The Mists

by DaceMcGraw

Tags: #furry #m/m #monster_fucking #postapocalyptic #scifi #3rd_person #anal #cum_fixation #mists #pheromones #premature_ejaculation #scent

Jacob lives in Citadel, one of the last outposts of humanity untainted by the nightly Mists. One night as a child he was exposed, but was saved by a Night Guard, one of humanity’s warped kin. Years later, he seeks him out again for advice …

Mosttime, Jacob didn't think about the mist. He was born well after it ended the world; only the old grandmothers talked about the times before when men flew the sky in metal birds and talked to strangers around the world on a whim. His mother was born a few years after Citadel solved the problem of frantic attacks in the midnight, where whole families were taken by monsters or left in the most to be warped. The Night Guard had lived in its shabby little tower for decades when he came in to the world, watching over them at night in the mists and taking comfort from Citadel's humanity. 
Jacob was among the first generation that didn't fear the mist every waking day. As a child they'd often play on the roof of Citadel until right before dark, to the horror of their parents. Sometimes they even waited until one of the monstrous Night Guard came and chased them back inside. 
It was one of those evenings where Jacob learned to fear the mist. Enjoying the late summer heat, he'd laid down in a nook in roof while the others played, and fell asleep. When he awoke, all he saw were tendrils of mist - a wall of pearlescent whorls and curls, lazily drifting about. He screamed in fear, scrambling away as the tendrils licked around him, flowing up his trousers and along his skin. 
That's how the Night Guard found him, maybe seconds later, and yanked him into the airlock. The creature was huge to a child, with scaled skin over rippling muscles and a human face framed by inhuman carapace, and four vast, leathery wings that improbably folded neatly around him like a cape. 
"Shhhh, child." The monster crooned. "You will be fine."
"But - but the mist. I was outside in the mist!" The monster chuckled. 
"It doesn't affect everyone. Little Night Guard secret. Or maybe it just doesn't make changes that are so easy to see." The Night Guard stood back. Jacob really looked at him for the first time. The man's face was youthful, not all that much older than him. 
"Lyle?" Jacob recognized the older boy. He'd been caught out in the mists four years ago when an attack had broken a window, and Jacob hadn't really seen him since he joined the Night Guard. Well, he'd seen a winged form in the mists and heard the scraping noises of someone clinging to the crete walls of Citadel, but the Night Guard kept to themselves during the day and nobody looked outside at night if they could help it.
"Little Jacob, right? Well, not so little anymore." Lyle looked through the window of the little airlock. It wasn't really an airlock, but it was a good seal. "Look, I need to get back out there. It's going to be a quiet night, I think, but the whole point is to make sure it stays that way. Go home to your mother and if anything strange does happen to you, come back to Night Guard in the day and we'll sort it out."
"But ... I'd know, right?" Jacob asked, fearful. Everyone knew that the mist warped anyone left outside at night into monstrous versions of themselves. Humans, at least, retained their sanity and usually their intelligence, but anything else that moved in the night was a danger to all. Jacob gave a frantic look over his body and reassured himself that everything was the same as when he'd woken that morning. 
"Yeah, when I was outside all this happened in maybe ... ten minutes time? You'd know by now." Lyle looked a little sad, maybe impatient. "You're one of the lucky ones. Don't go out in the mist again though. Now scram. I can't open the airlock when you're in here, and I need to get back out there." 
The young Night Guard looked a little sad to see him go, all the same; when Jacob looked through the thick glass of the airlock to see him slip back into the night, Lyle didn't look back. 
Neither did Jacob, for most of his youth. As he grew he spent less and less time playing with his friends on the roof or even risking twilight. It was a scary thing that happened to him, but long hours in the fields - the Night Guard blew a huge horn every morning when the mists disappeared - and even longer hours inside weaving, canning, or cleaning meant that there wasn't much time to dwell on it. He matured like most youths in the Citadel, with a wiry frame built by hard work, but unlike most of them he didn't chase after the young girls that had become women beside them. When they played at flirting with him it mostly made him uncomfortable, and it slowly isolated him from the other men as they embraced the attention of Citadels' fairer sex. Most of the young women became mothers quite early, and while few were so narrow as to be able to identify the sole fathers of their children, it was clear that Jacob wasn't a father to any of them. 
