A Wizard's Wisdom

by DarkBigE

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #fantasy #microfiction #pov:bottom

Another in a series of hypno-horny microfictions involving a non-descript fantasy TTRPG. This one’s a bit longer, as there was need for setup.

As a Wizard, you’ve spent your whole life with your nose in a book, increasing your knowledge in order to better learn. In fact, it was your general knowledge of the arcane that led you to believe there would be traps in this old dungeon. But while you excelled in your intelligence, you lacked in your wisdom. And that lack of wisdom led you right into the trap.
With a soundless flash, your vision instantly became flooded by beautiful dancing colors, the rainbow of lights never stopping to rest in one place for too long. The scintillating colors consumed the entirety of your attention, leaving you unable to even entertain the notion of anything else. You just continued to watch the dancing lights, even as your equipment was stripped from you, the cool air of the ancient dungeon nipping at your exposed flesh. Not even the multiple hands that began to knead and caress your helpless form could pull you from your trance. And when the voices began to whisper words of obedience into your empty mind, all you could do was continue staring at the enrapturing colors as your mind was molded into the perfect arcane plaything.


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