Guardian Girl and the Sinister Spiral (Henchwench Adventures 2)

by DarthKyra

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #hypnotic_orgasms #sub:female #wholesome

Guardian Girl needs to stop the Sinister Spiral’s plan for world domination - or does the villain have other plans?

Co-Written with Scifiscribbler

Guardian Girl slipped into the master control room of the abandoned television station that she knew was being used to assist the Sinister Spiral in his broadcast to take over the city.  Settling into the chair in front of the main computers, she realized it was on and open to a command prompt.  Grinning, she flexed her fingers and started into the main code to shut the program down that was hypnotizing the city.  "If I don't stop his plans now, the entire city will be on a downward spiral to evil!"

There was no response to her words other than the continuing flashy lights and spirals of Sinister's program on the various screens that she forced herself to ignore as she hacked into the computer.  The city was counting on her to save them, and she couldn't fail.  "That sinister swirl won't stop this smart girl," she said, staring at the swirl for a moment before forcing herself to go back to the coding and hacking in.

She'd been working for what seemed like ten minutes when she heard a low chuckle echo through the room and her head snapped up, seeing one of the spirals on the screen in front of her had changed.  "You won't zap me with your mind ray," she scorned.

"Oh, I'm sure," Spiral said, amusement in his voice.

"I will stop you."  She went back to her hacking.  "The city is counting on their daredevil heroine and I won't let them down!"

"Don't worry. If you can't be a daredevil damsel, you can always be a docile damsel."

She found herself taking a small breath, her fingers pausing.  Forcing herself back to the keyboard, she replied. “I will not give into your mind games, Spiral”

"Oh? But if you're not playing my game, how can you find me?" He asked with what sounded like a cackle.

She smiled, glancing up at the screen, seeing the spirals.  “I mean, if you want me to find you, you could just tell me.  Save us all the shiny spirals and ... flashy light theatrics...”

"Oh, you'll find me when I tell you to come to me..."

“And what makes you think I’ll come for.... *to* you?”  She blinked, wondering at that slip, but never took her eyes off the screen.

"Now, doesn't it already seem... deliciously natural?"

“For a superhero to come for.. to come get you and lock you up? Yes.”

"You're not even a superhero any longer, dear, docile doll..."

She stared at the spiral on the screen.  “I am a super doll... super docile.... super hero.“

"I think you're confused. I'm a super villain. A super hypnotic super villain. Right?"

“Super hypnotic.... super villain... must bring you... in...”  She had to break free... but she had to watch the spiral.

"Oh, but my dear, docile doll, don't you think it makes more sense for me to bring you in?" He chuckled.

“Docile doll..." She shook her head, taking her eyes from the screen for a moment, the fog lifting until she caught sight of it again, barely noticing that in the corner of the screen, Sinister Spiral himself was now watching her, his face surrounded by the spiral that kept pulling her in.  "I must bring... you in....”

Spiral theatrically slapped his forehead.  "Oh! That was it. You must bring me valuable information."

She blinked.  "Information."

"For example, your secret identity. And anything valuable you've learned in your anti-criminal crusade."

She shook her head again.  "No, I won’t...” She could hear her voice wavering.

Spiral chuckled. "Do you really think you could stop yourself?"

“Yes.” Even in her state, she could hear how hesitant her voice was.  She could resist him, couldn't she? 

The spirals pulling her in seemed to tell her no.

"Ah, but what you don't realise yet is the delight you'll take in it," Spiral was saying.

“No...” She protested softly.

"Oh, but you will. Should I show you how good it feels to obey, my docile damsel?"

“”  Docile, she wasn't... wasn't...

Spiral's giggle sounded through the speakers.  "Clasp your hands behind your head and push out your chest. You know you want to... and you know how good it will feel."

“You can’t make me.”  She said, but even as she protested, her hands clasped behind her head and her chest pushed out, towards the camera on the screen. 

Spiral's window moved to the center of the screen, right where she couldn't ignore him, the spiral behind him still holding her attention.  The hypnotic supervillain sat back, smiling broadly.  "My docile doll makes herself obey."

