Bella Beguile, Corporate Spy

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male

-Mercenary Hypnotist Bella Beguile is hired to acquire some proprietary information-

Robin and Jennifer sat relaxing on the deck behind Robin’s townhouse; it was late on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and the pair were sunbathing as they discussed Bella Beguile’s next job.

Jennifer was Robin’s best friend; she acted as Bella’s fixer, the contact between the mercenary hypnotist and her clients. She was an attractive woman of forty, an auburn-haired, blue-eyed yoga instructor with the fantastic body to prove it. She was wearing a tiny black bikini as she sat typing on the laptop she used only for things related to Bella. Robin lounged beside her, wearing even less; the top to her blue thong bikini was draped over the back of her deck chair allowing the pleasant warmth of the sun to caress her lovely, large round breasts.

Robin disliked tan lines.

A pretty young woman walked out the back door, carrying two tall glasses of ice tea. She was naked, wearing only a leather collar, her head and pussy both shaved.

Her name was Hailey and she was the girlfriend of one of Robin’s hypnotherapy clients, a firefighter named Nathan.

Hailey had drawn the hypnotist’s ire, and found had herself enslaved. She now served Robin as a housekeeper, cook, sex slave and anything else her mistress desired.

“I didn’t think I’d like the shaved head look, but I have to admit it works on her,” Jennifer chuckled as she took her tea from Hailey.

“I agree. She’s got such a pretty face, all that hair just got in the way,” Robin replied, sipping her tea.

The hypnotist had recently commanded the young blonde to shave her head, after she’d been late arriving to clean Robin’s home because of a hair appointment.

“Hailey, massage my feet,” Robin commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Hailey said, kneeling on a cushion at the foot of Robin’s chair.

“Mmmm, okay where were we?” Robin asked, closing her eyes as Hailey got to work.

“So a new job for Bella…after we eliminate all the spouses and significant others wanting their partner punished and humiliated, I know you’re tired of those...and all the other small-time crap... I have two potential contracts that are interesting and very profitable. One is a smuggling operation looking for specialists to provide security for a shipment and troubleshoot any complications. The other is fairly straight forward corporate espionage...well, really more of a heist. Both are offering a hundred-thousand,” Jennifer said.

“Well those are interesting! Nice job, Jen! Do I have to choose?” Robin asked.

“Actually no; if you meet with the contact on the corporate job and get it done by Wednesday, you can still potentially work with the smugglers,” Jennifer replied.

“Fantastic. Please set up the meeting for the corporate job,” Robin said, taking a sip of her tea and enjoying her foot massage.

“You got it,” Jennifer replied, typing away on her computer.

The two women chatted for a while; Robin commanded Hailey to rub Jennifer’s feet, then rolled over on her stomach to get some sun on her back. Jennifer’s laptop made a pinging noise indicating a new message.

“Okay, just got a reply. A woman named Genevieve Carson wants to meet Bella at the Blue Moon club tonight at eleven; she will have a VIP table at the back, and Bella will be on the list as her guest. It looks like she’s a project manager for a tech company in Seattle...looks legit, at least on the surface. Should I confirm?” Jennifer asked.

“Ooh, the Blue Moon. I love that place. I’ve thought about buying it. Yes, sounds good. Thank you, Jen,” Robin said.

“My pleasure,” Jennifer replied.

“Speaking of pleasure...Hailey, be a dear and eat Jennifer’s pussy. She’s more than earned it,” Robin commanded, turning over and sitting up.

“Yes Mistress,” Hailey replied.

Jennifer giggled. She set her computer on the deck and slipped off her bikini bottom, then gasped as Hailey knelt and began to lick at her pussy.

Robin watched with satisfaction as her hypno-slave pleasured her friend.

Jennifer leaned back in her chair, spreading her legs and moaning.

“You have fun Jen; I have some things to do before tonight. Hailey, when you’re finished just stand in the kitchen and wait for my instructions,” Robin said with a grin.

Hailey’s acknowledgement was muffled; Robin rose and headed toward her home.

“Oh...ok...oh! Yes...Let me know if you need...oh yes! Need anything,” Jennifer said as Hailey continued to dutifully lick and suck.

“I will, thank you Jen,” Robin laughed as she went inside.

Jennifer’s reply was lost in a wordless scream of ecstasy as she orgasmed, cumming hard right on the hapless Hailey’s face.

Robin went down to her basement gym and did some rigorous martial arts training. After her workout she showered and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and went into the kitchen where Hailey waited quietly. Jennifer had left; Robin commanded Hailey to dust her wine collection, then released her back to her own life until she was called for again.

Robin went into her garage, getting into her silver Porsche 911 Turbo rather than the blue BMW beside it and drove dangerously fast across town to an expensive boutique where she picked out a new outfit for her meeting with Genevieve. Then she stopped into a salon that she frequented.

“Hi! I know it’s short notice, but I really need a mani-pedi,” Robin said to the cute young brunette who greeted her.

Her sparkly name-tag said “Jessica”. She had a short pixie style haircut with purple streaks in it, along with dark green eyes.

“Oh, well I’m afraid I’m the last one here and I’m closing down for the evening, but I can get you in first thing tomorrow,” Jessica said cheerfully.

“Jessica, this is a bit of an emergency. I really need it done can help me...I can tell you want to…,” Robin said reasonably.

“Ya, like I would but I have somewhere to be and we are closed in ten minutes. It’s against the rules to be here after close,” Jessica said with an apologetic shrug.

“It’s okay Jessica. Just relax. It’s important that you relax and trust me,” Robin said in a gentle but form monotone.

She held up her right hand and began to make a fluttering gesture with her fingers, moving them back and forth, up and down before a confused Jessica’s eyes.

“Wait, what?” The nail tech asked.

“It is import that you just follow my fingers, focusing on my finger tips...listening to my voice and a moment, I am going to tell you to sleep Jessica and you will fall into a nice relaxed hypnotic sleep…,” Robin said as she continued to flutter her fingers.

“Um, lady I think you might need...need help…,” Jessica said.

She sounded confused, and her eyes were reflexively following Robin’s fingers.

“Your eyes are feeling tired, strained from watching my finger are feeling very relaxed Jessica...sleepy...just let yourself rest. Close your eyes now and SLEEP!” Robin said firmly, lowering her right hand and raising her left to give a loud snap in front of Jessica’s face.

“This is getting weird-,”Jessica was saying.

Her eyes suddenly went went wide and slammed shut following Robin’s snap.

The hypnotist smirked. It was rare she didn’t get her way.

“Okay Jessica, listen carefully. You are going to give me a mani-pedi right now. You really, really want to do it for me. My name is Robin, and I’m one of your favorite clients. You love doing my nails. Nothing else is important until you take care of my hands and feet. It will bring you strong feelings of joy to help me out, you want to help me very, very much. Do you understand?” Robin asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica murmured.

“Good girl. Now when I snap my fingers you will wake up and forget I hypnotized you. You will lock the door and then get to work. You will be strongly compelled to do anything I tell you to do. If I, and only I, say ‘Perfect Pedicure’, you will instantly go into a deep hypnotic sleep just as you are now. Do you understand?” Robin asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica replied.

