by DarkBigE

Tags: #bondage #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #superhero #hypnotic_gas

When a superhero is caught off guard, she wakes up to find herself in the clutches of a two-bit villain. But something seems off about this wannabe bad guy. (This is my first ever attempt at an erotic hypno story, so please be gentle.)

Starfury took a labored breath as she shook the grogginess from her mind. Last she could remember, she was investigating a break-in at a local pharmaceutical facility when she was hit with some sort of gas grenade. Still shrugging off unconsciousness, she took another ragged breath, and only then did it dawn on her that something was amiss. She was able to breath safely, but something was obstructing the normal flow of air into her lungs. She snapped her eyes open and was greeted to a rose-tinted hue of the world around her. Starfury quickly realized that some sort of mask had been placed upon her face and as she reached to rip the foreign object from her person, she found herself unable to do so. Her arms and legs were bound to a simple metal chair, lustrous silver-grey bands held her limbs firmly in place. This confused the helpless heroine, as her cosmic strength should have made short work of any binds that would try to hold her. Unless…

“Cobalt” came a sultry whisper that was alarmingly close to Starfury’s left. The hero’s head snapped to the left, but found itself also restrained, preventing her from getting a good look at her captor. This however was rapidly resolved as the villain slowly and methodically stepped into view. Her bubblegum pink outfit clung snuggly on her well-endowed frame, making her look less like a criminal and more like a sculpted piece of plastic. Her outfit was simple, sleek pink latex…except something was different about her. Something was off.

“What’s with the mask”, Starfury questioned, doing her best to remain calm in this rather dire situation.
“I know you go by Blank, but don’t you think the mask is a little much?”

Adorning the villain’s face was a blank white mask, completely featureless and without any signifying marks. In fact, it reminded Starfury of a mannequin’s face; blank, featureless, waiting for someone to impose their will upon it. Something about this mask deeply disturbed the heroine, leaving a sinking pit in her core.

“Oh, do you like it?” cooed the villainess, sliding her gloved hand slowly along its edge, the motion far more sensual than it had any right to be.
“I know it’s not as…delicious as the one you’re wearing, but I’m sure you’ll come to like it with time. Why, you may even find that it reminds you of yourself.”

That last statement came across as a thinly veiled threat, but one that Starfury was entirely unsure of how Blank would enact. Blank was a two-bit criminal, a petty thief that the League of Justice barely made time for. All she was good at was evading recognition, something about her suit distorting her presence on electronics, leaving a blank space in any video or photo that tried to capture her image. Hence the name Blank.

“Well Blank, you do know that whatever you’re planning is going to fail, right? Afterall, the effects of this cobalt will eventually taper off…”

“Yes yes, unless of course I take this piece right here and place it upon the nape of your neck.”

This retort made Starfury’s blood run ice cold.
How did this hack know her secret weakness? How could she possibly have discovered the one thing that would sap her of all her strength? Starfury’s breathing became more and more ragged, fighting against the gas mask on her face as her flexed her muscles in a vain attempt to shatter her bonds. She could not let this nobody villain trap her in her most vulnerable state.

Blank stepped closer, tracing her gloved index finger along the various tubes of the gasmask. Instinctually, Starfury flinched away from this unwanted physical contact.
“Now now, my dear, no need to feel like that. Why don’t you breathe easy, it must be so difficult in that mask?” With a sudden movement, Blank loosened a valve on the right side of the mask, a loud hiss produced as the connecting tube was filled with a bright blue gas. The loud hiss of escaping gas startled Starfury, and on instinct she inhaled sharply. And immediately she regretted that instinct. That first breath of this vile blue vapor left Starfury feeling lightheaded. She had never been intoxicated before, as her alien physique left her wholly immune to the effects of Earth’s alcohols. But from the stories she’d been told she imagined this is what intoxication might feel like. With the lightheadedness she was feeling, her body’s natural reaction was to try to acquire more air, which was a horrible idea at the time. But against her slowing judgement, her body rebelled, filling her lungs once again with this foul miasma. Only this time, it felt less like the gas made its way to her lungs, and more like it has all gone to her head. Her mind wandered at the thought, imagining the blue gas slowly pumping into her head, filling her mind with frivolous thoughts, and slowing her thinking in the process.
Had anyone noticed her missing?
Did she leave her stove on?
Did this stuff taste like blue raspberry?
This tricked her body into furiously gasping under the mask, trying its best to provide necessary oxygen but only damning the heroine further. This tragic process lasted several minutes until Starfury’s mind was slowed to a crawl, as if her brain had been filled with molasses. Thinking took so much effort that Starfury could only focus on one task at a time. When she tried to struggle with her right wrist, it felt like the signal from her brain took ages to reach her arm. And even when it did, the process of struggling took place in slow motion. The helpless heroine was horrified, utterly at the mercy of this deranged villain.