The oddest thing was, for the most part this didn't bother him. He had nocturnal emissions like most men, but he didn't feel much of a drive to do anything about them beyond cleaning himself up. Even the odd uncomfortable or embarrassing moment of stiffness didn't come nearly as often for him as it did for the other men. He was nearly twenty years old when that began to bother him enough to seek out the only person who'd ever told him to come by if something strange every happened to him: Lyle.
Approaching the Night Guard tower was a daunting thing. He'd delivered food there, of course, just like everyone else. Sacks of grain and vegetables, cans, and firewood. One of their monstrous kin usually lurked in the frighteningly unsealed doorway, either just out of sight or wrapped entirely in cloth to conceal their deformities. Children sometimes taunted them, but Jacob and every other adult cuffed them anytime they were caught and only the bravest even dared. One look of cat-green eyes from under a deep cowl or the ruffle of inhuman limbs was more than enough to frighten away the brave. 
So when Jacob found himself at the threshold he found his hear racing, his breath thin. For a second he felt the panic that had driven him that night on the roof, and he willed it away. He was a grown man, and there was nothing to fear here. The watchstander shuffled forward and looked at him sleepily from under a thick blanket - one that Jacob himself had woven, he realized, only a year or so ago. It was huge, fit for a family, and he hadn't realized it had been traded away to the Night Guard. The watchstander gazed at him from under the cowl, expectant, and cleared his its throat noisily.
"Yes?" It was a surprisingly human voice. Bored, a little dismissive. "Do you need something?"
"I, um. I'd like to see Lyle, please?" He felt like a child asking a mother to play with a friend. "He, uh. It's kind of personal."
"Hm. None of my business. I'll ask around and see if he's awake. Doesn't need much sleep, that one, but he's a mite fearsome if you wake him." The watchstander shuffled off into the darkness of the tower and left Jacob alone in the afternoon light. After a moment, he stepped into the shadow, just enough to let his eyes adjust. No horrors or implements of torture leaped out at him, and he chided himself for superstitions getting the better of him. The Night Guard protected them, and everything else was just bad rumor swirling around good people who had one moment of bad fortune. 
When the watchstander returned, it settled itself into the stool at the back and gestured him inside. "Just keep walking up. He's at the top of the tower." 
The walk through the tower was eerie. He'd never been in a building with so many open spaces. He'd seen it from outside, of course, but nearly every opening in the tower was covered over with cloth or otherwise shaded - but none of it was actually sealed. In the Citadel, every opening was covered - at the very minimum with densely woven cloth, or with precious scavenged lengths of steel or glass. Even the most shabby rooms had tightly fitted wood, well-sealed against the mists. Here, haphazard lengths of cloth covered openings, and they were everywhere. Half the building was open to the sky in one way or another, and as he climbed the staircase he saw why: it was almost as large as Citadel, but far, far more ruined. Some hallways ended in open air, bare concrete or stretches of rebar and ruined metal struck like straw in mud exposed to sky and interior alike. Much like in Citadel, the rooms became more spartan and shabby the higher he climbed; unlike in Citadel they became more abandoned. At the lower levels he could hear people shuffling around and talking quietly, or even the rumbling noise of snoring poorly concealed behind half-ruined doors. At the upper reaches, there was only the wind. 
The top of the stairwell ended abruptly in a wall, surprisingly intact given the rest, with a remarkably well-preserved door. He knocked hesitantly, and Lyle opened it. 
"Jacob, right? What's this about?" The winged man blinked awkwardly, rubbing his eyes. He wasn't wearing much clothing, displaying a surprisingly human torso with only a tracery of scales. Lyle gestured him inside. "Come in, come in."
"I'm sorry to bother you, really. I'm not sure why I came." Jacob entered, feeling like he was intruding. The room was surprisingly spacious, though not terribly well appointed. There was a shabby sort of cot piled high with blankets and a low stool next to a desk that had seen better days. 
"Well, start there why don't you." Lyle yawned. "I don't really have anything better to do."
"I'm ... well, I'm not sure, but I think something's wrong with me." Jacob confessed, looking into the eyes of the man who'd saved him from the mists. "You said to come to you if anything strange ever happened to me."
The Night Guard squinted at him, looking him up and down. "I don't see much wrong with you. I mean, you're definitely not a kid anymore but I'm pretty sure that's supposed to happen." 