“Excellent. Wide awake Jessica, feeling relaxed and refreshed, unconcerned with rules or your personal life, wanting only to please me!” Robin said, snapping her fingers.

Jessica’s eyes fluttered open. She blinked a few times.

“Oh hi Robin! Just let me lock the door, then I can get started on your mani-pedi!” she said enthusiastically as Robin’s suggestions took effect.

“Take your time honey,” Robin replied with a chuckle, taking a seat at the nearest station.

Ninety minutes later, Robin walked out with beautiful dark blue fingernails with silver tips, and her customary midnight blue toenails, this time with a perfect silver spiral painted on each big toe.

Jessica was an excellent nail tech; Robin had been quite pleased, and tipped the stunned young woman three hundred dollars. She had also left the trigger deep in Jessica’s subconscious so she would be sure to be available anytime the hypnotist wished.

Robin returned home and prepared a light, healthy meal of grilled salmon and vegetables for herself. After eating, she stripped naked and sat cross-legged on the floor of her bedroom She entered a deep state of self hypnosis, focusing on what she wanted to accomplish in her meeting and giving herself suggestions for concentration and awareness. She awoke feeling relaxed, rested and refreshed.

Robin took her time getting dressed; as she did so, her mindset changed from Robin the hypnotherapist to that of Bella Beguile, mercenary hypnotist and Super-Villainess. She looked at her new outfit in the mirror; it was a short, sexy blue scoop neck dress that shimmered when she moved. She wore beautiful diamond earrings, and her favorite large sapphire ring on her right middle finger. Her antique gold pocket watch hung on a long slide-chain around her neck, and she wore brand new dark blue designer sandals with four inch heels. She had French-braided her silvery platinum hair.

Satisfied, Bella Beguile went downstairs and out the front door. Jennifer was waiting in her black Mercedes SUV.

“Bella, you look fabulous!” Jennifer said as the hypnotist got in beside her.

“Thank you; you look pretty hot yourself,” Bella replied with a smile.

Jennifer was wearing a short black cocktail dress, along with sexy black stilettos; Her hair was in a ponytail, and she wore dark smoky eyeshadow.

“Thank you. I try,” Jennifer replied with a chuckle.

They headed downtown; Jennifer let Bella out in front of the Blue Moon.

“I’ll go park and get in line. Call if you need me. Be careful,” Jennifer said.

“You too. Thanks Jen,” Bella replied smiling.

They blew each other kisses. Jennifer drove away and Bella walked up to the doorman, sauntering past all the young dressed up club goers.

She reveled in the dirty looks some of them gave her, no doubt born of envy.

“Bella Beguile,” she said sweetly to the handsome, burly man.

He looked her up and down before checking his tablet.

Finding her name, he nodded and smiled.

“Welcome to the Blue Moon, Bella. Looking fantastic by the way,” he said, standing aside for her, looking her over again.

“Thank you darling,” she chuckled.

Bella could tell his complement was sincere, which made her flush. The doorman was a tall, handsome and muscular guy with a goatee and shaved head who was probably fifteen years younger than her.

Bella held out her hand; the doorman took, kissed it lightly and took the hundred dollar bill Bella had palmed.

“My girlfriend Jennifer will be along in a few; she’s my plus one. Little black dress, very sexy. If you can help me with that, she and I will be…grateful…later,” she said with a sultry wink.

“Consider her in,” the doorman replied.

“Thank you...?” Bella asked.

“Abraham,” he replied.

“Thank you Abraham. When are you off?” Bella asked.

“Midnight,” he replied.

“Perfect. Come and find us,” Bella said with a smile.

Abraham smiled and nodded.

Bella went inside and immediately texted Jennifer to let her know she was on the list. Then she headed for back of the club where the roped-off VIP areas were. The club was loud and dark, with throbbing music playing and sexy people everywhere dancing and drinking. Bella spoke with a server, who led her to large semi-circle booth where a beautiful woman with short black hair and hazel eyes sat sipping Johnnie Walker Blue label scotch.

Bella knew what it was because the bottle was on the table, which indicated some serious cash being thrown around.

“Hello, you must be Bella. Thank you for coming. I’m Genevieve,” the woman said, rising and offering her hand.

Bella shook it, appraising her potential client.

Genevieve Carson appeared to be around thirty with an athletic figure and small breasts. She was short, no more than five-foot-six including her tall black platform designer pumps. She wore a very sexy long black dress with spaghetti straps and a slit up one side. She wore minimal jewelry, just a simple diamond bracelet and a gold ring. Her fingernails were black.

“Bella. Thank you for inviting me,” the hypnotist said, smiling pleasantly.

“Please, sit. Do you like scotch?” Genevieve asked.

“I love it,” Bella said.


“No thank you,”

Genevieve poured Bella a finger of the scotch and handed it to her.

“So how does this work?” Genevieve asked politely.

“It’s pretty simple. You tell me about the job you need done and where a hypnotist fits in, I ask you some questions and decide if I am interested in doing it. If I am, we agree on my fee, you pay half up front and I get to work. Easy,” Bella said, smiling and taking a drink.

“Indeed. May I ask you a few questions?” Genevieve asked.

“Of course,”

“Can you truly make people do things against their will?” Genevieve asked, a touch of skepticism in her voice.

“Absolutely,” Bella said simply, finish her drink.

“So why do...this?” Genevieve asked, indicating the two of them sitting together with her hand.

She finished her drink and refilled both.

Bella chuckled; she could drink and apparently so could Genevieve.

“Honestly I do it mostly for the thrill of it. I mean, I can’t just zap anyone anytime I want and make them my puppet. Well, I suppose I can but I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself. A girl’s gotta work. I got into the hypnotism-for-hire game partially because it is very profitable, but mainly I do it because of the excitement, if I’m being truthful,” Bella replied, smiling.

“I see. I can appreciate that. Mercenary hypnotists are pretty rare in the grand scheme of things, which I’m sure you know. And your reputation is excellent, Bella. I was just curious what might motivate you, at least in part, anyway,” Genevieve explained.

“I understand. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have; I know people get very curious. Now, tell me about the job you need done…,” Bella replied.

The two women talked for forty minutes; Genevieve was smart and witty. Bella liked her a lot. The job sounded fairly easy, and Bella agreed to do it for the one hundred thousand dollar fee. Along the way they’d each had three drinks. Eventually Bella excused herself to go to the restroom. As she was washing her hands, Jennifer stepped up to the sink next to her.

“She’s got a bodyguard watching her, I’m sure you saw him,” she said quietly to Bella.

“The blonde gentleman in the dark suit at the end of the bar?” Bella asked.

“That’s him. Other than that, she’s on the up and up so far. What do you think?” Jennifer asked.

“I accepted the job. She’s transferring funds now. Text me when you see them. She’s sending an email with info I need as well,” Bella said.

“Got it. Anything else?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, get us a suite at The Grove. You and I are going to tag-team the doorman later tonight,” Bella chuckled.

