by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #consensual_kink #hypnosis #hypnotic_orgasms #wholesome

Kevin and Jill invite his kinky poker group over to help Jill improve some of her skills.

Her eyes opened to a hazy view, not knowing what was happening, but also not caring. Her thoughts drifted in and out of her mind, not important.
She was kneeling, she knew that. She was also naked, which her mind vaguely wondered about, but even that thought was muted by the haze in her mind that told her it wasn’t important.   There may have been voices, words she couldn’t quite make out, and her mind told her that was okay, she didn’t need to know what was being said, or if she responded.  She could just close her eyes and continue to drift.
She didn’t know how long she drifted in the haze, not needing to do anything, not needing to think. It was a pleasant feeling, and she enjoyed it until she felt the need to open her eyes.
A man’s cock was directly in front of her. Her eyes focused on it intently, mouth watering. Her lips opened of their own accord as she swayed toward the cock. She heard a noise but ignored it in favor of sucking the cock into her mouth.
Her focus narrowed to the cock in her mouth, ignoring everything else as she licked and sucked and did everything she could to bring pleasure to the cock.  Nothing else was important, only that she please the cock.
She felt hands grip her head, pulling her closer, making her take in more of the cock and she eagerly complied, mouth and throat working on it until she head a groan and felt the cock shoot come down her throat. She eagerly swallowed, feeling proud that she had accomplished her goal in bringing pleasure to the cock.
The cock slowly withdrew and she whined a protest, but once it was out of her mouth, a haze descended on her thoughts again, eyes closing as she gave in to the absence of thought, of just existing. She felt something warm and wet brush across her lips and chest, but it wasn’t important.
Until her eyes drifted open and another cock was in front of her, drawing her focus. She eagerly leaned forward, happy when it slipped into her open mouth. She let her eyes close as she surrendered to the need to bring the cock to pleasure, the only thought in her mind.

Frank blinked as Kevin came over to him. “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you about the specifics before tonight, Frank, and Jill and I will understand if you don’t want to stay and participate.”
Frank looked between Kevin and Jill, still a little surprised.  "I know you said you wanted my help with a training scene, and that I'd likely get a blow job out of it, but I thought you meant a new sub you were helping someone train not...." he gestured at Jill, on her knees on a cushioned mat and eagerly sucking the cock of another member of their group,  not even seeming to care that it wasn’t her husband. Kevin had gone first, but then had gestured to Tony, who had eagerly stepped up.  “Weren’t you saying last year that she hated sucking cock? And now she’s going down on a guy she’s not married to,  while you and four other guys watch?”
“Yeah, generally, she still does hate it.”
“It really doesn’t look like it.”
Kevin chuckled. “You know Jill and I have a hypno kink, right?”
“Yeah, that weird woo mystical thing you guys do where Jill pretends to be out of it and denying that her top is undone or that she’s not Marilyn Monroe,” Frank scoffed, referencing the demonstration Kevin and Jill and a few others had done at the club a few weeks back.
Kevin shook his head. “Not mystical woo. It’s real, and Jill wasn’t letting herself be aware that her top was undone, or that she wasn’t Marilyn Monroe.  Just like she isn’t letting herself be aware that she usually hates sucking cock. Right now, Jill’s not thinking at all unless a cock is in front of her, and then she is only thinking of making the cock come. She’s not even seeing who the cock is attached to, by her request.”
“Jill willingly agreed to this?”  That just seemed so bizarre.
“It was her idea,” Kevin said with a grin. “Jill wanted to get better at sucking cock while not having her own thoughts sabotage her. So we came up with this solution. I hypnotized her over the past few weeks to go into this specific trance state, to be naked and kneeling and not thinking about anything until a cock was in front of her.”  He paused as Tony groaned and held Jill’s head to his groin, shooting a large load based on the come dribbling out of Jill’s mouth. “Excuse me.”
Frank watched as Kevin knelt by his wife as Tony pulled out.  Grabbing a washcloth from a nearby pot of warm water, Kevin wiped Jill’s mouth and chest, murmuring things to her.  Jill’s eyes closed, and Kevin stood up and glanced around, pointing at Joe, who eagerly undid his jeans and let his cock bob free as he approached kneeling woman. At another word from Kevin, Jill’s eyes opened and she focused on Joe’s cock, leaning forward and licking it before wrapping her lips around it.
It was fucking hot to watch, Frank admitted. He was hard just watching, and could see as Kevin returned that he was hard again already. “She really doesn’t care about anything but cock,” Frank stated in disbelief.
“Not right now. Any other thoughts in her head she’s been instructed to just let slide.”
“But she’s okay with this?  The two of you don’t usually play with others at the club. You’re pretty exclusive to each other, but for her birthday and a few other times.”