"Well, yeah, obviously. I mean, I'm a man now. But still." Lyle laughed at him. 
"You'd be surprised how many people come to us when their balls drop or they get their first wet dream, man. The women have it worse, of course, with the bleeding and everything, but seems like we get one furtive little boy a month whose pubes just came in, sure that it's somehow the mists claiming them." Lyle chuckled. 
"Well, that's not quite my problem." Jacob smiled. "But ... it's sort of like that problem." 
Lyle cocked his head to the side, the horns sprouting from his head like a crown. "Um, you do know what your pecker's for, right?" 
"I know what my pecker's for, damnit!" Jacob snapped at him. This whole arrangement was a mistake. "If only it would do it!" 
"Ah." Lyle said. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Sex and sexuality is sometimes a sore spot for us in the Night Guard, and I tend to make jokes about it to make things less awkward."
"I came here for your help, man." Jacob said. "I don't even know what's wrong with me."
"Well, I assume you've had a wet dream, right? Do you remember any?" Lyle asked. 
"No? I mean, yes, I have, but no I don't remember." The Night Guard's wings ruffled a little as he sat down on the stool, gesturing for Jacob to take the cot. 
"Anyone you've fantasized about when you've, you know, cranked the shaft?" Lyle asked. He made a lewd gesture, with his fist pumping up and down. 
"No, I uh ... haven't done that." Jacob said, blushing. "I guess I just haven't had the privacy to do it?"
"Well, trust me, once you figure it out you'll make the privacy to do it. It feels pretty fantastic." Lyle said. "The real thing is better, of course, but nothing wrong with lefty or righty." 
"I'm just ... I've never really wanted to do that with anyone." Jacob admitted. "That's the problem" 
"No one? Huh. I've heard of that, maybe, but never met anyone who was like that." Lyle shrugged. "Old world had all sorts though, from what I hear."
"What do you mean?" Jacob asked, confused.
"Well, one of the first Night Guards was like a priest or something in the Old World. A scientist, he called himself. Knew all sorts about those things. Talked a lot of shit about other priests though." Lyle shrugged. "Apparently in the old world it was pretty OK for men to be with men instead of women, and women to stick to women. Lots of people just didn't shack up at all. Different world." 
"Is that ... normal?" Jacob inquired. "I mean, if it was before the mists, right?"
"Well yeah. I mean, there's plenty of dudes who still screw around on the side. Pretty sure some of the mothers are more into each other than they are the dudes, too." Lyle shrugged. "I've tried it myself."
"Wait, really?" Jacob felt a flush rising. Oddly enough, his groin was tightening. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was strange. "Who?"
"Not gonna kiss and tell. But you definitely know 'em. Small place, Citadel." Lyle said, then stretched his arms out, letting one of his wingtips lazily scratch his side. The dude was seriously ripped. Jacob found his eyes wandering to the loosely wrapped trousers along the Night Guard's trim waist, wondering if the scales really went all the way down. There were definitely scales on his feet, after all, maybe more than anywhere else. "So look, I get it. You worry you're broken, you remember being out in the mist for a hot minute back when you were a kid, and you figure it means you're Night Guard."
"Well . . . yeah." Jacob said, embarrassed. When he put it all out like that, it was kind of silly. "I just . . . it seemed strange." 
"Well, it's unusual, but not that unusual. Not like, you know, wings." He lifted one to demonstrate. "Or horns. Not getting it up isn't a sign that you're some sort of mutant condemned to the torment of eternal night."
"Hey, that's not fair." Jacob could tell now when the joke was at his expense. "I came to you because you never told anyone about that night, either. I know you can keep a secret."
"Fair enough." Lyle shrugged, his wings moving in loose synchrony with his shoulders. "Honestly, you weren't out in it that long, I don't think. I mean, it was late, but so was the mist that night if I remember right. So I don't blame you for wondering."
"So ... you're sure it's nothing?" Jacob was less sure of it than ever. He could feel his blood pumping, and he was sure it was flush on his face. He was sitting down, but he could feel his cock pressing against the fabric, and to his shame his trousers were starting to go damp - and not just from sweat. He could feel a drop of something slick and almost slimy dripping down his prick, and it felt incredibly good just as much as it was deeply inappropriate. "Like, absolutely sure?"