“Aww, you’re so good to me. He’s a hottie,” Jennifer laughed.

Bella returned to the table and finalized things with Genevieve. A short time later Bella received a text from Jennifer that the money had been deposited. The two women had a couple more drinks, then shook hands.

“I’ll be in touch. Good night Genevieve,” Bella said.

“Looking forward to it. Thank you again, Bella,” Genevieve said, smiling.

After Genevieve left, Bella spotted Jennifer chatting with a couple guys; she clearly wasn’t interested, but they had her cornered. Bella swaggered over, a bit tipsy from all the scotch.

“Excuse me boys, this one is mine,” she said.

Bella grabbed Jennifer and dipped her, kissing her passionately; then she led her giggling friend onto the dance floor where they had a good time together for a few songs.

Eventually, Bella spotted Abraham at the bar. She and Jennifer went and greeted him warmly. He bought them all shots, then Bella suggested they go to the hotel. Abraham scored a bottle of Jameson, and then they walked together three blocks to the Grove hotel.

“Damn, this place is nice. Never been in here,” Abraham said when they got into the suite Jennifer had booked.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Bella said, dropping her dress to the floor.

Jennifer did the same, then moved to kiss Bella.

“Wow, so I meant *really* nice,” Abraham said, grinning as he watched the two women make out in nothing but their heels.

He poured them drinks, and then Bella and Jennifer proceeded to undress him, revealing a muscular body and a nice, large rock-hard cock.

“Mine!” Bella said playfully, grabbing it.

Abraham gasped, then chuckled.

“I like your style, Bella,” he said.

Grinning, she started stroking his shaft with her left hand; with her right, she smoothly lifted her golden pocket watch, swinging it gently in front of Abraham’s eyes.

“Look at my watch Abraham. See it swinging back and forth...feel me stroking feels so good...listening to the sound of my voice...looking at my pretty watch...listening to my voice…,” Bella purred.

“I…I...Uh...,” Abraham stammered.

“Don’t talk, don’t think...look at the watch, feel my hand, listen to my, feel, listen…,” Bella continued, smoothly stroking his cock and swinging her pocket watch.

“Okay…,” he agreed with a shudder of pleasure.

Jennifer watched, sipping her drink and casually fondling her breast; watching Bella hypnotize always aroused her.

“Good boy...watching, feeling, listening...relaxing deeper and deeper…watching...feeling...listening...,” Bella continued.

“Watching…feeling...listening...,” Abraham agrees, eyes on the watch as he trembled under Bella’s seductive words and touch.

The hypnotist smiled.

“That’s right... you are very relaxed...sleepy...feeling so good watching, feeling, listening…obeying...,” She said.

“Yes…,” Abraham agreed.

“You are sleepy...very sleepy...watching, feeling, listening and obeying...obey me, Abraham...obey...and SLEEP!” Bella said firmly.

Abraham’s eyes snapped shut.

“Men are too easy for you,” Jennifer laughed.

“A lot of them are,” Bella agreed.

The hypnotist sipped her drink, then began to whisper suggestions into Abraham’s ear.

He opened his eyes a short time later to find he’d become enslaved to the two women.

He was angry at first, as they made him kiss their feet, sucking whiskey from their toes. Then they poured shots down their ass cracks for him to lick.

The loss of control was frightening.

It was also erotic and exciting, he had to admit.

“Don’t worry honey, we won’t do any permanent damage. Just enjoy yourself; it’s not like you’ve got a choice,” Bella told him sweetly.

After that Abraham stopped trying to resist. Jennifer and Bella took turns riding him; he was astonished to find he couldn’t cum.

“Sorry dear, I told you the cock is mine. You need my permission to cum,” Bella explained with a smile.

Abraham pleasured the pair for hours, eating pussy, sucking tits and being ridden by one with the other woman sitting on his face. Bella had him do her from behind bending her over the bed, and Jennifer wanted him to do her while she sat on the counter in the bathroom. Both women teased him, tit-fucking him and stroking him with their hands.

By three o’clock in the morning the big man was shamelessly begging to cum; he was exhausted.

“I think he’s earned it, don’t you Jen?” Bella asked.

“Absolutely. I’ll take this one,” Jennifer replied.

“Are you sure?” Bella asked.

“Yes, I don’t mind at all. I like him. It’s the least we can do,” Jennifer replied.

She knelt in front of Abraham and slowly took his straining cock into her mouth. He moaned as she began to move her head, smoothly and rapidly.

“Abraham...cum! CUM!” Bella said.

He let out a wordless scream, shuddering as he finally shot his load.

Jennifer took it all, dutifully swallowing it.

Abraham collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

“ are…crazy...,” he gasped after a few moments.

“A little, yes. Abraham, this was a real pleasure. Thank you,” Bella said sweetly.

Abraham sat up; the women were pulling on their dresses and strapping on their expensive heels.

“’re leaving?” He asked.

“We are. The room is paid for; check out by noon. Oh, and my hypnotic control will fade after you sleep awhile,” Bella said.

She didn’t tell him she had left a trigger in his mind that would instantly turn him into her slave anytime she chose.

“I…,” he gasped.

“She’s something, isn’t she?” Jennifer laughed.

“Holy shit yes!” Abraham said, still trying to process what had happened.

Bella and Jennifer both giggled.

“Bye!” They said together.

Bella blew him a kiss; Jennifer gave a little wave before leaving the stunned Abraham alone in the suite. The two women walked to where Jennifer’s SUV was parked and went back to Bella’s, falling asleep together in the hypnotist’s king size bed around 4:30 am.

They slept well past noon. They spent a leisurely afternoon reviewing the information about the job that Genevieve had sent via email. They came up with a basic plan; they agreed Bella would do the job on Monday evening, and make delivery to Genevieve on Tuesday.

Eventually, Jennifer had to leave and go tend to some of the more mundane aspects of her life, like her business and her home and the drama that came with her college-freshman daughter. Bella rested and relaxed for the remainder of Sunday; she’d had an absolute blast the night before, but now it was time to get her game face on. The iron discipline that allowed her to function as Bella Beguile took over.

Andy sat quietly on the bus, scrolling randomly through various apps on his phone to pass the time as he rode home from work. It was well after seven on Monday evening; he had stayed late again, making certain the people who worked under him were on task and producing what he needed them to to keep *his* boss off his ass. He was a fairly handsome man in is late thirties, with short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was tall, with an average build and in decent shape considering he spent so much time at a desk. He was an intelligent and hard-working man, generally well-liked by his coworkers. His stop was the last one, so he was often the last person on the bus in the evening. His stop was coming up, and he hadn’t noticed that a woman was still on the bus a few seats in front of him. She rose and walked back to stand beside Andy, who was so absorbed in his phone he didn’t register her presence.

That changed when she cleared her throat.

Andy looked up, startled as his gaze met a pair of gorgeous ice-blue blue eyes that belonged to a beautiful silvery-platinum-haired woman dressed in a stylish blue pantsuit along with tall black designer pumps. She had on conservative diamond stud earrings, and a golden antique pocket-watch hung on a long slide-chain around her neck.