“We are, but when we discussed the idea, long before I started trancing her for tonight, she brought up that we would need other people to give her a wider variety of cocks to pleasure, to learn how to suck cock well. She felt that if it was just me, she’d probably learn what got me off fastest and that wouldn’t be good.”  They watched as Jill slid her mouth off Joe’s cock with an audible *pop* before licking down the length to his balls, then back up to swallow as much as she could, causing Joe to groan.
“So she was cool with you just inviting members of the kinky poker group from the club?”
“I asked Jill who she would be comfortable with and she chose all of you here. If you’ll notice,” Kevin added, “none of you here are married, engaged, seriously dating, or have serious submissives right now.”
Frank hadn’t noticed. “So she didn’t want to interfere with our relationships.”
“Exactly. Her conscience won’t bother her with this, which is why she chose you. Again, out of trance, because I wanted her to know who she was choosing and why, even if she doesn't know who she's pleasuring at any given time. Also because I wanted to be able to veto anyone I didn’t feel comfortable around my naked and entranced wife."
“Makes sense,” Frank agreed. “Protect both of you.”
“Indeed.”  Kevin moved away as Joe shouted as he came in Jill’s mouth.   Once Joe pulled out, panting and looking a little dazed, Kevin moved in with another washcloth, cleaning semen from Jill and murmuring to her, probably priming her for her next cock. Frank wondered if hypnosis would be something to try with the sub he was in talks with.  She seemed really shy, but they'd both been at the hypnosis demonstration at the club a few weeks back, the one Kevin and Jill had been a part of.  Frank had noticed how much Gina had paid attention to the demonstration, and how it seemed to arouse her.
He’d have to talk to Kevin more when they weren’t in his play room, with Kevin’s naked wife acting as an entranced cock sucking machine.
Kevin pointed at Kyle, who grinned as he pulled out his cock and approached Jill. At a word from Kevin, her eyes opened and she eagerly started sucking on the tip of Kyle's cock.
“Jill didn't know we'd entered the room, did she?” Frank asked. Jill had been naked and on her knees, eyes closed and hands clasped behind her back, when Kevin had led them into the room and explained that he and Jill had agreed to her sucking their cocks, and anyone who didn’t want to participate didn’t have to.  None of the others had questioned anything, and Frank hadn’t been sure where to start, before Kevin had walked up to Jill and pulled his cock out, and definitely all questions had disappeared in Frank’s mind once Kevin had murmured something and Jill had opened her eyes and swayed toward the dock like a thirsty woman seeing a bottle of water.
“No, she didn’t think that would help her relax into this mindset. She was under for probably ten minutes before you all arrived, so she was more than ready.”
Frank frowned. “She’s not coming, so what it she getting out of this, besides cocksucking skills?”
“Oh, she’ll come," Kevin chuckled.  "Tomorrow. Buried deep in her mind is an instruction that for each cock she makes come tonight, she’ll remember everything about the encounter so when I trigger her tomorrow she'll relive all of it - the feel, smell, taste, and as the cock in her memory comes, so will she.  Should tie sucking cock with pleasure in her mind very nicely.”
Kyle's shout echoed in the room, and Kevin moved away to repeat his actions of cleaning off Jill and murmuring to her.  Her eyes closed, and Kevin gestured to Jake, who had been watching everything with a small smile.  He stepped up, dropping his pants to his knees and holding his cock out so it was right there when Jill's eyes opened again and she started licking it before sucking the tip.
As Kevin came back over, Frank shifted to relive the pressure on his dick.  He looked at Kevin, going back to their discussion.  “There‘s six of us here. So six orgasms? That’s a lot for Jill to be going through tomorrow.”
Kevin shrugged. “Possibly twelve orgasms if everyone wants a second round.  That was our agreement, you five plus me, and no more than two orgasms for each.”
“Dude, your wife is pretty damn generous. I'm guessing everyone else already agreed to this?”
“You were out of town until this morning.  I got to talk to all of the other guys during the week.  That’s why you’re last on the rotation, so you had time to decide if you wanted to do it or not.  Again, neither Jill nor I will be upset if this isn't something you want to do.  Jill won't even know until tomorrow, really.”
Frank considered the trust that his friends had in all of them, to play like this. “Jill chose me?” he asked again.
“She chose all of you. I didn’t object to any of her choices, since I knew we could trust all five of you.”
Frank nodded at that. He and Kevin and the others had been members of the same BDSM club for a long time, had played with each other’s subs before.  Frank and Kevin had even spent a night turning Jill into a wrung out mess of pleasure when Kevin had wanted to give her a memorable birthday scene at the club.  Frank had been allowed to fuck her breasts that night in thanks and Jill had been glorious with his come on her face as she lay in blissed out subspace.
Being chosen by Jill to be a cock to suck when she didn’t like the act was a gift he wasn’t going to refuse.