“Still with me, Fury baby?” cooed Blank, her featureless blank mask mere inches from the hero’s.
“Must be mighty hard thinking with that head full of cotton candy. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”
Blank slunk in nice and close, practically whispering in Starfury’s ear.
“Cotton candy usually comes in two flavors.”

With that, another hiss rang in Starfury’s ears, this time on the left. It took every ounce of strength in her body to resist instinct, but she kept herself from gasping and held her breath. It’s a little-known power of Starfury’s but as a cosmically powered being she is able to hold her breath for extended amounts of time, provided she is able to focus. So, mustering every bit of strength she had left, she focused on not breathing in this bright pink gas. Minutes crept to dozens which inevitably become an hour and still Starfury held strong. She wagered that if she held out long enough, her mind would clear, and she would be able to escape. In fact, she was already starting to find thinking a bit easier. Almost as if reading her mind, Blank cocked her head to one side, her mask physically blocking her expression, but the head tilt gave it away.

“Hmmm, well aren’t you a curious one. Able to hold your breath, are you? Oh right, silly me!”
With that, Blank playfully tapped the side of her head, as if pantomiming a return of a crucial thought.
“I still need to sap all that pretty strength of yours.”

Fear crept back into Starfury’s mind as the masked villainess pranced behind her. She could do nothing but helplessly struggle has she felt her head tilt forward, the mask pressing uncomfortably into her face now. All at once, she felt Blank press a finger into her nape and a cold powerless feeling wash over her.

Starfury gasped.

The pink and blue combination of gases flooded her lungs and that usual sluggishness returned to her mind. However, it felt different this time. Along with the slowed cognition came an unfamiliar heat in her mind. Not painful, but as if she were slowly forgetting something. Every time she tried to remember, the heat in her mind pulled her attention away and the pleasant blue fog kept her attention from ever returning. After a handful of minutes, that heat in her head has coalesced into a playfully tingling ball, endlessly firing at the pleasure centers of her brain. Struggling and escape were concepts no longer known to Starfury, her only existence being endless joy in her current state. Then, much to her surprise, that lovely fun ball began to travel down down down. Its journey made her spine tingle and her toes curl, that pleasant euphoric aura radiating across the areas it travelled. As it passed her torso, Starfury felt her heart leap, a feeling of obedient love pulse throughout her core. This process felt like an eternity for Starfury, when in actuality her fall from grace took mere moments. And Blank was there to see it all, her expressionless mask never leaving Starfury’s gaze.

It was hard for Starfury to keep her eyes focused. After all, why would she need to focus when all she felt was absolute bliss? As this electric sphere of pure orgasmic energy slowly crept to her pelvis, Starfury was at last able to see herself reflected in the mask that she wore. The blank expressionless face that she wore reminded her terribly of the mask that adorned Blank. Starfury finally realized what the villainess had meant.

“Oh…no…” was all she was able to muster before that ball of energy exploded deep within her, shaking her to her core. The now empty heroine writhed in joy, rocked to her very center with wave upon wave of pleasure. Blank watched on as her new toy spasmed against her restraints, that ever-growing puddle of love juices leaking off the chair and dripping onto the cold stone floor. When Starfury’s body became limp and motionless, only then did Blank remove her mask. She calmly stepped over to the newly emptied heroine, making sure to avoid any spillage as she removed the restraints. Gently pulling her new doll to their feet was a tougher task than she anticipated, given the musculature of the cosmic hero. But with a little gentle coercing and some loving coos, she managed to stand Starfury upright.
Taking an extra long look over her new bounty, only then did Blank remove the mask from her toy.

Blank was giddy and smiled from ear to ear when she saw the blank expressionless face of the former heroine known as Starfury. Her eyes empty and out of focus, a bit of drool forming on the edge of her lip.
“Oh my pet, there’s not a single thought in that head of yours, is there? Why, you look deliciously blank!”
“Come, let’s see if I can make an impression on you”, the villainess giddily sung with a smile, leading her newly acquired toy to places unknown.


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