“Excuse me, I am sorry to disturb you but I could I possibly ask your help with something?” the woman asked with a friendly smile.

“Oh! Uh, sure. Yes, yes of course!” Andy stammered as he recovered his surprise.

The smiling woman extended her hand; Andy’s eyes were drawn to a ring with an enormous blue sapphire twinkling on her middle finger.

“I’m Bella,” she said.

“Andy,” he replied, shaking her hand.

“It is nice to meet you Andy. May I?” Bella asked, indicating the seat beside him.

“Of course! Please. So what can I do for you?” He asked eagerly.

“Well, I am new to this bus route. I think I am lost. I have the app that shows the schedule and routes, but my phone is dead,” Bella replied sheepishly as she sat.

“Oh, no problem! I can show you the bus schedule and routes and all that on my phone. I am kind of a veteran. Don’t worry, we will get you where you want to go,” Andy replied helpfully.

He was trying very hard to appear cool and relaxed, but inside his heart was pounding. Bella was a beautiful woman, and she smelled like vanilla and cherry blossoms. Andy had never been the smoothest with women, and at the very least he didn’t want to appear awkward or creepy.

“Wonderful! Thank you Andy. I feel like such an idiot,” Bella replied, casually putting her hand on his arm.

The sapphire in her ring glittered brilliantly; her casual touch was an anchoring technique; it would help to subconsciously put he quarry at ease and relax.

“You are not an idiot; these routes are tricky until you get used to them. Where are you headed?” Andy asked.

“Ninth and Main,” Bella replied.

“Okay… this is the right bus. See, right here is the route. You are the stop after mine,” Andy said, pointing to the map on his phone.

“This one, here?” Bella asked, pointing delicately with a blue and silver nail.

Again, Andy noticed the sparkling sapphire on her finger.

“Yes, that’s it. You just put in your destination and the app will show you which route to take and display bus numbers and times,” Andy said helpfully.

“I see! Thank you so much, Andy! I really appreciate your help,” Bella said warmly, again touching his arm.

Bella was careful to keep her ring on display. The perceptive woman noted with satisfaction that Andy’s eyes followed the magnificent jewel as she moved her hand.

“No problem. So you are new in town?” He asked, trying to keep his nervousness out of his voice.

Andy was eager to continue the conversation with the attractive, sophisticated woman; his bus rides home were usually unremarkable and boring.

“No, just to the bus. I don’t like driving downtown,” Bella replied.

She moved her hand side to side as she spoke, making it sparkling even more brilliantly.

“That is a beautiful ring,” Andy said, admiring it along with her her exquisitely done nails.

Bella smiled; Andy’s comment provided her the perfect opening she was looking for.

“Oh, thank you. It has been in my family for years. Go ahead, take a closer look at it…,” Bella suggested softly.

She continued to move her hand slowly to and fro; Andy’s eyes were reflexively drawn to the sapphire.

“Sapphire, right?” he asked, genuinely interested.

“It is; a very valuable one. It is very relaxing to look at, especially when it moves. Keep your eyes on it Andy…watch it move back and forth as you listen to my voice…,” Bella said in a soothing voice.

“Uh, okay sure…,” Andy said slowly.

He was a bit confused at the conversation’s turn, but he was eager to keep the woman’s attention, so he complied and kept his eyes on the jewel.

Just as the wily Bella had anticipated.

“That’s it Andy; just relax and keep watching the sapphire…watch it moving back and forth…relax…listening to the sound of my voice…relaxing deeper…deeper with every word I say…you are getting sleepy Andy…your eyelids are growing heavy…,” Bella said in her practiced, powerful monotone.

“Wait, what? I…I don’t, uh…,” Andy stammered.

He was surprised to find his eyelids *were* suddenly heavy, his body tingling as he began to relax.

Bella’s ring filled his vision; her seductive voice filled his mind.

“Very good, Andy…you so relaxed…sleepy…very sleepy…your eyelids heavy…very heavy… I am going to count back from ‘three’, and when I reach ‘one’ you will fall deep, deep asleep…,” Bella continued.

“…I…wait…I…,” Andy mumbled; his eyelids were fluttering and the tingling in his body had increased.

“Three…you are sleepy…Two…your eyelids are so heavy…you cannot stay awake…one…go deep asleep now Andy,” Bella said firmly.

Andy tried to speak, but only made an unintelligible whisper before his eyes closed and he slumped in his seat.

Bella smiled smugly as she lowered her hand.

“Can you hear me Andy?” She asked.

“Yes,” he murmured.

“Good boy. Listen to me carefully. You are deep asleep and nothing will awaken you until *I* awaken you. You will obey my every command, without hesitation or question. Is that clear?” Bella asked firmly.

“Yes, Bella,” Andy agreed helplessly.

Andy’s stop came and went; Bella led him off the bus at the following one, smiling at the driver as they exited. She led him to Jennifer’s SUV, parked just up the street.

“Get in the back and do not move or speak until I tell you to,” Bella commanded.

“Yes, Bella,” Andy said.

“Oh, and you will address me as ‘Mistress”, slave. Got it?” she added.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied as he got into the back seat.

“I see you got him,” Jennifer said as Bella got in the passenger seat.

“Easily. He had no chance,” the hypnotist chuckled.

Jennifer drove a few blocks and pulled into the parking garage of a Hampton Inn.

“Okay, you are in room two-ten, under Susan Green,” Jennifer said, handing Bella a room card.

“Thank you Jen. I will call you when I am finished with this one. It shouldn’t take more than an hour,” Bella replied with a smirk.

“Alright. I’ll be down at the Shamrock, just call me when you are done and I’ll be back to pick you up,” Jennifer replied.

“Andy, you will follow me,” Bella commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” the hypnotized man replied.

Jennifer chuckled; Bella winked at her before exiting the vehicle.

The hypnotist led Andy up to the room and commanded him to strip and sit on the floor.

“Okay my pet, you are going to answer all of my questions, and you will do so completely and truthfully. Understand?” Bella said, looking down at the man.

“Yes Mistress,” Andy agreed helplessly.

“Good boy. You work for Chrono-Tech in Research and Development, is that correct?” the hypnotist asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Andy replied.

“Excellent. First, you will tell me about the building and security…” Bella began.

She took out her fully-charged phone and started recording. She questioned Andy for about thirty minutes about Chrono-Tech and his job. When she was satisfied, she put her phone back in her purse and looked thoughtfully down at Andy.

“Andy, do you find me attractive?” she asked.

“Yes,” Andy said.

“How sweet. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken from your trance, and forget everything we discussed about your job. You will remain completely in my power, obeying my every command even though you are awake and aware. As soon as you see me, you will become very aroused. You will remain seated on the floor, unable to move unless I tell you to do so. Do you understand me?” She asked firmly.

“Yes Mistress,” Andy said.

Grinning, Bella casually snapped her fingers. Andy started awake.

“What…what is going on?” he asked, looking up at Bella.

The beautiful woman he had met on he bus grinned wider as his cock began to stiffen.

