Thirst Trap

by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #consensual_kink #dom:male #hypnosis #hypnotic_orgasms #pov:top #sub:male #wholesome

Marcy’s not quite sure why she’s in the kitchen, but she is definitely enjoying her drink.

“Why am I in the kitchen?”
Marcy looked around, blinking in surprise. She’d been lazy today, reading in bed, but apparently she’d gotten up for something?
She opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of iced tea, opening it and taking a drink.  
She blinked as a thrill of arousal flickered through her as she drank.   She looked at the bottle, a commercial item she knew she’d picked up at the last grocery run. It shouldn’t be turning her on.
She raised it to her lips and took a small sip. As soon as the liquid hit her tongue, the same thrill of arousal went through her, a little milder than before.  Marcy made herself lower the bottle and look at it again, feeling her clit throb.
If she kept drinking, would it bring her to orgasm?
Was that something she needed to find out?
Hell yes she did.
Leaning against the counter, gripping it with one hand for support, Marcy raised the bottle to her lips and drank.
She whined as she drank, unable to stop now as pleasure coursed through her with every drop of liquid on her tongue, bringing her closer to orgasm with every swallow.
When the bottle seemed empty, Marcy nearly cried, so turned on that she was sure it wouldn’t take much to make her come, her clit was throbbing hard, aching for a touch, for any stimulation.
There was only a drop left in the bottle.
“Please,” she begged the bottle. “Please let me come.”
Bracing herself, she took a deep breath and tilted the bottle back, watching as the drop moved down the side and toward her mouth, disappearing for a moment and then it hit her tongue.
The bottle clattered to the floor as Marcy came, gasping out her pleasure as she gripped the counter with both hands to stay upright, eyes unfocused as she felt another orgasm rushing up on her, unable to stop it and letting it wash over her, moaning aloud as she gave in.
Panting, Marcy finally blinked to clear her vision and slowly unclenched her fingers from the counter, wincing in pain. She took a few deep breaths and straightened, her eye catching on her iPad on the kitchen island, her husband’s face grinning on it. “Have fun?” Jerry asked.
Marcy opened her mouth, then closed it, confused as she couldn’t speak.
“Whoops! ‘Marcy’s thirst is quenched’,” he said.
Marcy shook her head, realizing that she was standing naked in their kitchen, wet and still breathing hard from her orgasms, the empty plastic bottle of ice tea on the floor. “Fuck,” she said.
“Love to, but I won’t be home until Tuesday night, so this was the best next thing.”
Marcy swallowed, looking at Jerry on the iPad. She  didn’t know exactly how she’d ended up naked in the kitchen coming on the basis of a drink, but she had a very good idea. “How long have you been working on this trigger?”
“Mm. Long enough,” he said enigmatically.  “And I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t home alone with the doors locked. Or, well, I suppose I could do it with me there.”
“Hm,” she said, leaning back against the counter, crossing her arms under her naked breasts, appreciating way his gaze was drawn to them. “Hopefully I put on a good show?”
“Marvelous show,” he purred. “And responsive to oral commands when I just had to watch you orgasm again.  Watching you experience pleasure from just my words....” he gave her a playful leer.
“As long as you are the only one watching, my deep darling,” she said.
He blinked. “I’m alone,” he said flatly before blinking again.
Marcy smiled. “‘Hot damn’, my deep darling.”
Jerry blinked again, and on the screen he started undressing. “Would you want to do this again?”
“I could be persuaded,” she said. “It’s kind of hot that I don’t recall how I got from reading in bed to naked and coming in our kitchen. I’m just glad you chose ice tea instead of something else.”
Jerry finished undressing and sat back down. “That was your choice. I told you to select a bottle from the fridge, but left what you drank up to you based on what you were thirsty for, as long as it wasn’t alcohol.”
“Mm.” Marcy smiled. “Good limit. But I think I’m thirsty for something else now.”
“I’ll be home Tuesday and I’m all yours.”
“Mm.”  She shrugged and watched his eyes follow her breasts again. “But Lady Marcella wants you to stroke yourself to orgasm now, my deep darling.”
Jerry’s eyes glazed as he pushed himself back from the desk in the hotel room and began stroking his cock, making noises of pleasure as he did. Marcy refrained from touching herself as she eagerly watched him stroke himself until he gasped as he came, semen splashing on his chest and running down his skin. After a few moments he blinked, looking down at himself in utter confusion before looking up to see her smirking at him.
“Ah,” he drawled. “Lady Marcella wanted to play?”
“Just to remind Lord Jeremy of what’s waiting for him at home, as he reminded her of who she’s waiting for,” she said with a shrug.
“I wonder if I can change my flight,” he mused.
“Let me know if you do, because I’m covering the kitchen Island with a plastic backed sheet for when you get home.”  He raised an eyebrow and she chuckled. “Because after you trigger me to near orgasm with another drink, I fully expect you to fuck me through my first, second, and third orgasms in the kitchen.”
Jerry’s cock twitched and he grinned at her. “Now that, my love, sounds like a date.”

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