“She’s going to be a mess tomorrow with twelve orgasms.”
“But a beautiful one,” Kevin said smugly. “And all mine then.”
That explained why she wasn't coming tonight.
Frank nodded. “Let’s talk more about hypnosis sometime. I’m in talks with a potential new sub who seemed turned on by the demonstration y’all did a few weeks ago.”
“Oh, she was.  She approached Jill afterward, and they had a good discussion on being submissive and hypnosis.”  Kevin grinned. “Happy to help out.”
“Thanks, man.”
“Hey, you’re helping me and Jill. Happy to return the favor.”
Jake’s low groan of triumph echoed as he came, Jill blissfully swallowing. Frank moved to better see Jill’s face even as Kevin hurried over to clean her up. Though there was no real expression on her face, the concentration in her eyes as she continued to suck made Frank harder.  He could see the appeal of hypnosis, if it made it easier for someone like Jill to focus on one thing.  The night he and Kevin had teamed up on her it had taken a while before she’d given into the sensations. Here, well, it clearly had taken less time.
Frank undid his jeans and let his own cock spring free, waiting as Kevin cleaned up his wife and murmured to her.  Jake had already stumbled over to a chair, pulling up his jeans and sprawling, clearly still feeling the effects of his orgasm.
Jill’s eyes closed and Kevin dropped the washcloth back in the pot, then turned and grinned at Frank.   Needing no other invitation, he moved to stand in front of the kneeling brunette, holding his cock out.
Kevin said a word and Jill’s eyes opened. As soon as she saw Frank’s cock, the look that appeared in her brown eyes was.... Frank didn’t have a word for how focused and hungry she looked before she was leaning forward, mouth opening. Frank moved his cock a little to one side, and she followed without hesitation, lips sliding around the tip, engulfing him in wet warmth.
Fuck, he nearly groaned aloud, hips moving as Jill sucked and licked and practically devoured his cock in her eagerness. She had clearly been learning from her previous encounters, and Frank was the lucky recipient of that new knowledge.  He gripped her hair, pulling her further into his cock, fucking her face for a bit before stopping, letting her take over, and enjoying each suck and lick and even just the moments where she paused, humming happily in her throat, before starting again.
He held out as long as he could, but eventually, Jill’s mouth, and the thrill of being sucked off by his best friend's wife with both their consent, got to be too much. He held her head still and fucked her face until he came, shouting, filling Jill’s hot little mouth with his seed.
“Fuck,” he groaned, pulling out and watching his come dribble down her face.  Jill’s eyes closed as Kevin came over and said something, grabbing a cloth to clean her up. 
Seeing her go from eager cocksucker to blank nothingness should not have his cock twitching, he thought as he yanked up his jeans and found a seat. He was still breathing hard as he watched Kevin talking to Jill, stroking a hand over her skin. Her face was still blank but oddly blissful as she knelt and listened. Kevin stood and looked over at Tony. “Anyone up for another round?”
“Fuck yes,” Tony said, standing. The others nodded. Frank didn’t but he was still recovering.
Jill aimed for Tony’s cock as soon as her eyes opened, and Tony groaned a moment later. “Oh fuck, she’s gotten better.”
Next to Frank, Kevin grinned, even as the other men took interest. “You’re going last, aren’t you?” Frank asked.
“Yep. I want the benefit of all her newfound skills.”
“Don’t blame you.”  They watched in silence as Tony continued to make noises before Jill’s mouth made him come. Joe eagerly stepped up when Kevin finished priming Jill for her next victim, clearly wanting to see how much better she was.
“Guess not having to think was good for her. As you said, her thoughts can’t sabotage this. You are a lucky man, Kevin.” 
“Play your cards right with Gina and you’ll be a lucky man, too. I mean, with the right trigger for blank obedience, I can go down on Jill for hours and she won’t come until I let her. It’s fucking awesome.”
Frank thought about that, and nodded as his cock twitched again at the mental picture of a blank and obedient Gina being brought to the edge and unable to come. “I swear, Kevin, this night is going to give me a hypno fetish.”
“I don’t think Gina will be upset if you do.”
They fell silent as Jill finished Joe off, then Kyle, and then Jake.  All three men grinned even as they flopped into chairs, cocks limp but clearly satisfied.
Frank waited until Kevin had cleaned Jill up and nodded before he approached Jill eagerly, cock hard and proud and waiting for her attention.  He pressed the tip to her lips just before Kevin spoke, and groaned as Jill sucked him into her mouth immediately.
Her newfound knowledge might kill him, but what a way to go.

Jill gasped and screamed as she came, swallowing as the cock in her memory came down her throat, the owner gripping her head tightly as he made her take all of his cock, nearly deep throating it. She squirmed on the bed, hands gripping the sheets as she lost herself to the pleasure of making the cock come.
