Lost & Found

Chapter 5 - (Xeno)Drugs

by Darkfalli

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Time for Evie to learn about medications! More importantly about the fun ones.

It was time to escape, to get away from here. Abies had stepped out of the room into another, leaving me free to escape without interference. Digging myself out of the pile of plushies was harder than it looked. It was a big pile.
Through tremendous physical and mental labor I successfully extracted myself from the realm of soft into the realm of… air. Just myself in my outfit from the other day standing alone hugging a large tiger plushie. I needed to put this back. This belonged to Abies and Nilla… I wanted to keep it.
Those were bad thoughts. Stealing was wrong and immoral and I'd be making those two upset. I placed the stuffed animal back into the pile. There, now I had nothing to hold, and no warmth or softness to be comforted by. Exactly what I deserved.
"Hey cutie, you seem a little distressed. Does a good girl like you need her owner?" The voice was chipper, feminine, and condescending… What even was it?! Someone had been watching me? What was happening? I was supposed to be alone and escaping!
I frantically looked around for the source of the noise.
"Sweetie, you can nod or shake your head to answer if words are hard. Hand signals can work too! I have a variety of sensors for observing cute pets like you!" Sensors… It had to be some sort of A.I. I really hope these weren't standard in habitation units.
I shook my head and gave a thumbs down to the room.
"Awww, so cute. Alright, I won't get you your owner, but if you need any help let me know!" And the voice went silent.
That sudden unexpected social interaction had me shaking a bit. I was deeply uncomfortable with the digital spy watching me. At least it didn't tell Abies. That would have messed everything up.
I scurried across the room to the front door where I found my shoes and slipped them on. Alright, time to go outside and leave and never show my face to Abies or Paeonia or that terrifying beast lurking in the vines again.
The door didn't have a handle on it. It was a sliding automatic door. Also it wasn't opening. I pushed. I tried to get my fingers to pull. The door wouldn't budge.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a light from the TV. In the corner of the black screen was a little animated bee and it had the words "Remember to ask for help!" In a little text bubble near it. Oh stars, it knew and wanted me to ask.
In a whisper as to not inform Abies in the other room I said. "C-Can you open the door?"
"I'm so proud of you for figuring it out, cutie. But you didn't say the magic word." Magic word? Was it making fun of me or something? Oh… OH! Stars, it was making fun of me.
"Sure thing sweetie." The door slid open. "Remember not to stay out too long and if you need any help, just ask!"
I escaped the habitation unit, but now I needed to get back to my stuff in the hotel. That meant a shuttle down to the city… I really needed my phone back too.
This entire ship was nearly as large as the city and equally hard to navigate. I needed a GPS for this ship and the city. Alternatively, there was asking for help and directions. I shook my head at the notion. Interacting with strangers to bother them and ask for aid they didn't owe me… Yea no.
I guess I could ask the habitation unit. It was helpful if excessively condescending. I turned back to the habitation unit. Did it have external sensors… "Door open… please?"
"Welcome back cutie! I hope you had a lovely time outside!" Could A.I. be sarcastic? I felt like I had been insulted. No, it was just an automated thing. A.I. don't do sarcasm. I could barely do sarcasm.
"Uh, c-can you give me directions to like a shuttle to go back down to the city?" I hoped it'd say yes. I also dreaded it saying yes.
"A trip to the planet's surface… Sure thing cutie! Your owner will be out in a moment!" Stars, it fibbed on me and-and internal screaming! They were coming for me. They'd stop me and-and make me a pet and-
I ran. I sprinted away from the habitation unit in a blind panic. My sprint took me past affini and their pets going about their days. Unfortunately, I was out of shape and my sprint slowed to a jog after around a thousand feet. My breathing became labored and I needed to hide. There were a few shops and gardens to the right and a park to the left and everything had sophonts around and-and-and-
A shadow loomed over me. An affini shadow. Their familiar voice called out. "Little Evie, you could have just asked to go for a walk." Abies caught up to me. The evergreen creature paused to observe my exhausted shaking form. "Oh flower, you're having a panic attack aren't you. Here." Their vines wrapped me up and pulled me in. I was placed in a familiar cubby, or rather nest.
