An Easy Induction

by DazzlingLady

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male #Titnosis

This story uses "The Easy Induction" originally written by CactusJuggler as a basis. I wrote it as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite pieces of hypnosis fiction with the original author's permission. He has my sincere gratitude. 

Gina and Jenny walked out of the auditorium following a three-hour lecture given by their psychology professor, Kevin Connelly.

It had been much more interesting than many of his previous lectures; the topic in class the past month had been hypnosis, and both young women had been enjoying it. The focus of this particular lecture had been rapid inductions and stage hypnotism.

Gina in particular had been very interested in the subject; she had was practically gushing with excitement as they walked across the BSU campus toward the library.

“That was pretty amazing, especially the rapid inductions. The way that stage hypnotist set her subjects up and then…surprise! I like that a lot more than the long, slower progressive relaxation inductions,” she said.

The stage hypnotist she was referring to was a woman named Deborah Scott. She was a local hypnotherapist that also performed stage hypnosis as a side business; while Professor Connelly was himself an accomplished hypnotist, he did not practice stage hypnosis so he had brought Deborah in to give a demonstration.

“Yes, she was pretty good, and the things she made her volunteers do was pretty funny. It doesn’t really have much practical use, though,” Jenny replied as they walked.

She was far more interested in the clinical applications of hypnosis than the flashier, entertainment focused aspects that Gina was excited about.

“No, I guess not. Still, it was pretty amazing to see. I bet I could pull off a surprise induction. Maybe we can do some kind of hypnosis experiment for our paper. You cna be my subject,” Gina suggested.

She and Jenny were partners in the class, and needed to come up with a minor psych experiment and write a paper on it by the following week.

“Maybe…I mean, we could try but you’re no hypnotist Gina,” Jenny replied with a chuckle.

“We’ll see about that. I have been studying, and I’m pretty sure I can manage a rapid induction; it looked fairly easy,” Gina huffed.

She was confident and arrogant young woman, and could get quite petulant when someone doubted her.

“Sure, we can try it; I still think a more typical progressive relaxation induction would be better for our project,” Jenny replied.

The two young women paused their conversation as they encountered a fellow senior named John; all three of them had gone to the same Boise high school.

“Hey Gina. Oh and hi, Jenny,” he said, smiling.

John was a handsome young man with short dark hair and brown eyes; he was fit and athletic, a member of the college’s baseball team. He was wearing jeans and blue t-shirt with the school’s mascot on it.

“Hi John,” Jenny replied.

“Hey, John. Going to the library?” Gina asked with a dazzling smile.

“Actually I was headed to the student union, I need to get some studying in for a couple tests,” he replied.

John not-so-subtly looked both girls over; Jenny was a pretty, petite blonde with blue eyes. She was wearing a pink tank top, jeans and flip-flops, her hair in a simple ponytail. A former high school cheerleader, she was a fit, sexy young woman.

His gaze lingered longer on Gina, or more accurately on her large, spectacular breasts. Gina was a tall, curvy woman with curly shoulder-length auburn hair and deep green eyes. She was wearing a low-cut red top that showed off both her lack of a bra and ample cleavage, along with a short black skirt and tall black wedge sandals. She wore large gold hoop earrings and a silver ring on her left thumb; her finger and toenails were painted a deep crimson, and she wore a silver toe ring on her right middle toe.

“We are on our way to the library; why don’t you come study with us?” Gina invited him in a voice worthy of a phone-sex operator.

“Okay, sure,” John agreed with a goofy smile, obviously beguiled with her.

Gina had that effect on men, and she loved attention.

Jenny rolled her eyes; as attractive as she was, she may as well have been invisible when Gina was around.

“You know John, you should really be careful around me,” Gina said as the three students headed toward the library.

“Oh? Why is that?” John inquired.

“Because I have the ability to hypnotize people instantly,” she replied casually.

“Wait, what?” John asked.

“I can hypnotize anybody I want, just like that,” Gina informed him, snapping her fingers for emphasis.

“Bullshit, Gina. You can’t just hypnotize someone against their will,” John scoffed.

“Oh, it isn’t bullshit John. Ask Jenny,” Gina said, catching Jenny’s eye and winking.

Jenny understood that her friend was planning to try a surprise rapid induction on John, and wanted her to help reinforce the idea that she could hypnotize people in his mind.

Jenny was sure it was not going to work, but it wouldn’t hurt for Gina to try, she decided.

