Trouble with Bubbles

by DarkBigE

Tags: #fantasy #microfiction

Look… listen… I’ll try to write longer pieces in the future. But these cutesy little blurbs just pop into my head from time to time and I just have to write them down.

As a new adventurer, you were warned about the mysterious pink bubbles that had been emerging from deep underground. A rhythmic swirling pattern danced along the circumference of the orbs, drawing the eye and captivating one’s focus. Undeterred by the benign bubbles, you find yourself drawn in by the spiraling vortex that cascades throughout the sphere, your eyes drawn deeper towards the center. The prospect of solving this mystery plunges your attention deeper into the rhythm of the spiral, unaware of your slackening jaw and possessions slumping to your sides. So focused are you that you aren’t even aware that the bubble is moving, your body obediently and absentmindedly following it towards the nearest cave entrance.
You’ll get to the bottom of this mystery, one way or another.


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