She blinked, confused.  “I.... obey.”

"You obey. You are a docile doll," he said firmly.

“.... I obey. I am a docile doll.”  She repeated, the small hesitation as something told her this wasn't right, but that was lost in a flash of the screen.

"And it feels so good," he told her.

“And it feels so good," she agreed.

Spiral grinned and leaned forward.  "How about a smile?"

She smiled automatically in response.  

"It's easier to obey than resist."

She blinked.  "It’s easier to obey than resist.”  It was true.

"Docile dolls don't resist."

“Docile dolls don’t resist.”  It was so easy to repeat his words.

"Being a docile doll is the best thing to happen to you."

Something in her protested that, but she obediently repeated. “Being a docile doll... is the.... best  thing that’s happened... to me.”

"It's time you switched sides, Guardian Girl."

"Switch sides..."  She was a super hero, wasn't she?

"That's right. Being a heroine was a dream. But it's time for the dream to end. You understand."

No, she was Guardian Girl.  She was.

Wasn't she?

“A ... dream..?” She asked, confused.

"Nothing like as important as your new purpose. You are a docile doll, and docile dolls obey."

That soothed her mind.  “I am a docile doll.  Docile dolls obey.”

"It feels so right, so good, to obey. Just getting to obey me makes you so happy."

Superheroes don't obey villains, a small part of her said in a distant part of her mind.  She frowned.  "Obeying you makes me happy."  She sounded confused to her own ears.

Spiral titled his head.  "Don't you agree, dear?" He paused and leaned forward for a moment.  "What is your colour?"

“Green,” she said without thinking.

"That's good. That's very good." He paused again. "A docile doll should not disobey."

“A docile doll should not disobey.”

"And besides, you *want* to obey me. It just feels right."

She gave a small sigh.  “I want to obey you. It feels right.”

"Take off your mask, my dear docile damsel."

“Yes.”  Her hands came down from behind her head, removing her mask with them, placing the mask on the keyboard, waiting for her next command.

Sinister Spiral studied her face for a while, as she sat and stared at the spirals on the screen behind him.  "You know, I expected to recognise you immediately. Silly of me, probably. Do you know who I am?"

“Sinister Spiral...super hypnotic super villain...” That was all she had known of him.

He smiled.  "That's correct. But I'm also the person you obey, like the docile doll you are. Others may call me the Sinister Spiral. You will think of me and address me as Master."

“Master,” she said.  He was Master.

Master grinned triumphantly, mixed with a bit of affection.

"Good girl. Now, tell me, what is your name?"

“Corrine, Master.”

"Corrine. I like that. Although Cori would be shorter. You are now Doll Cori." He nods. "You're proud of your name. You love to hear me use it."

She smiled.  “I am Doll Cori.”  She was proud of the name Master had given her.

"It's time for inspection, Doll Cori. Do you know what that means?" Master asked.

Cori gave a slow blink, mind confused even as her hands slid behind her back and her chest pushed out again.“I don’t know?”

She waited as Master watched her avidly.  He licked his lips before speaking again.  "Stand up and move your chair aside, Doll Cori. You don't need to look away from the spiral - just take a step or two back so I can still watch that happy, helpless smile."

"Yes, Master." Cori stood up and moved her chair to one side before taking a step back, eyes still focused on the spiral. Her cape settled around her as she put her hands behind her back again and puffed out her chest for her Master to see.

Master gave an appreciative whistle.  "Excellent. My docile doll will be decorative."  His grinned turned cheesy. 

Cori made no reaction, but stood a little straighter.

"My doll can go deeper now, letting her mind surrender to the spiral, to my voice. Down deeper. Deeper."

Cori felt herself relax a little as she went deeper into trance for Master.

"Good dolls go deep. Repeat."

Cori sighed, lips parting as she stared vacantly at the spiral.  "Good dolls go deep."