“It’s true John; Gina can hypnotize anybody she wants to instantly,” Jenny said seriously, supporting her friend’s impromptu little plot.

“Oh okay; since when are you a hypnotist, Gina?” John asked skeptically as they entered the library.

“I have been studying hypnosis for awhile now; but you just keep doubting me. Maybe I will show you,” Gina replied as they headed up a flight of stairs to the second floor.

“Yeah, righ,” John snorted.

“Oh, you would fall right under my power, John. You see, I can instantly hypnotize anyone by flashing my tits at them,” Gina replied sweetly.

While John was taken aback by the declaration, Jenny wasn’t surprised at her friend’s comment; Gina was often pretty vulgar. She continued to listen to her friend’s attempt to set John up to get hypnotized as they continued up the stairs to the third floor.

“Gina, just because I would stare at your rack doesn’t mean I would be hypnotized. Anybody would stare at your tits if you got them out,” John laughed.

“Oh yes it does, John; if I pulled up my top right now, you wouldn’t just stare at my tits. You would instantly fall into a deep, highly suggestible state. You would be hypnotized,” Gina informed him firmly.

“You wish. But please, go ahead and try. I dare you; put your money where your mouth is and show me your tits,” John said with a smirk.

Jenny rolled her eyes again; John was probably getting a hard-on at the idea of Gina flashing him.

Not that she could blame him.

Who wouldn’t want a look at those things?, Jenny thought to herself.

She had to admit Gina had fantastic tits, much nicer than her own.

“I just might, John. Then you will see the truth. I mean, you can hardly keep your eyes off my chest now, so I don’t know why you think you can resist the power of my bare breasts. You find the idea so relaxing, you would would just fall deep asleep as soon as you looked at them,” Gina replied slyly.

The third floor was practically deserted, and when Jenny headed for the table where they usually sat, Gina shook her head at her and motioned for them to follow her. She lead them to a small meeting room that had several comfortable chairs arraigned around a small circular table.

“Okay, Gina. There is nobody here, why don’t you show me your little hypnotism trick?” John said, clearly hoping for a free show.

Jenny snorted, tired of all the talk of Gina’s tits; she sat down with her back to the door and took out her laptop and opened it to work on a paper.

Gina sat across the table from Jenny, and John sat down beside her.

“I don’t think you really want that, John. If I show you my tits, you *will* be instantly hypnotized. You would relax completely and fall into a deep hypnotized state. You would be helpless, completely at my mercy. I would be able to make you do anything I wanted. I just don’t think you want that,” Gina replied seriously as she opened her backpack.

“Sure I do; besides, there is only one way to find out,” John said eagerly.

Gina scoffed; then she took out her tablet and began to study, suddenly ignoring him.

John fidgeted in his seat as the two attractive young women sat quietly, reading and typing.

He kept sneaking glances at Gina’s cleavage, aroused and flustered from the unexpected nature of the earlier conversation, and was now frustrated by Gina’s sudden disinterest.

All John could think about now was her tits.

About thirty minutes passed; John had eventually gotten out his laptop and began to review notes from one of his classes. Gina rose from her seat and walked over to shut the door to the small room.

“John, look at me,” she said in a soft but firm voice from behind Jenny.

John looked up to see Gina standing with her top raised, her fantastic bare tits exposed in all their glory.

Jenny too looked up, just in time to see John with a dazed expression on his face before his eyes closed and he slumped back into his seat.

“Oh my god! It worked!” Gina squealed with delight.

Jenny turned around to see Gina straightening her top, a huge smile on her face.

“Oh come on, he isn’t hypnotized; he’s faking. John, you are a dumbass,” she said skeptically.

“Is he? Let’s find out” Gina replied eagerly.

Jenny watched as Gina retook her seat beside John, who was just sitting quietly with his eyes closed and head nodded. She studied him for a moment, taking his computer off his lap and setting on the small table before speaking.

“John, can you hear me?” she asked softly.

“Yes…,” the young man murmured.

“You are completely relaxed, deep asleep aren’t you John?” Gina asked.

“Yes…,” John replied.

Jenny look incredulous; she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

She was sure John was faking being in a trance.

If he was, he was doing an excellent job.

“You are hypnotized, aren’t you John?” Gina asked.

“Yes…hypnotized,” he agreed slowly.