I curled up as a faint sound, a melody or rhythm filled the space and reverberated in me. I was being hugged and patted by the vines. Being held by the vines seemed to calm me down by an unreasonable amount. This was what I was trying to run away from it-it shouldn’t make me feel better. Abies shouldn't be wasting his concern on me.
The sound continued and a tap had me open my mouth and another had me close it around a vine. I was curled up, and bite stimming. Warm soft vines and a soothing sound surrounded me. The vines didn't shift but from the feeling of acceleration and deceleration, they were carrying me somewhere. Probably to his home.
In a whispered voice. "Hey little one, we're back at the Glacialis's hab unit. It's just Paeonia and I here. You feel calm so I was hoping you could come out. Just paw on my vines when you're ready."
Why their place? W-Was I too much trouble for him? Were they going to ditch me to them because I was a mess? I-I-I sniffled a bit and curled up tighter. I didn't want to leave this spot, but staying was being a burden to them. Abies should have just let me run away. I was causing problems and being bad and I-I shouldn't be allowed around others.
The vines noticed my distress and held me firmer. "What a good little Evie. Such a good girl deserving of help. Paeonia is here to help. She's very good with adorable little sophonts like you who need extra care. You are so good and nice and deserving of all of our love. I know you are having trouble believing that, but we'll help you with that too. Come out when you're ready."
Ready took a while. Every time I'd realize how long I was making them wait, I'd start panicking a little, and the vines would give me a squeeze while Abies called me good girl. I was a mess. A mess that was making others clean it up… like a bad girl. The vines tightened. "Good girl~ Such a good little Evie~"
Eventually, I mustered my resolve, and pawed the vines like before. They opened up and I crawled out onto Abies's fuzzy lap. My eyes unable to meet either of theirs.
Paeonia's voice graced my ears. "It's a pleasure to see you again, petal. Abies told me how much you needed help and our plan is to have you stay with me for a while until I've figured out your individual needs so we can provide them for you. Abies cares about you a great deal as do I which is why you were brought to me. To be clear, you've done nothing wrong. You are a very good girl. And I will never judge you no matter what you have to say, and neither will Abies."
I pulled my knees up and hugged them. Still looking down, and still biting that vine. They kept saying things like calling me a good girl and saying I did nothing wrong when I've literally done everything wrong. As an independent adult I was failing at everything, but even if I acted like some weird sophont pet, I still was bad at everything. No matter what I did I was bad.
Abies bent low and placed a kiss on top of my head. "I'm going to give you over to Paeonia for a bit. I still care about you and love you, and you are still mine. Be a good girl for me and listen to her. She's wonderful and cares about you a whole lot. Also-" Abies lowered their voice to a whisper. "she's extremely gay and would love to get intimate with you."
Flustered flapping was about all I could manage as I was delicately handed off from one affini to the other. Worse Paeonia hugged me back into her leafy breasts. Ahhh. She leaned and gave me a kiss on the head before saying. "Abies is right. I am very gay for cute girls, just like you~"
I proceeded to get overstimulated in a very gay autistic way. My limbs flailed to the point where injuries were possible. Vines wrapped around my body and guided me through the motions so I couldn't hurt myself. I didn't know how to move to best vent the stimulation and focus, but the vines did.
By the time I had worked through it all I realized I was in Paeonia's nest. My thoughts returned and some of the flustering lingered. Why did they have to tease me like that? I-I-It was too much. I needed slow and they were tossing me in the deep end.
In the nest, I relaxed to the floral fragrance, soft swaying motion, and subtle hum from the vines. It was all around me. Abies was more motionless than this, and their scent was not floral in the slightest. I gently breathed along to the motions. Calm and steady. Tension I didn't know I had melted to the hold.
"Time to come out darling." Her voice carried along the motions and sounds. A parting of vines had me crawling out and onto her lap. "How are you feeling, hon?"
"Better…" It was easy to say. I felt better like I had taken a cat nap without ever falling asleep.
Her vines corrected my posture, folded my legs under me, and corrected my slouch. "That's good to hear. Do you think you could tell me how your day up until now has been?"
