24 Hour Quarantine

by DaceMcGraw

Tags: #dubious_consent #friends_to_lovers #injection #m/m #scifi #straight_to_gay #bareback #cum_fixation #IslaParadiso

Zach’s buddy swears up and down that a shot and a day’s quarantine is more than worth it to spend a vacation on this little island nobody else has heard of - but what will they do for a whole day together in the hotel before they can get out and have fun?

This story is loosely connected to an incomplete story series, Isla Paradiso, that I will be posting once I've finished it. The extant chapters are up at  GSS  for now, but I'm trying to only put up completed stories on ROM at the moment.

"Don't be a pussy, Zach." Yuri said, rolling his sleeve up his arm to demonstrate. "It's just a shot."
"I'm not scared of the damned needle, man." Zach scowled back. "I just don't like the idea of getting a shot just to go on vacation on this island I've never heard of. Even if the shot is free. And we're gonna have to quarantine for a day until it takes effect!"
"Dude, it's gonna be great. You remember Davis, right? That loser sophomore who vanished last semester and came back with a beach bod?" Yuri mimed backswept hair and threw a bodybuilder pose, almost falling out of the rickety plastic chair. The airport clinic's waiting room was far from luxurious. "He apparently was on study abroad here the entire time, some biology lab gave him an internship. He said it's the best undiscovered vacation spot in the Pacific!"
"Sure but why do we need to get a shot to visit? And how come my family doctor had never heard about it when I asked him?" Zach shot back. Yuri was a good guy, lots of fun at parties and a top-gun wingman, but sometimes he wasn't very bright. 
"I dunno man, even doctors can't know everything, right?" Yuri shrugged, the plastic chair creaking under him. "Davis didn't think it was a big deal."
"Like you care much about what that dweeb thinks!" Zach shared a grin with his buddy. "Still, it'll be nice to get a good tan and maybe pull some tail, right?"
"Ahem." A young man in dark-blue scrubs and a medical mask cleared his throat from the doorway. "Sorry to interrupt. Mr. ... Radikovsky? Right this way, please."
"See you on the other side, man!" Yuri flashed him a smile then bounced up, grabbed his backpack, and strolled after the nurse. A minute later a bulky guy in pink scrubs and a matching mask waved him over.
"Mr. Meyer?" the orderly checked something on his clipboard. Now that he was closer, Zach could tell the dude wasn't fat - he was built like a damned tank. "First time on Isla Corazon, right?"
"Yep. Didn't even know it existed until three weeks ago." Saying it out loud like that gave him pause for a second. Yuri had done most of the legwork for this, even finding the cheapest flights and best quarantine pad for their spring break. "Honestly, after such a long flight I barely know where I am."
"No worries, you'll adapt quick enough. It says you're quarantining in Nobiles, right?" The orderly asked, smiling around the edges of his mask as he settled Zach into an exam room. "It's pretty great, I think that's where I quarantined the first time I came."
"You're not from here?" Zach asked, surprised. He'd assumed the guy was Hispanic, based on the dark hair, rich complexion, and expressive brown eyes, but a closer look confirmed that he was just beautifully tanned, like everyone else they'd seen since their flight landed.
"Nah, moved out here after finishing my nursing certs. Just vacation before that. I'm from Ohio." The nurse checked the chart again, then looked up. "Name's Will - maybe I'll see you around once you're out of quarantine. Island's a small place and it's always great to make new friends."
"Sure, as long as you don't party in pink like a fag!" Zach laughed, gesturing at the scrubs. Will looked down, surprised, then gave a half-chuckle.
"Yeah I don't wear scrubs when I'm out and about." Will responded. "No allergies or anything, right? The inoculation is proprietary, and reactions are rare, but it's always best to ask."
"Nope." Zach shrugged. "Only time I ever went to the doctor was for my annual sports physicals."
"Yeah, you look like you work out. Gonna be real popular around here, I'm sure." Will smiled, then pulled open a drawer and took out a tiny syringe with a translucent blue fluid. "Now this'll pinch a bit, and you might be sore or have a slight fever for a few hours tonight or tomorrow. You should be all clear to go by sundown tomorrow night."
"Don't you ... I dunno, have some literature or something for me?" Zach asked, putting a hand up. "Like, I have to consent, right?"
"Oh yeah, of course. But if you aren't inoculated you can't really go outside the airport complex here." Will shrugged, then made to put the syringe away. "I hear the bar is pretty good but it's a long flight back to Hawaii if you're scared, man."