"Very good, Doll Cori. Further inspection is called for, though. Lower your costume below your breasts," Master ordered.

"Yes Master"  She reached under the cape and lowered the straps of her suit, pulling the neckline down below her breasts and letting her hands drop to her sides, the straps still on her arms, when done.

"Very good." Master nodded his approval, smiling warmly. "When you are only in your Master's presence, this is the proper position for your costume."

“Yes Master.”

"Docile dolls enjoy being on display."

“Docile dolls enjoys being on display.”  Cori stood a little straighter, displaying her breasts better for Master.

On the screen, she saw Master lick his lips again.  "Play with your breasts and nipples for me, Doll Cori, and discover just how good it is to obey on display."

"Yes, Master."  Her hands rose to her breasts, pinching her nipples and stroking over her skin, pushing her breasts together before letting them part, always stroking, enjoying the feel of obeying her Master.

"You arouse yourself, but your obedience also arouses you. Repeat."

"I arouse myself, but my obedience also arouses me."

"It's blissful to be blank and obedient. Repeat."

“It’s blissful to be blank and obedient.”

"Your right hand is now for playing with your clit, not your tits."

“My right hand is now for playing with my clit, not my tits.”  Without conscious thought, Cori’s right hand slide down inside her suit and into her stockings to find her clit, a little noise escaping as she began playing with it.*

"Good doll. What level?"

“Eight.”  The response was automatic, without thought.

"Very good," he assured her again. "Do you want to continue your treatment?"

“Yes, Master.”

Master smiled.  "With your right hand, return your chair in front of your computer, sit, and resume playing, nearer the spiral you now love so much."

Cori obediently removed her right hand with a frown, but moved the chair back in front of the computer, sat, and gave a small, happy sigh as she resumed playing with her clit.

"It's important for good, docile dolls to go deep for Master."

“It’s important for good, docile dolls to go deep for Master," she repeated happily.

"It feels so good to go and stay so deep."

“It feels so good to go and stay so deep.”

"Soon you're going to want to cum. But you will need permission."

“Soon I will want to cum. But I will need... permission.”

"Good dolls don't cum without Master's permission."

“Good dolls don’t cum without Master’s permission.” Good dolls obey, her mind added on.

"Are you ready, Doll Cori?"

Cori frowned slightly, not sure if she was giving the right answer, but she was a good doll and obeyed.  “Yes, Master.”

"You will cum, as you want to, in five... four..."

Cori made a noise as her hands sped up with his counting 

"Three... so eager now, so programmed... two..."

The pitch of her moans intensified as she got closer, desperate to cum but she was a good docile doll, she couldn't come until her Master said she could. 

"One... Cum now, Doll Cori."

Cori cried out in pleasure as she came, gasping and shuddering in release, the pain from her nails digging into her breast adding to the orgasm.  "Thank you, Master," she gasped as she felt herself winding down.

He chuckled.  "Good docile girl, Cori."

She smiled, even as her breathing evened out and she was able to sit up, waiting.

"I do wonder what you will look like as my loyal henchwoman, once this dream of being a heroine is completely over.  But for now, well, you are my loyal henchwoman in your heart, aren't you, Cori?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl, Cori.  Now, look at me, Cori."

Her eyes went to the screen, and fastened on his face.  He smiled, and said something, and her eyes closed.

"... Three, two, one... wide awake."

Corrine blinked her eyes, seeing that she was sitting in front of her computer, her fiancé grinning.  "How do you feel?" He asked.

She looked down, seeing the simple black plastic mask on the keyboard, then further down to her black knee high boots, the ones she rarely wore due to the heels, her black stockings, her bright green swimsuit, and the cape she'd bought for a different Halloween costume.  "Surprised at what my mind thinks is an appropriate superhero outfit," she said with a wry smile.  Her breasts were still hanging out, the straps on her upper arms, but Corrine made no move to cover herself.  It wasn't like Mark hadn't seen it before.

"It was a very appreciated outfit," Mark said, still grinning.  "Definitely don't get rid of any of it.  I'm sure Guardian Girl will be needed again."