"Uh… bad." A glance up at her hypno eyes told me that she wanted me to say more. The glance was quick so I didn't get messed with. "I uh, woke up in Abies's bed… and uh freaked out, and then after getting calmed down he like fed me and made me start checking off a domestication contract even though I'm not a pet. I-I got scared and uhm, ran away when they weren't around, but they caught me and I was all panicky and got put into their 'nest'. And then you two kept bullying me and I couldn't process it and-and that’s it…"
Paeonia's vines massaged my scalp and I practically melted into her torso. "Thank you for sharing that with me. It sounds like you've had a very rough morning, hon. I'll do my best to make sure the rest of your day is nice and easy. I just need you to promise me one thing. If you start feeling unhappy or upset, I want you to stare into my eyes, okay?"
"B-But they can hypnotize me." I said with half my face resting against her chest.
"They can, and I'll take away all the rough unhappy feelings. You deserve to have a relaxing day after all the hardship you've gone through. If you don't believe that, I want you to look into my eyes right now." The woman of unfurling pink flowers made a big ask.
If I didn't believe I deserved to relax… I mean, I didn't believe it. Her kindness was more than anything I could hope to repay. Abies too. I was just racking up debts of kindness to all of these affini. I didn't know how to pay them back. I had nothing to offer them.  I was leeching their kindness like some sort of parasite and being selfish and bad and I needed to stop and leave and-
"Look into my eyes." Her voice was filled with infinite patience and kindness. More so, it was filled with understanding.
My head angled upwards and I stared into her rippling blue eyes. They were so pretty and beautiful. The way they shifted felt so familiar. A flicker there, a shimmer elsewhere. The mesmerizing scintillating oceans of calming blue slowly consumed my sensorium. I stared and stared. The shifting sight and her honeyed words carried meaning past awareness into the recesses of my head.
My thoughts were freed as the ocean of blue took on the green of fields and the gold of a sun. My head gently tilted away from them.
Paeonia gently petted me as I relaxed. "Flower, I'd like to give you a few xenodrugs to help you relax better. I promise you'll have a good time on all of them. May I?" Not much was going through my head as I nodded. A few needles slid into me and warmth blossomed out. The sound of her gentle motion, and her gentle hum grew loud to me. It echoed into my core. Every brush of leaf and vine had tiny moaning noises escape my lips.
"How does that feel, darling?" The words enraptured me, as my eyes flickered to her lips.
"Mmmm gooood." My mouth's motions trailed behind the signals to move, coming out rather slurred and sloshy.
Her finger scritched right under my chin and I blanked for a minute as every motion resounded through my skull in a wave of ecstasy. "Good Girl." The words had a wave of heat affecting my entire body. "You're so easy to please, it's absolutely adorable. What a cute little Evie. Let's go show you to the other little ones and my darling huntress. She should be about done with lunch."
I was picked up and carried off. My thoughts felt all fuzzy and happy and everything looked and felt so vibrant and colorful and good. I waved my hand in front of my face and it moved so slowly.
The piercing words of Paeonia cut through the mind fog like it wasn't there. "Say hello to Nilla, Synna, and Dianthus."
"H-Heeewwoo." My eyes were unfocused staring at the ceiling.
The demoness's voice chimed in. "Mistress, she seems really really high, what did you give her?"
"Only a class-A,C,D,E, and F. Her tolerance for xenodrugs is very low at the moment but she's having a relaxing day after all of her troubles. Isn't that right, hon?" A few vines stroked my neck and I moaned.
The deer hopped up and down. "Mistress-Mistress! Can I cuddle her after lunch!"
The pink blossom affini looked down on me and asked. "Would you like to cuddle with cute little Nilla?"
I nodded a bit crookedly but I nodded.
"Cuddle pile?" The evil demon asked.
"Cuddle pile." Her Mistress answered.
Lunch was super fun because it was spaghetti. Peao-Paeni-Paeoe-Pink… Pink didn't do the tappy thing because my body was moving so slow. Instead, her vines slithered into my mouth and throat as my body was held by her. She moved my muscles all right and stuff for eating. I was held so perfectly I couldn't even moan or gasp when food and vines brushed by my lips.
