Lazy Time

by DarthKyra

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:male #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #wholesome #f/m #hypnotic_orgasms

Emma is David’s blank, lazy girl, and good blank, lazy girls obey their Master.

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*Emma, feeling like a lazy time tonight, darling?*  
Emily blinked, her fingers automatically responding before she could process a thought. *Yes, please, David.*
*Emma, text when you are home and ready, darling*  
*Yes, David.*  
"Plans tonight?"  
Emily blinked again, pulling herself away from her phone. She looked up at her coworker Margie. "Dave's bringing home take out. We'll probably watch something on the DVR."  
"Exciting life."  
Emily grinned. "We have our fun. But sometimes we just want to enjoy a lazy time."  Something went through her when she said that, but it was gone before she could figure out what it was.  
"Well, enjoy being lazy, then," Margie said as she picked up her coat and left.
Emily grinned as she shut down her computer and headed out to her car.  Once home, she went through her usual routine, putting away items and changing out of her work clothes into lazy time clothes. She pushed a lock of hair out of her face and absently picked up her phone.  
*Emma is home and ready, David*  
*Emma, T-10, darling*  
Emma walked over to the couch and set the timer on her phone for ten minutes. She knelt on the floor and set the phone against the back of the couch. Starting the timer, her hand fell back to her side as she watched the numbers count down the seconds and minutes. She blinked lazily, her gaze never moving from the timer. She felt her shoulders loosen as her mind slowly went blank in response to the descending numbers.    
After five minutes, Emma's eyes were vacant as she stared at the timer.   Her mind was blank, waiting, going deeper with each passing second.  
At the end of the timer, the custom alarm sounded. "What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl," she replied.  
"What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
"What is Emma?"  
Each time the question was asked, she responded, sinking further with each repetition.  She didn't hear the buzzing of the phone, just the question that she had to answer.  
"What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
"What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
Over and over again, she repeated her phrase.  She never noticed someone else in the room with her, someone who reached over and stopped the timer after it asked again "What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
She lapsed into silence when the question was not asked again.  The person walked around her, but continued to stare ahead of her, waiting. The person left, and she waited.  Even when the phone was moved and someone sat on the couch in its place, she kept starting straight ahead, not registering anything.  
"What is Emma?" the person asked.  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
"What is David?"  
"David is Emma's Hypnotic Master."  
"What do blank, lazy girls do for their Hypnotic Master?"  
"Blank, lazy girls obey."  
"Who am I?"  
She looked up then, eyes focusing somewhat, recognizing the man in front of her.  "David."  
"Who are you?"  
"Who is Emma's Hypnotic Master?"  
"You are," she said softly.  
"Who do you obey?"  
"Good blank, lazy girl."  
A thrill went through her at that, at pleasing her hypnotic master.  He moved behind her, fingers lightly trailing down her sides. She gasped as they slid between her legs, finding the wetness there. He grabbed her hip as she tried to move against the fingers. "Stay still, Emma," he ordered. She whimpered, but obeyed, feeling him bring her closer and closer to the edge.  
When his fingers stopped, Emma didn't whine, but it was close.  
"When do blank, lazy girls come, Emma?"  
"When their Hypnotic Master says they can."  
"Good blank, lazy girl."  His fingers disappeared, and she gasped involuntarily as he thrust into her from behind.  She moaned when he pulled out and thrust in again, her actions involuntary as the pleasure built from his thrusts.  
"What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl," she replied, gasping.  
"What is David?"  
"David is... Emma's Hypnotic Master."  It was harder for her to speak, in between gasps and moans.  He thrusts grew faster.  
"I am your Hypnotic Master."  
"You obey me."  
He thrust into her again, leaning closer to murmur in her ear.  "Good blank, lazy girls come for their Master."  
Emma's breath caught in a moan as she came, feeling her Hypnotic Master come inside her as well.  The sensations spun through her, unfocused and shattering, until her breath finally slowed and she knelt there, waiting.  
"Good blank, lazy girl," he whispered.  "Very good."  
She felt him stroke his fingers down her skin.  "Do you want to stay in this lazy time?"  
She frowned.  "I don't know."  
"Emily, time to wake up, darling."  
She blinked, the haze lifting.  
"That's right, more and more awake, feeling very good, remembering what you need to remember, Emily."  
She shook her head, looking back at her husband.  "Damn," she said softly, still feeling a little hazy, not making a move to get up from their kneeling position, as he was still inside her.  "Wow."  
Dave grinned.  "What do you remember?"  
"I remember getting a text from you at work," she said, frowning. "But... it's one of those ones I don't need to remember, huh?"  
"Nope," he replied cheerfully.  "What next?"  
"I know I came home, and changed clothes," she glanced down at her naked body.  "I guess these are 'lazy time' clothes, in a way.  And then I texted you, and..." she trailed off, frowning.  "I remember numbers," she said, voice going soft, eyes distant.  
"Wake up, Emily."  She shook her head.  "Sorry.  I know I did something... that took me down into Emma, at your command.  But I don't remember what, not until you started asking me those questions."  She smiled at him.  "I'm guessing you had some help with those commands, huh?"  
"Maybe just a little from your subconscious," he replied.  "I might have asked you a month ago, while under, to think of a new play scenario.  And you might have forgotten that, or that you e-mailed me this scenario."  
"And I might have forgotten, over this past month, you setting the ground work in my mind?" she asked with a smile.  
"Might have," he answered.  "Question is, is this the first time we've done this?"  
Emily opened her mouth to answer, then stopped.  "I... I don't know." She couldn't tell, knowing how easy it was for Dave to convince her not to remember under hypnosis.  It was what made these play scenarios so much fun for both of them.  She never knew when he might use one of them, bring out her subconscious as Emma, to play, in a way different from their usual hypnotic fun.  Even after ten years together, they liked to try new things with hypnosis, for their mutual pleasure.  
Dave grinned.  "Well, this time it was the first.  Probably won't be the last lazy time we have."  
The words made her shiver a little, blink a little slower.  "Oh," she said.  
"Hm?" Dave asked, watching her.  
"Those words."  
"What, lazy time?" he asked with a smile, watching as she blinked slower, relaxing slightly.  
"Yeah."  She was hazy now, drifty.  She could make herself wake up, but she didn't want to.  
Dave leaned in.  "Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
Emily sank into trance, eyes slipping closed, mind falling deeper and deeper as David began to count.  When he reached one, he paused before asking.  
"Who are you?"  
"What is Emma?"  
"Emma is David's blank, lazy girl."  
"Who is David?"  
"David is Emma's Hypnotic Master."  
"What do blank, lazy girls do for their Hypnotic Master?"  
"Open your eyes, Emma."  
She did, staring at nothing in particular.  
"Who do you obey?"  
"Good lazy, girls come for their Master."  
She came, moaning and writhing, but a part of her mind was listening to his words, Emma and Emily waiting for their Hypnotic Master to guide them to where they needed to be.

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