"OK, OK!" Zach presented his arm and rolled up the sleeve of his T-shirt. "I'm not scared of a little shot."
Will prodded the muscle of the other man's arm for a moment, primed the injector, then gently performed the inoculation. After disposing of the sharp and signing off on a little pink card for Zach, he gave him a handshake and sent him on his way. Yuri was in the waiting room, bouncing on the balls of his feet and clearly hyped to get going.
"Dude, c'mon!" Yuri gestured him along. The ride to their quarantine hotel was pretty short - like Will had said, it wasn't a big island. But from what Zach could see on the drive with the failing light, it was a beautiful one: glorious stretches of sandy beach separated by towers of rock, most with futuristic homes or offices perched for amazing sea views, and with meandering boardwalks with little stalls, bars, and restaurants just now lighting up and filling with scantily clad people.
"Yuri, this place is a sausage fest." Zach complained, looking at a clutch of revelers in speedos and board shorts on their way to a beach bar. "Where are the chicks?"
"Getting ready, I'm sure. Am I right, man?" Yuri called ahead to their driver, masked up and in scrubs. The slender guy gave him a thumbs up and chuckled, muttering something to himself as he made a turn off the main drag into the meandering avenues of the middle of the island. After a few minutes passing bungalows, mansions, and a few businesses, the car rolled up to a beautiful four-story hotel with the word "Nobiles" on a sign out front. The place was really atmospheric, and when the driver handed their quarantine cards to the valet, he took them and their bags right up to the room and their phones pinged to let them know they'd already been checked in.
The room was well-proportioned even though they'd fucked up and given them a shared Queen rather than two beds. They were on the third floor, right below the penthouse bar, and their balcony gave a great view of the island, with buildings popping up through the foliage and the endless expanse of the ocean filling the horizon. The bathroom was expansive too, with a huge tub and a massive shower stall with two heads that could probably fit an entire football team.
"Oho! Look at this, man!" Yuri exclaimed from the main room. "Complementary wine, beer, and champagne, on the house!"
"Wait, seriously?" Zach popped his head out of the bathroom. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all, eh?"
"Catch!" Yuri tossed him a can and they popped the tabs, clinked to the start of their vacation, and tossed it back. "Hm, got a little skunk to it or something."
"Says it's a ... wild ferment sour. Local brew." Zach scowled at the label. "With flavors from local fruits."
"Well, whatever, it'll get us drunk, right?" Yuri tossed some back, grimaced, then got a pensive look. "Actually, not that bad on the second try."
"Yeah, kinda grows on you." Zach agreed, then reached for the TV remote. "What do we got on the tube?"
"I didn't spring for the extra entertainment package, so whatever we get is what we got." Yuri shrugged. "I'm fine to just watch an action flick and crash out."
"Sounds great to me, man. Oh shit!" Zach exclaimed, dropping the remote in surprise. After the short power-up cycle, the TV flickered to life displaying a muscular guy fucking the hell out of a smaller, bearded man as he moaned in ecstasy.
"Whoa!" Yuri yelled, then started cackling. "Guess the last guy forgot to change the channel, huh?"
"Fuck, man. Help me find the remote." Zach laughed, getting down on his knees to look under the bed. "I think it fell down here but check over there by the chairs."
"...yeah man, whatever you say." Yuri padded away, but after a second of fumbling around under the sheets Zach pulled the remote out and started fiddling with it.
"Here we go, got a streaming service or something. There." Zach looked up to see Yuri staring, slightly vacant, at the action on the screen. As the image switched over, Yuri twitched, like he'd been slapped on the ass or something, and shook his head as if to clear it. "You OK man? You look a little freaked out."
"No, I'm fine - just, something Davis said, actually. I mentioned I was taking his advice and he said he'd owe me a pounding when I got back." Yuri spoke slowly, almost stumbling through the words. "It just ... didn't make sense, I guess."
"Well, don't think about that fag, OK?" Zach clicked through and put on an action flick. The standard opening-sequence narration and blue-and-orange glare seemed to shake Yuri back to normalcy, but for a second there he'd almost looked ... angry at something. "Just finish your beer and shower up. We've had a long day."
"Yeah, that must be it." Zach drained the rest of the can in one go, crushed it, then tossed it in the recycling chute. "Just been a long day."