My unfocused eyes had trouble seeing anything but her the entire time. Th-There was other stuff but I couldn't pay attention. The food ended and pink withdrew her vines from my everything.
The next thing I knew there was a soft little deer and a big red woman next to me. Vines with a different song and different movements wove together with the pink creating a big pile of happy vines to cuddle with deer and demon. Vines would tickle one of us and the squirms would spread as we brushed up against each other. Moans and squirms and gasps and squeaks and shivers and whimpers were all over. Everything was a puddle and pile of cuddly dopey gay.
Time became meaningless as the everything drifted away and back to awareness over and over and over. It wasn't until late that I started becoming more thinky.
Near evening, I managed to drift up to a mostly lucid state. A succubus and a doe sandwiched me while we spooned in a bed woven from a being of pink flowers and a being of violet flowers. To say I was shocked would be a bit of an understatement. I didn't react with motion. Every muscle in my body was sore and achy. Probably from running into exhaustion and then… whatever just happened. At least my clothes were on which was good.
What wasn't good was how wrong this all was. I-I wasn't supposed to be here. I shouldn't be touching these two. I had been under a lot of drugs and-and this was weird and wrong and I hadn't ever been high before and my breathing was picking up.
"Eyes." Paeonia instantly reminded me of the promise that I never actually agreed to. I looked up and I met her eyes as they consumed me.
"Feeling better hon?" She asked.
I nodded before realizing I was still sandwiched between two women. I accidently nuzzled them. Worse, they nuzzled back and a bit of the heightened touch was still left. The little shiver of bliss made me keenly aware that Synna had wrapped her tail around me.
A vine patted my head and the heads flanking me. "Ah, what good girls we have, don't you agree, My grand huntress?"
"They are, my shepherd dear.
Sweet little doe, our fiery little fiend
And wayward kitten woken from her dream
Such lovely little prey to bind and break
To build and bond, beloved, for us to take
Such lovely little morsels lost and found
Enraptured by our sight, our song, our sound~"
Her poetic rhythm flooded me with warmth and fear, and uhm something else. Dianthus saw me as prey, all three of us as prey. The words and the sound kept replaying in my head the way songs do.
I hugged the deer girl a little tighter and the demoness did the same to me. My mind was trying to reach for words about how off this all was, but failed. The thoughts were out of reach. The feelings smothered. Unable to properly stress, I instead calmed from the warm soft holds. I wasn't alone and-and I was being a good girl…
I awoke mid-stretch, uh… Vines were moving my body to stretch my limbs as if I had just gotten up. A yawn escaped my lips as the stretch ended. Glancing around I was in Paeonia's lap at the dinner table and uh, leaning against Nilla. The succubus wasn't around and neither was affini with too many eyes.
The affini had placed a salad in front of us. Her vine tickled my neck causing me to squeak and wake the deer. "Now little Evie, would you mind me feeding you? I don't want to stress you like that this morning." While awaiting my response she helped Nilla stretch and started doing that tapping feeding thing to her. S-She looked… happy? It was hard to tell when her face was so deer. But there were happy deer noises.
I-I-I should do it myself. The salad fork is right there. I've eaten on my own every day for the last entire multi-decade lifetime. It freaked me out last time and-and I needed to leave, and not be here. Evie didn't deserve to be here and should leave. Instead she froze. I froze. My eyes staring at the plate before me. A little rhythmic stimming flicker of eye movement was all I could manage.
S-She asked me a question, and-and I wasn't answering. Paeonia deserved an answer from me. I-I was being bad. I was failing. I was going to fail this and disappoint her and the affini wouldn't want me and then she'd tell Abies and Abies wouldn't want me and then I'd be sent back to the city with nothing to curl up in a ditch alone and-and-and-and-
Vines wrapped around me and made me look up into the affini's blue eyes. They were pretty and  I was failing her and she looked pretty and p-pretty… blue… e-ey…
"What good girls~" The words snapped me back to the present. Paeonia's words. There was nothing left on the plate. Nilla leaned in and cuddled me. "Now little Evie, I've tweaked the dosages and would like to give you something a little lighter to make bath time more enjoyable."
