Rules to Follow

by DarkBigE

Tags: #consensual_kink #fantasy #slime #sub:male #tentacles

Just a little story I promised to my pal, Hypnoskies. If you haven’t already, you should check them out, as both they and their creative endeavors are phenomenal. The premise of this is: what if we combined a cute man, hypnosis, goo, and tentacles? The results may shock you.

The Hunter’s Archive had three simple rules that must be followed at all times if you wished to access the knowledge within:

  1. Be courteous to those around you wishing to learn.
  2. Be respectful of the tomes you handle, for they house the hard work of those who came before.
  3. Be tidy in your research and yourself.

Breaking any of these rules would result in disciplinary action, ranging from financial costs to public humiliation. These consequences weren’t dreadful by any standards, but few people would willingly put themselves in a negative spotlight. Still, some young hunters made mistakes from time to time.

Vishal awoke to find himself half enveloped in what appeared to be some sort of green slime, this cold gelatinous invader having already encased him up to his waist. In the moment, he began to panic, struggling a bit as he tried to remember the proper tactics for defeating slimes. But as his cognitive processes began to fire, he ceased his struggling as the slime eventually encompassed him completely. Floating weightlessly in the slime, Vishal took a breath, one he could take effortlessly thanks to the natural properties of his would-be assailant.

This was an Archive Monitor, a slime specifically bred for upholding the third rule of the archive. These creatures kept the place clean and tidy, absorbing dust and detritus left behind as a byproduct of people moving to and fro. They also, on rare occasion, have been known to clean people, although it was usually those who forgot to bath that evening. So, while he was not panicking, Vishal was confused as to why he was being cleaned. Last he remembered, he was studying up on some of the more difficult monsters to hunt, those that used charm and charisma to disarm their prey. The thought of being charmed led him to think of his boyfriend Ariel, and his not so subtle mastery of pulling Vishal’s strings. The way he traced his fingers across Vishal’s body, effortlessly dancing along the threshold of sensation. The soft manner in which he spoke, a voice that both demanded attention and had you questioning whether it was coming from inside your head. And his mastery over Vishal’s focus, being able to draw his mind in and silence it like the snuffing of a candle. Recalling the ways in which his boyfriend toyed with him caused Vishal to grow slick with arousal, which prompted a sudden response from the Monitor.

Opening his eyes, Vishal was confronted by a series of shimmering patterns forming throughout the body of his captor, the light refracting off some substance within its form. The brilliant colors danced before his eyes, which quickly began to lose focus. Vishal was no novice to the effects of trance, his boyfriend using it on him as a relaxation technique when he was working too hard. Thinking about the fun they had while he was under only further increased his excitement, again prompting additional action by the Monitor. The dazzling lights only increased in intensity, so much so that Vishal hardly noticed a slime tentacle beginning to probe his sex.

Being within the slime wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, in fact the slime’s natural ability to consume excess fluids and debris meant that Vishal’s entire body was tingling. He found himself wreathed in the Monitor’s now warm embrace; his entire body stimulated all at once. But there was something unique about this monitor, as its probing implied some inquisitive nature on its part. Perhaps it had no experience dealing with humans, or maybe it simply wanted to investigate this continual presence of fluid. Whatever the reason, Vishal found himself as the unwitting, but not unwilling, investigational subject.

The tentacles of the Archive Monitor were merciless in their search, gently caressing their way along the hapless man’s form, all while Vishal’s mind sank deeper into the gleaming lights before him. He envisioned himself dropping deeper for his dear Ariel, the man in question dragging his finger along the length of his body, mapping out the sweet sensitive spots for later. When a pseudopod pressed itself against the bedazzled man’s chin, Vishal unconsciously opened his mouth for the visitor, allowing the tentacle to enter and fill the space. With all this stimulation, Vishal couldn’t help but continue to become aroused, prompting a more expedited investigation into the source of the increasing fluids. The pleasant, almost electric, sensation became more directed, as a tentacle worked its way around his crotch before carefully pushing into his core. All these combined sensations were enough to push Vishal over the edge, his body clenched as he experienced a much-needed orgasm. But as satisfying as it was, the climax came with a drawback, one Vishal slowly realized as his senses began to return to him: this investigation might take a while.

Countless orgasms later, a tired but very relaxed Vishal found himself freed from his prison and gently released back onto the floor of the Archive. He had no knowledge of how much time had passed, nor did he know if anyone had stumbled upon him as he was trapped in ecstasy. The thought of Ariel watching him gently squirm under the ministrations of the slime sent a shiver of delight down Vishal’s spine, a thought he quickly filed away for further thought, lest he invoke the ire of the Monitor again. Rising to wobbly legs, his cognition steadily returning, Vishal sat back down at his table and continued his research, hoping to make up for his unexpected break.


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