Obedient Darlings: Witch

by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:male #consensual_kink #hypnotic_orgasms #wholesome

Do Witch Trials ever really go as planned?

She flipped the light on in her hotel room as she entered, shutting the door and engaging the privacy locks.  Moving into the main room area, she stopped to check her makeup, hoping it had survived a day of conference lectures, and stretched.
Something in the mirror caught her eye, and she turned.  Laid out on the king sized bed were matching black lace bra, panties, and thigh high stockings.  On the floor was a pair of black high heels, and a black wrap dress lay next to the lace underwear, along with a small black box.
On the night stand was a folded notecard, her name printed in black Ink in an old fashioned font. Slowly, she moved toward it, picking it up and opening it, seeing writing in the same font.
Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Witch will present herself at room 321 at 1900 hours for trial.
She shivered as something went through her as she read. “I will present myself at room 321 at 1900 hours for trial,” she said aloud, mind feeling fuzzy. She set the note down and closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.
When she opened them, Witch looked over the room, checking the clock. She turned and began undoing her dress, stepping out of her flats and letting the dress fall to the ground. She picked it and the shoes up and carefully set the shoes on the shelf and hung up the dress. She removed her tights, underwear, and bra, and put them in a drawer.
Moving to the bathroom, she pulled out her make up kit and re-did her eyeliner and lip stick and then carefully arranged her hair into an appropriate style.
That done, she approached the bed and began putting on the thigh highs and panties. That done, she put on the bra, adjusting it so her breasts were plumped out over the top and her nipples were framed in the lace.
The black wrap dress barely covered the top of her stockings and left her arms bare. She tied it tightly and stepped into the heels, taking a moment to balance before opening the box and putting on the jewelry inside. Finally she picked up her room key, slid it into the pocket of the dress and left her room.
She met no one one her way down the hall to room 321. At the door, she shifted to stand with one hip cocked, a smile curling on her lips, and she knocked on the door.
It opened to a dark haired man in black judge’s robes, his eyes running over her. “Yes?”
“I’m told you think I need to be put on trial,” she said, her voice coming out seductive.
He frowned. “Indeed.”  He stood back and let her in.
She sauntered into the room, taking in the other man in judge’s robes in the main area, sitting on the sofa. “Good evening, gentlemen,” she drawled, coming to a stop in a square of blue tape on the floor.
“Witch,” the one on the sofa scowled.
“Mmm,” she said.  “I am. Sorry to hear you don’t approve.”
“The accused will be quiet,” the original man said. Witch found her mouth closing automatically, but she still gave him a seductive smile, amused by the farce.
“The court is now in session.  Judge D presiding, Judge M assisting. The accused will State their name for the record.
“I am Witch,” she said with a smile.  “You don’t need any other name.”
Judge M frowned. “You stand accused of seducing men by unnatural means, clouding their minds and rendering them unable to resist you until they have satisfied your unholy desires. How do you plead?”
“Mmm. I can’t help it if men look at me and have trouble thinking. And if they are willing, well, my flesh certainly isn’t weak,” she winked at him.
“So you admit to your unnatural ways!” Judge M exclaimed.
“Oh, honey, does this look unnatural to you?” She asked as she undid the tie on her wrap dress and let it fall, leaning her in just her lacy underthings and jewelry.   Judge M seemed captivated by her breasts, and she preened a bit, making sure he got the best view.
Judge D scowled at Witch. “The witness will refrain from undressing further unless explicitly asked.”
Witch pouted, putting one hand on her hip and using the other to play with the black crystal necklace she wore, letting it dangle from her fingers. “As your honor commands,” she said breathily, though she knew the sarcasm was evident in her voice.
“It’s clear she uses unnatural means,” Judge M said. “We should pass judgement now.”
Judge D considered. Witch frowned at them. “Don’t I have a right to confront my accusers?”
“Judge M is one of your accusers. You have used unnatural means to seduce him.” 
“Oh have I?” She asked delightedly. “I don’t recall that but then again, he would have looked differently out of his judges robes.”  She let the Crystal pendant twirl in the light, noticing that Judge M seemed to be focused on it. “But if I had, well, many men who claim I have used unnatural means seem to be very willing to let me use those alleged unnatural means on them again. You see, your honor,” she glanced at Judge D, “I don’t do anything to a man that he doesn’t want me to do.  If he thinks that I have an unnatural power over him because of my body, well, that’s his mind making excuses for the fact that he is a horny dog that can’t keep his hands off my body, isn’t that right, darling boy?” she asked Judge M. 
