Shoulder Sisters

Chapter 2

by DarkSymposiarch

Tags: #bondage #corruption #D/s #f/f #fantasy #sub:female #DubCon #subliminal

It had been a very long twenty-something hours. Mira shuffled softly, rolling over for what was likely to be the last time before true sleep claimed her. As her brain finally shut down and stopped entirely, the two girls finally managed to see each other. Angel was anxiously curled up on the pillow, hugging her knees. Devil had been pacing back and forth across the mattress, stomping along in her heels. When the two saw one another, there was an awkward scramble as they flapped in a rush to get closer.

The devil broke the silence first "Whoever it was that decided we can't talk while we're awake is an asshole!"

"Well, it stops us arguing inside her head. The point is that we advise and Mira chooses who to listen to, she'd develop a complex if she heard us fighting."

"You're saying you were happy being unable to talk all day?"

"No, of course not! I'm just saying that the rules exist for a reason."

Devil rolled her eyes. Folding her arms she muttered under her breath "Yeah you would say that."

Tension was high, Angel's voice was losing some of its usual high and mighty tone, occasionally opting for a shrill spike in volume instead. Devil was similarly agitated, her forked tongue habitually flicking around her lips between sentences. The conversation picked up again when Devil broached the topic they were both dwelling on.

"Can we talk about last night?

" I don't really think I want to… "

"You said that last night, but it didn't make the problem go away, did it? We were both dwelling on it and Ta-dah! We dreamed about Her as soon as we started dreaming."

"I am quite aware, thank you very much!"

"Then we should talk about it!"

"I don't want to! I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to think about it, I want an empty head, no thoughts."

Devil growled, miming a throttling motion with both hands, squinting at Angel's neck as she did so.

"Well, if you're going to stubbornly remain silent on the whole thing then I will talk. You just listen."

Angel folded her arms and then quickly separated them again, awkwardly trying to stop any flesh-to-flesh contact between her inky black arm and her other normal, smooth white arm.

Devil continued on without pause. "We had classes all morning and every lecture went right over our heads. I was doing my part, drink water, eat a burger instead of just salad, agree to that party on Saturday. What were you doing? We didn't pay attention! No notes? No afternoon exercise? We didn't even text Michael so much as a good morning!"

Angel glared, stiff and inflexible.

"I understand that last night was… unnerving. Not only did we remember our first impromptu cunny munch, but the fact we forgot about doing that is really alarming! We did it right on Mira's shoulder, she was twelve teeth deep in Her cunt and we were playing Angel See Angel Do! That's fucking insane, I get it, but come on you can't just shut me out and stop trying to help!"

"I didn't stop trying…I did well, I was good and well behaved." Angel's voice was short but lacked her usual terseness, it wasn't confident enough for that. "I did tell us to take notes and I got us to start texting after class."

Devil pinched the bridge of her nose, eyes squinting shut as she massaged slowly. "We doodled spirals in our notebook, Angel… Dozens and dozens of spirals. Different colours, different sizes, Clockwise and counterclockwise. You made us draw loopy circles and then texted HER for a booty call. That was your fucking day?! That’s you TRYING? That’s you doing a so-called ‘good job’??" Devil’s voice grew in pitch and volume, practically screaming by the end of her rant.

"Shush!!! Stop yelling at me! Just be silent and let me speak."

Devil puckered her lips, her mouth drawn to a small, bitchy point as she stared at Angel. Impatient but silent, waiting for Angel to continue

"She is a wealthy, mature woman of considerable experience. She's taken a liking to us and She offers so much more than Michael as a romantic partner. Thinking of Her and contacting Her is a smart long term move that will set us up for success with a very attractive partner. We are being good. She told us to get in touch, we're just doing as we are told."

Angel walked across the bedding, coming to a halt in front of Devil with confidence, her companion's ongoing silence bolstering her courage.

"Listen to me, D. This is good for us. We should be listening to Her, doing as She says. If we can impress Her then She might ask us out officially. We could date Her and that would be good for us."

Devil listened. Her lips curled inwards, both lips tucking in between her teeth. She bit down, softly, idly chewing as she listened to Angel speak. She forgot exactly what she was mad about, she had been yelling and then Angel made her stop. Then Angel spoke and told her to listen.