Zach shook his head as his buddy grabbed his backpack and went to wash up. If Yuri was going to be weird this whole vacation it wouldn't be fun for either of them. But the only way to be sure it was weird was to call him out on it and have a fight or something. Putting it out of his mind, Zach turned his attention to the flick and tried to catch the plot.
It was actually a little hard to keep track of it all. Maybe he'd just missed something in the introduction - all these flicks had quiet read-over intros setting up whatever calamity or something had brought about the crisis that required a hero. But it still seemed weird that there were no women in the movie at all, and all the guys were in shorts and stuff, their muscles practically gleaming as they worked out and chatted about some enemy team or something.
Zach found his eyes drooping from time to time, and actually snapped awake as Yuri returned from the shower toweling his hair off. The rest of his body glistened with steam, showing off his muscles and the rangy spray of black hair running from his navel to his thick cock. His balls looked great, too, loose and low from the heat of the shower and framed by a corona of neatly trimmed pubes.
"Yo, you're up, man." Yuri said, blotting his face with the towel. "How's the movie?"
"Uh - hard to follow, honestly. I'm more tired than I thought, to be honest." Zach shook himself away, then stretched a little. "Kept dozing off."
"Yeah, know that feel." Yuri wrapped the towel around his waist, and Zach felt a pang of regret. It had been fun to look at Yuri's cock, he found himself thinking. If only to compare, right? Something felt off about that, but he couldn't quite ... *focus* on it as he grabbed his bag and went through the motions of brushing his teeth, stripping off as he went. He checked himself out in the mirror for good measure - he'd been putting in reps at the gym and it was showing on his chest and abdomen, even if he didn't have the discipline for a six pack. From what the chicks told him his ass looked great too, which they'd better after all the hell he put himself through on the squat rack. He had to admit his dick was looking pretty good - plumped up a little, like it was at half chub just from checking himself out. At why wouldn't it be? He was a stud, and there was no shame in flaunting it, after all.
As he spat out the last of the toothpaste and washed it off, he took a slow, even breath. Whatever it was that had been making him dizzy out there seemed to be fading in here, and he almost felt a bit charged up even though he'd done nothing but brush his teeth and take off his clothes. He took another low, full breath, then wrinkled his nose. The bathroom had an odd smell to it that wasn't there before, like bleach and some odd, almost floral scent. He was still trying to place it when he went to turn the shower on and froze.
That was the smell. His body flushed for a second, and he could feel blood rushing to his skin. A thick glob of white fluid dribbled down the wall of the shower, unmistakably Yuri's cum. But Zach couldn't look away, couldn't focus on anything but the slow, almost painful drip of the viscous fluid as it gathered on the tile.
Fuck, that was hot.
It zipped through his body like a shot from a rifle, and he could feel his dick go from chubbed to ramrod-hard in a rush of blood that left him lightheaded. His whole world narrowed down until the thick glob of semen was all he could see, all he could smell. Moving like it was under the control of a puppeteer, his hand gently, carefully scraped it up into a little pool in his hand, and raised up to his nose. The aroma cascaded through his mind like waves crashing on a shore, every breath bringing new notes and details. Before he knew it, his hand had clapped it into his mouth, the desperate need to *taste* it surging though him to fulfillment before it even registered to his mind.
Yuri's cum floated in his mouth like a sip of the fine wine he'd once been offered at his graduation ceremony, an expensive bottle for a special occasion. He savored it, the tangy-salt flavor dissolving and fizzing in his mouth, slipping and sliding along his gums and tongue as he rolled it along his palate. For a moment all he could do was stand in the shower, taking in the sensation of his buddy's cum as it slowly, finally slid down his throat and hit his stomach with an almost-anticlimactic gulp.
Well, fuck.
He'd just taken Yuri's load down his throat like a cockslut. And what's more, he'd fucking loved it. No question in his mind about that - his dick was rock-hard and redder than a baboon's ass, and his balls were practically churning with cum themselves. Numb, he turned the shower on and let the crash of water - already warm, because fuck cold showers, he guessed - soothe him. While his cock stubbornly refused to subside, he fumbled through the facts as if they'd make sense if he went through them slowly enough.