“Oh I am just having a little fun at your expense,” Bella replied with a chuckle.

“Where am I? How… did I get here? What the hell?” Andy said as he looked around the unfamiliar hotel room.

He jumped as he realized that he was naked, flushing with embarrassment. Despite the frightening and confusing situation, he found that he was extremely aroused and his cock was now fully erect.

Andy tried to stand up; he felt a sudden and overwhelming urge to stay on the floor.

He remained seated before Bella Beguile.

“Relax, Andy. I am not going to hurt you. You have been very helpful, and I am going to reward you,” Bella said.

“Helpful? How?” Andy asked, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

“That is not important. What is important is that I got what I needed, thanks to you and your trusting nature. Now I can see you are rather excited, so I am going to allow you to relieve that excitement,” Bella said with a wicked smile.

“I..I don’t understand! What did you do to me? Why can’t I stand up?” Andy asked a little more frantically.

“Oh, I hypnotized you. Quite easily, actually. You are my slave at the moment,” Bella explained casually.

“Wait, what? You *hypnotized* me? Bullshit, you can’t do that!” Andy protested, even though a small part of his mind was telling him it must be true.

“Of course I can,” Bella replied haughtily.

The sexy hypnotist turned around, lowering her pants to reveal her pale, firm ass and skimpy black thong.

“I hypnotized you and I can make you do anything I wish. Now kiss my ass, my pet,” Bella commanded.

Andy was about to object, but he felt suddenly very strongly compelled to obey. He found himself on his knees, kissing Bella’s sexy ass cheeks.

Bella let Andy continue for a couple minutes before commanding him to stop. She then kicked off her pumps, stepped out of her pants and slipped off her blue thong underwear.

“Why don’t you crawl over here and eat pussy will be the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted; you want it so me Andy…,” Bella purred, sitting on the bed and spreading her legs.

Andy began to sweat, tingling with desire as her words took hold in his mind; he scrambled across the carpet and put his head between Bella’s legs, eagerly licking and sucking at her clit. Bella moaned with pleasure; it didn’t take long for her to cum.

“Mmmm...good boy! Now just stay there quietly on your knees,” Bella said, standing up.

Andy obeyed, watching as the hypnotist got dressed.

When she finished, Bella looked down at him and smirked at his still-stiff cock.

“Oh my! You’re still hard! I’m so sorry, how rude. Andy, when I leave you will start to masturbate to me; as you stroke, you will chant “I belong to Bella” and when you cum will be free of my control and feel wonderful and refreshed, happy to have served me,” she said sweetly.

Andy watched helplessly as Bella blew him a kiss and sauntered out the door.

The whole experience seemed like a surreal dream as Andy began to masturbate to the woman who had enslaved and humiliated him.

“I belong to Bella…I belong to Bella,” he said as he stroked his cock.

Later that night at ChronoTech headquarters, a fully costumed Bella Beguile punched Andy’s security code into the keypad of an employee entrance and slipped inside. She carried a small satchel over her shoulder as she made her way quickly and silently down the darkened hallway, following the directions Andy had given her. As she expected, before she reached her destination two rent-a-cop security guards rounded a corner in front of her.

They didn’t seem surprised to see her; Bella knew from interrogating Andy that there were three security guards on duty, and one of them would be watching the cameras. Even though she had gotten in without tripping the alarm using Andy’s code, she knew she would be spotted.

“Hey, hold it right there lady! This is private property!” The older of the two guards said, a portly bearded man.

He and his younger clean-shaven partner both pointed flashlights at her, and held batons.

“Hello boys,” Bella said with a smile.

She stopped, hands on her hips. She took a deep breath and let herself sink into a relaxed hypnotic state.

“What’s with the costume? Is that supposed to be a disguise?” The younger security guard snorted.

“You just stay right there, lady. Turn and face the wall,” the older guard ordered her.

Bella Beguile laughed. She strode toward them, hips swaying seductively.

“I said stay!” The man said, holding out his baton.

“Do I look like a dog?” Bella scoffed.

“I am warning you-,“ the man began.

Bella darted forward with surprising speed; in her combat trance, the guards seemed to move in slow motion. She ducked the older man’s baton as he swung at her, spinning and lashing out with her boot to sweep the younger man’s feet and drop him to the floor. She rose smoothly, punching the still-standing guard in his large gut, then grabbed his arm and redirected it so his baton hit him in the face. The guard on the floor tried to grab her leg, but she lifted it out of his reach, then smashed her boot into his face.

The one she’d hit in the face let out a snarl.

“You bitch! I’m gonna fuck you up for that!” he spat, blood trickling from his split lip.

Bella didn’t reply with words; she stared into the guard’s eyes, her own eyes becoming a deeper blue, shimmering in the dimly lit hallway.

The guard froze as the hypnotic energy of The Serpent’s Gaze paralyzed him. Bella quickly kicked him in the balls, knocked the baton and flashlight from his hands, then hit him in the stomach, chest and face in rapid succession, dropping him groaning to the floor. She let her eyes return to normal and spun gracefully just in time to block a blow from the second guard’s baton, who had gotten to his feet. The impact hurt her forearm, but in her trance she could numb the pain.

“You fucking cunt!” the man said, swinging his baton at Bella a second time.

Again she blocked the blow, this time using her hand to redirect his arm so the baton missed her head.

Bella dodged his third blow and snapped a kick into the older guard’s face as he struggled to his knees, breaking his nose. He hit the floor like a bag of sand, unconscious.

“Come on, you can do better than that! You look half my age!” She taunted.

The guard gave a wordless grunt of frustration and charged her; she side-stepped and grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back.

“Aaaah! Fuck! Let go!” He yelled.

“Stop struggling and shut up or I will break it,” Bella promised coolly.

She gave his arm a painful jerk for emphasis.

“Aaah! Okay, okay. Just let go! Damn it,” the guard said.

“Not just yet. Have a quick look at this. Then the pain stops,” Bella said, her golden pocket watch dropping in front of his eyes.

She was quite practiced at hypnotizing someone while maintaining the hold she had the guard in, and a minute later he was deeply entranced.

Bella left him standing hypnotized and bolted down the hall and around the corner. When she reached the security office, she didn’t hesitate and kicked the door in to see a woman in the same uniform as the other two guards holding a taser.

The guard fired, but in her trance Bella saw the wires coming at her and dodged to the side; she didn’t break stride, moving right at the guard and performing a butterfly induction.

“Just follow my fingers, focusing on my finger tips...listening to my voice and a moment, I am going to tell you to sleep Jessica and you will fall into a nice relaxed hypnotic sleep…,” Bella said soothingly.

“What the fuck?” the guard said, taking a step back.

She sounded confused, but her eyes were drawn to Bella’s fluttering fingers.

“Your eyes are feeling tired from watching my finger are feeling very relaxed...sleepy...just let yourself rest. Close your eyes now and SLEEP!” Bella said firmly, giving a loud snap in the guard’s face.

“You crazy bitch-,“ the guard began.