"So, I don't want you to tell me off for just… wanting something good.” Angel’s eyes stared at her Devilish sister, searching before she spoke again, more casual and persuasive. “And She's hot, right? That's up your alley, come on, admit that She's hot at least."

Devil nodded, a frank, honest nod that came with a limp shoulder shrug. "Yeah, I admit she's hot at least."

Angel nodded once in approval. "Good girl."

The pair froze… both staring into the middle distance, both piecing the interaction together in their heads for a moment. Angel blinked, her brow creased in deep thought as she stared firmly into nothing. Devil eventually turned, stalking her way to the farthest edge of the mattress and swallowing heavily. Her wings folded inwards and pressed taut against her back and her forked tail wrapped around her thigh in a few soft loops. She broke the silence eventually, but her voice lacked its usual fire. “Were you there? When we went to Her house, were you there?”

Angel broke away from her reverie, looking across the darkness to the shrunken profile of Devil. “Yes…I was there. She has a nice house. It’s big, roomy, lots of stonework and fancy carpentry. Did you miss it? Were you not there?”

“I was there. I could hear what we were saying, but I couldn’t see.”

Angel walked over slowly, closing the distance, her voice slipping into a softer, more motherly tone. “You couldn’t see? What do you mean you couldn’t see?”

Devil shrugged softly, like a petulant teenager trying to avoid a conversation. “I dunno, She took us by the hand. She led us upstairs, She was speaking and I could hear Her every word. She spoke so gently, and Her words were comforting. We could relax. We could breathe easily and deeply. Forget the day and the stress and the pressure and leave our thoughts at the door. Just…follow Her, let Her hand lead us along. It was easy and simple and we just did as She said. Mira and I…we followed just like She said.

Angel blinked softly, hazy, she had zoned out a little when Devil spoke but gradually her wits returned and she tilted her head with confusion “I didn’t hear any of that, De…She led us upstairs in silence. She didn’t say a word, from the moment She opened the door, we looked into Her eyes and nobody said a word. We just knew what to do, look at her and follow. Watch her gaze and Her smile and the way She walks. Up the stairs I remember that Mira stared at Her ass and I blushed. It was silent, De, whatever you heard you’re imagining it.

The devil didn’t turn around, but her voice had a dreamlike quality to it, floating and serene. “It’s like we had two different experiences in Her house. I saw nothing and heard so much and you were in total silence with your eyes open. That doesn’t make sense…none of this makes sense.” She laughed softly, confused at the absurdity of everything. “Since when do guardian angels start to malfunction in the presence of a hot woman?”

Angel had that same dreamy, silky tone in her voice, matching the energy of what she was hearing. “Maybe it wasn’t our fault? Maybe it’s Mira, what if she’s the one with the malfunction and it’s just…affecting us a little bit?”

The devil spoke with empty humour in her voice. “Just a little bit? I don’t think that’s quite right Angel…I think you’re understating it.”

“It’s not that bad, just stop for a moment and think about it.”

The devil clicked her tongue.

Angel rolled her eyes softly, a slow, dizzying motion that made the room spin and her balance falter as the motion itself seemed to send her off balance. She held out her arms to steady herself, and gasped. The rich, black energy that coated her flesh had spread further, both hands now coated in it, the material stretching up her arms and over the elbows, like black opera gloves. The reaching tendrils that seemed so hungry last night instead rolled in on themselves, creating a little hem around her biceps. The blackness was so sleek, it shined and shimmered even in the darkness and Angel felt her heart skip a beat…

It looked so good.

She startled, the thought rousing her to awareness and she crossed the rest of the distance to Devil. Her thoughts were alight and she was on high alert, the threat was back at the forefront of her mind and she had to find a fix. “Devil! Devil look at me, I changed my mind. Don’t think about it. We can’t reminisce for the rest of the night!” She grasped Devil’s shoulder, pulling her around with a firm tug.

Devil turned, willingly, her hands clasped together against her chest, almost as if praying. She stood before Angel nearly a head shorter than she was before, wings still folded down calmly. Devil’s mouth was wide open, limp and eager, tongue loose and hanging out across her teeth. Her clasped hands were bound, black, leathery cuffs wrapped around both wrists and chained together with the same heavy black energy that spilled from Angel’s hands. Angel stepped back, shocked and shuddering at the sight before her. The top half of Devil’s face was covered by a heavy, thick sheet of leather that wrapped her eyes and blinded her, pinning her hair down to the sides of her head. It anchored to her horns, binding the leather to her face and holding fast to the root of her long, refined points. Devil exhaled hotly, wisps of steam curling in front of her mouth.