They'd come here and Yuri had booked the room. He'd never thought about Yuri sexually before in his life - Yuri or anyone else, for that matter. But he'd been unable to stop staring at his buddy when he'd come out of the shower, and then when he'd gone to shower himself, he'd -
He felt like he should be nauseous, but the feeling just wouldn't come. If anything, his stomach purred contentedly as he flexed and stretched, like his body was alive and at peace as his mind reeled and tried to make sense of it. Haphazardly rinsing himself off, Zach found himself groping his balls and idly toying with his cock as his mind went back to the way Zach's body had looked just minutes before, glistening with steam with slack, swollen balls that had just ...
Fuck! He slapped his hands to the side of the shower to stop himself. A frantic twist of the faucet shut the water off and he stubbornly grabbed a towel, willing his cock to go slack as he scrubbed himself off. Whatever the fuck was going on here, he'd deal with it later. No reason to let Yuri know he was suddenly a fag, much less that he'd slurped up his buddy's load like an eager sorority girl on her first prom - but *fuck* why did the image of a frat boy on his knees suddenly make his cock sit up?
He muffled an angry scream into the towel, trying to let the frustration out before putting on his game face. Whatever the problem was, he just had to quarantine with Yuri for the next 24 hours - less, now, Will had said until sunset tomorrow - and then he'd have the space and privacy to sort it out. He could handle that, surely.
Stepping out of the bathroom, he braced himself to sleep next to his buddy, his mind still roiling with what he'd done. His composure was shattered by what he saw, and he dropped his towel and bag in shock.
Yuri sat upright on the bed, knees spread and ass on his heels, one hand cupping his balls and the other lazily cranking along his shaft as he stared, slack-jawed at the TV. Zach took in the sight of his buddy's wiry frame rising and falling with deep breaths, shuddering with pleasure as the fold of foreskin slipped back and forth over the shiny head, slick with runny precum that was making a quiet, wet noise as Yuri's thumb rolled over it.
Zach tore his gaze away, only to be entranced by the same thing that had captured Yuri's attention. On the screen, three scandily clad men were grappling with each other nude, rock-hard pricks stabbing into each other in turn as the groped, licked, and squeezed each other. Every muscle was gleaming with perspiration, and the sound flowed through him like waves crashing against his mind. He felt himself sitting on the bed, haphazardly fondling his cock, as two of them grabbed the other and slowly, teasingly took turns probing his ass with their dicks.
Yuri mumbled something beside him, and he agreed absentmindedly, only registering what he'd said when his buddy's fade-cut head nestled into his waist and Yuri's breath drifted onto his balls. As Zach's hand pulled away in dull surprise, the other man's lips reached out and gently kissed at the meaty shaft, slowly licking and sucking as it reached towards the circumcision scar and then, finally, achingly, to the angry red flare of the head.
"Yuri, man." Zach managed to croak out. "What ... what are we doing."
"Shh." his buddy slurred. "s'okay, right? Just, feels good."
"Yeah. Feels good." Zach murmured in reply, and with that he watched his cock slide into his friend's throat, watched the flex of muscle as the other man hungrily started to force it further, deeper. The warm, wet pressure along his cock surged and went slack, the choking and gagging noise of it giving him an involuntary jolt of pleasure as Yuri's thick spit dribbled down his balls. He wasn't even aware of gripping his friend by the skull and urging him further, deeper, more - until Yuri pulled back in resistance, and all Zach could do was whine as the warm, perfect pressure of his buddy's throat went away.
"Fuck, man." he moaned, not sure what to say or how to say it. "I want more."
"Fuck." Yuri clawed himself upright, forcing Zach to lie back on the bed. "Fuck, me. Fuck."
"I don't - " Zach sputtered, confused, but then Yuri was kissing him.
Deep, tender, *needy* - it was better than anything that had ever happened to him, like his whole life had been set on fire and left to ash by the sensation of Yuri's lips on his, the tangle of their limbs as they embraced, the hot pokers of their cocks pressing against each other and slapping into the panes of muscle as they rolled and grappled with  frenzied desire. His hands were gripping and pulling at Yuri's hips, clenching at the wiry muscle of his friend as Yuri squeezed and groped his pecs and shoulders.
A hand slipped between them - Yuri's, groping and then shoving Zach's cock into the cleft of their crotches, the agonizing pressure of head against thigh, taint, and then nestled in the sweat-slick mounds of the smaller man's crack. He gasped, eyes locked onto his buddy's face, the certainty there more solid than anything else he'd ever felt.
"Please, Zach." Yuri whispered. "Please, fuck me."
