Ring for Service

by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #wholesome #hypnotic_orgasms

On a private flight, the flight attendant doesn’t realize what sort of cabin service she’ll be providing.

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Martina hated when she was scheduled to be the only flight attendant on the small private flights her company ran. That meant less than two passengers, and usually, they were businessmen flying on their companies’ dimes, drunk well before the plane leveled off at cruising altitude.  She would spend the entire flight serving booze and fending off hands and bad invitations to join the mile high club.
As if she hadn’t joined a few years into her career as a flight attendant back when she worked for one of the major carriers.
She had tried to see if one of the other attendants would take this flight, but everyone else was booked.  So she was stuck hoping it wouldn’t be too bad for an overnight round trip flight. At least the company making the reservations was putting her and the pilots up at a swanky hotel.
Martina heard the ground crew greet their client at the foot of the stairs, so she made sure her neckerchief was straightened and her jacket and skirt were wrinkle free, and went to the door.  Her black hair ruffled in the breeze as she watched the man ascend the stairs. He was fairly nondescript, brown hair, brown eyes, a smirk hovering over his lips. “Welcome aboard, Mr. Somnos.  It’s a pleasure to have you with us. My name is Martina and I’m the flight attendant for today. Can I get anything started for you?”
“Just a plain ice water for now, please,” he said as he settled into a chair at one of the small tables, instead of the couch toward the back.  He fastened his seat belt while she got his ice water, happy to seemingly have a sober passenger.  Maybe she could finish one of the romance novels she had hidden in the galley, instead of having him ring for service every few minutes for more booze.
Twenty minutes later, after the safety briefing and take off, Martina served Mr Somnos another ice water as he began unpacking a computer and some other equipment from his carry-on bag. “Thank you,” he said idly as he worked.
Martina retreated to the galley, pulling out her book. Five minutes later, the call button sounded, and she sighed, tucking away her book and heading into the main cabin.
Mr. Somnos was peering at something on his computer, his elbow on the flight attendant call button on the control panel next to the window.
“Can I get you anything?” Martina asked.
He looked up, and she gestured to the light above him that indicated the call button had been pushed. “Oh, sorry.” He moved his arm and turned off the button. “I didn’t realize I hit the ring for service button.”
Martina nodded, blinking at the phrasing.
“But while you are here,  could I trouble you to sit opposite me so I can make sure my equipment is calibrated properly? I really need a face on the other side to ensure proper distance and light calibration for projecting my colleagues’ faces during our meeting on the flight.”
It wasn’t the weirdest request she’d ever gotten, and it was nothing she felt uncomfortable doing, so Martina sat down, putting her hands in her lap and looking, as instructed, at a dot on the top of his laptop, through the light ring and the two bars of LED lights inside the ring.  “That’s good,” he said.  “Keep your gaze on the dot.”
She did,  noting that the ring light and the LEDs began flashing in various colors. Nothing she could see a pattern in, but enough to keep her mind busy trying to figure it out as she stared at the dot. “That’s it,” Mr. Somnos said.  “Just keep watching, keep looking for patterns, let the lights draw your mind in and down.”
Martina opened her mouth to speak, to say something in protest, but the pattern changed again, and she found herself unable to think of what she had been about to say, instead watching the patterns, feeling her body grow heavy, her mind slow, unable to look away.  A noise joined the lights, something just at the edge of her awareness.   She knew it was there but paid no real attention to it as the light patterns kept shifting and drawing her attention.
She didn’t know how long she stared at the dot and the lights before she heard Mr. Somnos speak again.  “That’s right.  Sinking deeper and deeper, letting the lights and sounds and my voice pull you into a deep trance, your mind and will and thoughts disappearing until you are deep and open to my commands, to the pleasure of hypnotic submission. “
Martina signed, agreeing.  All she had to do was drop deeper, sink into trance, give her mind and thoughts and will to him.  She’d always wanted to be hypnotized, and now that she was, why would she fight it?
“That’s good, deeper and deeper.  It’s getting hard to keep your eyes open, but you know you can’t close them yet.   After each time they close, now matter how much you want them to stay closed, they keep opening.  You can’t close them until you do something for me.”