"I mean, as sure as I can be. I think I told you that night, some people aren't affected by the mist. Or are affected in ways that ... aren't like me." Lyle gestured to his perfectly formed muscles. 
"Oh. Well, that's good to know. But what do you mean, not like you?" At this point, he just wanted to keep the conversation going so that maybe his dick would start behaving again. It was especially strange because it was exactly the absence of this - with anyone, boy or girl - that had brought him here in the first place. 
"Well, you hear stories. Not to spread it around, but we find people out in the mist from time to time and they're fine. Just drag 'em back to an airlock and leave them inside until morning. Or strangers who wander through. Some aren't right in the head and a few are like us Night Guard, it's just less obvious. Met this one guy a few years back whose jaws opened the wrong way." Lyle demonstrated. "Or pointy ears under a hat, that sort of thing." 
"Oh. But still, most of them would be, like ... at least a little different." Jacob asked. 
"Yeah, usually. But some are just fine. Maybe you're one of those, or maybe you really weren't out in the mists long enough for it to matter. Don't run the risk either way man, trust me." Lyle shuddered. "Fringe benefits aren't worth it."
"I'll, uh, take your word for it." Jacob said, then looked around awkwardly. "Hey, uh, do you have an outhouse or something up here?" 
"Nope, but I do have a bathroom. Running water, even!" Lyle chuckled. "One of the few benefits of living in the tower here. Not many people up in the day to really compete for it, either. Lemme show you."
Jacob was immensely glad that Lyle led the way. His erection was truly obscene now, tented out far longer than it had any right to be and pulsing with slick. Following the Night Guard out of the room gave him an breathtaking view of the rippling muscles that controlled his wings and the pert form of his ass, just defined enough to hold up loose trousers. The bathroom was a little cramped and the door only sort of closed, but the real problem was that the hallway was pretty narrow and Lyle took up a lot of space. Turning to gesture Jacob forward, the Night Guard's wings gently brushed his crotch, and then it was all over. 
Jacob crumbled down on the floor, feeling his balls churn and pump cum out like he'd never felt before. The front of his trousers were instantly drenched and he as he twitched, slumped on the wall, he could see his cum pushing through the tough fabric like water through gauze. He faintly heard Lyle laughing about something above him, but the sensation of his cock against cloth was rapidly becoming painful, and he scrambled at the waistband trying to claw it off. 
"Hey, hey, hey. Calm down, it'll be OK." Lyle was saying when he came back to himself. Jacob felt his pulse and breathing slow, just barely, coming down like the end of a footrace. "Shit, man. Well, whatever your problem was, you've got a new one now."
"Sorry, I uh." Jacob stammered. "Sorry."
"Hey, no harm no foul, I guess. Never heard of a guy being that close to pop that just a light brushing did him in, though." Lyle snickered. "That won't make you very popular with the ladies."
"Fuck." Jacob peeled the pants away from his waist. "They're ruined."
"Relax, I can help. You're about my size. Take those things off and I'll get them washed for you." Lyle put out a scaled hand, slowly helping the other man up off the floor. Jacob was surprised at how warm he was - and how light. Even with that brief touch he could feel how delicate Lyle's bones were, how thin the layer of scales was over his skin. "You'll have to take them off, though."
"Yeah, uh. Sorry. Give me a sec. Still sort of winded, over here." Jacob lied. He was definitely still winded, but the problem was he was definitely still hard, too. "Could you maybe go get the pants?"
"Be right back." Lyle said with a shrug, walking back to his little roost. Jacob took the opportunity to lift his waistband and look at his dick. It was swollen, the head pushed well past the foreskin and pulsing an angry purple, covered in his cum, harder and bigger than he'd ever seen it. What wasn't covered in cum was covered in the thick mucus of precum, for that matter. Disgusting as it was, he couldn't help his fascination. Stripping off was painful, but once his cock was free he was able to lightly scrub off most of the fluids into the soiled pants with the driest portions. He turned around when Lyle returned with a low whistle. 
"Don't mind me, it was just a nice view. You got a pert ass, man. Guys or girls, they're going to love it." Lyle passed him a pair of clean trousers. "Give 'em here, and I'll make sure they get washed."