"Oh, fuck." Zach answered, breathing into his friend's collarbone. His cockhead nestled perfectly, muscles bound around it in a tight, slick grip. "Fuck, yes."
The muscles tensed, flexed - and then, impossibly yielded, tense flesh giving way as Yuri gently pressed him in. The warm, tight embrace was incredible, more perfect than anything his dick had ever dreamed to fuck. It seemed like he could feel every muscle of his friend's body as he flexed and relaxed. Yuri's face was surprised, then some twitch of muscle wrung him out in ecstasy. Staring up at the clean jaw of his buddy's face, eyes rolled back in delight, the uncut cock twitching and pulsing as his ass clenched around Zach, 
The distant noise of the gangbang on the screen was a subliminal note in the symphony of their fucking. Yuri bucked, crying out with joy as Zach's cock pressed and rocked through him. Zach frantically gripped and groped every wiry muscle of his buddy's body, crunching upwards to claw at Yuri's back and kiss, lick, bite, and gnaw, practically fighting his own orgasm to make it *last*, so the pleasure would never end, so that he could be inside Yuri forever and ever - 
Yuri groaned, a full-body sound as his balls drew up and spat cum all over Zach's chest in thick ropes, his ass seizing and twitching around the impaling rod within him. The wet splats of cum on his chest, his face - and then it landed on his tongue, and he was lost. He all but flung Yuri over, hips and legs up, as his cock jackhammered into his friend's pliant, hungry ass, the smell of cum driving him to frenzy. Yuri fumbled, hands scooping cum and forcing it into his mouth, taking some for himself, and rubbing the sweaty, slick mixture across face and neck, moaning as his cock dribbled tiny rivulets of milky cum into the join of their crotch until - 
Zach was lost in the sensation of Yuri's ass, the tension and pull of it, and felt his balls release in a flood. He almost passed out, the feeling of draining, flowing cum out of his body like his life's blood surging out into the willing, hungry neediness of his buddy's body. His muscles trembled, and he collapsed onto Yuri, helplessly pumping and seizing as his friend's legs wrapped around him, a belt of warm, firm flesh keeping his cock planted, where it belonged, deep inside. Whimpers leaked out of him as he gripped Yuri tight, shuddering aftershocks of his orgasm occasionally twitching limb against limb as they slowly eased into a languid, sloppy embrace.
At some point, Yuri got them under the covers, nestling himself into Zach's arms so he woke up with the nape of the smaller man's neck before him. Zach felt perfect peace, like there was nowhere else he should be except in bed, his arms wrapped around another man like this. His cock was nestled in the curve of his friend's ass, slightly swollen as the natural rhythms of deep sleep moved their bodies in sync. Zach felt a distant gurgle, a need for food, but also for more cum - more sex, more of Yuri. He gently kissed at his friend's neck until the other man stirred, assessed the situation, and rocked back, just a little.
Just as they were about to pick up where they'd left off, there was a polite knock at the hotel door.
"Quarantine check, boys. I'm coming in." A male voice called, and the sound of the lock cycling filled the room. The two tourists shared a look, frantically untangling and sitting up in bed to try an look like - well, like they'd spend all night fucking before falling asleep. The orderly from the day before, Will, came in with a surgical mask and scrubs, carrying a clipboard. He looked over them both and gave a chuckle.
"Fuck, man. Could you have given us a minute to wake up first?" Yuri croaked.
"Nah, gotta be a surprise inspection, you understand." Will looked them over, checking the injection sites on their arms and running a flashlight over them -  a UV flashlight, Zach realized, with extreme embarrassment. The florescent stains of cum and sweat all over the bedspread and each other were impossible to miss. Will didn't miss it either - he just chuckled and moved on. "Aight boys, everything looks good here so far. I'll come by again sometime later, but in the meantime I've brought breakfast."
"Least you could do." Zach grumbled, rubbing his face. "Hey, Will ... that vaccine. Does it have, um. Side effects?"
"Nothing too unexpected," Will answered amiably, rolling in a room service cart with a few sandwiches, a carafe of juice, and a bowl of fruit. "Have you noticed anything?"
"Yeah, we turned gay and fucked like rabbits." Yuri growled, slipping out of bed bare-assed to peruse the food. "Hell of a thing to hide in the fine print."
"Well, yeah, that happens." Will shrugged, neither surprised nor particularly disturbed. "The effect wanes a bit after the inoculation period but as long as you're eating the local fruit, you'll feel horny, sensual, and disinhibited. It's all there in the literature you asked for yesterday."