She blinked, again and again. It was harder to open her eyes each time,  but she had to keep them open. She couldn’t close them yet. She needed to do something for Mr. Somnos before she could close them.  She knew what it was, at the edge of her mind, her hearing, but she was too caught in the lights to say it.
“Good girl, going deeper.  You know what you have to do to allow your eyes to close, don’t you? Yes, you do,” he said.  “Tell me what you need to do.”
Martina tried to speak, swallowed, and then finally spoke, eyes till fastened on the spot on the laptop.  “I must surrender my mind, my thoughts,  my will, and my body to you.”
“That’s right, good girl.  You know what you want, and what you need to do to become a docile, obedient girl, no mind,  no thoughts,  no will.  Your body under my control.  You want it, don’t you?”
“Yes, you do, all good girls want it.”  The lights changed again. “What do good girls surrender to their Master?”
“Their mind, their thoughts, their will, their bodies.”
“Yes.  And once you surrender your mind, your thoughts, your will, and your body to me, your eyes will close.”
Martina sighed and blinked slowly.  She couldn’t keep her eyes open much longer.  She realized that she had already given up her mind, thoughts, will, and body to him, long before now.  She just needed to admit it to herself.  Which she had just had.
With another sigh, her eyes closed, body still sitting, facing the lights.  She saw the lights through her eye lids, not caring about the patterns now showing, only that she didn’t have to open her eyes again.
“That’s it,” she heard Mr. Somnos say. “Dropping deeper and deeper,  your left hand rising up the deeper you go, until it is straight in the air and you are deep as you can be, deep and obedient.”
She felt her left hand rise, even as she sunk deeper.  Finally it was straight in the air, and as he called her a good girl she felt a flush of pleasure.
“Now, repeat after me, your hand sinking with every sentence you say, every sentence that you know is correct, your mind sinking with it, surrendering more of your mind, your thoughts, you will, your body." He paused.  "You are deeply hypnotized.”
“I am deeply hypnotized.“
“You are under my control.”
“I am under your control.” She felt her hand lowering.
“I am your master.”
“You are my master.”
“You obey me.”
“I obey you.”
“I control your mind, your thoughts, your will, your body.”
“You control my mind, my thoughts, my will, my body.”
“You are my docile obedient hypnotic submissive.”
“I am your docile, obedient hypnotic submissive.”
“Your mind, body, thoughts, and will belong to me.”
“My mind, body, thoughts and will belong to you”
Her hand hit her lap, and she felt herself drifting, hearing him talking but it didn’t register in her mind, even as she felt herself standing and removing her clothing, until she was in just her stockings, garter belt, and heels. 
“I am your obedient hypnotic submissive” she found her self saying, repeating it over and over again as she felt fingers stroking her clit, ramping up her pleasure.  Her hips couldn’t move, through she yearned to grind against the fingers, until finally it was too much for her.  “Good girls come for their Master,” she said on a sigh and she came, her hips free to grind against the fingers, coming again and again at his command, though she didn’t fully register hearing it.
When she finally came down from the orgasm and was aware enough to register where she was, she opened her eyes at his command to find herself kneeling on the couch in the rear of the passenger area, above her Master.  He had removed his jacket and pants and underwear, his cock erect as he watched her, one hand stroking her thigh, the other her clit.  She wanted to moan,  but he spoke before she could.  
“The mile high club takes your voice away.”
She opened her mouth to repeat, but nothing came out even as she mouthed the words.
“Good girl.”  He thrust his cock up into her, and she bit her lip to not let out a moan that she knew would be noiseless as he filled her, again and again, both hands now on her hips as she braced her hands on his shoulders.  He leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, and she tried to cry out but couldn’t.
She couldn’t do anything but continue to ride his cock, getting closer and closer to orgasm, unable to speak, to do anything but surrender to pleasure, to him. She was his obedient hypnotic submissive. He owned her mind, body, thoughts, and will.
He thrust up quicker and then came deep inside her. His orgasm triggered hers, and she came silently, lost in the pleasure of sex and obedience, coming again at his order.
Finally, she was panting, his cock still inside her. “Look into my eyes,” he ordered and she opened her eyes to look at him.