“That’s right, you are hypnotized. Just relax. Sinking deeper and deeper into trance with every word I speak. You were not able to resist the power of my breasts. My breasts are beautiful, and you have loved them since high school, haven’t you John?” Gina asked, gaining confidence as she spoke to her subject.

Jenny continued to watch, dumbfounded as it began to look more and more like her friend had somehow actually hypnotized John with her tits!

“Yes, Gina,” John murmured.

“That is because I have the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen, the most beautiful breasts in the entire world,” Gina suggested firmly.

“Most beautiful…breasts,” John agreed.

Gina looked at Jenny and winked, then leaned closer to John and spoke directly into his ear in her most sultry voice.

“That’s right…my breasts are the most beautiful breasts in the world, and *I* am the most beautiful woman in the world. Say it, John. Say that Gina is the most beautiful woman in the world and you will know in your heart that it is true,” she suggested next.

“Gina is the most beautiful woman in the world,” John agreed helplessly.

“Very good, John. Now, you want to please me. I *am* the most beautiful woman in the world and you know I deserved to be pleased, to be worshipped. You want to please me, don’t you?” Gina purred in his ear.

“Yes…,” John whispered slowly.

His cock bulged in his jeans as he spoke.

Jenny wanted to scoff at the ridiculous situation unfolding before her, but she kept silent; she was fascinated—and a little frightened.

“Good boy. Now it is very important that you do everything you can to make me happy. The way you are listening carefully to everything I say makes me *very* happy, and it makes you happy to have pleased me. You feel wonderful to have made me happy, don’t you John?” Gina asked.

“Yes, Gina,” John replied.

Jenny was amazed to see that he actually smiled in agreement as he spoke.

Gina had taken on an air of smug superiority that Jenny was quite familiar with.

“John, my beautiful breasts control you now. From this moment forward, you *will* do anything I command you to do. You will be completely helpless to fight my power, utterly unable to resist me. You carry out my orders without hesitation, and it will make you very happy to serve me. You will be my slave, won’t you John?” Gina said in a firm but gentle voice.

Jenny snorted.

She is nuts if she thinks this is going to work, she thought to herself.

The blonde fully expected John to open his eyes and laugh, mocking Gina’s wishful thinking that she had actually hypnotized him with her tits.

“Yes Gina, I will be your slave,” he answered without hesitation.

His eyes remained closed, his breathing regular and his voice unwavering as he agreed.

Jenny’s mouth hung open in shock; she was starting to believe the young man was actually in Gina’s power.

“You will do anything I tell you, won’t you John?” Gina continued.

“Yes, Gina,” he answered immediately.

“Very good! *Very* good, John. You have made me so happy. Now listen to me carefully; if I ever show you my bare breasts again, you will instantly return to the deep hypnotic state you are in now. If I show you my bare breasts while you are already in a trance, you will then fall deeper under my power, deeper under my control. Do you understand me, John?” Gina asked firmly.

“Yes, Gina,” John agreed.

“Tell me John, who has the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen?” Gina asked.

“You do, Gina,” he answered.

“Very good; can you resist my breasts or resist me?” she asked.

“No…,” John answered.

Jenny continued to watch the surreal situation unfold as her friend continued to program her victim.

“What will you do if I show you my bare breasts again, John?” Gina asked him.

“I will fall deep under your power,” he answered.

“Good boy, John. Now, when I count to three and snap my fingers I want you to wake up and forget that I hypnotized you, and forget that I have explained all these things to you. Your subconscious mind will remember all my commands and instructions and you *will* follow them, but you will not remember me giving them to you. One, two, three!” Gina said firmly.

The curvy young woman nonchalantly gave a loud snap of her fingers.

John opened his eyes and sat up; he looked a bit bewildered for a moment, then stretched and reached for his computer.

Gina looked at Jenny and gave her a smug smile.

“You don’t actually believe that worked, do you?” Jenny scoffed.

“Oh, I don’t know…we should ask John,” Gina replied smugly.

“Ask me what?” John asked, confused.

He sat back, leaving his laptop on the table where Gina had put it.

“John, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” Gina asked him innocently.

“Uhh…you are…,” he answered, even more confused by his own words.

“That’s right, I am. Now my titty-slave, you will stand up and strip naked. You may talk, but not loud enough to draw attention,” Gina commanded brazenly.

Subtlety was not Gina’s forte, and she had predictably gone straight for the big payoff.

Jenny was certain that the command would end the farce of John being hypnotize.

Instead, she watched in astonishment as a stunned John rose and pulled his shirt over his head.