Her eyes snapped shut in mid-sentence and she fell forward into Bella’s arms. The hypnotist put the guard into a chair in front of a bank of monitors and began to whisper in her ear, deepening her trance and giving her suggestions to obey her commands; a few minutes later the security guard was utterly unable resist Bella’s orders.

“Okay Davis, open your eyes. Did you call the police?” Bella asked, reading the guard’s name tag.

“No ma’am. Hansen said to wait until he grabbed you,” Davis replied.

Bella snorted.

“Lucky for me he is an arrogant, stupid person. Okay Davis, you will shut down all the cameras and erase all the footage from tonight,” Bella commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” the guard agreed, starting to punch buttons on the keyboard.

Bella waited until she had completed her assigned task.

“Davis, you will tell me your first name,” she commanded next.

“Sydney,” the guard answered.

“Okay Sydney, you will strip naked and follow me,” Bella commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” Sydney said, unbuttoning her uniform shirt.

Bella smiled approvingly when Sydney was naked; she was an attractive brunette with short hair and athletic body.

A few minutes later the costumed hypnotist and her naked slave had moved the two other guards to the security office, using zip ties from Bella’s satchel on their hands and feet, as well as gagging them with some of Sydney’s clothes. By then, the guard Bella had knocked out was coming around; she used her pocket watch to hypnotize him.

She left the two male guards in the security office, bound and entranced and took the still-naked Sydney with her to the elevator. They got off on the third floor, and Bella led her captive to Andy’s office. Once inside, the hypnotist went to a small wall safe and punched in the code that she had extracted from Andy, opening the door and removing a large project binder and an external hard drive. Reaching into her satchel, she retrieved a digital camera and a hard drive similar to the one in Andy’s safe.

“Sydney, take this camera and get a picture of each and every page in this binder. Be careful and make sure that you take nice clear, focused pictures,” Bella commanded her naked slave.

“Yes ma’am,” Sydney said.

While the security guard got to work, Bella proceeded to connect both external hard drives to Andy’s desktop computer. Using Andy’s passwords, she began to copy the contents of the drive from the safe to the one she brought.

The hypnotist leaned back in Andy’s chair and smiled; she watched the naked young woman dutifully take the photos, admiring her athletic body. Glancing at computer screen, Bella saw that there was approximately ten minutes left before the hard drive was finished being copied.

Plenty of time to indulge herself.

While waiting for Sydney continued taking photos, Bella rose and began to move her costume.

“Sydney, come kneel before me,” the now-naked hypnotist commanded when Sydney had finished her task.

Sydney obeyed. Bella sat on the edge of Andy’s desk and spread her legs.

“Eat me, slave,” she commanded.

The hypnotist moaned as Sydney began to lick and suck at her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm; she let Sydney continue, and a second orgasm quickly followed.

“Okay…Oh…mmm…that’s enough dear. Thank you. Just kneel there like a good girl,” Bella gasped.

The hypnotist hopped off the desk and got dressed. She checked the drive; it was finished copying. Then she reviewed the pictures Sydney had taken, making sure they were good quality. She put the camera and her hard drive into her satchel, then put the project binder and original hard drive back into Andy’s safe. Satisfied, she led the naked Sydney back to the security office.

“Well folks, it has been a genuine pleasure. Sydney, you will now get dressed. All of you listen to me carefully. I am going to leave, and in ten minutes you will awaken and forget everything that happened after you arrived for work tonight. You will not remember seeing me, or anything that I did or said. The entire time after your shift began will vanish from your minds,” Bella instructed.

The hypnotist pulled an assisted-opening folding knife from her boot and snapped it open, using the serrated portion of the blade to cut the zip ties binding the two male guards.

Bella walked out of the room, leaving Sydney putting her uniform back on and the other two security guards laying on the floor.

As Bella exited the ChronoTech building, she emerged from her trance and winced; her arm was throbbing from being struck by the baton. Inspecting it, she saw it was already bruising significantly, but no bones were broken.

Bella Beguile grinned; it wasn’t a serious injury and a small price to pay for a successful heist.

Her powerful mind was already initiating hypnotic pain-control techniques to reduce the discomfort as she vanished into the shadows.

The next day at noon, Bella was sitting on a bench in a public park in Meridian, a city of around one-hundred thousand located west of Boise. Bella was quietly reading a novel, dressed casually in a pink tank top, jeans and flip flops, her platinum hair in a ponytail. Her watch hung around her neck, and her sapphire ring glittered on her finger.

A plain dark blue backpack sat beside her on the bench.

At precisely twelve-thirty, an attractive brunette woman carrying a laptop bag and wearing a pretty pastel green sundress with simple flat brown sandals approached Bella.

“Excuse me, would you mind if I sat a moment?” Genevieve asked politely.

“Of course, be my guest,” Bella said with a smile.

“What a beautiful day. I trust everything went well,” Genevieve said casually as she took a seat beside Bella.

“Perfectly. Everything you requested is in the backpack,” Bella replied.

“Fantastic. No complications?” Genevieve asked.

“None. Frankly, it was an easy job. Not that I’m complaining. It was fun,” Bella replied.

“I’m glad. I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Do you mind if I verify the merchandise?” Genevieve asked politely.

“Of course, go right ahead,” Bella said, returning to her book.

Genevieve reached into the backpack and retrieved the camera, looking carefully through the pictures Sydney had taken. Satisfied, she put it back and brought out the hard drive, then got out her laptop and connected the drive to it.

Genevieve broke into a huge grin as she examined detailed files on all of ChronoTech’s current R&D projects; the information and the photos on the drive was invaluable to her; she would be able to help her employer beat ChronoTech to the punch on many of their own projects, not to mention make herself look stellar to her boss and stand out from her rivals.

“This is...fucking fantastic,” she said quietly.

“I’m glad you like it,” Bella chuckled

“You are incredible!” Genevieve said sincerely.

“Oh stop! I just did my job,” Bella said with obviously false humility.

“Well, there is double your fee in here. This information is incredibly valuable to me, and I want you to know how grateful I am,” Genevieve said, setting an envelope on the bench.

The two women’s eyes met; Bella found Genevieve very attractive, and she could see the other woman’s desire for her behind her disciplined, professional demeanor.

“I appreciate that very much. A nice change from clients trying to lowball or outright cheat me. Beautiful women are often the most difficult clients,” Bella replied with a wink.

Genevieve flushed slightly.

“I bet that doesn’t go well for them,” Genevieve chuckled.

“No it often doesn’t, although I enjoy helping them relax and make it up to me,” Bella agreed with a seductive wink.

“Well I for one would like the hire you again,” Genevieve said, clearly distracted.

“I would really like that. Contact me anytime,” Bella replied.

“Excellent, thank you! Have a wonderful week, Bella,” Genevieve said, rising slowly.

She seemed reluctant to leave.

“Thank you, Genevieve,” Bella said, standing and offering her hand.

The hypnotist considered using a handshake rapid induction on Genevieve and taking her right there in the deserted park as her client took her hand.

Bella resisted her dark urge, politely shaking Genevieve’s hand.

She genuinely liked the woman, and as much as she’d enjoy dominating she decided she’d rather have her trust.