“Yes,” he said slowly, eyes on the crystal she dangled just over her breasts.
“See, nature gave me this body, and nature made men helpless to it.”  She smiled at Judge M. “Take off your robes, grab that towel, and kneel before me on them,” she ordered, pointing to a conveniently placed towel next to the couch.
Judge M unzipped and shrugged out of his robes, revealing only a pair of boxers underneath, clearly tented by his erect cock.  He slid off the couch and moved on his knees to kneel before her on the towel, looking up adoringly. She glanced over at Judge D. “See?”
“His will is stronger than that.”
Witch laughed again. “Are you sure? Shall I have him eat me out without touching himself, without coming, to prove he cannot resist my body and therefore cannot resist me?”
Judge D’s eyes narrowed, but he said nothing.  Witch smiled at him, knowing she had him as well as Judge M. She turned back to Judge M. “M,” she ordered, “you are not allowed to touch yourself, nor are you allowed to come, but I want you to eat me out until I come.”
M nodded and moved forward on his knees, hands reaching up to move aside her panties and bury his face in her pussy. Witch threaded her fingers through his hair and held him close, even as she looked at Judge D. “He is so eager,” she hissed. “He’s not ashamed, nor should he be. And he,” she gasped, “is very talented.”
She closed her eyes when he didn’t reply, letting herself get lost in Judge M’s ministrations.  She did hear Judge D moving around, so even as she was on the edge of orgasm, she was able to use her free hand to grab her crystal as he tried to remove it from her neck.  “I don’t think so—- oh!” She gasped as she came, hands gripping both Judge M’s hair and her crystal as she shuddered and moaned through her release.
As she came down, she looked down at Judge M, who was still licking her pussy. “Judge M, stop.”
He did and sat back, face glistening. She smiled. "You've been such a good boy. Stroke yourself and come for me," she ordered.
With a groan, he did, pulling his cock out of his boxers and giving it a few strokes before he came, hard. He looked blissful in his obedience to her.
When he was done, she smiled. “M, put your robe back on, return to the couch, and ignore everything you hear until I say your name again.”
He did so, and she heard Judge D’s disapproving noise behind her.  “Judge M!” He said harshly, but the other man never reacted as he sat on the couch, staring into the distance. “And you say you don’t have unnatural control over them," he accused her.
“I don’t. I have the control they give me when they look at the body nature gave me.”  She smiled, pressing back until she felt Judge D’s erect cock.  “You’ve given me control over you as well.”
He let go of the chain the crystal was on and stepped back. “I have not.” He declared.
“Haven’t you? You’re hard from looking at me. You’ve handed me control over you. You could jerk yourself off but it would be to my body. If you persuade me to fuck you, you’ve given me control.” She smiled. “Even if I willingly went to my knees and sucked you off, you would be giving me control.”  She knelt, reaching out to part his robes and pull his cock out from his boxers.
His hand gripped her hair. “And aren’t you being submissive now, as a woman, a witch, should be? On her knees to service a man?”
She smiled, then leaned forward to flick her top of her tongue over the tip of his cock. “And aren’t you not moving, not stopping me, under my control as a man should be, helpless to what I’m doing to him?”  She didn’t let him answer as she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth, ignoring the hand in her hair.  He made no sound, but when she rested her hands on his thighs, she could feel the tension.   After a few minutes, she pulled off. “If you’re so in control, and not under mine, you should be able to stop me, stop this before you come.  Or not, as you know that I’m in control.” She smirked at him. "Kneeling can be a position of power," she purred before going back to sucking his cock, waiting to see what he would do.
As she expected, he didn’t move back. No man turned down a blow job, especially not those that thought they were in charge. Witch gave it her all, and when she could tell he was hovering on the edge, she took him as deep as possible, reveling in his shout of surrender as he came down her throat.
His grip on her hair relaxed and Witch pulled away, leaving him hanging out of his boxers as she stood and gently pushed him until she stumbled back and sat on the bed, flopping onto his back.
“No man is ever not under a woman’s control. Unless he just isn’t into women,” she added with a shrug.   She grabbed her wrap dress and as she put it on, heading for the door, she ordered, “Judge M, stand and follow me.”
A noise made her turn back, wondering if Judge M was resisting. She saw Judge D leaning up on his elbows, blinking.  “Exeunt, pursued by a bear,” he said.