"Wait, what? The fruit turns us gay?" Zach asked, clearly confused. "What the hell?"
"The vaccine teaches your body to metabolize it safely, that's all. The side effect is you get horny and a bit cum-drunk." The nurse picked up a peach-like fruit from the bowl and tossed it to him. Zach caught it, squeezing maybe a little too hard, and the skin broke, leaking a thick, milky fluid that smelled ....
"Yeah, now you're getting it. Anyway, everything seems to be in order here. Eat up, and enjoy each others' company." The orderly chuckled and left the room, with the door clicking behind him. Yuri stared after him as he went, naked and covered in bed-mess, with a scowl on his face.
"Do you buy any of that shit?" Yuri asked, grabbing a sandwich. "That there's something in the fruit that makes us gay or something? I think it's way more likely they dosed us up with something that - hey, buddy, you listening?"
Zach was enthralled. The fruit in his hands was practically soaking with juice, and the scent of it was incredible. It was faint and floral at first, but the more he smelled, the more he wanted. Tentatively, slowly, he licked up the juice, then nibbled on the flesh beneath. He couldn't resist rolling each morsel around in his mouth, savoring the flavor, the slick, almost mucus-y feel of it soaking into his saliva the -
"Dude!" Yuri yelled at him, grabbing the fruit out of his mouth. "The fuck?"
"Get your own damned fruit, man!" Zach scowled, wrestling it back. "There's plenty. Who fucking raised you to steal food like that?"
"Zach, man listen to me. That nurse said the fruit had some sort of .... " Yuri took a deep breath, then wavered a little bit. "Whoa."
"Yeah, smells good, right?" Zach got it now. Yuri hadn't understood how good the fruit smelled. Now that he did, it sort of ... felt right. Maybe they should share it instead? "Here, take a bite."
"Yeah, just ... just a little." Yuri murmured, eyes half-lidded as he gently leaned in, letting Zach guide the split fruit to his lips. At first he just suckled tentatively, taking in the juice as it smeared in a thin, white-gold paste around his mouth, then more eagerly tearing little bits of the flesh and savoring it. He looked so good, tenderly nibbling on the fruit, and the urge to kiss him, share the taste, push it back and forth between them like -
Oh, fuck, he wanted it. Zach leaned in, guiding Yuri in for a kiss, pressing the fruit between them as they traded bites and locking tongues around bits of succulent, impossibly delicious flesh as it lit their bodies afire.
They began fondling each other, losing then finding then rubbing the fruit all over each other, licking and nibbling and sucking until time lost all meaning. They rolled around and over each other, cocks prodding, leaking, and fumbling across each other with gleeful abandon. Yuri came first, again, and they laughed at the flood of cum mixing with the fruit pulp and juice as they licked and scooped it into each others' mouths. Zach fucked him after, and when he was spent Yuri was hard again - and his long, uncut cock slipped into Zach's ass like it was made to breach it, leaving him cooing with delight as the smaller man rode him in waves of pleasure, each thrust rocking him and leaving him to revel in the joy of their hot flesh sliding and slipping around each other.
Evening came at some point, and Will found them on the floor, covered in cum, fruit, and the demolished remains of the room service he'd brought, cooing and murmuring at each other in a sweaty, content pile.
"Well, looks like your quarantine's over, boys. Enjoy your stay!" The nurse said, then checked his watch. "Fuck it. I'm off shift in a minute anyway."
Reaching for a half-eaten fruit left miraculously unharmed by Zach and Yuri's antics, Will peeled off his mask and took a huge, crisp bite of the flesh and rolled it around in his mouth, savoring the taste. Below him, Zach stirred, looking up at the burly man who'd given him an injection and changed his life barely 24 hours before.
"Whassat? Zach murmured, confused.
"Shh. No worries, man." Will smiled, stripping off his scrubs to show a muscled, hairy chest. "I'm just gonna show you the ropes and give you and your boy Yuri here a good time."
"Good." Zach answered drowsily. "Good time."
"Yeah, good time, man." Will peeled off his pants, showing the thick, uncut cock he'd been waiting to unleash on these boys from the moment he'd seen them joking and jostling about in the clinic waiting room. "We're gonna have a *real* good time..."

I hope you enjoyed! You can follow me on twitter at @mcgrawdace or email me - happy strokin' and slidin'!


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