Obedient Darlings: Corn Bread

by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:male #hypnotic_orgasms #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #m/m #wholesome

Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. The next time I say “Corn bread” You know what to do.

Lainie looked up from cooking as her housemate Michael asked, “what’s this?”
Michael shut the refrigerator door and pulled a post card off the door. Lainie frowned as she didn’t recall that being there. Michael looked at the front and flipped it over. He went still, eyes looking a little glazed as he read it. “I will comply,” he said mechanically, before putting the postcard back on the fridge. He turned and grinned at Lainie. “Jeopardy loser does dishes tonight?”
“You’re on,” she said, waiting until he left to move to the fridge to get a refill on her drink. A postcard caught her eye, a picture of Austin, Texas. She frowned. “When did we get this?” She murmured as she took it off the fridge and flipped it over to read the message. 
My beautiful darling,
Roses are Red.
Violets are Blue.
The next time I say “Corn bread”
You know what to do.
Yours, M.
Lainie felt something twinge in her mind. “I will comply,” she said before putting the postcard back on the fridge and joining Michael in the living room, not giving the post card another thought.
Two weeks later, Lainie put the post card that she hadn’t seen before back on the fridge and turned to the stove, forgetting the card as she continued  cooking dinner. It was her night under the house share chore chart and their third housemate was coming back from a two week business trip today, so having dinner done before he got home would be a nice gesture. Michael wandered into the kitchen, and she heard him ask a question as he got to the fridge. After a moment, she heard him say “I will comply,” before the fridge door opened. “Want me to get the drinks?”
“Please,” she said as the garage door opened and David walked in.  “Timing,” she called out as she plated up dinner.
“Good. I’m starving. Airport food leaves something to be desired.”  He disappeared into his room to drop off his luggage and change before joining the other two in the living room at the tray tables. The TV was already cued up to Jeopardy. “Loser of me and Michael doing dishes, since Lainie cooked?”
“Sounds good to me,” Lainie said brightly as Michael unpaused the show.
Later, as Michael finished the dishes, Lainie watched as David went into the kitchen and pulled something off the fridge before disappearing into his room. He came back out , his shirt missing, when Michael was done. “Lainie, dinner was great, but I think it was missing something.”
She frowned. “What?”  She was a decent cook and this was one of her favorite meals to make.
“Corn bread.”
Lainie went still for a moment as something went through her mind and body, and she found herself standing and stripping off all her clothing. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Michael doing the same as David removed his slacks to stand naked in the center of the room. Lainie's eyes focused on David’s erect cock as she moved forward, kneeling in front of David, across from Michael. Her left hand rested on David’s right buttock, as Michael’s right hand came up to rest on the left.
Her right hand reached out to stroke Michael’s cock  as his left hand began fingering her. She sighed in pleasure even as both of them leaned in and began running their mouths and tongues over David’s cock.  He moaned, and Lainie flushed at pleasing him, sucking harder even as she stroked in the same rhythm and rode the fingers inside her, but never got close to coming, and it wasn’t important to her. Pleasing David was.
“Michael, Lainie, who am I?” David’s voice had changed, and it hit something deep inside her.
She reluctantly removed her mouth from David’s cock. “My master,” she said, looking up at him. Michael echoed the phrase.
“Very good, my obedient darlings. You’ve done so well tonight responding to your trigger. But I think we need to play a game. Each of you will get two minutes to try to make me come, and then the other gets their turn. We continue until someone makes me come.  The loser will have to make the winner come.  Do you understand and obey?”
“I understand and obey, Master,” they both said.
“Good. Remove your hands from each other.”
Lainie whined as the fingers left her pussy, even as she heard Michael’s own protest as her hand left his cock.
“Good obedient darlings.”  She flushed as the pleasure that shot through her. “Lanie, you will go first. Two minutes.”
Lainie immediately leaned in and took Master’s cock in her mouth as far as she could. She used every trick she knew, adjusting based on Master’s movements and noises, but all too soon, her mind told her her time was up and she sucked even as she pulled back, looking up at Master.
