Saving a Stray

Epilogue - The Demoness with Glasses

by Darkfalli

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #free_healthcare #petplay #petting #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #dollification #mind_control

I got a few messages about Alice losing her glasses, and I agreed. Glasses are great! So based on a short two line comment I saw, I wrote a whole short epilogue. I hope you all enjoy a tiny bit more of Saving a Stray

It was another perfect lovely day to be cuddling my Mistress who was giving me all the cuddles, pets, and pats I could ask for. Just leisurely relaxing with Mistress as she worked on a big data project to improve efficiency of something something. I asked and listened but I was just a little bust goth demoness lap-terran who didn't need to understand. I just heard my Mistress enthusiastically tell me things and enjoyed her voice.

"Now Alice dear, I got you a present." I perked up. Mistress's presents were always amazing. She got me sensitive nubby little black horns sticking out of my hair, and a thin spade tipped tail for my last present and I absolutely loved leaning into the demoness look. I looked so sexy. Sometimes Mistress placed me in front of a mirror and I just stared.

A loving vine tapped me to remind me that I was about to get a present! Next thing I know Mistress slid a pair of black thick framed glasses onto my face. There was a brief moment where the distortion of the glasses made my vision blurry before my eyes instantly adjusted making everything outside of the frames blurry and everything in the glasses clearly visible.

I missed my glasses. Mistress said I didn't need to hide behind them anymore and she was right that I liked that aspect of them. But I was drop dead gorgeous now. Mistress even had to deter people from hitting on me because I didn't like it.

"I thought I wasn't supposed to hide behind glasses anymore?" I asked curiously. "You wanted to see me without them."

Mistress in that knowing patient smile said, "You aren't hiding anymore my beautiful flower. I've seen what you look like without them, and I know we both agree you look better with them on."

I hugged her tight with my demon tail wagging. I then gave her a patented Alice fanged love bite. She pampered me until I let go. The taste of Mistress lingered on my tongue.

"Thank you so much Mistress, I love them! Can you pretty please show me what I look like now?" I begged.

Mistress stifled a giggle. "Of course dear, try not to get too lost in your own appearance again."

I smiled, "Make me." It wasn't a challenge. We both knew I loved when she forced me to do things. I was simply begging for more of her invasive and ever welcome love and control.

"Well I can't say no to a pretty face like that." She smiled before she took control of my body for another session of her playing with me in front of a mirror.

Even though I was now in another room, we weren't apart. There was nowhere on Telos 3 I could be without her seeing through my eyes plus a dozen other cameras and being able to take full control of my body and mind at a moment's notice.

I sat in front of the mirror in a black and purple companion dress that matched the default on my eyes. Adorable feminine frames now surrounded the purple slits. A cross-shaped flower from my Mistress had been snuck behind my pierced ears looking more like a hair accessory to my long raven black locks.

Mistress had gotten the perfect pair of glasses and I sent her a message using my communication implant. Thank you, thank you I love them and you, and they're perfect! The message ended with around a dozen heart emojis.

"You are very welcome my darling Alice." She spoke with my mouth, but in her tone. "As a fun added bonus, your eyes are set to automatically adjust to any glasses you put on." Of course Mistress went the extra mile. She always did. "Now, let me show you a good time, my little floret." She used my hands to take off my clothes and showed me why I shouldn't stay in front of mirrors for too long. She placed one of my hands on my chest and another between my legs.

I loved my Mistress, and she very very much loved me back.

I hope you all enjoyed and got the warm cozy familiar Saving a Stray vibes you all deserve. I had a lot of fun with this little scene.


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