Mikey's Relaxation

by DarkBigE

Tags: #alcohol #consensual_kink #dom:male #drugs #fantasy #sub:male #hypnotic_smoke #nonhuman_character

Just a little story for a dear friend. Come along with Mikey as he celebrates the acceptance of a contract, but along the way he finds himself a little more suggestible than usual.

As he nursed his brandy, Mikey could feel a shit-eating grin creep across his face. But he didn’t care how saw it or what they thought, because he was celebrating. And no one was going to sour his evening. He slammed back the rest of his drink and ordered another, intent on celebrating the finalization of his contract to the best of his ability. As he waited for his refill, he remembered his blunts and stealthily pulled one from their container. Mikey snuck a peek around him, gingerly gauging if anyone was close enough to mind his smoking. Content with his lack of proximity, he lit the blunt and took a long drag of it, letting the calming sensation overcome him.

Blue? I don’t remember wrapping these in blue…

This thought trailed off as he let the smoke exhale past his lips, as if escaping along with the wispy blue vapors. Mikey was almost shocked at how effective this strain was, as the mellow relaxation that accompanied his highs had overcome him in an instant.
As he took another drag, he couldn’t help but let his grin widen as he became more and more relaxed, his eyelids drooping to match his increasing stupor. Mikey felt as if every weight was being lifted from him, every burden, every trouble…

Man, I gotta make sure to get more of…

Again, he was unable to finish the thought, all focus and attention pulled from his mind as he exhaled that lovely blue cloud. At some point, the bartender had returned with his brandy and had instructed him to drink up, an order he found himself all too eager to comply with. In fact, as he sipped that glass of brandy, he felt a twinge of pride spark in his core. Of course he should be proud, he was helping the bartender with her job, he rationalized. And so he continued drinking, that twinge in his core eventually growing in intensity, eventually manifesting into a moisture in his crotch.
Mikey was feeling good.

He was sure to lick up the last drops of his drink before returning to his blunt, not wanting to disappoint the lovely bartender one bit. Exhaling that third drag, Mikey felt all worry and tension leave his body, and in its place was left an emptiness. But not a cold emptiness, rather a warm longing emptiness, almost like a hole that needed to be filled. He was almost slack along the bar at this point, his eyelids drooped and a goofy grin plastered across his face. In his mind, Mikey felt completely blank, his attention slowly drawn from stimuli to stimuli, never lingering long enough to actually interpret what they were.

“Hey cutie, mind if I get a hit?”

This direct interaction grasped Mikey’s sluggish mind and pulled his eyes towards the request. A request he needed to fill. Eventually turning his head to his left, Mikey met the gaze of a strikingly handsome man, his hair salt and pepper, his beard only slightly unkempt. Locking eyes, Mikey was completely enraptured as he eagerly handed off the remainder of his blunt.

This man…I want to please him…I have to please him.

As if reading his mind, this mystery man smirked as he finished off the blunt, gently blowing that delicious blue smoke back onto a very receptive Mikey.

The two men quickly found themselves stumbling into a bathroom stall, Mikey following the man’s lead as they groped and carressed each other with increased fervor. Mikey found himself lost in the moment, his mind long gone and his body hopelessly fumbling with two sets of clothing. In his hazy thoughts, he knew this other man wanted clothing to be removed, but Mikey had no way of discerning whether it was to be his or the other man’s. In his confusion, he only half finished removing his own clothing before reaching for this strange man’s trousers. This man took one look at Mikey and let out a hearty chuckle.

“Hon you look like a mess. An adorable mess, but a mess nonetheless. Are you sure this is what you want?”

This line of questioning had an odd sobering effect on Mikey and for once in the last few hours, he was able to think. He looked down at himself, his shirt hiked above his chest and his pants long gone. He could see his own arousal leaking through his underwear, a clear sign to him that he was enjoying himself. His rational mind made a guest appearance and at once understood his situation: someone had slipped him some laced blunts, and whatever was in them had removed his inhibitions. He was a man free from tension, free from burden, free from…thought. That last part sent a shiver of excitement down his spine, causing his mound to clench at the idea of not having to worry about his actions. He could do anything and everything he wanted, and what he wanted at this moment was whatever the man in front of him said.

“Gods yes, please…anything you want.”, he slurred, his hand immediately reaching to loosen his undergarments as he stumbled to his knees.