“Good effort, Lainie. Michael, your turn.“
Lainie watched Michael as she tried to make Master come, thinking of what she could do on her turn to please Master.
She dove in eagerly, feeling that Master was close, but all too soon, her time was up again.
She didn’t know how many times they switched, Master holding back from coming. Lainie was highly charged, her body screaming for orgasm but she knew she could not as Master hadn’t said she could. Michael looked like he was just as needy as she was while he sucked in Master’s cock.
Whining a bit, she took Master into her mouth, sucking and licking and trying to make him come. She felt his hand grab her hair and push her in further, and she relaxed into it as Master came down her throat, swallowing eagerly, delighted that she was able to make Master come.
He finally let go of her and she licked him clean before sitting back and waiting.
“Very good, Lainie.  And Michael, you pleased me too.”
Both of the preened a bit at the praise.
“Now, Lainie, as the winner, Michael will have to make you come.”  Master kneeled down, his lips close to her ear. “Michael is going to fuck you, but you won’t be able to come until you beg me for permission. But you will want to drag it out as long as possible, so you will find it hard to speak until you have to. You can beg without my permission, but any other speech will require a direct order from me.  Understand and comply?”
“Understand and comply,” she said.
“Lie down on your back, Lainie, and close your eyes.”
She obeyed without question, feeling Master adjust her, putting something under her to raise her hips. She drifted, hearing Master murmur and Michael say “understand and comply”.
She felt Michael move over her then enter her quickly, given how wet she was. He thrust in and out, fucking her, and she whined, moving with him, wanting more, wanting to come, but she couldn’t speak to ask permission.
Michael kept fucking her, one hand coming down to play with her clit. Master spoke close to Lainie’s ear. “That’s right, Lainie, you can just enjoy your victory, being fucked by Michael, while submitting to your Master and his hypnotic commands. You know you can’t come without permission, and you won’t get permission until you beg. But you don’t want this to end do you?  It’s been two weeks since you were properly in trance, properly submitting to me, and you want to enjoy this, don’t you?  Being deep in trance and under my control?”
She tried to say yes, but couldn’t. She couldn’t speak until she begged, or Master told her to.  She was his obedient darling.
“Yes, you do.  But Michael can’t come until you do. How long will you make him wait in his own trance, unable to come, unable to beg as he submits to my control the same way you do?  Your voice will release both of you….. but this is just so good isn’t it? Being so deep, so turned on, so submissive…..”
She tried to moan, clenching hard around the cock fucking her.   She could hear Michael panting, groaning.
“Perhaps you need more incentive. Perhaps you need to truly understand the control you have and yet don’t have when you give yourself to under my control.”  He stroked a hand over her breast.  “Take control of Michael and order him to beg you to beg me for release.”
"Michael," Laine said, voice firmer than it had been.  "You cannot come until I do, but I cannot come until I beg Master for release.  You will beg me to beg Master for our release."
She felt his shudder at her order,  at submitting to her and to their Master.
“Please, Lainie, please let me come, please.  All you have to do is beg and we can both come, please.”  Michael kept fucking her as be begged, but Lainie couldn't see his expression, not with her eyes closed and no orders to open them.  But the sound of him begging her to give in to their Master jumped her need to come up a few notches, and she bit her lip.
“Don’t you want to come, Lainie?” Michael asked. plaintively.  “Please. Master says I can’t come until you do and please Lainie please please please.”
Each please, each plaintive cry, moved her closer to begging, holding her on the edge of pleasure and obedience.
"Please Mistress," Michael said, driving into her.  "Please, Mistress, beg Master to come."
That tumbled her over, and Lainie moaned.  "Please, Master, please let me come, let us come."  She bit her lip again.  "Let your obedient darlings come for you.""
Master pinched her nipple. “Good obedient darling.  Come, Lainie.”