“What the fuck? Gina, what did you do?” he asked frantically as he kicked off his shoes.

Gina’s only reply was an evil smile.

“Holy shit, why can’t I stop stripping? What is going on?” John demanded as he stepped out of his jeans.

“It is really simple John; you are completely in my power. Actually, you are under the power of my tits; you couldn’t resist them, and now they are allowing me to control you,” Gina replied sweetly.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” John demanded angrily as he continued to undress.

“I just gave you what you wanted; a look at my beautiful breasts. I warned you what would happen, but you wanted to look anyway. And now you are my helpless slave,” Gina informed him.

Jenny continued to watch in open-mouthed silence, as John finished undressing and stood before Gina completely naked.

“John, you are cute when you are angry. You are cute naked, too,” Gina said, laughing at him even as she looked at his fit body with approval.

John flushed with embarrassment; his cock stirred and began to stiffen despite his predicament.

“Jenny, please tell me what is happening,” he asked, looking at the pretty blonde.

“She…hypnotized you. She hypnotized you instantly by showing you her tits,” Jenny said, obviously impressed by Gina’s accomplishment.

“This is crazy! You can’t just hypnotize somebody like that! Besides, you can’t make people do things against their will with hypnosis!” John protested.

He sounded pathetic, as if he was trying to convince himself.

“Oh really? Is that right? Slave, get down on your hands and knees and kiss my feet,” Gina commanded casually.

She kicked off her sandals.

Jenny watched in awe as Gina’s naked victim got down and began to kiss her sexy bare feet.

Gina smirked at Jenny, cupping her large breasts withe her hands.

“Pretty impressive what these babies can do, isn’t it?” Gina asked.

“Holy shit you can say that again!” Jenny exclaimed.

Gina’s use of her breasts as a hypnotic focus as part of a surprise induction had been quite clever, she had to admit.

Setting John up hadn’t been all that difficult, since he had obviously really wanted to look at Gina’s naked bosom.

Still, Jenny could not help but be impressed she had managed to capture John’s will so easily on her first try.

“I bet you wish you had big, powerful breasts like mine, don’t you Jenny? Breasts that can hypnotize someone instantly when they see them…bigger and more powerful than those little boobs of yours…I think you want to see these too,” Gina purred.

Despite the fact that Jenny was offended by Gina’s obnoxious comment about the size of her chest, she sat transfixed by the sight of Gina cupping and massaging her her big set.

John remained on the floor as he continued to helplessly kiss Gina’s feet.

“Maybe I should just turn you into my slave too, Jenny. Just like John here. I think that is what you want. All I would have to do is lift my top…,” Gina said softly.

Jenny finally blinked, shaken from her slight daze by Gina’s crazy suggestion.

“You wish, Gina. You can flash your tits at me all day long; it won’t do anything. I know what you did to John. It won’t work on me. Besides, I…I’m straight,” Jenny said unconvincingly.

She swallowed hard and shifted nervously in her seat, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt.

Gina *was* gorgeous, and Jenny definitely appreciated a nice set of tits.

It took her some effort to keep from visualizing them.

“Oh really? I know you like girls too, Jenny. You like *me*. I think you want to see what John saw; my big beautiful…powerful…breasts. I can just lift my top and you will instantly be hypnotized, instantly become my slave,” Gina said, tugging seductively at the bottom of her shirt, teasing the possibility that she would pull it up and reveal her breasts.

“You are nuts, Gina. John might have a thing for your tits, but I don’t,” Jenny said, managing to muster some defiance.

At the same time, her eyes were glued to Gina’s rack.

“Then why do you look so scared?” Gina asked with a wicked grin.

“I…I am not,” Jenny replied.

Her denial lacked conviction.

“Yes, you are. You are afraid that I will make you my little puppet, my slave?” Gina replied arrogantly.

“Fuck you, Gina! You do whatever you want with this idiot, I am out of here” Jenny said, finally tearing her gaze from Gina.

“Wait…Jenny…help me…please,” John said between kisses.

Both women ignored him; Jenny started gathering her things.

“Slave, get up and get dressed. Then sit down and wait for my instructions,” Gina commanded John.

She stood and walked toward the door as John obeyed her command and Jenny finished packing up her belongings.

Gina stood blocking the door as Jenny approached it to leave.

“Are you ready to try to prove me wrong, Jenny? We both know you can’t resist my titnosis any more than John could,” she said, again toying with her shirt.

