Service with a Smile

by DarkBigE

Tags: #consensual_kink #microfiction #sub:nb

working in the service sector can be such a hassle, don’t you wish you could just turn your brain off and run on autopilot? Here’s a little story I wrote for a dear friend’s birthday.

Working a new job can be incredibly stressful, especially when it’s one in the service sector. All new people, an all-new workload, not to mention the possibility of having to deal with unruly customers. So, it only made sense that Florence was having difficulty sleeping the night before their first shift. With so many things bouncing around inside their head, they wished more than anything that at this moment their mind could be at ease. But, even with nervous excitement abound, sleep eventually overtook them.

Getting ready for their new job was an easy task for Florence, after all it wasn’t their first rodeo. Deciding on comfortable work attire came naturally, since they knew they’d be on their feet for the entirety of their shift. So, a comfortable pair of shorts and a thin collared shirt seemed the best outfit that still fit within the parameters of work attire. Affixing their mandatory work apron after stepping out of their car, Florence let out a labored breath as they steeled themself for the workday to come.

From behind, they felt a gentle squeeze on their hand valley pressure point followed by some soft words of encouragement.
You’re going to be just fine, love. Don’t overthink it.”
And like that, every bit of worry and stress seemed to melt out of Florence’s mind; like drops falling from a melting ice cube, until there is nothing left but a puddle.

With their mind long gone, Florence was quickly able to adjust to their new role, and due to some previous suggestions, they outright enjoyed their work. Each task completed added a few more drops to the bucket in their mind, a reservoir for the pleasure they would receive once their job was completed.

Each smile returned only further increased their pleasure. The happy customers adding extra drops to their buckets, and the not so friendly ones were forgotten as soon as they left the building. It wasn’t long before Florence’s bucket was overflowing, in more ways than one. In fact, to the most diligent of observers, the drip drip drip could be heard outside of their head, a trail of arousal that showcased just how much they enjoyed their tasks.

At the behest of their manager, Florence exited the establishment, their first day over without anything out of the ordinary. Florence approached their partner, who stood waiting in the parking lot, with a glee that could only be described as giddy. They pulled Florence into a hug, pressing a hand firmly into the small of their back. Bit by bit, Florence’s mind returned to them and as they came to fully understand their current predicament, they looked to their partner with a ravenous hunger in their eyes. It was the end of a long first day, and Florence knew what awaited them at home.


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