"Thanks." Jacob took his time putting the new pair on, legs still unsteady from his very unexpected climax. "I have no idea what that was about. I'm really sorry."
"Look, happens to the best of us. And now you know you've got nothing to worry about, right? Plumbing's all fine." Lyle turned the soiled pants over in his hand. "Gotta say, you better warn people before you spooge on 'em, because this is kind of a lot." 
"I, uh. It's a lot more than when I have a wet dream." Jacob admitted. "And I never precum like that."
"Yeah, it's really damned thick. I leak like a faucet, but it's nothing like this." The Night Guard leaned in and took a sniff. "I'd say it's rank, too, but it's not all that bad." 
"Uh. What do you mean?" Jacob asked, trying to conceal the fact that he was still very much erect. What's worse, he was starting to leak again.
"Well, it's strange. I've got a pretty good senses, and this smells way, way better than it has any right to." Lyle took a deep breath. "Like, I've smelled cum before, precum too. This is sort of next-level."
"In a good way? I mean, I know you've done stuff with guys, but . . . " For whatever reason, the idea of Lyle enjoying the smell of his cum made him feel really good. 
"Oh, sure. I mean, to each their own." Lyle shook his head as if to clear the scent. "Honestly, it's getting stronger, too which - oh."
"Oh?" Jacob looked down at the wet spot forming in his trousers. "Oh!" 
"Yeah, maybe, um." Lyle gestured with a dropping motion. "Before you mess yourself again?"
"Fuck, man, what's happening to me?" Jacob said, stripping off again. Freed from the confines of the trousers, his dick slapped up against his belly with a loud smack, leaving a clear trail of slimy precum behind. 
"I honestly have no idea. It's kinda hot, though." Lyle snickered. "Look, you can't go back to the Citadel like this, and it'll be dark in an hour or so. Let's teach you how to crank one out and hopefully you'll be back in proper form and home with none the wiser." 
"I - yeah, fuck, sure." Lyle led him back to his room, and Jacob caught him sneaking another whiff from his ruined trousers. The Night Guard casually stripped off, letting his own pants fall to the floor and gesturing to the bed. 
"So, you've clearly got enough precum that you don't need any extra help." Lyle said, gesturing. "Take your shirt off so you don't mess it up too; I don't have any spares for that." 
"Yeah, what with the wings and all." Jacob said, looking up at the other man. Lyle's cock was draped over his balls, and he was indeed scaly almost everywhere - but around his groin he was almost as human as his face. "Sorry, I'm sure it's a sore subject, I don't even know what I'm supposed to talk about when we do something like this. Like, uh, where should my eyes go?"
"Probably keep them in your head, I'd imagine." Lyle joked, then sat on the bed, patting the space next to him. "C'mon, make yourself comfy."
It was strange to sit next to someone else naked. It felt right, really right, but it was strange all the same. Jacob's cock was slowly pulsing with precum, rhythmically pumping tiny squirts of the viscous slime out onto his head. It was oddly cooling and soothing, now that it wasn't sticking to the cloth of his trousers. 
"Now, lots of ways to get off, but the simplest is just ... "Lyle fondled himself. "Go ahead, touch."
The sensation of rubbing the precum into his skin was incredible. Lyle murmured encouragements as he gently explored the feeling of stroking himself, carefully at first, then with more confidence. 
"Fuck, man this feels good." He breathed, looking at Lyle. "How have I been missing out on this?" 
"Can't say, man." Lyle said, then gave him a once-over. "So, since you've got a willing friend, want to feel even better?"
"Yes." Jacob didn't even think before it came out. "Absolutely."
"Alright, alright, let go." Lyle shooed him away, and Jacob felt his cock protest the sudden departure with a squirt of precum. "Man, never seen a guy fountain up like that."
"Just do what you're going to do, man, this is agony." he panted. Lyle laughed and his hand swept out, deftly rubbing along the younger man's cock. "Fuck that feels good. Don't stop."
"Don't want to. This shit is slick though, once you get a good coating of it." Lyle said, a little fascinated. "I bet you can even fuck without lube!"
"Dude, just focus on the - yes, fuck like that..." Jacob leaned back, letting Lyle's fingers trace around the ridge of his foreskin. The Night Guard twisted his hand around as he pumped up and down, the thick slime of Jacob's precum turning each stroke into a slick, messy slide. 
