Independent Thought (Henchwench Adventures 3)

by DarthKyra

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #wholesome #hypnosis #hypnotic_orgasms

Corrine has independent thoughts, doesn’t she?

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Co-Written with Scifiscribbler

“And now my uncle is up in arms and threatening to call the university.” 
On the screen, Mark shook his head. “Your cousin is 19, I don’t know how much the university will let him interfere in her joining a sorority.” 
“I just hope he doesn’t pull her out of college all together. Mark, you should have heard him ranting that he didn’t send her to college to develop independent thought. “ 
“Isn’t that what one usually does in college?” 
Corrine blew a bit of hair off her forehead.  “Honestly I think he sent her there to get her 'MRS' degree so she would be off his hands before he had to pay for all four years.  It’s why she’s at that particular school, it has a higher percentage of women dropping out to get married than women graduating, married or single.  I'm surprised they have sororities, even if they are all school-based independent ones.” 
“I’m glad your parents didn’t feel the same way.”  He grinned at her, and she smiled back.
“He encouraged them to send me there. I refused. Mom agreed.  Dad backed us up.” 
“Always knew I liked your mom.” 
Corrine smiled.  “She likes you too.”  She stretched, checking the time on the computer. They’d been chatting for an hour, and man had she needed this time with her fiancé, even if it had been on the computer, again, instead of in person as she’d prefer.  Fuck you very much pandemic.
“Good to know I’m on good terms with my future mother-in-law.”  Mark grinned, although from the way he was grinning his mind had tripped onto another track, the way it often did. “But you said something that has me curious.” 
“Oh yeah?” 
“You talked about your uncle not sending your cousin to college to learn independent thought. But really,” he said, his voice dropping a little, “is not having independent thought so bad?” 
Corrine’s breath hitched. “In some cases, it is.” 
“True, in some cases. But what about you?” he continued in his hypnotist voice. “Do you need independent thought?” 
“Yes,” she said, sitting up straight in her chair.  She knew what he was doing just as well as he did.
“Really?” Mark raised an eyebrow. “I seem to recall many times when you had no independent thoughts or actions, nothing that I hadn’t given you.” 
“I still had some independent thoughts,” she argued.  
“Idle thoughts that didn’t stay, perhaps. But you know that you when you drop deep into hypnosis for me, you don’t have independent thoughts.  You surrender all thinking to me, don’t you?” 
“Yes,” she said, digging a fingernail into the palm of her hand, letting her resist a bit more. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to play, she could and would safeword if that was the case. She just didn’t want to make this too easy for him.
Mark was wearing a particular smirk, which told her he could see the difference. “So, you don’t have independent thoughts.” 
“I do have independent thoughts.  I’m independently thinking that you are shamelessly trying to take advantage of my story about my cousin.” 
Mark smiled.  “Oh, but you knew that I was shameless the first time we talked about hypnosis, and I’ve never made any secret about shamelessly enjoying you having no independent thought. Same as you have shamelessly enjoyed having no independent thoughts as you slip deeper into trance, your mind quieting, your thoughts slowing as you drift deeper.” 
Corrine swallowed, feeling her body and mind react to Mark’s words and tone. “I do enjoy it,” she finally said when the silence had stretched too long.  
“Yes, that’s right. And you know that you will enjoy having no independent thoughts tonight, when you go deeper into trance for me. “ 
“I’m not in trance,” she protested.  
"That is an opinion formed of independent thought, which isn't sustainable..."
“Of course it is.”
"Oh, you only believe that because you were told so. It's a thought that was put in your head."
Corrine frowned.  "No, it’s my thought.”
"Now, Cori, you know thoughts feel so much better when someone gives them to you."
“They do...” she said softly.
"So if you believe something strongly, it's probably not your idea, is it?"
Corrine blinked. “It’s not?”
"Oh no.  The ideas and thoughts that feel good enough for you keep them were given to you. Why would you remember an independent thought?"
She gave another slow blink.  "Why would I... I remember..."
"Are there really any independent thoughts in that pretty head of yours?" he purred. 
"I... I don't know." 
"Now, Cori... don't you agree I should do the thinking, under the circumstances?"
"Uh.... yes...." She said with another blink, staring at the screen.
Mark lifted his eyes from the screen to look directly at her through the camera, something he did sometimes as a reward or for emphasis. Or both. "That's much better. Being docile is just much more pleasant, isn't it?"
"Yes," she sighed softly.
"And really, that's your best thought of all, isn't it?"
"But that feels more like one of mine than one of yours, originally. Doesn't it?"
"Yes," she sighed again.
"Cori doesn't need independent thought. She needs to be docile." He gave her a slow smile "Repeat."
“Cori doesn’t need independent thought. She needs to be docile.”
"Thoughts of your own just get in the way."
“Thoughts of my own just get in the way.”
"When you don't think, that pleasure you feel in submission gets stronger."
“When I don’t think, that pleasure I feel in submission gets stronger.”
He smiled, and lifted an upturned hand, one finger extended, as if he was taking her by the chin despite the distance between them.  Her chin tipped up slightly in response.
"And you want that pleasure, don't you?"
"You're a good girl, Cori. You don't need to think."
“I’m a good girl. I don’t need to think.”
"You don't think, do you?"
“I don’t think... do I?”
"Of course not, Cori. You're a mindless, obedient, happy, docile girl..."
“I’m a mindless, obedient, happy, docile girl," she repeated with a smile.