Angel gasped, panting. Her heart was racing and her fingers trembled as she drank in the sight of the Devil…Bound, blind, helpless and, worst of all, eager. Devil stepped forwards, lurching towards Angel with an unsteady movement. The poor girl’s thighs were trembling and she looked as if her towering heels would topple over at any moment. Another broken step and Devil fell, ankle giving way. Angel grasped her, scooping the girl into her arms and supporting her as she fell, protecting her from an awkward and dangerous landing. The two girls landed in an awkward pile, a sprawled mess of wings and legs with Devil’s weight centred on Angel’s torso. With a scrambled, awkward fumbling, Angel tried to shift out from underneath, but Devil, seemingly, had other plans.

Even with bound arms, she was surprisingly dextrous. Her wings splayed out for balance, and she swung her leg over Angels’ hips, straddling her. Angel flushed, stammering over her words. “D-Dee?! Wh-what are you d-doing? Get off, help m-me, don’t just….st-stop moving like that!”

The cries and desperation fell upon deaf ears. Whatever the blind woman was hearing, it was not her friend. Devil was possessed with needy, wanton desperation and had her thighs parted across Angel’s lap, it was evident that little would stop her from getting what she wanted.

Angel tried to sit up, pull herself closer to Devil, but the closest she could manage was to grasp at the leather clothing and drag Devil down. The crazed lust slammed atop her chest, and the devil licked her cheek. Pinned on her back and struggling, she felt as Devil choose her thigh and begin to grind, her hips thrusting back and forth to drag her pussy along the soft, tender flesh of the Angel. Hot breath was at her ear, and Angel shuddered as the words whispered against her with such urgency resonated in her mind.


Angel whined, low in her throat, the words had such utter depravity in them, such absolute need and her thighs tensed pressing together. It served only to drive Devil’s thigh into her own crotch and the intimate warmth of leather and crimson flesh made her head spin with foreign, confusing feelings. The voice of Devil did not stop.

“Yesss….you feel….”
“It’s so good Angel…we want it…we need it…”

Angels hands reached up, almost before she knew what she was doing, one hand curling in Devil’s ebony hair, fingers weaving into the strands. She bunched a fistful and the Devil hissed, tensing up from head to toe. Her back arched and her breasts pressed harshly against Angel’s chest. Angel moaned, equally delighted by the sudden intensity of response. She could feel it, the need and the desire in her bound partner, the pleasure that came with being used. She wanted it, she was desperate for it, she had practically made an assault in her pursuit of pleasure. Angel’s mind raced as Devil ground into her, shifting around, demonic pussy inching ever closer to the point of grinding clit to clit. Her thoughts circled a single, shattering revelation.

“Why shouldn’t I give in to the pleasure?”

Devil practically roared with primal delight as Angel craned her neck to whisper something in reply. “Roll over.” A flustered but firm instruction that the succubus was all too happy to comply with. Angel panted as she lay atop the bound and obedient girl before her and she felt…good…triumphant. This was good. It felt right. It was good to give into pleasure. To let go. To forget about the long term. Devil knew, she always knew. Living in the moment, taking and gripping desires with both hands. She reached down, delicate fingers curling around tight, shiny black clad breasts and squeezing them. She thrust her hips, grinding against the Devil subconsciously. It felt good and she would do what felt good. This was the right lesson to learn. The lesson all three had learned, both Mira and her guardians, they had all learned when She spoke to them.

It is good to obey. It is good to follow pleasure, to give in, to submit. Don’t resist, follow Her lead.

The two shared a deep, passionate kiss, a soft, delicate tongue thrusting inside and dominating the forked, submissive mouth of the Devil. Hands working hard, hips grinding intensely, mouths occupied and minds completely lost in the pleasure.

Both girls opened their eyes, briefly, glancing at Mira sleeping soundly on the pillow. She’d start to dream soon, and the girls would be parted. They were supposed to be at peace, so that her dreams were restful.

Both closed their eyes once more, letting themselves drown in the same pleasure.

Let Mira dream. Let her dream of this.

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