and headed toward her townhouse.

Robin was extremely pleased; her first foray into “Super Villainy” has gone well, although she had some scrapes and sore muscles from the physical exertion. She had enjoyed the excitement, the adrenaline rush and the theatrics. It was well past midnight; she stopped at the homeless shelter on her way home and went inside; there was a night manager on duty. Robin used her pocket watch to put him under and gave him the fifty thousand dollars cash she’d gotten from Charles. She gave him powerful suggestions to make sure the money went directly into the shelter’s account and to make sure it was to be used for the good of the inhabitants. She walked out, leaving him hypnotized with a command to awaken five minutes later with no memory of seeing her, only that a stranger donated the money.

It was well after one a.m. before she finally flopped into bed, already anticipating when she would get to be Bella Beguile again...

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