The cock in her memory slipped out of her mouth, and Jill flopped on the bed, worn out and sweaty and wet with the orgasm. The eleventh one she’d had that day, all to different memories of last night, of sucking the cocks of different men. She knew who they were, but not who belonged to what cock.  Not even which one was Kevin’s.  She might blush when she saw them next, but at least she wouldn't have the memory of how they specifically felt and tasted.  She'd only have that for Kevin.
“Fuck,” she sighed.
“One more,” Kevin said from where he sat on the bedside, watching her.  He was naked now, his hard cock bobbing up. She licked her lips, wanting to taste and suck on it.
“I think it worked,” she said unsteadily.  “Because I really want to suck you off, make you come down my throat as you fuck my mouth.”  She smiled as his cock twitched at that.
“Maybe tomorrow, because I know you’re tired, after eleven orgasms.”
“One more,” she said, watching him. “There were six of you, and I doubt anyone turned down a second round.”
“No one did, and no one had any complaints about your technique. In fact, they all complimented how quickly your skills improved.”  He reached out and tapped her nose playfully. “I knew you could do it, if you didn’t have to think about not liking it or how much you’d hated it with your previous partners.”
She smiled. “No thoughts at all except pleasing the cock in front of me, having it come down my throat, letting the cock’s owner move me and not worry if I was doing something wrong, because all it meant was learning to give more pleasure,” she said blissfully. “I really wouldn’t mind doing it again.”
“I’ll be happy to have you be a blissfully obedient little cocksucker for me any time.”  His cock twitched in agreement.
Jill bit her lip. “Well, I was thinking. I know this was supposed to be a one off, but...”
“But?” Kevin asked, one eyebrow raised.
“Well, you six are doing poker night here in a few weeks, and if you needed to up the ante..... maybe a prize mouth in the pot?” she asked, licking her lips. “Winner of the hand gets a blissfully obedient little cocksucker, who doesn’t know or care who they are as long as their cock is pleased?”
Kevin tilted his head in thought, then nodded. “I’ll see what they think, as I wouldn’t want to put them on the spot. It was bad enough this time with Frank since I didn’t get to talk to him ahead of time. He had a lot of questions, but was more than eager when his turns came. And wants to talk about hypnosis since he’s interested in Gina.”
“And Gina’s got a hypno kink like we do. That’s good for both of them.”  She grinned. “Then the four of us can play sometimes, with boundaries.”
“If it works out for them, we can see,” he said.  "But I'll also want to talk with you about this when you're not half in trance and blissed out from multiple orgasms.  Make sure this is what you really want."
Jill smiled. "Sounds fair."
"Good.  But now, my love, Cock Number 12 wants to fuck your mind.”
Jill gasped as the trigger took over and her mouth opened to stretch around the cock her memory was giving her. This was more intense, this last one, her mind supplying the taste and feel of the cock as she had bobbed up and down its length. Sucking hard, licking, even just holding it in as far as she could and swallowing. The owner’s hands in her hair held her still as the cock fucked her mouth without mercy, and she loved it, being used to bring pleasure to the cock.  Each thrust brought her close to orgasm until the cock pulled out of her mouth and she whined in loss until she felt come hitting her face and breasts, and she screamed as she came, basking in the feeling of being painted in the cock’s pleasure.  As she started to recover, she felt another spray of come on her face and breasts, and she came again, sobbing in release, squirming and gripping the bed until she came down from the high, panting and exhausted from her thirteenth orgasm in just a few hours.
She eventually opened her eyes as she realized that not all of the come had been in her memory. Kevin knelt next to her, cock flaccid, his come on her body.   “You were my final cock last night,” she murmured.
Kevin grinned. “I wasn’t going to let anyone else come all over you, for sure. And I knew I’d want to do something special for your last memory today.”
“A trigger to come again when I felt you come?”
“You did please my cock with your responsiveness to the whole scenario today, my love,” he said, stroking a finger through the semen on her breast. “Figured you should be rewarded again.”
“Hmm. Just as long as I’m not so tied to being an obedient little cocksucker that I’m giving up other forms of sex, because it would be a shame if I didn’t get to ride that magnificent cock as well.”  She pushed into his touch but was still too worn out to move.
“Oh, don’t worry. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of this magnificent cock fucking you senseless, or any other way I can make you come until you're begging for mercy.”
Jill grinned then abruptly yawned, blinking to clear her vision. “Sorry.”
“Not unexpected with everything from last night and today. In fact, why doesn’t my darling obedient wife just slip into sleep, that’s it,” he said softly as Jill’s eyes fluttered in response to the trigger. “That’s it, a nice nap to recover for her master.” 
She closed her eyes and felt him kiss her forehead. “Sweet dreams, my love,” he murmured, just before she fell into sleep.

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