The man, obviously thrilled by the enthusiasm, shuffled closer a bit and undid the fastener on his pants, his erect penis gently striking Mikey’s cheek with a fleshy plap. Mikey had a powerful nose, so he could smell the man’s arousal for a while now, but the sudden rush of unhindered musk caused his lower body to clench involuntarily.

How long had it been since this man had been satisfied…since Mikey had been satisfied?

Those thoughts immediately vacated as Mikey took the member into his mouth and happily began to suck. It took but a moment of fellating for the man to gingerly start running his hands through Mikey’s hair, the soft scratching of his scalp silently letting him know of his excellent work.

“Gods, you are so good at this aren’t you? You’re such a good boy”, the man gasped in between pants of excitement.

That was enough to send Mikey over the edge, his body suddenly shuddering as the sound of his juices trickling to the floor echoed throughout the empty bathroom. This sudden spasm and relaxation allowed the man to gently inch himself further into Mikey’s throat, until Mikey found his nose playfully brushing against the man’s pubic hair. While the interaction would have normally tickled, at this moment what was left of Mikey’s attention was fully fixated on bringing the man before him as much pleasure as possible.

Eventually this man pulled himself from Mikey’s mouth, his member thick with Mikey’s saliva and twitching at a rapid pace. Even in his mindless state, Mikey knew he was doing a good job and that the man before him was enjoying it. Without a thought, he positioned his mouth around the head of the man’s penis, fully intent on bringing him to climax. But shockingly the man pulled back, his prick escaping with an audible pop.

“You’re so eager to please, aren’t you? No no no, I want to be inside you. I need it!”


Mikey knew exactly what he needed to do, slowly nodding and lowering himself on to his back. From there, he lifted his knees and spread his legs, fully exposing his glistening slit to this stranger, who took one look at Mikey’s enlarged dick and began stroking it between two fingers. It took every ounce of control left in him to not release a loud breathy moan as the man’s ministration of his dick continued, occasionally slipping a finger or two inside of him. Unbeknownst to Mikey, his glamour had begun to fade, and his two tails snaked there way from behind him and wrapped themselves around the man’s waist, almost positioning him for entry.

“My my, looks like my good boy has some secrets to him”, the man cooed with a faux innocence.

Those words acting almost as a trigger, the tails quickly pulled the man forward, plunging his dick into Mikey’s anticipatory nethers.
For the first time in his life, Mikey was truly blank, his mind flooded by white hot pleasure that permeated every lobe. That hollow feeling he had experienced back in the bar was no more, replaced by the softest contentment and warmth. The world around him did not exist, nor did any trouble or responsibility outside of this room. In this moment, there was only Mikey, the man feverishly plowing into him, and the growing intensity of one of the greatest orgasms of his life. 

He could tell the man was close now, signaled by his increased speed and declining rhythm. Even in his current state, Mikey relished the man’s cute moans and gasps, trying to keep his voice down as best he can. As quickly as he could, Mikey clasped his legs around the man’s waist, pulling him into a full body hug. With their increased proximity, Mikey took the advantage to playfully nip at the man’s neck, which seemed to do the trick of pushing him over the edge. With a grunt, the man pumped his seed deep within Mikey, who reveled in the flood of warmth and endorphins.
He had done what was asked of him.
He had been a good boy.
Lost to the pleasure, Mikey did not even notice a very confused bartender enter the bathroom, one who wanted to check on two customers who hadn’t been seen in a while.

Mikey awoke sluggishly, his mind groggy and his limbs sore. With the sleep rubbed from his eyes, Mikey stumbled into a standing position and surveyed his surroundings. He was still in the bar, but around him laid almost two dozen individuals, all in various states of undress. Some were paired off while overs cuddled in larger groups. Looking down at himself, Mikey was completely nude, his glamour gone for the most part. Various portions of his body were covered in sexual fluids, including a rather sticky taste in his mouth. He grabbed a half-finished drink from atop the bar and slammed it back, trying his best to remember the evening that had transpired. He remembered something had been off about his blunts, and then he remembered feeling extremely good. But the finer details were either missing or too fuzzy to discern at this time. Grabbing a handful of clothes from around the room, Mikey slunk into them as best he could and walked out to greet the coming day.

“That must have been one hell of a party.”


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