Bath time? "Naaaa! Are we bathing together?" The chipper deer asked before being silenced with a hand petting her.
"Let me rephrase this since you have trouble speaking up. Evie, I am going to give you more xenodrugs, unless you tell me not to." She was going to do it unless I said no. I was given a choice. I-I just have to say no, because I didn't want them. A single no would work. "I'll accept hand gestures and head shakes as well." I didn't even have to speak. A basic motion would be enough to indicate no.
"Are you okay?" Nilla asked while her furry head leaned on my shoulder.
I felt a warmth spread from the injection site. The needle was not felt, just the effects. My touch was heightened but less than before. The sound of Paeonia's ruffling was loud and clear. It echoed from elsewhere. From Nilla. Her breathing was to the same tune. The words of Dianthus became a little clearer in my head. Enraptured by our sight, our song, our sound~
It wasn't just the eyes. "I-It's not just your eyes…"
"What a smart flower. It's not, but the rest is more subtle." She stroked the side of my cheek and I shivered against Nilla. "Now answer Nilla's question."
"I-I'm better…" I didn't feel awful. I felt full and warm and- moans. The pink affini did another caress of a vine.
The hypnotic plant picked us up as a single cuddled mass and carried us off to the bath. She gave a verbal command to the hab unit and by the time we entered the room, the bath was warm and fully filled. Less a bath and more of a pool. The moment I noticed a large mirror in the room I looked away. "Fog Mirror. Lights Dim." The entire mirror frosted over preventing any reflections. The lights dimmed low enough to still see but not in detail.
Nilla chimed in. "Oh is this for her dy-" A vine silenced the deer.
"My little precious doe, think back to when we did this with you. And then you may speak." She set Nilla down and started taking off her clothes… My face got really warm. I shut my eyes really fast.
"Right! Uh, Evie you're really pretty, and also you're allowed to look. We're all women here. Even if we're all really gay. Especially, because we're all really gay!" The deer paused. "Oh, Would you please look for me?" S-She was asking me to look?!?! jbuvahdsfgibhdasgdibasgfdia Th-That didn't even make sense?! "Please?"
I cracked one eye and looked and… afjsdojgoasodg N-Nope ladies even deer ladies were nope. Too gay. I'm too gay. Can't look at anything lady shaped. Nope. Nada. No way. My face was going to melt off at this rate! Bijgakksdkadskdgsajkgdsajdkbsakjdsdskdsjkdsjksdedskjadshajk
Of course the deer naaa-ed and then giggled at me. Just lots of giggling at my expense. All because I couldn't look at a naked woman with a straight face… internal screaming
My eyes were sealed shut, but I felt vines tease me out of my clothes. My hands moved to cover me up but vines covered me instead. The owner of the vines moved and sat down in the water with me draped in her. "It's okay, no one can see your body."
I-I peeked out and found Nilla's head sticking out of the water looking back at me… she was very deer and uh… uh… uh…
"Hey." She said…
I blinked. "H-hi…"
"You're pretty cute." The deer got me blushing. A-a deer! Why couldn't things be all nice and simple like before the invasion. A time when deer weren't calling me cute and giant plants weren't drugging me and trying to keep me as a pet. I liked simple. Simple was easy to grasp. I was too stupid to understand all of this stuff that had been thrust upon me. Like why she'd lie and call me cute. Defective things don't really process stuff right, and that was all I was. I should ju-
Vines brushed against my cheek causing me to gasp. The vines started massaging something into my scalp. The xenodrugs were lighter than before but still really intense. My weight was solely held by the vines concealing me.
"S-Stop." I barely managed to say between moans.
The vines stopped and Paeonia asked. "I-Is something wrong hon?"
It took a lot to say it. I didn't deserve to say it b-but I-I needed to. I had to. She told me to. I was doing it for her, not me. "E-Eyes"
She took my head and helped me look into her eyes until everything faded. I didn't remember anything else that happened that night. I didn't really want to.

Evie is getting help! Also can I just say that Dianthus is very extra and I loved writing her dialogue even if poetry is hard.

Love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 12 chapters
And more!

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