He said something, and the world went blank.
The flight deck phone dinged, and Martina jumped, having been lost in her own thoughts in the galley.  She picked up the phone. “Yes?”
“Prepare cabin for descent.”
“Yes, Captain.” She looks at the clock, surprised the two hour flight had gone so fast. She’d helped Mr. Somnos calibrate his equipment then came back to the galley to let him have privacy for his calls as she read her book and, apparently, zoned out.
Hurrying back into the passenger area, she saw that Mr. Somnos was packing away his laptop. “The Captain says we are beginning our descent into the airport,” she told him as she picked up his water glass and other trash.
“Thank you. I’m glad I traveled this way instead of commercial. It’s been a wonderful flight. So glad to have you, as my flight attendant.”
“Glad to have you too,” she said with a smile, her mind trying to recall something, but it was gone with the bell that told her to take her seat. She put his glass into the washing area and sat down in her seat in the back, squirming a little to get into the restraints, and realizing her romance novel must have been spicier than she thought, as she was pleasurably sensitive to the seat.
The landing was uneventful, and by the time they had arrived at the jet company’s private hangar, Martina had everything ready for the cleaning crew, including bagging up a larger than expected amount of trash (had the previous crew forgotten it?) and was waiting to open the door and lower the stairs when the ground crew gave her the signal.
She turned to see Mr. Somnos was standing just behind her, thanking the captain and the first officer for their flying.  He turned to Martina, giving her a smile that was more of a smirk. “It was a pleasure flying with you,” he said.
“And you,” she said.
“I will see you on the return flight tomorrow?”
“That is the schedule,” she said.
“Good. Have a great night.”
“You too,” she replied as he descended the stairs.
“How bad was he?” the captain asked once he was out of earshot. “We didn’t hear you yell for assistance at least.”
She’d had to do that once with a very drunk client who did not want to understand that sex was not one of the services the plane offered.
“He was quiet, drank water, asked for a bit of assistance with his computer set up for an inflight meeting, but otherwise left me alone.”
“Good, because I’ve heard his company has booked several of these overnight trips to various places, and he’s provided generous tips for the pilots and crew in the contracts, including fancy hotels. I could get used to this type of client.”
“We all could,” the first officer said. The pilots were not immune to entitled customers complaining about flights having turbulence or being late because Air Traffic Control rerouted them.
“Indeed,” Martina agreed.
They finished with post flight checks and turned the plane over to the ground and maintenance crews, making their way through the airport with their bags to the hotel shuttle.
Once in her room, Martina hummed as she changed into more comfortable clothes before meeting the pilots for dinner in the hotel restaurant, courtesy of the client as well.
Once back in her room, she showered and got ready for bed. The return flight wasn’t until late the next afternoon,  but she wanted time to be lazy in the morning before they had to go to the airport to begin their pre-flight procedures.
Her phone chimed with a text message, and she picked it up, seeing it was from Unknown Number. She frowned at the gif of a hand reaching up to press a flight attendant call button, and the light next to it coming on, before the words “ring for service” appeared, and the gif started over.
Room 1245, she replied without thinking, setting the phone on her travel charger and going to the door and waiting.
Someone knocked on it in an odd pattern, and she opened it, letting them in.  They shut and locked the door behind them as she let the hotel provided robe drop to the floor, revealing her naked body.
“Good girl,” Mr. Somnos said. “So obedient to your Master.”  He picked up her robe and draped it over the seat of the room’s couch before sitting in the desk chair himself.   “Have a seat on your robe.”
She walked over and sat on her robe, hands in her lap, focused on Mr. Somnos.
“End flight simulation,” he said.
Martina blinked and shook her head as memories came back, vying for position until she was able to put them into order and remember everything. “Oh my god.” She felt herself getting wet at the memories.
“That good?”
“Oh my god,” she repeated, blinking and squirming a little. “I… I totally forgot who you were Master,” she said, eyes wide.
“You were supposed to,” Master said, smiling. “What did you know at the time?”