“Gina get out of my way, I am leaving,” Jenny said irritably.

“Okay, fine—oh shit!” Gina said, eyes going wide with surprise as she looked past Jenny.

The blonde turned around reflexively to see…John, tying his shoes.

Jenny turned back around and was startled to see Gina holding up her top, displaying her magnificent bare breasts.

Her surprised expression had been feigned, a distraction to get Jenny to look away just for an instant while she lifted her shirt.

Gina smiled wickedly as her friend gasped, a shocked expression on her face an instant before her eyes slammed shut and her head nodded forward.

Jenny too had been hypnotized by Gina’s tits.

“Alright Jenny, listen very carefully…,” a smug Gina began.

The next thing Jenny knew she was sitting in her chair, next to John and across from Gina.

She had no memory of Gina lifting her shirt or going into hypnosis after seeing her friend’s tits.

Damn, she is so beautiful, Jenny thought as she looked at her smirking friend.

She found herself staring at Gina’s tits; they were spectacular, she Jenny had to admit. She had always admired them, and now after witnessing her friend use them as a focus to enslave John, Jenny found herself wanting to see them herself.

Maybe I should let her…no, you can’t look at them. What is she hypnotizes you too? Jenny asked herself silently.

She flushed, chewing at her bottom lip. As much as she suddenly wanted to see Gina’s beautiful breasts, Jenny had no desire to be in the same boat as John. The idea of being completely at her self-centered and conceited friend’s mercy was terrifying.

“Hello Jenny; tell me, how does it feel to be my slave?” Gina asked haughtily.

“What?” Jenny asked, startled.

A feeling of dread immediately formed in her stomach.

“You looked at my tits Jenny, and now you are mine too,” Gina explained with satisfaction.

“What are you talking about? John is the one who looked at your tits; he is the one in your power, not me,” Jenny said, her voice quivering.

She was trying not to panic, the feeling of dread growing. Jenny had a sinking feeling she knew where Gina was headed with the conversation.

“Oh is that right? Jenny you will come over here and kneel in front of me,” Gina ordered her friend, pointing to a spot on the carpet.

Jenny went pale as she rose and walked stiffly over to Gina, then sank to her knees.

“Wait, what is going on?” Jenny asked in a shaky voice even though she already knew.

“You looked at my beautiful breasts and I took your free will, Jenny. You have become my slave,” Gina explained casually.

“No, this can’t be happening, I am not…no…,” Jenny said, fear plain on her face as she tried to stand up and found she could not.

She had to obey Gina.

“Why don’t you demonstrate how free you are? You will kiss my feet, slave,” Gina commanded.

She extended her still-bare left foot a bit; Jenny look stunned as she went to all fours just as John had and began to kiss Gina’s feet.

“That’s a good girl,” Gina said as if Jenny were an obedient puppy.

Jenny helplessly continued her foot-worship for a few minutes.

Gina sat enjoying the spectacle of her friend debasing herself.

John sat quietly in his chair, awaiting Gina’s commands.

The rush of power she got from controlling other peoples’ actions was erotic, and she had become very aroused.

“Alright my pet, now I want you to eat me,” Gina commanded next.

The fledgeling hypnotist slipped her red panties off and lifted her skirt to reveal her shaved pussy.

“Gina, no! We are supposed to be friends, you can’t do this to me—mmmnnnff...,“ Jenny protested as she leaned in to lick and suck at her new owner’s pussy.

Gina leaned back and moaned.

John watched silently, becoming aroused as the sexy blonde helplessly ate her friend’s pussy.

“Oh…yes…mmm…Okay, stop Jenny. I knew you would be good at that. Now just kneel there quietly until I say otherwise,” Gina commanded after having an powerful orgasm.

Jenny obeyed; she wore a bewildered expression as she tried to process what was happening

Her thoughts and emotions were a jumble. Along with the rage, fear and humiliation she felt, Jenny also felt an inexplicable satisfaction, a strange happiness from obeying Gina.

“John, I can see how much you want me, and I know pleasing me makes you happy. Get out your cock,” Gina commanded as she stood before the young man.

“Yes Gina,” he said, unzipping his jeans.

“Mistress. You will address me as “Mistress” from now on, got it slave?” Gina asked smugly.

“Yes, Mistress," John said as he got out his erect shaft.

Gina unceremoniously hiked up her skirt and mounted him.