Mark smiled broadly "Good girls do what they're told."
“Good girls do what they’re told.”
"Remember your Good Girl clothes, Cori?"
“Good girl clothes.”  Cori started to unbutton her blouse, it wasn't one of her good girl clothes.
"It's time to get changed."
“It’s time to get changed," she agreed.  Cori removed her blouse and began to remove her bra.
On the screen, she saw Mark sit back in his chair, smiling broadly, enjoying the view.  It gave Cori a thrill to know she was pleasing him.  
She dropped her bra on the floor and stood to remove her slacks.  Slacks were not good girl clothes.  Her hands went to the waistband of her panties, but she hesitated.  Panties were sometimes good girl clothes, depending on what she was told.  
"Leave those in place, Cori," Mark urged. "I know you have other options which suit them."
Cori left them in place and frowned before she moved to her closet and pulled on a very tight thin white babydoll shirt before returning to the computer to see if this met with his approval.
He was sitting back in his chair, and as he sometimes did, he had both his hands visible in shot, a silent confirmation that his focus was on her as much as on his own enjoyment. "Very good, Cori. It's good to be in something comfortable, not an outfit for a thinking woman. Isn't it?"
"That's right. You feel comfortable. Happy. Aroused."
“Yes,” said, a little shakily.
"You're getting happier. More aroused. Highly charged."
Cori smiled a little, breathing a little faster.  “Yes.”
"Feeling so good. So free. So sexy. So submissive."
Cori put her hands behind her back and stood a little straighter.  "Yes.”
Mark gave a soft chuckle "You look so good when you submit. Have I told you that?"
Cori blinked, recalling other play times.  “Yes, Master.”
"And you believe me, of course."
“Yes Master.”
"You must be feeling so good. It's perfectly reasonable to play with yourself for me."
“It’s perfectly reasonable...”  One hand moved to her breasts, the other to her clit, and began rubbing.
"And it's good to be on display. You serve in so many ways when you submit, Cori."
“Yes, Master."
"Your body joins your mind in submission. You're being very good, Cori, and that makes it all even better..."
Cori's breath hitched slightly “Yes....” she sighed.
"Good girls play with themselves to make their Master happy."
“Good girls play with themselves to make their Master happy,” she repeated, her hands speeding up a little. 
"Good girls are happy without thoughts of their own."
“Good girls are happy without thoughts of their own,” she agreed.
"Becoming a thoughtless good girl for me is always exciting. Showing yourself off for me is always sexy."
Cori paused, watching the screen. 
"You enjoy being Cori, don't you?"
"I enjoy being Cori," she said without hesitation.
"And having a Master is an important part of Cori's existence."
"Very good, Cori. Are you ready to cum?"
“Yes, Master.”
"Cum for us both, Cori."
“Yes Master,” Cori gasps as she came, voice rising as she shook in pleasure.
"Very, very good, Cori... and Corinne, when you return, you will recall all this clearly, at least until the call ends, won't you?"
“Yes, Master”
"Such a good girl. Ready yourself to wake."
Cori sighs “Yes Master”
"Coming back refreshed, relaxed, and happy as always in five... four... three... two... one..."
Corrine blinked, stretched, and smiled at Mark before sitting down again. "Well, that will teach me to tell you stories that can be used against me," she says with a grin.
He reached off to one side and picked up the water bottle he always had handy. "Yes,” he said. “I'd say it'll encourage you." He took a drink to conceal quite how much he was smirking.
Corinne laughed.  “You sure I won’t be making up things?”
"I know you won't think you are."
She laughed again. "True, since I won't remember this after the call, will I?"
"No. Although I had a notion you might dream about it," he said with a smile.
“Entirely possible.”
Mark smiled again.  "But mostly, I just want you to see for yourself just how easily Cori emerges now."
Corrine felt herself blushing.  “Yeah, she does. Even if I’m trying to resist. Not that I was resisting all that much," she admitted.
"Of course not."  Mark grinned as his voice changed a little.  "That requires independent thought."
Corrine blinked, then shook her head to clear it.  “That’s not fair,” she said with a mock pout. 
"I'm fair to Corrine. Cori gets mostly fair."
“And what happens if you can’t tell if I’m Corinne, Cori, or something hybrid of both?”
"Usually I bring you back up and figure it out. But we're all hybrids, to some level."
"What I actually wonder about is what shape things will take when we can see each other again. But we won't know until we're there."
Corrine sighed, thinking of the way any future in person time with her fiance could go, and the fact that they didn't know when... that was too depressing to consider.  "Yeah, whenever that happens.”
"That's for later. Right now we're just getting there day by day."
“Thank goodness for webcams.  If this had been in the 90s with dial up internet and long distance charges....” She trailed off, shuddering at the thought.
Mark chuckled.  "You'd be getting much quicker, less developed trances."
“And no one wants that. Or even text trances which, yeah, I respond to, but... hours long trances are so much more fun.”
"Maybe this Saturday I should just bring Cori out and keep her out for the afternoon," Mark suggested with a slightly wicked grin.
Corinne smiled and shifted in her seat at the thought.  “I think I have the time for that.”
"Alrighty. You might get a package before then – I have some vague ideas about a thing I want to do, but I’ve had no chance to research." He paused.  “So, aside from family drama, was there anything else you wanted to sink deep away from?"
“Nothing in particular today.”
Mark nodded and sat back.  "Well, that's good. But I'll keep watching out for you, just in case I see something you may not."
Corrine smiled at her fiancé and Master.  “I know you will.”

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