“Can I drop you somewhere?” Genevieve asked, obviously reluctant to leave.

*Funny, I was thinking the same thing*, Bella thought to herself, suppressing a smile at her own hypnosis joke.

“Oh, that’s my car there” she said, nodding at her BMW in the parking lot.

“Oh...then may I buy you lunch? There is this excellent brewery near the B and B I’m staying at,” Genevieve said, clearly nervous.

“Relax, Genevieve. I won’t bite. You’re a busy woman. If you like me, just say so. I certainly like you,” Bella said smiling.

She placed a comforting hand gently on Genevieve’s arm.

“I appreciate your directness. I didn’t know your policy on associating with a client,” the business executive replied sheepishly.

“The job is finished, so you aren’t a client at the moment....just a friend....I hope, anyway,” Bella said slyly.

“Yes, I’d like that,” Genevieve whispered.

“I don’t want to pressure you,” Bella said, looking pointedly at Genevieve’s enormous engagement ring and wedding band.

“Oh…He…he’s a pig. Cheats on me regularly. It’s about time I returned the favor,” Genevieve replied.

“I agree. Perhaps I will give him an attitude adjustment for you sometime,” Bella said, moving to kiss the other woman.

Genevieve returned the kiss passionately.

“I haven’t been with a woman since college,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about that. Do you have a car here?” Bella asked.

“Jared dropped me off. I was going to call him when I was finished,” Genevieve said, referring to her bodyguard-assistant.

“Good, lets take my car then,” Bella said, picking up her envelope.

Bella drove about ten minutes to a much larger park; it had fishing ponds, tennis courts, a bandshell and many other public amenities.

“What are we doing here?” Genevieve asked.

“Trust me,” Bella said.

She took retrieved a blanket from her trunk and a bottle of expensive champagne. Then she took off her flip flops, put them in the car and motioned for Genevieve to follow. Giggling, Genevieve did the same with her sandals and the two women walked barefoot across the cool grass and to a small wooded area at the far end of the park. Bella headed back into the trees out of sight of the rest of the park, spread out the blanket, and unceremoniously stripped naked.

Genevieve hesitated a moment; the sound of children playing and people enjoying themselves elsewhere in park could be heard through the trees, which made her apprehensive.

“I…don’t normally do things like this…,” She said shyly.

Bella smiled reassuringly and laid on the blanket.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine. I promise,” she said, motioning for the other woman to join her on the blanket.

Genevieve smiled back, took a deep breath and shrugged off her dress, revealing her fantastic abs and lovely smooth skin, along with red panties. She slipped them off and walked slowly toward the blanket. Bella grinned, popped the champagne and took a swig, then handed the bottle to Genevieve.

Genevieve took a drink, admiring Bella’s toned body, then joined the hypnotist on the blanket.

The two women began to kiss, fondling each other’s tits. Bella’s hand found Genevieve’s wet pussy, and soon the women were having passionate, vigorous sex. The kissed, sucked and caressed each other. They took turns eating one another’s pussy. Genevieve sucked champagne from Bella’s toes, while Bella licked it from Genevieve’s ass crack; they each dribbled some on their nipples for the other to suck off. They alternately gave each other multiple screaming orgasms, and finally while positioned in a “sixty-nine” they made each other cum at the same time.

“That was amazing!” Genevieve gasped.

“Yes it was. Thank you,” Bella said as she caught her breath.

As they lay sprawled on the blanket in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs, they heard the sound of footsteps approaching through the foliage.

Both women sat up to see a uniformed police officer approaching, trailed by a middle-aged white woman with short dark brown hair, dressed in a t-shirt and capri pants.

“Alright ladies, that’s enough. Get dressed,” the officer said in a gruff voice.

“Oh shit,” Genevieve muttered.

“Just relax, I’ll handle this,” Bella whispered.

The hypnotist stood.

“What seems to be the problem officer?” Bella asked sweetly.

“Save it. This isn’t some porno production, it is a public park. We got a complaint about two gals acting inappropriate, and here you are. You’re both under arrest. Now get dressed,” the officer said.

He was a handsome man of about forty, with brown hair greying at his temples and brown eyes.

“Oh I don’t think so officer…Hawkins. You will not be arresting us,” Bella replied, reading his name-tag as she walked toward him.

“Hey! He said get dressed!” The woman said indignantly.

“Ma’am, I’ll handle this,” Hawkins said to her, turning around and giving her a stern look.

When he turned back he was startled to see Bella only a couple feet away, swinging a shiny golden pocket watch before his eyes.

“What the...?” He said in surprise.

“Just relax, officer Hawkins...relax and follow the beautiful, shiny gold watch…,” Bella said soothingly.

“Ma’am I said get dressed, now!” Officer Hawkins said.

“Just relax officer...relax as you look at the watch…follow it with your eyes…see it swing back...and forth... relaxing more with every word I say... my voice is so soothing, you just want to listen to it and relax for me…,” Bella continued, her watch slowly gaining momentum.

“Ma’am this is your last warning-,” officer Hawkins began.

“Feeling more and more relaxed with each swing back and forth...more relaxed with each word I say... your eyes are drawn to the beautiful watch…see how the sun reflects off the surface…it is so soothing… you feel the urge to watch it swing back and forth...back... and forth...relaxing more and more Officer Hawkins…,” Bella went on smoothly.

The officer didn’t realize the danger until it was too late.

“Wait, are trying to hyp-hypnotize me…?” Hawkins stammered.

“I *am* hypnotizing you are so cannot move, you cannot speak... you can only follow the watch and listen to my are so relaxed…sinking into my words…listening…obeying…,” Bella said, her voice seductive and insistent.

Officer Hawkins was silent, eyes following the swinging watch.

“That’s it…so completely relaxed…you cannot think…you can only listen to my voice and obey…you are hypnotized!” Bella declared firmly.

Officer Hawkins visibly relaxed, eyes going wide and unblinking as he stood before the naked, smirking hypnotist.

“Hey! You can’t do that to a policeman!” The woman behind him said incredulously.

Bella looked at Genevieve and rolled her eyes. The business woman smiled, taking a swig off the champaign bottle.

She was far less concerned, and enjoying watching Bella work.

“I can do anything I please *Karen*. Now just run along and mind your own business, before I have the nice office fuck you in your asshole,” Bella said derisively.

“What?! That’s it! I’m calling his supervisor!” the woman shrieked, indignant.

“No I’m afraid you aren’t calling anyone, *Karen*,” Bell said sweetly.

“Stop calling me ‘Karen’ you nasty vulgar bitch!” the woman replied, pulling out her phone.

“Officer Hawkins, you will confiscate her phone and handcuff her. Now,” Bella ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” the officer said.

He turned and moved quickly toward “Karen”, snatching her phone from her hand.

“Hey! What the hell! Give me that-,” she began.

Officer Hawkins pocketed her phone, then grabbed the woman and spun her around, putting her hands behind her back and cuffing her.

“Karen” shrieked and protested the whole time.

“Fuck she’s loud,” Genevieve remarked with a shake of her head.