"Man, and after you just came? You're a fuck machine." Lyle chuckled. "And I bet ..."
"Do whatever you want just don't stop please fuck." The Night Guard grinned and slid to the floor, then leaned over - and took Jacob's cock in his mouth in one full swallow. The younger man groaned as he felt his cock sliding effortlessly into the thick warmth of Lyle's throat. Lyle held him there, hands clamped to Jacob's waist and eyes looking up in lust as his throat convulsed around cock. The Night Guard's tongue somehow slid around the thick cocks, lapping at where it joined the balls and slithering around before slipping back inside to circled the flared head of Jacob's cock. With a long, drawn pull Lyle pulled off Jacob's cock and gave it two slow, even pumps. 
"Your dick tastes fucking amazing, Jacob." Lyle lapped at the precump dribbling from the cock. 
"Don't fucking stop. It feels so good, please don't stop." Jacob panted. He yanked the slight Night Guard up on top of him, feeling their muscular bodies pressed together and the other man's own rigid cock slap against his legs with a yelp. One hand wrapped around Lyle's neck, he gave in to the irresistable urge and kissed him, feeling his mouth press and then tenderly engage as he bucked his hips up and wrapped his arms into a knot of warm, entangled limbs. They slid against each other, the sweat of their bodies and the precum making their grinding pressure resolve into waves of euphoria as their mouths grappled and gripped each other in lust. 
Lyle scrabble around him, gripping at his back and humping into the cleft of Jacob's ass, whimpering in needy lust. The Night Guard's cock pressed against Jacob's hole, pressing and rubbing, with Jacob's own precum dribbling down and making it slick. Jacob whimpered as the other man's cock pressed, then slowly slipped into his ass. The sensation was momentarily painful and then, like a dam breaking within him, something came loose. The muscles of his ass tensed once, then relaxed, and a rush of something wonderful hit him, making him pant and break his kiss with Lyle. The young Night Guard gasped with pleasure, eyes rolling into his head as a rush of warmth flooded through the man beneath him. Jacob's ass went from tight and tense to relaxed, pulling him in and easing his way as the Lyle's prick slid effortlessly in to its base, his balls pressed against the sweaty, muscular contours of the legs. 
"Fuck, man. How does that feel so good. Why does that feel so good." Jacob panted in wonder. 
"It's never fucking like this, your ass is amazing. It feels like it's drawing me in, it feels so good." Lyle whispered back.  He gave an experimental hump and both men shuddered with pleasure. "It's like I can feel you moving around my cock." 
"I can feel you, too. All of you." Jacob let himself get drunk on the sensation, the sinewy movement of muscle and tendon as Lyle's wings tensed and ruffled, the pulse of blood rushing through his balls and penis and the churning sensation of cum boiling and ready to spew, barely held back by willpower alone. "Fuck me, I want to feel your cum."
He felt the instant Lyle let go, and felt his own barriers fall away blasting a load of cum between them as Lyle unloaded in his ass, the slickness of his precum reacting instantly to the presence of the other man's sperm and thickening somehow. On his chest, his own cum and precum mingled, giving off the most incredible, musky smell that filled the room with a heady scent. Lyle twitched and began licking it off him involuntarily, his cock still rock-hard inside Jacob as he lapped at the pooled fluids of their chests. Jacob breathed in the scent contentedly, enjoying the silky sensation of Lyle's body rubbing up and down against him. The Night Guard tensed up and a rippling aftershock trembled through him as he came, impossibly, again into Jacob's ass, the thickening mix of their fluids becoming an almost gelatinous consistency inside him. 
Jacob felt that second load changing him, warm flushes going through his body, with the sensation of Lyle's body becoming more distant with each heartbeat until it faded away. The Night Guard, every bit of skin flush with warmth, wrapped himself contentedly around him, wings forming a slight tented cocoon as he continued patiently lapping away at the mixture of Jacob's juices covering them. After a few contented minutes, Jacob asked:
"Is it, uh, always like that?" Lyle looked up at him. 
"No. Fuck, you might have ruined me for other men, that was so good. I never cum that fast and never cum twice like that. I don't even know what that was, it was so ... whew." Lyle sighed. "And you still smell fucking amazing, man." 