“Only that you were a client-passenger, and I hoped you wouldn’t be too needy or handsy during the flight. I was relieved when you ordered water, amused when you asked me to help calibrate your equipment, and I remembered you finishing that and sending me to the galley after the equipment was done. I had no idea you’d ‘seduced me’ with your equipment into a trance and had me coming at your command, or fucking me on the plane.”  She shook her head again, getting wetter at the memory. “Or cleaning it up, which explains the extra trash that I noticed.  But I am glad you silenced me, or the pilots might have gotten an eyeful if they thought I was in distress.”
“I was trying to avoid that for sure. Especially if we want to do this again.”  Master Somnos sat back in the chair. “Which I hope you do, as I have transferred my travel for my company to your company, and plan on asking for you as my flight attendant on future trips.”
Martina squirmed more as her body reacted to that idea. “I wouldn’t be opposed, so long as we are the only people in the passenger area.”
“Oh, of course.”  He smiled. “Even if people from the club who I work with in real life were invited on a trip, I wouldn’t play with you in your work area in front of them.”
“Thank you.”  She had met Master Somnos at the local dungeon during a hypnosis demonstration three years ago, and they’d been playing ever since, online and in person. They had the occasional person joining them, or watching, but Martina was exclusively Master Somnos’ submissive, and he cleared any other play partners with her, even if she wasn’t participating.
She didn’t really know what he did for a living, or his real name, other than something in tech, and he had to travel a lot.  Which made her blink as she realized that while she had called him by his real name when not entranced during the flight, her brain only registered her saying Somnos.
“Did it meet your fantasies?”
“Fuck yes,” she said. “Hopefully it met yours too!”
“Having you in your flight attendant role fall prey to my hypnotic charms and obeying my every order for our mutual pleasure very much fit my fantasies. I am looking forward to the return trip. Should I let you remember the trip here?”
Martina thought about it. “Not at first.  I’d like to play this out on the way back as your unsuspecting flight attendant who has been brainwashed into serving you and not remembering.” She was getting wetter and needier just thinking about it. “The next trip we can see if we want me to remember who your are, or if I won’t recall while in work mode. I suspect after a while, I’ll need to remember if only to make other fantasies work.”
“I tend to agree. But at least for this trip, yes, we’ll have you not recall what happened until ordered to.” He grinned. “While seeing you go under for me was hot on the way out, I’m assuming we can dispense with the long induction and go straight to triggers to make my flight attendant my docile plaything?”
“Since the flight time is supposed to be shorter, yes,” she said. “I’m assuming you already implanted those triggers as well as my susceptibility to the lights on the plane, long before we got on the plane?
“And a few other things, yes. All the triggers I would need during this trip were there before you ever boarded the plane.”
“So I never stood a chance in resisting?”
“Oh, there are safe words and colors to ensure if you felt uncomfortable you would be able to stop, at any time even in trance. SSC and RACK, after all.  But if you were comfortable with us playing then no, once I turned on the lights your brain was wired for trance.”
She grinned. “Good.”
“But now that I have you here, and naked, and turned on by remembering that you are my hypnotic submissive and how deeply you can submit when on your knees, shall we play a little?”
“Yes, Master,” she sighed as she felt the fog of obedience slide into her mind, and she slid from the couch to kneel on the floor.
He smiled at her. “Good girl.  Sinking deep in five, four, three, two, one.” He snapped his fingers and she willingly gave up her mind, body, thoughts, and will to her Master.

The flight had reached cruising altitude five minutes before the flight attendant call button rang. Martina hurried out into the passenger area to find Mr. Somnos sitting on the couch, one arm draped over the back, and watching her with an intense gaze. “How can I help you, Mr. Somnos?”
He turned off the call button. “Oh, I think a pretty flight attendant like you knows what she must do when her Master presses the button to ring for service,” he said with a smile.
Martina blinked then sighed happily as she felt herself respond to the unexpected words, ones that she usually would objected sharply to, but this was her Master and he had rung for service. She stepped closer and sank to her knees, reaching for his fly to unzip him and pull out his cock. “I am Master’s obedient hypnotic submissive and I serve his pleasure,” she murmured, giving up her mind, thoughts, body, and will to her Master even as she took his cock into his mouth and began to suck.
He rang for service, and she happily served.

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