“Officer, bring her here and cover her mouth,” Bella commanded.

“Karen” continued to try to protest, her voice now muffled by officer Hawkins’ hand as he brought her before Bella.

“Good boy. Hold her still. You can uncover her mouth,” Bella commanded.

Officer Hawkins adjusted his grip, holding the woman firmly so she couldn’t move.

“You Bitch! It is illegal to hypnotize the police! What you are doing is so wrong! You have to let him go…,” the woman began a tirade.

Bella casually picked up her panties and sauntered up to the incessantly talking, struggling woman.

“Wait, what you doing? Stop! Help! He-,” her voice was muffled once again as Bella stuffed her panties into the woman’s mouth.

She gagged a bit, then continued to try to call for help.

Bella and Genevieve both laughed.

The hypnotist casually reached into the woman’s purse and got out her wallet; she opened it and looked at the woman’s driver’s license.

“Okay *Sara*, since you felt the need to tattle on two consenting adults having fun, I think it’s time you got put in your place. I don’t like being disturbed, especially by cops and nosey busybodies,” Bella said, tossing the wallet on the ground.

Sara continued to try to talk, to yell for help. Her face red, clearly angry and indignant.

Bella leaned close to Sara and began to speak quietly into her ear in her hypnotist’s voice.

Genevieve watched as Sara’s muffled chatter slowed, then stopped as her eyes glazed over and she slipped into a hypnotic trance.

“Alright Sara. You are now completely in my power and will obey my every command. You cannot resist me; you will accept all my suggestions as if they were your own thoughts and obey me without hesitation. Understand? Just nod,” Bella said firmly.

Sara nodded dumbly.

“Officer Hawkins, please take the cuffs off her. Then you will both strip. Oh and Sara, when I snap my fingers you will be wide awake; you will follow all my suggestions as if you were still hypnotized and obey my commands even if you don’t want to. If I say “meddling Karen”, you will instantly go back into deep hypnosis for me,” Bella said.

She snapped nonchalantly after Sara was out of the cuffs.

The woman’s eyes went wide in shock as she saw Officer Hawkins removing his clothes—and to her horror she felt compelled to do the same.

First, she pulled the panties from her mouth.

“Oh my god! What have you done to me!” Sara said, panic in her voice as she began to strip.

“She hypnotized you,” Genevieve said with a laugh.

Sara began to sob as she finished undressing.

“Oh my, Officer Hawkins is quite well endowed. Officer, do you find my friend and I attractive?” Bella asked.

“Yes...” he answered.

“Very good! You find us both very sexy; you desperately wanted to fuck us both as soon as you saw our naked bodies. You are very aroused. Very horny. Your cock is getting stiff, and it will stay that way. You will not, cannot cum until command you to…,” Bella said.

She watched with satisfaction as the officer’s cock went quickly erect.

“Holy shit! That’s useful!” Genevieve exclaimed.

“You are a sick bitch! You can’t do this!” Sara shrieked.

“Be quiet Sara. Don’t speak unless I tell you to,” Bella commanded.

Sara fell silent, eyes wide with fear.

“Officer Hawkins, lay on the blanket,” Bella commanded.

Genevieve giggled as the naked officer laid down next to her.

“Go ahead, Genevieve. Have your way with him,” Bella said.

“Seriously?” Genevieve asked, eyeing the officer’s erection.

“Yes, he wants to fuck us. Go ahead, enjoy,” Bella said cheerfully.

Genevieve tentatively lowered herself onto the officer’s cock; she moved slowly at first, but it didn’t take long before she was bouncing up and down rapidly and moaning with pleasure.

Bella had turned back to Sara.

“Get on your knees,” the hypnotist commanded haughtily.

Tears trickling from her eyes, Sara knelt.

“Now you get to make up for bothering us and sticking your nose into someone else’s business. Eat my pussy, slave-Sara,” Bella commanded.

Sara turned red as she moved to obey; Bella’s moans and shrieks soon joined Genevieve’s as the hapless woman began to awkwardly lick and suck at Bella’s wet pussy.

Both women orgasmed quickly. After recovering a few minutes, Bella suggested they switch.

Bella lowered herself onto Hawkins’ cock while Sara buried her face in Genevieve’s wet pussy.

The hypnotist was the first to cum, and the corporate executive followed seconds later.

“Damn, I am exhausted!” Genevieve said as she and Bella got dressed.

“Yes, it has been an eventful afternoon,” Bella agreed.

When the pair were clothed and had gathered up their blanket and empty champaign bottle, Bella commanded Hawkins to stand with Sara kneeling before him.

“Ok you two, listen carefully. When I snap my fingers, you will both begin to masturbate to me. You will not be able to stop yourself. You will think of me and my naked body and get hornier and hornier and masturbate harder and faster, but you will not be able to cum. As you masturbate, you will say ‘I will not bother people’ over and over again, and you will cum hard when you have said it fifty times. Hawkins, you will cum all over Sara’s face. Then you will both awaken from hypnosis and remember everything that took place but not what we looked like, our names or anything about us. No details at all, only that you bothered two women making love and that you were hypnotized and humiliated,” Bella instructed firmly.

The two hypnotized people remained motionless, their faces blank as Bella’s suggestions took root in their minds.

The hypnotist winked at Genevieve, then casually gave a loud snap.

Sara and Officer Hawkins both began to masturbate, helpless to stop.

“I will not bother people,” both hypno-slaves began to chant.

Bella and Genevieve both laughed as they walked toward the car.

“I’m *really* hungry; late lunch?” Genevieve asked.

“Sure, do you like sushi?” Bella asked.

“I love it,” Genevieve replied.

“Great, I know a great place not too far from here,” Bella said as they got into her car.

“Bella, I have had a fantastic time. Thank you,” Genevieve said as they headed to the restaurant.

“So have I, Genevieve. It is nice to meet someone sophisticated and intelligent that I can share a little bit of what I do with. Obviously I didn’t scare you off,” Bella replied.

“Not at all. In fact, I…enjoyed watching you humiliate those people,” Genevieve replied, a bit sheepishly.

Bella chuckled.

“I am glad to hear that, because I certainly enjoy doing it. I can be an evil bitch,” she replied with a wink.

“A sexy evil bitch. Your power is amazing, Bella. It really turns me on. May I ask you something?” Genevieve asked.

“Of course,” Bella replied as she pulled her car into the parking lot of a small upscale sushi restaurant.

“Were you serious about hypnotizing my husband?” Genevieve asked.

“Certainly; would you like me to?” Bella asked in reply.

“Yes…I…I want him humiliated and…I want him to be my bitch. His fucking little girlfriends too,” Genevieve said quietly.

Bella smiled.

“I would be delighted to put them in their place,” she said, patting Genevieve’s leg comfortingly.

Genevieve smiled.

“That would be wonderful, thank you,” she whispered.

Bella leaned in and kissed Genevieve passionately.

“Let’s go discuss it over lunch,” the hypnotist said after they broke the kiss.

Genevieve nodded, and she was smiling as she followed Bella Beguile into the restaurant.

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