Her eyes slammed closed and Lainie gasped as her memories returned. She heard Michael gasp behind her as his returned as well.
Eyes opening again, she let her hands drop to her sides, dress slipping off her shoulders, as she faced David and Michael. Michael sat down heavily on the couch, blinking, as David pushed himself up into a seated position on the bed.
“So, that didn’t go quite as planned,” David said, patting the mattress next to him.
Lainie shook her head. “No, it doesn’t seem like it did.”  She perched on the edge of the mattress, crossing her legs, staying back from David as she tried to process the scene and where it had taken a turn from the plan.
“I agree, that didn’t seem like the plan,” Michael added.
“I think,” Lainie said slowly, “that David wasn’t as precise in his instructions as he could have been.”
“How do you mean?” He frowned, clearly thinking back to when they had set this up that morning.
“You told me that, when triggered, I would become Witch, a woman being put on trial for ‘unnaturally’ seducing men like Michael, or Judge M, but I would be more amused by the trial, as I wouldn’t think I had done anything wrong.  You specifically said that I would seduce Judge M and after he was done, that I would turn my sights on you. And you said I would be vulnerable to this crystal when you wielded it,” she gestured to her necklace.
“Yes, those were the parameters we agreed on,” David said with a frown.
“But David never took the crystal,” Michael pointed out.
“Right, because when he tried, I wouldn’t let him. In my mind, I hadn’t done anything wrong. So why should I let him take a symbol of my power? My power given to me by nature to control men regardless of who appeared to be the submissive one.” She looked at David with a shrug. “You were a little too open ended for my character and when I became her, I took to heart that I did nothing wrong in seducing men, and if a man reacted to me, that was his fault, his problem and I just took advantage of that.”
“Because by reacting to you, we gave you power. I wasn’t Judge D, I was a man who couldn’t step away from what you were willingly doing, so I was in your control.” 
“Exactly, and I was rather pissed off that you would try to blame me, make it my fault, and try to bring me to heel,” she added with a shrug.
“Hence trying to take me back to your room to assert your power over me. Which was part of the scene, but not planned for your room," Michael added.
“No, it was supposed to be at my direction in this room,” David said, “but Lainie’s character tried to change that up. And since you are conditioned to her as your mistress as well as me as master to both of you, your mind didn’t see an issue with the potential change in venue.”  David shook his head. “Okay, next time we decide to do a scene like this, we clearly need to plan the instructions better ahead of time so this doesn’t happen again.”  He gave them a shrug. “To be fair, my plan was to have Lainie on her knees giving me a blow job, but that was when she was under my hypnotic control and Michael was as well, through her.”
“So at least you still got some fun, even if confused about what went wrong?” Michael asked.
“True.” He looked at Lainie, raising an eyebrow.  
She shook her head. “I know what you are thinking but I don’t think going back under is a good idea right now.”  She leaned down and pulled off her high heels. “I’m still a little on the ‘Witch’ side and probably will have a bad reaction .”
“Fair enough. It might be best to just have a bit of a cuddle pile for the rest of the afternoon, before we go downstairs to the play party after dinner.”
Michael grinned. “Lainie in the middle?” He stood and moved to the bed, pushing down the top sheets and making a courtly bow to her and David. Lainie chuckled as she stood and slid into the bed, Michael joining her. David had stood when Lainie did and was undressing, watching both of them with a familiar smile.
Lainie tilted her head.  “You’re already planning for version 2 of this scene, aren’t you?”
“Of course,” David said as he slid into the bed, taking Lainie into his arms. Michael immediately curled up at her back, reaching over to David.  “Maybe modify the hypnotic commands for that scene for tomorrow so we can do it as we originally intended?  After all, it was pretty hot watching you make Michael surrender to you, even if you didn’t submit to me as we had planned.”
“Sounds good; we can talk it over later to get the parameters clearer,” Lainie said through a yawn, suddenly exhausted. “But sleep now.”
“Not a command,” Michael said in a soft voice, even as he seemed to grow heavier at her back as he drifted off.
“Never has been,” Lainie murmured. “Too cliché.”
“Mm.” David said. “Sleep now.  ‘Sleep’ later,” he added with an exaggerated waggle of his eyebrows over his closed eyes.
“Dork,” Lainie said affectionately. “But our dork,” she added softly as she drifted into sleep, barely hearing David’s response of “always” before she was sound asleep.

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