"For a second there, I felt ... like, all of you. How it felt to be you, every feeling you had and ..." Jacob trailed off. "It was really nice, but I didn't expect that."
"Well, they say your first time is special, but I didn't notice anything that weird beyond, you know, being an amazing fucking lay. Whew boy, you're going to be popular." Lyle chuckled. 
"It's strange, but ... when I came up here I really thought I was broken, because I didn't, you know, want anyone. But I never wanted anything as bad as I wanted this, when we were doing it." Jacob ran a finger along the fine lines of scaling along Lyle's body. "I don't even ... no, I definitely like guys. I want to do this again. Fuck, I never want to stop doing this. I'm still hard." 
"How can you be - fuck, to be a teenager again." Lyle shook his head in amazement. "Well, I'm definitely done for now, but now you know how to take care of yourself at least." 
The Night Guard gingerly pulled himself out of Jacob's ass, reaching for a scrap of cloth to wipe away what was left of their cum.
"I don't even really understand what just happened." Jacob said, looking at the rigid pole of his cock. The traces of cum and precum on his chest seemed to have dried out, almost evaporating away, but his dick was still hard and upright. "It, uh ... goes back down right?"
"Yes!" Lyle laughed and stood up, wiping himself down.  "It does. You have to leave it alone though, tempting as it might be to just constantly ...." he made a lazy whipping motion with his wrist. 
"I ... look, I want to see you again. When? Do I just ... walk past the guard?" Jacob asked. He almost wanted to just stay the night, but the mist was coming soon and Jacob's room had wide-open windows without the slightest seal on them. 
"Yeah, or you can climb up the side here. Actually, come over here." Lyle helped him up and took him to the largest opening, more of an open bay than an window. From here you could see the sprawl of Citadel, the farms, and the rubble and neglect of the tower's rambling structure. Lyle gestured to a stretch of ruin that arced out between the two structures. "Citadel abandoned that part of the structure about a decade ago - too many holes to really plug effectively - but you see that door there? It's got a few warnings on it, but it leads out to the top here. A few of the older Night Guard keep watch there rather than go on patrol - easier on their knees and such, but a good vantage before they had me up on overwatch." 
"There's just ... a whole part of Citadel we gave up on?" Jacob asked. "I mean ... people are crowded five to a room in some parts ..."
"I don't blame 'em. But it's a lot of wood to seal up that much space, and it's all one big void - it was a warehouse or something I think. So if any part of it goes, all of it goes." Lyle shrugged. "Anyway, you can come across from there and just climb up that staircase over there, and it leads to the corridor downstairs. I've had one or two guys come visit me that way. Hard to see you from down below, nobody up here cares, and I'm the only one up here." 
"Huh. Thanks. And, uh. Have a good night."
"You too, man. Thanks for a good ride." Lyle slapped his ass, and Jacob yelped. It felt good, though. He couldn't resist a grin as he pulled the borrowed pair of pants up and recovered the rest of his clothing. The route back across the walkway into the Citadel was easy, and he was inside the door Lyle had pointed at well before the mists came in. 
Walking through the cramped interior of Citadel, nodding hello to the other field hands and giving way respectfully to passing mothers or people about the night businesses of their cramped little city, Jacob couldn't help but wonder how many of the other men knew about that door. Lyle seemed to think it was all quite routine, but to Jacob it was an entire secret about his world laid bare in an instant, with more just out of sight. Was Teddy, the burly and affectionate foreman who gave out assignments every morning, slipping into a storage closet with Jeshua, the supply guy who handed out and checked everyone's work tools? Or did Dave and Buck do more than hunting and trapping out in the woods every day where nobody could see? He'd lived with and looked up to these men all his life, and now he wondered which of them also knew the way up to Lyle's lonely eyrie. 
He struggled to keep his erection down while navigating the cramped rooms of the canteen, squatting in a corner rather than standing more comfortably where the small shelves screwed into the wall made it easy to eat and drink socially. Despite Lyle's breezy insistence that everything was fine and that his dick would go right down, it was still firm, and when he went to take a leak he had to wipe away a patch of thick, slimy precum before he could really let flow. He wasn't as assured by his visit as he wanted to be. 

I hope you enjoyed! You can follow me on twitter at @dacemcgraw or email me - happy strokin' and slidin'!


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