She screamed as her Master’s permission set off her orgasm, her pleasure spiking as she heard Michael’s groan as her orgasm released his, both moaning and crying out in the release of long delayed pleasure, release made sweeter at knowing they’d obeyed their Master’s commands.
As they wound down, Lainie found herself reciting the same thing as Michael, a phrase they'd been conditioned to say after delayed orgasms. “Thank you for letting your obedient darling come, Master.”
“Very good my obedient darlings. Now, I want you both to go deep for me. Ten, nine, eight. Seven….”
Lainie’s eyes opened. She saw she was across from  Michael, both of them naked, sitting on the floor with their heads on David’s naked thighs, his hands stroking their hair. Lainie could tell she was still in a light trance, one that David called his 'debriefing trance', where neither Lainie nor Michael would be able to answer anything but honest truths, even if they were blunt and unexpected ones. 
“Welcome back,” David said now.  “How do you feel?”
“Good,” Michael said, smiling. “But a little tired.”
“Same,” Lainie added. “And still a little horny.”
“We might be able to do something about that soon,” David chuckled. “When did you get the postcard?”
“The day after you left I found it when I picked up the mail,” Michael said. “I read it, responded aloud as ordered, and then put it on the fridge and forgot as ordered until the next day, when I saw it and read it again, as I did not recall seeing it before.”
“I saw it on the fridge two days after you left, read it, responded as ordered, and then forgot until the next day after Michael had seen it in my presence. Then I forgot again until I saw it.”
“And each of you read and responded at least once a day. “
“Yes Master," they both answered.
"I had said that you wouldn't remember that you were lovers, or my hypnotic submissives, for the two weeks.  What did you think you were?"
"Platonic housemates with a third on a business trip," Lainie answered.
"Same," Michael said.
“Good obedient darlings.  And you were very obedient to my commands before I left and to the commands that were triggered by the poem  on the card.  Neither of you hesitated at all. I may play with this concept of reinforcing certain triggers by written media in the future, if neither of you have objections.”
Neither Lainie more a Michael said anything. David chuckled. “I didn’t think so. Knowing you were reinforcing your conditioning from a simple postcard each day kept me going while I was away from you two on my trip.” He stroked their hair again. “What did you think of the contest?”
“I didn’t like losing and having to wait for Lainie to beg,” Michael said. “I’ve seen her hold out on begging for hours.”
David chuckled.  “Yes, she can hold out for hours.  But Lainie, you didn’t hold out as much this time.”
“Hearing Michael beg, calling me Mistress, knowing I had some control over him even as I was under your control, Master, was too much for my desire to hold out longer to please you.”
“You did please me. You both please me. And if we play this game again and if Michael wins, I’m sure he will be just as eager to please me.”
“Yes Master.”
“Very good.” He smiled and stroked their hair again. “I’m glad we were able to come to this arrangement instead of individual play. Though, Lainie, do you miss being Michael’s hypno domme outside of my control?”
“No,” she said honestly. “Controlling him while under your control is hotter than just being his Mistress on my own."
“Michael, do miss submitting to Lainie without my guiding control?”
“No. I submit to both of you. I don’t care if Lainie is under your control while controlling me.”
David nodded. “Good to know.”  He smiled.  “Now, Lainie, since you said you were horny..." he trailed off, causing Lainie to look up at him.  “Tick tock, choose a cock, and ride it till I say so,” he said in a sing song voice.
Lainie’s brain shut down and she immediately rose from the floor and climbed onto David and slid onto his cock, sighing in pleasure as she obeyed the command, riding his cock until he said so.  Nothing else mattered, not even the words she could hear David saying, not until she found herself saying “understand and comply” before words poured out of her mouth, worlds she didn’t consciously think about, but she knew that she was giving Michael orders to masturbate that he had to obey, because they came from her.
But they came from David, through her, controlling both of them at the same time, and when David finally let them come again, both Lainie and Michael knew that they were very much David’s obedient darlings.
And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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