"Ah, but I won't be Guardian Girl, will I?" Corrine asked with a matching grin.  "Shouldn't the Sinister Spiral's loyal henchwoman have her own outfit?"

"Maybe for the public, but the Sinister Spiral definitely appreciates this outfit in private," he said with a leer, making her laugh.

She sat back in her chair.  "I definitely want to do that again.  Because I believed, with every thought, that I was Guardian Girl, that I was hacking into your code.  Though I'm sure it was gibberish."

"Read the chat box," Mark said.

Corrine leaned forward and pulled up the chat box, not bothering to cover herself, letting Mark get a good look.  She scanned the chat box and gave a short, sharp laugh.  "So I was hacking - my own mind," she said, seeing that she'd been typing, over and over, 'I am Master's good docile girl'.

"It seemed like a good way to ensure you were responsive."

"There was doubt?" She asked, knowing that they'd been playing long enough that, especially in a scenario that she had been a willing participant in planning, there was little chance her subconscious would have rejected Mark's control.

"No, but if there was, the chat box was a good way for you to tell me without breaking character, though I know that even now, you don't remember the other phrases.  Just in case Guardian Girl breaks out of Spiral's control and tried to hack her way out of his lair."

"Now that sounds like a good scenario.  I'm sure he would be waiting for her to do that, and more than eager to show her how much under his control she is."

Mark quickly made a note in the little notebook he kept next to the computer.  "Writing that down for future ideas.  Along with you being my loyal henchwoman."

Corrine giggled.  "Henchwoman.  That's not something I usually hear.  What does that involve?  Will I be going out and recruiting or kidnapping other, imaginary, heroes for you?  Or will I be sitting around half naked," she gestured at herself, "carrying trays of drinks or food to you like some serving wench?"  A thought struck her, and she grinned widely.  "Or both - a Henchwench!"  She giggled more.  "Henchwench," she said again.

Mark laughed as well.  "Henchwench.  That's definitely getting written down to get used next time."  An alarm sounded on his side, and he frowned.  "Unfortunately, that's my half hour warning for me since I have to work tomorrow."  He looked back at her.  "Though it is going to be hard to tear myself away from those breasts."

Grinning, Corrine clasped her hands behind her back and pushed out her breasts.  "You still have some time to enjoy them."

Mark smiled, leaning in a bit.  "Good, docile girls love being on display for their Master, don't they?"

Her breath caught.  "Yes," she said, 

"My good, docile doll is going to listen to her Master's Voice, and Corrine will ignore what I'm saying until I say her name, understood, Doll Cori?"

"Yes, Master."

"Tonight, when you go go bed, you will masturbate to the memory of our play today, and when you wake up, you will email me with how it felt to be Guardian Girl, surrendering to her Master, and any ideas that you may have for the next time Guardian Girl encounters her Master, the Sinister Spiral.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, Doll Cori.  And I'm sure you're enjoying the fact that I'm enjoying your breasts, Corrine."

She shook her head, blinking as she thought she'd missed something, but looking at Mark.  "Well, I am now.  Took me a while to be okay with showing them off on camera."

"I know.  Hopefully, we can get together again soon."

"Hopefully!" She said.

His alarm rang again, and he sighed.  "I really do need to head to bed."

Corrine relaxed, pulling up her swimsuit.  "Darn.  But I am free on Saturday if you are to play."

"I'll check my schedule, see what I can work out."  He smiled.  "Love you."

"Love you too."

They signed off and Corrine picked up the mask on the keyboard, idly staring at it before getting up to put it and the outfit away.  They would definitely being doing this again.

Two weeks later, Corrine was randomly surfing the internet when she came across a picture of the old Batman TV show, with the Penguin surrounded by men in black shirts with "henchman" written on it.  She stared at it, an idea hitting her, and she headed for a custom t-shirt website.  

Really, Sinister Spiral's Doll Cori needed a Henchwench shirt of her own.  And she always enjoyed surprising Mark.


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