Jenny watched as she moved up and down, moaning with pleasure. It didn’t take John long to cum, and Gina was right behind him as she orgasmed again.

“Oh fuck yes, I needed that!” she said as she got off him, leaving his diminishing shaft still spurting onto his jeans.

“Gina, what are you going to do with us?” Jenny asked meekly.

She still could not believe what was happening; Gina had always been a forceful, domineering, and supremely confident person…but she would never had imagined her pulling something like this off.

Gina had made it seem easy.

It was too absurd to believe what had taken place was even possible; and yet, there Jenny was, on her knees.


Hypnotized by Gina’s tits.

“What I am going to do is lift up my shirt again, and send you both back into a deep hypnotized state. You are both already enslaved by my breasts, enslaved to me and you both know it. You both *want* to look at them again. You can try to look away, to resist, but the harder you fight it the more you want to look at my breasts and fall deeper under my power,” Gina said evilly.

“Gina, stop this please! You made your point, okay? You hypnotized us, and—“ Jenny began.

Smirking, Gina lifted her top; at the sight of her magnificent breasts Jenny went silent.

Both she and John took on dazed expressions, their mouths hanging open as they slipped into deep trances for their new Mistress.

Gina smiled smugly as she straightened her top. She felt felt a rush of power, a feeling of superiority and arrogant satisfaction as she looked at her two former friends kneeling before her, now nothing more than her playthings.

“Alright slaves, get up and gather your things and follow me,” Gina commanded.

Jenny and John began to gather their things

“When we get back to my place, we will have some real fun. I will let you both actually worship my beautiful tits. Won’t you like that, slaves?” Gina asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, Mistress,” both of her new pets replied.

Gina smiled wickedly. A few moments later she left the library and walked across campus toward her apartment, John and Jenny following like obedient pets.

Deborah Scott sat on a bench outside the library, smiling as she watched Gina lead her slaves away.

The stage hypnotist had been observing Professor Connelly’s students the past month, looking for any that displayed the confidence, ego and other intangibles that were hallmark of a true hypnotist.

She had identified Gina Knight as a potential candidate; now it looked like she was correct.

Gina appeared to be a natural.

Deborah took out her cell phone and dialed Arthur Winston.

“Mr. Winston, I have one. Yes, I can handle her. I will have her under control by the weekend. I will let you know. Good bye,” Deborah said

She disconnected the call and smiled.

“Ah, Gina. We can’t have you running around without a little guidance,” Deborah said to herself.

She would enjoy hypnotizing the sexy Gina; she was looking forward to finding out how she had hypnotized her friends, and teaching the young enchantress her place.

“Deborah Scott?” a female voice said.

Deborah looked up to see an attractive, dark-haired middle-aged woman with piercing blue eyes, dressed in a tight white blouse, short black skirt and tall black pumps.

“Yes; can I help you?” Deborah asked.

“I really hope so. I need your help untying some…knots,” the woman replied, smiling.

“Knots? I don’t understand,” Deborah said.

“Post-hypnotic suggestions. In my head. I have managed to unravel some of them, but a couple of them are very…stubborn,” the woman replied.

“I see. You must have run afoul of a true hypnotist, I am guessing? Why would that interest me?” Deborah asked casually.

“Because I know where there is a copy of “The Art of True Hypnotism”. I know you are familiar with that book. Help me get free, and I will help you get it,” the woman replied.

Deborah was silent for a moment. Outwardly she was calm, but she felt excitement rising in her chest.

“The Art of True Hypnotism,” was an almost legendary tome of hypnotic knowledge and secrets; there were reputed to be only five copies in existence.

Gaining access to the book’s knowledge would instantly make Deborah one of the most powerful true hypnotists in the world.

“Is that right? I don’t suppose you will give me any more information?” Deborah asked skeptically.

“I will tell you that the book is right here in Boise, in the hands of an upstart. However, her powers are growing quickly,” the mysterious woman replied.

“And she’s the one that hypnotized you. Tell me, after I free you from her control, what then?” Deborah asked.

“You take me on as your apprentice, and I help you get the book. And then I get my revenge,” the woman replied with conviction.

Deborah mulled her proposal over; she had to deal with Gina soon, but this was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“I think maybe I can help you, miss…?” she said, careful not seem to eager.

“Donna. Donna Mason,” the woman said, extending her hand.

“Debbie. Please have a seat, Donna. We should talk,”

Both women smiled as they shook hands.


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